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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 2

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Clovis News Journal (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Clovis, New Mexico Page 2, Clovis news journal Friday. May 20. 1983 from the editor f by Hill Southard the Clovis Carver Library will shift to summer hours starting May 31. A week from next thursday for the summer months the Library will open at 9 a m and close at 6pm monday through Friday. Librarian Marsha Dreier said the change in hours is because Library use and Book circulation tend to decline during summer months come next september the Library will shift Back to its regular hours of 8 30 a m to8p in there is a newspaper e expert named red Gibson at the University of Texas who visited the news journal s newsroom thursday to give us a virtuoso s View on newspapers in general the news journal in particular and How to improve them red is one of those people who thinks when you invite him to do a critical analysis of your product that you mean it even though be s an academician now he talks in terms even a Newspaperman can understand things like a use Short sentences no More than 20 words or a a Don t use the term it indicates vagueness or a a make an Effort not to jump stories that is continue a Story from Page i to Page 2 a be consistent w Ith where you run you Zinc Poison Texico seniors get diplomas managing editor main Page i Story said red use the proper size of headline Type and stories should t be More than 5 h words in length anything More tends to bore readers he had plenty to say about the use of White space around the Type in a newspaper Page layout that s the Way the Overall Page looks spelling Mak my sure your grammar follows the rules placement of photographs on the newspaper Page a All of that and More although doubtless of limited interest to non newspaper folks it was nonetheless a fascinating afternoon workshop for people of the fourth estate one other Point red made a a never Start a sentence with a there we just used that phrase at the beginning of this column so he d know we were listen my a a a a thursday night s a fall band night at Rock staubus gymnasium involved some 8 h musicians in the Clovis school system and a couple of thousand spectators one of the features of that program was some Duke Ellington numbers directed by Gordon Hart director of the Wildcat band of interest to us was the fact that the late Duke Ellington and his group played a concert at Cannon air Force base some years ago. Fire chief explains actions to commission fire chief Jerry Carter explained How he helped develop communication systems for the Volunteer fire depart ments of area towns at the Clovis City commission meeting thursday. Members of the commission had previously questioned Why Carter was working outside the City of Clovis Carter said he has helped Texico Grady and Melrose obtain ambulances so Clovis ambulances will not have to go to those communities. A i helped them get Grant Money to Pur Chase these ambulances none of the Money has come from the City of Clovis the Only Way in which the City has helped these Volunteer fire departments is through my assistance a Carter said until personnel was adequately trained to Man the area ambulances. Clovis sent an ambulance to assist in the county. Now however the Only time Clovis responds in the county is when there is a major Accident. Carter indicated the Clovis fire and police department dispatchers also currently dispatch for the communities of Broadview Grady and Melrose the communities of Forrest Jordan and House in Quay county Are being added to the system Carter said. A we take the Calls for these towns because All the phone lines end Here a Carter said the Quay county communities tried to get a communications system headquartered in Tucumcari but because of phone lines it would have Cost $500 a month Carter explained he said he asked former City manager Teddy Ryan if be could add these communities to Clovis system and Ryan gave him permission to do so commissioner j r Dickenson said the commissioners had been concerned because they did not know Carter was working on this project and they had heard from several people that Carter was working on City time outside the county Carter said a i was Only doing what my Boss Ryan it told me to do a Carter said he had also contracted with emergency medical services to design a communication system for Roosevelt county. Quot i worked on that on my own time. Carter said. Carter also said he planned to make a decision today on w Hether to take a Job As fire chief in Largo. Fla he could not be reached for comment. Clovis resident Roy Walker reiterated on How the City a fire rating has dropped from a 6 to a 4 which Means Clovis residents save Money on their fire insurance Walker attributed the decrease to Carters education and dedication. The commission voted to solicit bids for furniture for the renovated fire station. Commissioner Gordon Rowell made a motion to delete a conference table and chairs from the list but it was Defeated on a 5 to 2 vote voting in favor of deleting the items were Dickenson and Rowell. Opposed were Cleo Carpenter. Tom Harden. Lynn Martin. Pat Sandoval and Frank Murray penalty challenged Santa be api a human services Secretary Joseph Goldberg is challenging a $2.5 million penalty imposed on the state by a Federal Agency for alleged errors in payments to some welfare recipients. The u s. Health and human services department imposed the penalty on the state tor alleged overpayment or payments to ineligible recipients in new Mexico s $46 million Aid to families with dependent children program Federal officials took a sampling of recipients during the six months prior to the 1980-81 Federal fiscal year and extrapolated the Sample findings to show that new Mexico had a 12 4 percent error rate in the program officials said the state s allowable error rate was 4 5 percent. From Page i Oil. It entered its plea thursday. The charge of gasoline Price fixing is a fourth degree felony each company was charged w Ith one count the charges against the six companies Stem from incidents which occurred Between june of 1980 and May of 1982, according to the indictments. The Legal wording of the charge is As follows a a name of company did intentionally contract agree Combine or conspire with another or with others in restraint of Trade or Commerce to fix stabilize maintain or control the retail Price of gasoline sold in Clovis a fourth degree felony a for in the alternative did intentionally embargo. Form a contract agree Combine or conspire with another or with others which controlled the Price or Exchange of an article of manufacture of goods or services in restraint of Trade namely gasoline sold at retail outlets in Clovis a fourth degree the terms included in the no contest plea of the three companies included a guarantee of cooperation in continuing investigations of gasoline Price fixing and that no More charges be filed against the Oil companies or their officers and directors. The indictments by the Curry county grand jury Are the culmination of an investigation started by the attorney general a office in december of 1981 the israelis May manufacture components of the air plane in israeli. The formal notification which in effect ends the embargo gives Congress 30 Days to act. Unless Congress moves to Block the Sale it would go into effect automatically after that period since As president Reagan indicated this week the administration has been consulting with Congress on the question it is expected that the Sale will go through without a hitch the United states decision to withhold the additional 75 f 16s has been a major irritant in u s israeli relations already strained by israelis invasion of Lebanon thus lifting the embargo removes a major Bone of Contention Between the two countries which Long have been Allied defense officials said an important Factor weighing on israelis Side in the decision to go ahead with the new f-16 sales was the buildup of soviet made weaponry in Syria the increasing presence of soviet military personnel there and the installation and soviet Manning of Long Range of Sam-5 surface to air missiles in Syria. Traced to fruit punch Atlanta a an outbreak of Zinc poisoning among Silver City n Junior High school students has been traced to the fruit punch they drank in Home economics class the punch had been stored overnight in corroded Metal containers the National a enters for disease control said thursday. Eighteen of 31 students in either the 9 30 or la. 15 a in Home economics class at la Plata Junior High school became ill nov 19, 1982, reporting symptoms including nausea abdominal cramps headache and a metallic taste the cd said All 18 had drunk fruit punch prepared the night before Onset of symptoms ranged from a few minutes to 24 hours with students who drank More punch be ing More prone to illness Rocky vendrely of the environmental improvement division of the state of new Mexico said the outbreak w hich occurred at i a Plata Junior High. Was a just a matter of a few hours a and Quot All the kids were Over it Quot minor injuries reported in two vehicle Accident a two vehicle Accident thursday after noon at Commerce Way and Wallace left a passenger in one of the automobiles w Ith Only minor injuries Greta Hemphill no age or address Given was transported to Clovis High Plains Hospital by ambulance following the 3 51 p m Accident according to a police report the report said a pickup southbound on Wallace driven by Arthur v Burch and a car eastbound on Commerce Way. Driven by Connie r Joseph collided in the intersection Burch 82. Told police he had stopped at the Stop sign on Wallace and then proceeded across the intersection the report said is. Joseph told police her vehicle was in the Middle of the intersection w Hen she saw the Burch vehicle approaching she told police she stepped on the brakes of her vehicle and then put her head Down on the steering wheel the report said Burch was cited for failure to yield to oncoming traffic after stopping at a Stop sign. F officer Kevin Clements responded to the scene Texico the Salut Atory address at Texico High school s commencement exercise was Given by tape recording because of the speakers hospitalization Texico senior Ruth Scott the Honor Stu Dent to deliver the address was hospitalized due to a leg infection and delivered her inspirational message by beaming a Jackie Burk second from right seems pretty Happy As she and fellow Texico High school graduates from left bit by Askew Earl Bibbs and right Tony Cavaliero watch the presentation of diplomas. Texico commencement exercises were held thursday night in Wolverine gymnasium plague victim reported Santa fear an 18 year old Mckinley county Man was in the Gallup Indian medical enter today after being confirmed As a victim of the pneumonic form of plague which can in transmitted City to maintain lines the Clovis City commission agreed to maintain a sewer line in the Thomas estates adopted two ordinances and granted three zoning variances thursday a four Inch plastic sewer line in the Thomas estates near Prince and Brady will be maintained at City expense even though the equipment will have to be rented the commission decided to maintain the line because a former City employee had verbally obligated the City to do so an ordinance which establishes an economic development finance review committee was adopted the committee will investigate All applications for the issuance of Industrial Revenue Bonds an ordinance that is adopted each year to comply with state Laws was also adopted the ordinance permits the imposition and collection of a municipal License tax for the Sale distribution ser vice and Public consumption of alcoholic beverages zoning variances were granted at 608 siesta to permit the operation of an antique shop. 402 Neptune to permit the operation of an ice Cream vending ser the vice and 1413 Lexington to permit operation of a Law n mow ing business introduced for possible adoption was an ordinance which would give the City commission rather than the planning commission the final approval of sub division plats. Randall Kilmer a member of the plan Ning commission said the ordinance would add another bureaucratic step that would slow Down the approval process he said the planning commission could make a recommendation to the City com Mission on whether to accept a subdivision however if the City commission made its decision solely on the recommendation then the final approval should be left with the planning commission. Kilmer pointed out if the commission wants to make its own decision then it should conduct a full hearing on the subdivision which would be time consuming. Kilmer said adoption of the ordinance w ill be voted on june 9 the commission also voted to reject and re solicit bids for bleacher seat covers and tabled action on the Sale of City property at 2020 Wilshire from person to person however state epidemiologist or Jonathan Mann and or Thomas Fleming Indian health service unit director said All people who have let Een in Contact with the Man both at his fort Wingate area Home and in the Hospital have been contacted and placed on preventive medication a at this Lime there is no evidence of any person to person spread of the disease a Mann said humans contract the bubonic form of the plague by either being bitten by a Flea from an infected animal or by handling or skinning a plague infected animal if plague pneumonia develops the disease becomes con Tagi Ous Mann said the patient who was not identified became ill about a week ago and became increasingly sick during the Early part of this week he developed a severe cough and went to the Gallup Indian medical Center emergency room thursday night a joint investigation has been underway since late thursday night by the Indian health service and the new Mexico health and environment department to determine the source of the disease Mann said tip at the commencement held thursday night not Only diplomas but scholarships and other awards were presented to seven of the 28 members of the a lass of 1983 Sharlet Taylor class valedictorian spoke on hard work and Success senior Tammy Powell gave a Brief history of the graduating class Jesse Orozco senior class vice Prest Dent presented the school with $275 from the class for the Bucky Walters memorial scholarship fund he also presented a plaque to Counselor James Harding Dana Morris and Tern Fenn members of the Junior class presented Hay War Muth w Ith a plaque of appreciation fourteen nabbed in drug bust in two separate drug busts thursday six adults and eight juveniles were arrested by Clovis police taken into custody in a series of arrests which began at 6 3<i a in thursday were Barry Charles Martin. 20, 1405 Wilshire Alton b Green 21, 9161/2 Sycamore. Jessica Kena Green 19. 1208 main. Danny Rosier. 23, 1312 Hinkle Scott a Curtis �?o20, 2309 Duckworth. Lloyd Ray Hancock 23, 1321 Ross and two 16 year old females according to a report from detective Bobby Littlejohn Martin was charged with distribution of hashish a third degree felony distribution of marijuana a fourth degree felony and two counts of conspiracy to distribute each a fourth degree felony he was released on a $7,500 Bond Green was charged with two counts of distributing marijuana he remained in Curry county jail at press time today is Green was charged with distribution of hashish and conspiracy to distribute hashish she remained in Curry county jail at press time Hosier was charged with distribution of marijuana he was released on a $2,500 Bond Curtis was charged with two counts of marijuana he was released on a $2,54 0 Ivind Hancoc k was charged w Ith distribution of marijuana he remained in City jail at press time each of the two 16-year-old females was charged with Possession of marijuana they were released to the custody of their parents the drug raid was conducted by dels Littlejohn and Bill Henderson in a drug bust which occurred thursday on the school grounds of Yucca Junior High. Two 14-year-Olds, one 16-year old and three 15-year-Olds were arrested by City police All six arrested were males according to the police report the arrests were made Between 8 and to a in at the school the report said the 16 year old youth was charged with distribution of marijuana the remainder of the youths were charged with Possession of marijuana under an ounce a Petty Misdemeanour the report said All six students were released to the custody of their parents it miters Dave Williams and Ken Fox of the police department made the arrests Williams said the police were alerted to the drug related incidents by school officials. According to Williams juvenile authorities Are handling the Case he said a definite time for the youths to appear before the juvenile court has not been determined rape attempt reported Patrick Padilla no age or address Given was arrested thursday afternoon in connection w Ith an attempted rape of a 26 year old Clovis w Oman armed forces Day a Russ Sperry from left vow Post 3015 Junior vice commander and Richard Dindinger commander Welcome tech. Sgt. Charles Krager and staff sgt. Grace Clouse both of Cannon air Force base to vow news journal photo Post 3015 open House. An open House in Honor of cafe will be conducted saturday in Observance of armed forces Day. The Post members have worked with cafe on Many joint projects for veterans throughout the year. The rape attempt was reported to Clovis police at 5 01 p m thursday by the victim according to a police report she told police that she had gone to the East Section of town to look at a House which was for rent she told police that the a Spanish male was in the House at the time she was looking at it. According to the report the woman told police that As she was leaving the Man grabbed her and threw her on the floor he threatened to beat her the report said the report said that the woman managed to get away from her assailant and called the police from a neighbouring residence she told police that the suspect had left the scene in a Black Camaro a Bolo be on the look out for was sent out by the police department for the car according to the report Padilla was arrested shortly after the Bolo was issued and was placed under arrest the report said the woman identified Padilla As her assailant according to the report detective Bill Carey of the police department said Padilla is scheduled for arraignment today. Clovis news journal uses 119 too member audit Bureau of circulation by Little merchant Carrier $4 50 monthly in Advance. By mail $51 of a or one year $26 of tor six months $16 of for three months $5.75 for one month. Servicemen amp students by mail $3.00 per month outside our Trade territory single copy 50� All subscriptions payable in Advance. Circulation department will be open till 7 p m weekdays amp 7 30 a m to 10 00 a m Sun Days. Second class postage paid at Clovis new Mexico published daily except saturday by the Clovis news journal sixth amp pile Clovis new mexico88101, phone 505 763 3431

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