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Clearfield Progress Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 1

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Progress, The (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Clearfield, PennsylvaniaGood evening the Cost of living May be High but it s still a bargain. The Progress weather mild showers see forecast Page 8 vol.68 112 our61styeor Clearfield Curwensville Philipsburg Moshannon Valley to saturday May 11, 1974 16312 copies daily copy 1 5 cents 40 pages today news highlights arms race feared by the associated press United nations . A the United states will spark off a strategic naval arms race with the soviet Union in the Indian Ocean if it beefs up its base on the Island of Diego Garcia a new United nations report says. The report prepared for Secretary general Kurt Waldheim tells of Pentagon plans to lengthen the Airfield runway on the British owned Island to handle b52 strategic bombers and to deepen the Lagoon to accommodate a dozen ships. That it says would give the United states a major strategic naval base from which it could nuclear submarines in the Indian Ocean within ballistic missile Range of the soviet Union. If that happens the report says the soviet Union will almost certainly search for a similar base in the area and a new strategic naval arms race will have Plant killer to be destroyed Washington a some 2.3 million Gallons of a Plant killer once banned from use in the Vietnam War would be destroyed by burning in a Remote area of the Pacific Ocean according to an air Force proposal. The proposed disposal of the so called agent Orange was set Forth Friday in an environmental Impact statement sent to various Federal agencies and state governments. . Forces used the chemical extensively in Vietnam from 1962 to 1970 to Clear Jungle areas used As cover by North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops. Its use was halted after Laboratory tests showed it caused retarded growth and birth defects in rats. Ford Speaks in Texas College station Tex. A vice president Gerald r. Ford after expressing Confidence that president Nixon will not resign in the Wake of the watergate affair took a one Day speaking swing through Texas today. His activities included a scheduled commencement speech at Texas University. He will also address two Republican raising gatherings. Before flying Here Friday Ford met with president Nixon in Washington and later held a news conference in in Buffalo . Discussing the meeting Ford said i can infer from what he Nixon said that he has no intention to Fri May join probe san Francisco a Federal authorities May join the investigation of san Francisco s Zebra killings under a conspiracy Law that has been widely used in civil rights cases according to Well placed sources. The sources said atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe and top aides will decide within a week whether to bring in the Fri s investigative resources. Informants said Saxbe has called for a report on the Zebra Case with a View toward stepping in under a Federal Law which makes it a crime to conspire to deprive persons of their civil rights to life and Libery. Thirteen persons have been killed and seven others injured in random Street at tacks Here since last october. Italians vote sunday Rome a weeks of Public debate Over divorce ended today As italians prepared to vote on sunday to decide the Fate of the nation s divorce Law. An estimated 37.5 million italians Are eligible to vote on whether the country s 3-year-old Law permitting divorce should remain on the books. Campaigning was barred after Midnight and newspapers played Down the referendum. It was a different Story on Friday. Thousands turned out for a rally in Rome s Piazza Del Popple which brought together representatives of five major political parties including the communists who fought to retain the Law. In Milan dozens of youths tried to shout Down Amintore Fanf Ani Secretary of the dominant Christian democratic party which alone among the government parties was committed to the repeal. Expanded Trade sought Moscow a America s top banker says the soviet Union wants to improve its Economy through expanded Trade with the United states and is willing to Compromise on political issues to do it. Arthur f. Burns chairman of the Federal Reserve Board completed a week s visit in Moscow Friday during which he had discussions on Trade with Premier Alexei n. Kosygin and leading russian economic officials. The accent for the russians was How they can do business with us in the interest of improving their Economy in the interest of helping Lay the foundations for a durable Burns said in an interview. They have a High regard for our technology for our managerial skills for Many of the products we produce and they want to expand Trade. In fact they Are quite impatient to do earthquake jolts China Hong Kong a a major earthquake jolted an area of southwestern China Early today the Royal Observatory reported. The Observatory said the quake struck 192 Miles Southwest of the City of chunking about 400 Miles North of the Border with North Vietnam. A spokesman said the quake measured seven on the Richter scale and was capable of causing widespread damage. The 1906 san Francisco earthquake registered 8.6 on the Richter scale. Chinese news broadcasts made no immediate mention of the quake. Camps target of guns phenom penh Cambodia a Khmer Rouge insurgents have relaxed pressure on the besieged Longver Garrison North of phenom penh possibly to turn their guns on refugee Camps built by the United states cambodian military sources reported today. Informants said rebel activity has decreased markedly around Longver a com plex 25 Miles North of phenom penh where civil ians have been surrounded since March 28. The command said newly reinforced government troops retook Many positions in the area during the night but the sources said this was because some rebel troops had been reposed in the Kampong Thorn Region 90 Miles North of the capital. Reports reaching phenom penh said their new objective might be a group of refugee Camps financed by the . Agency for International development. Craftsmen s dam construction of the craftsmen s memorial dam has begun at a site just South of the Nichols Street Bridge. In this photo taken from brewery Hill workmen put the finishing touches on a coffer dam. Once they pump the water out of the inside of the coffer dam construction of the actual dam can then begin. Nixon Battles for political life aide suggests resignation eventually might be considered by Frank Cormier associated press writer Washington a battling for his political life president Nixon was bound for a Campus appearance in Oklahoma tonight As a top aide suggested resignation might eventually be considered if it would help the country. As a mounting chorus of congressional republicans called on Nixon to consider stepping aside because of his watergate problems the president s wife Pat relayed word through an assistant Friday that she feels it s too bad the Republican leadership is coining out and saying these things because it s harmful to the she also said she feels husband will not resign shoun t resign and has never considered White House staff chief Alexander m. Haig or. Said in an interview he sees nothing now to prompt a Nixon resignation. But he acknowledged the president might consider that unprecedented step if he thought that served the Best interests of the american the situation in Washington prompted White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler to Call the new York times Friday and Issue a Strong denial that Nixon would resign the City of Washington is full of rumours. All that have beg your Pardon Buffalo . A labor Secretary Peter Brennan did a fast turnaround after calling vice president Gerald r. Ford the president in an introduction at a labor leaders luncheon. Erah i mean the vice Brennan said Friday As the audience began chuckling. Then he added there will be a lot of talk about that tonight. It was just a freudian been presented to me today Are false and the one that Heads the list is the one that says president Nixon intends to the times quoted Ziegler As saying. His attitude is one of determination that he will not be driven out of office by Rumor speculation excessive charges or the times further quoted Ziegler As saying. Continuing a travel studded personal Campaign to enlist Public support Nixon was to Fly to Oklahoma to address evening commencement exercises at Oklahoma state University s football stadium in Stillwater. A recent student poll indicated about half the Campus opposed the presidential visit. University authorities said they would bar hostile placards from the stadium. Nixon s Hope of gaining the initiative in his fight against possible impeachment received another serious Forsee any circumstances blow Friday when con Der which president Republican sen. Might resign. He replied Serva Tive Milton Young of North Dakota Long a Nixon Stalwart urged that he turn Over the presidency to vice president Gerald r. Ford until the impeachment question is resolved. Under the 25th amendment to the Constitution Young said Nixon later could reclaim the presidency should the House vote against impeachment or the Senate acquit him after a formal trial. Ford met with Nixon for an hour Friday morning and at a later news conference at Buffalo ., said i certainly could infer from everything he told me that resignation is not being considered. Haig was asked if he could i think the Only thing that would tempt resignation on the part of the president would be if he thought that served the Best interests of the american people. At this juncture i Don t see anything on the horizon which would meet that criteria. Admittedly that s a subjective View on my part and i think it is one the president shares very earlier Friday sen. Richard Schweiker r-pa., who has frequently differed with Nixon called for Nixon s resignation saying the presidential transcripts reveal a total disregard for the moral and ethical values upon which this nation was panel wants tape on pre watergate White House talk plans completed for Kennel club dog show opening the hearing rep. Peter Rodino d-., chairman of the House judiciary committee prepares to bang the Gavel for the Start of historic hearings to consider whether grounds exist for impeaching president Nixon. At right is ranking minority member rep. Edward Hutchinson a Mich. Madera boy in serious condition four year old Scott Roy Mcclelland of Madera r. D. Was listed in serious condition in Altoona Hospital today with injuries suffered when he was struck by a truck yesterday on a secondary Road in Bigler township. The Accident occurred at p. M. On route 17153 one and one half Miles North of Madera. State police said the boy ran from behind a dirt loader and into the path of the truck driven by Thomas Mclntyre of Coalport. He was taken by ambulance to Philipsburg state general Hospital and transferred to Altoona last night. Police Are continuing their investigation. No injuries were reported in an Accident at p. M. Please turn to Page 8, col. 4 Washington a the House judiciary com Mittee is expected to subpoena another White House tape next week despite president Nixon s announced intention to turn Over no More watergate material. Committee sources said Friday that a subpoena probably will be issued for the tape of a pre watergate White House meeting in an Effort to see if Nixon had Advance knowledge of the plan to Bug democratic Headquarters. Chief committee counsel John Doar said he would request a subpoena at the committee s next business session the april 4, 1972 meeting involved Nixon his former chief of staff . Haldeman and former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell. It took place four Days after Nixon s re election Campaign aides had approved a plan for electronic surveillance of the democrats according to dog lovers will have an Opportunity tomorrow to enjoy the area s first dog show in Many years when a fun match is conducted by the Susquehanna Kennel club in the driving Park. Registration for the show begins at 9 . In the Community building. Judging starts at 1 . The show will be held in the East end of the Racetrack Oval. In Case of rain it will be moved indoors. A charge of 50 cents for spectators will be made to help defray the costs of the show. There will be classes for All american Kennel club registered Breeds for All Levels of obedience and Junior and senior classes of Junior showmanship. A highlight of the show will be the Parade of con formation champions and obedience titlist. Judges and the classes they will judge include Sam Lippencott Aliquippa Akita alaskan malamutes belgian sheepdogs Collie Collie Doberman Pinchers great pyrenees Komondoros samoyeds Shetland sheepdog siberian huskies adult and Puppy working group. Jack Patterson . 1, Transfer remainder of working group and Best in match adult Carl getting pleasant Gap non sporting Breeds and group miscellaneous Breeds Frances Phillips lock Haven sporting Breeds All but Irish setters adult sporting group and Best in match Puppy James Holt Meadows farm Pennsylvania fur Nace Irish setters and Puppy sporting group june Wright Greensburg toy Breeds and toy group William Wright Greensburg hound dogs and hound group Krissi Strump lock Haven terrier Breeds and terrier group Connie Rake state College sub Novice obedience and Novice obedience Jill Masemore lock Haven open obedience and Utility obedience and Tom Cripps Northumberland Junior showmanship. Food will be available throughout the Day at a stand operated by the Clearfield county society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Testimony by Jeb Stuart Magruder an official of the re election committe. Nixon has denied knowing in Advance of the watergate break in. Nixon lawyer James d. St. Clair said this week that no More watergate material would be delivered. Chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., said a Day would be set aside next week for the committee to act on such business As the issuance of the subpoena. Checks with committee members indicate there would be Little opposition to issuing it. The committee resumes closed hearings on tuesday in its inquiry into possible grounds for impeachment. If a majority of the House votes to impeach Nixon a two thirds majority would then be needed in the Senate to convict. In other watergate developments burglar g Gordon Liddy was found guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to be sworn in or to testify before a House committee last year. . District judge John h. Pratt suspended a six month sentence noting other convictions against Liddy convicted watergate conspirator e. Howard Hunt denied that he tried to blackmail president Nixon. Hunt said his requests for from the administration were not on the condition that he maintain silence about the break in. White House appointments Secretary Dwight l Chapin pleaded with . District judge Gerhard Gesell to give him probation rather than jail. Inside the Progress Abby 6 area news 8 classified ads comics 15 deaths fax tutorial columns 4 hints from or Lois 15 Hospital news 2 Sparta ii 11 work on dam begins construction of the raft Smen s memorial dam began this week at the dam site on River Street in Clearfield. B. And b. Construction com Pany of Philipsburg has nearly completed erection of a coffer dam spanning half the Width of the River. Workmen will next remove the water from inside the u shaped coffer dam thus giving them a dry area to work. They then will dig footers for the various Timber supports. Solid steel pins will be Laid into the footers with Concrete. The timbers that will comprise the main part of the dam will then be attached to the pins with bolts. Then two layers of planking and Rock fill will be placed on top of the timbers. Once All this is done then the coffer dam will be removed and another built on the other Side of the River so that the other half of the dam can be built. It is expected that the dam will be completed by late july or Early August. The dam when completed will be 260 feet Long and will create a Reservoir of water that will be backed up All the Way to the Borough line near Winky s restaurant. The total Pool depth adjacent to the dam will be about 5% feet slightly less than the old dam which had a Reservoir that extended All the Way to the Hyde Bridge. About 10 inches of water will flow Over the top of the dam at All times. The dam Clearfield s memorial to the old time lumbermen was originally to have been built last summer. B. And b. Construction asked for a one year delay because of the difficulties they experienced in obtaining timbers. Clearfield Borough Council agreed to this request after the company agreed to keep costs at the same level. The dam s bid Price feb., 1973 is hearings planned on Railroad abandonment Harrisburg state will hold a series of hearings starting May 24 on the possibility of abandonment of thousands of Miles of Railroad lines. Gov. Shapp said Friday the hearings will give shippers and Community representatives a Chance to begin building a Case for retention of these on May 24 hearings Are scheduled for Erie and Johnstown and on May 28 in Williamsport and new Castle. Shapp also announced that the . Railway association is studying possible abandonment of another 720 Miles of Branch lines a 50 per cent increase Over original plans. This track is in addition to the Miles in the original . Department of transportation report published last he said. The negative effects of such widespread abandonment would be almost beyond breathtaking results our Happy advertiser was just breathless with excitement when she called to cancel and. I d like to cancel my she said. Today is the first Day my and was to be in. I Haven t even gotten my paper yet and i sold the Matching living room chairs each both for print. Phone Frenchville 263 0000. First Call first Day. That s what we like to hear. 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