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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 4

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Clovis News Journal (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Clovis, New Mexico Paje4friday. May 20,1983f journal f a r our Fri turn i new Pap. A a Rhino e a a a a.  &Ltlr-1 a new memo a and at a t a a a it editorials opinions your watchful Freedom newspaper sixth and pile 86101 phone 763 3431 Ever striving for Clovis new Mexico Tobe an even better place to live let peace begin with me this Pas paper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so that they can better promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage others to see its by Essma for Only when Man understands Freedom and is tree to control himself and ail he produces can he develop to his utmost capabilities Rte believe that All men Are equally endowed by their creator and not by a govern mint with the right to take moral action to preserve their life and property and secure More Freedom and keep it for themselves and others 13 discharge this responsibility free men to the Best of their ability must understand and apply to daily living the great moral guide expressed in the coveting commandment permission is hereby granted to reproduce in whole or in part any editorial originated by the news journal and appearing in these columns provided proper credit is a it yen Bill Southard j i in Griffin pub Ither Lff Quot cd e Boitor paying the government s Bill by Edward j. Walsh editor s note Edward j. Walsh is a staff writer for the i sit writer s group. He has written for National defense the Marine corp Gazette. Barrons financial w weekly and other journals. I the crowds of last minute taxpayers were lined up at the nation s Post offices late into the evening of this past april 15 the usual smattering of ant tax demonstrators was out in Force they certainly feel they Haven to been listened to in recent years despite a flurry of tax limitation measures in various states and the election of a president who said he would Cut taxes the Midnight taxpayers had reason to be glum they at least were paying taxes the internal Revenue service expels to collect $597 5 billion in taxes this year. But in spite of the effects of the Reagan tax Cut. Spread out in three instalments. Tax collections Are projected to increase with a vengeance in 1984 when receipts Are estimated to come to $859 7 billion the trend in Federal spen Ding. However continues upward even faster a harnessed to projections of budget receipts a budget deficit of $207 billion is forecast for the current fiscal year $188 billion in fiscal 1984. And declining Only to $147 billion in fiscal 1985 As a result. Americans Are expressing their disgust at their taxes illegally the irs estimates that the government is owed some $27 billion in delinquent taxes going Back years additionally it s thought there could be As Many As 15 million americans who do not file tax returns the harassed irs now has dropped its audit rate of those who do file to i 47 percent of All returns a since the wealthy get audited most about 99 6 per cent of average taxpayers need not fear an audit even though the percentage of tax cheats among them is far higher the failure to pay taxes or to Cut Corners in reporting income a has something to do with a waning sense of personal rectitude in the . Which probably has More to do w Ith morality than economics. But the wholly legitimate desire to pay As Little in taxes As possible can be translated into claiming ambiguous deductions and eventually into cheating As in the booming Quot underground Cash and barter Economy which costs the government billions the tax collection crisis is growing and will continue to grow since Congress has Ridden roughshod Over president Reagan s initial tax Cut efforts the president s historic economic recovery tax act of 1981 would have reduced tax receipts from 23.2 percent of gni1 to about 17 5 percent an improvement which was supposed to be matched by commensurate spending cuts a it want and the president eventually agreed to a $100 billion tax hike spread Over three years again in Exchange for budget reductions which did not materialize tax dodging is legally and morally wrong but it will get worse until con Gress allows honest citizens to keep More of their income it can Only do that by slashing its spending which is a heavier Burden each year on taxpayers who Are each year fewer in number. Public forum to the editor the Clovis shrine club says thanks for your permission to go to the people of Clovis with a great big Quot thank you Quot for the reception Given the fund raising event to support the shrines hospitals for crippled children the merchants and citizens of Clovis were most generous in their support recently to care for those Many crippled children throughout America seven crippled or burned children in the Clovis area Are currently being cared for As out patients at the Houston and Galveston shrine hospitals seventeen other hospitals and three Burns in stations were the recipients of the Money raised recently we Are proud to report that entire amount of donation went directly to the Hospital fund so folks to the merchants and citizens of Clovis we say thank you and count you among us when we say a no Man stands so tall As when he Stoops to help a crippled child a Clovis shrine club. Chick Taylor Secretary emeritus sponsors from Gattis Junior High participated in the state history fair comp Tion in Hobbs the students presented an Orimal research on the causes of the civil War and were awarded second place in the Junior division this earned them the right to compete in the National history fair to be held in Washington d c on june 15-19 one Only has to View this presentation and know that some very positive things Are happening in our schools however times being what they Are. No monies have been set aside for Scholastic achievements and trips such As this May i for one say congratulations to this outstanding group of Young people. Bobby Templin. Lori Cooper and Troy Grant and to their sponsors. Mildred Gates and Louis Maestas if any civic group or organization would like to View this outstanding presentation or contribute in any Way they can Contact Mildred Gates at Gattis Junior High 762-2938 please let s see that these students done to go unrewarded and do get to Washington to compete for the Honor they so richly deserve Vicki Barron to the editor in a time when education is under fire for its failures let s take note of one of its successes that i feel has t received the recognition it truly deserves on april 23, three students and two to the editor again the generosity of the people of Clovis has made a Success of yet another drive for a cause which unfortunately politics and patience by Anthony Harrigan americans who in 1980 supported a shift from Liberal to conservative Public policies Are divided today Over the Pace and character of change under the Reagan administration Many conservative activists express dismay that the president has not gone All out in advocating every item on their Agenda Lewis Lehrman. The unsuccessful Republican candidate for Gover nor of new York is among those who is unhappy with the presidents approach he favors citizen initiatives such As proposition 13 in California advocates a return to the Gold Standard and urges adoption of a Flat tax rate the activists thought they would get wholesale change a True revolution As a result of a Reagan presidency and they find change painfully slow in general the Lehrman Type conservatives favor what can in described As a populist conservatism this Brand of conservatism in t favored by other elements who espouse different conservative reforms Many business conservatives. For example Are distressed that the Reagan administration is unwell my to tackle Union monopoly Power and resent the cozy relationship the White House has with the teamsters Union the discord reflects the division in conservative ranks one can sympathize with president Reagan because he has a difficult time harmonizing the disparate views of his supporters they should be Able to recognize the principal objectives the president has pursued or Reagan has been absolutely firm in pressing for rebuilding of americans deteriorated defences this is an Effort that All conservatives should support to the fullest degree they also should recognize that or Reagan has attempted to reverse hurtful Public policies he has strongly supported Secretary of the Interior James Watt who believes the should make effective use of its natural resources and not lock them away forever or Reagan cannot have things All his own Way As the economist recently noted he cannot prevent his Cabinet officers Secretary Watt is a prime example from being subjected to the liberals big lie technique a fact of political life is that liberals control the House of representatives and Are Strong in the Senate. Some degree of pragmatism is necessary if the president is to get a part of w hat he wants the activists refuse to face up to this reality. On the other hand super pragmatists on the White House staff want the president to be More yielding than is necessary on the whole. Or Reagan a administration is a world away from the Carter administration not every Federal appointee is a pure conservative but there Are Many of them in important posts conservative activists cannot then expect the president to act As though the country were xxi percent behind him liberals Are numerous and politically powerful the president has to build a constituency Issue by Issue he deserved understanding winning Public and congressional approval of the entire conservative Agenda will take years a measure of patience is required touches most of our lives cancer appreciation goes most especially to the captains who spent untold hours recruiting volunteers to canvass their area for contributions and to those crusaders who walked their blocks knocking on doors your contributions make further research possible in finding a cure for this dreadful disease c Morgan Patterson. Executive director District one new Mexico e Stan Wietzorek crusade and Field services director new Mexico division. Herb Hultman president Curry county cancer society Kathy Mcgregor and Lois Grossman. Co chairpersons Clovis residential commercial drive. 1 2 3 14 17 20 across 33 eggs 54 Uncle Sam s i a Guthrie 34 snapshots income 5 popular tor Short 57 editor s to fare 35 expose word to encourage 36 Pesky 58 Bank 14 debatable child department 15 to part 37 train unit 59 Lone 16 Ankles 38 Ohio City 60 a few 17 Quick 40 Din 61 take action 41 summer care of 20 perched cooler 62 Anka or 21 count on 42 Partick Muni 22 ramble Pating 23 City in 45 Hill Down Italy builders 1 author 24 parched 46 crones Kingsley 25 having 47 evening 2 is Barrett trouble party 3 Asea 28 prohibit 50 basketball 4 Mel of 31 killed team baseball 32 sympathy 51 matterhorn 5 most yesterday s Puzzle solved &1983 Tribune company Syndicate. Inc All rights reserved 5/20/83 rational 6 posse s prey 7 Quot i would Fain die a death 8 dessert 9 and pure and fair 10 expiate 11 jazz group 12 or a threat 13 stadium Section 18 winged horse of myth 19 fencer s move 23 greek letters 24 to do 25 famous epic 26 Mother of Pearl 27 Bee like 26 acid Type 29 mariners Stop 30 judge 31 animal welfare up. 35 minor Prophet 36 neck pieces 38 Ocean vessel 39 purposes 40 israeli desert 43 craving 44 must 45 Mountain Ridge 47 sound of scorn 48 aware 49 news notice 50 Chimney pipe 51 celebes of 52 Pip 53 strip 55 exist 56 seers gift by Paul g. Donohue . Bloat is part of premenstrual syndrome it Paul to Donohue . Hormone would bring on bloating wrist is usually not a bad illness and the but Paul to. Donohue. M d. Dear or Donohue my biggest pro Blem is abnormal fluid retention which appears to be worse in my face and around my eyes it occurs just prior to the Onset of my period but during the whole Cycle my face and eyes along w Ith other parts of my body Are affected to varying degrees the same Way this Pul finess of my face and eyes often grossly changes my Complete looks thyroid tests and a kidney function test have Rill cd those out As the cause i have tried diuretics and Low Salt consumption hut they do not seem to help i have been told this May to a hormone imbalance problem a part of the premenstrual syndrome would you please comment on possible causes mrs by premenstrual syndrome comprises an array of symptoms mood swings depression bloating cramps fatigue and fluid retention Many explanations Are being studied including the matter til hormonal imbalance let s discuss that first. One of the hormones being talked at khat is progesterone it can tie supplied in Medicine form but the use has not been approved yet by the Eda for this use it is experimental at this Point now what about the menstrual cramp Inge Here another hormone Prost agian Din is thought to be involved Prost Arlandin is the hormone that stimulates the uterus Muscles there Are Many anti Prost Arlandin drugs available for controlling cramps aspirin and in dome Hacin for examples now for the fluid retention symptom again another hormone is believed to to responsible prolactin however this has not been proven to be the cause and it s not Clear Why an imbalance of that hormone would tiring on bloating the other part of your question has a More straightforward answer fluid shows up in the face and around the eyes because the skin there is so stretchable it is in other places but not quite so noticeable tie cause tighter skin keeps it hidden Diep in tissue you Are doing the right things no matter what the specific cause turns out to to even though you have not had great results from your Salt limitation keep at it. I am sure it is making a Small con intuition in keeping your fluid retention at lower Levels and watch your carbohydrate intake. Tix it in some women a combination of Salt and carbohydrate consumption leads to As much As a 6 Pound weight gain it fluid retention use a Low sugar Low Salt Dux divided into six Small meals. And done to use caffeine or chocolate i am referring to such diet modification Only at the time of your periods dear or Donohue i doubt that you have had this question Indore what is amyloid it was recently found Iii wrist tissues along with my carpal Tunnel i was told it was an uncommon problem fan you discuss that ult i answered it Lief Ore. Hut not very recently amyloid Sis is not a common illness it Means that a gooey kind of protein amyloid has been deposited in the body the deposition May be in Only a few places As in tissues of the wrist at that Point it can press on the median nerve to cause the carpal Tunnel syn drome however other changes in the wrist area cause that problem not just amyloid tissue the amyloid Sis that affects Only the wrist is usually not a had illness and the Outlook is very Gix i widespread amyloid Sis can to quite devastating. Because there is As yet no Medicine to treat the illness virtually any Organ can tie affected liver kidney spleen Tongue Etc we Don t know Why amyloid forms sometimes it is a part of other illnesses such As multiple myeloma hone Inlet Lions or rheumatoid arthritis sometimes it is a part of aging and sometimes the problem is inherited it s a puzzling ail ment dear or Donohue regarding the let or from mrs a s asking about night sweats i am anxious to know Why you did t mention menopause As being a primary cause of this symptom or am i w Rong a c a m i dido t mention it because i forgot thanks for the reminder herpes May to killing the sexual revolution hut having it does t mean the end of your life a or the end of your sex life in his new or Paul Donohue separates the truth from the Fie Don bout this controversial health pro Blem for your copy of Quot herpes Don t Send one Dollar and a stamped. Self addressed envelope to or Donohue in care of this newspaper. To Box 11210, Chicago. In 60611 or Donohue welcomes Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters readers ques Lions Are incorporated in his column w believer possible Opy right i Tea Field enterprises inc. Sen. John Glenn s Gamble by Rowland Evans and Hubert Novak Davenport. Iowa at the final event of the six Day swing following his declaration of candidacy sen John Glenn startled a gathering of democratic activists Here with the offhand remark that Quot we must rebuild our defense Structure reflecting the calculated Gamble in his presidential Campaign strategy a i had to ask myself if he really said one party Stalwart from Davenport told us not in recent memory has a democratic presidential hopeful sounded like that in crucial Iowa its Impact was heightened because Glenn hurrying his speech to make a live television Date forgot his customary. Though hedged endorsement of a Quot Mutual and verifiable nuclear freeze Glenn s failure to denounce defense spending is one of Many stances that puts him right of his presidential rivals but also reflects his Gamble that Liberal special interest groups do not embrace ail democrats and that there Are millions who will respond to Glenn s Call for Quot old values that i like to stress Quot there were signs along Glenn s Early Campaign Trail that the Gamble might pay off among the a a old values listed by Glenn at a Little Rock Ark fund Raiser were a patriotism integrity and concern for others a normally such values Are suggested More by the old astronauts straight Arrow Demeanour than by words that fits his strategists belief that presidents Are elected neither by organization nor program but by the voters perception of the candidates character Glenn certainly would not stand Muster by the american conservative Union he hits most current Liberal labor stops nuclear freeze Domestic Content Era. Environmentalist and civil rights enforcement re peal of Reagan tax cuts opposition to the my but without dramatic emphasis Glenn periodically reveals these heretical thoughts a we do need More Money for defense a probably a 6.5 percent increase verifying soviet adherence to a nuclear freeze May prove impossible Quot i have supported and will continue to support Aid for Al Salvador at present Levels and a i do not want to put communists in the government in Al Salvador a most shocking he is unapologetic about his 1980 apostasy in voting against Salt ii though he now supports Tho treaty because of improved verification procedures filtered though these heresies Are by anti Reagan rhetoric Glenn a audiences get the message conservative democrats attending the Little a Ltd a fund Raiser hosted by multimillionaire invest ment banker Jack Stephens made Clear to us they regard Glenn As the Only nominee including their own senator Dale bumpers conservative enough to carry Arkansas against Ronald Reagan front running Walter k Mondale a Campaign planners have counted on help carrying Arkansas from gov Bill Clinton. Partly because Stephens supported Clinton s Republican by last year but the View in Little Rock is that Clinton might prefer a truce with the powerful Stephens in conservative Arkansas the Glenn Campaign s Gamble is no worse than even Money the Odds Are considerably longer in Iowa w Here Glenn is a late starter in put Ting his organization together Mondale is the candidate of the network organized labor Schtoil teachers and courthouse politicians that controls Dunagins people tin state s internal democratic politics although Mondale a momentum Here May have crested tor now. Sens Alan t Railston and Gary Hart Are far ahead of Glenn in courting party activists but As Glenn Jet stopped the state on hts first real Iowa campaigning there were signs of those non doctrinaire demm rats his strategists Are counting on. His crowds though Small did not consist merely of comparison shopping party activists but newcomers w to could to the Vanguard of a big Glenn turnout at party caucuses next March moreover Many Iowa party activists concerned by the loss of two straight i s Senate races with Lite ral More worried about finding a Winner than testing i Lxi ral pedigrees after hearing Glenn in Waterloo county supervisor Carroll Hayes told us a he sounds like a moderate and today that May la i xxx for him a if Hayes is Correct Glenn s puny organization could prove less significant than his image As the candidate of Quot old values Quot copy right 1983 Field enterprises inc. A Weh tax can inform the prisoners that until they care Here it want overcrowded Quot Varden Fitt in Orlando a non i i a in ammo. Synodical

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