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Civilian And Gazette Weekly (Newspaper) - February 7, 1860, Galveston, Texas Vol. Xxx. Nil a Stoat a Pitt a t7 re Brumby 7, 1860. No. 4\ Vam Totok weekly Elf Ilia to amt & Dii Kail troll Toa per annum1u of Ial or Ani Aasu. 3 00. N relay Uilk Law of i Lues fifty rent fir a a a a Ett Herfter ill u i. Us Jet a for Sato or a my Tull a . Square of ten line. . $1 for the sett for tech Saubat Sittni purr Loti of 4 to iter tue cuff Talatta or. This body has mum-1 no b i of general ii Portaree since oar accounts j the state Gazette Saye under Tho Frontier a arrival of the Charles Morgan. Wadi Ceslav Eil. I Isao As expend in defence of the Frontier As big. $200,000. Tina Bill has passed that a Sty. The correspondents of the Telegraph furnish the following tit House Baa passed a Bill granting five leagues of land to All institutions learning 4 a i Minlu Conn ii toi rth thousand dollars this i Given for the who advert. 1 0 Rovt or ear professorships also four a a pie to each county for common schools. Tho. Air line nag again in the Senate night and the House amendments concurred in. To e governor Baa vetoed the Bill amending the Galveston Houston Ami Henderson Railroad company. has not been acted upon either by tiie House or Senate. The apportionment Bill Lias Issei Senate and if the House con cams in the made by that body or Hare got rid of one great difficulty of Ali seem ill. On saturday the House adjourned on a motion to print 1500 copies of the governor s South Carol message which i Bare sent you. Not Baring been reached on monday by the order of the Day air. Armstrong of Lamar offered in response to e governor s message tit Fol lowing resolutions joint la Xolon Triin against a of Ramiu Tif the atau f Jinq a tact for the f or Hite of Pettit ii disunion a Lekkas Iii excellency the guru nor has communicated to the legislature by special message a i re limbic and certain resolutions of the state of South Caru Liua sent to Hini by ins ,. Excel Lenzv Tho governor of that state a noun ii. Also other works of rare excellence an cig that in the deliberate judgment of the Jen ii Ruay Jam adv 311 i Mil. Ali. Steamer Alice capt. Peacock this tiling Toru liquor to with 2s Bales i a Tia to Cotton Omi signed to messes so 1. Yuul a Coe. B. Mob 1 co., Dean Lute kill k Uwi ii As books of great Merit and Are a. l to notice that or. My gait the agent is i ii re Viii and Patumi iced by our citizens. W Tim S. Muil Sieainsln-,1 c lug. Mor Gan opt. Lawlas arrived this morning from new Orleans with Fot Towine Naiu Stieers j or. Herring Len & laity w stantes 4 a by i jars i a Stise k , n a to a lady v is Haskell i. Stegan i l a by l Reed i . The is Kak Kamiur. As be seen by our by graphic intelligence the danger of the election of endorser of Hellier s Book is now Over. A Black Republican caucus of members of the Linuse determined on saturday to withdraw his name Ami substitute that of i. I Erin Ingunn of new Jersey As their candidate. A Washington dispatch to the new York Tribune expresses the Lielie that Smith would l e dropped by the democrats and that the american members would be allowed to select a candidate from the democratic party ilium whom All would unite. The question was probably settled on monday yesterday and we shall have the result Dav after to Morrow. We have a Good Deal of hop trial a Democrat has been chosen. In any Case tin most odious feature of the Republican pro prance i in been changed. Tuk said Ink the times reports the arrival the pass of the Steamer Mary Falvey Froid. Ilei in Kirt with 342 Bales Cotton and.00 hides and the tinier. J. Smith also from , with 2.i7 Bales c ton. The Falvey reports in River in Good navigable order. We Are indebted in coi. Jar. Lane of a. Git for a copy of his speech delivered in tin 1 s Senate on the Ibsh december. Tho ankh cd. Like its author is Frank candid Sensi. Tile Ait . Thu flu. Nah Avinoa of the Gallant Lido Tel d views on the subject which no in states the country is embraced in the co living eel incl for non the pm Lime to that Congress has no Power the i lies Tiomi of slavery Tomt the Ycari-ii., under the Constitution est Lilu. Ii Iii a tent iry a prohibit and that gi�1ntiv� a Iii tily in the territory Deriv bugs its Powers in no cd Tel do what Congress itself ,i the Ruu Lusion of general land s pc sch is Tutor la no in of mis., arose and said i Vise to express the deep gratification which i Rit having listened to the speech of Tho senator from Oregon. There is in More of conservatism More of genuine National ill More that Broad Scal Zinent Velich covers ibis whole country than in any speech i have heard pronounced in the Senate during the present session and i perhaps abound not to extravagant if said More than i Liao Beard during a half Dir ten sessions. Syiek Jln a Liston journal a Republican paper says that or. Sherman bad Imp Lily stated Ghitl lie signed tiny room Dalion of the Helper l Nolc Fri Elmul Reading a won of lid Oil Iho tithers and intimates that he does Trot approve its objectionable features but could not say so under a Sti lation Decla Rizig the Dorset of such a work to be unfit for the office of speaker. This explanation Tinea not mend. Lbs Natiw much ainu Berof Congress should know what he endorses with la s signature. Mason is lx0n s the 4ih of  August , Thumas and Richard i Enn and gird 1 in Itu Nore being too Thor in in Inion. Agreed Mill i has. Masou and a ennui a Dixon two Nathe magicians or surveyors to Mark run out Settle and tix Tho Boundary line Between on the one hand and Delaware and Penn. No Urania on the other. Mason and Dixon lauded in Philadelphia on the 15th of november following and began their work once. They to Dopkis Tho Peninsular lines and the radius and indent Point of Tho circular of their Pride pcs a ois. They next ascertained the northeastern roast of Maryland and proceeded to run Tbs finding parallel of latitude they pursued this iia Hillel a distance of two Hundred and thirty Miles eighteen chains and Twenty one links from the place of the beginning the n. Maryland i Tow Bottom of a Valley on dunkardt.-. K. an Indian War path crossed theirout.-, and Here on ithe la the of november 1w Nin two Vea Sago to Irodia escort Idt Fetn that was the of the Sioux nation that the surveys should cease Ani Feltey Termi Oais do Cor Ducly. Leaving thirty Aix Miles six chains and Tiftz links As the exact distance remaining to run went to the South West Angle of vent nil Vaiuta. Not far from the Board tree Tunnel. I the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Dixon died Durham England 1777 Mason died in Penn no Lynnia in 1ts7. Era Assembly the slave holding states should immediately meet together to concert measures for United action accompanied with the Earnest request that other slave holding states would appoint deputies and adopt such measures As in their judgment won id promote said meeting Ami Whereat this legislature has Given to said message preamble and resolutions Tho most deliberate Ana mature consideration As alike due to their grave import to a proper respect for a sister state Aud to our own Lonor and duty n of therefore be fort Elvrd that we do not concur in opinion Willi the legislature of South Carolina that any such alarming exigency exists in our National affairs an to justify the revolutionary action by them to their sister stave holding states nor do we assent to the doctrine if secession by one or More states from our National confederation As a constitutional right. Jittu red that Thih legislature is firmly attached to the Union of these states in order to the in Tho glory and Prosperity of Wullich Texas surrendered her National existence and that we go for one and indivisible now in fort Kkt. Attol cd that this legislature beholds in the proposed secession of the Southern slave holding states or any one of them from their sister states or in the dissolution of on glorious Union no remedy for any alleged evils real or imaginary but a great aggravation of Triem All and contemplate that deplorable event As the Parent of other calamities tar transcending in magnitude the fatal consequences of any now pending Orer . Kholv a that As far As depends upon we stand by support and uphold the Union against All attacks from within or without and against Alt Ultra isms whether the North or South. Lifto Ltd therefore that we respectfully but most emphatically decline to participate in or in anyway Sanction the promised meeting of the states for the purposes indicated by Tho legislature of South Carolina. Flew told that Bis excellency Tho governor lie requested to communicate this preamble and resolutions to Ench of our sister states with the expression of on Earnest Hope that they All unite with in cultivating brotherly feeling observing Justice and obeying the Constitution and Laws of the United states. Which created a warm Delate in which messes. Nelson Munson and Franklin were against and Epperson Norton and Bogart Tor them. Tho horse adjourned on the Resolution and the order of the Day has been reached bit evening and the House has refuse by a majority vote to take and consider the isolation. There Appawara quite a disposition by hoax members to evade a direct vote either in the resolutions or the motion to print the message. Those opposing the motion to print say is a bid for Tho i a Deuce Jed thai the Resolution Are calculated place them id a false position. 1 Bare concluded Kuji the whole that most of the members Aru for the Union and for its pre Servat Loa but they Only differ As to the Mode. Tome think ii mimi1 w wit i Ulk my be resolutions and the message i have he in of one As Jet announce that they were willing to acknowledge that they Wero ready to agree with South Carolina that the Tinio had nor ii Edwin a tie Southern should unite Forroi Ynion Deli acc or a Southern confederacy. Tho Senate hns passed Bill organizing Oie court of claims. is very doubtful if the House passes . The Senate his also passed a Bill dul Inibig the duties and liabilities of Betiru Uoo carriers in ibis state. The Bill to repeal the Liui Section of Tow general Railroad Law has become a Law repeals Tho Section that permitted a Milrud to be sold out on execution. A big Rhea passed both houses appropriating three Hundred Tomas adj Dollari for la Protection of the Frontier. Abigil has also passed giving the heirs and Legal representatives of arsons killed by neg i Gecheo of common carriers a civil remedy for Dai Agea. The provisions of the Bill also gives the remedy against any person who wantonly and without cause kills another the like re my is for damages. W to the final action of the House. I cannot now imagine but am inclined to the opinion that Tho legislature respectfully Deli to meet South car Luaa. And the other . Stiny prominent among the errors of Rood pm a i cation As conducted by oar fashion Aue schools is the forcing of children to undertake too much. Too Many branches the same time Are put before Tho Young Pupil and the result mar be seen in Karfeas forms of evil a Pon the physical health or Tho mental habits or tin Youthful student. A Little girl May be Infin Titus to do what her hands find to do Ami and Earnest in her Devotion to the task set before her and in the multiplicity of her labors she works harder then her strength Bear and the result to Ber is broken Down Mlih and per apse premature death. Others become discouraged by excessive task and give and despise books Aud school work who might by Bare been led on in the eufa maidu of Early leaning Liti i ii a Filoiii i v " others who Maximko Tel of body and of brain enough to Bear 4rigb r a a. Will exert themselves to keep her Var studies Only ngtomthfrff0" and reusing Only s Saia Iasmi tar various Subj Eota which Uliey Hare few in j. Test Acta of Antii sva very age Taticea. The now York Herald says of the effect of the present politics agitation Tho Worth the Accord ulalious of Over seven millions in Tho sub Treasury a period when according to the Best calculation was Only expected to h line out Moleod the busies a and with pro or Atah Iaan Wenyu uie boat near Bow stands More perfected than any other in the country. In j829 a wooden Dock coat $11-now m much better one can be bought for $1 so. In 1857 the few Haven clock company commenced to nuke Clivi Iuka. Then was thought wonder Tal that tarried out 75,000 docks annually. In lower part of the City Affolt. Belligerent cow from one wj1 that Yira Nily flit overt Wpm atus opted to trample a pop pcs one of them Down when to shield her mistress raft a a Juipi used the girl pm bmy�k2 driven away. Kab vow Fri Agni though was a of a lira Mobil a thirds or tee indumiiefaotog1 Charaton Are in 1�tov some of the men elected were very bitter a a a and Rawland we i next to the Resolute of of Jar to. Of Shenal of Tea is to of a to Caria Toai sri Lam a. Pro. Bav Liy ii to messes. Arm Strnic on Mil table f and Iii s kill of South Carolina. i3 a v i i find in r. x i a a a i a. Writ in Exon Nen Cehe a land and water. i in a a Liia pm la i. Liv Cotton Market in hanged. Pout Iii. Jan. 13. The steamship Nova Scotia of the Canadian line is snied a this port. She left Liverpool on wednesday the Lluli inst., art.1 l. In a i Queen Ision thursday the 12th, 1 Rin i tie rapt be tuner Clit vices Frum London and Liverpool live Days later than received by the fire and Africa and polities news two Days . W �.-. Re Seivew \. He Geliebter Trade. vxb.pooj., Jan. 11the advices from Manchester continue favourable. The Market generally closed quiet hut steady i and Insani Piug the delegates to the Charleston and the prices of cloths and varus arc from Minnesota to vote for As maintained. 1 by the Overland Willau. The mail from California by the Overland tar the i. S. Mail Steamer is and City Roux Sari Antonio in sixw2u Days and capt. , from . An v.-, to i my. By Ira Triu san ,.ncisco papers to a Ith Mbale , and Tho following a i a Muiir a s,.mc w18 ,1 the of Tow Man Here in cause queue of the want of Tim Eton with the Steamer in Gianula. The h is not in Porlant Tiiu ugh the political May i interesting to some of our readers. a ears from he papers that the Era tie legislative caucus re asset bled Sacramento on the eve Iii tip of huh and that w7 rein by is present. A considerable number of balloon were taken on the i omit eur for c Senat. R the first ballot As follows Weller to. Dpi Var Lualdi a 11 Wash Inglodi a. Melv Migull 6. The ballot stood thu Weller. 12, Denver 32 Baldwin 9 Wanoi igles., Mcdougal 5. The caucus then adj to tuesday i 10th january. An adjournment of the Cam Wasp recipe a a a serious fight in tween Stevenson of to Hama and Johnson o Amador. Johnson for Weller and Stevenson against him. was rumoured that the next caucus Inge to Jei by. A i Huth Vii w Owens Fahres ton. K w Rhea to Arv Smith i Ortr Giliman Cli Ovoian hot . Durding c Thompson r j Samuel. J 1 Rice w ii Yanling j c Walker c s flu Hinson Honling. Or Alexander. We Merrion. R j evan.-. Meter Crist A Llu Burt l b Temple a Hall j g Smith Rotten win j g Brown s Arnold Mcallister o Kice de Rundle to Apt Sid shudder or Bond Smith j Newell. A co Tipti ii Lowry Lawrence Wade Sackell Jones Matsu is. Powell k Brashear Moi Titan c , i a of a lady Rouen Stem a lady Dwhit a lady. a lady. Mrs uni a ii Kempner. \d3 the ship Panariso arrive a Vork Jan. 12, Twenty ii Iyre lice exp i Lell ced heavy weather. New y. The. Irk. Schooner ii. S. A c of Jan. 1 Jill tin . I i the set Tambat Mexico recently built j wheel Niton. A. Of ii the to Lueween India i no i a and Corpus. Tin. I al new ure a m re j s a of a of n. A k  to -.p.l. I. t ill. Pratl Wax i in i.". and the oar., and Iii if i i of any Tun. Tag whole fill Kab Tho democratic state convention of Minnesota passed resolutions endorsing the dred Scott decision opposing j the re opening of the slave to Gal denouncing the Harper s ferry raid declaring Stephen a. Douglas to to the first Choice for the presidency latest from Liverpool.  Liverpool Jan. 12. Via Queenstown the sales of Cotton to Day thursday i foot r000 Bales of which 2500 Bales were taken for speculation and Export. The Market closed quiet the quotations by the Africa Hsiug barely maintained. Breads tuft closed Dull. Sales unimportant. The provision Market also closed Dull and unchanged. Farther by Steamer Nova Scotia. European Congress not to meet. Restoration of Savoy and Nico to Franco. Long As such support prove available and declaring that the Minnesota democracy support Tho Charleston nominee whoever he May to. The presidents message in England. . Intel Liue i Portland Jan 2sthe european mails by the Steamer Nova Scotia were forwarded to Boston by this afternoon train. Private letter from Europe. Pox Slann Jan. 28the private letters by the steamship ova Scotia Are unfavourable As to the condition of the Cotton Market. James Hewitt a co. Write to their correspondents that the news from Tho i United states by the Steamer had a depressing effect. They quote a decline of Lftd. Since Friday the Asili. The Date of the circular. They add that the Market closed heavy with irregular prices. The sales of the three Days amounted to a  000 Bales the in skirts 7i000. Thu Quantity known to he sea when the no Scotia sailed was 180,000 Bales against 170,000 the same time tacit year. Leases rha.rket�. I of Noil Jan. 11the circular of messes. Baring Bros. A co. Report. That the i reads Fla Market closed firm quotations la Iris a maintained. Sagar a Load firm tha quotations of but week. Bank a f.aglaa4. id a Mored the Hank of England soon raise the rate of dim out. Tuc outside Aiea of discount remain unchanged. Fee pstry Sci a Rry so fat lure. A . R.,o. A a a. A a 1 .1., t states that from present the assembling of a european Congress was re Are doubtful Ever and was growing More so daily. was considered probable that the italian question would be settled without Tho intervention of a Congress. Annexation to France advices Fri in Turin give a translation from Ojiri Stetti half of that City which i pressed the opinion Itiat if tiie italian people decide in favor of the Douex Tiou of the unit hero and or mitral portion of the be muscular to Piedmont. England would gladly acquiesce and Ranee would eagerly accept tiie combination Iron a that Savoy and Nice be restored to . V of Liuio. Atit tale thinks that the Cabinet of Turin would no pres feet any obstacles in the Way of such an arrangement Aud that neither Austria Russia nor Prussia have the Power or right to interfere in the matter. also states sin what appear to lie. Good authority that Auch a coj3ibinhi of i seriously entertained by the s of Loudon and Paris. Tiie president s Rufca Aarre. The Lioi Idon daily news in an article reviewing i resident s message to Congress Vij that is English and h Ople have no reason to Cut Plain of Tho manner to hich the deals with the penrra.1 relations present existing Between England and Tho United states. The Irand Bohres Ahan Doxtad. Advices from Berlin give the translation of an article from the prussian ministerial Organ the new Pihs Sian Gaz the in which gives All Hopes of the re Strati to of the grand Dukes to their possessions in Italy considering impossible under the present stale of Public opinion in Italy and the position Tiss Mcd by the governments of Franco and England. The Gazette considers that the annexation of the duchies Sardinia circumstances if the Best thing that can be done. Jtj Henson. Lord Cowley Tho British. Ambassador the court of Sar Xilema had returned from Bis mis Sion to Lebows and represents that the retirement of count Rytlewski from the French Cabinet has sitar Italy facilitated the relations Between the English and French cabinets. Count Lul Mende Bas been appointed charge d affaires and interim constantinople. Mammoth steamship company in a com i Nunie Ilion recently addresses to the English Hoard of Trade by the Peninsula and Oriental company they state that they have now 55 sea going steam vessels 50 of which Are constantly running that in one year those vessels ran a distance of More the n 1,300,000 nautical Miles that during the 20 Cara have you eyed passengers the voyages in Many cases occupy ing six to Iphi Wren and Only five lives have been inst through casualties to the ships. 1 he risk of the navigation of tie company s ships was estimated by Marine insurance companies six guineas per cent but during the ten years which the company have insured their own vessels their loss has Only amounted to �1 3s. 4d. Per cent.  property in supreme court of Appeal in Virginia has decided that inspectors of flour spirits Cotton and other articles of freight have no right to retain samples As perquisites of office. Receive about 10 votes on the first ballot. Tuc Itig thereby Weller s strength to say 2s, 1 i v in of s to still less a anti Loe Nipton caucus also not the same i a . Thirteen member were Prea eni inc lid ing senator Clark and old line whig. Senator base had deserted the anti Lecomp yodites and orning for Weller a very animated discussion arose. Messes. Clark and Edgerton advocated with warmth the necessity of an anti Leeo Iii Tou nomination for senator whenever democrats presented a candidate. Finally was resolved unanimously to make a nomination. All members pledged themselves individually to support said nomination which be made so soon As the regulars present their Nur Uinci. From the aria Nian we learn that the breaking ont of a revolution in Sonora is imminent and that Pesqueira the present governor and Leader of the constitutional party in Sonora and Sinaloa teels the danger of Bis position and is making every exertion to increase Tho strength of Bis army. The Ariso Nian says i the results of these threatened revolutions have but Little interest to our people. We need look for no change from this establishment of a new party. The same feeling of hostility towards Aracri cans pervades them All and the Success of one faction or the other i i immaterial As far As our interests Are concerned. my ii Eif Tho present has thus far be. I Winter on neat cattle the South v Stock is usually kept the Lio the. Vear in grazing alone. The Saer Anieto j Irive accounts of similar rennet in California. That paper says that Tho cattle on Many i f Tho ranches beyond the american pm rare Nuila dying from starvation. The frequent and severe frosts which came unusual la Italy la fall killed the Young Rass a i As j to springing after the. Loii drouth of and to a Catt e have utile or nothing to eat. Kek Nero exotics. The Philadelphia press in noticing toe legislation of certain Southern states to remove the free negroes from their limits says that Shoul Virginia and Maryland be brought to adopt this policy Pennsylvania would be overrun by hordes of free negroes and such a slate of things would be produced would create an intense feeling throughout our Commonwealth and perhaps Lead in turn to such legislation As has already been under consideration in some of the non slave holding states prohibiting any further immigration of free coloured persons into the state. Indiana and Illinois already have such Laws. If Pennsylvania can be induced to adopt them and Maryland Virginia and North Carolina expel the vagrant Freo negroes from their limits the abolitionists of Tho North May be favored with such an acquisition to their coloured society As satisfy their utmost demands for negro try room and Equality. the census the number Freo negroes was in Virginia 54332 in Maryland 71,72-1 in Tho District of Columbia 111,05 j and in Delaware 18,073. Turn the people into new eng undo Ned we shall hem no further demand from that Quarter for negro emancipation. The underground Railroad would suspend once. A Hotston Tele graph sars a a " a Man attack if Moy Waneta. Campber Tho lord s�wnlf4��fiij�e�tl or Borland iras renewed his hither act asian Beer Trio of Ltd of Tom British Para % abolish map for Ploof the Trilby jury of trial by jury by Eoa Tinc lately that in Baoe r magi Altaic May a Avo a Oryon pore Arica lot Zoiaw go much a ii locate the Paasa Biola Winro of jmj in a mrs action cannot if a tuft of a Timber of them Rob Tilro Msj Job then verdict in in urls chefs ti1s Cal so a i. " the beat being glad to get work $1 25 per Day Ond workmen commanding Only 74 certs. Painters is Laid military depart mint of department embraces All Tho territory of Texas and the Indian territory lying South of Kansas and the Arkansaw River. Fort Bliss in Texas is Liow ter temporarily attached to the of new Mexico Liea quart re san an Nizio Texas. The flowing Are Tho designations of the p n to c. and Forrest Cobb capt. J. B. Morinier 1st cavalry 1st infantry. Fort Arbuckle capt. W. K. Krinic cat variety. No Man is obliged to think beyond his lights and we never leave Good sense behind till to wish to get beyond . A dutchman went into a co Poi shop and asked for an empty Barm of to make his a log a Coop. There s a Brandy smash Ari the wag a Ald a Diu taken Man fell the ugly a pane of Glass. I know said Tipsey water is a Fino thing but is so dreadful the Aea is the largest cum Etory jul its slum borers sleep without a Monument. A grave Yards in other lands show Somo Symbol of distinction Between the great and the Small the Rich and the poor but in that Ocean cemetery the King the Clown the Prince the peasant All a undistinguished. Imaginary Evila soon Bee me real ones Liiv lying in on ret sections on them Asho. Who in a melancholy fancy sos spinel hip like a fact on the of the Wainscot ran by two or the. Suichee with a Lead Pencil Raake Uzik Vini Lile and agreeing with what lie fancied. A who has for two yours refused to tribute anything toward the support of the Tah a preaching of the gospel recently surprised his friends by contributing to the Purchase of a Bell for a new Church to edifice. On sting asked the reason for this exercise of liberality he replied that he never put his Money where he could not i a ring. A Clergyman in n new Hampshire pulpit Lavinia Witla great Elo Orience urged his congregation to abstain on thanksgiving Day from All labor and All business pursuits Jand to attend Church in the Forenoon concluded with this touching Appeal  if any of the Brethren Are Leisure in the . I should be to my of them my Houe As i intend to take that Opportunity should friends enough assemble to uni Are my " my dear Madam said a doctor to his patient " i am truly gratified to see Yon yet in life. my visit yesterday you know that i told Yon you had Only sixteen hours to " yes doctor Yon did but i did not take Tho dose you left an old Man picked no half a Dollar in the Street. " old Man that s mine said a keen looking Rascal. " did yours have a Hole in 1" asked the old gentleman. " Teg replied the other smartly. Then is net to Hiljie replied the old gentleman thee must learn to to a Little Sharrier next a late celebrated judge who Staci cd very much when walking Hail a Stone thrown him one Day which fortunately passed Over him without hitting him. Turning to his Friend he remarked had i been an upright Jude that might Hare caused my a writer of the Century quaintly observed that when the canons of the princes be a Ari War the cannons of tiie Church were destroyed was said he. First Mitre that governed the world and then Nitro first Saint Peter and then Saltpetre. A Little girl nine years old having attended a torte la a Iii asked by her Mother on returning Bow she enjoyed herself answered " 1 am full of happiness ? 1 could be any happier unless 1 could envy increases in exact proportion with free. The Man that makes a character makes enemies. A Radiant a Nius Calls Forth swarms of peevish biting stinging insects just As the Sunshine awakens the world of flies. is a common saying of moralists that the lower order of animals have not he vices of Man yet is certain that some of the insects arc Hacker Hurt and All the quadrupeds Are Tau bearer to. A gentleman who was requested curing a late convention to entertain some of Tine members replied that would be impossible for him to comply As Bis Parlours Wero entirely Dis Minifi turd and his Kitchon do re a them of encouraging their Folly however is a gain to . continue to complain that Tho Southern people should do sire to build Arang uie selves manufactories and workshops. Jve whorls markets. New York Jan. 28tba Cott to Market exhibits no new features to Day. Quotations arc steady and the demand fair. Middling Orleana is quoted Lac la. Sterling sex Chan waa Dull Losa to 10 j for Bankers Bills and Southern commercial Bills respectively. Francs ire quoted Iva. Trealy Sarcis movements the table of sex forts and imports of the i Nirid Suu a for Yean shows a Balatico in favor of the United states but should never be forgotten that this excess is made of of specie the article with which a country is Gei Verall disposed to part. appears that the re Peipu of specie new Yurk by the California packets for Pic past year j were ii j7j fort Quitman bal. . Cul. J. Y. Ii for to i infantry. Fort Mason capt. W. Johnson 2d cavalry. Fort Lancaster capt. S. Granger is. Fort Davis 1st . T. Fink 8th infantry. Camp Hudson capt. G. Storeman 2d Cav L�ry o a infantry. Camp the had pcs River 2d . M. M. Kimann i 2d cavalry. Chaap verde maj. S. P. Liei tielman 2d cat Alry 1st infantry. San Antonio capt. J. Ii. King. -1st infantry. Fort Clark Hal. . W. 11. French 2d car Alerv 1st . A Inge 2d . W. 1. him infantry. Imp son Apt. A. T. La _2j cavalry my. . . I l i Jencia capt. C. D. Jop Jan 8lli infantry. Fort i own capt. J. I. Re Kelts i artillery. I i that City tha. ,750. The of specie fro the a a the Railroad pkg Mikesi a Corres a indent of the an Herald Shiw notifies tie Demix ens Imp , surely. _. If of Mexico in connected by now York were , Piug ,0o0,0oo j a with the towns of Texas than total ext of Btl Domestic j a a.,,m, a. And merchandise. Tro was excited Galveston in a few weeks be connoted in 1s59 nearly thirty three i Liuo Mure than by Railroad with Houston and Houston is the in is56, and nearly Twenty six millions More than to 1k57. The Export of specie during the your 1868 was unusually Light in consequence of the very moderate imports of foreign goods that year hence there was a Large surplus remaining to the country on the 1st january. 1859, being the Dif Scronce Between the product of the mines and the Export say 10,000,000. During Tho year 1858 to Scot abroad All that was received from California nearly $40,060,000, the surplus remaining Over from 135s, a a about $20,000,000 of our previous Stock beside. The country is thus so far As specie is concerned sine Tif .-000,1 00 poorer than was i the 1st a a buy. 1858. _ state or kits. A Cunil stale., like voting Lien Are Ever sanguine Bop Clui and liable to run into extravagance and debt. Two or three years ago the people of Minnesota considered themselves the most in . The Young state started with capital credit and freely used . Gov. Ramsey in itis message i uie legislature draws a sombre picture of terminus of the Central Hue to Flemstead connecting with ure Ibiam i Brenham commences the air line to Austin for which tiie present session of the Lugi Hlavtur a Charier has been obtained. Houston in the terminus of Tom brains tap Road which is nearly completed to the bravos River and projected to the Colorado. is also the terminus of the Ruad running to new Orleans of which Twenty five Miles is in Progress of construction. The Kuifai Hayou drams and Colorado Road in completed to Wittla b n Miles of Colu Rabus which place reach in about two month. Thus without any action of the part of the Citi i of san Antonio they Are within Hail of a Railroad and offered the facilities fur reaching in thirty hours and new Orleans via in Crick s Hay in sixty hours allowing ten Boms for connections. is said that the charter of the Columbus and Sau Antoniu Road Bas Beed extended such being the Case is not incumbent upon our citizens Seji scially property holders to enquire what is their erect in this matter of railroads a of e Tfir a Nias 2d cavalry if Udog on thu part of its Parent. And hardly anything Ean exit a Mure injurious influence upon thu disposition both of the Parent and Tho child. There Are two great motives influencing human actions Hepe and fear. Rhth of thu Flo arc times necessary. But who would not prefer to have her child Enouen cd of Good conduct by the desire of pleasing thar by the Friar of offending. If a Mother never expresses her gratification when her children do and. Is always censuring them when she seen anything f amiss they Are discouraged and unhappy. They feel that is useless to try to please. Their Dia position becomes hardened and soured by this cease ass fretting and soiling that whether they do or ill thay Are equally in mud fault with they relinquish All of flirts to please and become heedless of reproaches. Rut let a Mother approve of her child s co a duct whenever acc can. Let her show that his Good behaviour takes her sincerely Happy. Lot her Reward him for his Eft oru tji please by smiles and . In this Way she cherish in her child s heart some of the noblest and miss desirable feelings of our nature. She cultivate in him an amiable and a cheerful spirit. Your child Haa been during the Day very pleasant obedient. Just is fore putting him to sick for the night you take his hand and Ray " my son you have been a Good boy to Day. makes me very hippy to see Yon so kind and not diet. Gut hives children who Are Dutiful to their parents and be promises to make Vliem this approbation from his Mother is to him a great Reward. And when with a More than Ordinary Sec Tionaga tone you say " Good night my dear son i " he leaves the room with his Little heart full of feeling. And when he closes his eyes for so cd ii be is Happy and resolves that he always try to do . Tech Scalf feb. 2, 1h5u. the Steamer Diana capt. J. Sterrett arrived this morning from Houston with Ivi Bales Cotton and Tho following passengers a Thorbeck Mcgregor Miller Williams Hughes Wos Troli Aviston Bragur a, Richardson. Graves Sherroll Parker Spaudo Bell Rapallo clock Wobb. Brown Orbro Lathorp Tobon Mcrown Howard Crockott col Cassel trowel Norton Pelby Bradburry Mccanon Garnett Cransh Jones maxed Norton Roberts cashing Whitaker Davis mias Grace capt. Grace King & lady Borry lady a child Harden a lady mrs Maxey 2 messes Bald in Clark a , f b Sublett a a j sub Lett. A tabs sales new York 1000 Texas 2 lb., i6l�, less 4 y cent., rejecting bad hides. Over Tuk about As Many feints As wore made in starting in Porter s Story of the Quarter race two Iron horses followed by a Long train of cars came through from Clouston yesterday afternoon and pulled snorting and panting in the West Hud of the City amid Tho discharge of Cannon and the greetings of the Sovereign people. The Bridge built and notwithstanding tha Many blunders which have delayed the completion of the Road no Irish or Texas Bull is Likely to butt olt the Metalic Steed which now pass Over . Jordan is said to to a hard Road to travel but the Road to Houston is As level a a floor and going Over As easy and almost As cheap As staying Home Houston and Galveston Are now connected both by the Iron bands of the Railroad and the nerve of Tho Telegraph. Their resin act Iye citizens May Vigil each other bodily in a couple of hours or stay their Hanses and Converse by Telegraph As men standing face to Faco. Already bound together by intimate relations of Trade and personal Intercourse these new improvements but multiply and Stre Theu Tho Bonds which unite there. F to Bridge is to Boliere the longest of the kind in the United states and is a Superior piece of workmanship. The Road is unsurpassed in any Way and we doubt not a Large amount of travel be drawn to immediately though competing with one Yauho Best steam about routes and lines in the Union. The evening John Westerlage the treasurer of the a Preston theatre takes e Benefit. Tbs name of our worthy sheriff should secure him a Honse. Whatever of pleasure theatre goers have enjoyed to him they Are indebted for . Tho Bill of the evening be found in our columns to Merrow. Liverpool Cotton statistics. The following Are Tho leading features in the Liverpool Cotton Market for the year 1850 Stock Jan. 1st, 1858.Bales. .348,800 import in 1s50 total total Quantity sold in 1859 .2,709,400 8,058,300 2,,000. Ii 1,700 Stock Jan. 1st, 1800. Takeo for consumption and Export in 1859,.2,618, 500 in 1858, 2,385,900, or 45,8h3 Bales per week. Deduct Export to continent____374,300 deduct Export to Ireland. 8,60o3�2,900 Sakati for consumption2,233,700 taken for consumption in l,s5s.2,09s,400 Tho table of in a re into great Liri Tain compared with the preceding year shows an increase of 223,000 american 1h.700 brazils. 149,700 East India and 300 West India and n decrease of 4,200 egyptian making a total in Crete of 3h7,500 bags. Mao Sarto Martiros bar Beau Bald to Many counties of the Interior to appoint do a gatos to Tho state convention. As far a Thesa meetings Bare spa Kan they repo Dute the too trick that a territory May by unfriendly loj if Lalion impair Tbs rights of slate bold i and demand of the general government Iho Protection of slave property in Tho territories. A al .rir""iit,90cr.l,la ,,l4i the River a Fow Miles above Colombia Lonk Firu and warn Tiroly or named and with 33 Hogsheads of Bugar. is bup Posod to have taken fro from Tho careless Esa of Tho negro in charge of . T a amt or the i Mizii states in a of one major general 3 brigadier Gen the Liverpool freight Market was somewhat condition of affairs Ftp fre Serit the Indek Crai. 1 adjutant general 1 assistant . Firmer. Col. I i assistant majors ii Revet and s assist the demand for Money is Fallac off and rates e to of the state is $j30,08-an in Cream j c.ajlulin5 .r.v,.t. F jlldg0 advocate 2 in Are easier. $225,000 m two years. To. Reeo urics of the . J of Geon general and i of. Aids of different Miks. J the evil. The governor says Cincinnati 3larketn. , Jan. 2s. The soles of hour amounted to 1,400 barrels $5 50. The mar Ket closed firm. Western mess was held out of the Market. Corn was quoted 50c. Bushel the Market closed generally Dull. Whiskey groceries and other articles remain unchanged. Clou Wolti Jau. 2h, i held 10 31 la. The sales of hour consisted of 2100 barrels $5 50r$6 55. There were 1200 Dar res of whiskey sold 20hffl203ic. Gallon. J the exp Rienche in regard to Banks a a Issue i has been most is indeed j deplorable that in the midst of the other Dis tresses of our people they should have been so largely the losers by currency issued upon inadequate securities. In my judgment the disasters of the past have so impaired Public Confidence in the safety of the Law that no Fidelity in its execution after the most careful revision can fully restore or the currency issued under to the Public favor. Now Condid sate for speaker. Wash Mitok Jan. 28. the Lack Republican caucus to Day or. Sherman of Ohio was anally Joe knitted to withdraw from the Candi Daies Bip for speaker and or. Pennington of new Jersey was nominated in by Stead. As to the prospects of the organization of the House i is generally a altered Here that or. Pennington can he efe cled if All Tho republicans Rote for Bias monday. of the Otilio. Lotnstu., Jan. 28. The Obio River this Point is still falling with 6 feet 9 inches water in the canal. On foreign Trade. The following is an official statement of Tho aggregate Trade of this country with foreign nation air the year Avn lit. Pm part. Great Liri Tain a 25,000.000 France. 41,000,000 a Skald West la idies, and Verie Inela. 25,000,000 other of outcries. 76,000,000 $175,000,000 44,000,000 35,000,000 12i,000,00� total. .$337,000,000 $368/100,000 Many persons when they find themselves in danger of Shipwreck in the voyage of life throw their Darling vices overboard As other mariners their treasures Only to fish them again when the storm is Over. a Kef packing is about to be established Indianola As we learn from the courier from or. Toby of an extensive beef packing House in Chicago who Haa been some tune in Texas. . To 1 Rbvej invasion senator Dong Las offered the Btl Wizig Sesoi Kiuon Oti the itch which was Laid Over for further consideration. This Resolution was Putrim Luciile Prius to the Bill to the same effect Intro a Iuca a by or. Bigler ices Ltd that the Cora Milce on the judiciary be instructed to a Jort a Bill Lor the Protection of each slate and territory of the l against in Aaion by uie authorities or inhabitants of other state or territory and for the suppression and punishment of conspiracies or combinations in any stale or territory with in tend to invade assail or molest the government inhabitants property or institutions of any other state or territory of the Union. Lukios ski Timbs a Union meeting held Barnstable mass., on the 30th ult., was resolved amongst other things that we bold All Union haters and sympathizers with insurrection murder and Servile War to be the enemies of our peace and Prosperity As mariners merchants and Farmers of Cape cod whose rights property and Independence abroad and Home depend on our maritime and commercial relation with All the Stales and All the world and especially upon Protection under the undivided National Flag of the or1 paymaster general Anil 27 deputies 22 jul Oneis and 23 lieutenant colonels 50 majors 244 captains 5 aids de Camp 19 adjutant 19 regimental quartermasters 2s0 Kirst and 214 Cloud lieutenants 22 military storekeepers 19 sergeant majors 10 quartermaster and 70 ordnance sergeants 35 principal musicians and 398 butlers and musicians 59 Hospital stewards 802 sergeants 802 corporals 60 farriers and Lilac Kamilha uti artificers 9,033 privates 4i 0 enlisted men of ordnance. Total commissioned 1,083 total enlisted 11,848 grand total 12,931. Under the authority vested in him Tho president has directed that the number of or Vales be carried to 74 in the several companies serving hey West Florida in Kansas Nebraska Utah Texas new Mexico California Oregon and Washington territories fort Ripley on the upper Mississippi fort Ridgely Minnesota fort Arbuckle on wild Hore Creek Frt Washita on the false Washita River or else heir in the Indian country West of the Mississippi. There Aro 1h3 companies in route or these places which give an authorized increase of 5.1g2 privates making the eur listed 17,010, and thu aggregate 18,093. Tub pot r a w of Ami k Crork massacre the Soli slavery society in Lawrence Kansas their meeting held on the 19th Tilting referring to tin murder of the Doyle family father and sons did not deny that old John Brown was the Leader of the party who committed that hurried butchery but ret Boived that according to the Ordinary rules of War said transaction was not j unjustifiable but that was performed from i the sad necessity which existed the time to defend the lives and liberties of the settlers in that this Ami slavery meeting was attended by the leaders of the Republican party in Kansas among who was Charles Robinson the newly elected governor Nuder the state Constitution. Considerable debate sprang on the adoption of the above Resolution daring which was stated that of Brown admitted to Tea speakers that be participated in the Potta wot Amie massacre. The soul of Liberty is the love of Law says the German philosopher Klopstock. To the Colombia Democrat and Franecs the completion of uie Railroad to 0y9ter Crook. On Friday Iho cars for Tho first unas crossed the Creek. To distance from Columbus to the terminus of the Road is now about eight Miles. No speaker yet. The Telegraph reports that after a Good Deal of desultory discussion the House of repro or Utilea proceeded to another ballot for speaker monday with Tho following result inning ton republican115 Smith am., voted for by democrats. 113 scattering. 8 so that there was still no Chance. Two other balloting followed with similar results when the House adjourned amid a Good Deal of excitement. No report for tuesday has reached . J2t the president of the United states has recognized d. H. La nor a Consul of Belgium Galveston. The c11ar1.bstos convention. The Duli culty of dueling a speaker in cuu Grus. Is probably prophetic of Tho trouble Shuth be experienced in the selection of a candidate fur the presidency in Tho Charleston convention. The same division Between Freo and a lava states is threatened. Maine new Hampshire Bio Indiana Illinois and Minnesota have instructed their delegates to support judge Douglas. is alleged that d majority of Tho new York and Massachusetts delegates though nut in Siuri of Are nearly All Douglas non. Vermont undoubtedly give her support to her own son and Connecticut and Rhode Island Send Douglas delegates to the National convention. The new York Sun says that n of Jersey support Tho Little giant and Pennsylvania if her people could Havo a fair representation id state convention would Send to Charleston a delegation committed to Tho popular sovereignty Wisconsin Iowa and Michigan arb almost unanimous for Dougles. California is the Only Freo state we Havo seen which has positively rejected Tho doctrines of Douglas. On the other band Tho South stands As a unit against him. Tho present Prospect is that to have a majority of the delegates but not enough to nominate him under Tho two thirds rules whiles majority of Tho democratic popular vote represented be a gain him. While some Northern politicians ire taking ground in favor of repealing Tho two third Rule sunni thu South Are equally decided in favor of rejecting Tho votes of delegates Frum states in which there is a Clear opposition majority in the popular vote. While the democrats of several of the Northern states though their conventions have pledged themselves to support Tho nominee of the convention whoever he May be most of those of Tho South who have acted Havo required certain declarations of the convention and candidate before giving such pledges. Secession and disunion. We have of expressed tha opinion thai the legislature need nut pass resolutions in opposition to the abstract a Wirht of a state to so code from the general government. We have uniformly opposed and still oppose secession and disunion in any shape under past or existing circumstances but to have never denied the right to resort to these desperate remedies. The right of revolution by whatever name a called a inherent and inalienable. To declare its existence does not strengthen and to deny does not destroy . We have Seldom seen this question More clearly stated than in a letter from the item. Or. Robert j. Breckinridge the celebrated Kentucky divine and author addressed to his Nephew . John c. Reckin Ridge vice president of the United states and senator elect from Kentucky. The doctor says and we fully concur in his views that he is wholly unable to comprehend How eau lie to thu interest of any state to secede from the Luion or How the right to secede can a considered anything close Init purely revolutionary he says As to the dissolution of Tho american Cinon Tho settled and deliberate conviction of Kentucky is that a no remedy for anything whatever but that is itself the direst of All in Aini ties. She sees nothing in the past conduct i of Tho Federal government to justify secession if were a constitutional remedy my Tho aspect of Tho times in Misti in any Tenn  disaster Voetbe country tin very is Dinu and most especially to herself in in the ill cation of any such remedy. A but to by a n. I. Revolution by the format ii n of new conf. Eyes or by the . N of Man i Lizul m a. A i fur As she can under Llanil is Loai Niv i unruly Pullions of urea Annable men i violent assertion of dubious or to say tin. I. Al extreme rights and Tho a Duus of political parties in their struggle for Power that a brought Tow country m its Arce oot peril pm Dit of Tho True remedy or such disorder is cot to break tag of to Jcu verment but tie. Due of the lava and Poale Rily a i oxus Eruti to the end of Muoio a Laterel i Vara Menhall allow Lawless conduct of an portion of Tho to run int a nce Vamosi or to drive others into . To lives of traitors ought not to weigh a Fra thur against the Pesice or Security much lean against the very Cut Sluco of the i nation and .1 m so i. The Union horrible a always a i necessarily temporary and is consistent wit the ultimate preservation of everything dist inc Tivo to our present nation Lity and in All our institutions general and particular and s i Versal civil War this time within /.".i, could hardly fail to Ond in Tho permanent to ulna Lish ment fur Tho whole country of just what our fathers established Frt a 177s to 17s9. Do after Tho division of Tho Dosoo upon the slave line and Tho necessary breaking out fierce and interim Pablo War along a Ironi Irr extending from the Atlantic Ocean to uie Western Border of Missouri no Man pm foresee & state or Case when. Peace can be Ever preserved along that Frontier As As a be in tiie Union and every Man can see that any future of the divided portions of the confederacy i any Unico shall Ever be possible must be upon the very terms which now exist. The inevitable effect of the recent eve inns Ai. Harpor a ferry liken All together must be to give a decree of Security to Tho whole slave Frontier within the Unicy which no part of Cao Ever Hava Iii of the Union and tha handful of White Neu and negroes whose follies and crimes were there would probably be Tho As they Ware the Erst to try such an attempt. The whole Case ought to be to every Rel Locking Uijun a demonstration of the value of the Union both As sets Bounds to the passions of Moo and As enables As to punish crime by Doe coarse of Law instead of by private or Public War. Arrival of Ibe Strainer Matagorda. the l .-Itcillihl. i i. I a. S. Gar r. .l 1 w ,1.i. Tung Fritz d a cd Bay a ,. f a. Athu full Wing passengers a. In . Tal Timin. Campbell Scott i Ini a Gra Miu Inie Eniy. . Hardy Tompkins. Glover Hristou . I in Duncan Herdly l a Ler Subb ii. Gait. Itts Royall liar Rock ,1 2 Lailie \ la urus on a . Chevry lady a. 2 Childr n. I re a ,11 i deck an la Negr . I. M cd. Arrival of the steamship Orizaba i i the Imi hip , capt. To a Foru i from , arrived tins a a i 1 morning anew Orleans mail of yester y and the liiii.i". Pasahii to a a , u.,-e a child r a. Liilo \ a film \. Idy. A .,-\.i lady or Massie lady a 1  mrs , mrs Farns. Midleton a la by j. Wheeler ferns. Tieje. Renee Larris his n brother. Frailer a brother Learrie Toti a 1  . Or. Little. Tum Beruck. Pieri m. T in in. Brother Heers Mernett Mitchell. Price  . Morri Sun or a Lei eth Ovinell. Acker a i ter a son j see s Sec. Dunbar. Lyn. I Congreve Hoge. Pride. Coop to mrs , Malynn wether lord .isl a brother. Laruy , a Jalsev Miller Slowley. My ga1, Saiitaceli, Bailey l , Jov. Coffee curler. Fol of. 13 on deck an 1 31 e in a. Proceedings of of Gross. In the House of representative-., on the filth. Tiie Only notable event was the . I. Or. Hamilton of Texas a Pheni i r. R his friends had put inv. to s.-.,  he said i much has been said about secession. 1 not now give Ziy views ii the merits of thai question but i Content myself with to p Mark namely i whatever be aliments May on the other Side As to the maintaining of tie Union All hazards 1 believe disunion is tins Day to . might l o in the a wer of Van be element to j Vert pm n. T be done be the election of a Ubick Republican speaker. The people of Texas were As il.role.1 to the i a p As any other citizens Thev hid Man i l., .1 in Devotti to by is Mil. 1.1. Reality. And by \ n Ming tin ii e Lio Nalitz. And v tins due people and state Are now resolved hit if were better that of government u i i. Re that there be no. Again Ati ii Rutin r than i Shearman be placed in the speaker s hair. The legislature of Texas has appropriated $20,000 to pay the expenses if necessary. Representatives that stvjt.1, in View of a Vail further struggle this subj.-. Swot a. The greater part of the Senate s est Sison i tin 2 Ltd was Aken wit i an unit. I Esting Between or. Douglas and Davis in reference to some statements of de former in a Ferenc i. The course of the i i i dentin the late Harper s ferry affair. Or. Wig fall of Texas also defended that state to " the Elarge of Revivi g i mild , a a. Ii ,1, nol Oil the con Iii Pra. L i a or a. West ambit of Insl ail tin . E. U pro 1 1. A i. Tun. Id i., i Mill do Leinin . F on to thrust ill tilt e of Whike. The Ciul i i and vie,-.-, of a i ulv self v., / . Ii gild tog. To ,. He p a 11 ii la .1 .,11. He i to al i i. . Is 11 la to  be s Ell is ill the thir. A and four al \ a a sin. I i. The frn to i ering a i Iii Fin n to n u ,. in in a in a r. I. A i Urc a Ere . S the Piplic. -.1 in a i i. Lion i in i i rom l a la to Cal yell., i 1 exp onions Are believed by persons who have sent the Roost time in investigating the subject so be is most cases the result of bad construction or had management that is to a by the boilers Aru too weak or to or vesture a too High. I Hore Over pressure Reevea itself by simply tearing a Small opening in the vessel without doing farther damage. This e always the Isaae with air or cold water under hydrostatic pressure though a nut cat with team boilers. The fact that thu water is hot when Over pressure makes its simple rupture accounts for the frightful results of Asp Lobins As follows water change into steam under a temperature of two Hundred and twelve degrees in air but under a pressure of Sevonty five in oods three Hundred and Twenty five degrees. Of heat Are necessary to make into suara. If therefore the pressure of seventy five pounds is suddenly removed thu water being too hot to remain As water under a very much lower pressure most of Flash into steam and the pious Sion of this sudden and enormous steals generation Complete the work of destruction which commenced in a simple harmless re tire. That the beat of red hot plates make team enough to explode a boiler is impossible since is not Sulla client heat in the plates that would be exposed to the fire by Low water to Mako steam enough to sensibly raise the pressure. Explosions attributed to water Arie from some other Ciuris. i in lived than the simple heat of the plates. They cannot arise from Hydrogen Gas and to other known Gas Ca i be formed. The cause of a few explosions Seims inexplicable in the present state of the so Leoce. That most of them occur from careless construction and management is absolutely certain. How weather Tho past year the smithsonian Institute through its extended system of meteorological observations has been enabled to make some very curious investigations respecting the three memorable cold Days of january 1859 was found that the cold of the three Days above mentioned swept progressively Over the country like a wave coming Down from the Arctic a Lions and first entering the territory of the United Stales the extreme North West Aru Oug the Rocky mountains. was experienced Utah some three Days before reached the Banks i f the Noril Horn Mississippi and was heralded by Telegraph Minnesota some two Days bet of reached Washington. Buffalo was Kjome hours in Advance of i Osun Aud was Felt on to Atlantic Ocean Obero api cars have a sap geared. This cold wave also so rpt South in in a most remarkable manner and progressively appeared in Florida and other Southern slates and Mexico and the Pulsa Tims As died away in this direction were exper ended in then trial America and among the West India islands. Taken All in All was one of the most Reiri Ark Able Teoro logical Picu Meta est r noticed and the fads collected Sekiu to prove hat the Origi rating impulse came from the extreme North Western portions of the american continent. The new York illustrated news the monthly part of Ihu same for january trying a Kag Axine Nic Nax the illustrated London news punch the new York pies urn weekly Herald weekly and sunday times our musical Friend and no. 2 and 3 of Solo melodies arc of late Date and Havo been placed on our table by capt. Aeon of the Southern news depot on Market Street where he has them All and Many mors for Sale. Horrox Trade of bum in Tho following is a statement of the Cotton Trudy of Bremen in rim the year 1859. 1853. 1857. Imports112,053 30,073 36,071 stocks. 2,44 3,477 6,1 27 the following Are the particulars of the imports fur the past your Fum new orleans64,730 Galveston.10,632 Charleston.11,708 Savannah. 7, new York. 8,813 Mobile. 6,825 the increase in too sumption is apparent a the largely increased imports awl Small Seodon Haa. Los Knox firm the number of fires in London in 1858 was 1114jjthe no Max r of buildings totally destroyed 32 seriously c damaged tl95 slightly damaged 697. Of these was ascertained that 251 were caused by i accidents with candles 188 from Gas lamps 91 from Fly web 58 from stoves t7 from Lucifer matches. From tobacco 77 from Are Sparks and 29 from1 spontaneous combustion 47 were Knowin to Bare been set on fire and 29 wer strongly Jesus petted to have been. Viko words of men. is refreshing to and some words of deep consciousness in the vast solemnity befitting a dying hour among men endowed beyond the average of their race with intellectual strength As in the Case of Rutins who on being asked for Bis dying admonition exclaimed be 4rivui." All Bis vast learning did nut allow him to think lightly of Paramount claims of those things which make for our eternal peace. Sir William Jones one of the most Brilliant geniuses that Ever lived affords similar evidence of the right estimate of human learning compared with the More important concerns of the future world 1 matters not says Johnson " How a Man Dies but How he and even sceptical Rousseau observes " the great error is placing such an estimate on this life As if our being depended on and we were nothing after. Death. To attach ourselves but slightly Tot human affairs is the Liest method of learning toi. when Garrick showed or. Johnson i Fine House and Garden Hampton court in Stead of Bis replying in the language of Flitter Eye he exclaimed " a 1 David David 1 Cherej Are the things which make a death bed terrible Grotius cried on " of i have consumed Rudyj Days in Lal Xarious Trilling 1" or. Johnson la. Mended Many things in Bis past career but when1 the Light of evangelical truth broke in upon his mind he obtained Christian peace in which he died. Baron Haller died expressing his renewed Confidence in god s mercy through Josua Christ. The deist Lobbes said with horror in bid moments " 1 am taking a fearful leap in the car Dittl Mazarine said " of my poor soul what is to Becoat of thee whither Wilt toil the following a ords a Brilliant contrast to. Some of the foregoing instance i the aged Simeon As be took the Young a your in Nis arms a a id lord now wettest thou i thy serval depart in Pasco according to Thyl word for mine eyes Kate seen thy salvation. When the Martyr Stephen fell beneath tha missiles of his enemies he exclaimed lord Jesus receive my sprint lord Lay not this Smyj to their charge of Majok b. F. Debut a member of Tho South Carolina legislature who opposed to disunion course of a majority of his colleagues the recent session writes As follows to the Grec Villa A Moun Laimer " Lis ail Candor and Izaak area i must aay however thai i do not believe anything serious grow out of our present excitement neither disunion civil War nor danger to slavery. I have cou6dence a the Good sense of Tho american people and bad and infamous of has been the conduct of the non shareholding states i do not be Iove they Are so los. To their interests As to desire a separation of the Union or attempt the destruction of our so Tern institutions. If however the honorable Seoti Meota promulgated by Tho fanatics of the North become the sullied Public opinion of that Section would be dishonourable Aud Disho Noring to continue our political connection with them and to Shneid be prepared to moot every Issue that May conic. The Alavo Bolding states should meet in convention and take United action Tho sooner the bettor. But South Carolina ought cot think of talking the Lead twice already Baa aha attempted and no other state followed. " my opinion Ever Bas been that the sole object of Tho North a their crusade against slavery w to Arrito the non slave holding states and take the Federal government out of the hands of the South and enjoy its Powers spoils an offices. Beyond this they have of other purpose. Over since the election of or. Jefferson the Southern states have had the administration of the government. If to non slave holding states can by United in their elections a Transfer gov eminent must follow with All its Powers and patronage. And i do not believe that if a Black Republican were elected president of the i Nib a Siaus with a majority in both houses of Congress that the Federal government would a administered in any material manner Wise Thau Bas been for Tho sixty years. Wi-1 until and tiie Of a Send bears a i till or Sac Tortoise hell Are born manufactories but on account of the Price the i Ituria is a. As i of As possible. A making the frames of r cd glasses narrow Tripa of Shell Are . Fhi. Ii slits Are Cut with a saw the slits b. I the yellow Dolored if than thai which is mini of in Tunis quite Simil in to those sub ii by or pulled Piper Amer tried. While Shell is War until they form circular ran ,-.r of the. An ordinance. 7i b ii let. i h i a i of Jinx a. Of  c i i a a old a 11 a a 1 Mil Tori to i. 8c. I. Tint ill by unlawful for per Deih or an Or aa.-. X , Lut to a a.  .1 struck in put p y in a 1 m i., in. 1 of , or c irut.ustii. Oliai Ennis. In and. I apart of la. Any of Ilal Veatura Vavenue tied a i i Sti. I and k. A f. Ii a penalty i Toof i Ali 11, to 1 al Iii 1 nor i in la i to i least al a. Cd. An try be to of cd l. Like m a mini l 1 \ �.�. One a or i in  By " .1 " violation a lieu i. Inay . Iii. 1. .1 Siisi i 1 e v.i i 1 a re 1-. I.,p 1 a 1. f f p11. 1 j. R 11-. A. A ,. 1 is i in i Rmon a r in Tif s bin .11, Tibai. Ribi Lac a -.l, n a. Ai. I Iii a la 11 i 1 i Asame to any.tber Bike w ohm ilii.iiii.-. . Consent of l tip Council Tir i Jp-1 of i.wi.-. Veil Aji the of lie int soils i.-.,i i r. 1,. To immediate Urix l Urh al to i Bieh h j.rj.-. Herouve Saij but film Aii-1 an i Seet irm hair b to to. 1 1.1 Ite. I i. 1 a not a acc of a Indre . a. Al Avirl 1. Day the Dinn. Aba e . Sec. A. That ail .01. H fines l i v . Ance May be nov red Liefer. Llic 31ayor. Or any  a liar Ali Jui to a tin and in tie Foi Aji. The i Lirtz a i i ii b1. I c. I. O niiinsii.,i to 111 i in  i a f to. Ii Iii. A ii f toi 1. Lime,-., Rili a of. Up al get or. I to. In i to a 11.i m.11. I. ,. E 1 1\ ,.,. 11  i j Neman. A n. La Linance. Ai. 1  1 flu to. P. Rials api i Ball i f that to. A l i11 a i a,.-, Lull . I i. I la p Thome of m of kill i i m Hanuka Cocke of velvet. The Beau Ellul substance known As velvet is mostly a silk fab be remarkable fur the softness of its �urf.i. I Bis softness is owing to a Louse pile or a or Faco of threads occasioned by the insertion of Short Rucies of silk to read tie shoot weft or Cross threads. These i upright so thickly As entirely to Lonceal a if. Interlacing of the Warp and shoot the Richness of velvet depends nth a. A. 11. Is Olih. Pile threads. The. Iii Dersofi of the Short the id 1  1 cited in the full Cwine manner Lynsie ,. I in old one Row of Wai p threads w. b crossed alternately Over and under by u., shia there an two sets one of which is to b. the regular a Arp. While the other i to con Miinte the pile Flics two separate being s., a ranged in uie loom As to be Kepi separate. The iian Tity of the pile thread no Sarv i. Very Iii Oeh like that of the Warp thread and on this account they Hreve to lie suit Siwl 10 by Means of a different kind of Agency. A if Hie pile threads were worked m among the about in the eaten Way As the Warp threads the 1 fabric would be simply a kind a double silk,1 abut without any kind of pile the pile threads Are therefore formed into a series of of i be no. Paul 11 1 1  a 1 in 1 a 1 11 tract in h , to 11111. 1 . S that. Lit in Pel la i .1 Lal. F Oil. P s li1 Ilia 11 in i Piator. . a d Iii the i \. Il..Lle ,1 11 ii.". Bill,Li ills i. V., a v or 1. 1,. I. I.v.ile.llll. A Rien a i i a Iii. I i l. A h i Inero i. A nil. To . La i i in b 1 lie ii in 1 the11 a Way is a a i tiie 1 Llull lit. I the a. Is 11 i. 1 1. K .1.1 deep wan of Stream b  bore linear Iio i i Nav i. 1 b. To. V i Druin to which to contract is oin ,.,. ,. Run isl in bet la standing from the surface of be silk and by \ w fir of a we cutting these ii Kips with a Sharp instrument the pile is produced. Thin brass a a a wires Are temporarily Woven in among the Welt 1 join Soi Tii the Hartford tune. A threads to assist in forming the loops and by i a gentleman Cibl our Olliee a Miv a d Dica Cut of seism pm made with a Sharp in wih i. A i Iri for the stale of Labna slur not the loops Are Cut and the wires Libe to commence a butter s shop and fact by to. Rate i. Striped velvets Are produced by some of fi1. Trade loin this Piary having in in pop h the pile threads being uncut. Injured he removes from Connecticut Lak. S _1. A a the big in. S and the bands Here. In ibis Way Connecticut is made to suf danger should be feared when Distant and braved when present.
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