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Clearfield Progress Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 3

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Progress, The (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Star tracking aquarius Analyse your feelings sunday May 6.1990 by Patric Walker Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 20 you certainly need to be a High minded Capricorn these Days to Cope with life s Vicissitudes or the vagaries of kith and Kin. However current planetary influences should also e putting you in touch with your emotions and separating a lot of wheat from the chaff. Aquarius Jan. 21-feb. 19 everyone including an aquarian can mistimed situations make mountains out of molehills and put important relationships at risk by overreacting to criticism so Analyse your feelings of anger or frustration and you will come to realize you really have no cause for complaint. Pisces feb. 20-March 20 the Sun opposed by Pluto on the 7th is preceded by a magnificent aspect to your ruler Neptune and therefore listen to the still Small voice of reason and be prepared to cancel travel plans or opt out of costly projects or business associations. Aries March 21-april 20 Pluto in Scorpio not Only reminds you that there is a Price to be paid for everything in life but also that secrets can become burdens. Therefore let your approach to All joint arrangements e direct and ensure that everything is completely above Board. Taurus april 21-May 21 say what you will you Are still holding on to the past carrying a Torch or grasping at straws. Therefore an opposition Between the Sun in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio signifies that to have anything Worth giving you must first belong to yourself. Gemini May 22-june 21 so much still needs to be unravelled sifted or straightened out. However real strength respect and Progress can Only be achieved now by setting the hungry self aside and concentrating on what affects others welfare happiness Comfort and Security. Cancer june 22-july 23 when dealing with Complex or emotionally upsetting situations the Golden Rule is this the most heated bit of letter writing can be a wonderful safety net just As Long As the wastepaper Basket is close at hand. Leo july 24-aug. 23 because the Sun your ruler is currently challenged by Pluto but supported by Neptune you must s pc the wanted people paying too much for major medical hospitalization 100% coverage pays doctor s visits prescriptions and More for a free courteous quote Call Charyl Oakes Register health underwriter 943-0632 or write Charyl Oakes 1 Sylvan Oakes Hollidaysburg a 16648 final Choice or selection then close one particular door forever. However in this instance there simply has to be a Complete break from the past. Virgo aug. 24-sept. 23 accept the fact that what you Are now experiencing in your very personal life is exactly right for you at this precise moment in time. Therefore your emotional responses must not be Over Analysed or treated with apprehension or suspicion. Libra sept. 24-oct. 23 a financial or business arrangement is now Likely to turn sour or at least cause a considerable amount of consternation. However deep Down you must have had certain reservations and it is simply a question of proving just How Well informed astute and self protective you really Are. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 a Catalon of putdown rebuffs or resentments have brought you to the Point of no return. Consequently you should really have no qualms about severing certain ties or confronting those who have resolutely refused to play fair or pay their dues. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 a disturbing aspect to Pluto in one of the most sensitive areas of your solar Chart is certain to bring to Light facts or information which make you realize your Trust has been misplaced but it is simply a question of allowing others to live with their delusions of grandeur. Monday May 7,1990 Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 20 planetary activity in Taurus certainly seems to be making you realize that there is More to life than competing status symbols and saving for the proverbial Rainy Day and with both the revolutionary planet uranus and the inspirational Neptune in Capricorn still brilliantly Asp acted by the Sun this promises to be a week of even More revelations and not so Brief encounters. Unfortunately however someone also close appears to be harbouring a grudge and spoiling for a fight. Aquarius Jan. 21-feb. 19 concentrate on Home family and Domestic affairs this week while you Are Back in favor and still in a position to ring the changes you deem advantages or necessary but continue to hold your horses Over Long term career or professional interests because both a challenging aspect Between the Sun and Pluto and wednesday s full Moon could Well bring about a Power struggle or conflict which forces you to reconsider your Long term prospects or position. Pisces feb. 20-March 20 there is a lot you could and probably should say which would make certain individuals Back off Back Down or break the deadlock. First however you need to extract a number of guarantees or assurances from new associates and ensure that if you do eventually make a Complete break from the past you won t be out of pocket or left High and dry around the time of the full Moon on wednesday. Aries March 21-april 20 on the face of it you still appear of have the upper hand and in a position to realize certain goals and ambitions. Unfortunately however because the Sun in Taurus now makes a decisive aspect to Pluto you simply cannot predict or gauge what the outcome of a current Wrangle Over finances will be. Therefore do it yours Elfers we re Here to help the innovative do it yourself Home improvement series seen in your area on a Psi to Lezzer lumber is proud to be the 1989-90 underwriter of the sometime Home improvement series on a Psi to. Sometime is a weekly do it yourself series on Public television presenting for the average Homeowner step by step advice and tips for professional results. Upcoming episodes will include.  framing  four part Kitchen & Bath plumbing  finish carpentry  More Check your local listings for air dates and times in your area another service to you from your Home improvement Helper. Lumber and building materials Scorpio on wednesday May Well Force you to reconsider your Long term career prospects or situations. However on no account sever existing ties or connections until after Mercury has turned to retrograde motion on the 17th. If your birthday is on saturday a Superb aspect to Neptune on your birthday bids you turn your attention to the untried thought provoking and sex you would be Well advised to keep per mental for in every aspect your options open and a much the coming year is one in which tighter trip on the purse strings this week. Taurus april 21-May 21 although there Are quite a number of reassuring aspects this week relating to travel plans or opportunities to broaden your horizons it has to be pointed out that the Sun in Taurus is now challenged by Pluto and that the full Moon on wednesday occurs in your opposite sign of Scorpio. Therefore deep Down you must know that until certain matrimonial or partnership problems Are resolved you Are not really in a position to ring the changes.  gemini May 22-june 21 by All Means give any new offers or propositions careful consideration and allow partners or business associates the Opportunity to Tell their Side of the Story but remember that at this time of the year while the Sun is passing through the most sensitive area of your solar Chart you Are not at your Best mentally or physically and therefore must Gaurd against making too Many allowances concessions or compromises Over finances and resources. Cancer june 22-july 23 partners or close companions should be unusually sympathetic understanding and accommodating this week while planets in your opposite sign of Capricorn Are still magnificently Asp acted by the Sun in Taurus. Therefore you must take the fullest possible advantage of any Opportunity to air your opinions or grievances. However there can be no half measures and under no circumstances must you Settle for what you know to be a temporary solution. Leo july 24-aug. 23 matters related to your prestige status and ambitions Are still highlighted by the Sun in Taurus and no doubt you will make your presence Felt or make your Mark this week. Unfortunately however there appears to be some kind of a conspiracy taking place on the Home front and you May have to climb Down or alter your position to prevent a major revolt or rebellion immediately prior to the full Moon in Scorpio on the 9th. Virgo aug. 24-sept. 23 All your instincts and hunches Are probably urging you to Force everything out into the open and make others put up or shut up. Do however try to remember that it is not simply a question of drawing a Viel Over the past and starting fresh personally or emotionally until May 17th, while Mercury your ruler is in retrograde motion you need to ensure that you Are not jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Libra sept. 24-oct. 23 by All Means concentrate on financial business or property interests this week while an unusual number of reassuring planetary influences Are in operation but on no account finalize any new agreements or contracts until after May 17th. A tall order perhaps but astrologically tradition has it that this is very much a time when even Long time associates could Well prove to be in consistent and unreliable. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 because the Sun in Taurus now makes a challenging aspect to Pluto in your own birth sign you must be prepared for soem kind of a showdown or confrontation with partners or close companions. Hopefully however the full Moon on the 9th will bring a Long period of discord or disagreements to a close and allow you to concentrate on plans or projects specifically designed to put your creative skills to better use. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 this is Likely to be a rather challenging week for everyone so Don t expect too Many bouquets or tokens of appreciation in fact what transpires Aroun the time of the full Moon i to cast your net the much wider in your quest for greater understanding fulfilment and achievement. If your birthday is on sunday the Moon in Libra on your birthday signifies that you May have to work harder than usual to strike the right balance or keep things on an even keel personally or professionally. However More than anything else this is a year to prize sound health above achievement or succ6ss if your birthday is on monday because the Sun in Taurus is opposed by Pluto on your birthday then obviously you cannot make Light of emotional or partnership difficulties. However what you can and must do now is remember that Freedom really does mean choosing your own burdens. Vow auxiliary Post meets the vow auxiliary Post no. 1785 of Clearfield will hold a special meeting on May 13 at 7 . At the Post Home for the purpose of installing new officers for the coming year. Florence Litz the outgoing president will install the officers. The regular auxiliary meeting will be May 14 at 8 . At the Post Home. President Litz urges All members to be present As plans will be made for the District meeting to be held Here on May 20 at 2 . At the american legion social room. Mrs. Litz offers her Good wishes to new elected officers of the coming year. They will take their office at the september meeting. The vow men will hold a combined installation on May 13 for their officers. Photo by Bill Woolworth band honors members of the Osceola Mills Junior High school band were honoured with trophies at a dinner in the school cafeteria recently. Being honoured were in front from left Jennifer Burns clarinet Gene Mineweaser trumpet Erin Gardner Alto saxophone Mike Kochkodin Tenor saxophone standing David Hall baritone Bettyann Benjamin principal Jessica Jones clarinet Valerie Stiner band chorus director and Amy Baughman clarinet. Allergy William l Howe ii . Is pleased to announce the latest state of the Art allergy testing and treatment in addition to his specially of family practice. Or. Howe is also pleased to announce the arrival of Michael Marshall allergy assistant.  easier testing  computerized  time saving  accurate dosage determined immediately for appointment Call 765-7312 807 doctors drive Clearfield Schofield St. 236-0220 Curwensville Eye care & ear Aid by or. . Brown specialist . Brown Philipsburg peroxide solutions Are used in different formulas that can be beneficial to the eyes ears and Throat. A few years ago doctors started using a 3% Hydrogen peroxide solution to disinfect soft contacts. This week peroxide solution cleaned contacts better than heating and other cold chemical a solutions. Likewise a Safe method Ifor cleaning out ear Wax is by using Ca Bamide peroxide solution and not

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