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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Clovis, New Mexico Aft Finescu fable effect of Avery to Nate of its a Flatt o from economic and of and of that my to Advance other turmoil of in jump att journal Freedom newspaper 39 116 to Meniatt Girt a few August 1967 were Iff Tomt Fol with Jenl Hitzl if Jiff in Tirch be Muff it later pleaded pity before City mag Fifolt paid w Fine and left Tothi to Patti Sedaj dail1 Oft sunday Clovis boy Dies when hit by automobile Mao foes seize ship of arms Hong Kong of chinese communist party Leader Mao Tseung have seized two shipload of arms bound for North Hong Kong newspapers said they also quoted travellers from communist China As saying the More than seven million residents of the nations largest Are embroiled in a whirlwind of Slaughter and the witnesses to communist chivas Power also reported that fighting sunday Between maos foes and backers in Canton left a pile of dead As Large As a the righting newspaper tin tin persons coming from Canton reported rampaging severe storm knocks out lights at Forrest a severe lightning storm which dumped of an Inch of rain in the Forrest area knocked out lights in that Vicinity for nearly 13 hours electricity went out at 9 and was restored about 10 according to Escar Burton of that in the lightning was but Public service representatives stated that there was no interference with utilities in the the rain which began about 10 left Only of an Inch in Cannon fab reported of an Inch and Portales received of other area towns reported Only with no measurable amounts temperatures remained comfortable with the High of 80 degrees reached at 4 the overnight Low was 59 de Grees at 6 variable cloudiness tonight and widely scattered thundershowers in the area mainly during the Early night time Brief Gusty winds with warmer tuesday probability of measurable rain fall 30 per cent late after noon and Early night time a 24hour Check of tempera Tures with Southern Union Gas company showed the following 8 61 8 75 10 69 10 7i 2 80 2 60 7 80 7 60 sundays High at 5 84 de today Low at 1 to 3 60 anti Mao mobs attacked and seized the two arms freighters at the cites deep water the anti Mao forces carried away huge amounts of arms and ammunition that had been destined for North Vietnam port of peking backed Down in the soviets reported their freighter Svirsk limping toward Home from the red chinese port of Dairen where red guards ransacked the battled the Crew beat up its skipper a rare peking Bac Down in the sin soviet struggle for world communism it free following a protest by Premier Alexei the travellers reported seeing the Hill of corpses at cantons main railway station after a four hour Battle Between anti Mao railway workers and fanatic red guard supporters of the aging peking the dead were counted in the the travellers the arrivals reported the violence As maos massive propaganda machine broadcast that All was Well with his forces in his cultural revolution purge of foes in the government and red chinese peking the voice of said a promo govern ment has been set up in Western Shanghai the fifth province claimed by maos forces to have had such an Organ set great said peking great peking new spa shooting victim still in critical condition a Peggy remained in critical condition at memorial Hospital today after she was shot saturday her alleged James Johnny 1704 is being held in the City jail in lieu of charged with aggravated Bat Tery in the the woman reportedly was shot in the stomach with a 12 gauge she was Dis covered by a passing who saw her staggering from an apartment fat 1207 and took her to the Morris Stagner said the woman had periods of but had not been Able to say much to investigating he added that she had obviously been shot inside the but details of the incident have not been cleared up second fatality in City a six Earold Clovis boy be came the second 1967 traffic fatality inside the Clovis City Lim its when he was struck by an automobile near seventh and Thomas about Kerry son of Doro thy King of grand Avenue was pronounced dead on arrival at memorial Hospi Tal after he was struck by an automobile driven by Martha 512 miss who was accompanied by six other told police that the child ran out in front of her car and she was unable to Stop in the child was taken to the Hospital by Gold Star ambulance and police said he suffered a Skull a fractured hip and numerous Lac City police and Morris Stagner today said that no charges had been filed against miss but did not indicate if any were Conte the body of the child was taken to Sherwood where funeral arrangements Are Pend a list of survivors has not been two persons were killed in another Accident Over the state police the victims were Sylvia Belen and Mae the two women victims were killed saturday night in a head on crash on us85 North of be police said the Whelen Wom an was a passenger in a cat William shiver of the Arap patently veered into the oncoming Lane where it collided with the Auto driven by the Gabal Don shiver was reported in fair condition at an Albuquerque Hospital with head and internal favourable news fails to support Market new York up some favourable business news failed to support a sagging Stock Market today and prices dipped in moderate trading with declines outpacing advances by a solid some of the clamors took a fairly heavy notably i4ng while others came up with moderate losses for their Tarots accused of shooting White men up eight negro men and three women were held by the tammany Parish sheriffs office accused of shooting four White men outside a combination bar service station at Eisenhower cleared to return to farm Washington up former president Dwight Eisenhower has recovered from gastrointestinal upset and been cleared to return to his Gettysburg Walter Reed general Hospital announced Bomi Iier says shot fired at close range1 Detroit us two negro allegedly gunned Down by two White policemen during the Detroit were killed by Shotgun blasts fired at very close a medical examiner testified Clara a Wayne county medical sex told a court hearing for the accused police men that both youths died of gunshot wounds and that no traces of drugs or narcotics were found in their Newt message Levitt Geod girl Ohio up a 7yearold who had been pronounced dea4 after she was struck by a was to critical condition today after Exter Nal heart message revived her heart Rhonda Marie Faultner bad been pronounced dead on arrival at childrens Hospital sunday she and her Deborah of were hit by a car they darted across it Busy four Lane thorough lbs opens drive for proposed tax hike stuck in the an unidentified member of the United states 9th Divi Sion River raiders is pulled out of a Delta area South of Saigon by a South vietnamese Soldier during a search Lor Aba radio telephoto bombers blast Vii a 12lai i to Anil targets Belgium embassy sacked Brussels up a congolese mob sacked the belgian embassy Here today and burned furniture and files on the sidewalk before pres ident Joseph Mobutu personally stepped in and stopped the reliable sources accompanied by foreign minister Justin bom drove to the embassy in an automobile while members of his revolutionary party were sacking and burning its con the president immediately appealed to them to Stop the demonstration and return to members of the mob composed mainly of members of Mobutu popular revolutionary movement an american living next door to the belgian embassy was reported to have been seized and beaten by the according to informed sources in belgian Deputy foreign minister Rena at Van Elslander called an urgent meeting with the congolese charge affaires in Brussels to Lodge a Strong were Saigon up american bombers attacked vital North vietnamese Railroad targets less than 10 Miles from the communist chinese Border to Day for the second Day in a an american spokesman the War with the personal approval of pres ident was aimed at cutting the major flow of War materials from red never before had fighter bombers hit closer than 30 Miles South of the on the bombers hit the giant Railroad and Highway Bridge at Lang son collapsing h Ike a grotesque v into the by Cung the raiders returned and hit another Railroad Bridge just three fifths of a mile away dumpling the Southern Span of the four Span the spokesman said that on sunday warplanes caught hundreds of boxcars loaded with War materials clustered in the area and destroyed or damaged 143 of the highest num ber chalked up during any Day this the strikes were part of a list of targets that official sources in Washington said president Johnson approved last this was the Day before Grant commander of forces in the testified before the Senate preparedness Sharp also is understood to be exerting pressure on the Pean Wagon to let him mine Haiphong this was successfully done during the japanese occupation during world War no american planes were shot reported to have been Down during the two Days of raids closer than Ever before to the chinese american pilots previously had been forbidden from flying within 30 Miles of the chinese Border to prevent them from acc Dently violating red chinese air there had been several previous including one in which an american Pilot chased an opposing fighter plane into China and shot it migs frequently flee toward chinese Sanctuary rather than tangle with american presume american pilots May now be allowed to Chase them in hot Pursuit closer to the chinese experts sent to Congress Washington Johnson administration opened its drive in Congress today for a 10 per cent tax arguing that it was necessary because of the costly Vietnam War which shows no Clear Prospect of any Early president Jphnson sent his three top fiscal experts to Capitol Hill to testify at the opening of hearings by the House ways Means commit tee on the tax Treasury Secretary Henry h Fowler told the lawmakers the increase was vital As a measure of fiscal responsibility ii meeting the War despite the arguments o budget d i r e c t o Charles Schultze and chair Man Gardner Ackley of tin presidential economic Council the administration faced an Uphill struggle in its quest for the tax just 15 months away from the presidential Anc congressional Fowler testified Are engaged in a costly conflict in Southeast Asia with no Clear Prospect of any Early he referred repeatedly in a 53page statement to the fact that the United states is engaged in a shooting in a wartime Owler response by to must include the courage and willingness to raise the Money that is As necessary As he planes and material need of our forces in Southeast for the administrations Bowler promised that the president and government Agen cies would Cut and control the administration Hopes to raise billion in the current fiscal year by imposing the 10 per cent surcharge on personal and corporate Duke Titian named welfare chief claims starve charge untrue the director of the welfare department for Curry county this morning claimed charges that Clovis children were Star ving while waiting for welfare applications to be processed were farfetched and although she admitted the department has very Little if Over How welfare recipients spend their government meeting with City and county commissioners and distressed landlords in City Winnifred Corner said All the families in question had been receiving welfare without delay and denied that it takes 60 to 90 Days to process an Applina the matter was first brought to Light thursday night at the regular City commission meet ing when Walter Fulgham and Houston local real estate complained to the com Mission that they had been footing the Bill for some 30 homeless negro kids living on their rent property for periods ranging from 30 to 90 while waiting on welfare red tape to be at that Clovis mayor Ted Waldhauser called for to Days meeting with welfare department representatives to Iron out the Conner said emergency funds and food Stamps Are immediately available to needy families even before their applications Are Thorou Lily prices she pointed out the four families concerned had either had their applications processed within two weeks or received Money without a we dont drag our feet once people Are in need Many times they dont Tell you they got she told Fulgham and she i Call any of these families you mentioned homeless what i mean be retorted is that if we closed the doors on they have a roof Over their Conner we Are it a collection Agency we just give them the Check and Liat they do with it is their Busi Reed also said that Many welfare Page 2 new targets okayed for bombing Washington targets in communist North previously otomi Mats 9 american Havu authorized for Ai strikes by president Johnson sources disclosed the chief executives a Choc though administration spokes men refused com on the or toe the change Al borne by reports Froais Saigon that fighter bombers struck Noil vie Trajn sunday 4 Points closer to Tae Border than e two raids Tux a that i Jade of Frontier until from had been the restrictions bad been a Public announcement of possibility that american super sonic jets ought inadvertently violate chinese pail assistant defense Secretary for Public said there bad never been a pubic of the existence of a Buffer zone along the we never characterize any thing As a policy change or a tactical Cha Jage or an Escaja he everybody is to feat to Auto Tai determination the raids have to speak for according to reliable Johnson authorised the expanded target list last one Day before the Senate prepared Ness subcommittee began hear Ings on bombing policies and the same Day thai House Republican Leader Gerald Ford protested thai american airmen were being Hamstrung by target Maxwell former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and former ambassador to Souta said sunday be wwj4 not term latest raids of he noted there still were a number of untouched military targets in the although be said none of them were general said he was certain Tot administration was continuing to evaluate the risks of provoking intervention by the red he made the statement during a broadcast appearance face the nation Washington sources said the list which won Johnsos approval included number of transport military Indus trial both an Hanoi and As Well As the Railroad Tea air farce Jet crashes near Roswell Roswell staff an air Force Pilot ejected safely from a f105 before it crashed about today 20 Miles North of the plane was from Nellis Chester who is assigned to the 4520th combat Crew training Wing at reportedly ejected from the Craft and was picked up by a passing a military Convoy left can non to investigate the new yrs director the Clovis youth Board met this morning at City Hall and hired an Albuquerque Man As youth director for hired was Robert Edw a recent graduate University of new Mejta he majored in recreation and was Active in the youth Massey will receive a month plus the use of the youth boards the Post has been vacant since although Ren a coach at mar shall Junior High has been filing in this summer youth lbs Sendt Arenal r message to Leaden Washington ident Johnson sent a personal message to the leaders of Saigon military government warning them that a rigged election in South Vietnam would alienate the american the chief executives message was disclosed sunday by the two special envoys he Dis patched on a round of asian visits last Maxwell Taylor and Washington attorney Clark Abby 5 Bridge 10 classified cloves in Brief comics 4 crossword g deaths 3 editorial f Horoscope if Hospital j markets j Public record j society 5 f Tito confers with officials of Syria Bijj a t of Ltd t a in it by Walter Logan yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito today conferred with syrian leaders in Damascus on forming Arab ant israeli poli in Israel the government moved to crack Down on Arab terrorists entering israeli Ccu pied Jordan disguised As returning from civil War stricken Sanaa radio said the Republican regime sunday repudiated a United Arab Republic saudi Arabia move to withdraw their fishing forces from the Little nation and let the people vote to choose Between Cairo backed republicans and saudi backed Cairo wanted the Yemen War settled to devote her Lul Energy toward at the 76yearoljj Tito was meeting syrian pres ident poured diff Atassi before flying on to Baghdad for talks with iraqi president Abdel Rahman then the Yugo Sav Nona figued world was tying Back to Cairo for a m seventh and decisive on Arab policy with president Garabal Abdel Nasser Titos trip once was reporter As a journey to sell militant ant israeli Arab Belgrade peace hours talks in Caj Nasser apparently easing of his an the yugoslav press began water on they said by dislikes Between Exchange i presidents eliminating israeli Aggro phrases were earlier visits nist leaders president following press rally
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