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Clare Northern Argus Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 3

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Clare Northern Argus (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Clare, South Australia National Library of Australia potato race 25 Yards j. Mcdonald 1 w. Thomas 2. J Flat lace 100 Yards Girle under 12 years. Cheney 1 b. Kitto 2. Flat race 100 Yards Girle under 14 years j. Mcdonald 1 j e. Lampey 2. Hal Bury Handicap 440 Yards w. J. Mcdonald 1 a. Nitzchke 2. Skipping 50 Yards girls under 16 years j. Mcdonald 1 m. Webb 2. Hop step and jump boys under 14, w. Collins. Hop step and jump All Comers a. Mcdonald. Siamese race 50 Yards Saint and Alder Man 1 j w. Anu. Mcdonald 2. Married men s Handicap 100 Yards w. Thomas. Protest. One mile Handicap a. Nitschke 1 f. Nitzchke 2. Tilting j. Veitech 1 r. Dennison 2. Running High jump boys under 14 years w. Collins. Banning High jump boys under 16 year d. Mcdonald. Running High jump All Comers m. Kiely 1 a. Mcdonald 2. Hurdle race 150 Yards All Comers r. Smith 1 w. Thomas 2. Pick a Back race 25 Yards heard and Mcdonald tug of War Hal Bury v. All Comers. Won by Hal Bury. Catching the pig j. Mckinnon. Sporting notes. It must have been a source of satisfaction to the Glare new year sports committee to note that their efforts were crowned with Success. They work in in unpretentious Way to provide a Day s racing for those who Are fond of amusement. The club if we can designate it As one cannot yet afford to give big stakes but had they been larger we question whether the entries would have been More numerous or the attendance larger. We hear that a number of people got through the wires without contributing to the funds. If a Man is too mean to pay it Bob to go in he is a Skunk and ought to be consigned to limbo forthwith. If he has not got a shilling he should keep away. The promoters of the races deserve a word of Praise for their disinterestedness in raising Money for a Day s sport and we Hope they will continue in their purpose. We were glad to see 6ome of the Burra sporting men at our races. If they should get a Day s meeting there no doubt Clare will return the compliment As there is nothing like working in Harmony with each other. That dark Trotter did not come off after All. He was done bad by the Prince of darkness. There Are some Rich hurdle races and steeplechase run for on the continent. The Nice steeplechase at which �4,680 will be Given in added Money begin on monday 12th january when the prix de Monte Carlo a hurdle race with �809 added will be the chief event. The grand prix de Monaco a steeplechase with �1,200 added will be run for on thursday the 15th while on sunday the 18th, and monday the 19th, there will be steeplechase of �600 and �800 in the programme. Duelling is still fashionable in France and the last mail brings news of an encounter Between the owner of the Cambridgeshire Winner Alicante and a sporting journalist attached to the Echo de Paris who Ani adverted on the in and out run Ning of m. Eph Russia s horses in a manner which displeased the owner. The two met in the paddock at st. Ouen and some Sharp remarks passed Between them when the owner of Alicante flourished his stick and seemed about to use it on the Back of the offending scribe but the latter sent out tight and left and floored m. Eph Russia. The matter might have been settled there and then with a couple of rounds under the rules of the London prize ring but friends intervened and during the evening m. Eph Russia sent his seconds to demand satisfaction from the editor and proprietor of the Ischo de Paris. He was referred to the writer of the article m. Treille and the latter determined not to lose his time had already sent his second to m. Eph Russia. The meeting took place at ves inet near Paris and m. Ebb Russia wounded his adversary in the armpit whereupon Honor was declared satisfied the weapons were swords. Thus a writer in a Melbourne paper Cricket is a Noble game. Of course that goes without saying. But from the spec Tator s Point of View it is sometimes the reverse of exciting. During the Progress of the inter colonial match last saturday 1 caught myself yawning. It was when Bannerman was defending his wicket and scoring at the rate of about one an hour. I took myself severely to task. What do you mean by pretending to get tired of this scientific pastime ? Don t you eee that insinuating Bowler trying All he knows to lower those stumps and the ten Lynx eyed men in the Field eager to help him t is it not wonderful that one individual with a Bat should be Able to keep his place for about a month and baffle them p that in what i said to myself and then myself yawned again. I was once before taken in the same Way. Could not for the life of me keep from gaping. That time was at a ploughing match. At the Adelaide races on thursday last Simpleton won the Handicap hurdles Gold ring the disposal stakes syntax the two year old Handicap maelstrom the new tear s gift Coral the Handicap Steeple Chase and the Cossack the Marino Handi Cap. Police court Clare. Monday january 5. Before or. W. Kelly . Without Means of support. Murray Coventry was charged with hav ing no visible Means of support. Sent to Redruth gaol for four weeks with hard labor. Front Steung. Edmund Borlace was charged on the in formation of James Hill with stealing fruit out of his Garden at Inch Quin on january 3. James Hill stated that the prisoner went into his Garden and took some apricots. His Garden had been completely stripped by Larrikin. They took the fruit wholesale besides destroying the Trees. Sent to Redruth gaol for one month with hard labor. Once More the holidays have flitted away. The boys behaved themselves Well in Clare on new year s eve. Presents for new year locusts blight and rust not to mention Blue ruin. Or f. Thorn has been reappointed a member of the Spalding school Board of advice. Clare corporation. Monday. January 5. Present the mayor and councillors Gillen Durrant to Skiner and til Brook. The minutes of the last meeting were read Aud confirmed. Assessment. The town clerk stated that the bbses ment had been completed and the usual notices served. Bates. It was decided to allow the rates to re main As formerly viz., Ordinary rate is in the � sanitary rate 3d in the �. Be Post. The report of the inspector was read and approved. A Pai a. Repairs to be done near the Glebe pad Dock on Farrell s Flat Road. Finance. Payments �48 2s. Local Board of health. Present same As above. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. . The inspector s report was read and con firmed. He stated that the chief inspector was in Clare on december 30. They inspected the Tannery which was in a clean state. Finance. Payments �13 is. Latest parisian fashions. A Novelty for evening Wear is the Throat let or narrow Coa of Flowers. Velvet roses chrysanthemums or smaller Blossome Strung together and sewn up a ribbon Are to accompany decollete dress by. Frills of lace a la Watteau Aud Ruches of silk Muslin either Plain or edged with a tiny Black or coloured Pilot will be also considered fashionable. Full Bow pleadings of velvet will also be adopted for out of door Wear. Shaded Scarlet Boas formed by a series of poppy Flowers in silk Are to be seen about. Long Pearl studded chains will he na6sed twice round the Throat and then tucked in at the Waist or if not lengthy enough in the bosom of the wearer s Corsage this with Low neck gowns of course. The latest fancies in lace pins and brooches Are sprigs of Mistletoe in Dull Gold with Pearl berries or Small branches of the Oak tree with tinged Golden foliage dotted with tiny accrue the cup in Diamond dust. The ovoid fruit formed by Small egg shaped pearls. Other brooches Are Golden hares Small dump partridges or Royal pheasants and a charming Way of offering these Little gifts is to Send them oot in a leather or velvet Case As per usual but in a wee hamper with tiny enamel name and address upon the lid and Gibber painted in Black letters on the Basket. In baskets also the Chas Belas or Green grape jewellery so popular at the present moment should be forwarded. Of course the interiors of these minute dampers Are lined with velvet or Satin. While on the subject of jewellery another Novelty is the Muff ribbon clasp. Thib is a Small edition of the fur cloak Fastener and being sewn on either Side of a narrow Black Moise ribbon is exceedingly Handy to put on and off without mentioning the ornamental Side of its existence. Those already seen Are of scroll design in old Silver or Gold but they will shortly make their appearance in jewelled form while the double initial of the wearer would look Well interlaced and reassembled together by the Hook that fastens the clasp. ? ? some Beautiful tulle for evening dresses Are embroidered with Turbo uses and Silver or steel or Coral and Gold. The latter is very effective upon Black and a certain de sign worked in Dull Gold Ard Pale Pink Coral beads is simply exquisite. Another kind of net has hanging Pam Pilles of glittering beads strewn profusely Over its surface while a third fancy and this time of the thick greek net has Bunches of Black velvet cherries crescents or Louis xvi., sometimes termed True lovers knot Bone also in velvet Cut out and applied on to the coarse meshed tulle. Long strands of Jet on metallic or Multi coloured beads will be also employed for evening dresses. Smelting returns. Proprietary. Broken Hill proprietary company week ending january 1 Ore smelted tone. 10,384 Bullion tons. 2,114 Silver of. 395,096 averages Silver 38 of. Lead 203 per cent. Central. Central company week ending january 1 Ore smelted tons,.884 Bullion tons 255 Silver of ? 26,224 averages Silver 296 of. Lead 288 per cent. Block 10. Block 10 company week ending january 1 Ore smelted tons. 332 Bullion tons 35 Silver of ? 36,052 averages Silver 1085 of. Lead 105 per cent. Impounding notices. Port Wakefield f. M. Hewett one Light Brown or Bay Mare with foal at foot branded like f49 near shoulder one Cream coloured Pony Mare Stripe Down the Back Large lumps under jaw if branded not visible. To be sold january 19. W. P. Stonehan committed suicide at Kent town on wednesday last. The jury returned a verdict that the deceased was not accountable for his actions. A Story is told of or. Patton late manager of the proprietary mine which is Good enough to be True. When they were on the eve of finding the lode in Block 10 or. Patton placed my 500 shares in the property with a Melbourne firm holding a very Large interest. Directly the lode was struck or. Patton wired to them lode struck sell my shares they reasoned that if the lode was not Good enough for him to keep Hie shares it was not Good enough for them to retain theirs. They sold their shares first. By and by the lode was discovered to be very Rich and or. Patton had become pos seemed of a number of shares picked up by various agents. The Melbourne firm feeling annoyed expostulated with Bim to which he simply answered i told you to sell my shares not yours it is not always Safe it Reeme to follow even a truthful Man. Quit. We can Only say that his initials Are j. A when a woman travels 10 Miles merely to ask a few questions we May Otsune that her curiosity is excited. In the year 1883 a Story Forth from Levere Tock Green Hemel Herts which aroused great interest in All the Region thereabout. People came from various dive Tione to inquire into the matter what was alleged to have occurred had to do mostly with one Man. If the Story turned out to be True som Good was Likely to come of it if Falee it would Only put the Community More on their guard against All sorts of wild Rumore. Among the women who were bound to get at the foundation of it was one from Staibano and a Cook from Langley. _ How strangely things work out in this queer world. Seven years have passed and the foots Are now to become generally Public for the first time. It appears that about the let of january 1883, a old resident of the place above named was said and commonly believed to be in a dying condition. For five months an Able and Clever physician bad been attending him constantly to medi Cal could have done More. Bis ailment was decided to be gout and rheumatism which Are now held to be practically the same malady differently located. Well this began Back in july 1882. As time ran along the patient grew worse. The doctor e ability and experience did t seem to count 1 he sufferer Kleb feet and hands became bad swollen. We All know this must have been a Carv symptom because that the fluids of his body and the body is nearly All fluid anyway instead of being carried off As they natural a should be were flowing Over their channels and inundating the parts around them just As a Stream does after heavy Rains. The doctor Eaid the danger of this state of things Lay in the fact that when the water reached the Beart or lungs it might end a sudden death. The eau Tje of dropsy is the refusal of the i duos to carry off the water. So much is Plain. But what makes the kid Neys strike work p we now know the reason of that. It is because they Are partially Para leed by a Poison in the blood arising from undigested food in the stomach. In Plain Efi Gish a chronic state of indigestion and dyspepsia was responsible to results which now threatened our unknown Friend s life. It was reported and of its truth there in t a doubt that lis Abdomen was blown like a bladder on account of the water which soaked All through Hie flesh. In conversation a few weeks ago he said All my friends now looked on me As a Dios Man and reasonably in curb too for what Chance is there for a Man who is gradually drowning in this Way ? for that is what it was drowning and nothing else in the world. Medicine appeared to be of no use a a the physician suggested that possibly the poor Man might be Ben i Ted if he could go away from Home and try the Baths Mineral Waters and change of scene and air. But nobody believed in that plan and in honest truth it is hardly Likely that the Wise physician believed in it himself. At All events the idea was t put into practice. About this time the patient s wife happened to be in the shop of a chemist at Hemel Hempstead and he gave her a Little Book a sort of email pamphlet and Eaid Ebe might like to read it. She did read it and found in it a full description of the very complaint that was fast sending her bub band to his grave and also the name of what was asserted to be a remedy for it. After Home trouble she got him to consent to try it and sent for a bottle. He began and kept it up for four Mon is taking 26 bottles altogether. At the end of that time he was a Well sound Man and is to to Day. The whole neighbourhood was amazed. His recovery when he had been looked upon As no better than a dead Mau set tongues wagging All around the country. He now Bays i should not have been Here now if it had not been for Mother Seigel s curative syrup. Our Friend requests us rot to publish his full name but Days we May print his initials which Are j. A address lever Stock Green Hemel Hempstead Herts. He will answer letters. Brookes cleans Ovar scours a �hfe2 scrubs in uses bal rushes a Fol marble.paint&9j Brooke s soap Monkey Brand makes tin like Silver. Brooke s soap Monkey Brand makes Coppee like Gold. Brooke s soap Monkey Brand makes paint like new. Sold by All grocers ironmongers chemists and storekeepers throughout the Colony Benjamin Brooke & co., Philadelphia. Gollin &c0mpany, sole agents for South Australia. J. M. W. Rogers has just received an excellent assortment of few coatings suiting and Trouse rings and is now making suits to order at greatly reduced prices for Cash Only and in the latest style. Patterns and self measurement forms sent Post free on application. Trousers to measure 15s per pair. ? gentlemen s own material made up. Note the address j. M. W. Rogers Cash tailor opposite Hill & co s booking office main Street Clare. Of of Reward. Lost one Bay us. Mare branded h with Over near shoulder with number near neck also Brown gelding l near shoulder. The above Reward on information leading to their recovery. B. E. H. Hope Wolta Wolta Clare. Rochester races. The above will be held half a mile from Rochester on wednesday february 4 full particulars see placards. Fred. Edwards Hon. Sec ii ouse that Jack built. Fpo hawkers and others. Prime Moorpark apricots. Apricots. Apricots 16s per 100 lb., at the gardens Willow farm 7 Miles North of Glare. J. Radford Clare. Or o t i c e. To Farmers and others Tor the Harvest. I have now on hand a very Nice collection of saddlery and harness belts laces and All requirements at prices that will give satisfaction. J. M. Hacker main Street Clare. Jas. Silver s third revolutionary Cash Sale proceeds. Prints 1/11, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/6, and 7/11 per dozen Yards Flannelette 3d, 4gd, 6d, 5�d, 7�d, and Lod per Yard sat teens in All colors at 6d per Yard 5/11 per dozen sat teens better Quality 8d Yard 7/11 Doz. Zephyrs 4d, 5�d, to 1/ per Yard Crape cloth in Cream Pink and sky 4d per Yard new dress stuffs 4d to is per Yard new double Width Drees stuffs at new prices ribbon trimmed girls9 and boys Sailor hats extra special value i 2/, 2/6, 3/6,4/6,4/11 Sun bonnets 6d, 1/, 1/11, 2/6, 2/9, 2/11, 4/9 a Large assortment of flops fancy straws gems and ladies sailors at revolutionary rates ladies trimmed hate 1/, 2/6, 3/6, 4/6, 5/6, 6/6, 7/6, 8/6, 9/6, 10/6, 1 1/6, 12/6, 13/6, 14/6, 15/6 trimmed bonnets at new prices ladies Tweed Gem hate 2/3, 2/9, 2/11 these hats require no trimming parasols and sunshades a very Nice Assort ment ladies lace trimmed sunshade 2/6 my dress buttons in Pearl compo., and fancy Are a Lovely and useful lot in hosiery and gloves i can this season very much beat previous efforts ladies new Lisle gloves kid tipped lord pair ladies new Taffetta gives kid tipped 1/2 ladies pure silk gloves 1/9 ladies and children s gloves from 3d Point lace 2�d, 8�d, 4d, 8d, 10d, old Flowers feathers wreaths ruffles Draughtsmen and Board in bos 9d youths White Straw Sailor hats go youths and men s speckled Straw Sailor hats lid 1/, 1/4 men s cabbage tree hats 1/9 men s cabbage tree hats leather bound and trimmed 2/8 men s Panama hats 2/11, 3/11 men s and youths Terai and other soft Felts at new prices some very Choice men s and youths White Straw sailors Are expected in a few Days and quite a multitudinous Assort ment of novelties in fashionable and useful attire besides what you learn of in this list May be seen at revolutionary Cash prices at Jas. Silver s clash store Glare. Ironmongery cheaper than Ever. S. Williams slain Street Clare. New consignments direct from England consisting of boilers saucepans kettles Tea kitchens Spades shovels Box Irons rakes bolts and nuts horseshoes plough chains wire netting Fry pans boiled and raw Oil White Lead a. ? compare prices with other places and you will find this is the place to buy Ironmongery. ? tinware Good and cheap. Crockery in great variety. S. Williams. R. French nah asks his customers and the Public i generally for to Fie support tendered him for the past 23 years and would re mind them that he now has one of the largest and Best selected stocks of boots & shoes of All descriptions out of Adelaide which for style and Quality Are unsurpassed. R. French Boot manufacturer l. A r b. Lost. Lost from heinous e paddock near Rochester one Chesnut horse branded h Pear shoulder with indistinct Brand under lame in near fore foot. Also one Brown Mare branded j near shoulder. One Pound re Ward will be paid to any persons delivering same to h. Seipelt Penwortham and ten shillings for information which will Lead to their recovery. H. Seipelt Penwortham Spring Vale wines. H. Buring late of Pirie Street begs to thank his customers for the Liberal sup port hitherto bestowed on him and to inform them and the Public generally that be and or. C. A. Sobels of water Vale have purchased the Spring Vale vineyards cellars and Large Stock of wines and solicits the favor of their patronage for the new firm of h. Buring & sobels Alfred Chambers Currie Street. He Jiing & sobels. Proprietors of the Spring Vale vineyards beg to inform the Public that they have taken commodious cellars under Alfred Chambers Currie Street and will be pleased to receive orders for their famous old wines in. Bottle or bulk. Samples and Price lists on application. Orders sent to the cellars As above or to Spring Vale water Vale will receive prompt attention. The australian Mutual provident society is the Only office in Australia dividing profits amongst its policy holders every year. It gives to its policyholders advantages which cannot be approached by any other life office in Australia. It invested funds now amount to nine millions Sterling. Its annual income exceeds one million tend a half Sterling. It offers insurance in Many and varied forms and in addition to those tables in existence for Many years and which will still remain popular other and new forms Are now offered which will meet the require ments of Many. The new table it for in stance guarantees at death the full sum assured and a return of the entire premiums paid As Well. See supplementary prospectus. Note the name of the office particularly and do not be misled by the similarity of names assumed by some of the smaller Mutual offices. Adelaide office 83, King William Street. Nigel herring resident Secretary. Central District office main Street Clare. Fred. Lester Agency clerk. Alex. Ure special agent. The equitable life Assurance society of the United states. Financial summary. Assets. �22,322,981 liabilities 17,589,421 surplus 4,733,557 income 6,360,399 new Assurance 36,513,351 Assurance in Force. 131,461,805 total paid policy holders since organisation ,. 27,167,627 unequalled strength. The equitable life Assurance society of the United states has More Assurance in Force than any other life company in the world. It transacts More new business. It has a larger surplus measured by the strictest Standard of valuation. Its organisation in Australia gives to the assured All the advantages of a local office and what is More the Security afforded by the strongest life office in the world. Adelaide Branch office 13, King William Street. Directors w. B. Rounsevell esq., . Hon. David Murray . Samuel Toms esq., . Chief medical offices we. Gardner . ? Francis j. Fox manager. To housewives and la undresses in particular. Washing done with the greatest ease and half the time. No soaking no rubbing w. Moore & co s Surpris soap will not Hart the hands being perfectly free from All chemicals that would injure the most delicate skin or finest fabric. Ask for Moore & go s Surprise soap and see you get it. Name on each bar with full directions. Moore s Surprise soap can be used for All purposes. Xmas bargains j ma8 bargains at Young s. ? o ? half Price window of gent s hats. New tear s dainties in new tear s window. ? o ? table raisins Citron Peel Xmas currants candied Gik be spices Orange Peel Lemon Peel e8sewces sob flavor hundreds and Flou ice Ina sugar in Sands danish mixture prunes preserved feuit8 be served Ginger in Lemon Kali apples s5bup Plum pudding soft Shell almonds basins a All at Xmas prices. Teas at is is 6d, 2s, and 2s 6d per la. ? o ? Andrew Young importer Clare. Haystacks and growing crops insured. Agent for the . Insurance company. ? o ? closed on thursday 25th Friday 26th f saturday 97th i monday 29th december 1890 and thursday january 1, 1891 1 Christmas and new tear holidays. Accordions h to bibles birthday cards is Bytow. Prayer books. Xmas cards it in. Sti hymn books at usual prices with a to at usub1 pc with a discount of 2d in the3discount of 2d in the shilling for Cash shilling for Cash. Clearing Sale Clearing Sale it. 7. Cry leg gee practical watchmaker pc main stubs to Clare. Great reductions in prices for Cash Only. For two months com mencing november 1. Gents. Silver Hunting English lever watches Rotherham s guaranteed for 4 years. �7 10 0 for jb6 0 0 gents Silver Hunting English lever watches Rotherham e g.b., guaranteed for 4 years. 6 10 0 for 4 15 0 gents Silver Hunting Waltham lever watches compensation balance guaranteed for 4 Jean 4 15 ofor 4 0 0 / can particularly recommend the above three lines of watches to give every satisfaction As they Are specially adapted for this Colony being capped jewelled and diet proof Vith extra Stout cases and i depend upon them to give me a Good name and advertise my business. Ladies Gold Hunting keyless watches specially recommended guaranteed for 2 years 6 16 ofor 6 5 0 ladies Silver Hunting keyless watches specially recommended guaranteed for 2 year ,. .6 0 motor 3 10 0 boys Strong keyless watches guaranteed for 1 year 1 1 ofor 0 15 0 Waterbury watches series a 12/9 a 21/ a 21/. Nickel clocks with alarm Peep o day12/6 for 11/6, guaranteed for 1 year., Nickel clocks with alarm 9/6 for 8/6 Nickel timepieces 7/6 for 6/6. Marble lever clocks 25/ Silver bangles 1/9 Silver brooches from 2/. Silver thimbles from /6 ladies dress rings from 5/ Silver toothpicks 2/6. Silver rings from lid Silver ear drops from 2/ Silver brooches from 2s 6d. Colonial Gold ear drops from 5/ Gold ear wires from 2/9. Heavy 18c. Gold wedding rings and keepers 20/ for 17/6. 1 Large musical Box 12 tunes with Drums and Bell �20 for �15, 1 musical Box 8 tunes �7 10/ for �5 j 1 musical Box 4 tones �2 10/ for �3. 1 musical Box 5 tunes interchangeable cylinders25/ extra cylinders 2/ each. All fancy goods at usual prices with a discount of 2d in the is. All Patent medicines at usual prices with a discount of 2d in the is. All pipes accordions Concertinas violins at usual prices with a discount of 2d in the is. All repairs neatly done at moderate prices Waterbury watches cleaned for 2s 6d. I pins to brooches and watch glasses fitted for 6d. Homoeopathic medicines and stationery. Spectacles to edit All sights at Low prices. Old Gold and Silver bought and exchanged. Cutlery tobacco cigars a. Goods packed and forwarded to All parts of the Colony. A. L. Brunkhorst late h. Stein watchmaker acc 106, Rundle Street Adelaide opposite the Arcade. Gold and Silver jewellery in end less variety. High class Diamond jewellery a speciality. Sterling Silver electroplated Ware and Church plate. Ladies and gent s Gold and Silver watches of every description. A guarantee with each watch sold. Marble and drawing Boom clocks opera and Field glasses. The largest and Best jeweller s Stock in the Colony at prices which defy Competition. Country orders promptly attended to. Repairs executed thoroughly by skilled workmen with every dispatch. To note the address. A insect Bane is the Only effective insect destroyer. Observe the spelling. Sold everywhere. Sole proprietors Rook Tompsett & co . Agents Jacobs Hart & co., Adelaide
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