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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Clovis, New Mexico The of morality h of immediate desires against Guitell Harrison rial catty App Alft Santa Fri up Kufus cat jew party Zany affair was in Anmol fat Ohleh it your Freedom newspaper Jjo 25ft ii leaned wires Ihor Rupsis or a Slimm in of cold and a big butt Doc in suit like it some came til a new january Gale warnings go up in East coast areas 40 pups today week Days Sci san Days Tacras to a flour aay in a storm which spewed freezing rain and Sloet from Virginia to the weather Bureau to moving up the knit May dump further Light by Snow in Western and North now but the snowfall Javns expected to become lighter saturday highways were glazed with ice or packed and travel conditions were Many roads were closed to traffic for Brief a new England Waters hasted Over coastal ethos the storm move from Cape North Strong winds periods because of treacherous flailed the old Atlantic Seahart Atilid gusts reached 70 Miles pc hour at the Strong winds pushed tide 23 feet above Normal along the Virgl Alft coast and northeastward but the tides were diminishing a the storm moved heaviest Snow Tell in an Are extending South invest be York and Western Pennsylvania and southward through the mountains of Maryland and the Eastern Boarder of West Virginia and of Treme Western reported 10 inches o and snowfalls of up to u rising Borno by inches blanketed Western new on Shore had Abou the Snow threat Over coast la toot of new Snow since Friday band from Virginia to the to increase its or mid a Over to 20 including new York inches or about 40 inches was drenched with Nln of Snow hit the and winds of 4080 Miles rain also added to the areas temperatures were hoisted into Thi 40s Ond 50s by Strong onshore weathermen expected the rail Ltd temperatures to gradually reduce is the storm moved out of the but were expected to be hit by freezing resulting in a hard ening of slush and the Extension of Low pressure circulation surrounding the East Gale Tiffe 8 Clovis Tot slightly injured a four year old child was slightly injured about Satur Day when Hows struck by a car in the 1700 Block of North Prince Patrick Lea was Given emergency treatment at the office of a Clovis physician for bruises and scratches about the legs and the physician said no Bones he was struck by a ear driven mothers March for March of dimes is 31 Clovis mothers John intr to Gether for a March of dimes mothers March to be held from by Anmis 7 under Ike makes first move on defense reorganization confers with others on reduction of interservice rivalry Jones turns Down Dukes manage ship Herb he is youve heard of the one armed Here he and Hes just As Busy As he can be hanging paper in a Resi he is Roy a native of Al Ark who lost his right Arm just below the Elbow in an Auto Mobile Accident five years Bicknell is not Sensi Tive about the or the old about his missing patrolmen Lee Williams and John Brewer and Captain Purselley said the child ran in front of police said Dales car the direction of Loyd and Ralph they explained that All women about 44 feel As he made working on the mothers March i an attempt to miss hitting the he was travelling South on North Prince when the my slip occur Tel the child was the sixth injured in Clovis this year is the to Tal for the year soared to 38 More than occurred for the same period Tost the High total oils year represents a per cent increase Over last no one was injured in an Acci Dent at West 7th and Thornton Abonit 1j Jitu Phr Ottun Leo a Lowsma the occurred when 1953 Sint Lort Wason driven by Joa clo ran into the rear of a 1931 Ifcic Kup truck driven by sum Star dam will have and March civilian killed when b26 crashes 3 crewmen Safe by Rutherford Poats United piss staff correspondent Washington Eisenhower went to the defense department saturday and took a paint contractor and member of the Coty Jones Islon said saturday he is withdrawing his name from consideration Foi the Post of general manager of the Albuquerque Duk had been considered a sur bet to get the Post because he was favored by Cincinnatus farm team Bill Mckech the Dukes signed a full work ing agreement with the Cincinnati Redlegs Jones said he had talked with Duks officially Tom Bojack and Reg Legegue about the position but the time had come where i had to make a decision about my he denied rumours that his de Olsion was made because of the possibility that the West Texas new Mexico league might be re activated with Clovis As an he that he lad been contacted on the subject of the league revival but said i old them i want also reminding the Public that is not sea nose of an air 1orce b2fj Satu there National foundation Tor infantile it landed in a it exploded and e crash was under from nearby fhe James snowing at the through its Many was Riding in the nose the it of the age to the station by Campbell was of about damage to the pickup was about police a parked pickup owned by Star go which apparently want in rolled Back and struck in other parked vehicle owned by George 1760 old Dong at 140t East 14th St about a hymns report damage to the 1955 four door throughout the to help people whom the vaccine come too it will aim possible for the polio foundation to continue its they As a pads of the mothers Frankyn and Balfanz Are uror Wesr with Dave St fund drive and Kon polio chapter owned by Gordon estimated the Clovis traffic Accident totals to Date Are As follows 1957 1058 128 accidents 66 2 injured 6 0 killed 0 tickets issued 1 f weather it will be Cloudy at times with some according to the Weatherman forecast for Clovis and not much change in temperature is with a High today expected to be around 60 degrees after a Low this morn eng of about the teens against polio Volun Teers Are sponsoring a a fuzz concert to re staged at tuesday night in Mari Hill auditorium with How Ard Williamson As master of Cere groups include ral began to apse Alij Wharton Hart lived at Holloman near Tudic at Wharton plane was Operand the cd Over the to holy a Wev Tess the Light they were Tucumcari officers take men Back to face theft charges two cafe airmen were Brick Hollomand Pilot 1st Phil the Copilot and Rubin a none of the three was considered critically the Craft lost its Tail when it no profit even with top hogs at a 100 Clovis teenagers decided o go into the hog business but chose the wrong tha boys admitted stealing a sow and a Shoat eight ago from Maurice Houks custom slaughtering service and also to stealing two pigs from Houks place last they tried to steal three but one got Houk was unhappy Over the theft Friday but saturday he was in a different officers the boys had lodged the hogs in a pen in the Fitzhugh addition and took Good care keep ing thew led on stolen when found the sow had a Nice utter of seven and the Shoat organization of the military High he conferred for More than two hours with 16 Tomac River for a business Nonence was a followup on the he four other dents in his visits for social the White House did not explain the unusual procedure except to say that it was the presi dents the conference followed Mel roys announcement earlier this Union address and last monday Chicago to participate personally in prompt moves to unify and improve the defense neither Eisenhower nor the Ouier participants gave a hint of sense Gorp Terv Pii h to president emerged Fram sense Secretary Neil up a reorganization is a hotly disc told v n rivalry and streamline the depart muted Issue in Congress which has had ment s Complex i been aroused by russian apparent to it was the first time in his in the ballistic years in the presidency Wisenand sputnik Hower had gone to the huge de presidential press sense Headquarters across the Poja Mes Hagerty said earlier changes publicly endorsed by executive she May be but not on this plane Washington up a pretty businesswoman is demanding that an airline let her aboard its Al male but Shell Settle for one just for girls the civil aeronautics Board cab said miss Edythe rein of new York has filed a formal complaint against United airlines for not permitting her to Board its daily executive flight from each afternoon since 1953 the airline has scheduled an executive flight from new York to Chicago and Chicago to new they Are designed As a Haven for weary drinks Are slippers provid Hearty meals no then along came miss who is vice president of National telefilm of new York she asked the reservation clerk in Chicago for ticket on the next flight to new he said he was sorry but the next flight was an executive flight for men she protested that she was an the clerk was she protested the clerk was she sat Down to wait for a flight for boys and Junta moves to erase police state methods by Joseph appealing for peace and itt Lucli of v t Etc to lot Pitt tag Hart been fattened to a hefty 325 United press Statt the leaflet also asked Venezuela Jan end to violence and looting of Case solved sheriff Briscoe West and cers of the Clovis police of the stolen pigs was through investigation of first hit the both engine Captain Purselley and and other wreckage were strewn i lineman Pat new ruling military Junta Satur Day ordered trials for secret police torturers in a move to wipe out police state methods and a populace thirsting for r i utter i no t m afternoon by military authorities pm Williams Johnny killers the Blu notes from can non air fore Fisher Bill Mchoes come private property which started troops guarded key installations against boy scouts were called out to direct traffic because Federal District police Force i Range from Confer scrapping the present joint chiefs of staff in favor a single Mili tary chief with a Gernan state general to cautious proposals designed to reduce red tape Dei lays in getting Pentagon key Republican senators declared their opposition to drastic i changes which May create a Mill Tatry strongman styles Bridges ejected a prussian Type supreme general staff under a single com Mander As a military monstrosity and a device of alien Mili Bridges is chairman of the Senate Republican policy committee senior gop Mem ber of the preparedness sub com Senate Republican Leader Wil Liam Knowland he is not convinced that a chief of staff is the answer to the two former chairmen of the joint chiefs of Omar and Arthur we the present service retries and and two of the three special civilian consultants appointed by Mesirov this week were present at the Pentagon con f the consultants Are William former Deputy defense Secretary and of the Trover Sial Gaither committee re port criticizing the administrations defense policies a assistant defense Charles Coll Der and Nelson head of a group which made an Independent de sense study calling Tor major ois Rockefeller was not Hagerty said the meeting be just one in a series which the president will hold with de sense experts before putting a re organization plan before Man for 41 1 j f tvs u Johi l we the ground for the entire one of the boys was five military planes scattered still was undergoing reorganize it Al nver Saturn no o o o and Ted any other tends wanting to Par Sci Pete in the March of dimes to Call Howard for the March of dimes has also been it before the plane hit the stealing a halfback of Grain from a feed lot in the stockyard area after a warrant was served on had just taken off for and tracked to where the them charring them with fab Utah officials were the Little theft of two tires and wheels Tonui the same Crew had been Fly the who Are 15 and 16 the tires and wheels taken at i31 missions Between Salt j years of admitted the theft Over Benefit Are a Tucuman re on the night of 18iiake cite and Wendover during j of the piss and also theft of five see no profit Page 8 were recovered by Clovis police on lip Piast a tip from another not1 a four men were taken to not that accompanied the Marks Hospital the three others on a trip to the Northeast airmen were not seriously pm new Mexico detective cup twin Miller will be held saturday night it Jan members of the air Force hotel Clovis with music by Ralph Williams the dance will get underway at 8 and admission will be per math teachers meet a meeting of nil eighth and ninth Grade math teachers in the Clovis Public school system has been called for 4 according to miss Ethelyn my the meeting will he in room Clovis Junior found the tires and wheels in the Back of n friends oar makes restitution on worthless Check s saturday states traffic fatality toll reaches 30 Mark by United press two men died saturday dam work bids asked j 1 a Illg 411 Ruidoso the u p p e suffered in separate a jaded the nicaraguan embassy Hondo soil conservation District a jaunts thursday to raise the new Friday and shot a Man who took has is Supra nil Invof tinn for girls Elca 1958 traffic fatality toll to Oso Lorn Thorn Tho up a delegation from the foreign diplomatic including charge affaires Charles Bur called on the Junta to re quest Protection of the diplomatic missions and the foreign colonies the Heads of the foreign mis decided on the action after from a three hour mobs in on the huge Salado the men were held a 20yearold youth from Canto be built six Miles officials after Tucumcari police air Force base made rest Lunf Vised the aps that their car had been seen near the scene of the a Check of the airmen car revealed four wheel nuts in the Glove compartment which was Lakon from the car Tion saturday for n worthless Check and paid costs connected with his of pro East Asylum the ambassador re the dominican embassy two other men were killed Fri also has been threatened by angry conservationist Clem Day night in Las the grim Weindorf announced toll on this Date a year ago stood the attorney generals office x j i i i Windorf said the project would at Cost an estimated and the charge was dismissed Afler construction probably will begin he made Good the paid after the 13 bid open costs and promised to take care offs i was ordered to expedite formal committees plan joint meeting the Industrial education committee from and the the airmen denied the theft bit two worthless checks he had the Salado dams principal Pur financier Robert Young kills self in Florida Home Palm up Robert the Maverick of Wall Street who whipped some of the country top financial wizards despite his Bantam shot and killed he Musolf Friday at his palatial oceanfront Tho 60yearold chairman of the Board of now York Central rail Road apparently did not leave a us Cledu but Young Only member of the family told police Mead that he had been the lust Days Muad said doctors estimated that Young had killed himself at about 10 and the unseen for two the weapon he chose was a double barrelled and both barrels had been Mead said Youngs body was seated in cml Young was in the House at the mend Young came Here in december to spend the Winter in ammo since with his annual u member of the House stuff told he Bud been a prominent member of Robert Young to Date in 1958 inches through january 1057 inches changed their Story after the tires Kaiui wheels were found in the friends Tucumcari authorities returned Friday with the and the two men were turned Over to them by military spark plugs reported stolen nine complaints were registered with the Clovis police depart ment Friday and saturday Joe grand Avenue reported to police that someone stole several tools and some spark plugs from his Here while on a 30 Day he was arraigned before Justice of the Pence Olona saturday pose is to retard floods in the it is to be an earthen constructed of some Yards Tony of Alam charges against officials charged i Gordo died in Gerald Champion with the torture and murder memorial Hospital saturday from injuries received in an Accident thursday on state Road 83 East of Earl Lee of Jal died saturday in the Lea county of the Pence Olona saturday of Rock and soil and should retard Hospital in Hobbs from head and surf of his arrest by w mme 6000 acre feet Chest injuries suffered m a one car crash South of Hobbs future of the Curry county Public Library Are urged to attend the annual meeting at 7 monday apartment sometime Friday in the Library building to 712 St and Mitchell members of Library Board to resign All persons interested in the they pointed out that no monies reported that someone stole a Largo Rod Wagon from his Yard late Friday he said the Wagon had recently been painted and list the handle on a Vandal threw n Rook through the ulate Glass door of the Church of pol pile St Friday sometime 1217 hindu re la i i i i Ilik m i ported that he lost a members of the Library who have diligently tried to secure sufficient support for the Library from local tax sources but have failed in their will formally from the Board at this an Nual they hire prepared an Amend ment to the Library Constitution which will be present Tain ii his Drivers social Security card and Israfl a rash of Hub Ait heats were reported to Pollyp Llu Hcan thefts were reported by Dall Hiil 418 Ross Joe hoi Lea 70f and t 220 East i j Clyde ported he lost a Billfold the Mesa theater and foxy at this the amendment makes possible the appointment of new Library Board members by the City com Mission and county the school Board is not included he schools withdrew their Siniue support from this Public Tion facility this Educa to the prep a red the City would appoint three members to the Library Board and the county commissioners would appoint three Moi members to the we Iii would also consist of the trustees of the Carver the Winter social Colony Here Ford Ivein sometime Friday m and Bis Lume was of the largest in the fashionable youths j Young was the Central figure two twfas1 Cindy youths have no Vav f reprimanded by the District members of the Library Board proxy Battle cd control of th0jattorney Alul ordered to return the j feel Carver estate trustees should new York Central and became us i rear View Mirror they stole off be members of the proposed Boaro slide some Day the Carver trus fund May provide funds for the Cairn uni of the Hoard in on a Orady teachers car durin0 a leaving Tho Chesapeake and Ohio recent Bull game Between Frady financier Sugii 8 sad have yet been made Avail Able to the Library from the estate of the late who realized the educational value of books and willed the major part of his estate to the the estate is still being probated and litigation May take years be fore it is they Friday night two Santa be rail Way men were killed when their car was bumped into the path of an oncoming truck on us 85 just inside the Las vegas City killed were Frank of Las vegas and Rafael Gonzales of who was Decapita state police hold two youths involved in the Accident who reportedly struck the victims car from hurling it into the path of the neither the youths nor the truck Driver were political prisoners during the nine year reign of ousted dictator mar cos Perez Clovis school system and the Edu cation committee of the chamber of Commerce will meet in joint session at 5 in the Board of education room of the administration St 4 and from the schools will be Rebecca Modene Edwin Clinton Henry Floyd Nelma Bill Edna Mize and Mary the chamber committee is com Ruby Lloyd James Mcdan miss Maude Dick Louis Jack William at the same the fivemem1 m Bud Cag ber Junta brought in three Bert Reynolds and Travis Sto see Junta Page 8 Vall previously the Library Board had offered the Library to both the City and county but neither was willing to accept full responsibility for its the Public Library is utilized by hundreds and hundreds of people and is a civic asset Hoard members Point yet it cannot obtain sufficient support fro m tax monies paid by the instead of being Able to meet its minimum budget of some for the the Library has received Only in operating the county supplied from its tax and the City the schools with Drew their Farmer support of thus the Library lost its match ing funds from the state Library commission and is in danger of losing Many of its a interested persons and pub Lic officials Are invited to attend pointed destitution youngsters released five Young 12 to wore released to their by assistant District attorney Recai Friday night after Khrushchev Renews Call for urgent Summit by Whitman Bassow i he stated that russian scientists United press staff correspondent probably will launch another Earth Moscow up Nikita More than double the in a speech mad weight of Halfton sputnik Public agreed to disc toss news Agency released de cuss the question of Intermont tails of his speech which he de rental ballistic missiles As part Ofil Vered wednesday to agriculture a general disarmament settlement workers in Minsk while in route if the United states agreed to ban Home from Border conferences Hydrogen and atomic weapons and polish promises in the Field of into liquidate its military bases Over the party chief criticized the Dent Eisenhower proposals ment the need to con agreement on peaceful uses conference of leading he said Russia s two Ftp a h h Niks were by no Means t e participation of the Heads of word in russian scientific As on space science he said the worlds first artificial satellites Vances has the re is trying to he in the it of strengthening the would be prepared j they were rounded in Liv nolk1 connection with the theft of gasoline film the tank of a tar parked near Torreon drive and Wallace about 10 cup twin sergeant Pat Graef and patrolmen Don Hatley and Beaver rounded up lie quintet after they iut off a set Lori of water at a House on Golding and were siphoning gasoline nut the tank of the police caught three of the boys and the parents of the other to Joist brought their sons into the police the communist party chief station after being advised they j coupled a glowing description were involved but managed to get soviet technological advances and Jan attack on Western plans for the youths were released to european rocket bases with the launching of the to discuss the question of the satellites is by no Means the last Luellal ballistic rocket As soviet science and tech part of the general problem of aim Amend if the Western Powers agreed Hail Root tests of such weapons and the liquidation of military bases with which has encircled the was recalled that shortly to a ban on atomic and after the sputnik Launo Hibits last the suspension j Khrushchev Saiji the soviets weapons iajiv8 soviet Union and the other the annual meeting monday nigh to their parents after promising to fresh Appeal for a very urgent j try Woik out some restitution for the gasoline to keep the Library and the damaged Summit conference Between the East and traffic deaths so far this year 30 last year a Pate 25 Clovis merchants for bargain Day values monday and tuesday

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