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Clearfield Progress Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 1

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Progress, The (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Clearfield, PennsylvaniaI i ill 1 Good evening putting something away for a Rainy Day requires a. Longer stretch of Clear weather than it used to. The Progress the weather Snow tonight forecast Page 64 60th december 10 conies pages today hews highlights. It St on i rime increase by the associated press Washington crime in. The United states in creased 10 per cent during the first nine months of this year compared with the same period in the Fri said today. Robbery increased 15 per cent. Murder s per aggravated assault 1 per cent and forcible rape 2 per tie Fri said. Armed which accounts for two thirds of robbery increased 18 per cent during fee nine month the Fri and aggravated assaults with firearms increased 10 per cent. Egypt gets Aid offer 3ioscow the soviet Union said today it is prepared to expand military and economic Aid to Egypt. A Kremlin communique said the pledge was made to vice president Ali Sabry and other egyptian visitors at a meeting in Moscow. Sabry met in the Kremlin with communist part chief Leonid i. Berezh Premier Alexei x. Kosygin and president Nikolai v. Podgorny. Another round of talks was set for tues Day. The egyptians arrived in Moscow on sunday. Israel Grants permits Bethlehem Israel has granted permits to 200 arabs from Egypt. Kuwait and Lebanon to attend Christmas rites in occupied the Interior said today. Since Israel seized Christ s birth place from Jordan in the 19s7 it has admitted Insall numbers of residents of Arab states for Christmas services after a Security Check. Yuletide preparations accelerated in the Little Towa spending its fourth Christmas under israeli Rule. Heath offers View Washington if american troops need Protection while withdrawing from South then bombing of the North would be says British prime minister Edward Heath. As for the likelihood of renewed bombing. Heath said president Nixon carrying out an honorable withdrawal and if in this process there is difficulty from North then he is bound to take action. He must do this to protect his Heath said. Maheu May continue fight Las Nev. Robert a. Ousted As head of Howard s300 million Nevada Empire after a bitter court is considering whether to take further Legal his lawyer says. Morion a Lane. Who conferred with Maheu said no decision has yet been reached on whether to continue Battle against Hughes tool co. Directors who fired Maheu dec. 4 but had to go to court to make it stick. Halsne said facets of the Case Are being carefully Oil found on Shoreline new Orleans patches of crude Oil from a burning offshore drilling platform were found sunday washed up on a 20-mile stretch of Louisiana s marshy coastline. A spokesman for Shell Oil co. Which operates the work said a chemical agent had been _ sprayed along part of the coastline darkened by the Slicks in an Experiment to contain them. The affected coastline includes the Federal Wisner wildlife manage ment a Hunting area that is the Winter Home of ducks and other species of Birds. Troop reduction planned Tokyo u. S. Officials in Japan and Okinawa announced today that american forces will be reduced by 17.000 men in the next six months. The joint Security consultative committee announced that about 22.000 troops and a like number of japanese employees would be affected in Japan. The u. S. High commissioner in it. Gen. James p. Lam said about a. S. Servicemen and 2.soo okinawan employees would be affected on the which is due to be returned to Japan in 1972. Leaders defy harassment Berlin West German leaders of Chancellor Willy Brandt s social democratic party met in West Berlin today in Defiance of East German harassment of Road traffic to and from the beleaguered City. It was the third Day that the communists had delayed traffic on the autobahn to signify their displeasure with the holding of a West German political meeting in West Berlin. Trucks and cars were hel3 up for As much As sine hours. Shipping protocol signed Moscow the soviet Union and communist China have signed a shipping protocol for Border including one where their troops fought last year. Moscow radio said the agreement covered the Argun and Songhua Rivers and Lake Khanfa. But neither the broadcast nor an announcement in Tass gave any details of the protocol. Both the russians and the chinese suffered casualties in fighting along the ussury River in March i9s9 and each Side blamed the other for starting it. Riot triggered spying Detroit a former army intelligence agent says the service greatly expanded Domestic spying after the Detroit riot of 1s67 exposed gaps in its knowledge of possible civil dissenters. In a Telephone interview quoted by the Detroit free press. Ralph m. An sex agent living in n. Said that prior to this riot army had Only a few people in washing ton monitoring newspapers and reports. Missing gis located the american red Cross said today it had located about s5 per cent of 300 u. S. Servicemen in Vietnam who did t know they had two week Home leaves arranged. The Relief Agency said pan american airways asked for help because it was swamped with round trip bookings made by relatives of gis. Agreed to locate the men and notify them but the Job proved beyond the airline s a red Cross spokesman said Pope urges prayers Vatican City Pope Paul Howing no sign of last week s influenza has urged Christmas season prayers for world peace. Speaking from his window sunday to romans and tourists in St. Peter s the 73-year-old pontiff referred to la and formidable and the recourse to oppression and he left the window with a ringing a merry Christmas to new polish regime will revise by Nicholas Lul Litos associated press writer Warsaw Poland s new communist leadership Indi Cates it will revise the economic plans that spawned last week s rioting and will maintain total allegiance to Moscow. Its future course is unclear. Western observers con Sider the new party first Secre tary Edward Gierek a dedicated communist identified with Nei ther the Liberal nor the nationalistic party factions. Radio Warsaw san Day that the party s top economist and party Secretary of had replaced Wladys Law who resigned along with president Marian spy Hakki and three members or the politburo. A Parent in Premier Jozef Cyras z was not affected. 17 injured in m a. Area highways Progress Penoro route 879 crash injured six persons. Despite Good driving conditions Over the the Accident toll in the tre counties area took a Sharp surge upward with 17 persons injured in 11 Highway accidents. Damage totalled admitted to the Cle Arneld Hospital James c. Punxsutawney r. D. Bruises and Brush Burns of the hands and satisfactory Roger Dixon. Of Nichols possible internal Satis factory and mrs. Ana Marie 32. Of 311 w. Locust cuts of Scalp and possible head and Back fair condition. Admitted to the mercy hos Pital at Altoona were four per sons Hurt in a two car Accident near Coalport saturday night. They Roger l. Adams. 21. Frinton r. D. Brush Burns and possible fair his 23. Possible concussion and cervical fair Gerald 31. Coalport r. A. Brush Burns and fair his wife 30. Brush cuts and possible concus fair condition. Wilbur Luzier. 24. Of Woodland r. D. Was admitted to the Phil Christmas tree allergy nothing to sneeze at Progress Holiday hangup an allergy at age can be bad enough but when you re Young and happen to be allergic to Christmas Trees it makes if All the worse. That s the Case these two 9-year-old Robbie by Edward e. Morgan Progress staff writer David and Robbie have an awful lot in common. Their fathers Are employed by Bell Telephone co. Each has two older Sisters. And they both have the same gosh Dara hangup at christmastime. They re allergic to Christmas Trees. Put them in an enclosed room with a tree and in no time the symptoms begin to appear. Son of Bell s Clearfield District manager and mrs. R. L. Golden Rod Breaks out in a gets the literally puffs up and coughs. Son of or. And Blair be gins an almost continuous cough and wheeze. Having to substitute the real thing with an artificial tree is bad especially at that age. But these youngsters can t even go visiting friends Over the or to Church or anywhere else where a genuine Christmas tree stands. Both boys also Are allergic to animal fur so pets Sre a too. David s condition is aggravated further by Dairy pro ducts and chocolate. Recently he was invited to a birthday party. The menu called for chocolate cake and ice of course. David went but he took his own party Chow the kind that is for him. While David May hold the Edge in the number of things which can give him a Robbie requires a great Deal More medication. Once each week he is subjected to a shot of special serum to help build his immunity to infection. Of Curwen Svihel and David of Clear who Are looking ahead to next Friday with mixed emotions Over doctors orders for an artificial free. He loves and participates in All kinds of sports but Only recently had to drop out of the elementary school wrestling program. I m Down underneath on the mat it feels like i m going to he told his Mother. The other Day his Mother asked him to vast be disliked most about having asthma. He thought for a moment and then bothers me most is that i can t no As fast As the other David s allergy to Trees was discovered five years ago just before Christmas. Sisters Betsy and who then 10 and 7 weren t too Happy about giving up the tree but there just was t any Choice. It had to go. So it went to the lights and All. Where it remained in All its glory for the Benefit of the and an aluminium tree was hurriedly borrowed from a neighbor for the Ulery living room. Last Christmas eve when a lot of people were just decorating their the winks were taking theirs Down. Hobble developed a terrible cough and wheeze late in the Day and it was then that the doctor determined it was the tree that was causing the problem. Sadly but dutifully. Robbie s 14. And removed All the trimmings and dad discarded the tree outside. By then All the stores had closed but mrs. Irene Robbie s came to the Rescue with an aluminium tree. Although still Beautiful big Gree Trees now Grace the living rooms of the Uleys and the winks. They even look almost. More the boys have stopped coughing. Isburg state and j. Robert admitted to the Centre county Community Hospital. Both Are in fair condition. Also treated at the Clearfield Hospital and released mrs. Gertrude e. 43. Of Curwen Svihel r. D. Her Edgar mover. 55. Yera Juliard. La and James f. 25. Of 311 w. Locust Clear Field. Treated at the Philipsburg general Hospital Edward p. Clear fiem. And James a. Barnett. Of Woodland r. D. Two of the accidents occurred within five minutes of each other saturday night on the same Sec Tion of route s79 near the hog please turn to Page col 4 court splits decisions on voting ape by Barry sch Tveidt associated press writer Washington a splintered supreme court up held today the key provision of the 1970 Federal voting rights giving the vote to 18-year Olds in presidential and congressional elections. At the same the court approved by a 8-1 vote the Law s abolition of Long residence requirements for for presi Dent and by a unanimous vote the suspension of literacy tests they exist in the coun try for five years. But the court turned around and ruled Congress has no Power to order the states to allow 18-year-Olds to vote in state and. Local elections. These four conclusions by the court in judging the 1970 Law produced by four separate lineups. Justice Hugo l. Black was the key Man so far As the 18-year-old vote was concerned. The ruling in the last Public session of the year took several Hundred pages to set Forth the justices views. On the 18-year-old Issue. Jus Tice Hugo l. Black swung the significant fifth a and justices William 0. William j. Brennanjr. Byron s. White and Thurgood mar shall formed the majority to hold that Congress has the constitutional Power to enfranchise 38-year-old citizens for National elections. Black swung to join chief Justice Warren e. John m. Harlan. Potter Stewart and Harry a. Blackgum to bar any interference by Congress the age for voters set by the states for state and local elections. Only Harlan from the abolition of residence requirements of More than so Days. The 1970 Law had lowered the voting age to 18 for All kinds of state and local beginning Jan. Days from Oregon and Texas had sued in the court against enforcement of the is year old Ari Zona had fought the literacy test ban and Idaho had opposed both the residence and 18-year-old provisions. The states maintain the Law takes away from them Powers reserved to the states by the Constitution to control their own elections. Sack traced to 1s19 supreme court recognition of the Power of Congress to regulate National elections. Miners return Osceola Mills the 132 employees of the Rushion Coal company Are Back at work to Day following a Brief strike that started thursday night in s. Dispute Over overtime work. There no announcement that Spye Haliski had resigned the presidency or that a new president had been named. Bat since he was purged from the it seemed unlikely that he would continue in the presidency. Gierek s Success in keeping his Home province quiet was seen As a key to is promotion. As bloody riots Shook Szczecin ssi seaport and Industrial centers a the remained quiet in Industrial where Vio Lence was widespread during the bread riots that brought go Mulka to in 195s. Last week s disturbances be Gan after the Gomulka regime raised prices 17 to 20 per cent on clothing and other essentials in a prelude to a new five year plan that was to begin next month. In a television address after his Gierek will have to reconsider carefully the problem of the economic plan for next year and for the whole five year the he resulted from concepts in economic policy. We will remove he said his administration will consult working class and Intelli he said hostile forces cannot us astray or return us from the Road of socialism. We Are going together with the whole great socialist Community and chiefly with our tested Friend and the soviet in radio Warsaw said the party s Central committee instructed the new regime to consider for improving the material situation of Low Waga families with Many As a result of the change in have suffered most severe losses in their observers anticipated bonuses or wage raises will be Given to compensate for the increased living costs. The riot stricken cities apparently were quiet today. Warsaw radio said workers in Gdansk and Gdynia had returned to work but did not mention Szczes hit hardest by the disorders. Telephone lines to Gdansk remained Down and. Its Airport closed to regular traffic a week after the riots began there.-. Troops were believed still occupying and a source reported from Gdansk that tanks were on the streets end a nighttime curfew remained in Force. Damage at Gdansk alone was estimated at s3.5 million. The polish Trade Union news paper gios Pracy called the leadership change a turning Point and praised Gierek s Tele vision address. A mining Engineer whose first Job was in a French Coal mine at age of Gierek is now 57. Me developed an efficient party machinery in Silesia you can Stih get poof ticket memberships to the Clear fiem Community swimming will be available tonight from. 7 to 9 o clock at the j. S. Raab shoe store on East Market Street. In they Are on Sale in the association office on the second floor of the Progress from a. M. Until 5 p. M. Daily until Christmas. A free gift certificate is included with All memberships. Additional information is available by calling 764-4951. School bids due Harrisburg the stats Public school building authority announced today that it will receive bids Here Jan. 21 for construction of a new elementary school for the West Branch area school District in Clearfield county. The authority said it reserves the right to reject any bid or any part of a bid. Inside the Progress Christmas Story 12 Church news 23 classified ads 22 comics 27 deaths 9 columns 4 hints from hcloisc.24 Hospital news in More political news 23 sports 19 social news 24 social Security news 2 state news 23 today in history. 16

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