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Clearfield Progress Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 4

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Progress, The (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Clearfield, Pennsylvania The monday Wash by George a. Scott on this Date. Washington merry go round Good evening. On this eve of Pennsylvania s primary election. In which All of us can and should participate. Usual excitement an election generates seems to be missing this year but tomorrow s voting nonetheless is important to everyone. Well be nominating candidates for governor lieutenant governor Congress and the state House along with party leaders. Vote tomorrow from 7 . To 8 . School activities provide a Good indicator of the Swift passage of time. All of a sudden we Are in Junior senior prom time playoff time in sports and making plans for High school graduation. Colleges keep Pace too with graduation exercises that once were scheduled in june. Summer in t far behind. Despite the rain and cold weather that seem to dominate our Days Pearl Franklin of Clearfield notes the growth of dandelions and violets in our Yards. Whether it is Protection or dominance the ubiquitous despised dandelion is seeking by joining the modest Violet she observes the two Early bloomers seem to have taken Over the lawns. To the observing Eye the blending of color is pleasant. But there comes the thought of the colourful Heads that will Fly when the Lawnmower comes along. A tip of the hat to Progress writer columnist Catherine Wrye named Philipsburg s woman of the year by the business and professional women. To major governor James b. Stodart or. Of Clearfield retiring after 32 years with the Pennsylvania National guard. To Philipsburg s William Grant Southard selected to receive the Prince Gallitzin Cross new award of the Altoona Johnstown Catholic diocese. This is the week you can celebrate National police week National tourism week National transportation week National nursing Home week and Pennsylvania child passenger safety week. Plus. Elizabeth june Martin of Grassflat notes that this is educational support personnel week. Secretaries custodians maintenance staff school aides bus Drivers and food service workers make up the educational support personnel and play an important role in the education of our Young people. Is. Martin a custodian at West Branch is president of the Central Region of . With 25 locals in her Region. And finally Clearfield Borough and county lost a valuable citizen in the death last thursday of William f. Anderson. Bill served his Fellowmen in so Many different ways. As both an elected and appointed Public official with the Clearfield county fair and As a Volunteer firemen. We need More citizens like Bill Anderson. Our readers write. What is a coach dear editor this letter is to members of the Moshannon Valley school Board. As a supporter of athletics in the Moshannon Valley school District i am tired of hearing the complaints of the Board concerning the Lack of coaches within the District s teaching staff. Let s take a look at a most coaches Are not in the coaching realm because of the great if that s All they were interested in they certainly could find another part time Job with less hours More less hassles and headaches and More thanks. Most Are coaching because they love the sport and Are willing to go the extra mile for the kids. A great Deal of coaching is also teaching. If you look at most of your coaches in this District you will see that most have coached at least 10 years in their sport whether it be consistently or with a Short break. An informal tabulation showed that this amounted to approximately 205 total years of coaching by the current staff. I m tired of hearing that the teachers won t do any of the coaching. When you Stop to think of All the time that has been Given with so Little asked and Given in return it s a wonder you have anyone at All to coach. If a team has a great season then the coach is super wonderful and an excellent coach. If the teams Are rebuilding with Young members or have a less than .500 season the general consensus is that the coach either in t any Good or just does t know what he she is doing. People Don t seem to realize that the coach does t play the game. They can teach explain moves and plays and Drill their teams to get them ready for the season but they cannot play the game for them. When coaching positions Are available and there Are no in House people who apply for the jobs i have yet to see any Board member apply for the available positions. You might say i m so Busy now with my Job family and other civic and Church organizations i just Don t know where i d find the what you fail to realize is the fact that teachers too have careers families civic and Church commitments yet some Are still willing to share their talents with athletes who need and want a coach that will be dependable devoted and also a master teacher of the sport. I think that most High school athletes Admire and Are thankful that they have had coaches who have cared enough to give of their time Ana expertise to make the athlete s life a Little Fuller. Yes i am a taxpayer teacher Parent . Member and involved in civic organizations. I am also a coach s wife and am Able to see the frustration when things Aren t so great and the smiles when the team does Well. I also give of my family time to Deal with phone Calls and personal visits to my Home from parents who Are upset when things Aren t the Way they feel they should be. Even with the Long hours of pre season preparation regular and saturday practices scouting travelling and late hours i can also see the love of the sport in the dedicated coach s eyes. I Only Hope that when my children Are of the age to be involved in sports clubs and other school organizations that there Are people who care enough to give of their time and talents plus a person who asks nothing in return but a thank you and pennies per hour in wages. The Best coaches try to make learning fun for the athletes install Confidence self esteem the team concept and also inspire kids to do their Best not to be the Best at All costs. Sincerely Kathy Patkalitsky Houtzdale a coach s wife and proud of it the Progress 10 years ago May 14,1980 Julia Leonard was named Volunteer of the year at last night s annual dinner meeting of the Clearfield chapter of the american cancer society at the Saddle club. The award was presented by Board member Verdabell Hoover who said Julie is a permanent fixture at the cancer 25 years ago May 14,1965 members of the Clearfield Golden age club exchanged ideas and suggestions with the lock Haven club at a joint meeting held recently at lock Haven. A Tureen luncheon was furnished by the Host club. The group was entertained by a comedy mock wedding and several old time songs were Sung. 50 years ago May 14,1940 Curwensville week end visitors at the Home of Rev. And mrs. Guy w. Mcgarvey included mrs. . Hertig of Pittsburgh or. And mrs. Kale Mcmasters of Philipsburg and Rev. And mrs. E. C. Anderson of Punxsutawney. Rev. Anderson is the District superintendent of the Christian missionary Alliance Church. Miss Marthia Maletta attended the Silver Jubilee convention of the amalgamated clothing workers which was held in new York City last week. The daily journal 15 years ago May 14,1975 Donald Kephart son of or. And mrs. Donald r. Kephart of Philipsburg has been elected vice president of the music education National Council at Grove City College. Kephart is a freshman majoring in music education at Grove City where he is a member of the Chapel choir touring choir band and Menc. He is a 1974 graduate of Philipsburg Osceola area High school. 25 years ago May 14,1965 the Central Penn baseball league championship returned to Philipsburg Osceola after an absence of two years tuesday following the mounties 8-2 Victory Over Bellefonte s red raiders. It marked the fifth time in nine years of the Lopp s operation that to clinched the Flag. 50 years ago May 14,1940 More than 300 students received academic awards and recognition of honorary society membership at the 22nd annual scholarship Day exercises of the Pennsylvania state College yesterday. Students from the area elected to Honor Aries were George Lucas Philipsburg senior in agriculture Phi Beta Kappa Lambdo Jack Grebe Philipsburg Sophomore in chemistry Phi Eta Sigma Mary Remedia Osceola Mills senior in education Phi Sigma Iota Florence Smith Houtzdale senior in education i my Epsilon mathematics honorary and i Lambda Theta women s education honorary. Che upper Roo tic read 2 corinthians 1 3-7 god helps us in All our troubles so that we Are Able to help others. 2 corinthians 1 4 tev prayer lord help us to follow your guidance in our life. We want to please you by obeying you. We Pray As Christ taught us our father in heaven hallowed by thy name your kingdom come your will be done on Earth As in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins As we forgive those who sin against us. Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. For the kingdom the Power and the glory Are yours now and for Ever. Amen thought for the Day when we follow god s guidance amazing things happen. A puts Money before patients the Progress published daily except sunday by the progressive publishing co. 206 e. Locust St. Entered in the Post office at Clearfield a. 16830 As second class mail. Uses 446680. The Progress printers belong to the International typographical Union local 501. We re fighting for your life american heart association the Progress welcomes letters to the editor but asks that you keep them Brief no More than 250 words and that you Deal with issues of Public concern and not personalities. Name and phone number must be included. Unsigned letters will not be published. The Progress reserves the right to edit All letters. By Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta Washington or. David Shaller in t treating his usual patients at the Wilkes Barre pa., veterans Hospital these Days. He spends his time updating expired prescriptions. He says he fell from Grace because he dared to complain about what he saw As life threatening Short cuts at the Hospital. Shaller was chief of Rheuma ology and the chief physician of the nursing care unit at the Hospital. His troubles began in the Spring of 1988 when other doctors transferred a paralysed patient to the Low Cost Low maintenance nursing care unit. Shaller did t think the Man was ready and he told his superiors so. An in House investigation concluded that Shaller was wrong but the sole physician on the investigating team was one of the doctors who had approved the Transfer. Shaller kept quiet until he did some checking on another patient who was moved and this time the patient died. Shaller decided to go outside for help and complained loudly to officials in the department of veterans affairs in Washington. But he soon found out what happens when a whistle Blower refuses to Back Down. Someone sent the regional a office an Anonymous letter accusing Shaller of sexual a subsequent investigation cleared him of the bogus charge but his troubles were not Over. Shaller was suddenly assigned routine nursing duties in addition to his usual work. He had to Cut Back on his patient Load creating a six month backlog in appointments. Shaller who had a four year record of excellent proficiency ratings ended 1988 with a poor rating. In late 1988, the a finally investigated Shaller s claims and concluded that his clinical judgment could not be disputed in the cases of the patients who were transferred to nursing care. But instead of putting the Hospital on the hot seat the report recommended that Shaller be moved to another clinic because of the hard feelings. Shaller was t transferred. The Hospital kept him on but gave him a new Job rewriting prescriptions. And the a has found yet another Way to make his life miserable. While Shaller had been complaining to various government and veterans groups about the Hospital he had detailed the names and cases of a few patients to document his claims. The a decided that he had violated the rules by releasing patient names to unauthorized now he is awaiting a hearing in june before a disciplinary Board and he could be permanently discharged from the a. If the a thought he would go away then it was wrong. Shaller is doggedly arguing for what he knows to be right. And tie in t alone. At least four nurse practitioners have resigned from the Wilkes Barre Hospital with one citing Lack of attention. To patient care and safety local veterans groups Are behind Shaller. Dan Cunningham of the Wilkes Barre american legion told our associate Dean Boyd this in t the Only lacking a Hospital in the country. They All need More we asked the Hospital about the alleged link Between funding and the Speed at which patients Are hustled through treatment. Richard Patton administrative assistant to the director of the a Hospital refused to discuss the specifics of Shaller s Case. But he confirmed that the Hospital has allocated funds according to its ability to treat patients within certain time a higher patient turnover translates into better efficiency ratings for the Hospital. Or. Paul Shafer is director of the National association of a physicians. He told us that budget constraints weigh in heavily at a hospitals. But he said the a from top to Bottom is under enormous pressure not to admit that the Quality of health care suffers As a result a Tough customer George Bush is betting his place in history on the Success of one Man Mikhail Gorbachev. And Bush privately thinks that history has dealt him a winning hand. But he knows Gorbachev is his own Man and must proceed at his own Pace. A top White House adviser recently gave us his confidential assessment of the soviet Leader Gorbachev is a rough and Tough Hombre who came up the hard Way. God knows How Many bodies he climbed Over. The first time i sat Down with him in a meeting and saw his anger flare. I said to myself Al Capone that s what ran through my mind. Al mini editorial there is More Green in the so called Green movement than meets the Eye. The laudable goal of cleaning up the global environment has attracted its share of hucksters. Beware of labels that Promise a product is biodegradable organic or non toxic. We Are fated through this time of environmental awareness to suffer through attempts by various companies to defraud and deceive. We Trust american Consumers to figure it out just As they have figured out that Light and cholesterol free and Low sodium on a package May mean nothing has changed except the Label. Copyright 1990, United feature Syndicate inc. George will Rush of Washington life by George f. Will Washington the Rush of Washington life is like a Mountain Stream in which rocks Are tumbled and Over time become smooth polished and pretty but without edges. Sen. Bob Kerrey the freshman Democrat from Nebraska still has Edge. Kerrey s language has Teeth. It bites As when regarding the president s education proposals he said at their very worst. They offer Promise unsupportable by honest evaluation. Kerrey Calls himself a writer so assume he uses words fastidiously words like insupportable and unsupported would have been less harsh honest As used is stinging. In George Bush s Washington which is most congenial to people who went to Charm school rather than real school Kerrey May have to heed the Truman advice he quotes Don t have a Friend in Washington. Buy a when a senior Bush adviser denounced now Nowise living for the moment off tomorrow s seed Corn actually the Bush policy Kerrey said the real problem is Kerrey will learn How Little the president likes canine comparisons politicians said Kerrey like dogs will bark at any moving target the president is the Best example. He wants to be the education president and the environment president and the housing president and the kind and gentle president. He wants to go to the Moon and maybe even to Mars. He wants to do something about investment and computer technology and the space station and the superconducting supercollider. He wants to do something about Poland and Hugary and and drugs. But drugs Are not America s no. 1 problem. Our no. 1 problem is that politicians have been drugged into believing that americans Don t love their country enough their children enough or life enough to the actually politicians most egregiously the president Are the pushers of that narcotic which produces tax phobia. Kerrey says he made a lot of Money in the restaurant business partly because his parents generation built the interstate Highway system. They Don t sit around the dinner table and wonder about what their rate of return was going to be on every single investment. They did t sit around and say their taxes were too High. They tried to provide me with greater oppor Paul Harvey animals rights by Paul Harvey do animals have rights that we deny them when we use their bodies for often agonizing experiments a segment of the medical profession is now convinced that much animal experimentation is outdated redundant teaching us nothing that is not already in textbooks. At the University of North Carolina Greensboro Walter Salinger a psychology professor has been experimenting on cats and Kittens. He is studying a physical condition amblyopia am Blee of pee uncommonly called Lazy Eye and he and his students have been cementing screws into the skulls of live cats leaving their Heads in Vise immobilized for As Long As 24 hours with no food no water. They have performed Radical Eye surgery on some of the cats. In a recent interview with the Charlotte observer prof. Salinger admitted that his research is not directed at curing a disease. We further learn that Walter Salinger is neither a surgeon nor a veterinarian and that these experiments have been continuing under his direction for 18 years. Some of us with abiding respect for the medical profession have tried to remain open minded on the necessity for certain significant Laboratory experiments. But situations like this one make it very difficult not to take sides with those categorically opposed. University of California ophthalmologist Nedim Buyukmihci boo Yook Mee Cee has reviewed the unc experiments. He concludes that the work of or. Salinger is frivolous and without any redeeming value in either human or veterinary and other doctors Label those continuing experiments worthless unethical research and pointless extremists on both sides of this Issue Are myopic. Not All clinical researchers Are mad scientists seeking to sanitize their sadism. Not All animal lovers Are willing to sacrifice humans on the altar of humanitarianism. The growing physician s committee for responsible Medicine is trying to Depolarized us trying to Bridge our Mutual suspicions. Animal experimenters who Are merely trying to justify Federal or private Grant Money Are half of the problem. It s time to solve the problem. Somebody must convince the decent conscientious majority on both sides that research must be looked at one project at a time that we might preserve what s Good and discontinue that which is not. Sincere animal the responsible research Community really have much More in common than either seems to realize. C 1990, los Angeles times Syndicate unities and by god i be got an obligation to do the same with my Kerrey wishes we could repeal the year 2000," which is becoming a garbage can into which we dump problems. He etches his position with the acid sarcasm president Bush has become fascinated lately with the potential for harmonic convergence in the year 2000. He wants to eliminate adult illiteracy reduce dropout rates to 10 percent and Advance 17-year-Olds to the top of the Industrial world s math and science class by the dawning of that magical but right now another baby is born info poverty every 40 seconds. Every 40 seconds. For example now. And then again every 40 and y a minority child under the age of one has less Chance of being immunized in America today than does a baby in we invest in getting babies born then next Talce notice of them five years later when Many of them from dysfunctional families Are severely damaged. We Are not spending enough on the poor who most of us do not know. Instead we Are spending on the More Well off who Are Apt to be our the deficit reflects this disparity. It produces unnecessarily High interest rates which particularly punish in the end the working poor. And note the dry understatement it is the working poor who Are least Likely to be Able through either individual or direct Purchase of Treasury Bonds or indirectly through a pension fund to feel the Benefit from the debt financed growth in our Gross National recently Kerrey has had his Basic american entitlement 15 minutes of Fame. That resulted from the reaction of some democrats and journalists to the ennui developing the democratic party. Seized by an inexplicable longing for Iowa and saddened by so Tittle stirring in presidential politics on the part of the party s pinups Cuomo Bradley nun addicts of presidential politics have turned their gaze toward Kerrey As an alternative to terminal boredom Kerrey 46, is indeed something of an exotic a congressional medal of Honor Winner who lost a leg below the knee in Vietnam but has run marathons who has dated actress Debra Winger while living in Nebraska s governor s mansion from which the mansion not is. Winger he walked away after one term while enjoying stratospheric 70 percent approval. Democrats could do worse. Usually do. Probably will. But they should note that Bush s composure sometimes cracks under serious criticism so a Democrat with Kerrey s bite would have an interesting Edge. C 1990, Washington Post writers group quit smoking

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