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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Clovis, New Mexico Journal to Petitt your Freedom newspaper Mac Ftp fat it pm Chi iss adv Muffet pm Twat we Lwi Kew 14 film Mai today 01 a loaf fires hit san Diego first class mail los Angeles Pullan a Northous Brush fire raged uncontrolled in san Diego county but fire fighters in the Malibu area expressed the first optimism the Southern California blazes which charred thousands Days working through hundreds of still have another week to 10 to put a Complete line around the 2smile in san some acres were blackened by Early it was the worst of the series of blazes which were pushed by of acres began four desert state officials 170 were to total area a gulped Flthe Chaparral in the Malibu where firemen planned to make i stand Ere Liea i it was the most destructive series of Brush fires in Southern were very optimistic today California mainly because m the weather forecast for decreasing Santa j the Western White House Ana a spokesman Cliff in san Clemente the fire department said i overlooking the Pacific Ocean but he noted that even if the was not threatened by any of fire is halted at the we the fires fighting reported despite ceasefire by United Prett International t where the fighting was taking the jordanian civil War was place or How heavy it at its official end but with the end of the 11day Amman radio indicated fighting War came the release of m was american the last of King Hussein of Jordan and 414 Persona taken by the guerrilla Leader Yasser Arafat guerrillas in a series of airline signed the peace treaty in Cairo hijackings three weeks ago with other Arab Latwen Tysik of the released Lions banding together to pre hostages were flown to further where they spent the Amman radio this morning while another fix went on broadcast an Appeal to Wop m pome the other six still fighting so observers could were in but were take up Paa Tiow to ensure to be flown out there to it Tail on Mitchell Melter of a student who was one of j Tat said we treated a humanely As first mom tit pubic of office probably will be not Lite Rise in Cost of the fint Clau tamp is to petted to Jinp to t cents Mit Cor and postal official already Are talking about an a to 10 Chart history of first class and airmail first letter rate applicable to ail parti of the United was set at 3 cents in was Reditt cd to 2 in me to 3 Dur world War i and wot restored to 2 in tic first fort of or Moil showed a trend toward keeping Variot Down by charging for oter ont since Fote for first hot applied to addition of Bohon Serdi cancelled during others Zajd that j water toward the their Captivity and that went on around then new York War forma search for three balloon Alfred Kiburis of Nisu who ditched in the North we Engineer of the trans Atlantic last week has it work Mil tvs hat we a woman on their balloon u the coast guard suspended tie search indefinitely Satur it had begun last to football shelling by the jordanian Amy was women and children were slaughtered congressional subcommittee budget cuts Tri i i solons Fleet weak Washington up of the president welcomes hostages in Rome Rome up president of with Fleet Ted landed at the end of theby president Giuseppe on welcomed american Airliner about 3000 persons at the 16th Century Freedom with a Nixon without incident on i Tetri Nixon walked Over to the Palace before his hour lob hostages to Surprise Pep talk in proud of you today and assured italian leaders of his commit ment to peace through strength in the troubled Mediterranean before flying to he aircraft Carrier Saratoga off Naples for drive to the Vatican on the first j trans world airlines Jet audience with the Day of their nine Day european the after meet the some of j Nixon was under heavy guard whom Vatican meeting Nixon interrupted his v schedule leaders of talks to go with to italian Rome Ulk both strategic and Boli Wilh 8th sym International Airport where he the freed he were standing in the and As part of extraordinary he was accompanied secure to italian Premier Emilio Basilica and the Vatican were cleared 3f tourist sealed off before the president1 motorcade after talking with Rome Fleet the president was joined by his for a hour visit to the Vatican which included an audience with Pope Paul although there was an anti Nixon demonstration at Naples if welcomed 26 americans freed Dent expressed gratitude Over the Vatican Nix of after three weeks in we ranted by helicopter for guerrilla Captivity in help without hurting he aircraft Carrier uss Saratoga who had said we showed a Combina for the night and a Day cyprus100 of and conferences with Comman an hour were preparing in jeers and naval Maneu vers with to take off for new York City after his Surprise Vixon the 6th Fleet m the wed if when Nixon military Helicon was guest at a luncheon Given i see hostages of Page i Hijack victims other nations free arabs Rome up Twenty six americans held As air plane Hijack hostages for three weeks by Arab guerrillas arrived today in Rome in route Home and were greeted by official who visit interrupted to Italy to his preparing for Takeoff for Newi patently York when passengers Anat the see Crew members Learned Nixon Airport caught most person Leonardo a Vinci by few passengers or Airport personnel United fund drive opens Here today a plane chartered by lbs and six others were still in As they flew nations involved in the hijacking of three planes with a total of 414 the Curry county u n aboard began was arriving to see the 26 included accompanied by pre seemed aware Nixon was at the Woods of Kansas Mier Emilio the hijacked Twa a military Helicon pm a Twa spokesman mid a flew Here from Cyprus Ter and immediately went to Nicosia that other hostages who arrived in Rome earlier might be picked up there for the flight to new aboard a special Twa the plane to Chat with six others were flying Home on fund officially got under Way with a t kick off breakfast at the Holiday inn which featured Lubbock speaker Bob Brummal As guest of Hon there were approximately 125 persons attending the break process Mandos of and oth drip Freedom was demanded by the guerrillas As Britain announced it probably would free Leila the presidential visit a reds Shell f near Saigon the United fund also bounced that persons participated in the funds 100 Saia involved in an abortive attempt Saigon communist to Hijack an Al Al israeli plane j forces shelled parts of Hue and diplomatic sources in Tel Aviv i an area South of Saigon in big says budget cuts have impaired aircraft carriers plus which is composed of those individual donations of More than at i the of thermometer was a scheduled to be erected today at t had begun last monday in the shatter 6m i0 such a Thuc reported a Point Hist it jives the falling into the water tote Airlift Olwood America has turned ast of p we Mediterranean sea Over to of Havo imm ured arthor much of the time my Uci Miu Lothel m the seventh and main on hip House the thermometer report said cleaning up or we Mediterranean sea Over to this leads to Crews balloonist Rodney and apartments shattered by from Lack of a new York commodities the fighting began the House armed broker his wife Jordans new civilian govern subcommittee on impression that television actress and a fwd to Hussein warfare said budget restriction United Stales to i should be eased so the Fleet proper the first collection report will also he next monday in order to de the to mine How Well the fund is once doing in the Campaign this Israel is Likely to release i killing three civilians two algerian Security officers wounding the and off u to and 10 lebanese West command said that Germany and Switzerland discussing releasing the three commandos held in each newsmen were not allowed to go out to the plane when it landed in Rome but some of the 21 men and five women came out to talk to reporters and for the third time this year american forces got through a 24hour period without Battlefield the communists fired 122mm rockets into the old Imperial capital 390 Miles Northeast of hitting a military Hospital although there one said the plane if first free search Square Miles balloon trip to Public hospitals with Many wounded visit to the area earlier nothing significant was found there was to radio Contact after the balloon reported it was covered Hying on on the floor this of Buti in i planned to president visit Tea Nixon Fleet estimates of the dead and wounded ranged from to it Tinea that in the Arab Heads of state who Clouds or toil throughout no United Tress International Sein and Arafat provide for the new Mexico today got one of arts nations to Art As to end the War were leaving for their the agreement Between Hus Lurting this evening the subcommittee also re commended the United state most of the operations in that the it subcommittee urged a buildup in the Antisubmarine warfare capability of the Fleet and stationing of More stations for two it i nato air and Navy defense would meet her husband when 9 i a at t t Ai t we Kwok i j Duke City resident among those freed Albuquerque Twa she said her wife of an Albuquerque Engineer husband wanted to meet her in York when he returned to were no the six Foo Long rockets also hit in other parts of the five 82mm mortar rounds hit Cai Lay District 42 Miles the command said the death free Day on vietnamese Battlefront sunday reflected a nationwide Lull in the the Only sizable Battle Wai one in which helicopter Crew men of the 101st airborne division jumped a communist Force 32 Miles South Southeast of Hue and lulled 21 of there were no the command said american gis went Home Over the past bringing the presence in Vietnam to its lowest Point since South of civilians killing and wounding three seven the United troops to states has withdraw before fulfilling president n i x o a phase 4 pullout target of men by and Burnett were said Israel should be admitted throughout Southern he arrived in new York returning to Albuquerque after to nato if it the subcommittee Ith fleets state of said the m readiness a soft in flying and steaming imposed for budgetary Lochiel cloudiness extended Over All but the extreme Northern Border sections of the overnight which had 27 under Clear the overnight Low at Albu Guerque was 51 pm strike moves into third week Detroit up the United Auto workers strike against cock and chief pm negotiator today with More than men out of local Plant disputes attracted the most attention in the attempts to end the costly while bargaining on a three year contract continued at the general rain was reported along the a m m 01 h general motors Southern Border Section during corp entered its third week the with Carlsbad recur ing the heaviest 4s of a a Jim showers were re parted As tar North As Alamo Ford ind today forecast called for Tan Dauod fair skies Over North Ern Border with Cloud a Miff ranging from Woodco ii said Union has assigned its top staff members to various trouble spots to intensify efforts to reach local Woodcock himself skipped today formal negotiations a favor of attending a mass rally by Gil strikers it pm named Earl Bramblett conceded Washington up con Sumer advocate Ralph Nader says no tobacco additives in cigars and cigarettes May be toxic it is known that wider certain conditions and inhale joke these additives Are Thomas once w0rld tour when their plane captive of the commandos was hijacked on labor Day said she talked to her diverted to Burnett husband by Telephone from Nijas among the first group of after 32 of ind children freed by americans held hostage were we palestinian j flown to she said Hei told her he never thought would get out of there isomer mrs Burnett he told me the guerillas told he says Hes lost about two Waist and feels about 10 Day Progress in settling local issues was said we Hope that in the coming week the Pace will Rte she bluing commission for1 she said her husband told her the Pace of an Awit Ives he was held in a two room jail asking an the additives Are put in cigars and cigarettes to reduce the health hazards of conventional staff House Senate conference with 15 other hostages from the hijacked trans world Airliner that was blown up 12 after passengers and Crew were led away into the jordanian Des he said they had very Little food and water and the cock Roaches in the jail were about two and on half inches a program into Burnett he told me co Secretary of agriculture a that flies were everywhere and solons mull form subsidy payments they never told the men in the jail they had freed us and he didst know where i j he said he never knew what happened to me and never expected to see me she he sounded like he sure was 1 Felt like a big weight has been lifted from my the guerillas kept holding but at Hes headers Miu Okaie Call 763 Mittee is scheduled to take up Ford Hardin feels continuation when they gave the men Nee farm legislation differences in of the old subsidy program to eat h was covered with close door session tuesday would Cost the government too Burnett was scheduled to a beat and Cotton subsidy should it rive in new York today aboard i duping Abri that the House proposal is Tea two groups of Congress adore the Senate plan aim am v int to mrs Momiu film Mil to Mutoff w agreeing of Mim to thumim cot daily an4 am will 4tnf no traffic Dennis Rich 417 Roswell up three mexican National la borers were killed and at least 12 persons injured in a four vehicle Accident about 20 Miles South of Here state police identified the victims a Alvandon address unknown and Man Uel and Florencio both of Las the deaths raised the 1970 traffic toll to 417 compared with 400 a year guard stops couple with Gran cd York Impi ail airline Security guard at Kennedy International Airport noticed bulges under the clothing of a Man and woman about to Board a 3oac flight to London and Tel Aviv Day and a search of the couple turned up five pistols and a hand Federal marshals took them into custody pending Boac facials said they had hired the Security guard recently to spot potential Htu Driks Gutti London Dpi a coroners inquest ruled to Day there was insufficient evidence to determine the exact cause of american Rock Star Jimi dries Coroner Gavin Thurston recorded an open verdict As to the cause of Hendrixs Deau in London on up the body of John Republican candidate for i Souris 2nd pet ret congressional waa found in his Campaign quarters sunday night the county Cul examiner s in a preliminary the candidate up Amine a office uld today an official ruling Mui not be made until Altet in Vax a tint 0

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