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Clearfield Progress Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 4

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Progress, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Clearfield, PennsylvaniaPage four the be Ogress. Philipsburg Moi Honnon Volley to., Monjoy november 19. The monday Wash. Paul Harvey news the world today Good evening notes of an Edi tor still chilled from watching Penn state Roll Over Ohio University in wind swept Beaver stadium saturday it was cold but the action and Penn state s Victory made up for the discomfort from the weather not Many games produce touchdowns by such varied and exciting ways As a blocked kick a punt return and an intercepted pass along with the More conventional line plunge and Forward pass our wives retreated to the warmth of our automobile Early in the fourth Quarter but Joe Waroquier and i stuck it out to the frigid finish saturday s trek to University Park climaxed a Busy week for the monday Wash editor what with a county school Board meeting monday night hosting a to county publishers meeting thursday noon a Borough Council meeting that was t a meeting thursday night and a Surprise award of a Tro Phy from the Clear Penn chapter of the National secretaries tuesday night we almost begged off attendance at the secretaries dinner would t that have been a mistake we deeply appreciate the secretaries recognition really fresh Keith Owens tells us that a fellow Clearfield Oil Gas employee bought some Honey fresh from the farm recently it was fresh alright a live Bee buzzed out of the comb when the Honey was opened new Magazine pen elec introduced a new publication for Active and retired employees last week called pen elec digest forum replaces former pocket sized publication and will be is sued quarterly instead of every other month As was the previous Magazine first Issue of the new format features a Day in the life of Cloyd lefty Lucas of Philipsburg As he goes about his duties As a meter Reader collector x k typographical error news re lease from the state department of pub Lic instruction in connection with Gover nor Shafer s Cost reduction program had the governor saying our task is to Cust costs but no Corners error had been corrected to read Cut costs but May be the original was closer to the Mark who does t cuss costs in present or past tense. A weeks National accordion week started saturday to promote stomach Ste ways and latin America week to promote better understanding Between the Peoples of the North and South americas began yesterday we re also in the midst of National farm City week which opened last thursday and ends sat urday big event this week needless to say is thanksgiving Day thursday and How about Bear season this week and Deer season starting next week for the Hunters by Paul a Ausky a scientist volunteers for a trip to the Moon. Who hold life dear to vely recoil from the idea historically be americans exhaust fortunes and endanger Many searching for any one person Dale manages Apollo for North american Rockwell corp. You want to keep in mind that an unmanned Mission is much Toucher to execute than a Nam Ned Mission we need men by James Marlow a news analyst toned by newsmen when he a said Vietnam should be Neutral Georue the onetime geared on lbs television s sized. A a s h i n g t o n a who May be Down at sea or lost rely on his judg in a Jungle or trapped m a Cave on this Apollo 4 Mission the suggestion that should make a human sacrifice to the modern scientists Moon contradict our historic proc to have to face the he started when pressed to explain How build a out saying he thought he could he did t go beyond saying the a do better than president John neutralizing should by done by re pub son in finding a solution to the some International group. How he said this group would have the vietnamese the Best Chance among other cans racing for the gop presi vietnamese War. Do tial nomination. The Michigan governor we re going to mis aside from these scientific aspects which i am not competent to i was in t _. Curation us preening Hie As pressed with the sincere desire ver Tak for an Long As possible and at All costs of a dedicated Man of science in Var Avn ced to utilize the residual months of announced. After that he did t have an to persuade easy time with the newsmen neutralization was who wanted to find out Why he thing for them thought so he was reminded he explained he is in the there has been a lot of caustic process of studying the prob inc doubt about his ability to Rise Lem but. Judging from his past proved he thinks he has a his life useful. . O n 1 v Savages and Shine in the presidency. Performance if he studies the Romney replied that if anyone problem enough he May change checked his statements on Viet his mind. Candidate image Nam All the Way Back he would this was at the Root of his Romney has been presenting in find the governor had been con sept. 4 statement about Chang Ces Santly but informally for Sis tent except when i stated ing his mind on Vietnam. At made human sacrifices the Many months looks a Mue i i had changed my that time he said the change More enlightened and sensitive Lapi cited m the pubic opinion came had delved into a polls. At one time they showed but he had t been consistent history of that country. Leading All his party s changing his mind and in could be interpreted As would be candidates reversing himself was perhaps meaning he had never been Well Over the weekend the Gallup the most conspicuous feature of in Forrend until he read a Histo thus it takes considerable poll showed former vice presi his statements a problem he had been so when the scientist s representative first approached me in with his bold pro position. 1 reacted with repugnance then he began to compare the reasons with the reasons Why not and i began to listen and when it became Clear that he was not seeking Public Ity for himself that it has accumulated a lifetime reputation for responsibility integrity and preoccupation with the code Ond 15 per cent and rom was convinced _ nay third with 14 per cent. Humankind becomes the higher the Price we put on human life ultimately to exalt each in did Cuil As a child of god. Readjusting to consider of Dent Richard m Nixon leading he said on sept. 4 he had pc Conely a proposal which appears to contradict this Domm talking about with great Posi his gesture was. Genuine not phony and i agreed to relay his argument to of and scientist a quite frankly this might seem a Little Dis with 42 per cent. New York s changed his mind and has said Riveness for a couple of years. Gov Nelson a Rockefeller Sec Little since. Sept 4 was the Day he said he had been brain washed when he visited Viet Nam with nine other governors. Not expect that his offer Cou raging to anyone but rom they refuted his brainwashing e accepted. Such a project Ney for while he has been run charge later. Require the concurrence Ning around like a Man with an he got such a bad reaction on however americans reject the of too mail persons in author s Cylinder engine feeling pulses this one since it an the Washington scene. Notion of a suicide Mission we do accept volunteers for such missions every Dav. Militarily. We do it officially. Mcd Icah. We do it unofficially Washington the main myths of the professional Ami Vietnam War faction Are falling one by one like the leaves of november and one of the Hardi est of them All has now been sent fluttering Down to Earth by the japanese prime minister Sato. The new isolationists have Long pushed As the Central of All their arguments the claim that even if the visible aggression of communist North Vietnam upon South Vietnam must he acknowledged to be a hat it plainly is the United states is nevertheless sup ported out there Only by these asian nations that Are its or Stooge states. This legend has of course Al ways ignored the towering realities that such indisputably in by William s. White Progress Washington correspondent by rejects the american Doc Trine that if aggression is to be allowed to win Vietnam it will win other and More costly victories in South East Asia. The fiction of a Japan not Manj of whom Are subject and seeking support Rock excl american president who could to the will of the electorate and Lor has steadily insisted he be brainwashed some Day _ if its do Erse religious Persua does t want the nomination. Romney into the White Sions. Romney has put four kinds of House that on sept. 9 he but he believes that he might nails m his tires by contradict thought it necessary to explain live Long enough to open the los himself his vagueness on National issues being insufficiently informed on them and in Vietnam one would hardly think so and Surch not in Light of the fact that the Liberal Sato has now joined the unarguably leftist in generally militant and Mcd i w q in v j Mically we spend a life with the door to such consideration. Objective of saving Many. One this More every sex. It is possible if not probable a Lorca accepts calculated risk by boners like saying u. S. Offi that such a manned Moon mis spaceman especially vials brainwashed him in Sion As scientist x proposes recognizes that his Odds for sur Vietnam would certain anal Are less than for most of by it would save much time and us. Gus Grissom talked freely Money eliminating the no pcs about this before he and two the vagueness was conspicuous saturday when he made his announcement he hardly said what he meant by brainwash ing his explanation did t add much. He said he did t mean the russian Type brainwash in using that word he told reporters he meant the same thing mean when you write about the credibility Gap sity for a multiplicity of less others were burned to death on Ain thing More specific than Snow jobs and manipulation of sophisticated robot landings. The pad at Cape Kennedy. One who aspires to the presi the Apollo spacecraft will scientist x has much to offer Dancy should be confident he our sunday he offered a solution bossed social prime minister carry a robot astronaut weigh and nothing to lose. Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. Really concerned this Losic Lee in a recent visit Here and not really afraid of this said much the same thing but threat in a word has been the the Vietnieks shrugged him off ing 350 pounds. Designers of the spacecraft say they will miss right. Having men corp 1967, Gen. Can be useful and capable of for the vietnamese War a quite providing the needed Leader different one from his earlier Fea. Ship Days when he was a for bomb then sunday he was ques ing North Vietnam. This time he Mccreary tires insist on o Don t sacrifice Jalett for savings buy Mccreary Quality tires for pics two can and trucks de signed to deliver Safe it mini Nixb Cost where to buy them Barrett tire service phone 236-2781 Corwen Svile Miller Dairy co. 102 Vav. 2nd ave. Phone 765-7853 last Best Alibi of those who wish to find some Means for american withdrawal from Vietnam under some kind of double think formula which surrender could be masked under their words. But Sato who presumably knows rather better How Japan feels has now Given an answer that will compel the peace Niks to find yet other escape Hatch As anyhow Only the representative of a not very important asian state so now let the Roll be called honestly. Who in Asia accepts the heart of the american policy that communist aggression is a real and present danger in Asia and must be checked however hard and painful the Effort Well Thailand docs. South is As so often they have done Vietnam which really ought when other myths have been to know considering the scores dependent Powers As Australia exploded in the cold factual air of thousands of its civilians and new zealand Are among our fighting allies. Still there has been some mileage in it be cause other fighting allies like the republics Korea and of the Philippines. Are indeed to the United states in the sense that the american government has dared to guar Antee their safety from communist encroachment. The claim that such As these plus Thailand were Only Amer ican clients could find some House room among those americans willing to buy almost any Bill of goods if thereby it would promote their Hopes for peace at any Price in Vietnam. But the Trump card always played by the anti War people has been Japan. Look they have said Over and Over at this the Only truly powerful Industrial democracy in All Asia look How Japan Wise of the world As it really is. Having widely travelled in Asia before coming Here prime minister Sato publicly declares he found that the United states efforts in Viet Nam were Well understood and appreciated by the governments and Peoples of the other asian i Sato goes on that they clearly understand that if the United states loses in Terest in Asia at the present time not Only the peace and Security of Asia but also the future of the world would be in serious having so Long offered Japan As their Arch Model of the unconcerned threatened state feature Syndicate inc can the peace Niks now consign it to the Stooge category in which they Are pleased to put the Active allies of this country been murdered by communist infiltrators does. The Republic of Korea does. The Republic of the Philippines docs. Australia does. New Zea land does Japan does. Indo Nesia docs Singapore does Malaysia does. Who does to communist North Vietnam does t. Red China does t. Ant India then9 Well India for dec Ades has Clung to neutralise As though to holy writ but there the Ablest of Anier lean correspondents report that India knows and feels what in Dia does t dare say official with a glowering red China in. Standing at its very Gates in copyright 1967, by United today i rom upper Heon one of them the ten when he saw that he was healed turned Back praising god with a loud voice and he fell on his face at Jesus feet giving him thanks. Luke Rev prayer heavenly father we thank thee for overlooking our frequent Lack of gratitude. Forgive us for taking thy gifts for granted or assuming we have earned them. Help us to he grateful for what we receive and for opportunities to share. In the spirit of Jesus. Amen. The Progress this newspaper is published daily except sunday by the progressive publishing company at 206 East Locust Street and entered in the Post office at Clearfield Pennsylvania zip code 16830, As second class mail matter. Business office is 765-5561 and the the phone number of our Clearfield news department number is 7657813 our four Branch of ices arc located in cur the Park hotel building on state Street phone 236-0252, m Prelip Sbur at 109 n front Street phone 342-0440, m the by i area on Aram Sterf m Coalport phone 672 8600 and m Houtzdale at 811 Hannah Street phone 378-7144 w a Ulerich is president of the progressive publishing com and publisher of the Progress Geo be a Scott is editor of the Progress and Leland b. Mather or is the managing editor. The associated press is entitled exclusively to the us for Republic of All the local news published in this newspaper As Well As All a dispatches the run Blum you Label of the into nations i typographical Union local 501, to which 1 Progress printers belong our Ater by mail in Clear in old and Centre counties Are is 50 a month s8 00 for and s15 00 a year within Pennsylvania but of of i hot two it is is 75 a month six months for s9 00 and s16co for i year to receive the paper by mail outside the state of Pennsylvania it is is 80 a month s10 00 for six months and 00 a year our Carrier rate is 50 cents a week and single copies Are ten cents today in history by the associated press today is monday. Nov. 20. The 324th Day of 1967. There Are 41 left in the year. Today s highlight in history on this Date in 1945, the 24 nazi leaders went on trial be fore the International War crimes tribunal in Nuernberg Germany. On this Date in 1870. German troops sur rounded Paris during the fran co prussian War. In 1917, the War i Bat the of Cambrai began in France. In 1942. The Alaska Highway was formally opened. In 1944, the allies captured the French fortress cities of Belfort and Metz in world War ii. In 1947, Princess Elizabeth of England and Philip Mounblat ten the Duke of Edinburgh were married in London ten years officials said France appeared to be Wil Ling to permit the United slates to establish missile bases in France five ago president John of Kennedy ordered inc Secretary of defense to lift the quarantine of Cuba after the cuban missile crisis one Vear ago the in be Cunt Council seemed certain to condemn Israel s recent at tack against Jordan but there was disagreement Over whether punitive action should be taken the Small society by Brickman my colleague. 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