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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 4

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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Clovis, New Mexico Your sixth and Phe 18101 phone Ever St Vwg for new Mexico to k an even totter place to live this newspaper is dedicated to Fornof Chang for Marlon to or re aders so that they Tun Tetter promote and preserve their own Freedom and encourage to for Only when Man Freedom and is free to control himself and All he can he develop to it met we believe that till men Are equally endowed by their creator and not by a with the right to take moral action to preserve their life and property and of texture More Freedom and keep it for themselves and to discharge this free to the nest of their most understand and apply to daily the great moral guide expressed in the coveting permission is hereby granted to reproduce in whole or i part any editorial originated by the new journal and appearing in these provided proper credit is Page Clovis is whats collusion As Harold Fleming demonstrated in his ten thousand business firms can be prosecuted under the grab bag of antitrust Laws on almost any pretext some bureaucrat might for example two or More of Fering similar products for get together and agree on a common they can be prosecuted under antitrust for collusion and two or More of Fering similar products for fail to get together and agree on a common Price and one of them offers it product at a Price considered to be too that firm in be prosecuted under antitrust for attempting to run its competitors out of if two or More offering similar products for fail to get together and agree on a common Price and one of them offers its product at a Price considered to be too that firm can be prosecuted under antitrust for Price other regardless of what a firm or Doest it can be hauled into court and charged with violation of antitrust Laws a Law will be found to fit the specific As Fleming How does one prove his innocence when proof of innocence on one count constitutes proof of guilt on another contrast with the Way the Powers hate look upon collusion on the part of state agencies As reported in a recent Issue of the Wall Street a three judge Federal panel has just ruled in favor of a Multi state tax a 21statc group of state agencies formed in 1967 now get promote uniform tax Laws and procedures among challenged in court As being unconstitutional and lacking the approval of the 21state tax fixing commission was upheld by the panel of Federal judges on the following grounds since the states May act there is no greater encroachment upon the Federal interest by their acting to put it another it is collusion and in violation of antitrust for two or More business firms to agree on uniform but something quite different when 21 states enter into collusion to fix uniform addressing your Public servants Federal Joseph dem 5229 Derkien office o Pete 1251 Durksen office d i Manuel or 1323 Houte office ii Harold 1535 House office state slate Odds Echols to Box Santa be i Pilot Santa 87501 Sli Ile Kenneth re pub Box of Capitol Santa n m 87501 slate rep Hoyt p o Box 58 Star be Capitol Santa n state John Box n m Santa be Capitol Santa 87501 state Barney 104 e Santa be Capitol Santa the daily crossword by Jordan Lasher across 28 simple 56 Glades or 1 Betsy and poems others 30 will or 58 7 shun wind 13 reptile 31 she 59 14 dance 32 Loch of 60 movement note 16 Faulkner 34 multiplied by 62 novel 36 Sticks or 64 18 make e St suey 67 adjustment 38 hied 68 19 ending for 40 social Micro division 69 20 Bien 43 sock 70 21 Cereal seed met 22 Movi Emak 45 Peak of ing unit thessaly 1 24 show horse 49 Man Euver 50 Span 26 Cape 52 chair parts 2 54 shrimp yesterdays Puzzle solved Buhl Qatar cd Odeh acid Bobd a Dob Ronann nmn Nunn of by manna Baua a Kuddy a Hub Uruu Pulju us Haqq q Tia Uhli us juju n Fin a an Tuaau i 12 13 82176 Broz Barrie pirate chime in Cessions burdensome walks noiselessly vocations come to Down take Tes Timony again Aga Mem Nons son gush Coventry exiled stationery item pile titles of Courtesy Short and thick Dernier emcees son of Joseph cajole flashing Light 15 defunct autos 17 Coward and airman 23 Domini 25 Punta Del 27 Savoir Faire 29 aide 33 Iliad or aeneid 35 matinee 37 Lay up 39 pretence 40 cuban Leader 41 hoary 42 hotel magnate 44 46 observed first hand 47 crimped and saved 48 size up 51 off color 53 right on time 55 Shearer of dance 57 goddess of the Hearth 61 tousle 63 Rose or Rozelle 65 show agreement 66 Texas Lea harassing american Industry by Anthony if the american people Are to enjoy a High level of pm they must do something about the politicians and bureaucrats who Are ital it pollution to harass american to can be proved that the politicians and the arrogant bureaucrats in the Environ mental Protection Agency Are requiring expenditures for pollution controls that will drastically show Industrial growth and destroy to be everyone wants clean air and clean but reasonable standards have been lost sight of As the Epa and its friends in Congress costly rules and the shocking Cost of this anti growth regulatory activity was set Forth recently by Lewis vice president of National economic research he revealed that total capital investment for pollution control equipment from 1974 to 1983 would amount to billion to billion and annual costs in 1983 of billion to he noted that that is per household per year in 1975 he commented that the per household costs could run As High As per what this amounts Perl is a massive reordering of National according to his by 1983 expenditures on compliance with federa air and water legislation will involve Between 3 and 6 percent of the Gross National by Way of he in 1974 about 7 percent of the Gap was allocated to All educational programs in the United about 1 percent is allocated to Law in do the american people want to pay for such enormously costly programs there is Good reason to believe that a sub Stantial part of the Public has concluded that the Epa is the tool of environmental extremists who Are determined to shut Down Industrial operations no matter what the Cost in terms of every Dollar that Industry spends on pollution controls is a Dollar that int available for new or for Job Industry recognizes the need for reasonable pollution control and is willing to abide by them and invest in pollution abatement equip but there must be a limit to such programs and in Industry will have no option but to shut Down Industrial a company cannot endlessly devote millions of dollars to satisfy the whims and arbitrary decisions of Epa and the Epa is Many companies have in vested Large sums in pollution control believing that it would satisfy Legal requirements Only to be informed that the Law was changed or that Epa officials had decreed additional costly of All the regulatory agencies of the Federal the Epa is the most it has attempted to intimidate Industry and muzzle its if there is a place where new Public controls Are it is in the operation of the what this country needs is an economic Impact it is impossible to make any major change in an area without an environmental Impact but the before issuing pollution abatement should be required to file an economic Impact statement with the of for it should be required to study and state publicly the number of jobs that would be lost As a result of its a Strong Industrial system is vital to the Well being of the american for technological reasons and because Industry generates tax Revenue for and local without healthy there wont be enough jobs for the rising generation of the environmental extremists sometimes give the impression that they believe that jobs Are that shutdowns can fee ordered irrespective of the effect they have on of an intolerable tone Epa be allowed to set National priorities for the american Honey shouts at Marquette an enterprising student has to come to the Deor step of Homes with a aft give 9 George c Tietze syndrome is mystery ailment dear Thosteson i have been told that i have the Tietze syndrome you have written it is very it feels like a heart attack sometimes and there Are knifing i have been getting cortisone shots in the Ive been told not to Strain myself and no sports of any in Only 28 years can you please explain to me How one gets this is there a cure does it spread is cortisone Good for it do i have to stay inactive to Etzel disease or syn drome is a Peculiar disorder that affects the second and third ribs where they attach to the breastbone in we dont know Why the problem arises and Why in these particular but it the chief symptom is a very painful swelling of the cartilage fibrous connective tissue lying Between the ribs and the injection of cortisone into the cartilage is the most effective treatment and it is especially so if the area is that True with most similar with the heat and the disease usually runs its it May your symptoms May be continuing because you have not rested the shoulder Girdle that includes the Collarbone and the shoulder in rare cases surgery May be required to remove some of the affected dear Thosteson i have your Booklet on diverticulosis and it has helped me a lot in controlling my which is in the my according to her has diverticulosis of the How would her treatment differ from mine diverticula that is the word for the Little pockets that form in the Bowel Wall can occur in any portion of the Gastro intestinal one in the oesophagus is called Henkers it is a solitary Pouch that occurs in the Gullet its a special it differs considerably from regular diverticulosis of the Colon the specific subject of the Booklet where there can be multiple pockets the oesophagus Gullet pocket can vary considerably in Small ones May give few symptoms and require Little if one becomes food and fluids can be trapped in causing difficulty in also regurgitation of the trapped in that it would have to be corrected by diagnosis would be made by rays taken after a barium when i rewrite my diverticulosis Booklet i will be sure to discuss the Zenker in that it was helpful to other readers May get a copy by sending 25 cents to me in care of this newspaper to cover the costs of printing and please enclose a self addressed envelop for dear Thosteson i have had sciatica for nine months and it Doest seem to get any my doctor says there is nothing to be done just take surely there must be something More i can Ive had Back rays that show Little arthritic but that Doest affect the sciatica what about surgery the protrusion of a spinal disk is a common cause of sciatica a disk May put pressure on the sciatic nerve Root As it emerges from the pain can radiate All along the nerve pathway Down through the pain of this sort is like a nagging dont Knock the along with heat they Are effective in controlling about 80 per cent of the surgery for a disk problem is a last resort and is done Only when pain becomes dont be so sure your arthritis spurs Are not a major they can More than you gout and diabetes can be possibly a Brace to help sup port your lower Back would help arthritis sufferers can be Thosteson Booklet discusses Many types of arthritis and related joint diseases As Well As effective treatments and for a copy of How you can control write to him in care f this enclose a stamped envelope and 35 Thosteson welcomes Reader mail but regrets due to the tremendous volume received he is unable to answer individual readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever copyright 1976 Field economics appropriate in zone Case by Bernard Siegan in a recent column i suggested it was unfortunate that both the majority and minority opinions of the supreme court in the zoning Case involving the City of were devoid of economic it is my View that the economic issues presented by that Case were at least As significant As the Legal ones on which the opinions were and they should have been not some Legal scholars Are prone to reject this they say judges should confine themselves to Legal con lest they take on the duties of they fear a kind of judicial activism will have to emerge whenever judges begin assessing social or environmental i very much sympathize with this position and fully understand the danger of allowing unelected individuals to dictate Public my Point is a different it involves Only judicial once judges undertake the task of deciding constitutional no limits should exist on their reasoning this is especially True in constitutional there is virtually no beginning nor end to the considerations that enter into deciding constitutional the major question is deciding if a Law is constitutional or not is whether it is a reasonable exercise of the legislative this requires consideration of a wide variety of facts and situations touching upon almost every aspect of organized As a supreme court opinions frequently contain discussions of events that one can also read in popular or Learned magazines and Trade in the supreme court opinion often May not be As Well stated or seasoned but it certainly counts for there would consequently have been nothing strange or inappropriate in introducing economics into the Eastlake an example of what i have in mind is provided by the recent Case to which the Virginia Daw Banning the advertising of drugs was declared vow up Justice place Kaufl delivered the majority which is a 9 Legal and the intricacies of the Legal precedents and Black Mun climaxed his presentation with observations on economic and social such As the following those whom the sup pression of prescription drugs Price information hits the hardest Are the the and particularly the a disproportionate amount of their income tends to be spent on prescription yet they Are the least Able to by shopping from pharmacist to where their scarce dollars Are Best when drug prices vary As strikingly As they in formation As to who is charging what becomes More than a it could mean the alleviation of physical pain or the enjoyment of Basic however tasteless and excessive it sometimes May is nonetheless dissemination of information As to who is producing and Selling what for what and at what so Long As we preserve a predominantly free Enterprise the allocation of our resources in Large measure will be made but probably no More so than the assessment of constitutional Case judges Are not spelling out the Law in accordance with the facts submitted to this should be quite evident from the Sharp disagreement which equally competent and experienced jurists display on critical Legal a judge has to get involved in some policymaking once he is entrusted with deciding the present meaning of Broad phrases and doctrines contained in Laws and Many written Long years Given that judges should use All tools of knowledge available and this surely includes the employment of economic letter to the editor dear editor the Yucca Junior High cheerleaders would like to extend a Public thank you to the businesses in Clovis that helped us with our summer fund raising we feel that too Many times businesses help school organizations and go in we would like to extend this Small Token of our appreciation to the Clovis businesses for their and to the news Media that allowed us advertising we would Tike to say a special thank you to Lee Roy Burgess for the use of his business for our car and Bob Snipes and Al after through numerous private economic it is a Dunagin s people matter of Public interest that these in the be intelligent and Well to this the free flow of commercial in formation is it appears to be feared that if the pharmacist who wishes to provide Low and Asser Teddy Low is permitted to he will be taken up on his offer by too Many unwitting there of an alter native to this highly paternalistic that alternative is to assume that this information is not in itself hat people will perceive their own Best interests if Only they Are Well enough and thai the Best Means to that end is to open the channels of communication rather than to close the concurring and dissenting opinions in the Case Are also strewn with economic the three opinions Hailey for letting us put our stand in front of their businesses during the sidewalk their patience and understanding were sincerely we would also like to thank the boys who helped us Wash cars All and lastly a big thank you to our mothers far their support and help with All our summer sincerely Yucca cheerleaders Stephanie stratum Laura Reiser Gayla Chastain Donna Perrotta Jolene Wilson Debbie Stephenson Jarilyn Henson Cannery strike assessed California it Tefoa a Emery 01 Ore a lung us Coats Are to Hie greatest Coats a Fol be borne by two Jelm indicate economics is in Many respect a a highly were not participants in the because the canneries were shut Down by the unknown 01 growers were to Market their peaches and and lost their seasons their cups Are rotting i the Field or slowed at least one unable to sen his bulldozed his peach Trees out of the and announced that he would Plant nut Trees to replace the lost crops will mean fewer food supplies and higher prices for the but losses to growers and higher prices to Consumers Are simply the Price we pay for the free Enterprise wrote a los Angeles times whenever there is a strike in growers cry that strikes should not be avowed during the Harvest the times columnist asks when else should the Cannery workers strike except during a Harvest Priori that the Only time they because when crops Are not being harvested the canneries shut Down and the workers Are Laid he reminds us that the purpose of a strike is to Stop production Long enough to Force the employer to accept the unions he admits that quite often both sides of the dispute and the general Public get but that the Price people always say there willing to pay for a free in the writer says the concept of free Enterprise has become a cynical and cites illegal and fair Trade Laws Legal Price fixing As though they also Are Normal characteristics of free but All these aberrations he including Are forceful interventions into our economic their costs Are the costs of interventions in our not the Price of free Enterprise in his the columnist illustrates a great fallacy of our age the in thinking Assumption that his examples of the use of Force Are indicative of a free Enterprise they Are Why do we fail to recognize that the use of Force whether through compulsory Price fixing or taxpayer Are incompatible with free Enterprise when an employer is forced by a strike to knuckle under to the demands of a he is not operating in a free if he be would pay his employees All that is and no if he paid less than the going Market he would not be Able to attract artificially High whether enforced by strikes or by minimum wage contribute to High rates of unemployment and reduced after if an employer cannot afford the enforced he can always eliminate the jobs or shut Down his As Long As we blame free instead of the interventions of advocates of for the ills we see in our economic we Are going to come up with the wrong answers to How to solve our on the other when we recognize that the greatest problems Are created by forceful interventions of some perhaps he will Stop trying to cure the horse with the same Medicine that made him and Start freeing up the private economic lives of our citizens and our businesses and Start working toward the real solution to the Noble skeletons Prague a a rare Dis covery of Graves containing the skeletons of ancient moravian men has been reported in the town of a wonks were found with the indicating they Are the of another indication that the dead were members of the great Empire 8 upper claw were the Charon coins found in the Mouths of the in Charon was the who ferried the Louii of dead Over the styx and acheron a Miff get Vii jaw include a Nuwt Oer of Gow and Silver great moravian Empire

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