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Progress, The (Newspaper) - March 8, 1980, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Thimesch . Must Export to maintain Prosperity by Nick Thimmesch Seattle the Only Way that the United states can maintain its Prosperity is to Export Export Export. The time is Long past when american business can live off the Rich american Market. Competitor nations Are Well into our Market and we must compensate by doing better in getting into theirs. It s As simple As that. The goal of boosting exports however is easier announced than accomplished. The. Dispute reverberating through the puget sound Over the question of exporting Northwest logs is a Good illustration of How interests made up of sincere people can thwart a rational Export policy. About 75 percent of All logs exported from the United states come from the Northwest and Alaska. It makes perfect sense to sell them to asian nations principally Japan. There Are plenty of logs to Export. It costs less to ship them from Seattle to Tokyo than to Bay Long Beach Calif. The japanese Are Happy customers though the soviet Union would also like to please. And after toting up the pluses and minuses there is an Overall economic Benefit to the United states. After All unlike Oil Trees can be planted again and harvested. Still this Issue can raise political tempers. Unions such As the International woodworkers of America owners of Small sawmills some Home building interests and environmentalists Are strongly opposed to much of the present log Export Trade and want to limit it in the future. The Mill owners rely heavily on Federal and state Timber sales and feel that the Price would drop if log exports were stopped. The unions argue that such exports preclude processing of Timber and thus Cut lobs. Some Home builders believe that log exports cause lumber shortages and higher prices. Environmentalists suspect the Timber companies would Harvest even More Timber if the log Export business really opened up. This Strong opposition our readers write. Keep school open on the evening of March 3, 1980, we the students of the Philipsburg state general Hospital school of nursing were informed that our in program would be Ter a minted As of May 31,1980. In i we do not believe that this is a fair or justifiable action and we want to inform All concerned count ians As to Why. We Are presently freshmen students who have a guaranteed place in this three year diploma program. As of now we Are finishing up our first year with what were Junce Bright Hopes for the future. 0 firstly we will not be permitted to finish our first year to the planned Date of june 30, 1980. Furthermore we Are being shortchanged with respect to the whole program. No compensation for time Money or Effort and what is even worse is no guaranteed placement at any other school of nursing. Our families including ourselves Are taxpayers and voting citizens of Pennsylvania. B each of us has already invested a non returnable fee of $3,000. We feel the state has a responsibility to the students As Well As to the faculty. We ask for your support in either keeping the school open or in advocating a phasing out program. We fulfil a vital need in providing surrounding counties with Quality registered nurses. In this respect we feel that we would Mot be the Only people to be affected by the school closing. My be Flom a Small town but let s show them tone state that we Wear shoes the freshmen class of 1982 a a Philipsburg state general Hospital school of nursing found expression in an amendment to the 1979 Export administration act authored by congressman Don l. Bonker a olym Pia which phases out Export of Cedar logs from state and Federal lands in the next three years. The big Timber companies fought this amendment because they did t like the precedent of any ban on log Export. Now Bonker is pushing a Bill to restrict the Export of All species of Trees Cut on state and Federal land. He says that he has no intention to Ever extend this concept to private lands the kind that most Timber companies own. However Strong the feelings against log Export the facts indicate that the Northwest must Export to keep its Timber Industry healthy. In 1964 this Industry provided 30 percent of the Northeast . Lumber Market needs today it s under 5 percent and declining because the East can buy Canadian and Southern lumber cheaper. By exporting logs the Northwest Timber companies vitalize the entire Region s Wood Industry and also help create new markets in Asia for processed american Timber. The future of the Timber Market in booming Asia is very Good. Virtually All the criticism of log exports involves Japan where Wood demand is running away from Domestic Supply. The japanese Are now importing More than half their log needs. The United states is the leading supplier with the soviets second. The japanese prefer buying logs rather than lumber from the United states because of their unique size requirements and slow sawing methods. They simply won t buy our Standard sizes. So if the United states won t sell them logs they la make their Wood materials from soviet or Canadian logs. Some opponents to log exports claim that the japanese import our logs and sell lumber Back to us. In 1978 the United states imported Only .0008 percent of its soft Wood for Japan an infinitesimal amount. The United states did import significant amounts of hard Wood plywood from Taiwan Korea and Japan but most of it was for decorative use and not competitive with that made in the United states. Besides much of this imported material was remanufacture and finished Here thus creating Many jobs for american workers. It s too bad that the Jones act makes shipping logs in american freighters to american ports Cost prohibitive. It s too bad that railroads Don t have enough cars and charge too much for logs to be snipped East. It s too bad that wide fluctuations in the . Housing Market compare unfavourably with the steady even booming housing Market in Asia thus inhibiting expansion of log processing facilities in the Northwest. Actually the big Timber companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in production plants in recent years. Employment in Washington state s Forest Industry is now at 71,000, the highest since 1951. These facts of Northwest economic life Are often recited by George Weyerhaeuser president of the company bearing his name. He is proud not ashamed that his company is building Export facilities. At first there will be More logs than finished products shipped from our Export facility Weyerhaeuser says. Over the years the volume of finished products will steadily increase. But even then there will be a steady volume of Export logs. Why because that s what our principal customer Japan wants to buy. If Japan does t feel she can depend on the United states As a Long term supplier of All kinds of Forest products she has an obvious option. The nearest alternate supplier with its soft Wood surplus is soviet Siberia. There is no reason we should alarm the japanese lose this Market harm our Trade balance or further weaken the Dollar lose income and jobs unless we persuade ourselves it would be a Good idea to. Shoot ourselves in the foot and restrict these exports. I Don t think this will c 1980, los Angeles times Syndicate will 30 seconds May be election key by George Washington on nov. 4 election Day and by the Way the anniversary of the hostage Takin the Republican presidential candidate on the ballot May have been significantly helped in his struggle to get there by 30 seconds of february anger about a microphone in new Hampshire. Sen. Paul Laxalt a Nev chairman of the Reagan for president committee is the least angry of men except when talking about what he considers the mismanagement of Ronald Reagan s Campaign by the managers Reagan recently replaced. He believes that those were the most important seconds of Reagan s career. Reagan used the seconds to say about the microphone approximately what he used to say about the. Panama canal i paid for it it s mine and i m Gonna keep it. When called upon to Wing it to improvise it was George Bush not the former actor who needed a script. Americans Are getting angry and seeking authenticity and Regan gave them authentic anger. Murray Kempton says the absence of honest passion is new Hampshire has. This should no longer Surprise people. Reagan won two landslides in a state California with a two to one democratic advantage and in 1976 he ran Best in primaries where democrats could Cross Over and vote for him. A senior democratic senator used to go to the Senate gym each Day at about the time Reagan s radio commentaries were broadcast. The senator says he could hear Clear As a Bell Reagan s instinct for the jugular on issues important to Blue Collar democrats one reason for this year s Large turnouts is that americans Are As they should be somber. They have been treated to too Many pictures of Bush jogging heard too Many Bush Pep talks about having captured big to men Tim. One More picture of Bush jogging and i m going to vote for the Man who said that if running is the test let s elect Frank Shorter and be done with it. When a playful reporter asked Bush whether the United states should embargo Stolichnaya Vodka from Russia Bush acted As if he had been thrown the world s hottest potato nearly won the presidency on Joe Garafola s coattails can use Bush s stumble As an excuse to enter the race and seek revenge against Reagan. Actually Reagan s 1976 Challenge legitimized and instructed Ford. In the primaries for the first time people outside Michigan voted for the president. And whatever Campaign skills Ford had in november he developed against Reagan in March As for the others John Connally who is running for president of South Carolina is about to get what he thinks he wants a Chance to throw a Block at Reagan s locomotive. Phil Crane is a Young Reagan training for a race he can run after the real Reagan has been president or has been beaten. Robert Dole is returning to Kansas to seek reelection to the Senate where by 1983, the republicans could be in charge and he co told be chairman of the most important committee finance. Finally february s fad John Anderson is the pinup of columnists not famous for wishing the Republican party Well. He is a Kennedy whose sentences parse but he has a rendezvous with the wrong convention. C 1980, the Washington Post company world of books exits by Scott Slater and ale Solomita . Dutton. $7.95 trivia buffs will love it s very literally the last word. Last words and moments in fact Ace the whole of it and Slater and Solomita have put together 78 vignettes of the dying famous and infamous. Where else could one learn that Henry David Thoreau s last words were Moose. Indian and that Talullah Bankhead s were codeine Bourbon or on a More Lucid level that George Bernard Shaw s were Well it will be a new experience exits is Light and Lovely Reading but it s a unique and valuable source Book too. Up Harvey Russia becoming world s powerhouse an attribute of professional exclaiming i be got to be wrestling. For one in careful re have to know chanting k by Paul Harvey the United states of , for More than 100 Vears has been the world s powerhouse. We Are backsliding. Russia is becoming the powerhouse of the world. Russia with no Jane fondas will multiply her nuclear Energy by 10 times from 15 million kilowatts to 150 million kilowatts within 10 years. Several Energy options Are presently proving themselves. The practical application of each in adequate Quantity is yet a decade away. Look Back from the Progress files j 10 years ago March 8,1970 the medical staff and Board of directors of the Clearfield Hospital jointly urge that anyone who knows of a Young woman or Man interested in becoming a doctor Contact Harold Vongunden administrator Clearfield Hospital. They May currently be in medical school or pre med and they need not be a Clearfield resident. The request is part of a joint Effort being made by the physicians and Clearfield Hospital Board to provide further doctors for the Clearfield area. 25 years ago March 8,1955 Thomas s. Mckee of Westover r.d., an Active member of the Clearfield county Young republicans has announced his candidacy for the office of Clearfield county treasurer in the primary election. This is the first time the 36-year old Republican has sought Public office. 50 years ago March 8,1930  work on nearly six Miles of reinforced Concrete Highway in Morris Graham and Bradford townships Clearfield county will be started this month. The estimated Cost of the project $310,438, will be 100 percent state payment. From the daily journal files 10 years ago a a March 8,1970 at the Northwestern regional tourney in Altoona s Jaffa mosque Philipsburg Osceola s 127-Pound senior Ston Heeman and West Branch s 138-Pound senior Joe Veneziano two battlers won the sentiment of the partisan District 6 rooters with their courageous come from behind efforts to Knock off undefeated District 10 opponents and Advance to the Pisa state championships.25 years ago j March 8,1955 Philipsburg Borough Council last night during its March meeting adopted a tentative budget calling for expenditures of $117,403, a record nigh for the municipality. In other action Council re read the agreements of a lease Between the Borough and the Reliance fire co., relative to the use of the new third Street Reliance building for the storage of fire equip foment. The rental starting March 1, paid by the Borough will run $125 monthly. 50 years ago March 8,1930 a fire of very mysterious origin at the Home of or. And mrs. Gust Grannis of Hawk run aroused residents it that place about 2 o clock morning. The Grannis Amily who occupy the Home owned by Clair Hartle Jeard the breaking of Glass and upon investigating found the Small Kitchen at the rear of the House a mass of flames. The Strong odor of gasoline from the burning building formed the conclusion that the culprits had broken the windows and poured gasoline inside before setting the fire. Our Bird in the hand Energy is nuclear Energy. Trade journals in Russia and Czechoslovakia and Hungary and East Germany Are agreed that nuclear Energy would have to be developed even if it were dangerous. They agree it is not the Hazard some imagine it to be but consider it so vital to survival that it would have to be developed even if it were dangerous their announced objective is to harness the atom to produce 25 percent of All electricity in the soviet Union and Eastern Europe by 1990. Russia understand is the world s biggest producer of Oil and has huge deposits of natural Gas. But those reserves Are depleting at the same time the extraction Cost is rising. So says soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin nuclear Power is the most effective and rational Energy and in Russia if anybody is opposed he is not allowed to obstruct. Even those soviet engineers who recognize problems in storing transporting recycling fuel and disposing of waste and accidents nonetheless agree that nuclear Power must be developed a dozen times a Day you and i flirt with the potential Hazard of electrocution standing Over a Wash Basin with an electric Shaver or by the sink with an electric mixer. If our Only consideration were safety nobody would Ever use a Power saw. The american automobile despite our most elaborate precautions is a death trap externally from accidents internally from fumes. In farm machinery there Are belts and Teeth and wheels and Grinders and cutters lying in wait to tear us apart or chop us up. There is no time during any Day when you Are More than one move away from danger. Yet we have overcome our fears and with precautions have adopted these dangerous tools and have made of them first rate mechanical servants. We Are yet to make friends with nuclear Energy but we d better. C 1980, los Angeles times Syndicate for one in moment in Nashua n.h., the Republican race had the honest passion of a spat in a sorority. Republicans Are cute when they re angry. Reagan s cautious campaigning before Iowa suggested that his managers were afraid of their candidate afraid of where it s bottled and if it s bottled in the United states How Many people Are employed doing Bush should mix himself a Vodka Martini and sit Down to reflect How risky caution can be. If Bush bounces off the mat his defeat will have been a Blessing causing him to prove a toughness the for today mom Che upper Roou i Pray that your love will keep on growing More and More together with True knowledge and perfect philippians 1 9 tev prayer our father open our eyes to see the life in your word. Knowing your scripture let us also know you. Amen. His stamina or judgment or Public seeks. He should Stop both. But in new Hamp chirping about optimism Shire voters saw that when Reagan is aroused he is the most effective campaigner in living memory. Furthermore Reagan has a powerful Appeal to the sort of Blue Collar ethnic groups what s your verdict i says no to surgery by attorney Paul Levine Copley news service an experienced surgical nurse Molly is scheduled to take part in a tubal ligation procedure which results in sterilizing a woman patient although she s assisted in dozens of sterilizations Over the years Molly refuses this time. She cites a state conscience statute which gives medical personnel the right to refuse to perform medical procedures on moral or religious grounds. The Hospital fires her accuses her of having flexible morals and she sues. the judge and jury. What s your verdict 1 Molly loses because conscience statutes were intended for abortions not sterilizations. 2 Molly waived her right to use the conscience statute by participating in past sterilizations. 3 Molly gets her Job Back because the Hospital has no right to question her reasons. If you selected 3your judgment is affirmed. The court orders Molly reinstated ruling that her past participation in similar operations was no obstacle to making use of the conscience based on a 1979 supreme court of Montana Case liable for Beer picnic the freshman class at a local College holds a Spring picnic Complete with a half dozen kegs of Beer. After drinking All afternoon several students pile into Bobby s car to Back to the dormitories. Bobby is Tipsy and he swerves off the Road and into a tree. Glenn one of the passengers is injured and sues the College for allowing underage students to drink Beer at a class function. You re the judge and jury. What s your verdict 1 it s not the College s Job to supervise off Campus extracurricular activities. 2 Glenn wins and the College is guilty of negligence. 3 Glenn loses because he was negligent in talking a with a drunk Driver. If you selected 1your judgment is affirmed. Glen loses the court ruling that the College does not have a duty to control the conduct of students at off Campus activities. The judge noted that College officials Are no longer considered substitute parents for teen age students. Based on a 1979 Federal Appeal in Pennsylvania and should deliver that defense policy speech he has had for More than a month. Howard Baker the most sure footed candidate is Well positioned to Benefit from the next burst of voter volatility he is More acceptable to More republicans than anyone else. Gerald Ford who 1980 Christmas club payment no. 19 due this week All payments will earn passbook rate interest-5 v4 % per annul. Keystone National Bank r my mar fit Rel do to in univ Rutt corp. 1200 old town Road Clearfield pm. 765-2476 the Progress Jean Natoli executive editor Leland or. Editor published daily except sunday by the progressive publishing co. 206 a. Locust St. Entered in the Post office at Clearfield. A. 16830 As second class Moil. Uses 446680 the Progress printers belong to the International typographical Union local 501. 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass is 4 or. 6988 Small v8, Auto. Trans. Power steering and brakes air cond., divided seat 6 Way Power Drivers Side cruise control and much More. 3,000 Miles. Strattan motor co., inc. 4th and Pine St. 765-6506 Clearfield nov you can insure your Home and car with 1 extra value policy it s called pc personal comprehensive Protection. It s the extra value insurance that provides Protection for your Home and car in one convenient policy. Separate policies often mean separate Dollar amounts of Protection for your car your Home and its contents. With pc you get one amount of property Protection for your Home and its contents. Plus one amount of liability Protection for your car and Home. Dwelling losses Are paid at replacement Cost with no depreciation. And there s automatic inflation Protection As Well As a 5-year renewal guarantee. 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