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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Clovis, New Mexico Weather new Elo tidy to Cloudy sunday with afternoon Nurt evening showers and Thunder monday partly Cloudy with thunderstorms Oast the new Mexico a neatest newspaper West do Cloudy sunday with monday hourly with 1 s port warmer South Tofu dry l f 72 new june 1940 ii j Price five armistice depends upon Ter terms will fall in three groups Jim 22 Tiro place mid time of Fri Nistico no to nations bal win Pic i Yoneji is flown hero today from comping no Forest was to night in Rouill pending Oili Tinl ight hint i vent Luid signed the terms of Ern Iii mini Sligo in a special Genii non radio the German broadcast said the terms could not vet be Dis a inter italian radio said the terms probably Voltl fall into Ducc groups Herman occupation of in inca English Channel ports until he War with England is military measures to assure that the French will wot Aid measures to assure thai flip French will Aid economic measures in preparation for peace in which earn Titis will be made to Germany for the wrongs she suf Rcd end of the world Charles of will head american legion convention adopts stand against subversive moves 1941 convention goes to Ruidoso other elections Santa june 22 new Mexico american arcs elected Charles Morgan of Artesia today As the per new state and instructed him to Pratt a plan of action against he activities of subversive agents r the exse vice closing their annual adopted n Esol Ullon pledging themselves to Ollow that plan in no Quarter ight for americanism and Patriot and against Alt other Tho legions state of policy against the fifth n a clouded also Concha Man t misguided whose coupled with in to Boas welfare balloon Veteran a Arunno balloon observer now employed by an Artesla Oil old the convention he was a Man few but would lose no me going into he was elected by acclamation to upped Wayne Drysdale of after a poll of delegates i owed him far ahead of two old Frank Vaughn of vegas and Cantrell f Ruidoso unanimously was for the 1941 when vegas withdrew its bid arts Coswell asked for the 1942 meet other officers named u vice Donovan Santa be Felipe and Carl clo j the Peter son Bolen con ado lots commanders area Ray Clayton Aroa tred merlot pc area Lobbs area har flow area i strict James Santa be Raton Joe Tucumcari Encino Ruidoso g Carlsbad Silver City Phil Flot Springs Al Rev Albuquerque Mai convention delegates Joe Gallup Hoy at big col Potterf Ditda pan Cruces Dick Gard and Al Luque Quev department adjutant Sejm gentler sex can to id discovered that once of Tho gentler sex h Al it spin in put it pen Iff gee y v i Carter Glass is married june 22 senator Carter Glass of Virginia and Scott Meade of were married at Amherst Cost Meado is Tho daughter of the late and Charles Landon Scott and widow of Robert Ambler the wedding was a quiet Cere Mony at ascension episcopal the Bride was Given in marriage by her Landor Scott and senator Harry Floyd senator Glass col was Best the marriage senator left Amherst forthe senators country Mont near senator Glass and Glass 82 years old is 50 years of finance Board will study fiscal budgets Santa june 22 tilt state finance in an Allday meeting monday is to tackle the problem of establishing department and institution Bud gets for the fiscal year beginning july the previously asked All agencies to figure their tentative at 10 per cell less than the legislative in an Effort to put the general fund in to Tho f the overdrawn Somo 000 at the end of the last fiscal is end the cur rent period within the states 000 emergency borrowing will question Knox on before recommends his confirmation by the associated press june opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation of Frank Knox nomination to be Secretary of the Navy was reported today after the committee decided to question him on his views toward United states policy and the one committee who said he favored approval of the asserted thai an in formal poll indicated that if the Vole were taken today the no Minn Tion would be 11 to want his views he expressed opinion that that whether or not the commit tee approved the nomination would depend on knox1 statement of his attitude possible intervention in the european chairman Walsh mass merely announced after the closed session that it had been decided unanimously to summon Knox for questioning of his and that the hearing probably would be held on july my rat be it was reported that it was proposed in the Neslon that the committee Issue a Public statement to the effect that it intended to investigate Knox views and that if it found that he favored intervene it would reject his Nomina this proposal was said to have brought from senator Lejender Dan thai protest that this would constitute prejudgment of in this stand he was reported to have been supported by sen Ator Johnson Ator Hale with other members finally adopting the same Many protest Walsh Tom a reported that com Mittee members Jiyah received i sores of and commen expressions on Knox nomination and on president Roose belts selection of Henry Stem son be Secretary of most of the he appeared to to based on the protestants understanding of the attitude of the two Mem toward the both have advocated that the United states rive All material assistance to great Bri Tain and also Stimson also is expected to be asked for a statement of Jils views before committee action on his the Senate military committee decided yesterday that hearings should be and chairman Sheppard Tex said that Stimson probably would be called As a criticism in Congress of Roosevelt Choice of the two re publicans for his Cabinet of off Cen tired principally on Tho appoint ment of in that connect critics suggested in Senate see Congress approves billion Dollar tax Bill and defense appropriation makes ready for recess june 22 Congress approved a billion Dollar lax Bill and a de sense appropriation measure to Day and cleared its desk for a weeks recess hours before Tho mid night deadline set by purpose of this High Speed action was twofold to allow an interlude for the Republican National convention beginning Mon Day at Philadelphia and to get vital appropriation measures enacted into Law Well before fiscal year starts on july in addition to go vhf Quick approval to Senate House uses on the tax and defense the 9 Congress co Jitsu along to the White House a Compromise Relief appropriation As the defense tax Bill Wuu Sham pm b approved for War prof it carries provisions to increase the National debt limit from to Zooi Lowers personal income lax exemptions increases the num ber of individual tax payers estimated and imposes in Ere Aseh taxes on theater1 gasoline and numerous other products the income tax changes will cover 1040 incomes payable on March Tho excise in creases become effective immediately the president signs the leg the emergency defense appropriation was the latest of president recommended defense the bulk of the fund will be for army air guns but Tju toy in ouding summer crept into but in disguise v kept into Friday Cool he Ftp past with details of franc German truce not yet known hostilities will Nof coast for six hours after All terms have been accepted f2 French government noun pal officially Laic in night that France and Genn Ariyev hid signed i armistice providing hard but honorable if to terms had not been France would have Betfert ready to on in her French sources Saidl Jmie Price Adolf Fullor Kinan did for will not be Finnon Frfd Olfier Filu until after of Nuich readies ail Flaky and the Casc term order is to a heavily censored it was disclosed that gov Orn Miil act ruins for hip in Numil at the provisional will sea Queen hear her country British luxury Linor Queen her new York berth after taking Oti two Barp loads of fuel Oil the loading prompted reports the marooned in new York by War since last would soon at left is the curving Hull of the Only Luric French liner loft in the Churchill appeals to frenchmen to join England in fight bulletin Juno 22 Congress quit tonight for a one week recess after sending to the White House a Billon Dollar tax Bill and Over of appropriations a scattering of noes came from the Republican Side when the Otise adopted the Resolution which closed a ten hour Day for the and recessed Gros until july no War extra cries of extra on the streets last night did not come from new journal Tho new journal did not go extra with Early reports of last nights because then was no occasion for special serv newsboys of the Amarili times t were responsible for the flurry by cries of extra As they sold regular after noon edition of the Panhandle use tear Gas on Cruces fighters Las june use of tear Gas to Slop a in Las Cruces streets Between acc enrollees and local youths was Dis closed Here the in which no one was occurred earlier in the it was the enrollees and a group of Las Cruces boys and men clashed and tear Gan was used by authorities to when the combatants merely moved Down the Camp officers wore called and the acc Doit is rounded up and returned to several of Tho Las Cruces belligerents were taken into custody by but subsequently Dis which Are which faithfully five bound Over to District court Justice of peace Ralland yield Robert Portales and Elmer Eugene Bishop and her Aoe All of to Chi strict court today on charges of issuing worthless pleaded was set at and 4the four were remanded the comity jail at in lieu of Tho i Howell Gantt of Eddy county the four Ned Only he says of restoration of France sunday up minister Winston Chur expressing British grief and amazement at Francos acceptance of German armistice appealed today to All frenchmen wherever they May be to Aid the British Germany As the Only hop of Frances eventual restoration to appeals to French declaring that the British government could not feel that a Independent and constitutional French government could have submitted to the Gorman Churchill appealed to frenchmen Over the Heads of the Petain government to Aid to the utmost of their strength the forces of Llobera and and resolutely will assuredly to cherish cause despite the action of the Bor Deaux he a tortious Britain will cherish the cause of the French and pointed out to them that n Britlon Victory was the Only possible Hope for the restoration of France and the Freedom of its Tho prime ministers As rend Over the British broadcast ing follows his majesty government has Hoard with grief and amazement that Tho terms dictated by the Ger mans have been accepted by Thi French government at at their mercy such if accepted by All would place not Only but the French entirely at the mercy and in Tho Power of the German and italian Dic not Only would the French peo ple be held Down and forced o work against their allies not Only would the soil of France be used with the approval of the Bordeaux government As the Means of at tacking their but the whole resources of the French Empire and the French Navy would speedily pass into the hands of the advers Ary for the fulfilment of his Pur will entry on majesty firmly that whatever they jul be Able carry on the de Gaulle Calls on France to on toy orioles charges by auth a Kwh in soft q p in mows f Japort tfl4ay tending on a bog War whenever h on the in Ami upon the land a successful when Britain is she h of the not Len of Ikel Choris i the Ca Sifi of the French a Batteh Yio tory is the Piny possible for the restoration of Franco m4 the Iru Eaon of Wen from other tries overrun by Are june 23 sunday de former As Paul ocl French said in broadcast in French Over British corporation today that the effect of the conditions dicta Loci by Germany would be that French sea and air forces would be completely demo arms surrendered and the territory of France completely of the English translation of the broadcast issued by the ministry of information stated general de Gaulle declared France has undertaken not to Lay Down her arms except in agreement with her so Long As these allies continue the was her government has not the right to surrender to the a bad military faults committed in the conduct of oper the defeatist spirit of the government during these recent made us lose the Battle of he but added there remains to us a vast an intact much there remain to us allies whose resources Are immense and who dominate the there re main to us Tho Gigantic possibilities of american common the in Terest of Tho country demand that All free frenchmen should continue to fight wherever they Are and by whatever mems they general de Gaulle said he an de look the National task Here in England of grouping together where possible the great possible French everything which can be Gath ered together in military units and in Means produce Arma ments should be organized wherever there Are any he he said he invited the the the Tho air men of the French for pesto get ii touch yith he invited All French people who wish to main free to listen to1 him Ami to follow and concluded Long free in Honor and mad of june Ross of Rogers Brough in the ipad of Neal to the Worley Brothers Al was wheat tested compared to 60 United states has Tele phone he every Syen Ryther press a tiered France capful need finally o triumphant Germany 8al night with the signing of an armistice in the gloom of Bill the business i and dying continued for soldiers of both t Tho Stern Iconium terms the French radio reported that Frame had made some counter proposals to the radio announcer adder 100 members of the French meeting in voted Confidence in pre Mier marshal Henri who had the Frances great gave proof of Iver determination to on alone and by announcing Heary Aerial attacks on Derma real armament works and on air plane factories and storage plants acc a Oltenburg and t actual Between Ger mans and the zip Iii is not to Enill until hours after the French sign an armistice with the so newly belligerent ally of it to hasten that the plenipotentiaries flew immediately toward Italy Tor a conference with runner when ii due Sirim Only Evhen Al has Boon vill there he an end to the deadly struggle which in a Little More than a month has put half of Fiance and substantially All of her Ridi Industry in Gernan at a cosi of untold casualties on both Italy took a More Active pay i in no War yest Pitny y bending four Waves of bombing plans against he British naval base at and also bomb ing French damage was dose ibid As Fleet fight Buck both French and British Fleet units fought the French hurry Laton the Power of Adolf Hitler was sealed in the same old Woods where lose to Frances Shal Foch on 1918 the historic moment of armistice was put at Kietel signs the signer for was i chief of the nazi High Xor France Al Charles one of the French Adolf Hitler himself was not k had met the French on m the old railway car of marshal Foch where the Ger mans signed a losers peace in ther Las to Tell them of his de then he general Keitel spoke briefly see 2 to i German terms Are subject to surrender to Italy by Louis Lochner at the end of a Short and bloody Juno 22 up Franco made a final surrender to victorious Germany signing in the Forest of comic no a peace based upon the Broad dictate Laid Down by Adolf it was an armistice still Condi on a second Ca Italy and tonight men fought on in a conflict that was a War no it was an agreement that will bring a real armistice Only after the French have made their terms with Premier six hour delay six hours after the notion of his second armistice has Boin received by the nazi High the guns will cease to in the same old railway car in the Compi Egno Forest whore Tho kaisers delegation bowed in de feat to Marsha find Inanc Foch on two ranking generals at cart put pens to the French surrender of the weary took a plane almost immediately for an City in Italy to conversations with mus terms no i known what France had agreed French delegation struggle which in Days left half her country in German waa not disclosed pending italian Nego but when Hitler his die Idle to them yesterday he stated in a preamble to his detailed terms three Broad must be France was to to give guarantees to grift to help her wags War on the topic French t submit to a new peace in eur Ropp which would ber above everything to help to out the wrong done to the Man Reich by Force the last 4 v Hitler tort Tefft the fuehrer wife not present at today i even during the last hours of the solemn discussion in the i French armies were being pursued by Man forces in the Tho fast that that struggle go on for g Plain Orthe Pitu Laton f l i 1 i connected it Ului the right lift june 23 sheriff Frank Vzzell picked in a Hitchhiker Ort his Way i expect to spend the Nightie Frye in Iho Weer n u 1 of l tip Aid or Brench Fleet i i is Jwon Ftfe Offra Jaces overseas greater Tate at we to spec been connection with a

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