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Civilian And Gazette Weekly (Newspaper) - February 19, 1861, Galveston, Texas Wee Civi Lmh. Jav Suaava at Raics psttr7rt�to two a t4hi Tod fifty beat Tor each cd Nuiet a a state Gazette says that the Bill for Protection the Frontier which has pissed the present legislature in addition to the Bill last session provides that each county on the Frontier shall enrol a minute company for self Protection and re a Eire pay for he time they May be compelled the Gazette thinks that this added important from Montgomery the Southern convention. the provisional Oover Nihem. Jeff. Davis this Alsippi Verai deat Stephens Georgia Vico. President. Era the legislature has passed an act making it unlawful to est Tut animals whose alarms and brands Are recorded in the county where eat raved. Fd9 both houses the legislature have passed the Bill granting nine months stay in the collection All debts by execution. It is not known whether the governor will approve most Somsby feb. Congress Southern states which Bave seceded last night t in Bill. Unanimously agreed upon the Constitution for s i ,. Provisional government. J Gugov. Moore i Owsiana has nude a Strong and vigorous government will immediate operation with Lull Powers Ami Ilse following appointments military officers Nile funds. 1 major general a Braxton Bragg adjutant Gen neither propositions for Compromise a re Jerk George Deas quartermaster general construction the old Federal Uain will be. N. Entertained. A m-rer8 col Nel a 1 the Congress will remain in session to make sea regard. All the necessary us. I . Jefferson Davis Mississippi has just is the Louisiana convention Bas passed a unanimously been elected president the con  i Resolution declaring that it receives with the federate states North America. Hon. A. H. Stephens Georgia wan elected vice president by a similar Rote. ---.-. Latest from Washington. Such invasion the soil the South it All hazards and to the last extremity. The lower Branch the South Carolina has adopted resolutions condemnatory the principle coercion and affirming the duty the state to resist the passage Federal troops. The resolutions declare that seceding states acting in their Sovereign character through convention having withdrawn whether by secession Resolution the Federal authorities have no Power under the Constitution to make War upon and subjugate these states any other states which May hereafter adopt the like action and that it will be the duty the constituted authorities North Carolina to the passage Federal troops through her territory to coerce and subjugate a seceding Southern state and that North Carolina ought to resist any attempt at coercion either by land sea by All the Means in her Power. Virginia Missouri and Arkansas have adopted similar resolutions and we have no doubt that the first attempt at coercion would unite the entire South in the language the resolutions As one the republicans know this and will never attempt coercion. Coercion. The National Zatelli Eucer is habitually mild As our readers know and rarely Speaks with vehemence upon any subject but it will be clearly seen by the following article that it decidedly opposed to the idea anything like coercion the policy observe that Man our Southern continue to protest against the doctrine coercion while the Legislatures some the states Are burdening their people with heavy taxes in order to put them in formidable military array against prospective invasion by the Fede ral government we would deeply regret to believe that there was the least foundation for any apprehensions this score for whatever May be said and we think justly said in opposition to the right secession it must be apparent that the coerced retention any state in a nominal Union with her sister states would create an anomaly in our government even greater than that which it sought to remove. coercion no a right it certainly is in a remedy Subr the wrong it purports to cure a Noe so far from heating the breach it could Only serve to make the schism wider and More incurable. No Power logic can Ever suffice to convince us that the fathers and founders thu government intended in any Way directly indirectly to recognize the right secession and thus to Plant in the b Jay politic the seeds it sown dissolution and death but again Stine Tew our civil being any such resort is had to civil suicide it is Plain that the vital spark cannot be reanimated by the Shock arms. Thus far it must be admitted that the Federal government has manifested any thing but a disposition to coerce the seceding states. It has rather preferred to practice for Bearance i the presence acte Rofeh Tirro. Feeding from any foreign Power would by to serve. The gangue thinks that this added , Tva resulted in immediate to the Bill oblast session which is Ditill in for be War. The officious tenders Man and Money an Dander which the governor Bas a battalion now in the find will Giro adequate Protection to the Frontier. 4_ f3t the Steamer i one Star capt. Thomas Stubbl coed from Magnolia arrived yesterday evening with 716 Bales Cotton and the following passengers John stubble6eld, Jas. A. Beveridge x. A. Moni sex n a Shelton-5 on deck. List Steamboat col. Stelle on the 6th inst., at Bobbin s ferry also the Alamo on the that Cairo and Leary Leonard at Hannah s. The rim is rising again. The Lone Star is taking in freight for a return trip. It from present appearances there will be m organised decided opposition to shoes Slon in ump Leeton to take place in Texas the asst Nejl jobs Union men find overtures front the irjq.,, Secretary. Oti taking the chair said he regard mpsrstiobiu8e�eding states As most and Ptg a Othla is doubtless the Hies the wb4�tetit on. Lavt my Jno. A hand Coroner fort Bend Writy , and asks attention to the act that an inquest was held on the 3d Insu on to needy a White Man found in a pile Drift Wood in the Bra tee River opposite the to re a Mohmood. He was about fitly years age five fat a Barht nine inches High thick set fair on Luxion 1ksir slightly Grey Bald head cd o0 nah to Tel the bad on a a Black cloth Cost for a Satej two Linen bosom shirts a Cotton to Jenlih Aba add Auk neck tie Cotton do vgo Sony vntolao�3t6kus pockets spectacles one Auver sa4y#j and a Large my Gold Oil. 0& Psi anger a pain Gold ring. To papers Wajc Tol hrs his name former place re Aimee. A stall slip paper Frith a Obs tit sep Niue 1 to Kex. Galveston written was All is legible. Tho. W. G. Lodge the lode pen Tient order Fetlow Kihei a annual aes Aiuto in this City on Mot a Sehi Aat. Owing to the disturbed state tb�cissuinxaietoo4. I cannot a done Lii Sny a Imam j the Conre fion Louisiana passed an ordinance Ion has gone nto effect declaring that the Revenue collected at the port new Riebs Are held in trusty Tel the state Louisiana and that the governor Aid be alone to authorised to draw his warrant on the de spa Story said funds to pay such expenses the service upon the estimates the proper officers As having been heretofore authorized by the Laws and regulations the United states. This regulation is understood to appropriate the u. S. Funds to the use the state and merchants new teats me written too ers Here that no warranty drawn Tea Araut ant treasurer i k oji��nv.i1a�. U&isd4 states authorities after Tibe the be paid. It is quite prob file that a Large amount in such warranty iai Bow held by Citi ens Texas drawn mail transportation and similar Serrick a have seen drawn in part payment the expense erecting the building in this City for the use the custom House Poa Toffice and to. 8. Court whether it Trixi to paid we shall learn Days. In the mean time sins. Tsiu Hin Menta goods stored Sinei Orleans to a curia duties states have been made to Gal Westoo where bet Duttera still accrue to the Geue Rai Golem Menlaos Tho age no change had been made la us town pm in Bonties at Mew Oresusi Al Folh 11 same officers i in to Louisiana. In autavsmg1 trans shipments goodstlualtatte1n�4bes m claim for the in a had it would an to Foltes to tits fid i us Pron ideals v7ien�-mte. Wash Mitos president s com Munich tits comic imps by saying with ill the multiplied proofs the president s anxiety for peace the authorities sooth Carolina assail fort Sumter and cause the peril the lives the handful men therein thus engendering civil War upon them and those the y represent on whom must the responsibility rest 1 delay action on fort Sumter. Washington feb. 9.-several distinguished virginians have telegraphed gov. Pickens out Carolina still to forbear the a tack on fort Sumter. Gov. Pickens replied that he could not give a definite answer till he received Ibe president s communication. Surrender11 Kock Are Elul my Fuis feb. Intelligence Bas been received Here that the u. A. Arse Ai at Litulu it oct. Ark., was yesterday quietly snare Tivi e i i on demand to the Umili Uriona it the aute. U confined forty i Uduc including Cupi. Lifragg a Batu by 90l u stand arms and a lab e aug Uuno ammunition. It 1- at Prea Eui Arri oud by a company 100 men. Son turn ports free to fore trn Coqui Ucrry in consequence the seizure new York ships at Savannah and the obstruction in Terral cumme Iee at new Orleans a declaration has been made by the Montgomery Southern Congress in favor the opening Southern ports to foreign Commerce. Peace Congress nearly All the commissioners including those i run i Massachusetts and new York have a Rived. Export duly on Cotton dispatches receded by distinguished secession leaders indicate Liniai an exx it duly will be Laid on Cotton. I most cordial approval the intelligence the a election Jefferson Davis Mississippi As j president and Alexander h. Tote pens geor Igia As vice president the provisional government the Southern Republic. 13?" the Hempstead courier learns that the damage directly and indirectly incidental to the smash up at Clear Creek on the Central Railroad including the inconvenience the present Mode running new Bridge a will not exo de $40,000. The directory Bave decided j to repair the present Bridge for present use and erect a new and substantial one As soon As possible Marine bark Island City Kelly sailed from Boston january 30tb, for Galveston. Schooner s. B. Wheeler Mclaughlin cleared at Boston Jan. 30th, for Galveston. Arrived at Liverpool january 20th, bark Clyde from Galveston. January 16th, bark Clouston share loading for Galveston. Arrived from Liverpool bark Texido Star 43 Days passage to Adams Jordan a co. Est the legislature appears to Bare done All in its Power for the defence the Frontier j and the Relief the Treasury but that its action will be ineffectual. I and act Bas been passed to authorize the a animation companies mounted men sixty \ men in each Frontier county ten whom May remain constantly in service and Call out the remainder Ibe company for any time Dot sex j feeding twelve Days at one time the said j companies to furnish their own arms horses i provisions and ammunition and to receive pay As follows privates and non commissioned. Officers 1 50, lieutenants $2 01, i pain i $2 50 per Day each for every Day s actual Aero ice. Like the annual allowance spoken i by yellow hush this is a very Fairand lib i eral provision paid. The Money is the Only thing lacking. To provide this Trie House a passed a Bill authorizing the issuance Treasury warrants to All parties having claims against the state and Makins such warrants receivable for Texas. The House has also passed a Bill authorizing j the governor to Issue stale Bonds to the amount five Hundred thousand Lars in Case invasion from any Iju Arter. One lift the whole annual state tax to be appropriated As a sinking fund until the by us Are paid. Should these acts become Laws As is probable we shall soon return to the Good old Days a depreciated paper currency and the defenders the Frontier and others will have More miney than Gold Silver. The u. S. Mail steamship Austin capt. I. 1. Smith commander from new Orleans via Sab be arrived Here this morning with the passengers col Mccrae Griffith miss Carter Weir wife a children. Miss Maria Weir & Cousin Pinnick Hatch us Mcdorm Pes Edwards Breckeridge Alco Uklin a Ury face. Paul Burnett Jones Man b Jones bar sum Mesulam a lady Carter Bowers Hildebrand Rudford Rigsby Whitehead Jahnny Mckinny Dick-5 on deck and y negroes. In the Steamer Neptune no. 2, c. Blake Man commander arrived Here from Houston . This morning with us Bales Cotton and the seizure it. Gibson a dispatch says that Ali Cherokee have belled against the general government Ami Fol i ving passengers  seized and occupied fort Gibson. I miss edm0lld9nn new Pou and lady. Petty new Volk Narket. New York feb. 9.-Cotton closed Dull and heavy at lower prices. There were ales today at 115-c. Cincinnati in Luketa feb. A. Flour at $4vim47i. Corn 35r37c. Per Bushel. Whiskey 13%c. Per gallon. Pork closed quiet at $17�i l7 us bbl. Lard 9 4c. Kiver intelligence . Feb. River at this Point continues to fall with v feet water in the canal. Massachi skits Boston courier the 25th tilt says an attempt was made to pass an order declaring slaves from ceding states free the moment they touched the soil Massachusetts. The order was resisted on the ground that it not Only recognizes the right secession hut was directly against the Constitution and Laws the country. It was Laid on the table. An attempt to recommit the report from the committee on Federal relations e ving petitioners for a Law to prohibit slave Hunting in Masti Chu Selts leave to Wil Hiing is Ualle failed. The Senate refuse in recommit by a vote 2 j yeas to 18 nays and adopted the Rcpt a a 23 yeas to"2 nays. The asking for Laws contravening the Constitution and Laws the l United states was denounced As an outrage. This is a go id beginning. The treasonable measures Lito abolitionists received a merited rebuke. A Ady and child Easterwood lady and child n i Huey and lady 3 misses Millers Thatcher Brevard a p Mcconnell s Ger ski Maelin x n White j Harrall j Arledge Terry Edmondson c Spann a brother i h Walker dry heard j c Smith. Armstrong e 1 Johnson Harris e Petty w c Mosel t m Bowen a Filev s m Lopez s Walker it p Watson Duncan a w Mcdade 11 b junes m w Jones Sweeney a brother my Dutty e butting i on deck. The and.ulkoad3. The following Are the captions and leading features the acts passed by the legislature in the subject railroads an act authorizing the connection Huston and Tyler Railroad with Galveston Road at a Point Between Houston and Larris Burg. An act to allow the Houston thai and Brazoria Railroad company till january is 1s63, to Complete their Road to the Colorado . An act to allow the mexican Gulf and san Antonio Railroad company till january 1st, 1s63, to Complete their second Section. An act requiring the Columbus san visit Ohio and Rio Grande Railroad company o commence work within two years and to Orn plete Miles their Road every two vean there alter. An act requiring the air line Railroad company to commence work on their Road within six months and to Complete Twenty Liva Miles said Road previous to december 30, 1303, otherwise to forfeit charter. A Resolution recognizing the quip Orience the completion the new Orleans Aid Rous ton Texas rain read As a matter defence to the South and calling the attention the i Ouis Iana legislature to the liberality Texas to wards said Road. For the civilian. Tan za.8 on a Dak Allak Pix. A w t. " and i rest so contentedly now in my Bej. With her love at any breast that you fancy me dead that you abut Der to look at me. Thinking me dead i pot. thou weird child song whole fingers lit with Are promethean swept along a spirit haunted Lyre i mortal whose seer Faith could Pierce sepulchral Globin and walk the vault death with Mystic Udall my lost i Lead a Art thou gone to " night s Plu tonian Shore ? " Aiden a Star paved Lawn. Where Angels guard Lenore does love thy spirit thrill with thy lung lost Lenore ? does the Raven still % shriek that dread " kete More " love and Light sorrow ate and Chw Flower and Star be tight i then dried in grave Yard gloom. Bard the weird whose pen Cau tit secrets from the grave whose horror grasping Ken explored the maelstrom s wave wrought spectral terrors i Tor horrid ghouls to Tell the " pendulum Ami pit superlatives Uell wandered lid Arctic night Mogul nihed in Way less gloom then bathed in Golden Light mid Arnhein to sea Bloom. The Angels wept sends laughed a and the freshest medical leaves and roots to lie procured in the Market. J3t the u. Steamer a. S. Ruthven capt Thos. Peacock arrived from Liberty this Rooming with the following passengers John Wrigley Coleman Mcmurphy Thomson Coleman Gen Chambers-6 on deck. Messes. Rugely Terry and Wharton have issued an address to the citizens Brit Rio fort Bend Matagorda and Wharton counties giving the reasons Why the ordinance secession was referred to the people and urging the ratification the same. They aay that the Union is already dissolved Anil that he people Texas have to decide whether they will unite with their friends the South their enemies the North. The. Thus Miami Tymir in a the Steamer Diana capt. J. H. Ster rett from Houston arrived this morning with 18 Bales Cotton and the following passengers Blue Moody Dearmand Cameron Seward Barkley Gilbert Waldron Williams Timmins Clary Buster Bales Cdonald o Neil. Gahr Mason Ellis Jones Mason mrs Neil Dun-Lap-2 on deck 7 negroes. 1st the newspapers state that great dissatisfaction and disgust prevail among the militia still at Pensacola As Well As among those who have eone to their Homes from there at the treatment to which they were subjected and the incapacity As they allege the commander in chief major Chase. Thiu we suspect is merely the old Story the Imp Clience Camp Lile restraint and control always Felt by the citizen soldiers this country when not in Active service. No specific charge appears to be made against maj. Chase. Hints cheer is Friendly to a generous diet promotes vitality and capability Lor action but High living is not always Good living. Lei All your Hes be nutritious but Plain and wholesome. Three meals a Day Are enough and the second be not promptly digested the third should be omitted. The latter should always be Light and taken at least two hours before bed time. Nothing should Ever be taken Between the regular meals. Regularity in the Lime taking meals is particularly important and we should allow no Ordinary hindrance to interfere with it but we must not eat when we have no appetite. It is better to wait till the next meal time. Eating without an appetite is one the most fatal common errors food taken under such circumstances generally remains for a. Long time undigested and May become rank Poison in the stomach. We should also avoid eating when greatly fatigued when excited by any violent emotion. Tranquility Aud cheerfulness promote digestion. Chatted food is half digested the proverb says and truly. A meal eaten slowly to the midst pleasant conversation is a Lily assimilated and at once invigorates the body and brain another composed the same viands but eaten rapidly and in silence May prove but a clog upon the energies both. Eat slowly Mast Cate thoroughly and possible rest awhile after each meal. In reference to Quantity wit can Only say eat so much As the system demands and is capable assimilating. And no sore. Drunkenness is deplorable v destructive. Kitchener says but her demure sister gluttony destroys a Hundred Tor her Job. Physical per action. Stupidity a , says . Buckland left on the rocks never go Back to the water on their own Accord they wait till it comes to them. This peculiarity was observed after a landslide on the Oast Dorsetshire England which bits great weight forced up a portion the Bottom the sea. On this suddenly elevated bit ground there happened to be several lobsters who doubtless thought the Low tide had taken place with uncommon celerity and that it Koukl return again. Anyhow the foolish creatures waited for the tide to come up and cover them. course it never did come up again they remained in their places and died there although the water was in Many instances Only a few feet from their noses. They had not the sense to Tumble into it and save their lives. La a Watt wot a Iez will Atill be appropriated to the payment claims upon the mum Jtb Oriard by the United states anole tote at letter to the 2uv tand Iua engaged in it a ill eee factories make no account throwing their 1lnfeivadeir a Adb into heaps for a second a ofe Munmon mrs no per Isona Fotte nest Arlle Leathe chemical me Ratiba a part hint Inka bean Rinju it no and rub the Glass then take a di7, soft pieeejareptheprocesa.7iolintwu a is Vau ii .-4ctdlijli Watt disc in Jib a Ter go mpg i in i Loo Coc a Vea Idaj its the Young men Anderson ate tic no to Lesli. A Iii \ to " t in cats the town. 1 Louw plenty that kind sort in Galveston. A shot gun in the hands Oue our s " went off twice a few Days since and by some Odd coincidence two strange cats fell at each discharge a barrel. As the Gypsey says in a Story Hugh Miller after flooring Bis two men right and left " 1 Call that pretty Good we respect " harmless necessary cat but there Are a great Many cats deprecating on our pantries and making night hideous with their music which do not fill either Branch this description. 13f" the Palestine advocate states that the negro boy Martin guilty the murder . We. D. Westcott new Orleans at the Hunter House in that place was Hung on the 1st inst. He confessed to having aided in the murder Westcott but said that he was killed by a White Man that the two the boy Martin and the White Man went into . Westcott s room to n b him that . Westcott raised himself up in the bed when the White Man killed him by shooting through the Bead with a pistol one . Westcott s own pistols after which they robbed him his Money Poket Blok watch and pistols. A meeting citizens appointed committee to arrest the individual implicated in the murder . Westcott the committee arrested in Freestone county a my by the name Gilbert and brought him Back to Palestine where he was surrendered to the civil authorities. 3gr the newspapers publish the monthly statement the United states treasurer showing the balances subject to draft in the slave states on the 1st inst., As an indication the amounts that May be obtained by confiscating such funds in the part the seceding states their citizens. This statement was True at the time its Pul location but it is no longer so. Eor example $6,892 is set Down As in the bands the depositary at Galveston. The sum $7000 Bas since been drawn for and placed to the credit the disbursing agent the census Bureau to pay the officers engaged in taking the census in Texas and is paid to such persons on the usual warrants. The balance the funds at Galveston have been appropriated towards the expense the Public building now in process construction Here and there will still be a deficit More than fifty thousand dollars for that work to be paid out other funds the United states. There is reason to apprehend that Louisiana Bas seized inadvertently funds intended for this building and the fort at Galveston. Eos. Civilian publications having been made in my absence both in the news and Texas Christian advocate calculated to a lire my character have to request you to give the following unvarnished statement a place in your valuable paper. Last August when at the North a tit was instituted against me in Kings county on transactions which transpired about ten years since in which it was attempted to Nake me account for the acts others Over whom 1 had no control. Being a nou resident i wa3 held to Hail. Having a Good subs Antral defence i employed a lawyer to defend me and deposited with him my papers and after my return Home i sent him other Dormi edits. I not receiving any command action fam Myat i Toniey 1 wrote him several pressing letters enjoining him to make ear very tolerant show that it is designed to make the election what it purports to be the Means allowing to the people a free exercise the right suffrage on this import ant question. Minorities Are fun a tic Yatri tic a majorities and the fart that they Are allowed to vote presupposes that they have the Ris i to Vole us they please on the question presented. The a less says " Verv secessionist vote an Ulen Ali itt " sve a. That we Haie any Sib Mission its in our midst we May know them. The enemies your liberties Are at work Lei your influence and Ron votes counteract and j with our slaves the Extension slavery which As ils founders and leaders truly assert must and Willef Lect its extermination. Toc Rowa Tho Climax insult to our Felings and a nac our rights this party Noti fuated to the presidency a Man who not Miry endorse the platform but promises. Us support ils principles to drek ird the judgments your courts the obligations your Constitution and the requirements his official alb by approving any Hiil prohibiting slavery in the territories the l Niu-1 states. A Large majority the Northern people have declared at the ballot Box their approval the platform and the candidates that party in the ate presidential election. Thus by the solemn verdict the people the North the slave holding communities Hie South Are " outlawed branded with i Guminy consigned to execration Aud ultimate destruction. Sir we Are looked upon As More less thin men 13 u expected that Cise that god like less will can exer a a. True Winch Bearett All tilings Beli Eveth All songs hop eth 411 longed Ureth All things which teaches us to / to we devoid the ,.sl the , the passions the reason and uie instincts Maniti nil Lla a we no Punde Honor no souse shame no reverence our ancestors. N care our posterity no love lome fam ily. Irion i must we cafe discredit the tame selves degrade our Boms find the exp to in country. 11 for the a own t our baseness sires Dishonour Steritz. Abandon coun Irv. Htwe Harve attached Little importance to the amendments the Federal Constitution proposed As a basis for compromising the slavery question from the fact that we consider the present Constitution and Laws Good enough they were Only observed and enforced. Any thing further on the subject would probably Boas Little regarded As present provisions. We May say to the North perhaps As the Drunken Painter said to the Man who complained that to had but Balf finished a copy the ten commandments you have More already than you will it is the fault the people and not the Constitution and Laws that has led to the destruction the go frustrate their All the votes we Ever cast nut Texas were under the old Kentucky system by i to i confess that we like that system Best but the Laws having established and guaranteed the ballot As inviolable in Texas attempts made to defeat them an 1 coerce i ii to vote contrary to their i Hoice hold them up to Public indignation do not seem consistent with the Law consonant with private rights. In was i file a unpopular to Rote against annexation Asil now is to Vole secession be the few us who braved popular feeling and voted against that measure have the i to a an our i desc. A to he. S,., a co Federal whose Poh enl Tail c strains him conscience and is country s Sake Ivr agree i lire under the Wear immigration a i .sii,., hut ii Friendly. States for Hii to deny us our constitutional rights because Ding to the Turulis the consent to live under a believe will Heuck Fortl ministered by Thos. Pep. 31 a n -. Lived to where v the Iii majority Cilo a. Hack to the Point government. Com Unis mile Tho. The Tariff taken up and discus i sed at length bal no coils Union was arrived at. 1 in Tho House the president s message and the correspondence with . Hayne were referred to a select committee five. The report from Tho committee thirty three was taken up for consideration. . Hatton protested against Tennessee being dragged into the Wake the Cotton states. 41r. Kellogg Illinois said the Union must and Small lie preserved no matter what the abandonment a party platform May cause Honor is preserved. . Smith North Carolina strongly advocated the resolutions . Crittenden for a adjustment the existing difficulties. Indian Bond fraud. Senator Benjamin s testimony before the Indian Bond committee is very directly damaging to Secretary Floyd. Naval Hove Menta. The Steamer St. Louis was ordered from the Golf Squadron december 22d, and the frigate Sabine january 9th. There Are at present eleven naval vessels on our coast Viz one is at Cuba another at Tor Tugas. The Fleet is now distributed because there is now no Prospect a demonstration on the part Spain against Vera Cruz. The Union. Detroit feb. 8-the democratic state convention passed resolutions declaring their Devotion to the onion opposing coercion and favouring a Compromise. The contemplated attack on fort Slimmer. Washington feb. 8.-tbe impression in Well informed circles is that the question an attack on fort Sumler will be deferred to the Southern Congress meanwhile the South Carolina authorities will intercept reinforcements supplies and mail matter to major Anderson. Canadian Halls. Portland feb. 9.-the Steamer for Liverpool via Loo Rondeny was delayed till monday noon in consequence the non arrival the Canadian mails. I3f" the news received yesterday from new Orleans does not look so favourable for peace As the last previous accounts. The Border state and peace convention at Washington has done nothing and Congress is As far As Ever from any solution existing difficulties. The Telegraph. Repeats the report that the government Bas sent naval vessels to collect the customs at the ports the seceding states. This we do not believe. The dispatch saying that five vessels owned in the City new York have been seized in Savannah by order gov. Brown Georgia is probably True As the authorities new York bad been engaged in seizing Aud detaining arms and ammunition about to be shipped Georgia. From such acts As these there is but a step to actual War. It is stated. That the president Bas Given notice thai the i v6monstratioit against fort Sumter by the troops South Carolina will be the Siuai for the reinforcement the fort and the beginning hostilities by the authorities at Vathi Natraj a. Dispatch dated Wash i fait ii that several Jvirgil Noimia have telegraphed tfiot.? Pickens a Jelm air hear the attack on Ticaboo. Into dem. Later thl desamber from George. So Aumi rite go t s paper. England coolies and the a night with 360 a sad a Tom Mimio no " i in a Amsi Fetn Oon Lenee in ,._inktaltmeiwiuibe do �w8lilftttf1rpsf""t in. . The election in Tennessee. Nashville feb. 9.-As far As Beard from All the Union candidates Are elected by overwhelming majorities. The convention is Defeated by a Large majority. The vote Nashville stands As follows Union candidates2990 secession Union majority243i the vote for a convention the people sums up 1290 for none 1507. Memphis feb. 9.-the City Memphis gives Between three and five Hundred majority the Union candidates to the convention. The returns from West Tennessee indicate the election the Union candidates. seed so states from the report for 1800 . Kennedy sooner the census Bureau we following interesting statistics slave. 407,185 615,335 487,461.sso 63,809. .520,4 11 435,47 .407,551 479,607 354,245 312,187 415,999 184,95r. Free South Carolina.30s,1s 5 Georgia Florida. Alabama. Mississippi. Louisiana. Texas. Total. 715,371 l,0ou,797 145.694 955,91v sm7.1j8 ,431 "1 0,955 2,703,645 2,350,678 5,tl/,j, i28 St mistakes will happen even among tile Best regulated types. Yesterday probably owing to the fact that the name the month Naa an in it when fur3 and that Letim Alt Nas Cdr. Oysters arc Good a a Caver s Beautiful verses and thus rendered these bad characters the poor Poe the poet. This is almost As bad As the treatment the types to Gen. Pillow whose efforts to climb the Bill where lame s proud Temple stands afar have always been attended with difficulty. An editor who spoke the general with the soft name As a Bat be scarred Veteran was made by the types to Call him a Battle scared in the next Issue the mistake was so far corrected As to style him a bottle scarred latest from the Mecca Black following dispatch is to the Cincinnati enquirer Spring fitly Iii., february 5.-the fight Between the compromising and uncompromising republicans is becoming More violent every Day. There is now an open rupture in the party. The course the Chicago Tribune in Reading Kellogg and Seward out the party a denounced by the conservatives and sustained by the radicals. Lincoln it is understood sides with the radicals. Albert s. White Republican congressman elect from Indiana . 0. S. Clark and presiding elder John l. Smith both Indiana Are Here begging for Caleb b. Smith. Horace Greeley was closeted three hours with Loncoln to Day. Greeley denounces Concession and senator Cameron. S correspondence. To , fell. 12th, Psi in. I.i--. L i there bus been some Hin no us As to the time resistance there should be but Little now is to the Node reign is. Til Mojo the him it and our his Day bus " Kncroaehini-iit.-, in the commence . 1 on. The Frontier that v Niom Vasiu in. At is at the Exonnie Point in a Conlest this description the Issue Rajit is the weakest and the assailed the strongest. It is there that the purpose the usurper is the most feeble and the indignation Thos whose rights Are encroached upon the strongest l Ermit the Frontier our rights to lie passed and let the question be not resistance to usurpation Bill at what Point we shall resist and the Conquest a i a h More than these principles were True when Thiv were uttered they Are stronger now from the test expel Lei ice. Had that warning voice been regarded those principles approved the Union might have been perpetuated. It is our duty now to understand the present prepare for the future and lit the lamp the past experience Light our Way. In this Ron next Iii i would re sped fully request you will publish in your next Daviv and weekly the enclosed remarks senator , made o the Lui Leil suites Senate when he Ami his c i in run withdraw from that body. Iecte-1 accor Nisi Tutun 1 must we  which we controlled and not nov deny us ins lice and Equality and i Rand us As inferiors big whose avowed principles Ami policy Mejt destroy our Domestic Oty imperil the lives our wins and children and Dwor and u i to mutely destroy our stale must we in. By Choice compulsion under the Rule ,.f Ivy  who present is the dire alternative an late Pressie la conflict with the Northern defense our altars and our Firest i. Turn Mission our Shires and the i a. ,.f them to social and equal to no the freemen Alabama hav. a aim a to the world that Thev will a l and have proved their sincerity by seceding frn the i Niou Haz arding All the. Dancers and difficulties a separate and Independent station among the nations the Earth. They Learned from h Story Tho Almon tory truth that the people who Lue under ,.tremors, appointed against their Cousett by unfriendly Loreign Roll i Derac Stales will i. T Long enjoy the blessings to Lii arty ,.r have the i courage to claim them. Thy feel that arc a they to consent to do so. They would 1.�, inc respect their docs the s n Pavliv then friends. They Are resolved Tiki to hands their enemies the rights. Thuv int and to preserve for themselves Aud to transmit to Xis Tenty the freed received irm their ancestors the attempt. Co Jully approving tin my Mother state Ulm Ahkii wed Guin allegiance i shall return a a a True mid in son to her Boson to defend in a Honor Tain it rights and share her Fate. My. Fitzpatrick . 1 Resi Lent i Rise merely to add that having had an Opportunity knowing beforehand the sentiments which my colleague has expressed and Beli Coig that they fairly represent the feelings opinions and purposes our constituents an i c Greet la explain the reason Aud causes their late action he was fully warranted in saying lit had my full concurrence in the views which he has just submitted. I therefore ,1--m it Antineo Essav not improper to abuse the privilege Winch i the court ,. The Senate accords to me by further remarks. I Al that i am bound by the in Alah Iima an i cannot twid i air i a Kli we age that i my severe her with the porn in sustain her Aiti to Squire her fortunes Lor weal wac. Trust to the measure their Ive Lam they Pensh in los act no Nui re Val Maiu a Rii Tii i a Valv to to slate Laim the rights a this bold 1 in other 1 Ower than and shall Rem n . The claims so est kor takes a Cool Muir Yor to the summer Palace near Pekin lord Elgin found an autograph . The fugitive emperor China relating to the question . _ Waid the american minister 1 seems that . Ward offered to pay to i soft Estul majesty the Saia 8, Marks respect As be would pay his own president. The emperor s memo random ran Thos j a it shows teat in the Nadaner their pre Aeota Tion at Eon in this Ino Recan be done Tobing Njmen to Reinnie "3r3e�id s theae Baxby i arum Iby to Cdr site taint thai thei resp efe for his majesty the emperor a the same ,the eel 7r�u-mj0iprerideql a Pircea China Juan Goa till Kanthi South Andl East an Arr gation .�greatness which a simply ridiculous. A Titi pact fio tribe Paie Jln bin which pm a aed Tbs u. S. Senate on the s4tb ult a amended so As to pro i ride Foci three roads in Aceaid two from the Valley the Massai Riippi to the Pacific Oceania to a Ott a Ted Bya con Rottee on Leoce Ai tit Bill vetoed Grill be carried by a majority m both houses congrwa.". Bonaparte s army Stasion England 1805.-the army which Napoleon had assembled for this great Enterprise was one the most formidable in Point numerical strength and beyond All question the most perfect in Point military organization which bad Ever been brought together. It amounted to 114,000 combatants 432 pieces Cannon 14,654 horses assembled in the Camp St. Orner Bruges and Boulogne besides 12,000 at the Texel 10,000 on Board the combined Fleet and the like Force at Brest in All 1c5.00u men in the highest state discipline and equipment. The stores ammunition warlike implements and provisions collected were on an unparalleled scale magnitude. Each Cannon bad 200 rounds ammunition i the cartridges were 14,000,000 the times 1,200,000 the biscuits 2,000,000 the saddles 10,0001 and 5,000 ships were ready to accompany the army in its embarkation 1 provisions for the immense multitude for three months bad been collected the Hospital arrangements were perfect and 2,293 vessels  especially foe transporting 160.000 men and 9 000 Borseso which 1,339 were armed with above 3,000 pieces Cannon Independent the artillery which bad accompanied the army awaited the signal to put to sea. Thanks to England s Fleet however this flotilla a As never Able to enter the Channel and Napoleon s plans were so frustrated by the unexpected return the British Fleet from the West i Dies and the consequent interception his own that the invasion England was abandoned and the army been prepared for that enter prize was. In August turned in the direction the brine to find revenge at Austerlitz in december a. A a a a Mem. " Al tits multitude mountains raised their crowns towards heaven while above All Rose the Snow White Crown the Ortler. Far into the Valley the giant stretched his Wubs until they were hidden from me by darkness. As this deepened the heavens became More and More crowded with stirs which blazed like gems Over the beads the meaatains.-7 at times the silence was perfect unbroken save by the cracking the Frozen Snow beneath my own feet while at other times Breeze would sweep . Toe keen Aad hostile scattering the Snow from the s roofs the wooden galleries in Frozen me. Long after night bad set in a ghastly gleam rested upon the Summit the Portler while the peaks in front deepened to s Dusky Neutral tint the More Disint ones being lost is Glo Griir a the. Glaciers at to Alft. Osgood temper philosophy the heart a Tress by within whose rays Are reflected to All outward objects a perpetual saas Bine imparting warmth Light and use to Abji within its influence a at Best life is to very Long. A few More Carnnes a few More tears some pleasure much up 0 song Clouds and darkness,1 a rpm Tinga abrupt farewells then oar a will close and Injurer and injured a Pisa away Ila it Worth while to hate each Wasj by a so. A Niece colleges in the United states Tarl ssi repo Tledni graduated last rear Al students As doctors Medicine. The president the confederacy Gen. Jeff. Davis was born june 3, 1808, in what is now Todd county Kentucky but his father who was from Georgia removed to Mississippi shortly afterwards. Jefferson Davis was educated at Transylvania University and the military Academy at West Point. He was seven years in the army and was in the Black Hawk War. He resigned Bis lieutenant s commission in ls35,and settled As a planter in Mississippi. In 1844 he was chosen a democratic elector and in ls45"he was elected to Congress. In 1846 be was elected colonel the Mississippi regiment and went to Mexico where be distinguished himself As a Soldier. To 1847 he was appointed by the governor Mississippi to fill a vacancy in the to s. Senate and was afterwards elected by the legislature. In 1851 he resigned Bis seat in the Senate As the new Orleans Delta says on being nominated for governor by Tho secession Wing the democratic party in opposition to Henry 5. Foote the Union candidate Aud was beaten by a majority Only 999 votes although the Union party went into the Field with a majority 7,500 votes As indicated by the convention election a Short time col. Davi3 was i opposed to the Compromise 1850, and considered that there was then sufficient cause for the dissolution the Union we believe. He supported Gen. Pierce for the presidency in 1852, and was afterwards appointed Secretary War. He was subsequently re elected to the u. S. Senate and remained in that body until the secession Mississippi from the Union. Koyal Kural offspring Royalty in England find health and pleasure in pursuits which Many the " America look with Sovereign disdain. A late writer says at Osborne in the Isle Wight a Large per Tion pleasure grounds is appropriated to the Young princes and princesses who have each a Flower and a vegetable Garden Green houses hot houses and forcing frames nurseries tool Bouses and even a Carpenter s shop. Here the Royal children pass much their lives. Each is supplied with a set tools marked with the name " f the owner and Here they a Ork with the enthusiasm an Amateur and the Zeal an Anglo Saxon. Moreover on this juvenile property is a building the ground floor which is fitted up As a Kitchen with pantries closets Dairy larder.11 Complete in their arrangements and Here May be seen the Young princesses arrayed a la cuisine tire floured to the elbows deep in the mysteries pastry making cooking the vegetables from their own gardens preserving pickling baking sometimes to partake among themselves to distribute to the poor the neighbourhood the results Oft Beir Handiwork. The Queen is determined that nothing shall remain unlearned by her children j nor Are the Young people Ever happier than during their sojourn at Osborne Over the Domestic establishment fsr museum natural history Lurn ubed with curiosities collected by the Young party in their rambles an researches geological and botanical specimens at fied Birds and animals articles their own construction and whatever is curious interesting classified and arranged by themselves. Not plants alone Are cult rated but health vigor and liberality. Every Quality in fact that no a to tend to make them better men and women and better fitted to. Fill the station Providence has allotted to them. ". Kemerlis a Chalom i Rickon irom the i. Ornat Jim. 2 lot i s i i. Mil. Lav. I Rise to announce in behalf inv c league and i Seil that the people Alabama assembled in convention at their Cap Itol on the Letb this month have adopt d an ordinance whereby they withdraw from the l Nion formed under a compact styled the t on Sti Littion the i. United Stales resume the jew ers delegated to it and assume their separate station As a Sovereign and Independent people. True there is a respectable minority that convention who opposed this act not because they desired to preserve this Union but because they wished to secure the co operation All a m Jonty the Southern the planting Stales. There Are Many co operation its but 1 think not one unionist in the convention All Are in favor withdrawing from the Union. I am therefore warranted in saying that this is the act the freemen Alabama. In taking this m Unen Lous step they have not ated hastily a advisedly. It is not the eruption sudden spasmodic and violent passion. It is the conclusion they have reached after years bitter experience enmity in Justice and injury at the hands their North Ern Brethren after Long and painful reflection and after argument Perssion and entreaty have failed to secure them their constitutional rights. Instead causing Surprise and incurring censure it is rather matter amazement not reproach that they have endured so much and so Long and have deferred thu act self defense until . It is now nearly forty two Vears since Alabama was admitted into the Union. She entered it As she to 3 out it while the con Deracy was in convulsions caused by the hostility the North to the Domestic slavery  the South. Not a decade no sen ice a Lus hum has elapsed since her birth that has not been strongly marked by proofs a a the growth and Power that anti slavery spirit it the Northern people which seeks the overthrow that Domestic institution the South which is not Only the chief her Prosperity but the very basis her social order and estate polity. It is to Day the master spirit the Northern states and bad before the secession Alabama Mississippi Florida South Carolina severed most the Bonds the Union. It denied us Christian communion because it could not endure what it styles the moral leprosy slave holding it refused us permission to sojourn even to puss through the North with our property it claimed Freedom for the slave brought by his master into a Northern slate it violated the Constitution and treaties and Laws Congress because designed to protect that property it refused us any share land acquired mainly by our diplomacy and blood and treasure it refused our property any shelter Security beneath the Flag a common government it robbed us our property and refused to restore it it refused to deliver criminals against our Laws who fled to the North with our property our blood upon their hands it threatened us by solemn legislative acts with ignominious punishment we pursued our property into a Northern suite it murdered Southern men when seeking the recovery their property on Northern soil it invaded the Borders Southern states poisoned their Wells Burnt their dwellings and murdered their people it denounced us by deliberate resolves Pond a meetings party Enn mentions and religious and even legislative assemblies As habit Ual violators the Laws god and the rights humanity it exerted All the moral and physical agencies that human ingenuity can devised diabolical malice can employ to Heap odium and infamy upon us and to make us a by word hissing and scorn throughout the civilized world. Yet we bore ail this for Many years Aud might have borne it for Many More under the Oft repeated Assurance our Northern friends and the too fondly cherished to that these wrongs and injuries were committed by a minority party and had not the Sanction \ the majority the people who would in time rebuke our enemies and k.stt Iki . The it . I 1 proceedings in the Kentucky Liy Isla v i find in the Iii Cismati u Ruhr nil the t .Tnll it i feb. 5th, a i5i. The re. Turns i the spi Ial on Federal i is h Ieti Tore passed in the Senate taken up in the House t the Vole was 1 taken on the resolutions Sci Arate v. I  i first passed Una com is -. I i  -. A i Vole 51 to i. A w w St. An a Orit to to i a i 1 Ieti a Lav a m. I. . The file i g to the resold i . Al a y Rit the sincerity and Good lath our proposition for an adjustment and an expression Devotion to the Union and desire for its preservation Kentucky awaits with deep Sulic Itutti men says macs Lay Are Nevar so Likely to Settle a question rightly when the Dis Cusa it freely.? this Pena Petoe basis free ins6r�tfonsreverse is Treap Ejot despotism the attempt to suppress risen ssh has riven a Crecy advantage. To. The not Ernfred partisans on both sides who assume to Flat for truth and rights _ . Dodge partner in a mercantile firm in Charleston wis ust Wea Dii be Reffo be the reporter the near York Tribune. He was notified to quite the two boors and be ser Dinghy left for the Korth. . Dodge was Hun self a very prominent member the vigilance committee redress oar grievances. But the fallacy these promises and Folly our Hopes have been tool Berlyand conclusive la proved in late elections especially the two last presidential elections to permit a to indulge longer in such pleasing delusions. The platform the a publican party 1855 and 1860, we regard As a libel upon the character and a declaration War against the lives and property the Southern people. No bitterer offensive calumny could be uttered against them than is expressed in denouncing their system slavery and polygamy As twin relics it not Only re Roaches us As unchristian and beaten feb but imputes a sin and a crime deserving Universal scorn and Universal enmity. To sentiment is More insulting More hostile to our Domestic Tranquility to our seat order and our social exis Fence than a contained in the declaration that our negroes Are entitled to Liberty and Equality with the White Man. It is in spirit not in effect As Strong an incitement and invocation to Servile insurrection to murder arson and other crimes As and to be found in abolition Litera Ture. 1 a and to aggravate the insult which is offered us in Deina diag Equality with us for our slaves the same platform denies us Equality with Northern while men free negroes and brands a As an inferior race by pledging the Republican party to resist our Entrance into the territories the response from her sister states. The fourth Resolution the series provides that when the legislature adjourns it will meet on the fourth wednesday in april next to take into consideration the responses our sister states and the Theu condition the nation and to adopt Subj measures As May be proper and the interests Opp Kentucky May require Claire Toh to a Atlantic there is a Strong current from the North sweeping round the coast Liberia and Capo Palmas running East Ward to the Island Ronando to. Tin bark Mendi which arrived on the 17th lost., from Monrovia with messes. Johnson and tur pin owners went last september round Cape i Almas and about 30 Nules to the eastward the River san Pedro the Eastern Boundary Liberia and was nearly fio Days in getting Back round Cape i Almas to Monrovia owing entirely to the strength the Easterly current and to High winds. This current called the Guinea current is statist by . Sabine i who passed Cape Palmas in ii. H. M. Ship i he Santin May 1822 to Bave a breadth Cape Palmas 180 Miles and in Llic bight Benin 300 Miles where it merges with the Southern Polar current coming from he Cape Good Hope. currents now United flow directly West Over to the coast South America in a Stream nearly 1,000 Miles in Width. On the coast uracil this current divides part Dowa North to the Gulf Mexico and pan South towards Cape Horn. Ctet ovation the has Ben demonstrated that this article can be successfully Brown in this state and it is doubtless a profitable crop. For the Benefit those who Are not acquainted with its culture we copy the following by a correspondent Tea country gentleman .tin from Georgia the article is called by a variety names in thi3 part the country such As canut. Jonder gook rpm do. The Anund should be Rich and Well broken up. It ought be such a description As might be expected to produce a Good crop Corn. It ought to be Laid off in ridges about three feet apart. A shallow Furrow run with each along the Centre each Ridge prepares the ground for the seed. The pods which contains from one to three Peak oath must be i Rokon and tie peas planted in the Drill rim one font to eighteen inches apart and covered with a Boe about one Inch and a half deep. They ought to be slowed and Hoed three times during the season to destroy the weeds and keep the ground Loose. The pea due while growing sends up a perpendicular Stem about a foot nigh about this Stem Many others shoot out in All directions and run Abou. Fifteen inheres along the surface the ground. These runners have joints about an Inch and a Balf apart. At each a Strong Root strikes Down into the ground about two inches deep at the end this Root the Poa pod is formed and there comes to maturity. Some Farmers cover these lateral vines with Earth while others leave them Bare All the time. It is not agreed which is the better Mode. When Ripon Bunch vines will have from one to two quarts peas. Some planters cultivate them in Bills like com but i prefer drills. One acre Wilt pro Luce from Thiny five to fifty bushels peas whih us a by sell at one Dollar a Bushel in our by the secession Twenty seven representatives the House representatives a now reduced from two Hundred and thirty seven to two Hundred and ten members. This gives the republicans a majority seven. New tobacco manufactory in a Alveston. Mmos8 Anto 00., my kind  smoking tobacco Fine cat for chewing and 3nuff. This manufactory by began and will Conlu Tocom Pete. In Weverjr respect to Quality and Price with Taos new Orleans. Dealer and who a a a be merchant All Orr the Conn try can convince the Mcelvea by ordering a few Aan Pla tobacco to be Wilt them which will Dona and answer promptly retained with Lut Centof prices and Parth Mars. To " we claim preference for Home Industry the Newi a j Une Hwte at Bacon s Southern Cwi depot can be found the Large Ami Best elected upon meat newspaper. Periodical a. To the City. Also fluid Kero Ioe Oil by the barrel gallon. Arrangement limit i Iii made with a Koever i South ire Tern Kyj Prestw to Farrard paper in and vase the mail wanted two new boy fur bal Road train. A. Ply to h. 0. . "lour-2o0 bbl Choice extra Fjor ale by Declo Sheaky Kif co., b Raud
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