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Clearfield Progress Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 4

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Progress, The (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Craif Isburg remembrances by Catherine Wrye expressions did Vou Ever hear Locking the barn door after the horse was stolen for an easter gift my older son brought me a fire extinguisher. I sure Hope i never have to use it. Speaking of fires insurance companies do pay promptly without a murmur. Thanks Bud when i thought of the barn door i began to think of a lot of other proverbs. My Webster s new dictionary says a proverb is a Short popular saying that expresses an obvious some proverbs i like a Penny saved is a Penny earned watch your pennies and your dollars will take care of then Why is it that when i get pennies in my change purse i drop then in my Coin purse or in my pocket without much interest where All those dollars that taking care of themselves Don t put off til tomorrow what you can do sometimes i think procrastinate is my Middle name especially if i have to fill out any kind of forms. If i Don t have anything in particular to write for this column i put that off until i get a brain storm. How about these from poor Richard s almanac by Benjamin Franklin tart words make no friends a spoonful of Honey will catch More flies than a gallon of an empty bag cannot stand clean your Finger before you Point at my Eer you Mark another s sin bid your own conscience look people who wrapped up in themselves make Small packages. " Early to bed and Early to Rise makes a Man healthy wealthy and Well it has t worked with me but then i am a woman. People who live in Glass houses should never throw one Rotten Apple spoils the whole what you Don t have in your head you have to have in your that applies to me you know i go into room for something then Stop and try to think what i am there for. A rolling Stone gathers no Don t count your chickens before they Here a couple for Young girls where cobwebs grow beaux Seldom a ring on the Finger is Worth two on the writing this column does bring me a lot of pleasure. I did say that when i wrote about the red men Don Edwards brought in a red Man costume and gave it to the Philipsburg historical foundation museum. Today Vivian Griest brought a Camp fire girl costume that had belonged to Henrietta Todd Griest. This is the result of the column i wrote on the Camp fire girls. I am so pleased and it will also go Down to the museum to be on display. Then too i had a Nice note from the Philipsburg state general Hospital Board of trustees for the article i did on the Hospital and another one a note from or. William r. Harkins each thanking me for the columns. When this happens i feel Humble and yet proud so folks keep them thare letters coming that word basically really has gotten to i have complained about everyone using it and one Day 1 heard Bill Dinger use it but the crowning blow came when i heart judge Wapner say now really judge it. Gov. Singel recycling programs by it. Gov. Mark s. Singel with the heightened awareness this month of our environment through the various Earth Day celebrations Many pennsylvanians paying close attention to ongoing efforts to promote clean air clean water and clean land. A primary concern of mine is the implementation of our exciting statewide recycling program in Pennsylvania. While we have an aggressive recycling Law on the books today the recycling Story goes beyond conservation and collection. It also involves the re use of recycled materials. As chairman of a Cabinet level task Force on recycling Market development established by gov. Robert p. Casey last year i have led an intensive Effort to find new outlets for recycled materials. We have developed the link of recycling using recycled materials and creating markets for recycled products. In Pennsylvania we connecting the recycling link in a very positive comprehensive manner. Let me offer two examples. Recently i visited West Chester in Chester county to announce an innovative recycling demonstration project to collect and re use plastic beverage containers and milk jugs in that Community. Allied signal engineered plastic As a feedstock or new in put flyer Fot today mom the upper Root tie read 2 Timothy 1 3-12 i sought the lord and he answered me he delivered me from All my fears. Psalm 34 4 Niv prayer lord help me to recognize fear and timidity in my life today and Trust you in Faith As i go Forward. In Jesus name. Amen. Thought for the Day god s love in Christ has conquered fear. The Progress reserves the right to reject edit or cancel any advertisement or news copy. Liability for any newspaper error in an advertisement shall not exceed the Cost of space occupied by the error. The views expressed in letters to the editor and advertisements which appear in the Progress those of the party who submitted the letter or advertisement and not the views of the Progress. The publisher assumes no liability for any advertising which is not published for any cause. The Progress assumes no responsibility or liability for publication of copy submitted by an advertiser. All liability for claims arising from the contents of advertising is assumed by the advertiser and advertising copy is accepted for publication under the express condition that the advertiser will indemnify and hold harmless the Progress from All liability resulting there from. The Progress 206 e. Locust St., Clearfield a. 16830 offices in Clearfield Curwensville Coalport Houtzdale Philipsburg Mahaffey. Kathleen s. Wolford executive editor Leland. Mather or. Editor published daily except sunday by the progressive publishing co. 206 e. Locust St. 8141-765-5581 entered in the Post office at Clearfield a. 16830 As second class mail. Uses 446680. Subscription rates mail out of a 1 or. $97.75, 6 to. -$49.50, 3 to. $25.80 mail or truck delivery in a 1 or. $78.00, 6 to. $40.00, 3 to. -$21.55 Carrier delivery 1 or. $69.00, 6 to. $35.00, 3 to. $18.00, weekly $1.50. Subscriptions payable in Advance. The Progress printers belong to the inter National typographical Union local 501. Washington merry go round is Bush the polluters president ? by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta Washington president Bush is in a Tough spot but it s a spot of his own making. He has billed himself As an environmental president but he has plenty of financial backers who want him to be the polluters industries at the Core of our nation s environmental problems found a Friend in the Reagan administration and got comfortable being in the seat of Power. When Bush ran for president in 15 88, they settled deeper into that seat by giving him the Money he needed to win the election. The Bush Campaign apparatus gave the big donors the spiffy title of team 100" a select group of generous republicans who gave Bush at feast $100,000 each. Now team 100 expects to see some return on its investment. A prime example of the team 100 influence is the Oil Industry. Many of those $100,000 checks known As soft Money came from Oil companies. Campaign finance records show that Oil companies and their corporate Heads gave More than $1 million to i he hush race. A number of those companies interested in offshore drilling ventures off the coasts of California and Florida. That worries environmentalists across the country who want the Ocean floors left alone but who feel powerless when pitted against l he Rich friends of the president. The administration is leaning in favor of the Oil fat cats. Interior Secretary Manuel la Jan is clearly opposed to the bans Congress has placed on offshore drilling. At a news conference Bush said he refuses to Rule out All offshore drilling. Lujan and Bush claim the drilling can be done without harming the environment but environmentalists wonder what the incentive will be for companies to handle the Ocean with care if those companies have the Power to twist the president s Arm. The record Speaks for itself. Federal officials have uncovered More than 10,000 environmental and safety violations Over the past six years in the offshore drilling Industry. U anything threatens Bush s credibility on his environmental promises it is his longtime ties to the Oil business. He made his Fortune As a Texas Oil Man. He loves the business and the Money it brings to his campaigns. Bush can t be counted on to get in the Way of a few Oil Barons looking for drilling opportunities offshore. The White House pledge to save the environment is also being stymied by Bush s combative chief of staff John Sununu. On several occasions Sununu has butted Heads with environmental Protection Agency head William Reilly when Reilly has tried to crack Down on polluters. Sununu makes a formidable enforcer for the president and his cronies. When will they learn if it in t one problem it s another for housing and Urban development Secretary Jack Kemp. Despite his concerted efforts to rid Hud of ethical Booby traps and conflicts of interest there still holes in the system. A congressional investigation shows that Hud has been extremely lax in collecting and reviewing the financial disclosure statements of its workers. Those statements supposed to raise a red Flag if a Hud employee has a possible conflict of interest on the Job that might Lead to preferential treatment of contractors. Preferential treatment is what got Hud in trouble in the first place but the Agency in t learning from past blunders. A random Sample of 62 Hud employees showed that Only 10 of them had filed disclosure statements although the rest had been on the Job for three years. The statements supposed to be reviewed within 60 Days but congressional investigators found 62 disclosure statements that were filed last May and were still not reviewed four months later. Kemp knows about the problems and has initiated reforms of the system including the creation of a new ethics office in the department and a Complete restructuring of the financial disclosure system. Mini Edito Lulal Congress continues to give itself More Perks that Cement the incumbents in office and close the doors to newcomers. The latest is an upgrading of the House to studio. That s right members of Congress have their own studio where they produce to spots to remind the folks Back Home How wonderful their representative is. Of course your elected officials Don t see the studio As an election asset. They see it As a Way to inform the electorate about the vital goings on in Washington. And if the electorate gets the impression that Washington revolves around a particular indispensable member of Congress that s pure coincidence. Copyright 1990, United feature Syndicate inc. Plastics a firm in Morristown n.j., is providing a Baler to West Chester on a one year trial basis to compact plastic bottles collected by Borough employees. The plastic will be shipped to St. Jude polymer a company in Frackville Schuylkill county which will separate and process the plastic into Industry Standard plastic pellets. The recovered pellets then will be returned to Allied signal and used to manufacture Industrial products. There plastic bottles that no longer will take up Landfill space. We reclaiming the on this Date the Progress 10 years ago May 5,1980 Tammy Hatten a senior at Curwensville area High school has been accepted at Villa Maria College in Erie for the fall of 1980. She will major in elementary education Early childhood education. She is the daughter of or. And mrs. Norman Hatten or. Of Grampian . 25 years ago May 5, 1965 Clearfield county farm agent Homer Mazer outlined the future of farming in the county last night in a talk before the Curwensville rotary club. James Michaels and Roy Smay rotary s citizens of tomorrow for May. Gary Hoffman of Clearfield was a guest. 50 years ago May 5, 1940 Curwensville notes Elmo Scipioni of Detroit mich., is visiting at his parental Home in Sneddon and . Swanson attended a business meeting in Dubois yesterday. The daily journal 15 years ago May 5, 1975 some 130 shrines and there wives and guests attended the annual ladies night of the Moshannon Valley shrine club held thursday evening in the Harbor inn. Second vice president Darrell Hollis of West Decatur served As master of ceremonies for the evening. 25 years ago May 5, 1965 the Wallaceton school Board during its May meeting last evening re enacted the one percent wage tax and retained Charles b. Mills As receiver of the tax. 50 years ago May 5, 1940 Philipsburg s free Public Library needs Community support it was pointed out at a meeting of the Library committee held last night at the Home of mrs. Elizabeth Baird. A total of 313 persons registered on the Library Roll and an average of 35 books loaned daily. Dust rial products. In other words we completing the recycling link. I also had the Opportunity to join with Bethlehem steel corporation officials in Northampton county recently As we recycled the 800,000,000th steel can at the company s structural products division. The company recycled 645 million steel cans in 1989 alone. steel has a commitment to 100 percent recycling of used or obsolete steel products. The steel can recycling Institute in Pittsburgh says the Overall recycling rate of steel products in this country is 66 percent today with the potential of eventually recycling 100 percent of All steel products. Bethlehem steel is taking those recycled cans and turning them into steel products. Again the recycling link is Complete. It is truly amazing How we have turned the recycling Challenge into economic opportunities. Many of our state s largest newspapers have agreed to use at least 50 percent recycled newsprint in their operations by 1995, and in some cases newspapers that never used recycled newsprint agreed to buy it and use it. We Learned Early on that collecting recyclables while noteworthy and necessary took us Only half Way to full implementation of our recycling Challenge. We also need to find new uses for those recyclables and we have made significant Progress in this Endeavor. Next month we will conduct the first recycling materials Market Exchange in Harrisburg to bring together buyers and Sellers of the recyclable materials that collected in recycling programs across Pennsylvania. The forum is another Means of bringing our recycling efforts full Circle. Global stocks 64.96% in 39 months average annual returns As of 12/31/89 18.50% 1 year 3/31/89 16.20% life of fund 12/29/86 this fund managed by mrs America s oldest Mutual fund organization offers a convenient affordable Way to invest in fast growing companies around the world including the u.s., through a diversified Stock portfolio that seeks Long term capital growth. To learn More mail the Coupon or Call today. Fund total returns for period ending 3/31/90 historical and include change in share Price reinvestment of dividends and capital gains and the effect of the Kuril s contingent deferred sales charge of 5% 1 or and 2% life. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate and shares when redeemed May he Worth More or less than original Cost. The fund charges an annual distribution fee. Mrs helping investors Man me Money since 1924. Lifetime global equity Trust Dudurich investment associates 26 South second Street Clearfield 765-4888 yes please Send me a prospectus containing More Complete information on lifetime global equity Trust including All charges and expenses and the contingent deferred sales charge. I should read the prospectus carefully before i invest or Send Money. Name address City phone state zip. Best time to Call Clearfield swimming Pool 1990 memberships preseason rates student anyone thru 18 years .$25.00 adult 19 years of or Over .$35.00 family includes children thru 18 .$65.00 children 8 years of and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Memberships on Clearfield Community swimming Pool office located on first floor of the Progress building 206 e. Locust St., Clearfield monday thru Friday 9 30 a.m.-4

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