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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Clovis, New Mexico Rib co 2301 Nylon mid in item in i have but one lamp by which my fret Are guided and hat is the lamp of i know of no Way of judging of the future but by the Henry Yankee doctor of ii new Mexico most consistent newspaper1 Mutch w doctor performed major on Confederate win pm the old rebel was reported stood the m much younger who re Celvid a it Teal wide awake Ond doing very fit recovery room after the Opsta Tiofil torn said he was beyond the Paw operation 311 top leased new March 1957 44 pages today Nucum dip fit i any porn met ship in Kes proposal n disability lit by Truman pressure tactics Are charged by Nasser March so a Kip kit Kirr a i i a president Harry permanent installation Ruman and House democratic Oder John Mccormack Day criticized president i sri Owers plan to the Cabinet de de when a disabled chief Exeen be is incapable of running the 3oth suggested or Eisen Lenvi s proposal would open1 the Way r an ambitious Cabinet to lire with the vice president to Mccormack said flatly that con Ess will reject the Massachusetts Democrat assailed Jie plan As the weakest of All cafe to be dedicated in ceremonies june 8 Tii Chical air commands base Al i member and City of the ceremony Are be worked Clovis is expected to be formally who returned Friday from by William to biggest ions put Forward for solv be the problem of presidential is to Jit tin r named arid dedicated in Cermon held june As part of Clovis 50th anniversary commander of the 312th i air Force officials in Wash let bomber Wing Ringlon informed the two was the Ike wants amendment according to word from j businessmen nil of the criteria sought from Congress by the or Eisenhower two Point Proi Charles chairman of j for designating the base near clo Jair Force for payment of runways which be outlined to Conte military affairs committee of vis As a permanent base have been i installed at the former municipal Ess ional leaders at the White the Clovis chamber of and that formal dedication of j Airport by the civil Argonaut los Touse Calls for n const and Roy committee the base is now details had been turned Lional amendment to provide president who knew he was babied could turn Over his duties the vice until be de ded he could handle the Job Ain Case it president were so j Sable he could not make vision himself the Cabi t could decide by majority vote Lether the vice president would be Over the presidents Truman made his views own in no Uncertain terms in pm woman held iranian police ready to Nab outlaw band Over to the custodial unit for government con with instructions to de liver it to in informal Cere monies expected to be held with in the 10 the Check will be turned Over to to who in turn will hand it to cite of Clovis Al purpose the Navy has announced the new Al purpose shown Here mounted on an f2h2 in its special launching has proved to be highly reliable and the unusual feature of Nea telephoto the supersonic missile is its Cost which is near which is very inexpensive As missiles named the Zuni the peace Loving new Mexico it be comes a fierce Warrior for within 10 clays after receiving the the City of must begin programming for a new March 30 us two americans were sent to Tehju municipal but Fischer and t police reported Saturn ran where services will be held j Walker pointed out that such work i Don believe in Niolu they Aro a position sunday before they Are shipped has already an Airport site 7 tot0uclosp in on hand of outlaw i committee has been and pal hindi try to Tenie to Albai he Lievert holding a a embassy plane Weslh ivc been functioning with Caa e any Cabinet Guitell Mertty Man captive sunday for the search air f to ice Japan in 01 Anh Nipa around 800 Miles h died of internal injuries Southeast of with tents i a Mac the cd Monr enl s no Lone pres lds in trial of Beck Tommy Webb Dies of wreck injuries Racket probes Promise rites Are pending t with Falcio Tommy Star in to i Iii i officials denied and medical and food supplies to in rejecting the presidents us embassy a Mccormack told the United earlier authorities last for two so had made Contact with a messen1 we should have a plan that is from the Banci and free As possible from personal were Niekol Satink Hirn these Terest or selfish follow cry inc announce i human beings and the quest a r Power will go on in Reward the Safe return under any maps Caroll of Mccormack also said no const Iwash and another for formation leading to the arrest of the four men in the band who off from the women in it to lose their tonal amendment is required challenged the Contention of attorney general Herbert Brown polling places for special april combined places have been Selec f the Constitution says the vice resident shall take Over the ties of a president who is in be to perform but it does t say who will determine when e president is deemed inca a White House press Secretary Urnes Hagerty said saturday e administration favors a con Itu tonal amendment to resolve e problem rather than a he lid an amendment would Settle e question once and for All that a Law would be subject to i arrests listed y Clovis police an unusually Busy the the bandits were fleeing northward towards later dispatches said they had veered South to wards the Gulf of Oman where Arab slave ships deny slave Angle officials again dented that the bandits might try to sell the 35year old Carroll into slavery because slavers would be afraid of police communications were spotty and the embassy in Tehran was not completely filled it May be All Over an embassy spokesman for the special elec a successor to he late congressman Antonio Fernandez will be elected to fill the Post left vacant by his since the election is being held for the one county cleric Fay Southard explained that less polling places will be setup than is usual in an elec Tion this will help Cut Down on election residents formerly voting at both the courthouse and Library will vote at the those usually voting at Lincoln j i o i i if i i jul but at last the gendarme Jackson school and the armory Rie Federal police had reported Only that Thev had narrowed the will cast All their votes at Lincoln search area to a 10 by 30mile i those usually voting at both Region extremely Barren the West Awn courts and and virtually it was believed that car new senior High school will vote at the while the Junior Roll was with the 20 native women Shieh has been designated at the and children of the outlaw dad i polling place for residents of pre Shah band who left their men Cincys normally served by both arrests on a variety of of reckless driving charges were against a 22yearold clo b Man nabbed thre of Clovis late Friday in Man posted a Bond and to appear two More Clovis fab men ran Oul of the Law As they admitted Ealing pair of fender skirts of the car of Bruce at 34 Plaza on March the skirts Ere identified by Jennings on the Iris and after much question they admitted the the aged 18 and were turned ire to air police and Are to Pear next wednesday in police it on the theft the final two arrests involved and both in paid fines before being re based on the a 1yearold was nabbed i the armory Friday night while a 48yearold Clovis was arrested on 7th irly saturday be chem father in critical condition Las when the police began to close deny eyewitness report the embassy also denied re the James Bickley and Junior hitch the Eugene Field school will ports that an eyewitness told the j be the polling place for resident a foreign woman j normally voting at both Eugene seen with the Fjeld and Maudin and those usually voting at the girl Little Parkview by r i two Days ago spotted and of form electric co prints of four 20 women and the tracks were Twenty hours the tracks were picked up again and showed that the four men had split off from the last sunday the men ambushed the trocar caravan carrying her and Brewster Wilson port both employees of the u s International cooperation administration Wil son and two iranians were the Bullet riddled bodies War veterans stage March fool will serve in elec flon As voting emmy vat ing at both Highland school and Williams and Kershner Nursery will serve As no line place for residents usually voting there and at the clo vis cattle commission company and the cite Hall has been Deal go rated As the rolling place for persons normally voting there and also la Casita Doolie Ihfe Ramer Dies Washington up Charles Ross world War ii died of a heart lining inflammation Friday night at be they had been advised by the Caa that the Federal government would participate with the City of Clovis in building the new the Caa will match the voted by local citizens on a per cent which will insure an installation Here of Over a half million Fischer and Walker flew to Washington a week ago and the Day planned with Washington officials their program of on their both re ported they had received whole hearted cooperation from Clinton Anderson and Congress Man John and out standing help from Dennis a member of the commit tees which pass upon projects clo vis is most interested if it haunt been for the help of the entire new Mexico delegation we have done the clo visits in regards to the base those present at one meeting was George Deputy Spe Cial assistant for installations to the Secretary of the air Force Jerome executive special assistant for install and a Cousin of Charles Fischer Gar chief of real estate Usan major office of real estate Usan Marion office of legislative Usan Johnnie Fernan to Chavez Fischer and the Clovis men brought Back copies of letters sent by the three members of the new Mexico con Gressional delegation to Donald Secretary for air and newly named assistant Secretary or in which he was asked the formal dedication of the Clovis base to june the ast of the three Day the Clovis delegation also Dis cussed with the Bureau of Public roads roads in Clovis and Curry county and an underpass on Hull government officers will work with new Mexico officials on these it was present at this meeting were commissioner Curtis George assistant commissioner for engineering John Mutz from the senates Public works committee Fischer and Bachelor explains Papuc in nil an naval my Green mated 10000 a Olgh survivor of the Doolittle Kenneth wingers am youths designed a 20cent88 said he made a saturday afternoon at memorial where he had been in critical condition since injured in a on truck Accident 20is Miles North of on March live equipment on his truck which Webb was the victim of a Fec overturned on state Road 18 when the tie Rod he was pinned under the i ton truck for a Hall hour before he could be he became Curry county third and new Mexico 73rd traffic fatality so far in Over a comparable time in 77 had died from traffic among the survivors Are his Lonna and one child of the Home located in the Grady Broadview he is also survived by his Par and Tom Webb of san funeral arrangements Are Pend ing at the Steed funeral in other two traffic deaths Friday night broke a Chain of 10 straight Days without a High Way fatality in new Alice of was killed instantly when a car in which she was passenger plunged off 70 about 12 Miles West of Roswell and she died of a broken Henry of was not seriously Hurt in the Franjo of Albu March 30 up of the Senate committee Senate rackets investigators on rackets in labor and entered the renal at opera saturday letter enthusiastic said any request1 for information of the canal made it bitter attack is launched at policy March 30 president Gamal Abdel Nai ser saturday accused the United states of aiming to starve Egypt and pressure it into surrender in its Putes with in one of his most bitter Public attacks on United states Nasser indicated that he would continue to oppose passage of israeli 1 ships through the Suez canal the Gulf of he insisted that Egypt is not communist and wishes to Friendly with the United since his govern Mem has a z sucally american concept of but he added that Egypt was More opposed than Ever to first Convoy clears canal As he to a group of 30 visiting american the first Convoy to Clear the blocked Suez canal in five months steamed through fort said Harbor into he Medl Teranen from the red the Convoy included italian and West German another five ship Convoy cooperation with the Falcio in its investigation and trial of team sters president Dovid chairman John l Mcclellan Petit jurors asked to report tuesday ninth District court jurors have been ordered by judge Hensley to report at 9 tuesday for jury scheduled for jury trial on tues Day is who is charged with Selling alcoholic liquor to a several other criminal cases Are scheduled for trial by jury this two cases Are set for trial on with Aileen Sasser involved in both she is to tried on charges of Selling alcoholic liquor without a License and is Al so named in another along with Vidal Hilda Allene Joyce Ellen Turley and the five Are charged with Possession of Alco Holic liquor for purpose of illegal ton from Afleck officials intent the West worm accept Jii Gylfi bringing charges against Beck terms for running it As an Egypt Tirl itt i m to i of f was killed while Cross scheduled for Friday is the ing a Duke City Street in a reinstates Case against Vernon Kun and Sand authorities said that Guy of Manzano told them in did not see the vice Tom until the moment before Impact due to the poor Jaek Solc was thrown 80 feet by the Gene who is charged with statutory rape in connection with a 15yearold two traffic mishaps Are checked by police two minor traffic acl dents were investigated by the Clovis police department during the past 48 their records in a Friday night mishap at the foxy drive ears being driven by Judith of 220 Lith and John of Farwell suffered estimated at and in his Union will he Given immediate consid i think they know that the committee will cooperate with them in Evory Way in the world in every they make to eliminate the unwholesome elements have developed in the labor Mcclellan Council go spend Beck the Aflato executive coun cil suspended Beck As a Council member and an Falcio vice president on Friday and ordered that he stand Union trial May 20 on charges o bringing the labor movement into the Council also ordered its ethical practices committee to investigate the teamsters Union is dominated by corrupt in the Council acted within two Days after Beck had invoked the fifth amendment 117 times rather than answer questions about his finances before the Mcclellan at an Impromptu news Confer ence Mcclellan said re sumption of the committees hear expected in two could involve any one of four cities new York los or hearings in capital inquiries in All four he have progressed to a Point where hearings can be he stressed that until Congress adjourns ill hearings will have to be 12 persons victims of arsenic poisoning March 30 held in persons were hos1 these were the other develop vitalized saturday with arsenic ments in the Wake of Becks sus poisoning after the chemical pension patently became mixed High command of the drinking water at the i million Mem or teamster Union Plant in appeared to be splitting under the All Velve were Dowell a treasurer John English broke a Midland memorial clean up Secretary Petal spokesman the com Pany has a private water and there appeared to be no Dan Ger to users of City none of the 12 hospitalized were be damage lived unserious condition thirty employees were at a saturday morning collision Piant also had As a car Bein backed out of a driveway at 110 pile by Roy Beardain of the lobbyists threatened treasurer John English broke with Beck on Becks plan to spend million in Union funds on a publicity cipro pain to counter the committees English said he was not consulted about the plan and would oppose president of the Falcio brotherhood of rail i Way clerks and one of the coun Ell members who voted to sus 416 Davis collided with a vehicle lobbying j Pend said in Houston that belonging to Wingeart activities on the floor of the state Are right Down the line of 2904 los Assembly were notably missing j anti clean up these corrupt prac there were no injuries in either Friday because Assembly speaker the report former at gop women to meet Curry county Republican women Rmer judge Edwin m e c la cach of Triumph saturday in both sight to keep secret sights ii mistake in not i should i meet at Zherka building ll11 Al Funni inn rec mar Rirl of it japanese when shot i have married he sex ther of the was listed a to army demonstration j critical condition at in a Street Battle Between i own ver later in Lyle trouble was the older i at it was announced saturday i Hospital Here saturday with a demonstrators and110 rtnf1kei German capture for a got i became More particular and by Tom vere Case of riot officers will he riot Kowm Mechem was at his of Young rioters were thers bedside i detained for questioning after club the older Mech Ems physician a wining moved in to break id there was no change in to one edition and added Marcher was wounded in the leg Oswald Heck threatened to lob the lobbyists into faced with a continually increasing number of lobbyists parading around the Heck banged his Gavel and if there is a single lob on Commerce Way monday j Buist on the floor of this i want him brought before the bar of the Assembly and Well see that he gets a Good fat jail paid dec easter Dollar Day is set for monday easter is just around the Corn e and if you and yours want to Hes holding his own pretty old a judge when a bystander threw a bomb no serious i i i Ted the Hospital the i was the most i nor flew Here in a Park my demonstration in from Santa 1e 1rlday november when anticommunist incensed Over soviet crushing of the Hun weather Weatherman prediction sturday didst see any dust but it called for some Eloudi iss with possible Light showers rough today we Hope it officer denies Ike speeding Garian sucked and burned sane said Eisenhower March indents car three and ii said one of the press cars in the now to of these occasions was presidential motorcade Friday should break any Speed observed breaking the Speed Limpas clocked at about 60 Miles own safety and for that of travelling through the incident occur put when an hour r in a limit in 3 try in front of the champs Elysee fice of the Magazine edited by Friday should obey Speed limits for Miles on p ounla1 be look their Best for the easter i your favorite Clovis Mer chant has just what you monday is Dollar Day in clo and there wont be one bit of april fooling going on As far As prices on merchandise is concerned although it will be april 1 fools just to give Yuu an idea of what Clovis merchants Are featuring in their stores look at to i Days Issue of the Clovis news scheduled to turn cooler which Serva Schreiber who immediately did when the weak disturbance recently from military no writ Spring fashions and advertised by your presidential 11 be Windy a was Clovis rainfall to Date in 1957 inches last year on Date inches car said the wide comment and speedometer on their automobile and out was registering 70 Miles an hour president just Gerlan when two county policemen limits j i flagged them Down the major portion of the crowd in let had dispersed after laying a the episode touched off nation the presidential car also must the new York said in a v Neri cans for demo saturday night that in former president Truman Proba simply reporting what my off in have been exceeding the limit speech to Many merchants bargains than they could get into their j Are trusting to the Thrifty Mother nature has seen fit to Tan in new informed sources said Egypt has agreed discuss israels right to use the canal Tore the world gout at t h e Nasser told his audience that the canal and the Gulf of a Ahai despite claims to the Are territorial i am sure neither threats Naif american pressures will affect he likened to at he likened the Egypt of today to the United states of Washington Thi theory of a Egypt Between the West and Russia As a ally american idea i non tangling but he said the United states to need wheat i while Ltd Sam Btte Ted of it for the hungry egyptian peo the United states is aiming u starve he while the soviet Union is aiming to heh see bitter on Pace 14 Sparkman critical of move to ease credit on housing March m John Sparkman Sal saturday the Eisenhower administrations latest move to housing credit restrictions does not amount to a Hill of the Alabama chair Man of the Senate banking sub committee on said in i statement that the move would be an insignificant reduction on the Dow payment of fab asked housing the changes were Sparkman said the principal reason for this Cut was not to help the Home buyer but to gel the administration out of a Situa Tion of glaring he said the lowering of Down payment requirements on Cha Loans was Only one Small step Down a Long Road toward a More favourable housing 4 autos reported looted pour different automobiles were either looted or trip Ped of according to the four complaints received by the Clovis police department a pair of fender shirts and four hubcaps were taken from his car while it was parked at the Junta High according to Mack Hodge of 3104 Las reporting two rear View stripped from his vehicle it was parked in Back of hotel Clovis was Rufus of the looting was reported by John Potts of Walker in he told police that it sport two shirts and pair of Slavics were taken from his Cap while it was parked vat lon the another Case 9t sugar being poured Tat Fly was reported by Inson of to he damage to the engine a not been determined m one Stone broke the huge us o 8 be he invited the re president wanted to get certain kinds of crops and too hurry and if he Early to Plant so take a Mcauliffe we Little time Oft and drive into clo help him get there vis to do your u will just As we save you time and Money to Trade and your favorite Clovis but he said Montgomery county merchant will appreciate traffic deaths so far this f fit 73 Urt few on Ofutt if hop Clovis merchants for easter bargains monday Dollar Day ii

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