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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 1

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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Clovis, New Mexico Mich of c w a w vow to it m we wifi tto your Freedom newspaper How mat Ifft 42 packs to Daff Germany Tel no War North found Warly 1 milling Irtira in h milk ran fit Ford to Tow brim with a Fwy nifty try of the Halir Vert to Tiar in Rirl the in to dosing worm har daily of sunday presidential party arrives in Austria protesters Battle Salzburg police Airport uproar cleared Bridge classified 3131 clov1s in comics crossword m Horoscope 15 Hospital markets society 1923 sports news 2 27 i Austria by president Nixon arrived Day night on the first leg of his socialist Chancellor Bruno Mission to Kreisky greeted president air barely an hour after Nixon and escorted them police had cleared the by car in Lessheim Salzburg Airport runway of 200 ulv they will Swirt demonstrators protesting the two in Finis Elvins rhe Vietnam soviet capital for an High Day 1 As Nixon stepped from his spirit of 76 jetliner after an flight from Washington to a brass bands Jaunty Alpine a Ismail band of protestors who Austria had managed to infiltrate crowd of editorial farm news to log youth Page bombers hit fuel dump Trian police in the area around Salzburg a Airport saturday night As president Nixon arrived Here for a weekend Stopover in route to the Moscow austrian radio and television reported dozens of persons were injured when a solid line of 100 their truncheons waded into a group of approximately 200 demonstrators at the Edge of in hey were dragged away a subdue Celvi final Woll Wisht i air form m that Init g ii Etc to headlines today in a better Chancy fur tomorrow and protect March scientist killed in plane crash the i Al air if 4 in i m for the sit at Kot m of milled very imn talks wit i Mosc Mit mild eak Mission to the soviet Union could Cli Max two and a half years of hard bargaining toward soviet american controls on nuclear shop talk shortly before Leav ing on his we Klong trip to Moscow president Nixon conferred with Secretary of defense Melvin Laird in the presidents for Mcgown Kathleen Kennedy campaigns in no m Saigon i f4and four helicopter crewmen fighter bombers made the first killed and 29 wounded in the attack of the War on a huge Battle closest to an one screaming and Petroleum Complex just american adviser was Miles from the Center of casualties in blowing up million Gallons of j other Battle were not fuel Ami leaving the City under they attacked us at the the Lead to important in f bar rain in said save Pena award a sturday High winds May have can agree Menf m fac contributed to the crash of a on Zenins he into after asserting to Hope hat missions and eight other and live five protesters persons were in Pratt in to infiltrate the Federal investigators also v7 am or the rest fled across a the based by j who worked j r i missions and eight Otner at least a Cloud of thick the wrong said adviser managed command said Ross Franklin of Airport crowd As Nixon plane said they were searching the kit in 1hp rain i annul ppm the raid was made thursday from his commanded at wreckage of the twin engine 1ho bit was not announced remand Post on Highway 13 about As the president walked Beac Craft Queen aircraft that for Nis departure the 13day the command Miles South of an smiling from the the crashed in an open Field on tour about 680 aircraft struck in smart bombs used demonstrators began Kirtland air Force base and thursday and Kathleen t eldest Oil and we have begun we will import 50 percent toning natural Gas our Oil by Morris said our Rivers arc running out describing the present Enerva dam he in we have Viro mental lion Levels see Kennedy on Page 10 North Vietnam Friday the since president Nixon ordered a resumption of bombing of i sources also said Merij can fighters have virtually wiped out North vietnamese j surface air Sam Sites and practically eliminated the threat to attacking if they had caught us two in burst into flames on by Hie limn Nixon landed in heaviest raids Days earlier might have plainclothes policemen immedi wreckage was scattered Over a ate Eveni Fttie Al t am i i i of tar a see fuel on Page lately dragged them 150yard area about one mile inn j hitting them with their South of the Airport policemen had less than an hour j the air plane was torn up a Rte Nav at Tho Southern scattered groups of protesters pretty badly but we will tear or to Airport of hip Rem Nils were in the Fields All around the into the wreckage and try to f Anglia Mcrice s1nhm trying to break through come up with an answer to nid set out on liar Nan inst police blockades on roads what said William police orders to nor ii on the wont alter within to Yards of the terminal Parker of the National por tation safety j Washington up for killed in the which Smith Mer attorney general John several Hundred police were occurred Friday shortly after stopped am saturday m pane took off from the see Pavo in i protect said now heading president Nixon reelection they Are All aware of it none of them will recoil from it traffic acc tits claim three by United press International traffic accidents in new Mexico have claimed three including two san Felipe Pueblo Bro thers who died after their pickup truck had a blow out and the fatalities raised the states communists Host and they do what they Nave dental candidate the i torn Liere is be came the country in miss Kennedy Tam a gather ing in the Only Way to yet the country out of trouble is to get president Nixon out of the White House and get Mcgovern elected biggest Issue in the Campaign is the War in Viet she Mcgovern More about the people who Are dying Over Erica and miss accompanied by folksinger John Stewart and Mcgovern Jim Rowan of was scheduled to Campaign in Las Espanola and Santa be in and Titko to in other political news this democratic senatorial candidate Thomas Morris dedicating Eisenhower the protect preside Airport to protect Nixon and his uni Anu Udics from assassina1 party from but on reinforcements trying of death Many of protesters never alter the american style i flanked the Early police guards Back battered an the communists into the rolling the main Battle for the City is beige fought said a adviser in the an Lor held an which has been founded to rubble since the a Cirque International air a flight to los was Wright a scientist who to the Moscow for highest protocol1 of political j and moved through Fields to the served As i dont think there is any Moon Way presidential candidates can the carrying the other victims were Moscow soviet see Airport on Page identified As Eugene capital spruced up its Best traffic toll to compared with 186 on this Date last vote Purchase predicted los Angeles up Shirley the nations first Black predicted saturday a attempt will be made to buy the votes of Black californians on behalf of other democratic presidential Eiste Chewer Noll dedicated West up Mamie Eisenhower joined army officials saturday in a Brief ceremony cite on Aoril was always at All by president bearing out Mitchells predict Nguyen Van the once prosperous rubber president Nixon and Hubert Humphrey and death claimed by russians Tokyo undone soviet As Donald Bruce Palace and whitewashed its Johnnie Richard Nic humblest Walls saturday n William Rye and Render the protocol John All staff members of to who arrives the los Alamos scientific monday for a we Klong state laboratories and the visit Richard witnesses said the armies of municipal workers plane spruced and painted major g hit Nway could Supply route for e a major the comm i nisus As Wel As an attack route nations chief Law officer to to or bombed a russian ship of Jpn Lhnn Urmia Mol orc shot in a shopping in North vietnamese oort tue Tyty port Afi Arpi vietnamese Pon off Clai indicated thai Gustv at May 0 North Vietnam winds May Hahn who resigned As the official news Agency said i tint i Rrt wind was blowing head the committee for re the delayed announcement of upwards of 35 the route of the presidential motorcade from Vnuk ovo air to Ltd the ancient they polished chandeliers and Laid out fresh Linen in the twins tin communist casualties in four election of the the purported incident coincided Sai Clyde Sharr of the a Brief ceremony hours of heavy fighting was 126 offered this and other political with the departure of president City a v j a t j0 n military Aca a Saigon spokesman assessments in an interview Nixon from Washington for an there were heavy Cross winds issued a three Point program to demos new Cadet activities Center named for her he said South vietnamese with five the inter official i i in conserve the country s Energy i losses included 15 ground troops View was held in a conference room of his new York Law imperialism Rebuff pledged Moscow soviet Urith Kremlin leaders was Cal of the United Brief they said the soviet leaders communist issuing a undoubtedly the reason for it and Neutral reports on the War need both Trade and tons Nixon will win the policy state tent two Days and the Central committee in Indochina were carried on strategic arms control in order major issues will be visit to the soviet i in sch apparently caused the plane to flip and crash to the to the official Vietnam news ground As the tried firms Washington one Agency Vna claimed that to the flight above the Nixon occurred at the port of pain Ong in Quang Ninh predicts Nixon Victory it fave the name of among Mitchells observe the soviet vessel As the Grisha they dropped Many bombs by United press International before president Nixon Are inside pages of and to fulfil their promises to and the Economy Val in pledged Satur the Resolution said the soviet there were none of the More and better Mcgovern will be Day to Rebuff imperialism but Union would continue to pursue virulent ant american edit ormer goods to the soviet difficult to top at the to seek development of peaceful efforts to develop the Prinias and enormous expense of democratic National Conven coexistence among Sciples of peaceful the soviet news Agency Tass Tion if he wins in California and v i i i j ii in 5 Puli Illk in our Edward official aboard the guest we will Greet the president with the ceremonies appropriate to any chief of said the director general of the news dirty laundry who has been assigned the Job of direction the press Center Sel up for Hie newsmen ship Vna quoted Eastern Plains sunday and said sonic to Konovalov a Union monday partly Cloudy with a will cover the Shio As Chance of a few late afternoon the soviets will seek to coexistence among the was based on among nations but also pledged announced the launch Friday of Resolution passed Friday by Russia to repulsing the a Molnia 2 communications the party 400man aggressive policy of which apparently will Central be used to help handle the he policy statement Madej news satellite Uva bed heavy flow of news during m mention of Nixon or his1 neither the policy statement Nixon but diplomats nor other articles published in to subunit Here next week newspapers saturday was critii10 s visit appeared to the final political preparation i have been the Central commit the blasts Strong Gusty impress the newsmen much and the Power Section of the and local areas of blows the has to delegates the rendering All electrical ing see Rebuff m Page 10 1 see death m Page see Seaman Oai Page Marusia cleanliness of to e City will see Moscow on Page 10 investigative team May 3 it administrator of the new mrs co Staie Hospital said Al Iff actions of of a at the facility had led to four nut All male Kalsi said the nut Knob that a spacial Ward look the had there Tad it Farad Krohm Rihs he received a Telephone from the brother of one of the patients who said the patient had been Nuckolls said immediately transferred the four the report was issued wed Imlay this and on thurs four wave Given notes the suspensions Art far m Days and amt Tea Mai Noyes win be Nucito la add Stei to of funding Tea nut Leoha said he had turn tee where party general Secretary Leonid Brezhnev delivered a report on foreign policy prior to passage of the it gave Brezhnev and his colleagues in the troika Leader skip their mandate for negotiations that will affect the future of soviet policies both at Home Aid Triune exp and wanted Western diplomats said they expected Nixon talks Here will Center More on bilateral Trade and arms on such International problems As Viet and the but data East usland Art new Mexico where Wallace Campaign goes Forward Silver elections will be held plans have already been visited wallaces p and others Are being form flatly at the Hospital earlier wallaces George Wallace has j received get Well messages from former president Lyndon Evans Itiat Billy entertainer Sammy Davis and hundreds of and an aide said saturday the Campaign goes Forward from Wallace himself Lay in holy Cross his condition unchanged during the previous 34 hours from a would be Billy Joe the presiden tial candidates press said the Campaign now was concentrating of Rhode Charles National came since the pain was travelling to Camp said Wallace has Oregon to make Campaign appearances on wallaces be half in Eugene and the Wallace Organiza Tion also was shipping tapes to the three states and buying newspaper it will More of a Media Camp said received about telegrams at the Hospital and saturday received bags of he said Henry Cabot president Nixon envoy to the forwarded a message from Pope Paul deploring the attempt and re Newing his prayers for a Campaign aides saturday and said the attempt planned to Brief reporters later de assassination would Streng then wallaces More financial help will be Telegram from the convalescing t retired More financial expenditure will be necessary he said that to his knowledge the Campaign was not in the Campaign goes Forward Camp some Johnson and his wife lady Bird said we Grieve with you and the family and Pray with our hearts for governor wallaces Gao Raja it letter in tin1 Day on the Alabama governors future political youre going to see millions he has been Para of americans reaching out for lazed from the Waist Down governor Maddox since struck by a would be he said he believed assassins bullets monday after volunteers would come Forward in droves to help in is Only medical bulletin of Maddox called for Strong the holy Cross said measures including the hang for the past 24 the nans noose and the electric governors condition has Essen who tally remained the same As the Day his temperature Maddox did not see Wallace during the night has not gone in holy Cross Hospital personal Over 100 blood pres by but called on his wife pulse and kidney function 404 two daughters for Tea Wallace of Pate it chair for assailants attack political

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