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Civilian And Gazette Weekly (Newspaper) - January 24, 1860, Galveston, Texas A. & Kici Yyi 6f?i Wib Upa Del Yere. C. A Jan 19,18b0"ff# ,7, editor Gulian Jak Davit 16th, i860. Rec Law Joseph presid ing. Present aldermen Atchison big inner but things Journeay Leonard Mck Cion Menard Lidstone and Rump.  the minutes of the preceding meeting read and approved. The petition of . Ing was read i and referred to the Street committee. I the reports of the treasurer assessor marshal and Harbor master were read and referred to the finance committee. The report of the Street commissioner read and accompanying Bill passed for payment. The report of the Hospital physician read and accompanying Bill passed for payment. The report of the finance committee on the monthly returns of the officers read Ana adopted. Or. W. Carvin s final estimate for work on Uridge read and on motion Laid Over till next the proposition of messes. Kubu & Kauffman Kleper for the Purchase of the City 10 % it Bonds read and referred to the finance commit tee Sali Sefman Hutchings offered the fallowing Resolution Otto iced that the mayor and finance com Mittee be and Are hereby authorized to Issue to messes. Mills and Nichols the Bonds of the Cor rotation in accordance with this proposition accepted by the Board dec. 5th,1859. On this motion the vote stood As follows ates Atchison la etchings. Rump Aud lid Stone-4. Nays Beissner Journeay Leonard Mckeen and Menard. Motion lost. Aid. Hutchings moved that the mayor be and is to execute the Resolution passed december 26th 1856." on motion of Aid. Leonard the Resolution was Laid on the table till the next regular meeting. On motion of Aid. Atchison it was me tuned that either Post office or Market Street be shelled from the Market House to the r. R. Depot Aud that the preference be Given to that Street fur which the larger amour ninian be subscribed by the property holders thereon. On motion of Aid. Hutchings the Street com Mittee was authorized to make some improve ments in streets in the third Ward. Or. V. J. Paulard was elected Sircher vessels vice Peter Delbrel deed and for the unexpired term. The following Bills were audited and passed for payment f. Koshler and others streets.$4b0 21 f. A. Selle fire dept. To 1 75 p. Kohler n. A. 2 us w. A h. Benison fire dept. J nil j stank Abd a Sny in Teaa my Soott ohly justified by precedent but if founded Pon thei principles of Justice and Huj inanity. A without Assn eng to know the origin of it warns Toft i a against the Law of the consequences j of for Snerl Rebell Ion and exhorts a return to i fief. Elf Prodoc Tivi of the desired end the saying of blood and treasure which would accrue would be considerations which should far outweigh the prompt-1, Ings of revenge or the appeals against a race already of degenerate from oppression. If such Means fail theia must bet vindicated and the offenders taught subordination by Force. J   a Fri  the first official information received by the executive from the seat of these disorders was the communication of capt. g. Tobin Bear ing Bam Ireno near. Brownsville dec. 6th 1859 i was gratified to learn from that dispatch that the Federal government had interposed to restore ordering thai Region and that major Heintzleman an officer of discretion and valor had assumed the control of military operations. Whatever. Compla Tuu May be made against the Federal government on account of the removal of Flie troops from that portion of our Border its promptitude in at this time is deserving of consideration satisfied from the port of capt Tobin that a sufficient Force was on the spot to quell the disturbance Aru that the Federal Arm would be still further extended at the Call of its officer commanding the troops theron i dispatched capt Hill with an escort of Twenty men i with instructions to major . Ford commanding the Texas forces by Virti Teof an order from my predecessor. In that communication i stated that " As the . Military operations has been assigned by the Federal government to its officers if troops Are desired from Texas it is proper that a requisition should be made by an officer of the Federal government in con Maart of Ehe u. S. Forces at that station should such a requisition be made i am satisfied that the citizen soldiery of the country will respond with alacrity to the Call. On the 10th of january the report of major John s. Ford was received dated at Ringgold Barracks 29th december 1859, giving in account of the engagement at Rio Grande City in which the followers of Cortina were completely routed Aud dispersed. The entire forces on this occasion were under the command of maj. Heintzleman to whom great credit is Given for the disposition undo of the troops. Our rangers on this As in the former occasion behaved with thai bravery which is a part of the texan character and the Federau oops likewise acted with great gallantry. So signal was the rout of the Ioji posing forces that i think their Muling again is. Improbable. The report of major Ford is herewith submitted. 1 the can bes made available at any moment to repel invasion or to . J-,.would commend to Jui . Tie propriety of snaking such a ask Jwj a a Essary to put our operation re the report comptroller shows that we have but very Little to congratulate our selves upon on a be out of the condition of the Treasury there remained i the to try a the expiration of the Eliast ii fiscal year ending on the Slot Day of a Gulf ass the sumo Sll 402 69, in u a Bonds and specie. The $2, 000,000 set apart for the. School Rund yet remains to but the balance of the $5,000,c� 0 receive Edify Puthe Sale territory to tie United 1states, haustedj4except the Anjo Lunt set apart i University fund amount Ink to �1 str 070 i. L.i__�.--. A a Emfrid air exercise. Gosh withe i $106,952 26 Andice balance mentioned ofr$41lv Orant a Cumpton streets. I 75 Rice it Baulang licences. T0 00 do do Market. A 00 do do office. 50 Richie Market. T 25 a streets. 7.1 of motion Council adjourned. Chs. K. Thompson a in. I Antaky 17th, 1800.-Sphcial session mayor Joseph presiding present aldermen Atchison Austin Beissner Hutchings Journeay i Eonard Mckeen Menard Muller Rump and Lidstone. Ald. Atchison stated that the meeting had been called for the purpose of devising ways and Means to Niit the liabilities of the City now past due. After a lengthy discussion Aid. Atchison moved a reconsideration of the following Resolution. Rio flail that the mayor and finance committee be and Are hereby authorized to if sue to messes. Mills Aud Nichols the buds of t in corporation in accordance with their proposition accepted by the Board december 5th, 1s59. Motion to reconsider was adopted. Aid. Mckeen moved to adopt the Resolution aids. Menan and Leonard. Having requested permission a Liri a. The vote in my then taken the re solution was adopted. Avs Atchison Austin Htit Miks Joi near Mckeen Muller Rump and Lidstone-.8 Navy a issuer i. On motion of Aid. Austin it was Stan Frlj that the Street committee l e and they Are hereby authorized to contract with Eding for one Hundred thousand barrels of shells or As Many As they see fit at the Price set nut in his proposition. Aid. Mckeen introduced the following Nodi Nance to be acted on at the next meeting be it Huiai two by the Mauw in l i Ariit Alderman of the City of Galt Taon in in ii Convent a nut the committee take the Side walks under their own supervision and have them properly tilled up Aud shelled at the expense of the owners of property fronting there on motion Council adjourned. Chs. E. Thompson the army a Bill for increasing the efficiency of the army and for creating a retired list has been reported to the Senate and conforms with the suggestion of the Secretary of War. There is another Bill for regulating their pay and rations. The proposed measures will greatly improve the service. The retired list will be selected in a manner that will avoid the objections which were found to the plan adopted in respect to the Navy retired list. Emigration to Texas the Mobile advertiser of sunday says the Steamer we. Jones jr., came ii from Wetumka last night with 360 passengers-210 in the Cabin and 150 on deck. The passengers Are mostly emigrants bound for Texas. On the 11th inst. I received dispatches from maj. We. G. Tobin dated Ringgold Barracks january 3d, 1860, showing the organization of the Texas forces and the result of the election held accordingly also a letter from major Heintzleman in reply to major Tobin to which it is shown that in the opinion of that officer the forces of Cortinas Are ent ujhely dispersed and that a reinforcement of United states troop3 were on the March. All of these documents Are respectfully have every reason to Hope that Ere this time the disorders have been quelled and that the emergency which has called our citizens from their Homes no longer exists i to table to form any Correct conclusion As to the origin of these disorders it has been impose sighs for me to Lay before your honorable body the information which would Othelow Bau petted at my hands. Not Only ther legislature but the people of our entire state on whom May fall the Burthen of taxation to meet the Cost of sustaining troops in the Field have a right to know the entire facts connected with the disturbance. If the causes Are local in their nature As i have supposed or i pay them for their services yet they cannot be exp cited to enter Ilion the dangerous service before them without Ueo Essary subsistence. The executive is determined to use All the constitutional Means in his pow a to give Security to our Border. He will Endeavor to Send to the Frontier efficient and reliable Protection and will Call into the Field no More men than appears absolutely necessary but beyond this he has no Power. The legislature alone can provide an appropriate the Money. Our Frontier people have Long been harassed by indians. They have been compelled from time to time to leave their Homes in Pursuit of them to punish their aggressions and recover property stolen. A feeling of insecurity exists which nothing but an Active Force continually on the Alert can dispel. Scattered along the Border they Are unable to get together in sufficient numbers to punish the enemy without endangering their firesides. I have therefore determined to Send them Protection from the Interior. If any emergency arises Orthe indians appear in Force they May then be called into service is minute men without leaving their families Long unprotected. Com the h sweui2 f5oat�ream to Tia he Tejba Iury. Vow have to seek a Tbs to pl8htog .te3 year the balance in f the Treasury on the august18s9lwiu More thar Iirene Foj the Ordinary.expen�es.o�? government Anu to make Jindo Tiuan Economy j is necessary we Hare a Force in the Field upon the rip Grange and the Frontier is to be protected from the indians. We cannot expect oar citizens to wait the delay to be experienced in our endeavours to obtain the recognition of our state forces by the United states. They must be provisioned and paid common Justice demands that the state recompense them and not Force Iben to Wail until the general government shall Ine the be Cessar appropriations. To meet ? to use extra Ordinary expenditures by the most prudent Nide Iskin object which in especially enjoin upon oui attention Berry Avenue of extra Vega he should. Be closed every proper Means a t retrenchment should be. Adopted. A i the keys of the Treasury should be held with a honest grasp and no appropriation be made which is not strictly necessary and in accordance with. Law. Every disbursing officer of the government should be held to strict accountability and no stretch of ,permitted in the exercise of the Trust confided in him. A at Economy will Noti accomplish can in my opinion be Best supplied by taxation. Texas has Leared some experience from going in debt which she will do Well to remember and i Trust she will guard against its consequences in the future. Y i the various departments of government should in my opinion be made As far As pos sible self sustaining and where it is impossible from their nature to make them so a rigid exaction of duty at the hands of All those who arc Inith employ of the government should be required. No free government can afford Toj is Tab list sinecure or to support idleness. Thi Money which comes from the pockets of the people should be economize for their Good and All who Are the recipients of its Bould Render affair recompense of time and labor. Are within the province of the the executive is powerless and if Reform is needed in any of these respects it Falls upon a the legislature to enquire into abuses if there Ibe Airt and provide an immediate remedy. The deficit in the Revenue of the land office added to the fact that the business of that department does not keep Pace with the demand a pot it furnish subjects for your consideration i he interests of the state demand that it should be self supporting and Ilse interests of the people demand that its business should be brought up at the earliest possible period. A Large Force is already employed in that department but the issuance of patents has been delayed and it remains for the legislature to determine whether this is to be attributed to the amount of labor performed Botthe employees of the government or the fact that the Force is inadequate to the remands of business. If the latter it is false Economy to allow a further accumulation of business and thus cause a still greater delay. The holders of four land certificates Are entitled to their patents and if an is necessary it should at once be provided. The deficit in the operations of that department estimated for the present fiscal year ending August ,11st, 1860, at $24,000 shows the necessity of prompt legislation to bring its affairs up to a proper Standard. If on the other hand the de licit arises from the fact that a portion of the time of that department is occupied by business for which no fees Are provided by Law to Jose who consume the time of the employees in transactional tboir., 3taonfabe c polled of pay for the same. In my opinion affairs of that office can Best be brought to self supporting Standard by providing in entire system of fees covering the entire ground of its operations and providing at the same time for the payment of its Jenil yees whenever the same is practicable in proportion to the labor performed. I cannot press too earnestly us n the legislature the subject of common school education. The Success of the system already in operation is established beyond a doubt. Its application is general of tied its defects As few As any system which could be applied to a population As scattered As ours. The nucleus of a Complete sys Teni is already provided and we have in Hui Public Domain the Means of strengthening it until its capacity will equal the demands made upon it As our population increases. No better use canine made of the proceeds of the Sale of the alternate sections of land reserved tithe state from any cause than to apply the same to this fund. I would also commend to your consideration the importance of extending a reasonable Aid to institutions of learning now in operation in Bur state supported by private Enterprise and to encourage by a general Law the establishment of others. Our citizens have already displayed much Zeal and Enterprise in rearing up in Pur midst institutions which a a accomplishing great Good. To sustain these is difficult and As the benefits arising from them is to be Felt in the Genera Prosperity of the state and the Intelli gence of its entire people a proper encourage ment at the hands of tie legislature should be extended. Surrounded by proper guards a measure of this character would be productive . He establishment of a University is in my opinion a matter alone for the future. At this time it us neither expedient nor is it Good policy for the Sale of the lands set apart for the University fund. If at some future period it should be deemed expedient or in keeping with a More enlarged policy to devote Dor entice energies  to a More general diffusion of knowledge than a University would afford or Avan if a he voice of the state Sho Tild demand the establishment of one these lands a ill then provide the Means of advancing he cause of education. When that period arrives their value will to greatly increased if sold now but Little will be realized from them and before the expiration of Twenty years the time upon which Over fifty thousand acres have already been sold the lands will be Worth threefold the amount they would bring now with accumulated interest. So far As the one Hundred thousand dollars of Bonds and their interest taken from the general and applied to the University fund by Tihe last legislature Are concerned. I believe the condition of the Treasury and our immediate necessities demand that the act be repealed and the Money again placed subject to appropriation. We need Money for the Protection of our Froin tier and to save us from taxation More than for a fund which promises no immediate Benefit. Our common school fund already provides for the education contemplated by the Constitution and if this amount thus unnecessarily withdrawn from the general fund will reduce the Burthen of taxation the people will to better Able in the future to Bear taxation to support a University if one should be necessary. I have Long regarded our present Laud sys tean As defective Aud believe with the framers of the Constitution of the Republic that our Public Domain should be Section Zed. The Federal government has adopted this svs Teni with reference to its Public lands and All of the difficulties which surround our titles Are obviated. We cannot redeem the past but we can provide for the future if All of our Public Domain were surveyed by competent persons who would be willing to take a portion of our lauds As compensation for their labor it would greatly facilitate the settlement of the country and give Security to our land operations. It would also furnish some data upon which to base conclusions As to the value of our lands and if accompanied by the researches of a geological and agricultural Bureau would vastly tend toward the development of the resources of our state our lauds if divided into sections half Aud Quarter sections would meet a ready Sale whereas at present the difficulty attending our titles make Many persons loth to file their certificates lest they May conflict with private locations but if their metes and Bounds were declared by the state none of this apprehension would exist. I believe that the policy of extending our Frontier too rapidly has already resulted in great Lis of life Wiuf to the sparse settlements being an easy prey to the Savages. If a base line were run at the extreme Edge of our present mar Sali r2tf-g6fe Jwj Gussa a of. Suite a Wydia Ifcher Bleto Becu it payment Ufi where they Are not up paint j % pm i is. Cannot too 1earnestljj.pares8 Dupont Beix a jigs Laturi tie necessity Force Brummy the the up gds bile to gew Howard Grid Neil of Hall White Davidson isse Hief town end Monroe a oae a Jia Intran Stewart Henderson i Janes dabbing Kab a a lady Trice Paukova a a Mccutchin Ccle to a Mes Lubba a Ien who Fil air Tobin soft my i ifirb4?rbtok3,%wniiams,4speed, Terrill Terri Merom Saunders a Rarra maj Chilton 0 �0 negroes Imp rate Coli Venlon m j7tbb democratic state Toj Dastoor the purpose of Naas finer stand electing delegates to be first Choice for the in dilate in the coming presiden Given to the Hon. Stephen my induction into office his met Yapp Foval. The Laws Ilfra Char ter will re Cei Yelm asset which does not con Tein those Fra Utji imposition and reckless speculation which Ore to guar the the stated and pockets of the people corporation Bave m the $�m%tf8ggi. That we should careful when a Ria Fiig privileges that we part with . To us fellas Alre Aily been Genf Erous and he generosity has in several been of abused we can yet in by Railroad policy but we should Nuez ctr terms As will secure every interest Tobe affected i it Wal be my Endeavor to . Every Railroad company in the Eutevia strict compliance with the terms of tits the benefits con ferret Aie us great and the terms invade by the state a easy that there is but Little h excuse a Case of a failure to comply a Tab the Law. A j Thoj improvement of under the act of Aig. 1185s, will receive that attention at my Hinds which the importance of the subject demands. To sections i. The country these Natur in me ausust transportation Aro of great Utility. It will be my Endeavor to appoint practical men acquainted with the nature of our Riveri to superintend their report upon the manner in which contras performed to Beer duty. I can see but Little Utility in the office of _ Engineer under on present system of rail and River improvements. It is impossible for on individual to supervise al of the works in Progress of the state. In the immediate locality or our Rivers men can be found fully competent to decide upon the proper method for their improvement. The Railroad us already provides that the company for the Exa Mij nation is made shall pay the expense of the Samel the Law should plainly designate what the nit Ture of the expenses shall be and the manner in which to examination shall be made in order to prevent corruption and also establish the fees and duties of the examining Board which can be appointed time being and thus save the state the Cost of a salaried officer i i a would commend the Continua oco of the geological Survey and would suggest As an Auxin a iary the establishment of an agricultural Bureau with the aim of collecting agricultural statistics and developing our general agricultural interests. I it will be necessary that the legislature pro. Vide for the further prosecution Pytho Boundary Survey for establishing the line Between Thui stat Sand Texas in accordance with act apr prove Jan. 23, 1858. How far that Survey has been prosecuted the executive has not be enable to learn. It remains Tor tie legislature to Rel Quiro into the manner in which the appropriate Tion of $20,000 made by the last legislature has Tejen expended Fiat amount Wilt till be necessary to Complex the Survey and make an appropriation for i same re a a .�-,�.-,. 1 would recon mid to your consideration the propriety of changing the time for the meeting of the legislature Una the 15th. Of a dec my Erli or Stiie Early period before the to Allete the inauguration out Berno que Effie i ence under the pre to gang ent Ita Labow ri1 that but Little i Gas Fiss to a Folk de before the Mcm i of Ine of flab tra ind i believe tie Kanije suly no Ovney the so Nuch Ferem e to bar i rjfemnt5�pnri Obj Jipp sep Laai Nure to provide All necessary Regul it ions and guards against Furtad and mis const action of the Law regulating the same. The duties of the Public Printer like those of All other officers should be plainly defined. The Law should provide against the latin Ioinous construe Ion by which thousands of May be swept from be Treasury upon a plea of custom and especially declare that the work shall not be leaded but shall be close or solid and that no unnecessary Blanks bet allowed. The various report s of Public officers printed for the use of the l Gisia Ture should also be declared not to be a t of the journals and that they shall not be printed As appendices to them. The present Law h defective in these respects and i commend to the legislature the propriety of so amending it As to meet not Only these Bat All other objections. Up in the action of the legislature depends to a considerable extent the construction to be Given to he present contract for the Public printing. It is for the legislature to say after the Matte has been fully investigated whether the charges made by the Public Printer for the past four i ears arc Correct and in accordance with Law. If they Are not and Money has been illegally Iran from the Treasury it is not Only in accordance with Justice but precedent that re Titi Trion should be made. In providing a Means for disseminating the seems to the executive that a regard should be had to the Means most Likely to bring them within the reach of the great mass of the people. I do not believe that the present Mode of distributing them is calculated to accomplish this end. But few individuals get Possession of them and then frequently Long after they have tone into effect. The people have a right to now the Laws and the legislature should seek that Channel of communication which is most accessible. I believe that if a portion of the Money now expended in printing was devoted to the publication of the Laws in one newspaper in each county in the state or at least one in each Judici District the Benefit to the Community would be far greater than that received by the print Jug of them in pamphlet form alone. A much smaller number in pamphlet form would then suffice and the expense to the state would be but Little if any greater. The Cost of publishing the general Laws in the manner mentioned would be but slight and if at the same time by the distribution of the Public funds the entire press of the state is benefited to any extent it is in object for favourable 1-legislature, Vij. Lsvr-gdvvsimr5 " Ign the Bill recent Yaj Missour legislature a providing intent of is pavement of All free in the Sun tort Benxi Iota no fact lire a f3&ff i f to Tony f mjpd3 Ico Ai., Jan. 18.-a convention was we this to a to Day representing the Manu fact tiring the state. A Resolution i i8f i the Steamer pc arrived this to try from Liberty with"59 Bales Ojo Cotton and the following passengers r messes. E c Ely w Porter of Laurie j a 37" the Schooner Moonlight arrived at new York on the 3d inst., 24 Days from Galveston by the Telegraph publishes a detailed state meet of All the losses by the late fire at Houston with the exception of that of or. Whitmarsh the Ivar Ehouse valued at $15,000 and $8,000" in merchandise by messes. Lubbock the losses seem to be pretty Well divided. The precise Quantity of Cotton lost turns out to have been 1,518 Bales. The heaviest loss of Cotton 205 Bales Falls on j. Hillard the next. 111 Bales on j. D. Andrews. Most of the Cotton was owned in the Interior. Rendl Ritzin was adopted discount enhancing the attempts of partisan leaders to persuade the people of the South that the North As a body with the ass tults made a pm the South a Resolution expressing conservative views ari4 sentiments of Amit towards the Outha in Steak. Of a ?. I nets Bruj Blar Keta. J York 3�nvf18.-the Cotton Market closed buoyant Fhi Advance of % is reported they sales Arno untie tof2500 Bales. Middling to plaid . A a i River Intel hence. Sri Eoens Jan. Is the Mississippi River att Isje Intis still falling with six feet of water to Cairo. A is a j. _ a \ a Oungre Emoneal Rocee Dungu. Washin Tonj Jan. 18.-Ui the Senate Ester Day jew members proceeded to elect a Printer. The total number of votes Cak was 48, of which or flow Jan received 27, Antii Rilke declared Elk Ted i a Tulai House of re Presentati colloquial discussion occupied 6f"the.a�y. A the House then adjourned no been taken. A in Tzib Senate to Day Jitt brow it a produced a Bill providing for the Protection of Avery in ,-.ifc. To y a \ Ion the Senate adjourned. In the speeches a�4 Dis a More desultory and irrelevant a than has heretofore marked heir As taken and there appears to be Fany being taken for several Daji. Adjourned at an Early w Orleans a essay evening Jan. If 1800. -. Conn there has been a Good demand again to Day and the 3 amounted to about 14,uo0 Bales at very full rices for the middling and better gravies. And a steady Mil firmer Market for the lower . The to Olav . . 5 a 7 of Din Aryl. 7 Iva Hijii middling10s @11 Good Middle null la mid dung fair.l2j4@l2 i fair. @ _ . 0 c 9 Whf my . R10j Sanjua air to fully fair 7@7jc. F it. A mouse 39&4 the. For prime and 37 of a. A gallon or diary. Sierra Entong Etca riot Perfin j0@u 25, extra $6 50 p Blu a Coah ? Bushel. 4?Ork 6bh a Juhng mostly at $17 50 for old and " 50 i j. For new. Lotf new shoulders oi., extra sugar Curell hoi Uit Ibex it. Tiitu Lac. F it. Fth surf Bec died 2flc. V gallon Ioir fit Lii be. F feb a Tiv a a Inch a a the demand inn not Levite at our Stanba free in the the Telegraph states that on monday night last the new store House of the Penitentiary at hints Lille was consumed by fire together with All its contents consisting of about 350 Bales Cotton and a considerable amount of manufactured goods. Loss about $25,000. The building was new and of Brick. It is not known How the fire originated Many think it was the work of an intend Arr. Old new Gazette says that in Matagorda county some planters have commenced blowing and preparing for planting their crops. Others have not finished picking yet. One gentleman does net expect to be Able to gather his entire crop by the time for planting again. With thirteen bands he will save 190 Bales an i could be have procured hands time he would hat e saved Many More. Of near Bills it a. A it 60 Days. Ryo Feht. 7 i@7 i p it. Prem 5f. 25@5f. 35 a Dot. Flu r2ji to   act. Dts Par Wattle 3 Arket lot Larson Clov dec. 18. Receipts 320 weaters rattle. boo Western cattle remain of Sale r and inferior a a pc at per la net. a Szijj tex.i1860. J Jii Nuar 2nd,- mess i a of naval to ,. Taylor i c,g. Vently in in accordance with your commission Ltd a vill forthwith a oct of adopting such measures As will urge upon Congress the Justice of paying to Texas the balance now in the Treasury of the United states on account of our Public debt. In the present condition of our Treasury this amount becomes important Texas is entitled to it and should receive it without delay. The Lime has again arrived when an examination if the affairs of the state Penitentiary is called for. An investigation of its financial and sanitary condition is necessary that the legislature May be Able to judge As to the legislation necessary to sustain it properly. The jaw passed by the last legislature which Grants a Preemption privilege for every three Negroe an individual May own is in my opinion based upon erroneous ideas of the institution of slavery calculated to create distinctions Between Rich and poor and to Confer exclusive benefits upon one class of on citizens at the expense of the other and recognizes the idea that government is bound to make the Rich Richer and the poor poorer. In the Eye of the Law All men should stand equal. To draw a distinction Between those of our population who have not been abbe to acquire slaves and those who have is in my opinion impolitic and i respectfully Tuuu acrid to the legislature the immediate repeal of the Law. I can Jot refrain from congratulating the legislature upon the Triumph of conservatism As seen in the Many evidences of the determination of the makes of the people of the North to abide by the of institution and the Union Aud to put Down the fanatical efforts of misguided abolitionists who would endanger the safety of the Union to Advance their vapid schemes. That their efforts will so operate upon the impending struggle As to stay the band of slavery agitators is to be hoped. This out speaking of the people should be received in our midst As the Evidencio that notwithstanding the ravings of from the Bio Grande. Our latest intelligence from Brownsville contained in the Flag of the 12th inst. The Flag mentions reports that Cortinas is reorganizing his band for further depredations on the Frontier. It says soon after his defeat at Rio Grande City at the head of Only ten men on the mexican Side of the ride where be had. Been driven he commenced recruiting. From near Camargo he has been traced to the mexican towns and Rancho gradually augmenting his Force As he came Down the Riter until he made a halt with from two to three Hundred men some Twenty five Miles above this place where he still remains encamped with his main Force Only some 75 of his number having been known to Cross into Texas. A Union of action Between american and mexican forces must be had to put Down the guerrilla gang who have no sooner been driven from american soil than they reorganized and recruited on the mexican Side of the River with the avowed intention of invading our country again. Hons. Robt. H. Taylor and Angel Navarro representatives respectively from Fannin and Bexar counties arrived Here by the Arizona from Austin. Of their Mission we know Little beyond the fact that at the solicitation of gov. Durston they came to see if any Good could crime out of Nazareth. Or. Taylor is an experienced ski i us successful Diplomatist or. is a eng and talented and Clever As is their appearance either is Worth Ali that both would pass for. We would however take occasion to add that if their Mission Here is to in castigate from the foundation up the cause of the Rio Grande War our citizens will bid them a god Speed knowing As All must that it is to investigation alone we must look to secure the Protection supposed to have been guaranteed us by the Constitution and the Laws. Married on the 21st inst., by the Rev. Danl. Mcnair or. Jno. L. Flett to miss Elizabeth Leasa All of this cite. Died. In valves Lou yesterday sunday morning George son of George Mason Esq aged about 14 months  Yusim Francisco cal., dec. 13th, of Scarlet fever Sarah Only child of capt. A. M. And Sarah k. Burns formerly of fall Camut aged 10 years Aud 5 Mouths. .7. To a Sweet Little girl known to Many As Sallie Burns Only child of capt. Aaron m. And Sarah k. Burns of this City died of Scarlet fever Yea Tenly Moru Iii. On sunday although no quite we a she could not be called sick of monday morning the disease fat Rev set in and in about Twenty four hours terminated fatally. Her , so Well and inv orally Kuun to Many of j our citizens left recently Lor Duymas As master of the propeller Santa Cruz Aud the sudden and had Shock is All the Mure severe to the mourning Mothe roti account Tot the father s absence. Little Sallie was Only ten and Hall years of age Butl she had won the affection of Many friends. In Washington Texas on last Friday night or. Robt. Lott better known As Uncle Bob one of nature s noblemen generous kind and hospitable �puuscrs3. Allen s vh6lmale and retail fb06x&, and. %f., Vint door but of the pm it Oates 7 rave Ijo Jed Lobb a assortment the entire seek it Boa a of Jones soot it co. Date pm. Cooea Taunow prepared to Fluell order to the Book and stationery in renew Yth Imp Rictor a Largo Fine aodiweu44wtatt�atodt of Standard Anil pop Abs wort or Clai Socal menu file mechanical school i Hetio teen Attia Iinuma poet at biographical mice thu Oak action rim nerf it Wulc Butr Taal in Renolo Jucal dome Tio soon nor to Viges tra Veli Etc. A new by Terr a Tel Mer Sckerl Bee a Sefca al stationery the most compete Stock to the state a classics and a St i iia Veat Aoa greek Spanuth Frencha Adlerman. R Blank by a Lcy half and fall bound at Autty to. Atia and varieties. Superior it Les of Lefaor Andmios. To can. Sciatic bands. Fan Pencil Index Bill note draft Bec Dpt Etc. Etc. Papers the celebrated Windsor and Clifton Mills Premium Papeika comp Riata a series of Caps letters Baths notes Commer Dat packet Legal. Blotting and Bill which or neatness of design excellency of finish intrinsic value and Low puck Are truly unequalled by any in Texas. Also a full assortment of fancy. Cream Laid mourning coloured tissue drawing Gold Sliver Post once wrapping and Cotton sampling paper Etc., Etc envelopes Buff White and Canary for business men and lawyers. Also Linen Parchment Post office. Coloured Ball emblematic mourning pm bossed. Wedding and fancy and card of every size and Quality for the ladies and some so opaque As to baffle the scrutinising gaze of cupid cards visiting also with cases wedding enamelled. Bristol Board mourning tinned embossed and Yunmin ated with new and Bea Tifal designs. Also military firemen and civic Ball cards with appropriate emblematic devices. Pocket diaries for the year 1ss0. Porty sour different idols with several new styles for the co onus Bouse. Stereoscope and. Views foreign and Domestic both paper and Glass. Innate and. Music books a Large assortment of the Standard music of the Day Gold pens in Silver cases and desk holders. Warranted in every particular. Try before Yon buy. I steel pens Gillot a amalgam Salbata Washington medallion. Commercial pig Hary French Barnard s Patent Jeroloman a Etc. Chess men Ivory Ebony Rosewood Boxwood and Bone travel ing from $2 to i2s a sett. A great variety of chess backs Annoh and Chequer boards. Abb Mii different sizes and styles of binding manufactured of superfine paper assorted colors and illustrated with Fine steel engravings. Standard poets pocket 12mo and Royal Octavo edition. Elegantly printed and handsomely bound. Bibles ail sizes and in All styles of Hinding. Prayer books a Large variety of episcopal and Catholic together with denominational hymn books generally. Juvenile and toy books for the Little of All varieties Sites styles and colors. Also printed on Linen  Yoakum s history of Texas from the first settlement in 1gr5, to annexation in 1846, with portraits maps and plans. Also an extended appendix. Vol. 8vo., 1,054 pages strongly bound in sheep sent by mail postage free for $5. A general variety of Stock comprising among other the following Liciu aug articles almanacs Bills of lading. Blotting paper pads and Sand composition and copy books. Chalk crayons Wajih boxes. Card cases dominoes dream books Dice expeditious calculators engravings expense books envelop boxes. Hasp boxes inks. Black Blue red and Blue Black Ink stands and erasers India , indelible Ink and pencils. Ivory folders. India Ink Ivory tablets Lead pencils of All colors letter boxes mucilage pen holders. Prints portfolios a not monies. Pocket books purses pictures perforated boards pen and pocket knives Pencil leads quills Tia ill pens rulers. Red tar. Heady reckon ers reference files sealing Wax song books scrap books slates and slate pencils sail boxes time books transparent slates too picks thermometers Valentines in their season wafers writing books wallets writing desk i Etc., Etc., with thous Amis of things too numerous to mention. Cheap publications. The most extensive and varied Stock of Light item Ture to i found in the state. The subscriber would respectfully invite country dealers and strangers generally to examine his Stock tie fore proceeding to new Orleans As he is confident be can undersell Tuit Market easily. Books sent by flail. All orders promptly attended to and books forwarded by mail free of postage on reception of advertised prices. Magazines and. Newspapers. Subscriptions received or single copies for Sale o the leading magazines and literary newspapers of the Day. Francis d. Allen. Galveston. Texas., january lab o. Jan3dwtf fruits r new York journal of immerse sums these up very tersely. Anion mentions the following the al to i twists hive caused Many deaths by violent ii in into thousands families in be slave holding states. They a or will have caused the free negroes to be spelled from most of those states greatly to 1 sir injury add distress. They a caused the slaves throughout the Southern ites to be More vigilantly guarded and More merely dealt with in Case of insubordination Many Irp cent persons Are greatly inconvenienced though unfounded suspicion. A missionary of be Southern Aid society writes As follows Only the Light of eternity can reveal the extent the suffering caused to innocent thousands y that wretched affair at Harper. Ferry. A god restore peace to our country and pros Gay to his Church in to " " r damaged the merchants manuf Zijm and the whole population of the Noria by a Civ the interchange of commo dips gift the so Jyh heretofore so advantage Ous to All Cernea. They Hae exposed our nation to the direst calamities which non6 but clod Avert wholly they Bale shown themselves to be without common do cerament or else reckless of con sequences b everybody but themselves. Settlements and the territory beyond withdrawn deluded zealots or the impious threats of Anat from location and settlement we could then by a Liberal policy which would give an alternate Quarter Section of Laud to every actual settler who would reside upon and cultivate the same for two years draw to on Frontier a Bost of Hardy pioneers who would not Only be Able to resist the encroachments of the indians but soon acquire sufficient strength to intimidate them. If this plan were adopted and a Force of Texas rangers authorized by the United states kept actively scouting in our territory beyond the settlements we would cease to hear of those calamities which now continually Shock our ears. Thus our Frontier could be gradually ical disunion its the love of our common country still Burns with the tire of the Olden time in the hearts of the american people. Nowhere does that fire Burn with More Fervour than in the hearts of the conservative people of Texas. Satisfied that the men whom they elected at the ballot Bok to represent them in Congress will Bear Thep rights safely through the present crisis they feel no alarm As to the result Texas will maintain the Constitution and stand by the Union. It is All that can save us As a nation. Destroy it and anarchy awaits us. We Hare in our own Constitution the adaptation of those principles of republicanism which the Lii new Brilliant and very economic Light been tested on a Large Scal at the Crystal 1 Alace London. It is describe As More powerful than the Gas from Coal giving an intensity of brightness with steadiness continuity and Diffusive Ness. In Short that it is in every Way practically Avail Able for to Ordinary purposes of life. The new Light is obtained by projecting a Jet of oxygen and Hydrogen or oxygen and car Burette Hydrogen Gates combined upon a surface of Lime and so regulating the Supply and protecting the Lime Ftomyn Zibung away As to ensure with perfect continuity a maximum brilliancy of intensity the Power of illumination is immense a single cd of medium size being equivalent to the Light a four Hundred Wax candles of four to the Pound. It is represented to be peculiarly adapted for coast lights steamers sailing vessels rail tips signals Bridges wharves factories churches Public rooms squares Large and important thoroughfares. For its portability it i eminently adapted for military operations Init he Field both in attack and defense of import it positions As Well As the service of the sea generally. On the score of expense the saving is very great. The Lime Light cosm two cents in hour Coal Gas eight cents and thirty cans for the same amount of illumination. The Experiment and effulgent display Are describe Dis surpassing the expectation s even of the Molt sanguine visitors. Days sailing of u. S. Mail steam res to eur both the following will be the sailing Days of tie United states mail packets from s. York fur be next three Mouths saturday january 21, for Southampton and Bremen. Saturday january 2s, for Liverpool. Saturday february 4, for Southampton and Harn. Saturday february 11, for Liverpool. Saturday february 18, for Southampton and Breuer. Saturday february 25, for Liverpool. Saturday March 3,-for Southampton and Havre. 10, for Liverpool. Saturday March 17, for Southampton and Brenen. Saturday March 24, fur Liverpool. Saturday March i for Southam to and Havre. Saturday. April for Liverpool. Houston Cotton statement Stock on hand sept. 1,1s59, Bec d past week. Previously. Total. Shipped past week. 2107 previously52433 burned about. 2100-56690 a Bales. 1773 3068 66514-69582 71355 Stock a band Jan. 20, 1860.14665 lie was an old texan and All who know him hold him in High regard. He has left a Large family to mourn his loss. Peace to the ashes of l Nofe Bob no nobler heart Ever beat than his. A. C. M. Huf the Rema Kalile popularity which has attended the introduction of the celebrated St. Nicholas stomach bitty is is not alone owing to their Dellol Ous , or to their Mere appetizing effects they Are a remarkable Aud Eller chive preventive against Dis eases of mods which have their origin in perturbation of the stomach and liver nausea dizziness in the head spots before the eyes Rush of blood to the head headache either nervous or arising from a vitiated state of the secretions Are a few of the discomforts which will be certainly and speedily alleviated by the judicious use of this valuable tonic and alterative. It is a certain preventive of. Fever and a gue and All Atal Arious or bilious fevers and As such should be kept in readiness for use in every family. Liquid dentifrice. an Alt icis. I entirely i a posits. I pa8tk8, " 1 and All other aokht8 i v of a r a cleaning & Tritt Enins the Teeth. Ttj3t received a which a Ablest is to fill promptly All orders from con try my Juuti it Liberal Frau. By Jas Yard principal agents. Oat Venen. Qty Krutt Cabot a co Austin. 3. A at Watt a so Nanto Iupe. July 18 to of Fugn Cima of Tkv Mimm stat. Wolfe Cenalee Caff my Brand Wolfe s genuine port wine wout of a a Genanne Haa Eira Wise Wolfe s genuine Sherry wine. I am now supplying tha Trade with pore Cognac Brandy iia bottles both for medical and private use the of Success that has crowned my efforts to within the reach of ail under the name of aromatic Schiedam schnapps and to drive out of the Market the pernicious compounds sold As Din throughout the country led Many leading druggists apothecaries and medical men for some years past to solicit me to pursue the same course in regard to the article of Brandy. I should have complied with these requests from All quarters Long ago Bat was deterred from it by the fact that owing to the exorbitant prices of Brandy in Francq consequent upon the shortness of the grape crop for some years there was no of my being a Bis to import the choicest Brandy bottle it and Sellzt at moderate prices. Fortunately for me the grape crop for the last and previous year and the Prospect for this was Kos Dent and prices of Brandy have fallen to the Standard of ten years ago. The duty of Brandy is also seventy per sent. Lower and i have now made arrangements with four Brandy exporters in France of the highest repute and am regularly receiving consign Menta of the Best Cognac Brandy which i am bottling and Selling As Wolfe s genuine Cognac Brandy guarantee with my Seal labels and certificates the Brandy so bottled by me As the pure unadulterated article and it will be found when used As a Medicine a beverage or a cordial healthful and invigorating. It has been a matter of Universal complaint that a bottle of pure unmixed French Brandy was very diff cult to of Bap Aci the purchaser nine times in ten was deceived Fath a vile manufactured imitation. Of All descriptions of ardent spirits. Brandy from its High Price has been the one article that mixers Aud Sellers have turned their attention to and millions of Gallons of the so called French Brandy have teen scattered annually through the land and have been the primary cause of murder suicides cruelties and crimes and have sent thousands to an Early grave self destroyers from delirium Kremens mania a pot and horrors names unknown until unprincipled men began to make maddening compounds and sell it As the pure French Brandy. The Virtues of pure French Brandy need not be told by me. They Are known throughout the world As a Medicine or mild stimulant. It is As the French nation poetically Call it " eau de la vie the water of life. But this applies to it Only when pure and unadulterated. Manufactured with the fearful ingredients that Matte a Good imitation it becomes a death drink to innocent tens of thousands of our race. To remedy a fearful evil i have commenced importing Brandy bottling it and Selling it As " Wolfe s genuine Cognac Brandy " i am daily rec Elvin orders from the druggists and apothecaries in All parts of the Union to sell it for medical purposes. Udolpho Wolfe to. 22 Beaver Street new York my agents in new Orleans e. J. Hart & co., a. D ii our tccu., 3. T. Moo iut a co. Novel desm gifts r. L. Peel. R dumb Leno. Boxx peel., Duji Tibb & co., Wool and Cotton factors a.1d Glik a Alho Fowx Diho strand Galveston. Particular attention Given to woo Load Ootton advances made on shipments to new Orleans new York Boston and Liverpool. Jan24wtf Benedict. Hali. & co., jobbers in boots and shoes  for Texas track. No. J1 i Ark Row opposite the Astor Honse new York. Juko. N. Nezu. Of the late firm of Browning Stewart Allen pc co. Jan�3w to be sold Plantation with thirty five negroes to Washington county containing about 1,400 acres of land Good dwelling House Stock cattle sheep. Mares Etc., Etc there Are about 450 acres in cultivation with Gin Honse Cotton screw Etc. And the lenses and appoint ments Are All of Superior order and within three Miles of the Best male and female school in the state. Id apply to a. F. James Galveston land agent or to Wood pc Power Gaveston. Jsn25w saddlery coach and Plantation a did Wake  leather of All kinds strand Galveston. Texas. New Stabli Stimek a. A Branch of Tho manufacturing eslami finont of Peter Slayden of new York tile undersigned is constantly receiving from the and will keep on hand a full Supply of saddlery coach and Plantation hardware of every description Viz snaffle Stitts. Buckles rings stirrups pad Trees. Saddle Trees pad screws cock eyes ferrets swivels Trace squares breeching Trees Etc., Etc. Saddlers can be supplied with harness skirting bridle calf skin seating and russet leather draft and buggy collars brass and Silver plated gig and coach harness thread saddlers tools and everything wanted in the line. Carriage makers supplied with Bent stuff spokes hubs Felloes enamel cloth and All kinds of Carriage trimmings. Carpenters supplied with a Superior Quality of All kinds of tools for their use. Bench screws Etc. Planters supplied will Plantation hardware hoes. Shovels plus. Hames. Collars chains Etc. Jaal7wtf j r Spra Ouk. Herring Patent Champion fire and burglar proof safes. With Hail s Patent powder proof locks the same that were awarded separate medals at the world s fair London. 1s5i. And the world s fair n. York. 1853. And Are the on it american safes that were awarded medals at the London world s fair. These safes form the most perfect Security a galust fire and burglars of any Safe Ever uttered to the pub 1,000 Bebak will be paid to any person that show that a herring s Patent Champion Safe Ever failed to preserve its con tents in an accidental fire. S. C. Herring 4 co. Manufacturers. 251 Broadway Corner Murry St., new York and 32 and 54 Gravier Street. New Orleans. To eats Miller Montgomery a co,.gsjveston w. Willsen Houston Texas. Jaal7w3m gifts gifts Eyassu a at font and Arr door a Torii this to year of the Enterprise in Mew Orleans haying received the strongest Assurance of the satisfaction of our customers heretofore by flier continued patronage we would respectfully inform them All who Are desirous of obtaining a valuable Library also Fine books Kolt presents and for the parlor table that by constant addition to our Stock we have now on hand a larger and More Choice collection of Standard and miscellaneous books consisting of bibles prayer Bouks annuals albums and late publications than has Ever been offered in this City and Selling at the utter edit retail Prita a gift Worth from Twenty five cents to one Hundred dollars consisting of Gold and Silver watches Gold jewelry and a great variety of useful and desirable articles will be presented with each Book at the time of Sale. N. not be deceived by any travelling concerns that May wish to take advantage of our Success to advertise under the same name. To protect our friends and patrons from imposition who May never have visited our store we would state that this is the Only Branch of the original Evans & co. In the South. We would respectfully give As reference the editors of the Picayune do True Delta. Do n. O. Crescent f al us cd do Delta. J those who Are unable to visit our store can revalue All the advantages of dealing with this establishment by sending their orders Lay express and they will be promptly filled and sent with die corresponding gift by the first return express. Jo3 any person ordering ten or More books at onetime will receive a gift and a Book extra. Jap circulars with a list of our books will be sent free to any address. Evans at co., fan6wtit no. In Camp Street near canal. And Jet Tii do trim cows taper , psf Tresaa a a. Stul be Given to flt set nitty than Nulla mints will be sad b sight re Farmr on is Dreston Nar Orleans and new York. 4 " a v t they Wal Isnit Serdar bag Taw upon Best Natate aay Wicai u Tats Staat Halop Tut lands locate card Tomatas perfect thus Procaro patents on tears saw Ete strict attention Volt Given to a to their Chart.  in aug sow \ a a Waco Host Cam. I. M. B frmi.rsc4xctaa. Ftp a a a stable attached a Tik harm and baggies to hire id All the stages Stop at this Hoaeae aug if. John c. Acco attorn i and at Law. Dallas Texas. It Rel practice la the District courts la a tse Vav the 16th a Soldal District and in the supreme court of Tab stat and will at tend to the collection of Tolas in Alt the of Uncle and a Ollai the 16th Dia Triel special Eue Etton fives u land imitation. In Embee it Side of la labile Square. A Fly a a. P. Tompkins Roca via foam album or aim Ixo coaxial Fox merchant july inc ecu Texas. Whf Judson Fem aus Institute Marion Ala. The Twenty second Manoal session of this Nail Tuto will open on monday october 3d. 1858. For further info Matua or Ca loom Amily to a Gartt Noah k. Davj3. Pat ciral. Yard. The undersigned beg to inform the pubic that it have not told out. And Hope we stall not be under the necessity of so doing and still ask for a share of their patronage. We shall Ali monuments Tomba and head and toot stones a Well As All other kinds of Marble work As cheap and guarantee the work As Rood As any other dealer in the to Alneada a this or any other sate in the Union. Jar mtg a. Allan co. Or. Inu s aromatic tanning tooth g parts to Rae breath a fragrance fit not Only agreeable to yourself but pleasant to a g Mouth and tooth Wash Foj cleanses and Wiltens the Teeth o r_.t-. A n q with whom you May come in Contact. B it prevents the formation of tartar it gives the heal i and vigor to the mucus membrane of the of Mouth and to diseased Gums. Q its Antiseptic and aromatic pro a a tie Are of such a nature that 0 a few drops 0 offensive on the o Are sufficient to neutralize breath caused either by h decayed Teutli a foul stomach Foj diseased Gums. 18 is chsw1sg or smok1xg tobacco or wearing artificial Teeth Hyde & Goodrich corny canal and Royal streets. New or Kaiu. Afo a met in veto Orleans oter Jurty tar Haye always on hand at the lowest Market Pulce Sattre target assortment in of South of Watchet clod jewelry parlor Oryx Tenfa. A Silver and oboe by and _ plated wart in Teit plan iwo tinn Etc Etc., article. Kyj agent for Sharp s rifles and deringer a pianola. Any article of Silver Ware made to order in our manufactory in jul City As Low a it Oak a bought so Rte or to wanted by an cd Erien ced teacher. Aud uate of Dartmouth College a situation m an Academy or High school. Please address ims Hli atty Charles 11. Users a. . Oal Veilon teas. London Porter and ale now passing through the custom House for Sale by the cask Cay. Dec a. 8. To. J. A Syi Jor. Or. Withers general commit Aton Lei Chan.  Houston Texas will give prompt attn Onui urn Selling and shipping of Cotton. Hides Wei pecans Etc. Will attend to the purchasing of surf la Watn accompanied by Cash or produce. Apis Price per bottle fifty cents. Briosos & Yard principal agent for teat. A a o h o Vlf sold by Briggs t Yard f. D. Allen and of messes. C. Branal Galveston Everett k. Co., to Houston it. D. Carr t co. Austin Atwater 5 a san Antonio. Also sold by druggists Anil dealers " g in fancy articles throughout the United states. Branch office of Faistman s Iron Cotton tie. To planters and merchants. Iron will be generally used the coming year in bail ing Cotton. Merchants should therefore hesitate to Purchase rope and examine the merits of the different ties before purchasing of them. A comple assortment of at the different ties Wilt be kept at my Ufi ice on exhibition which All who feel an interest in. Are cordially invited to Call and examine for themselves. Confident in the superiority of the Passman tie i will tale pleasure in going to the Orleans press to exhibit its merits Mode of application Etc., or that of any other tie that May be suggested. Orders for any amount filled at Fie. ? a with uber al deductions to merchants. F. Belched agent Janet wily commercial place new Orleans Wau . L. Moo Taylor in Moore attorney 3 at Law. Crockett Houston county Texas will attend to All business entrusted to them in Houston and adjoining counties. Will also practice in the supreme and Federal courts at Tyler. Lie Erencen chief Justice Wheeler. Judge a. M. Roberts Geu. Tom. Green messes. Sorley. Smith 8c. Co., r. It d. G. Mills and e. B. Nichols it co Gal Veston h. Sampsom & co. And we. M. Rice so co. Houston. Jan lowly Fairbank s platform and counter Scales. The e celebrated weighing machines have the Bat reputation for correctness and durability Viany Scales in America. A Good assortment just received and orders promptly filled at new York prices for every kind of Fairbanks Scales by sept is k. , sole agent for Texas d. , m. V Over or. Pela ifs drug store on Tremont Street. Tenders he to session my services to the citizens of Gai Muju. To Kent. Lake Creel Plantation situated us the. Trinity River Twenty Miles in of lit erty l containing two Hundred acres of no. I land injun a High state of cultivation. There is a Gin House. Screw and Mill on the Fhren. Also for Sale the Stock Wagon and the remnant of Corn Mui fielder apply Early to j. Davis on the Phu a. Mar in drugs medicines chemicals. Patent Medicine Etc. Of orders punctually attended to Aud gods Warra Atad to be of the Best Quality. Market St. Gale Lou. Surf a. Portable engine for 8alk-a Fly. Teen horse Power portable 8t�m elfin and Bailer made by Philip Katun Richmond a. Also the worm and apparatus suitable fur a Tillery. Tha Anve will be sold Low either Ogeth or separate. Ifs two Side lever engines complete18 Inch Cylon a la fat stroke. Murphy Sai Pirsos. Feb wry Mechanic St. Thee let a a Juon s sewing Mac jines depot in Gale con by 2. Cass Elij Markst hear to Saint Pirnat. These celebrated machines Are ruin univ i acknowledged the Best and4�oh&�/i Macl Dri they have taken the first Premium met every state l held in the United states. \yhej"-1 Watson a a Chines Are the Only ones much Arau Aily Extell Ril heavy Plantation and the tha Underdal Nedwa ii Stanow a Largs plot a at al pricy. On hand Jtj flak muted to j oct so a al sewing sewing Sewlall for famines. For families. For families machines machines machines manufacture is Mani fact ukr. Manl fact Leils. Planters planters planters at new York 1 kicks 850 75 Sim 1. Ͽ�10o. 11. Singer it co., of n. Y Ali. Trove established a Branch office in the City olae Jat it Farj my rec act Ranj 9 for the Sale of their cylk Bratko . Is Uki Assen. World renowned so Wing machines suitable for All kinds of work these machines Are now offered it Tho alive new York prices at our Houston office with additional charges for freight. I. M. S1kgek a co. J. E. Clute agent. At j. Ii. Evans store main Street Houston Texas i3rau persons wishing full information about serving machine prices size Etc., can obtain it by applying at our office in Houston a letter for a copy of i. 51. Singer to cos paper entirely de voted to the subject to will la sent Gratis. N. Large and varied assortment of silk thread Needles. Oil Etc., constantly in hand at it vomit prices. Send for a circular. Jan lowly Book binding paper ruling and Blank Book manufacturing off Noru Street next door to Palmetto Hon. Gix Veston it. Strickla do Javino purchased the find Khz 3qa7 the unders Gneil will St in a few of his Young bulls and in Ifres just it div re i thorough bred cattle for Sale. From Kentucky. They Are of tiie Imprest blood having Geen see card with great care with Lull Erti fled Pedigree to each and in Alt Young and in Fine health. A catalogue containing their filigree Price Etc., May he obtained by addressing the Urison a att san Jacinto Harris Otu Jit Tex a. Declcdlt.w3t j. Mokshan. Disho Luton notice. The co partnership formerly existing de tween s Plow Lerand j. M. Lurkin. In the practice of Law under the name of at Carlm disc Deil in the 15th of nov Marr. In a. S m. Lankin. Livingston. Polk co., Texas. Deciyw4t q. . Yal Kab Manly. Attorneys at Law Houston. A Titi of our House restaurant and Coffee House James Robertson. Street. Houston. Texas. P Rop Reio r. Congress Spiro of formerly belonging to the late Vav. It. Dunning and made considerable additions thereto respectfully informs the merchants and businessmen generally of Galveston and the Interior Liat he is prepared1 to execute orders of any description usually done in it tort t i us bindery Iii promptness and Tut if Uruu at Tony other establish unsent in the a Uili Blank books manuf a Iun a Ripen r style ruled to any desired pattern and Wurr in l a Jual to any made in the United states. Law Magaz flies. Peno Dicalin. L top hut. And munic. J t Uund in Plain a Niay tics. Fancy Ruso in Vii rious . Itt old books repwrr.1 i i a i und. Utah. Fehrl est to Utica order sir pm the Fui try of in ecu to Sulu item. Fee Ali duly tie Alvias been suitably Furm had t to the of pupils and it is now that uie a Tel present Superior ail vantages Lor the of commercial or Colle Gau. Eduction i i  Ommon eng Lish and commen Ial studies $4 per not in in higher a Niflis. Ancient Lan Guart a. T a or Morith. For particulars or an Iii tuck with o not the teachers address tie us Frau �1 j k a it., Dix j9dwtf c w Lekki Niwell. I Haiti close Galveston steam engine works eitabliahe.1 in ip-i4. Galveston. Texas. Malta Currer of Strain Ai. To Ruth stationary steam and a guns sugar Mills Etc. Iroini a nth c size made to order. L a. Vav. Whf Sut fruit indent Yvo. H. at i a Civino forwarding a _ a 1 u v r Aten Chas. A a attorney at Law Kull Viik Austis co Ned Texas. Novle. T. It. Alleif attorney a t l a v. Desi7 11thih\tilu. , the $50. Fifty dollars. $50. %50 a it Ionti and Ulley pocket. Paid to introduce our National Dubuc Tuusao two St u leak so win Macii Ink a great Chance fur travelling agent to engage in a permanent business at Stiuso a year and expenses. Address with stamp for particulars Recti wifi j. Vav. Harris it. Co., no 13 shoe it leather excl Tnge. Roaton mass. 11. Fontaine attorney and counsellor at Law Moscow Texas will practice in till the Colaru of the 5th judicial District and in the Federal and so preme court. Feb ii Wash Jackson attorney at Law. Oranje Orange county t exp. May jew George Mason office Street. H. Oil Cotton seed just received and for us o 1-y stuot11er. Clough so Shepherd. Janell Dot wlm l Jacobs importer of Jacob s celebrated cd is fornia diamonds Fine banjos and accordions 4v St. Charles Street new Orleans opposite St. Charles hotel. Banjo and accordion taught in twelve Lea accordions tuned and kept repaired. Orders by Robb a a Ballinger s. T. Rebh ii. Baunger. Attorneys it Imp sum Iii in a r sons mail attended to. Refer to a. B. Jamea a a co. Nichols pc co., Galveston. Texas. A new Orleans. Janell Alp new tobacco manufactory in Ziair stay. Monsanto St co. Manufacturers of All kinds  of smoking Tolocco Fine Cut f r chewing and this manufactory Lias begun and of l cont tue to com Pete in every rest any Westcott h hour de Ile Der in boots Anit is Roeg Ailep Omer that it air a. 4i ,.yrf lir is i ii t a full. Mkt a in. 1 / Tol nth Narn a mils d a time l., Call und s Ronit most Aioli a ii i Caffro hoots and Ull Xet sapphic a. In a theve Progana r ,i., i i dwt ii. Dooley it co. Fash rial be Hal ters. And Beau is in Hals and lap., Supe nor in Quality 50 or cent. O. Any Vrr i de in this country. " 1 la .u.bin. Tex. The Only manufacturer m the order from the country promptly Alu-n. a. Up j u h. hoi so n Antonio. Tela fan Iran-50 a oks. Fresh and cheap for Sale b 1 Suglio Law froth a co we. Edwards. Attorney at Law and general land agent. Al Iii Street. Earns county Texas aps6lyr.w Atli a. Main k ii -m1ti1. I r / j of this Riouse in. U i r it Fly in a word Bui and newly fun nihed. Der lowly e. So ii. -nci711 it in port a of hard Waitik. Cutichio. He1iun of the Lautif. Plase. Jujj sep3 Mali a Hairr , tans. War sacks oat. I Tor and for Sale by �7uu Juall a Cameron pc co
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