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Clearfield Progress Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 1

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Progress, The (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Star tracking Capricorn surprises abound saturday april 5 Capricorn dec. 22-Jan 20 someone seems to Delight in shocking and springing surprises. And what you learn or discover May be hard to take particularly As far As a business association is concerned. Aquarius Jan. 21-feb. 18 you Are now in a Tricky situation. Aquarius is said to be a rather dispassionate sign but even you could Wio Muu i Mai cinemas v police Academy Iii pc daily 7 25, 9 23 . 1 40, 4 13, 7 25, 9 23 april fools Day r daily 7 43, 10 00 sat. & Sun 3 15,5 15,7 45, 10 00 wed. 1 30, 3 15, 5 15, 7 45. 10 00 Gung to pg-13 daily 7 10, 9 35 . 2 00, 4 30, 7 10, 9 35 the Money pit pm daily 7 00, 9 15 . 1 50,4 00,7 00, 9 15 Rad pm daily 7 30 . 2 15, 7 30 Only care bears 11 g Friday 6 00 saturday 1 30 Black Moon rising r daily 9 50 . 4 45, 9 50 ?2cp. if ii 13 be Well out of your depth and if matters of a highly personal nature Are to be handled successfully you must admit to having made some mistakes. Pisces feb. 19-March 20 the Days when you could indulge in those Piscen fancies and fantasies Are Well and truly Over. In fact you will be facing up to a lot of harsh realities now. Aries March 21-april 20 now you really do need your wits about you and should grasp any Opportunity to impress employers or people in positions of Power with your flair imagination Ritz twin Clear fitted phone 76s-5s33 o now showing Young Sherlock  Holmes c now showing pretty in Pink Morgain nights men. Mini if. Ami rim Amli $3.50 staler Otiitni-sl.50 Cin Emette n theatres l1 Rowland now showing pretty in Pink pm 7 15-9 15 matinee sat. & Sun. 2 . All seats $2.00 Clearfield Community concert association presents the Manhattan rhythm kinq5 in an american Sampler popular Musk from 1900-1940 ragtime jazz swing wednesday april 9-8 . Please note change from april 5 to april 9 Clearfield Middle school auditorium Curwensville area High school drama club presents imm i Hill i a babes Ark j Curwensville area High school auditorium april 11 and 12 at 8 00 . Adults $3.50 elementary $2.50 tickets available at City drug a store or at Box office before each performance. A giant a. Sunday april 6 2 30 . Christ the King Parish Center Brisbin St. Route 153 Houtzdale a. Cash prizes holy name society Martin Slifko-814-378-7673 persons 18 and under admitted if accompanied by an adult. Everyone must have a paid admission. Plenty of room ? plenty of parking sunday a. At 7 30 Clara St. Hall Corner Brisbin and Clara St. 360-53 ? 50-5 ? 220-46 Altor Rosary society Mary Ann Knuth 378-8448 come and enjoy the finest a Date to remember sunday april 6, 1986-7 . St. Agnes super but. Agnes social Hall Morrisdale Rev. William f. Presley Cash prizes 20-regular games 5-specials 4-door prizes 1-extra special 1 three Way split prizes the same As last year 5 and 5 books of specials with admission 1 extra cards & specials can be obtained and dedication. Taurus april 21-May 12 circumstances May have forced you to remain silent recently to diffuse awkward or near explosive situations with loved ones and close associates. Not any longer. Gemini May 22-june21 a proposal made by a colleague or business associate should be Given serious consideration. It May not seem to fulfil All your requirements cancer june 22-july 23 just How much you have going for you will be hard to Johore now. Leo july 24-aug. 23 Mars Well Asp acted by Venus Means you can now Channel your energies in the right direction. Arrange important meetings and discussions and generally further plans related to your work or career that have had to be Laid aside recently. Virgo aug. 24-sept. 23 if you know you have too Many Irons in the fire then this is the perfect time to with draw a few of them. Libra sept. 24-oct. 23 Venus your ruler rather dominates the heavens today and you in turn should be at your most confident and determined. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 let things take their own course for a while because there really is no reason to ram the message Home. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 you seem to have blown hot and cold Over major changes affecting both your career and your finances. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 20 wednesday s new Moon will show you Why so much has to be rejected and Why for both personal and professional reasons you can no longer live your life according to others wishes or rules. Aquarius Jan. 21-feb. 18 because the new Moon on wednesday Falls in Aries some kind of a Power struggle is Likely to take place which will prevent you from travelling very far afield. Pisces feb. 19-March 20 you May feel upset out of sorts and not in the mood to Cope with any More tantrums or dramas from a relative or close associate. Aries March 21-april 20 for a Long time now you seem to have procrastinated Over a major move or upheaval. Alternatively you have been so bowed Down by financial difficulties you Felt you could not take the risk. Now you must. The new Moon in Aries this week urges you to break a few rules and forget about upsetting loved ones. Go with All Speed to where instinctively you feel you belong. Taurus april 21-May 21 Ever since the Sun entered Aries on March 21, you seem to have experienced nothing but arguments and disappointments. However the new Moon on wednesday will enable you to retaliate broaden your scope accept a new career offer and devote All your attention to developing your creative abilities rather than Haggle Over possessions or commitments. Gemini May 22-june 21 no one can be More sympathetic caring and generous than a typical gemini and you really Don t have to change your ways Only realize this is your time to collect to seek favors and ask those who owe you a great Deal for support. This is also a period when both at Home and at work there should be Joy and appreciation rather than mistrust and aggravation. Cancer june 22-july 23 challenging aspects now stress the need to gain the support of partners Settle important issues and above All Force yourself to let go and alter All outmoded routines and methods. Then and Only then will you Benefit from the unique new Moon on wednesday. What is new untried and unusual can make you More successful and contented than you have Ever been. Leo july 24-aug. 23 what has recently come to Light has probably shattered a few dreams and your Faith in certain individuals. However if you continue to remain above the Battle and refuse to become involved in any More discussions and conflicts you will see a whole new lifestyle is yours for the asking and that your unique abilities can be put to better use else wherein Virgo aug. 24-sept. 23 what you say and do now will be used As evidence in the latter part of 1986. Therefore think Long and hard this week before going into Battle. Someone owes you a great Deal and not Only in a material sense but because of the support you gave and the efforts and sacrifices you made. However to play the role of judge and jury now would be to lose any Chance of a final settlement or reconciliation. Libra sept. 24-oct. 23 an association must have been fraught with obstacles and difficulties recently and it is still too Early to predict How the final scene will be played out and when. However this should be a rare and reassuring week. So forget about your material welfare for a while and do everything in your Power to ensure that permanent solutions to Long drawn out emotional problems Are found. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 having proved just How Resolute and determined you can be Over career and professional matters now you must do the same with those who have taken your loyalty Devotion and generosity for granted. Obviously therefore this is Likely to be a trying and at times emotionally upsetting week. But everything has to be Well defined and your opinions and position Over Long term plans or commitments must be made Clear. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 even with your renowned vitality and curiosity you could feel the going is a Little too hectic now. You do need some time alone with a partner or associate to work out a problem if enough affection Trust and loyalty remains to make a fresh Start. But in one area you May be out of your depth work and either you accept certain rules or proposals or go in search of something More mentally stimulating As Well As secure. Copyright 1966 news America Syndicate try our Chuck Wagon Buffet the Corral restaurant Clearfield Plaia 1-80, exit 19andrte. 879 765-5321 sunday Brunch served Kiwy sunday 10 i 2 5.45 an All you can eat Breo Pfost Kindi Coati Binotto that includes our fabulous 1-80 exit 19 Clearfield indfpenden7 worldwide i doing my kill amex Simsw Cable of Clearfield 765-5313 335 e. 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