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Clearfield Progress Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 5

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Progress, The (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Our readers write. You be the judge dear editor readers you be the judge. How Well Are our kids being taught this is a valid question that is in the minds of Many parents these Days. Add to this the Ever increasing costs of teachers salaries which increased from an average of $8,635 in 1969-70 to $31,200 average in 1989-90, plus a Benefit package costing Well Over $5,000 per teacher. We Don t regret the increased wages and benefits. However parents have every right to know on what basis if any the skills of their child s teachers Are assessed. What Are we doing to help teachers who need to improve what about teachers who Aren t making the Grade at All declining school enrolments poor showing on standardized tests of Basic skills and shrinking Dollar budgets have All made teacher competency a hot topic among parents educators and hopefully legislators. In addition is there a stagnation in the teaching profession teachers with very few new ideas if any freely admit to burnout. However these same teachers often take Refuge in tenure. They can t do anything to me " staff development projects Are often formulated on paper to meet the intent of the Law. We wonder How effective they really Are when implemented in order to motivate and improve the skills of experienced teachers. Obviously and All the experts agree the key to Success in staff development programs is a very effective teacher evaluation program. Strong evaluation systems Are essential to help teachers who Are in trouble As Well As to identify teachers who should be dismissed. Teacher evaluation is typically handled very poorly. Teacher evaluation is generally the responsibility of the school principal or the assistant principal. Typically the evaluator observes a teachers performance in the classroom for a half hour just once or twice a year. After the Brief firsthand observation the evaluator rates teacher performance on say a one to five scale. The specific areas evaluated May include instructional techniques lesson planning and presentation rapport with the students Ana parents ability to motivate students and learning environment in the classroom. In most instances evaluators have too Little exposure to the teacher in the classroom an As a result the evaluations Are superficial and ineffective. As it exists in Many of today s schools evaluations Are pretty easy to do. A principal can fill out 30 forms in three hours. If parents knew How the process really works they would be appalled. Another obstacle to Good teacher evaluation is sometimes known As bracket administrators eager to acknowledge any improvement in performance Reward a teacher with higher ratings until after several years the teacher receives the top performance rating in All education categories. Even More tragic when actual performance Falls off in any Given area the evaluator is very reluctant to put Down the truth and lower the rating. In some areas principals Are required to evaluate Only probationary teachers who Are in their first two or three years of teaching. After that the teacher May never be evaluated again. Too often after the teacher gets the required teaching certificate the classroom door closes. From then on Only the teacher and the kids know what s going most states Public school teachers who been been on the Job More than three years Are protected by tenure Laws that prohibit dismissal for reasons other than incompetence insubordination or immorality. The problem facing administrators is that each of those reasons can be difficult to define and substantiate particularly without an on going document personnel file containing data on frequent consultations suggested corrections detailed reprimands Etc. Tenure Laws were originally enacted to protect school employees from arbitrary and capricious actions by boards of education. Tenure was never intended to protect incompetent teachers from losing their jobs. Tenured teachers can be terminated for however Many school officials throw up their hands and they believe it is far too difficult to establish cause for dismissal. School officials say they Are harassed by courts Union officials parents and the teachers themselves. The prevailing attitude therefore is that a teacher has lifetime Job Protection once he or she achieves tenure. In addition to tenure our Pennsylvania legislators have provided act 195 that not Only provides an unnecessary right to strike Law but also penalizes the school districts by loss of state subsidy funds if the strike is prolonged. However the teachers Are not financially penalized. The state legislators have failed the Pennsylvania taxpayers. Once again the financial plight of Public education and the taxpayers rights to improved productivity cry out for once again your Pennsylvania state legislators Are doing a miserable Job and not facing the facts As they exist in the school marketplace. Public education is adrift in a storm controlled by politicians and unionism. You Are getting less for your tax dollars each year. What Are you doing about the Bleak future of Public education and  the Ever increasing High Cost to you please think an act accordingly. Sincerely Andrew l. Fenchak Madera Mary Askey s resignation dear editor i am writing in response to the recent letters about Mary Askey s resignation from the Spca. First of All everyone recognizes that Mary was instrumental in forming the Spca and building the shelter. No one denies that Mary has a genuine love for animals. However does that give Mary the authority to be president and treasurer of the Spca or to be manager and operator of a shelter obviously something was wrong with the leadership of an organization that can t fill its Board of directors or executive Board. An organization As Well known As the Spca had less than 20 members. Many people have tried to Volunteer at the shelter in the past Only to become discouraged with the conditions and the fact that any suggestion was ignored if it did t follow Mary s plan for the shelter. Mary did t seem to want our help she seemed to want to be in total control. The work was t done when the building was completed it was just beginning. The population has raged out of control sanitary conditions were deplorable Little or no records were being kept adoption fees varied As Mary set them no screening of applicants to adopt pets was done and Mary s own dogs and cats ran through the shelter. Yes Mary loved animals but were they leading a humane life euthanasia is not an easy thing for anyone to accept but there Are Only a handful of shelters in the entire country that Are no kill shelters. In t it better to give All animals a Chance for life a temporary shelter than to keep 150 in cages for the rest of their life is that living just since last week the shelter has improved immensely. It s becoming an organization in which every member can be proud and a place that the communities will want to be involved in. The volunteers working at the Center deserve much credit. And to the members and volunteers who walked away when Mary resigned the Spca still needs you. Please members of the Community get involved. Let s revitalize our Spca through your time support Money and by becoming responsible pet owners. I speak for those who cannot. Sincerely a Philipsburg resident quit easily smoker overweight i of with powerful new methods $40 at Philipsburg Harbor inn wednesday May 23 seminars Call 1-800-322-601 o our hypnotist is a a a i i wow War i a a certified by we provide caring support . _ concerns about Spca dear editor i read the letter to the editor that Mary Askey wrote and i have to speak out. I m sure Mary Askey thought she was doing her Best for the animals interest but if you had visited the shelter i know your ideas would have changed. I was there once before Mary Askey resigned and i could t wait to get out of there. Animals were running throughout the shelter and the smell was unbearable. The next time i was there was to Volunteer my help to clean up the shelter. The shelter needed much More than cleaned it needed disinfected. The shelter Walls were dirty and scratched i m sure it was from the animals who were not in cages i knew there was a Kitchen there because there was a sink stove and refrigerator All of which were dirty cluttered and i Hope can still be used. I could go on and on about the stench and filth of the shelter before Mary resigned but Mary went on to say in her letter about the animals being put to sleep. What is the sole purpose of an animal shelter to find Homes for the animals and if Homes cannot be found in a certain amount of time Well in Mary s eyes it would be to leave the animals in their cages. It would be cruel to leave the animals in such Small cages until they die of natural causes. How can it be right to deprive animals of not being Able to use their leap to run jump and be Happy. The shelter is a temporary Home not a permanent Home. I May not be As Active at the shelter As i would like to be but at least when i have a few hours to donate my time i know the people who now run the shelter Are More than Happy to have me go out and do whatever i can. Sincerely Anna Fenush Philipsburg controversy Over Banner dear editor i went through town this morning and was so shocked to see the big Banner flying Over the Center of our Beautiful town. We Are fighting the War against the terrible liquor and drug traffic and there it was a huge invitation to our Young people to drink Miller High life. What a disgrace i was so shocked to think that someone would be so bold when we Are trying to educate and trying to take the drinking Driver off of the Highway. What Are we celebrating my prayer will be for those who were responsible for putting the Banner up that it will not be one of their family who is killed by a drinking Driver. If that were to be so they would not be Able to live with themselves the rest of their lives. Please think it Over. Surely there is a person in our town who could beautify our town with a More appropriate sign to Tell people we Are going to have a Safe and sane Celebration in this great town of Clearfield. Respectfully yours mrs. Ronald Tibbens Clearfield president of the woman s Christian Temperance Union of Pennsylvania friends of the Library dear editor it is an Honor and a pleasure to speak to the people of the Philipsburg area on behalf of the friends of the Library and to bring encouraging news to All of a longtime dream becoming a realization. The . And Ruth Whitney Holt memorial Library of Philipsburg is to establish a new and More adequate Home. With the support of the Community the dream will be realized to strengthen our local Library with space and the ability to serve All area people. One privilege of being an american is our Freedom to read and self educate each in his own Way. Libraries Are still free and All Are Welcome through its doors. The we. F and Ruth Whitney Holt memorial Library has been fortunate to have found exceptional space at the Moshannon Valley economic development partnership located on Shady Lane in North Philipsburg Rush township. A major fund Raiser is now in Progress to enable our Community to have the the finest Library facility possible and to serve the people. A goal of $75,000 has been decided upon by the finance committee of the friends group. This is an attainable goal these funds will stay at our Library and be used to Purchase Book shelves furniture renovation of the site and a new spacious children s Section with room for All. With the blessings of the Community and the Charity of giving the William f. And Ruth Whitney Holt Library will open its doors to a new beginning Early in june 1990. Money alone cannot do this but our Community working together can. Please open your hearts and your purse to give our Community one More positive step Forward. Sincerely merry to Vancleve Library manager Philipsburg coping with a bad situation dear editor i want to say first of All that i am not putting Mary Askey s efforts Down but there Are always two sides to every Story. Yes there were 36 dogs and eight cats killed in one week but did she mention Why no. The Spca was so Over populated that they had no Choice. Mary Askey had More animals than she could properly take care of. The shelter was unhealthy due to the Over population. I have a great love for our animal friends and i am also a recent member of the Spca. I am opposed to the idea of destroying an animal but when it comes to running the shelter properly you must keep the population Down or you run into animals passing diseases to each other. You know that keeping the population Down Means destroying some of the animals. But what is worse having them die a painful death with a disease or running the shelter by making it a clean and health place Why Don t we put our time and Energy where they belong and work to educate the Public on the importance of spaying and neutering the animals and then so Many would not have to be destroyed in the first place. As for Mary Askey we should quit putting Down what was done. She did the Best she could with a bad situation. Sincerely Dixie Aughenbaugh a concerned animal Lover Grampian $22�� Spring inspection of any residential Central air conditioning or heat pump system. Due to the response of our customers this offer is being extended for a limited time. Graham township coverage dear editor the purpose of this letter is to address certain issues covered by the Progress reports of the Graham township meetings. The past april 9,1990, headlines of the meeting read lunch motion fans for Lack of i Don t feel the reporter covering the meetings places the appropriate headlines and instead attempts to set policy for the township by reporting in depth details of what she deems inappropriate for the township. These actions have done More harm to the township residents than Good making a farce of the situation and its people. For example during the last meeting one would think the $26,000 paving project of the Center Hill Road would deserve priority Over someone taking a township truck to lunch to taking lunch time. In reference to paid lunch time As an employee of the township i Don t take a 15-minute break during the morning or afternoon. Trie employees have chosen to work straight through taking a break at noon. At times when working on a particular Job we Don t always Stop at quitting time. We stay until the Job is Complete and that time is not always added. Unless a necessary Job such As Snow removal requires it. During the time since Martin Graham and i have been in office there have been numerous occasions when we both have worked for the township and did not charge our time. In 1988, Martin worked during Snow removal months without charging his time to the township. In the matter of taking the township truck for lunch i feel the highlighting of this incident in the article is unfair. I feel it is Okay to use the truck in this manner As often parts Are picked up during this trip and Many times in the last two years employees or supervisors have used their own vehicles for picking up parts or attending seminars without reimbursement. This was made an unofficial policy when i became supervisor two years ago As i noted the prior administration allowed Large expense accounts for use of personal vehicles. With the motion made by mrs. Rinehart at the last meeting the intent of this policy has been changed and now mileage and meal allowances will be paid for those attending workshops. I feel that in order for supervisors and or employees to do their Job More efficiently it s important to attend certain workshops. Most times without pay for supervisors although on occasion As an employee of the township i did receive an hourly rate. Concerning my dui arrest it has to be the most famous arrest made in the state of Pennsylvania As it reaches the papers each month since my arrest in september 1989 following every township meeting. The other supervisors personal lives do not receive this kind of attention and i feel i am being singled out by this reporter with the intent of giving me a bad Public image. In regards to overtime pay mentioned in the article the Board of auditors has failed to set an overtime rate for me at their organization meetings. As Road master i am paid $5.50 per hour with no benefits. When the . Brown contract was mentioned in the last article the reporter failed to mention the fact that i questioned the contract As to Why previous supervisor Lester Welker s name was placed on the contract to receive payments and correspondence As he was not bonded. I asked specifically to not have my name placed on any Type of contracts or payments. This shows that anything negative about certain past supervisors or their family never reaches the Public. It is my opinion that the articles being written show partiality or favouritism to these certain people. For instance the fact that immediately following some township meetings the Progress reporter has been seen with the above mentioned people meeting for Coffee. Perhaps she has assistance in choosing important issues for their article. Furthermore at the april 16 open House for Graham township the reporter asked Only mrs. Rinehart to pose for the picture taken with senator Corman and the West Branch High school students. All the supervisors were present and i was the master of ceremonies. Given the fact that i initiated the student program of acting As honorary supervisors for local government week during the past two years it is evident this shows partiality. It seems the positive things the township accomplishes do not receive coverage. Such As the township won an honorable mention from the department of Community affairs for a newsletter contest or hours worked by or. Graham and me at no Cost to the township or or. Graham and i do not take pay for special meetings held or the fact the township has purchased a Back Hoe municipal building pickup truck roller sweeper grader and maintained paving projects during the past two years without increasing the tax rate. Now you As a taxpayer can actually see where your tax dollars Are being spent. I feel the township has done the Best it can with what it has. I would like to bring to the residents attention that As a supervisor if i receive a Road complaint i will act on it. One supervisor referred a complaint to me Ana when i asked if she checked on it she stated she did not want to Check the Road because she did t want to get her car dirty. I feel it is up to All supervisors to be capable and if they receive a complaint to Check on it. Also on april 10, the Graham township water committee held a meeting and asked the supervisors to attend concerning their search for water line funding. Two supervisors did attend who Are apparently More concerned with this matter. Apparently mrs. Rinehart is not interested As stated to assist in helping to get water to the people. It takes everyone s support in a project this important. I believe that the township officials should be for the purpose of township residents and not for themselves. They should look Forward to a Good present and future for the township and not try to find bad in the past. Sincerely Melving. Smeal Morrisdale . 1 upper Witmer Park littering dear editor once again the population of Clearfield has shown it is not ready for the finer things in life. Case in Point upper Witmer Park. Despite the train cans put there visitors to the Park throw litter everywhere including Down Over the River Bank. Some even Are using it As a Public restroom if you get my meaning. If this keeps up it will soon have to be closed once again this time due to unsanitary conditions. So much for Earth Day. Sincerely Bonnie Buzzanca Clearfield we service All brands we recommend Carrier. . Goss inc. 800-282-Goss i for those who want the Best n o in pleasant Hill it 322-w, Philipsburg our customer advisory representative will be in our Market May 16,18,19 & 22 come in and enjoy a cup of Coffee and discuss this month s topic of interest nutrition. Please Check with the Market for specific times

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