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Clare Northern Argus Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 4

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Clare Northern Argus (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Clare, South Australia National Library of Australia looking Forward. From Texas siting time. 1940. Union Hall. Chairman of employers committee to chairman of Union committee with great meekness we have come gentlemen to esk the privilege of patting More capital in our business. Union chairman gruffly you have deceived us then. We supposed you had put All your capital into7 your business. Employers chairman we kept a Little Back for an emergency. Union chairman haughtily bring the Money Here we will invest it for you. Employers chairman we Haven t received from oar employee s the percentage coming to As for last year s business. Union chairman that will be attended to in due time. We had More than the usual number of onion balls and Union picnics last year and according to the rules of the Union the expense must be borne by employers. Have you been informed of the new Holiday the Union Hae created ? employers chairman aghast a new Holiday Why the working men have three holidays every week already without counting sunday and the saturday three quarters Holiday. Union chairman sternly it makes no difference. The working Man owns the Earth now and he can make every Day of the week a Holiday if he choose. Employers chairman in t it a Little hard to Pake us pay Bur men double wages on a Holiday ? Union chairman i Don t think it is. You see the working Man s expenses go on just the same on a Holiday As on any other Day and he wants As much More to spend. Employers chairman but we have no holidays at All. Union chairman Yon Don t need any. It would Only be a temptation to spend Money that belongs by right to the Labouring Man any other complaints to make p employers chairman boat new Rule requiring us to act As nurses for our employee s when they Are ill furnishing Medicine at our own expense is oppressive. I Haven t had a Good night s rest since the Rule went into effect. Union a airman can t help it. It is the Doty of an employer to look after the health of his men. Anything More ? be Quick about it looking at his watch our committee is engaged to Dine together at Delmonico e at 6, and we have a theatre Patty arranged for the evening a compliment from the scene shifters Union who Are running All the theatres in new York now. Employers chairman hesitatingly t wanted to ask the Union if i might be allowed to retire from business at the end of the year. Union chairman retire from business ? no we Don t allow any Man to retire from business while he has breath or a cent. What d be suppose the Union in for ? now git. Smokeless powder of War in the future. It is difficult to forecast the effect of the adoption of smokeless and comparatively noiseless powder. Lord Wolseley Taaje that it will be necessary for flankers advanced guards and pickets to adopt some other method of conveying warning to the main body than the discharge of rifles. I confess that i cannot take the same View for it will Only be necessary to Supply those watching Over the Security of the army with a few Ordinary cartridges to enable the old method of warning to continue and be effective. Smokeless and noiseless powder will however enable a body of troops concealed behind a hedge Bushes &c., to fire for several minutes before their exact Posi Tion can be discovered and during that time the living targets will be prevented from replying. This non betrayal of presence by smoke will be of immense advantage to rear guards and other comparatively email detachments. Hitherto it has been an accepted axiom that detached troops unprovided with special orders should March to the Cannon with the introduction of the new powder the Cannon will not be heard or seen at a Dis Tance to the axiom will become obsolete. Another effect of the adoption of such powder will be that there being no smoke to baffle the and conceal the object the fire both of artillery and rifles will be More destructive. The number of casualties will also be augmented by the increased Range and flatter trajectory of artillery and Small arms which will cause the assailants to be a longer time under fire than formerly. Will the increased destructive fire of Wea Pons increase the number of killed and wounded in Battle it is difficult to fore Tell but judging from the facts supplied by military history i am inclined to think that the proportion of casualties will if anything diminish As regards the whole army while As regards particular divisions or even army crops the loss will be in finitely greater indeed we May look to certain regiments being almost literally annihilated. Colonel w. W. Nollye in fortnightly review. A Young Bride read Mother Shipton e prophecy for the first time the other Day. Just my Luck she exclaimed throwing Down the paper. Here � am newly married and now the world is coming to an end an englishman. Was. Lounging Home rather late one night at Rome. A Man going by jostled against him. The English Man whole suspicions were aroused in stantly Felt for his watch. It was gone he saw the fellow hurrying away Down the Road and he was not the Man to lose a Good Gold watch without a struggle so shouting give me the watch he started in Pursuit. The Man he was following took to his heels and ran away towards the a urinal. At last fairly run Down he banded Over the watch and made off. The englishman proud of his country and himself returned to the hotel and there on his table to his stupefaction and Surprise saw his own watch. The next Day it was known about Rome that a French gentleman had been hunted Down by a powerful Ruffian and robbed near the Quirinale. Wife s Soh Happs is the most popular tonic and stimulant in the world. Beware of imitation. Prevention is better than cure there fore use womb s celebrated schnapps which is a preventative of diseases. We can recommend Wolfe s schnapps As the most suitable inv Graat stimulant and restorative known. The medical profession certifies that Wolfe s schnapps in the purest stimulant Procura e. She As he places his around her Waist Stop right where you Are sir he taking a firmer hold willingly my dear the heroine s boat. The Entrance to Havana Harbor is guarded by Morro Castle occupied by a Garrison of about 200 men. Several years ago the heat became very intense and All the inhabitants of the Region were stricken with fear of the yellow fever Havana s deadliest Scourge. At length news was received that the disease had actually broken out at the Castle and the authorities decided that the Garrison must be Cut off from communication with those outside. Day by Day the heat grew More intense and the signal of distress waved in vain from the Castle s Flagstaff. The inmates were known to be in terrible need of food and Medicine yet no one dared Brave infection so far a to go to their Relief. At Sunset each Day crowds gathered upon the piers to watch the funeral processions wind Down the Hill to the Garrison Ceme Tery. The accompanying salutes told the number which had succumbed thus far to the plague and it was known that the poor Fellows were dying by the score. Oue morning the heat was More intense Thau Ever and the Waters of the Bay shone like burnished steel. All Havana seemed to be gathered on the pier to watch the spot where death reigned triumphant. Suddenly a boat loaded with provisions and Medicine began its Progress towards the Castle its sole occupant was a woman. A loud shout probe from Shore to Shore. Ashamed of their delay Many offered themselves As volunteers but the messenger of mercy refused. She stopped Long enough to say i am alone. From All Havana not one regret will follow me. It is better that i should go than someone upon whom others depend. Good Bye then she Bent to her oars and Only stopped exhausted when she was beneath the Castle Walls. Those watching her could flee that the Brave Fellows of the Garrison at first re fused her admission but at length their faint resistance ceased and they carried her inside the plague smitten Walls. As the Days passed the number of salutes Over the dead diminished and one morning when a Cool Breeze came from the North the signal of distress was lowered and again the Spanish Flag floated proudly Over the Castle. Instantly the Bay was dotted with boats for a Havana wished to visit the Garrison and congratulate those who remained alive. There they Learned beyond a doubt that not one life would have been preserved had it not been for the timely re Lief offered by this Brave woman. The Noble woman not Only became the idol of Havana but the wife of the governor of the Castle. Doubtless he had Learned to know her Well during their terrible imprison ment. Fond Mamma i am glad you enjoyed yourself at mrs. Manners and i Hope she noticed How carefully you had been brought up. You did not ask twice for pudding did you ? Small Eon no indeed a i did t have to. Every time i finished and began scraping the plate with the spoon Aud smacking my lips the servant came and brought me some More without saying a word a Banister who is shortly going to enter the holy estate of Matrimony was seen scribbling on his Brief the other Day in court. Later in the Day his clerk happen ing to glance at the writing read these old lines fee simple or a simple fee and All the fees entail Are nothing when com pared to thee thou Best of fees female i it is time Yon took a wife Eaid Sheridan to his son. Whose shall i take ? inquired the Young hopeful. Holloway s ointment and pills Are the Best the cheapest and the most popular of remedies. The seasons change and circumstances vary Bat these remedies can always be used with certainty and with safety. Eruptions Raheb and diseases sores ulcerations and Burns Are presently benefited and ultimately cured by Medica ments. The ointment rubbed upon the Abdomen checks irritation in the bowels averting and caring diarrhoea and other disorders of the intestines frequently prevailing through the summer and fruit seasons. Heat lumps blotches pimples inflammations of the Ekin muscular pains neuralgia affections and enlarged glands can be effectively overcome by using Hollo Way s remedies according to the instructions accompanying every packet. Sander & sons Euca Lyyti extract. T ten her the distinguished patronage of Hie a majesty the King of Italy As per communication made by the minister for foreign affairs through the Consul general for Italy at Melbourne 14th much 1878. Awarded diploma at the Amsterdam exhibition 1883, acknowledged by the medical Olivics and universities All Over the Globe. There Are imitations of Euca Lyyti extract in the Market products of simple distillation forming crude resinous oils. In order thai these crude oils May cot be taken for our pure volatile Eula Lyyti extract which is recognised by the medical division of the prussian government to be of perfectly pure origin a per information forwarded to us through the Consul a Melbourne 2nd March 1878, we state it is proved by tests made by the medical clinics of the universities at Bonn and grief Swald Prussia and reported by or. Shulz professor of pharmacology at Bonn and professor or. Mosler director of the medical clinic at grief Swald that Only pro ducts that Are saturated with oxygen and freed of acids resinous and other substances adherent to primary distillation will develop the Santive qualities proper to the Plant. All crude oils or so called Euca Lyyti extracts Are to be classed according to the named authorities among the turpentine which Are of insignificant medicinal value and abandoned Long since As an internal medicament. These crude oils or so called Euca Lyyti extracts Are discernible 1. By their deficiency in pungent odor which our product the Only genuine Euca Lyyti extract develops most freely through Ite surplus of oxygen. 2. By their alcoholic thin and Mobile appearance being reduced in specific density through the presence of acids. 3. So their table the result of the contracting tendency of resins and Tan ats. If these crude oils or so called Euca Lyyti extracts Are applied by mistake in cases of croup bronchitis diphtheria internal inflammations a reentry &e., the consequences Are most appalling. For safety Sake ask always for Sander and sons Euca Lyyti extract. Sandhurst Victoria Australia Sandee & sons the Best dressed Man in Europe. The Prince of Wales Days the outfitter is undeniably the Best dressed Man in Europe if not in the world. His wardrobe is larger and More varied than that of any other Man of fashion. It is on record that upon a re cent taking of inventory at Marlborough Houby it was found that the heir apparent to the throne possessed b6 Many As 300 pairs of trousers. How Many waistcoats morning Coats afternoon Coats jackets Hunting quite Drese Coats Over Coats Aud Ulster it was never Learned but the Stock was sufficiently Large to set up a first class clothing establishment. The Prince does not con Fine his Trade to any one tailor. All the big tailors of London and several of the Little one Are at different times commissioned to make clothing for him. The prices of these garments vary but it May be set Down As almost certain that the Prince does not pay very much for them. In fact once upon a time when there was some Dis Cussion about parliament paying off his debts it was Learned that he had not paid his tailor s Bills for some years. That however is not Here nor there he possesses the clothing Aud has unlimited credit to get As much More As he wishes. Usually the Prince dresses in very Good taste he has numerous valets and one of these at tends to his wardrobe. The Prince clothes himself in such garments a that worthy May select for him. He is very fond of Black clothing and the Prince Albert coat named in his Honor or More properly speak ing the frock coat is one of his favourites. He is also very fond of varnished boots and White Over gaiters and he delights in a silk hat Seldom he wears the same suit twice in the same month. He sets the fashion of the town but is now closely pursued by his two sons Prince Eddie vulgarly known As collars and cuffs and Prince George of Wales. When the heir to the throne goes to the scottish moors for a shooting trip or for fishing he arrays himself in Highland costume. If he is to attend a military gathering he always wears his regimental uniform. If he goes to Oxford or Cambridge for a visit he apparels him self like one of the students wearing the Ordinary Cap and gown. His sons follow Hie example in the matter of dressing Well. They Are both partial to the frock coat varnished boots and silk hat that so Delight their father. They make an interesting Trio in Hyde Park or in any of the numerous clubs in which they Are members. Prince Eddie sets the style in collars and cuffs and he has the most elaborate and varied assortment of neck Wear that can be found anywhere in the Queen s dominions. Jennie i hear that you Are going to become a lecturer Minnie the idea i am engaged to be married Well i knew it was something of the sort re turned Jennie. An interesting letter rom a Bui Kowm specialist. Or. James d. Llewellyn who is dul qualified and registered by the medical boards of Victoria and new South Wales is aware that by departing from the usual routine of practice and devoting himself exclusively to a special Branch which he has done for some time he is not strictly following the paths of professional etiquette but As a considerable body of the profession Are still disposed to stand coldly aloof from anyone of their number who acquires popularity in the treatment of certain aliments and is really a medical specialist he Doe not hesitate to resort to what he considers legitimate Means for the purpose of disarming cynical Cut ohm and of engaging As far As he is Able the Confidence of the Public. It is assuredly better to seek assistance from the qualified practitioner in preference to the Quick. The True designation of quackery belongs to those Bhame Lebs adventurers who without a particle of medical knowledge or a Tittle of claim to the humblest department of the profession practise extortion and deceit advertising their nostrums As curb alls men of the lowest Grade of intellect and responsibility whose Assurance is As unbounded As their promises Are specious. Sydney and other towns in Australia and by their flaming advertisements attract the attention of the unwary. The mischief to the health by swallowing the nostrums of these persons is oftentimes irretrievable besides the Money totally wasted in purchasing at exorbitant rates their so called Onra Tive appliances. The argument is that the every Day enlightenment of Mankind should protect them from resorting to the unprincipled that if physio be a science it should be honoured and respected As such that the necessary inquiry and reflection should direct the visit from the nostrum Monger to the respectable practitioner. But alas the dilemma in which a Man finds himself when suffering from the follies of his own imprudence and which he is anxious to conceal renders him More solicitous to shun the respectable Man and to creep into nooks and Corners for counsel and Consolation. Every member of the profession is too proud of Bis qualifications to hide them under a Bushel. Or. Llewellyn is a legally qualified and registered medical practitioner and also holds High testimonials which All patients May inspect the widespread evils and diseases a Ishur from pm prudence cannot be too generally known and it is to be hoped that any Reader of this paragraph who May suffer from these special complaints will be awakened to their fearful consequences. If there be any amongst the readers of this letter who have unhappily fallen into objectionable habits and Are suffering in consequence and Are unwilling to hand an enfeebled Constitution to their offspring t would earnestly charge them to lose no time but seek at Onega neans of cure to that they May be restored to Pristine health and Vigour before the evil becomes too deeply seated. To those about to marry and who Are either conscious or doubtful As to their suffering from a latent taint or weakness in their systems a sense of duty on. Their part should unquestionably prompt them to week the advice of a competent medical Man. Any such one applying to me for counsel and help May rest assured that my treatment will be vigorously directed to cure permanently any local defect or weakness and place him in that fitting condition of health that he can afterwards honourably marry. To anyone whose Confidence in the possibility of a satisfactory and permanent cure has been shaken by the conduct of various advertising parties who Are Only medical pretenders with no real knowledge of the human body and Are in the habit of sending the same so called remedy to All who apply to them or who have been victimised by any of the horde of quacks who have for years preyed upon the in experienced and whose Only object is gain whose boastful pretensions but veil their ignorance to any such sufferers i would 6ay, do not be responding Iii do not despair of a cure but apply to me or to Iny other reliable medical Man smiled in these special ailments and the result will be All you could desire As a labourer in the Field of fair dealing i doubt not experiencing at least the Reward of the approval of every honest Man and wish for nothing More hoping Jim exertions will prevent the Young and inexperienced rom wasting their Money on the various advertised nostrums. Lastly i have no hesitation in assuring sufferers that they will receive from me the most straightforward nid honourable treatment combined with undoubted skill kindly sympathy and the most inviolable Confidence whether they visit me at my consulting rooms or communicate with me by letter which will Lave nay immediate attention. Yours truly James d. Llewellyn. . All personal consultations with me Are free it by letter a fee of �1 is charged which is inclusive if medicines. All cases that Are amenable to modern a Estment Are guaranteed an absolute cure. I a tents iving at a distance and unable to attend personally Jan be treated at their Homes through the Post without inti Uter Ference to their business duties and can Lave their medicines forwarded by mail or express to my part of Australia carefully packed and concealed rom observation. No notice Wil be taken of any letter that does not obtain the consultation fee of �1. Or. James Llewellyn 325 Lonsdale Street Between so Aston and Elizabeth streets Melbourne. A vigorous growth. Twin Brothers exactly alike in appearance determined to play a trick upon a fashionable Hairdresser. Accordingly twin no. 1 carelessly dropped into the shop was Cut shaved and shampooed. My hair grows pretty fast he remarked daring the course of the operation. I had better make a yearly contract with you what Are your terms for annual eur criers ? Une Guinea sir was the reply. You pay in Advance and Cote As often a you please that will suit me said the customer you will see me pretty often he paid the Guinea and left. In the course of the afternoon the other brother dropped in his hair decidedly in want of trimming and with a Beard of three Day s growth. He nodded familiarly to the Barber and took Hie seat in the operating chair. I told you it would t be Long before you saw me again the poor haircut Ter looked aghast but began to do his office. The likeness of the Twa Brothers was so perfect that he never suspected a trick. I never knew any gentleman s hair and Beard grow of fast As yours he remarked. So fast As this ? bless your heart this is nothing. At this time of year i can rub along with three shaves a Day but in summer it runs to half a dozen. I shall look in again before i go to the theatre in the evening. The unfortunate Hairdresser took a Des Perate resolve. Look Here sir you would t wish to ruin a struggling Man i m sure. Here s your Guinea i la make you a present of the two crops you be had but for goodness Sake Don t come Back again act i. After the honeymoon. A Young woman who had never Learnt the gentle Art of cookery being desirous of impressing her husband with her knowledge and Diligence managed to have her Kitchen door ajar on the Day after their bridal trip and just As her lord came in from his office exclaimed loudly hurry up Eliza do Haven t you washed the lettuce yet ? Here give it to me. Where s the soap ? the foe than Aegis office main Street Clare. ? ? 0 ? the Northern Argus is issued every tuesday and Friday morning in time for dispatch by the Early mails. O subscriptions posted per Quarter in Advance. �0 4 7 if booked. 0 5 5 per year in Advance. 0 18 4 if booked 118 delivered per Quarter in Advance �0 s 6 if booked 044 per year in Advance. 0 14 0 if booked 0 17 4 single copy 2d. The Northern Argus is a capital medium of communication Between business men and their customers it being Well circulated and read throughout the North. 1 of the charges for advertisements Are moderate. And special arrangement 6 can be made for standing business announcements. A. & r. H. T1lbr00k, proprietors. Tbaa8bj sj555bb sys so i3sj Sugiste Redby the medical Board Ofir a. Late boat eur i Tyg Jhm Jylli Bilhah 9mm to the Northern Hospital London. By just 4f Jinja if fluff am afraid that i am not strictly following tie path Pac a Jimim of professional etiquette by advertising myself As m mhhrbhhhhsihhbsfi�t8hh specialist for the treatment of this class of disease Bat la la unfortunately for the suffering Public in Australia. Che ��b�wm8wwwmijlbdllwmkijbw-yi.natbm8mw apathy shown by qualified Hen in the treatment of Arsu Kiili of of paid chronic and Jerrom complaints has induced men of the ibibhaoiuilmrlisemalllllt1 we in Fly Elf lowest Grade of intellect whose Only qualifications Are ass ass in is hair Bres a unlimited Assurance to Spring up and by specious a Mph he a film Kibrab advertisements and false promises trap the unwary. ?bahbbbbmbftobg8b8llww it my of a of Mhz the Tery evident that sufferers from these diseases ==3n have been scandalously treated by these unqualified bib a Basss Bess Ssith Bia is Silbe by a Sabah persons the evidence taken at the medical enquiry n9h9bhishffiiks9bhibranlb9essssssh eld in Sydney published in the daily Telegraph nov. Moab bib Imp Sam 6th. 7th and 6th, 1890 plainly shows the disgraceful mmwlh11tttll8ttir1si-3rwllllllmwlbis1wb�mritllll manner in which patients Are duped. Not Only Are si��msblsbte8smbiwmhbTwmiffl Thev robbed of their Money but what is of infinitely whom we on mmfn3lllnmmlimeffirni greater importance their health is injured also it is is mob babe therefore time that ii Gally Tina Liford Eben entered the Holh i Field fit Lac these pests of society with their own ?e5elbbflbaksrin�sbibbfil he i Webb he Wei i weapons Viz. Advertising. A Kwh a i i utterly impossible for those who Are buffering Chi Feihl wuiu1 nut Inbach i my Bash had Naifi from these diseases who axe scattered Over All parts of she a in jugs i i Haj Klyhn Australasia to Uncertain which qualified practitioner .itjs1. � a Sejm makes these diseases his speciality unless he advertises. Pc Jim jrvr8 is i consider therefore that by advertising i not Only him a. ? st a has Turoa a Low at he Quac Cerv which now taxi tit but i dim Aid sbb5jbb9sse ass Bijj r i Imi i my to the a Ines of my profession and in no May Lessen my a _qggihsbfib4 mbssis9b Jet sonar did titty. By i Imite the Fullert investigation into. For some considerable time i was House surgeon to the great Northern Hospital if Mon where i had special opportunities of observing the Many phases of the nervous and sexual system and to become acquainted with the most scientific methods of effecting their cure. My sol attention is Given to the treatment of these diseases and when a person consults me he is informed at the commencement whether lean effect Bis cure or Sot. The patient is not deluded with false and specious promises and it i undertake the Case x absolutely guarantee a Complete Aud permanent cure. My great Success in the treatment of these diseases enables me to give this guarantee without fear. Dbl Mew Middle aged Mest ast Voulff or Mew fluff fins rom impaired vitality the Chili Send for my work on diseases of the reproductive Orgain. Which in addition to explaining my method of treatment contains Many useful hint at to cell management the Obser Mattce of which is of great use to All and in Many instances is sufficient to Check the Progress of disease. Lii Boob will be forwarded free on application. Patients residing at a distance can be treated at their own Hornet without interruption to their business Lle Dicinit packed and nil free from observation to All parts of quickly and permanently cured without operation. Diabetes in tutors treated by a totally new method of cola Neou Vladic Atlois consultation hours from 10 . To i . Daily except sundays and from 7 to 9 . On tuesday and saturday my nine. Consultation either by letter or in person free. Address All communications or. Ii. Pebby .c.s., l.s.a., Sec Elmley House 151 Elizabeth-st., Sydney . . I would advise All persons before consulting Specif lists to ascertain if they Are really Daly qualified Pratt Timonere or Only advertising frauds ? veh was this Tapee. ? -. Failing health restored Chest complaints. No diseases Are More frequent few More Flang Erous than affections of the respiratory organs. The first symptoms of them May always be alleviated by Holloway s renowned pills. They quickly remedy any local congestion moderate the hurried breathing and enable the lungs to do their office with ease and regularity. These pills cleanse the blood from All impurities and fortify the system against consumption asthma and similar complaints. Stomach liver Sidney and bowels. These organs Are frequently getting out of order and require some suitable Medicine to regulate them. Holloway s pills effect this object with wonderful certainty. They do not distress the system or weaken the Frame they thoroughly invigorate the digestive organs and stimulate the kidneys to perform their functions efficiently acting upon the bowels without griping. Again taken an hour before dinner they cannot be equalled As a dinner Pill As they entirely prevent acidity and flatulence. Drops Cal swellings. Whoever is afflicted with these complaints should at once have recourse to Holloway s pills. They act most energetically on the exha Lant and absorbent systems purify the blood and impart a Vigour which age or other causes May have temporarily taken Tway. They excite the kidneys to increased activity and promote watery discharges. Lisot Deis Peculiar to women. There is no Medicine equal to Holloway s pills for correcting the ailments incidental to females. They May be taken with safety for any irregularity of the system. They remove All cause of maladies and so restore by their grand purifying properties females of All Ages to robust health. Indigestion bile and sick headaches. No Organ in the human body is so liable to disorder and serious disease As the liver. Holloway s pills regulate every erring function give strength to every enfeebled Organ speedily remove All causes of indigestion bile and sick headaches and thus effect a permanent cure. Heu Way s pills Are the Best Reti Udy known in the world for the following diseases ague asthma bilious com plaints blotches on the skin Bowel com plaints. Comics constipation of the bowels consumption debility dropsy dysentery Erysipelas female irregularities fevers of a kinds fits gout head acc indigestion inflammation jaundice liver com plaints Lumbago piles rheumatism retention of urine scr Fula or King s evil sore throats Stone and gravel secondary symptoms tsp Dou Leureux Tumours ulcers venereal affections Worms of a kinds weakness from whatever cause &c.jtile pills and ointment Are manufactured Only at 78hewoxfordst. Late5330xfordst. London and Are sold by All vendors of medicines throughout the civilized world with directions for use in almost every language. 16 purchasers should look to the Label the boxes and pots. If the address is not ?b3, Oxford Street London., they Are spacious. Fob Norb Fob the . A few drops of the liquid a Floriline sprinkled on a wet tooth Brush produces a pleasant lather which thoroughly cleanses the Teeth from All parasites or impurities hardens the Gams present starter stops decay gives to the Teeth a Peculiar Pearly whiteness and a delightful fragrance to the breath. It re moves All unpleasant odour arising from delay by Teeth or tobacco smoke. The fragrant Flori line being composed in part of Honey and Sweet herbs is delicious to the taste and the greatest toilet discovery of the age. Price 2s 6d, of All chemists and perfumers. Whole Sale depot 33, Farringdon Road London England. Advice to Mot bbb Are you broken in your rest by a sick child suffering with the pain of cutting Teeth ? go at once to a chemist and get s bottle of Mas. Winslow s soothing step. It will relieve the poor sufferer immediately. It is perfectly harmless and plea Sant to taste it produces natural quiet sleep by relieving the child from pain and the Little Cherub awakes As Bright As a Button it soothes the child it softens the Gums allays All pain relieves wind regulates the bowels and is the Best known remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea whether arising from teething or other causes. Mrs. Winslow e soothing syrup is sold by Medicine dealers everywhere at is Ltd per bottle. Valuable disc Toby 70s the Haie. If your hair is turning Grey or White or failing off use the mexican hair uen ewer for it will positively restore in every Case Grey or White hair to its original color without leaving the disagreeable smell of most restorers it makes the hair charmingly Beautiful As Well As promoting the growth of the hair on Bald spots where the glands Are not decayed. Ask your chemist for the mexi ouf Haie Zenewee sold by chemists and perfumers everywhere at 3s 6d per bottle. Wholesale depot 33, far Ringdon Road London England. To croat affect Ion a3tc h.oaesexe3s. All suffering from irritation of the Throat and hoarseness Vail be agreeably surprised at the almost immediate Relief afforded by the use of Brown s bronchial troches these famous lozenges Are now sold by most respectable ctn site in this country at is 1 cd per Box. People troubled with a hacking cough a ? slight cold or bronchial affections cannot try them too soon As similar troubles if allowed to Progress result in serious pulmonary and asthmatic affections. See that the word Brown s bronchial troches Are on the government stamp around each Box. Pre pared by John i. Blown & sons Boston . European depot 33, Farrin Doii Road London England a cube Fob rheumatism. It is with pleasure attention can be directed to a sure cure to those suffering with pains in various parts of the body. Many have pains and weakness across the loins Down the Lee in the Ankles and other joints of the body in the feet and in the toe. Many have pains in the and in the wrist suffering More or Lesb Day and night. It is a form of rheumatism. It can be cured. Head Cross s advertisement in another column. The Rheu Matic syrup will cure you. Price 2t cd. A dealers in indigestion drops diseased nature oftentimes Breaks Forth strange eruptions act i. Scene 1. To the Public. Home patients suffering from nervous affections Are afraid from sheer bashfulness and modesty to Reebok Naiia consult a medical Man other patients have not the self pos session and coolness when in the consulting room the accurately describe their symptoms their habits of life and the nature of the Dis ease they suffer from. J let such persons he or she sit quietly Down in the privacy of their own apartments and with Calm minds describe clearly each symptom of their Case a Clear statement thus written and Laid before me is far preferable in Kero Tab diseases to a personal consultation. Where however a disease is of a Peculiar and exceptional character a personal consultation May become necessary j but my Success in Corres 1 Poydence a so great that of the thousand upon thousands whom i have treated by letter during the last 32 years not a single mistake has Ever occurred not a Case has Ever been made Public in fact the very simplicity of my system of correspondence prevents publicity. At the same time medicines Are sent to my patients in such a form As to defy detection. How Many thousands have i not brought Joy to ? How Many have been enabled to enter into the marriage state through consulting me p How Many after marriage have privately consulted me and been blessed and their mar ried live made fruitful and Happy. How Many wasted ruined youths of both sexes have also been restored to health and thanked their manhood for having consulted me by letter. How Many questions arise where the family physician is unable to unravel the Case and where often the patient lingers on not daring to Tell his family medical adviser the nature of his complaint until consumption wasting or mental diseases set in and the sufferer gets beyond the curable stage and is left a Hode Ess wreck. A letter written in the privacy of the room and dropped in the Post Box reaches me quietly the answer is returned As quietly and a ostentatiously and the patient without stepping from his chamber except to Post his letter in by return of Post put in full pos session of the nature of his.C.S.. His Hopes Are raised his doubts removed and he is comparatively a new Man in fact in Many cases a new being altogether. The Only addition to the Ordinary written Etter is the age occupation habits and eym Toms nothing Mere. The usual Consulta Tion fee of �1 one Pound must be enclosed otherwise no answer will be returned. There Are thousands of cases in daily life where a consultation with one at a distance will remove by a single letter a great fear a great care and it ofter solves what appears a an impenetrable mystery. Many a sad heart has been made Joyful on receipt of an explanatory letter from me. To those who Are about to marry i would say consult me before doing so and thus pre vent Many after troubles and remove Many unnecessary fears and prejudices to those More especially who have suffered in Early years from disease or who have yielded 10 their passions. The these i say at once con sult with me do not Tarry delays Are Dau serous and a an expert my time May not be always at your service you can by simply enclosing one Pound have the Benefit of my experience in the same manner As if i lived in your own town and with the addition advantage of thorough privacy. Yours truly Louis l. Smith. Address a. I. L. Smith 41, go Sicore st Sbet Mei Bolenb the Only legally qualified medical frat i Toner advertising and registered under the medical Board of Victoria and practising the last 35 years. Consultation fee by letter �1. Fee for personal consultation �1 is. The latter is inclusive of Medicine. Medicines forwarded Well packed to All the colonies India and Europe. 41, Coli dog st bet Meibos Rehb. Barry s . Though the Market 1b flooded with an end less catalogue of hair too Iob Restora Tives invigorate is and renew Era not a single one of them can compare with the exquisite Virtues of Barry s tr1copherous. The unbounded popularity of this incomparable toilet companion a entirely owing to its intrinsic merits. It will invigorate weak sparse or thin hair make it Glossy luxuriant and Abu Duit. It will prevent Bald Ness eradicate Dandruff and keep the Scalp elea tool and pleasant. It contains no Pernio Iowa ingredient or Mineral combination but u a pure extract of roots herbs and flow fun Reuters Rupno. 2 purifies the blood and at the same time tones the it Omagh creates an appetite and gives strength to every Organ of the body. It u beyond question the strongest most effectual and cheapest purifier of the blood known to the medical profession. If you have bad breath sluggish bowels pain in the Small of the Back discoloured skin lassitude nervousness or dizziness you May be certain that your vital organs Are sadly out of condition and that Only constitutional treatment will do you any Good. A Mere Dobe of physic will not help you. Your Only Wise course is to take a potent alterative Medicine that will cleanse your system of the impurities that clog the life channels and restore Vigour and health. To do this there is nothing so effective As Beuter s syrup no. 2. It Haa been thoroughly tested and found to be the safest and speediest Relief that is known for All disorders of the blood stomach bowels liver and kidneys. Reuter heating soap. Use it always if you wish for a fair Clear skin a soft supple skin. Gives a natural tint imparts freshness removes blog chs. Prevents eruptions. Totice to advertisers notice to countermand or alter advertise ments must be sent in not later than 12 o clock noon on wednesdays Aad Satur Days. Printed and published by be proprietors Axt Bep Tell Brooe and Begh Tilo half by Tii Hook every tuesday and Friday morn ing at the office main Street Clare ate s hair vigor is unrivalled for the restoration of faded and Gray hair to its original color and freshness and for keeping the Scalp clean and healthy. The most popular and elegant toilet preparation in the world All who use it pronounce it also Trio Best hair grower. When the capillary glands become enfeebled by disease age or neglect tins dressing imparts renewed life to the Scalp so that the Feair again assumes its original fullness and Beauty. Xia Dies find that this preparation imparts to the hair a Silken Plancy and a delicate and lasting fragrance. Gentlemen use it to prevent Bald Ness to restore faded and Gray hair to its former color and abundance and to relieve the Scalp of troublesome Humours and Dandruff. A proof of Tho superiority of this preparation Over All ethers of the kind is the constantly increasing demand for it in All civilized countries. Ayer s hair vigor be Pabb bid. J. C. Aver & co., Lowe mass., u. S. A 8old by druggists and Medicine vendors. Wishing some Bushes removed from his Garden a gentleman told his Gardener a hibernian to pull them up by the roots. Some time after he went into the Garden and found the Gardiner digging trenches round the Bushes. Why Patrick he said you need not dig round these email Bushes in that Way you Are Strong enough to pull them up by the roots of yes sir replied the Gardener i am Strong enough but i must dig a Little before i can get hold of the roots. If you had told me to pull them up by the branches i could easily have removed them without digging
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