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Clearfield Progress, The (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Clearfield, PennsylvaniaSense scents judging from the photos we Vescon Gandhi will never be Able to give he shirt off his Back for any cause. Ohio state journal Clearfield Progress volume xxiv the Clearfield Progress. Clearfield pa., monday evening june 23, 1930. Thunder showers this afternoon or to night warmer in the portion. Tuesday mostly fair. Number 148 Undy a daddy afternoon iks Happy the eagles colonel Calm in a Gnu Addad Morro cited eaglet not yet darned probably be Junior whole nation rejoices by James l. Kilgallen n. S. Staff correspondent engij2wood, n. J., june colonel Charles a. Lindberg h is to Day the proud dad of a son. We Are now the baby a fairly Lusty infant was born at yesterday afternoon. Lie weighed seven and three Quad pounds. And by a Happy coincidence the Stork arrived on mrs. Lindbergh s 24th birthday. Both mrs. Lindbergh and the baby wore reported in Fine condition this morning. The Mother is the former Anne Morrow daughter of ambassador and mrs. Dwight w. Morrow. The baby was born inline palatial Morrow mansion where mrs. Lind Berh Host saw the Light exactly 24 years ago yesterday. Speculation was Rife today As to what name Anna and Lindy would give the child. Two of the Best guesses were Dwight Morrow Lind Bergh and Charles Augustus Ltd the famous Lone Eagle is said to have taken the event calmly. He had no comment to make regarding the arrival of the Morrow however was jubilant. Shortly after the baby was born he went to the Home of Douglas Thompson former mayor of Engle Wood and exclaimed i m a in t that great grand dad excited. Ambassador Morrow was More excited Over the arrival of the baby than to was Over his recent Victory at the polls when he was nominated Republican candidate for United _ it Taw Crter Only one Road death in a. Yesterday by International news service despite the Balmy weather that prevailed Over the week end luring thousands of motorists to the open Road and cramming highways with apparently end Legh streams of traffic Only one fatality was. Recorded throughout the state Over the 48 Bui Cuba pm Compromise pension act introduced girl evangelist to Maul make return visit Luuru. Umulis to first . Church by William k. Hutchinson i. N. S. Staff correspondent Washington june 23. The Compromise world War pension Bic boy from sunny Italy Only four report act. Which moots president Hoover s. I f i i i approval and can be enacted without disregards experience j de in county borne bad creating a def it m the Federal treat spills but occupants have was introduced in the Senate this science and a rules hour week end period. By hype Igoe i. N. S. Sports writer Philadelphia june Primo camera italian heavyweight enjoyed a weight advantage of 12 w i m Over 1 hem afternoon by senator Reed r of Pennsylvania with the support of administration leaders. One smash Early today the Bill limits pensions to those veterans suffering 25 per cent or Moro and number of automobiles Eranui disabled own wilful of emus us Sauneu of Ini in us pounds Over George Godfrey 1 Ana on Monway Devink the past week misconduct Are barred from Delphia negro when the two weigh Neavy flow of traffic moved Relief while the Eligi Cje veterans must mrs. Effie Lewia 33, was struck led in Here this afternoon for their along comparatively free from a certificate showing Thev and killed instantly by a speeding bout tonight. Incidents Only four mishaps being re were exempt from income taxes last i i i. Fici ported in this Ivear before receiving compensation. Automobile Donven by a camera tipped the Scales at 262 and William Vail of the measure was drafted after so Motorist near Uniontown. Pounds and big a age at to. Bloomsburg had a narrow escape rotary of the Treasury Mellon warned who has Uoss we serious injury this or. That the enactment of Thi state boxing who has Orn it about j their pending ,.cllcf bul would result in warned both men the fight must into u deficit or an Inci East in on the wis present at into to inspect site offered Eor pen of Justice today receive prop Omla on site. Notify chamber of of inner Vitoo no Date pm inspection Hon into the angeral taxes next year. Last year Cariuda got largest sum of any foreign land. Mexico ahead 46 millions. France favored with 137 millions the weighing in ceremonies. Of to full Nekton 91 the completely demolishing the body of june the Accident Oll i Signor Garner w the lakes to sea Highway near the1 meet giant George Godfrey m the ,kurt2 farm about two Miles East of Phillies Ball Park Here tonight and town if the Happy go Lucky or. Vail was unable to Tell exactly gauge kicking what then the occident happened. His Cari will they in the bag How can and the Kus were trawling to-1 wards Clearfield he said and when he certainly George has not improve a tempted to past the of his de with age and he can be whipped. Front wheels struck a Blimp which Sharkey for instance did it when he caused big car to swerve u Onti Mied on Phot die in Washington. June 23. Were received today by i department of for aim for new Federal Penitentiary it be erected in the northeastern Section of the country at a Cost of about 800.000. 1 the prison will be located in North East Penni Sylvania or now Hetty weal am. A year old York a 1.000 acres girl evangelist who will preach and required. Sinjur it tin first u. U. Church Here an examination of the to motion evening. Bring and Olav a to phial Lia Hven arranged to u hold in tin first United Lover thu kites. Brethren Chuich Curner seventh and i Dorey streets _ tuesday evening. June i Clear Nelda proffered site for the was t a High toned fighter. R so the right. It ran into the struck got the decision Over him though pie and rebounded onto the High was t a Brilliant bit of judging. Way go the bus was Riaff. To Tamaqua is scene of charge that of the canadians spend Here Jack Renault whipped. Godfrey twice and George lost on a foul to Chuck Wiggins they do Tell me that old gauge is Way just the top of the Ford was badly foot nose dive death to 2 but fortunately neither of i Tamaqua a j the head and i not nearly the Man he was when lie Vail was by Roberts. Thornburgh met these Fellows and he will have j face and his a Cut on Tho t it o i t i Clit n k Vila Hawf. f Yuma in Volt of moan i. N. S. Staff correspondent to be right at his Best to topple this Washington june got any great ring j i Kol Eie cans Are the greatest travellers in the technique but he to a whale of world judging from the record figure of spent by a Man the bus he can take it. George can give 9 o clock a student flyer and i dead today plane 300 f Here. Gwillym Arthur e Pilot died in 1 Pital Here and Joseph leg. They were both brought to Clear Field and Takeff to it physician where their lacerations other countries last year. Foreigners Only nere Ana Josepn Nosner tourists in it or could. Godfrey is slightly one of the doors Mauf chunk the student and Stribling who fought caved in where the Ford struck a few alter dressed. Due Here at about evangelist from Cleveland. Ohio we in Thi. 8tat. Been secured to sing and preach. Or new York will be by it is the belief of the in a presenta Tiern of the department of Anant is non non country he crash v of Oouinn will recall the meetings Betty Fon i. T ducted in thu United by Cohren Church 7" today in Inoru than a year Ngi and will Well on which for Vita May come this to Star Hir submitted to the department and it Peak again and note the development i that inspection wit u has made both physically and Wade soon. Mentally Hinn then. I a the local proposal to Betty will be in Clearfield for this j the government the chamber of cow one service Only. The weak lamp party Arco had a panoramic View of Tho if taking a one night tour through proposed assembled by a local Pennsylvania and new York. Services i photographer. A copy of thin View been arranged for them in War now being in the Ren Kane Jol Sonburg and Lytle Bron. Shoe store on Market Street. Be her i picture the mrs. I site to be an attractive location. U twice seems to think that if there is it and the Glass in a couple of the win t any flaw in the fellow s makeup it Dows was smashed. Nobody in the bus to. _. In the summary of the balance of be his h injured few mechanics it the Airport. International payments made Public strip bling did t hand that out As mrs. A. Raymond of Dorey Street a. By. Secretary of Commerce lament i a tip but he did think that camera this City was badly shaken up when , i a i i. I i Nolc to vim with much Munro rear of for a in which she and her husband in a Aioli use 01 du1 accompanying Betty will father and Mother. Or. And Lua Roy Weakland. Brother Roy. In the heart the Kently rolling witnessed Only Bya he Gist cd. Dorothy who i8 Montromery Creek. The today Canada was favorite touring ground for Ameri cans in other countries because of excellent highways affording automobile shown to be the i to nem with much More Grace right on the Chin. All that goes for class and experience makes Godfrey a Winner but camera seems Able to Pitchfork traffic wide 4dvertisement of Cana a.0ik top or Nix class experience bulk Power and Dian resorts and naturally the proxy senator from new Jersey say the baby looks like his one of the Morrow servants told waiting reporters. I and mrs. Lindbergh were mar ried May 27. I929 they have become French resorts make France the most known As the perfect Ang couple. Popular of All countries abroad for they made Many flights together. Americans. Expenditures amounted to on to Eward bound re n machine driven by Oscar Young. the plane of Clearfield at the intersection of nosedive straight to the Daisy and eleventh streets last eve with the motor roaring. H hit the ground with a tremendous crash. In to tame about 7 mgr about despite her approaching Mother Hood mrs. Lindbergh Clung to her custom of accompanying her famous last year. Other leading nations in the Ameri can tourist Trade included husband on flights. Only four Days j Germany the United ago they Fiew together to Hartford kingdom Italy Conr. From Teterboro Airport new 000. Cuba Switzerland Japan americans made tourist expenditures in 42 countries in virtually Ever Section of the world. Tourist travel Between the United states and Canada involves a larger Jersey. Lindbergh bad invited sever Al friends for a quiet Celebration of her birthday yesterday. The Celebration was postponed however but All immediate Merit Bers of the family re the Driver turned left to go up eleventh Street. The rear end of Ray thur s body was broken. Mend s car was pretty badly damaged i exactly what happened May never years old and a talc null violinist. Everyone is cordially invited to at i the service tuesday evening. A free will offering will be received committee approves naval pact 4 u Washington june in the crash one fender being torn off be known but it is believed that one the Senate foreign com. The right Side caved in and the of the men became mixed up in his Milter today favourably reported the it is to be built Nincic but a limited both rear doors shattered. Mrs. Set of the dual controls and threw London treaty on naval to52 counties in land being cleared and under it has Scenic Well an attractions. Supervision of the Cham options have been the required acres of land and All other of the department of jut tire have been met. Because of the am stance a riven by chamber of Commerce it been Ipoh sible to make the government m very attractive offer on the local rile. While the original tip elation of the Bill providing for the new Federal Penitentiary was that it should be located in the Eastern part of the United states the area within which i in to the Senate. The 16 fax Raymond was Riding in the rear heat the ship into the plunge was bruised and shaken up by the the plane was completely wrecked. Oring the treaty and four it. And by Van crash the front end of Young s car both wings were crushed and the was slightly damaged. Motor was hurled into the rear Dubois reported two accidents in cockpit where Arthur was seated that Vicinity one involving a car Load the plane was owned by the Lehigh of Erie scouts who were returning ton Airport. _ Home from the Welcome party de commander Byrd and scout Paul Toledo 0., Juno Seiple of Erie who accompanied the two people Are dead Here today and in Maine in borne through total expenditure than that Between j Anthony m. Rufful jr., and explorer on his expedition to the South a Detroit air plane Pilot is in a critical i in Tea r 1-.__i _ out the any other two countries in the for weeks it is said had the review said. Canadians in been hoping the child would be a boy United states spent about some Day May Fly last year. The air lanes at least some of the skill of his illustrious mrs. Evangeline Lindbergh Mother of was expected to come to Englewood from her Home in Grosse Pointe Detroit. The total merchandise Trade be tween these two nations is now greater than Between any other two coun tries and necessitates Many business Tours across the Frontier. Each nation maintains numerous Branch plants in three others when car is hit at Mill Road Cross ing by fast express train one victim his the arrival of the Lindbergh baby the other. Investments of United Absecon Ruffu or 23. Condition in a local Hospital As the the car a Franklin Sedan carrying a result of the explosion of the gasoline number of scouts left the Highway on tank of their air plane a moment after the bad Skunk hollow curve near the ship crashed in a Cornfield near Dubois and did not come to a Stop the municipal Airport yesterday until it had turned Over three times afternoon. One boy received a broken Arm and Joseph a Villeneauve 45, and his c m another had his hand broken while i wife Winifred were burned to support manager Anthony several were bumped and shaken up. I death. Kenneth the Pilot was pitching with Strong Bones were seriously burned when he attempted residents went to the Morrow estate a is credited with almost a billion i continued on rage two they continued their journey were which Home. Delaware co. Negro Dies at Rockview killed policeman Rockview Penitentiary Bellefonte pa., june 23. Ins Pierce 31, a Delaware county died in the electric chair Here this morning for the fatal shooting of Frank Kowalski a Chester police Man last december 16. Rev. A. E. Mann negro Nastor of Media accompanied Pierce in his walk to the chair. Pierce said nothing and was quickly strapped to the chair. Robert Ellit official executioner from new York state threw the switch. Pierce was charged with fatally shooting Kowalski when the officer at tempted to take from him a revolver person the United states a Lead the escaped maniac attacks boy and chokes him Effort the distinction both machine. Local couple to Nave which Clear fled county 18 included. In the Southi Rii tier of new York it mated thai several Hundred Vitex have been offered from thin territory. Ever since the building of a new prison became a possibility the chamber of Commerce Hax been keep ing n touch with thu chamber has Aasum blvd. During months of attention to the All push ably pertinent facts concerning the me Here and the of location. These facts and figures were submit us to the government along with the panoramic View made recently. When the inspection of the Wal will be made ban not been inti mated. Government advice to the chamber of com Nitice i limply that an inspection will be made. Whether the local interests will of Tho inspection or whether it will made without notification could not Learned. Whether the be to manager Paul Smith s fast step Morrow or not until wet year Clear Ping Ball club added another league Field s proposition will in in victim to Belt when they Down for immediate examination in every of being the first int. Houtzdale team saturday of detail to the work of Cham their marriage at the driving Park for the Ber of Commerce and in broadcast by radio is fourth time season in As Many to erected in the land involved. Of the contest his passengers from the Bat work and win he 6-2 score marriage announcement won t from Houtzdale broadcast by radio wrecked and the Mavor and others left the Highway running Down 6ver a were believed to have met instant Steep embankment. Both machine Hrna dra the radio t death. Were badly wrecked but none of the or mrs Clar the automobile was completely occupants of either car received As Thuv Wavro United in wrecked and the mayor and others much As a scratch which is consider was r to 2 were instantly killed. Teh Accident of de to be nothing Short of a Miracle Saturn fax after smitty the curved at the Mill Road crossing while considering the nature of the Accident registered_hi3 second Vic the party were returning from an and the damage done to both cars. Philadelphia june Outing at Absecon Duck Pond. They apparently failed to note the approach of the train a Philadelphia Atlantic domonic Capabianco 29, an escaped City express As they sped toward the madman from the Byberry insane unguarded crossing. Asylum is Back in that institution i the car and occupants were hurled today following his attack on Cosmos than and fragments of Carranzo 5, which threw residents vehicle were littered along the in the Vicinity of the youngster s right of Way. State troopers removed the Home of aunt in Jersey Shore saturday noon june 21st, and immediately the portly Pilot after the ceremony friends notified although a Hittle wild in spots was the radio station at Williamsport never in real danger after his mates whence the news was broadcast Over had him a Lead and the entire country. Away Job Fine style. He mrs Britton before her seven Safe blows but Man was miss Florence Straw a popular la owl keep them scattered. In did the 3 county school districts fared Well from state Home into panic last night. The bodies to Pleasantville where the red Forsythe sought As killer was miss Urence Loraw a popular i Imon of Ai Fred Lingle Street. Or. Britton has been employ-1 visitors hj9 delivery for More Sylvania by the state of de for the past couple years As a Lino i than one n t when they raped out in traction year a report Type operator for the Progress. Both it x.t1___ from the department Clearfield county received almost one half of the entire amount of ape Given school of Penn Capabianco committed to the in body of the mayor was Identie by the Stit ution As a violent patient made his getaway yesterday and so terrific was the crash that the. Tempted to take from him a revolver his getaway yesterday and became i re -1 i fhe actual he had been brandishing in a restau i enraged when neighbors recognized ayn t engine was disabled find an cent definitely abused As the Arnid rant. He had been threatening to him after he returned to his former i other engine from Atlantic City was Assassin of Alfred . Shoot up the it was charged Home Here. He seized Young Carran i despatched to Complete the train s Tribune reporter Type operator for the Progress. Both Are Well known Here and have great an june 23 numbers of friends who Are wishing Forsythe alias Faw them the greatest happiness. By w. F. Peterson i. N. S. Staff correspondent score Pitcher or. And mrs. Britton will a Theette Isa had returned and the proprietor called in Kowalski. To and was choking him when police run when Kowalski attempted to place arrived and took him into custody. Him under arrest. Pierce refused Young Cosmos lost can i War Lytfi orders give up and shot the officer fatally seriousness he was none the worse wounding him. For his experience today. The state Board of pardons last week refused to commute the sen tence of death to life imprisonment. Reading diver misjudged depth of Pool is killed Reading june 23. New Castle girl missing since saturday night 876 engines Cost Over five million accusation of Forsyth came after a dogmatic assertion by a High to 1 be official last saturday that the Slayer was known. Lingle was put on the spot just two weeks ago today. His murder signalized a concerted drive against gang land. From a Short motor trip a lot of Speed and an assortment of benders which baffled our boys in All Nln my. N but the fourth and eighth innings Rhu Vuie mine Foreman what they Buncia solid was scored a Trio of tallies on each from the department the total paid out in special Aid and three in Clearfield Harold Tair right hander county received that urn and a newcomer in the league by Wpm Borough got which reached the Schoola from and saved the Necca atty of by furn Hinr which to Vang Orer due teachers ship received township rot by a acis take in the entire state caught in Gas explosion Rne contest although one sided score was close and Al i. J a. June 23. Most game until the eighth fifteen school in 10 differ Washington. June 23. New Castle a of Trude Mcarthur 18-year-old store the Pratt and Whitney aircraft co. A. Paduono 50, a mine inning when the scored their is authorities today Bent every Effort superintendent of Butler pa., was last three runs. Up until that time Rubn raiment. Ins to Keatherin which might killed instantly today when a Gas sex. They were leading by Only a to y. K Marker and the Viborg the received Aid. Centre. Fayette ing run on the sacks almost every and counties each rewired Aid Frame in a position where a hit would Tor two have scored the base runner. The War department today announce bring an indictment against Forsythe Losion partially wrecked the Plum a., june 23. De awards of contracts for 876 air by the grand jury which is expected Ville mine of the consolidated Coa f miss Ger a plane engines totalling to get under was this week. And Coke company at Plumville near get under Forsythe is a reputed Henchman of Here. Misjudging the depth the he were informed that the girl Vic a Teti a j f. I i Ftp clerk were broadcast today when to of Hartford conn., will furnish the Moran Aiello gang a rival of the Paduono was the Only person in the Houtzdale scored the first ran of warmer with lira Skof in Nunt Cal mind when tha a Lect it Cha in motors Al Capone organization. Lingle was mine when the blast let go. The contest in the third Frame on two William f. Lefevre 21, was been missing since late saturday spare parts for and the a Friend of capote and several times the Colliery a been operated Only passes and a double. Hot Chinam Drew i weather Outlook for killed instantly when he struck his night. Curtiss air plane and motor co. A visited him at Miami. Three Days a week. Today was one of the first walk but was immediately monday Jane 21, to head on the tiled Bottom of a swim-1 miss Mcarthur and Gladys Vaughn subsidiary of the Curtiss Wright a year ago Forsyth was sentenced the off Days had the full complement forced at second by Domonik. 28. Inclusive Ming Pool near Here yesterday. His her chum returned from Cascade corporation will deliver 40 Model to a year in the House of correction of miners been in the mines it was Pitcher Lewis got hold of one of1 Ohio Valley and t body was discovered by other bathers Park and parted a few blocks Fromid-12-3 420-horsepower engines and and fined on gup toting charges said a major tragedy probably would smitty s fast ones and teed it far i will be a period of who noticed the discoloured water. Miss Mcarthur s Home on parts and 152 Model v-1570 the appellate court has just confirm have resulted. Back into left Field for two and tuesday and Bloom from a deep Gash m the fore night. The girl has not been seen 600-horsepower motors for de the sentence and unless Forsythe Paduono is survived by his widow Joe crossed the plate. George Dow a Day. Head had diluted the Pool seen since that time. J896.21, surrenders his Bond will be forfeited and children. Continued on Page five 1 newspaper

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