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Civilian And Gazette Weekly (Newspaper) - April 23, 1861, Galveston, Texas A $ a Etc vol. Xxiv. Galveston tuesday morning april 23. 1861. Galte8tox weekly civilian. Rail Izui by St Aht Hies arb pc co. Miri 01 a ecu Prunum. 00  not pm id Urithon 8 Morith 4 00 Dally per annum1 00 commercial per annul. 3 00 remitting two Dollar my fifty cents for each be entitled to the other filfly cent for commission. Hatm Dvor Taim a a Tutle Square often won is for tha flirt and 10 cent additional for each subsequent insertion a Liberal deduction made on to those who advertise by the Quarter year tuesday Ai Kii 10, 1861 new have received from the Teiaar Book depot strand a copy " the Yankee slave dealer an abolitionist Down Hooth a tale for tha time by a texan published at Nashville Tenn. The work is handsomely gotten no and is no Donal entertaining and instructive though want time prevents us from Reading it at present. Copies May be at the Book depot mentioned above. at new York 600 Texas 26 Lbw 14, less 4 v cent rejecting hides unfit to Tan. Just the Schooner John b. Myers arrived at 12 o clock to Day from new York with a full cargo merchandise. Fly Schooner Carrie Sanford hmm new York for Galveston arrived a the Mouth the Mississippi River on the 13th, with Hiss sails and leaking badly would proc a to town desired to be reported. W. Ii. Tai hot. Tvs conf Edrati loan. The new Orleans Delta Ruth Cliatt in hunk new Orleans he agreed to take $150,000, the mechanics traders n like amount the citizens state and in Fiumana take about $"00,000 the insurance companies have agreed to Lake ten per cent on their capital. Lulli Tarr organization. The Montgomery mail says that much misapprehension exists in the Public mind in regard to the military organizations established by the Congress for the Protection the con j federate states. The mail wishes to Correct " a popular error that supposing the state important from Charleston. Com debate Flau floats Over foot is . Ved es0 a april 17, is�1 Bluck Aue port Charleston. April 13 i. list tue Schooner Mary k1u arrived the morning direct from Pensacola with a Carp " dressed., lumber c unsigned \. L a Stone & co. Litto v. S. Steamship Mexico a. H. Talbot commander from new Orleans arrived this morning with the following passengers mrs eager mrs Dupree mrs my Ouidie. Miss Hiddinga miss la Rigers s Mither Cavan auth Hpe Naer Mcdonald i Jones Mucci Irv liar rat Lille some Adams Barnes , Cramer Bonfield 7 on deck. Car the a Steamer a. S. Ruthven Thos. Peacock commander arrived from Urov this morning with the following passengers  Madame servant. Madame Dur mor judge Branch Carnes Stewart Skinner Pompadour i Baptiste 1 on deck. River is out its Banks it Liberty and still rising. The Lucy join passed through the Bridge yesterday at 2 o clock p. M., All been removed. A to. A Derson hauled Down the i Nite a Stales tale. Troops Are May be incorporated into the y _ up a. Regular army the confederacy. The several hours Tor the mail Bays that be finds on making 1 from the Elf it i the Bonith Hells. Two some enquiries in the proper quarters that two Plo Sions have also been product by to. So. Thrown from our batteries. Distinct armies have been provided for by the i j an, I be .. acts the Congress. They have no connect since. The fire All the batteries his been Tion with each other the Mode flickering continued the present Tim Them is and their terms n Uhra a Thlu " i a. Cas an two aids were s it in. H a service Are dissimilar. A tit fort Sumter. The first these armies is what is called the 4 j m the Flag the St it. Provisional it was raised by the1., America now tits Over fort Sumter Congress to meet the pressing exigencies upon the Charleston been blockaded us and be disbanded Wenthe emergency i by the v. S. Ships War which recent Var shall have ceased which called it into existence. T beanies. L4f the papers have much to say about the fact that . A. A. Booth the coast Pilot the Revenue Cutter Harriot Lane reports the discovery a boiling fresh water Spring at sea off the coast Florida. This is no new thing. The existence several such Springs "11" the coast Florida been Long known and we Long since a re not a Biu Pilar discovery it sea some Twenty Miles Frau Galveston. Doubtless Rno the ram that Falls in the Uplands Tex a returns to the sea in this manner. %3t the bark a. L. Kid Apt. To. Sawyer which arrived Here last sunday my Days edit from Liverpool with a cargo Salt and Roal for Adams Jordan a co., experienced for several weeks the full extent those furious gales which some time ago raged in the Channel the English coast with such disastrous results. Only by the greatest exertions the officers and Crew assisted by capt. Jamison the English Channel Pilot who owing to the Hurricane could not gut the bark and Hod to come Over in her the vessel was caved and brought top h without sushi ing the least injury. 13et" the express says that the in diam have become so troublesome in the Vicinity Fred Ericksburg that several Stock raisers Are moving their stocks to the Vicinity san Antonio. The same paper says from . Tinen. Who is just Down from Bandera we learn that indians stole on the night the 1st two Carriage horses from . Kossev who Jurt resumed from the convention and 18 mares and 2 mules from Hayward ing about two Miles this Side Bandera. Eighteen men were in Pursuit under the guide and command . J. P. Kong us. Capt. Jim a atm who Lias one the Liest companies in the state is in the Vicinity and doing All he can to a fiord Protection to the people. Fly the steamship Jen. Husk Apt. Leon Smith arrived this morning at o clock from Avaca and Indianola. The Kusk left Indian Ola at 2 p. M., yesterday and reports leaving in port steamships Orizaba a tin and fashion Hooters Mystic discharging and Stampede ready fur sea. Steamship Star the West still the bar cd to get away by the 18th inst. The steamship Philadelphia is daily expected to embark the remainder the a. S. Troops now on their March to Indianola from hurts Bliss Davis and Lancaster. The Kuzuk experienced a heavy Gale from the North on the night the 14th, a Inch listed 24 hours. T3ff la appears that the legislature did not consummate and action in regard to the changes made in the organic Law by the ordinances the convention. The House ratified them. But the Senate did not concur. A spirited debate took place in the Senate on the subject during the last night the session messes. Munson and Hubbard sustaining and mesh is. Up boo and Lywellyn opposing the action the House. The Senate finally to i Brucd a Nix a acting on the matter for want a quorum the legislature made an appropriation fir the equipment transportation and t Upp is Nerry so by to place the he Mient. d by the convention. In the Field. It also authorized the raising a loan to the amount necessary volunteers with the consent the troops transferred. The minimum term service is one year.  a Rule the War department requires these troops to be received Only from the several state executives they course having previously secured the assent the organizations transferred. These troops retain the organizations with which they enter the 1 Rorris ional army companies battalions and Menta remaining such and retaining their Atli cers. But the president the right by la to appoint certain Field officers for the provi ional army a which he exercised in making brigadier thereof cols. Bragg and Beau Reenal and appointing . Hardee colonel its first Liegi ment. The regular army the confederacy a entirely distinct from the provisional. La is not yet organized. The officers Only two Kee i ments Hare yet been appointed soon the officers four other regime nos be appointed. The organization is Verj similar to that the United states army. Soon As appointed Manj the officers Nothe regular army be ordered to the recruiting service. And it is in this Way Only that the regular army be raised. As yet it does t contain a single non commissioned officer private while the provisional army thousands men in the Field. The regular army begin to take form and substance probably within six Mouths. Ollic erg resigned on account secession from the army the United Stales receive appointments As course in the regular army. Civilians Are eligible but the former Are certainly provided. Applications by civilians for position s As surgeons and assistant surgeons in the Kec Uliter army need now hardly be made with expectation Success. There is Only it limited number a a ointments to fill and these be less aril be Given forestalled in recon and assistants from the army the muted states. The Engineer corps is we learn lies inaccessible to civilians.  Sciapi. " dispatches to the new Yolk tribe no. The new Orleans delts save a from the following which we find in the n. Y. Yolk Tribune the 8lh. It appears to be the impression that the military portion the United states expedition is destined for Texas. Washington april ". We. The army and Navy officers appear in common with the Public to be unacquainted with the designs the administration so cautions Are executive authorities in this particular bin from the Best available sources it is almost not quite certain that the greater part tie troops leaving the Northern ports Are destined for Texas to operate on the Frontier for the Protection the inhabitants against an incursions. They occupy the forts on the Rio , and acceding to official representations loud a cordial Welcome among the settlers who have been driven from their Homes by the Savages. Fur. Houston Given full advices to tie Federal authorities and the result it is ant rated Wal be to re establish him in his position As the executive that state. Ien. Houston is we believe now at Independence. We do not belted desire to resume the function least three these vessels were reported to have been seen off the horror last night. The Tor however and the roughness the Sei male All attempts at reinforcement impossible. Fort Pickens reinforced. I , Avrill Wen thrown into fort pick is Usi nigh. Amie Sun i Tiik tits. To first ton i was a to the con h per at e states. The sub Tripti n to tie Linn made at valves in the mining t in books this Nioni ing made by miss m. E. Hopkins for the St sewing society $5ti i paid. A it the St duties on goods from i. S. Ports were collected at the custom House today on imports per Schooner .1. Ii. Myers from new York. There were about two thousand packages and forty four a nominees making an any mat work for them and the custom House Stich persons unacquainted with the Sineas cannot imagine. Fun foist to nigh. The liveliest ,.,. It go ,.l d Ojst felted i the Surre Iid i it tinier. I Sumter was Urr. I Lei i a in. Major an be in in a i in. N w. Re Morris u nor he ingot Igo ird. A Raj .1 -t.itioii, writ .1 Hows in the v Cinita the who Ives Are shells a Large Nii be gun carriages and Ivai like contrivances i each which Are tin Ted the words " api. , i. S. A. F it 1 c -i.-ii. 1 a by the new York papers the 10th most. A come filled with accounts military prepare Lions at that City and the sailing vessels for the South on secret service. From our shipping memoranda copied from the Herald it i a ears that some these vessels have Clear led for Texas. The Steamer transports Baltic and cleared the bar the evening Theja the hound southward. Orders were issued the i slime Day by the Navy department to have the and Savannah at Brooklyn and the , at Philadelphia fitted for Active service with dispatch. The steamship Ocean Tjugen been chartered by the government fur a purpose similar to that for which the Atlantic Baltic and Illinois Hare been engaged. The Ocean Yue Eti belongs the South amps ton and Havre steamship company so Large Side wheel three decked Steamer w vertical beam engine built at n. York in 1857. The steam tugs Yankee and Lucie Ben went to sea from new on the my i but do not appear to have Carrid troop munitions War. The Herald Sas in addition to the Stean dips air adv ordered to same Southern destination the precise locality which is As it a Sec set the government appears to have eams nest enveloped ill . Rumor and conjecture . R. Give the matter two solutions. One is. That the Sinai plugs Are to act As tenders for the Landing troops and from the steamships at Points where Enen hair a the fire Drift Wood. By w. N. La Nuvil Low. We sat within Ibe farm House old. Whose Windon s looking o the Bay gave to theses Breeze Damp and cold. An easy Entrance night and Day. Nol far away we saw the port. The strange old Faa Pioci. Silent town the Lighthouse the dismantled fort. The wooden houses in Iliot and brawn. We Sal Aud talked until the night. Descending filled the Little room. Our faces faded from the sight. Our voices Only broke the gloom. We spake Many a vanished scene. what we once Hail thought and said what been and might have ten. And who was changed and who was dead the a i draft i the courier states that during the stay c the 1. S. Troops in Irnel Haroln. out seventy  f tin m i red the army the Confederate. Mat a Apt. J Vanon by enlisting in the recruiting office Shea 1. In. A . Them i.ict that the leakages Thought to she i under Anthon ii Rich larger body a Hue the same thing but for the a have i arge s urn due them Asar the old i novel ii men which Llev v could-,., hot re abandon. . N to earner ave i tar Motif main a,.ni 1. I ii. V. I Sim  r N a v a pre it 11 a e up 1. A to. I s m in a p Matagorda w Aici in via Sabine 111 s a Jool i. Ai n be 1 Here a -t.-r.ty evening i the owing Pas Elgers 1" i. Fielder . Mrs idling cold. A a a Oil la Rii to Yii iils. In h -1. Vav it ii v Eon n i Iov ii that he any i Vernoi Ami All by the Means he e indicated. We presume that he soon give a Public c Nora diction to the various reports this kind which have lately been put in circulation. Tsp the High rate duties levied on sorted into the United state the North under the new Tariff May seen from the the collector new York establishing the following average duty to be calculated Olaiz a a Kings a. I a linens piece goods. Duty to be closed up in Silks do. Do do a silk v to. Do. Do do in wearing apparel . Average cigars from $2 to v a. I do above$5 a not above $1 1 m  do Over $10 v i Pertal. Brandy average onid a Neil $1 id tin. Do 2d do ii 4 t Kirschen Wasser. Do to do ois rum spirits. Doid do 0 id the expedition Erom new York. The n. York papers the 7th, come to us with voluminous reports the fitting out Aud departure the Day before the steam Sloop was against on Scott  Adu We Low hatan and steam transport Atlantic. die i in to see Eon Board the Herald furnishes the follow Jocken Uig description j on Board the ship everything betokened the i a Crial a in in Tali to Delia. Mission on which she is bound. On every Side \ something was met that spoke War the \ decks were covered with Loose Plank around i the sides the vessels were ranged a number states Tig,.rt simper run up water casks while piled in for future Dis while Flag. La i act to. . N a position were b Shell and other War,. i.,.,1 .mg ii a old a a a male. Like implements among which were ,.xo i the newly rifled carbines used by a i ties . The -i., in. A Pocuis to Iery. The upper deck at the Bow was de t have 1.n a re1 in d reded a. to the erection slabs for the t the mrs a thai were to to received on Board. Been compelled g War h Fiauu i. The i. I 111 11 " i o o my g ill. Vav 1 c i in w . 1 he s Lithern Mai. A i Ai i Toni i 11 a 11 i v Supe tided. In vol i re Parn i on a . April la. L he 1my Var Meri Mic a been Ord ii b i. a s . Imm v. I Ore ii i c red new York april la. To is reported h i h.llt i tie Delphia Ami i u. 1 in tilling up a h prov Ion in \ a a i. " w a. \1 ii Rev. I i. I a Resel be for and Emeret re i War a v. In men i s right and Hill u  is. I lifter troops from Liode is. K la . L Lois ides. V. K. A i 11 1  spin. Tai stale . Nerd the i v i the inn be at til Lei a an a t be u an 1 u i1 v i t he 1 vein ii . Ail i Oil is t  4iv 1.1 a i v n ii. " what Etc Point the 11 in tie Ord i. Lincoln and Hie Virginia commissioners. J w a Hin twin april la theyirgini. Unn a to a plea a i la Invar with insolent line ill to. Lviv h  d i Belli a h Oil id act acco lug mid Carat ins set h rth in to s inaugural. Ibe reply a a i in m pm i in. Important from i m nay i in ii Vii Snihir. Tajiri la Liotti in in. In s Pic i Legi lat ire have a Seutin appropriating to Fiill Mill Ami Eil the Inilisi la the s e the having since received the signal the to Vilior become a Law. I i a pod 11 i on atari ii Scoti v Radii re , april is that1 the expedition to Remford  for Sumpter ram mar a Ari in  a 121 " ? " mis i to Ortlof in. Capt. 1 to Mug 111 i the i bake in in ,11w .1 w Hunt pie la a drag i. Ii in a i .lo.ldw. La Lubbock. I i is Vav t Ash Ppd. A i Lluhi .11. Ii.  v. A Lvov Cd her. Hall a lined ii Urchill i in mis tremble . I Vii Alai per i. I min a Chudi. Allen Rei i. . One. His on. I i it. Maddock. We v. ,1 inn Irv. Stilt H int Ord. Iblis. The The Tel . In i Sav , then the sly inaugural Ifil Var at Charlesn at pc ii Acla in Texas . Perhaps m All these places the inquiry is up. N ii. That be the pro ens ii apr Eliell thai Thev Vanl 1,". Hot the sees i n a Yir Gima and the oth t Bonier Lave slates and their Union with the conf Derale Slat s Atco idly the ii Gaui a ii to in y i a the removal to the lulled tales Ensign and Autho ties from Evev fortress a Public building within the limits the Coin,-., rate suite including the wine ii , ii Capitol Aie ,. Ier Public buildings at la e . Afel Ibe eyes Ion i Virgin .1 to in the mat it is not Likely Mary pm be Resli Aiuto from the same .1,". He Vav i 1 ova .e Fortune \ in Ginini an a 11 Una a Biedl a lain that in Vilh i irvving the i United Stipes the District ii u in its to a i Oss a in under the ii jets Rev . In re we have and A Eno Ngn i a evil War o , a i t w in v cars ,1 tit. And All that fills the hearts for ends. When first they feel with secret Puin. Their lives thenceforth have separate end. And never can tie Onea Aili i the first slight swerving the heart. Thai words Are powerless express. And Leavitt still unsaid in part. Sun in too great excess the very tones in which we spate. Made something strange i could hut Mark tin leaves memory seemed to make a Uii us rustling in the dark. Oft died tie wools upon our . As suddenly from out the fire it the wreck stranded ships the 11 inies would leap and then . And As their splendor i failed. We though wrecks upon Shemain ships disc sted that were bail and sent answer t ack Airout the windows rattling in their frames the Ocean roaring up t e Leach. The Custy hic i ring a Tahoe.  All v Guely incur speech until Thev made Ives a part fancies to aim the Dougli the brain. The in no lost ventures to. Heart. That Send a answer Lack again. F san i Inigo. A t ,-l.-p a no. Maid a ii. S a til. by i to W. A. Ilioiu ii Iraq up lilo lbs i Rae t i s m u Long a it a it Rin is Indian. C i in ind m. E on the t the ill i j my Lille the in thai a i an b. Vav Leb Leili a to which we g n and Cove ent . A a Dinar .1. Lereda a a ill the  pople Ell Hukills at. A. At a a air,v,.1 i a i ,11 i a m. The c a to hand w Llin tie  f spam. Hi ii in w is a ." ,e.,t, a Anat i n w Inch pie on i the j e Cap a i in a Lowed thai la w it i he Vav . I the Peon and I. Iii i. Troop and tin no i a tier. But the cup Iain Cne Vav ill 1 a to 11. The to Lyell. I i Mil i for ii .si a be a a1 i 1, a. N u War. W ii he land ii id naval i a a a i St. I ,go by . Sen ii it a i b. Under in ii led la Lee a be a in. R. . Navy Lien. Kubal we. Up i so Tiv to hear that her i id.-. La. Accepted thetis a. 11 Sirigo i to i ,.h Thoi. A ii Pani ii he m i so . Toll i. I pams ii. I on7i, Capri ii hauled Mil. 2ii ill the i us Monk Aviv Kkt ios at Len to. Evening p ,.i. It i it i la list great -ell., to o i Vav Asj to i a is an at 1 Vernoi s 1 i ail the p i s in that Vinci it Tia in a Inatio ,.f major Holmes. Mar ii was Tonuu i Cie at that station and general sep Ito Ibe recruiting business there. Ii is a naive North Carolina and der.1 have a one i in consequence with the secessionists w a i Ilov he n. I save that a in the Oil Erst. R military ,. By the In ii the pcs i it i to ,1 i Ca tic. Y the p is live vessels h. C. A.,-,. A i a in Vela so la . A. L he ii is t . Before the jirm.iin Havana. The last a the Ishi atoll a tie a ii one a. T eve sail d out be w in. A parting Salute is Well us cheers Iron an i de ill the the depart ing ship and turned Votti tie usual i. The Loval bands the stationed at Havana also i a i with appropriate music at and Ibe .iv generally was As a Nat i uial tie Ilai v ii is Rea 1 these important ends in a a re i up tone .e Prensa Gintar a Isis Bat in. is in t far i Tant Hen the . I Noirin be re.-Tore to. Am a. It i in he times Phelim 1 Lions. In his Kin. I . i Ai that in Vry Thev it Mii i works on Fife in  these were constructed with regard both to i . The cigr..,n h suiting in Tai iffy there is no truth in Tho statement that the late S. Collector customs at Gale cd Lon sent Money to Washington City to keep it from falling into the hands the state Confederate states. The $9,000 alluded to was j the building in Galveston for a custom House court House and Post office. This building Cost the United states upwards ,0h0, and is still Here. The payment alluded to us a place previous to the se.-, strength and Comfort the sides and Back being a cause very carefully padded so As to secure the am . Term in m Mal from injury during the passage. Eight these stalls were erected completely tiding up j fort. Aids a pitied bar seven Lini lab i is c. Ifil lilt d ." ill Tig a. Dipl Ive 1 in to pay off those troops who have air adv Wen j ""1. Vart a vessel employee defence he state. 1 air a m our 8n 1 b. Ii am to in ." a Ltd. Oil Bur 1 a b a 1 h i  a tin. Id 1,v ii ,1 a Ull ii his and .1 in Ai Coli ii i an. a 1a i. V i Loi 11v lilt lol i he question been the explosive Een tested a i  to. t think Iron it Rosene. The an expo Sci Aii i Sav a a Eney .1 k apr. V 1 fall i  . a Tient i m is la. T a its. A . Lockson state As having Bee c died to i d in. Series ,. Expert 1 a a. To g ther .kv i Ami ii. . The Cie Vel 1111,1 Leader thus announce Ibe result the recent Eleetia to m that City we Are Illuv 1 a whipped in and a Midi Dill. And it is As wed to Vii t e fact. Open enemies and d Republic , aided Soine inhat.v tree ii. Cru a have thoroughly i to a u Bim i majorities Cut Viand a Oil a ill us " the late Republican Piitz tie. City have gone up Salt Riv a in t but. Be a it not a in Able to hike thelml 1 us 1 kit ions Vii Tiuan on to. Deli cat tinny i in Michigan on the 1 mst., the chirag i remarks such i Triumph m sued n Quarter is truly i -Ai.t. The cams s which have produced b h re Milf Are s ii. Iii. It hot to april 111. Ii a. A Salute was in Couit Eloiie Square m Token rejoicing at the fort Sumter. military companies Here he a the cause 11 s in readiness for orders to at a minutes warning. The enthusiasm people is very High. A Public meeting ins been i t a to ight a the Market ii. Us. Hoi a Apul 17 y a. A lire broke out at 2 o clock this morning in the building occupied by the , opposite the old Capi hotel Oti Maul Street. T he Bali iding. Fog Eiber with several smaller ones adjoining destroyed. The persons sustaining h is Are i. I Ranger carpet her shop mrs. Mclin Lanei y shop Mas. Lew t Ancy it Side . Polar i physician s office . Southworth the same . Cd array. Shoe shop. Total loss Abii . No in Ance. The origin the tin1 is unknown. A member Liberty fire company no. 2, by .e name Thomas pure while returning Roiti the hi.-, was Tun r by the machine ii 1 Bobi fro 11 Montgo Myrv. I n to. Isl Kkt v. April ii. La is tilled by Mit the Edrei iry War. Hon. L. I a Walker. That Anderson and ins men arc Peilli led to depart unmolested. Sex i. S. Senator Wigwall Tex is. Anders i. Sword at fort Sumer As Aid de Campot Ien. Beauregard. A the the Coile Ite Lierer publishes by request the following Arrett an i Nahsar Lincoln the report that . Blaisdell carried the Money i lenient with the remark by the editor that most Mii apr 1 i. A to be untrue for he sex j Wenle he endorses the trustworthiness . An Eun Sarv Lincoln was arrest.-,i to us Ramon Manchaca yet he the editor a Beves the trnian. R"1" _ a -11. Ii to Washington we knot Pended it and a i compelled to draw largely on Bis own friends in addition to finish the building remittances from Washington having Toen suspended after the seizure the mint and sub Treasury at new Orleans. There was no Money due the United states from the custom Muse at Galveston on the adjustment the accounts to the 2d March but a Small balance due the collector. No Money been sent out Texas from the collections at the custom House at Galveston during the last fed bal Nav last the Giase staff and band the id cavalry that is aliment which Abed such Lustre and renown on out Frontier a Price with cats. John to and Mcartor a Van Dora s old he a mistaken in his statement both As regards j is to Ike Sieu lieutenant his n. In to i seven years last the re americans and mexicans. J h Ramon Manchaca residing on the Seste Aderna Creek a Branch the Ala Coso coming told Ork in ret from the West an old and entirely trustworthy i new took. April la the citizen conversant with the habits and appear was quiet . While the sales i Ance indians declares that on the 14th 1200 Bales at 12 a. I n i idling i a last month a band about 80 men whom. _. Not More than 14 15 were indians the bal dance being americans and mexicans passed Miu Tahy Attick Noktih within fifty Yards him Neir his House he new York Herald. the most. Us being concealed in a Thicket which enabled on the 5,1, St _ a. Curt i Vinu a him to observe them at his Leisure. Amongst. W. Cd ,.in a them be recognised Lorenzo the Herdsman the i a late a i .1. To Petroleum now so . A heavy no a i,-1ve and a very volatile and explosive one a careless my cuts Turco May no i to remove tins exp Ive ill for m distilled lock and thus i a a. In a i n dangerous stale the Consun . Samples Kerne id were ent in by 1. Vav is 1vs a i e p in a.icto As whale Oil. I i those Sample were explosive and so rep .1 at the Tunc and the party wishing to mute that Oil,.r the whale Oil was it p lulled to do by the i pah. one May distinguish the explosive in Morest the oils by the smell her Hung on R n to the heavy Oil while the vol ,.es have a Strong �me but the crucial Le t most readily applied by placing a Inetti with Fie my to be tried in some lot v. And api with L -u., Sandusky .Lnii a re other Leo Vav. A the be p for a seism n Are in Vav Trellu in we a Vic 1 p item that they need not i to know that Cleveland Toledo a. J .-Yiilp. Racine Ami in Ortance that sp.,k, n be i Michie in having Ibin the democratic Faith. " ear Long for it with n e them Hack and Trust warm match Ilo i Lilli. Let a Tihe the i Ial. a volatile dangerous character is present it to Macpherson who was supposed to have been killed. In the term americans be includes europeans be being certain that there were germans the number. The same Day the horses . Durand and others were stolen. Vimr. Manchaca positively asserts that this was. I no party marauding indians such As have r9sheretofore infested Ibe country but is certain. A a a i beyond the possibility Eifort that it was the tame Point and same decl. \ composed different races from this c there remains yet All the troops that were j Tina it my a 1"--- to bid Odiea to Texas. Marcia saturday capt. Wallce s company 1st a i it . Infantry passed through destined Reber Tofoi the mine Point and same remains yet All the troops that Wen within the Borders Texas on the Day the Transfer eight companies the 8th infantry ___1 ,1__tj,ii.m.,.1 a j Market prised the that v Ama ii . T o min n paper m the. Lain. The in h lain in 12ih inst. Save Centreville that Region. Tlil that bad an interview with Secretary Cameron Ami Gen. Scott. The Herald thinks the Republican governor Pennsylvania is to War the Herald save Massachusetts is a t., have six thousand six Hundred and seventy men. All equipped and ready to March at twelve hours notice. New York slate according ., water in this ortion country last week than Ever been known to have fallen Bette in the same spice Lime. The planters on the creeks and River Bottoms have sustained great losses. The Rwy a reaches us from All quarters that All the fencing together with the growing crops have been swept away by the overflowing the streams. the insignificant Little Brooks Mij Denly became great Rivers capable navigation by steamboats while our heretofore Little Trinity rivalled the it having ii it to Comfort wandering on the Blak mountains pol Nicil infidelity and no nourishment m the Luiks that so full Pion is but which Vi-11,. No fruit car bitter Ziess they be Content with the honest and substantial Tare on Thev and their country led in Happer and More prosperous Days. New fixation . In Connecticut the vote for Lovern. H As . Repub., .t id Ivy. maj. 2u72. Last fall Lincoln 72.u . The democrats elect two members c Grpss out fur in gains. The.egisl.cire is Black Republican by i a reduced majority. I in Rhode is my the following is the vote for governor repub., ill,2uu opposite. 11,344-lrnai.1711. Lincoln carried Rhode Island by i Lei Mai. Iloth the in Eibers Congress e acted Are democrats a. Gains. The legislature is likewise dam . I the  Isvincibi . Motley gives in a note this rec it work part a letter from one John Giles an English in 1 the Netherlands to the statesman Walsingham informing him the following provisions mole for the invasion Linglan i by the so called invincible there is provided for lights a great number torches and so ten ered that no water can put them out. A great in Meier utile Mills for grinding Corn great Slot biscuit baked i and oxen salted great number saddles and boots also there is mule " 00 pair velvet shoes red Crimson velvet and in every Clois thl Kasday april 18, i8gi. Oliai the Republican paper say. E0t the Democrat mentions a Welcome rain 1 to la movements the t Intel states in Brazoria county. A m \ " u a ,. 1 Erable specs Layons Aud rumours but everybody a Gen. Ben Mcculloch arrived Here to seems to Law in a fog As to their destination and Day by the Berwick packet. I object. The new York commercial i -.-. I thinks the troops Are bound Tex in. steamships Baltic Ami Illinois 1 gives reasons for it As follows a were seen off Abs com at i p. M., on the sub j with deference we venture inst., bound South. That Texas is the destination . Liverpool March 25. Sailed bark tycoon u a h we Bree " "1 Lllan we in llei1, hrs old that fort also be taken care . Lewey for this port. Jut we re inc Lulu 1 t believe that the up a.    tinn a preparing Here is destined to at the request his friends Ien. Sam in Texas not for the pure Houston address the people at . Hurl cing the revolutionists but the i ice. 1 and.v . _. _ 1 Ipri-,.,  r i. We . April 1i 1 m. A i w ii and Leavis i. .,.,an Lolin is the i is the i. Ted. That he he c in. Ltd oils i a i Cassels it but s new building at 11 o clock to Morrow Friday and repel Tho slanders and sensation falsehood which he understands Are in circulation in the Community. Ladies Are requested to attend. /-.,.��,/ ,r,. tint thin pm v it ,.,./ t fit on a that is i say. That the president carrying his avowed policy peace and the declaration Bis inaugural Turat the protecting army the Federal government should be extended even to those erring states that sought to throw _ t " " Joll ibs auth is sending a Force at the exp Gen. Houston says that . ,. The Federal to protect his advisers asked his views the Texas from her old enemies the mexicans and proper policy to be pursued towards the secede i Dinus. course this is but our own con Jecture but to have Little doubt thai it w prove to be the Correct one. The relies can important from rail Hijji Roii. Limon s i Roc i inn t i on for troop i a i la . Civ Wib states he Gen. Ii should have advised the withdrawal the u. S. Troops the evacuation forts Sumter and Pickens and the removal All causes irritation to the people the South. A the. S. Steamship w. L Rreivt-., Gardner commander from new Orleans arrived Here this afternoon with the following passengers Smith Rev Moelling Rous Coney. Walker. Steele Michael Wielan. Whipps Overton Kenton Padgett Mooney Elliott Itu gely. Harris Strauss. Leviss Hamn Lecuit maj Etc Mcculloch Gen Nichols. Sanford Lemy Price Wool Mills Green a family lbs Davis. Hodges a family mrs Lvov vol a.iiuilv. Gray k family 10 on deck id negroes. W v i s., a. \ no is a a Over in pry ing la Yeng to. 1 -,., ti.olshhidon. I be cite Pond. The i a inv in. the Loriot us i h i. The 1 have been and a .11 a cd.  r. i sex met n by Lincoln. .e la s and ,.,s a i.,. . Bad a. V i Eeli to v g led it to is i a 1 a 1 a i to i a .,-.-n  i   the i a in All to aril ill to the Steamer Diana. Capt. S air to Rived this morning with is Bales Collon the following passengers Hutler a child. Mrs Cdr Nick a child. Keble lady a child keel lady a set. Mrs criss Well a child Whitlock a lady Scanton a lady. Miss Walker mrs Lla Loti mrs Lynch a child miss Haber Iehl Armstrong Juo Price . Swet Mills Mather swat Foster. Marks. Siusis Stevens ii Hogtie j ticks a Johnson Agnew Milby , Gordon King , sum Houston s on deck. 1 states a comic scarcely turn their against Federal troop Ltd m the Ordinary coming. Them with such humane Intel. Yet their presence there strengthen the hands the i Nion men and especially governor i Houston whom course the Federal govern i ent in gaze As Gnvuri. the my. B w a. We til to a that she i. S. The p  in regard tins Conj cd Only signified not 1 not a troops w Ith a b i. Also up a Crone to be mis Akiti. Unmisig Knabl tolerate the it . A. A. I Cha. Tern in. I there eral s ites be i u i. Men. A i v. 1. I. J Mil. ,1 d i to the Law A 1 Toj a. B. So 1 a c a. An the. Rat. A a u Over Iovu in. ,_,hvr." we a Lai  egg 1 in to a is i the .1a 1 d can takes Aview in Vel Llella. It save  fit i kens w ill a rein red at All i and in the Southern Cuit. to. Iii ple reason that the. Govern seen ii to i civil rce one its , ensure re Pon ability the it wi n with in. It i Appareti every m hut d a . 1 .1 i. I a that a 1 la id i t 1 t v a . I for. -1 la re. 1. De to to a is i Host Jet p. La Lzelle a m tin. 1 a Tak u to and Law last evening a can burning fluid some kind exploded at the residence . Hurt on Church Street burning his negro woman terribly. She was tilling a Burn dig lamp from the can when it exploded covering her in a mass in Ime and scattering tire through the Kitchen Vav Here the no Ide tit happened. The happened on the Sun Blockis which the editor this paper resides and the Gene was truly terrible. L he Avo mini is s11 i alive and we do not know whether .e Uoiir Are considered Fata otherwise. Gen. Sam Houston arrived at Galveston this in riling by the Houston packet. He is in his usual Good health and spirits. He came Down to make arranged tits for .e It Meir himself and family at his Pla  on Cedar Point Galveston Ray. The silly Story about his fusion with Lincoln s administration to resist the secession movement in Texas met him a Houston and course a prompt denial. He says he never saw . -.t. To him received a Sclier from him. Hud any Cones Pondenis understanding in pc indirect Vii a him his Cabinet. thai i n in up. 11 been held �., eve Acu ill. Wile believe that . let vol Alt it. La is doubt Case within a -11y i soon disclose the tact to must be Rem i. 1 m. A 11 to that fort mister 1, i a sine the first reports ,. No a. Led 111.111 v a, is coiisi.-ru g the. La log b i his in s True that suit ha., been be e v its w 1. The Ord g. N  be . Wll. A . R ii am is. Not Tate n Orlif Roop Derril on i mini Lulli ill. A ii -., at 1 to i.  a Tor the Forth .Vacu i than Haud Vav ill .1 in ent a is. The b s Given . U Vav a i. ,. the world the veils v a St .111 own , and we Miv Adit our ii fort smut be i m . .1 Given up draft ,., Ivere to Ere to be is i , d have been Side  Rem Ved Vess. Be sent at ail Vigo and 1 a so Dan i is  1. its Gar i War Vav i Sui be transports. A i it Sutu .it Otibe que Lucre is 11" "ti. Point w Inch v a Seu c t seek but fort pick n nt Bie lords a k West at i i tug is. v e a t eid y Rem i c1 and a nt Ilu eat tie a to Moi in fori i Bisk. A and Kihei p s til p. Esl a -1 Tillea a. to a a Ai i be a tak.g in in tin Deit top Cir Uii Isbin is. Lie . 1 Thev i .n i be taken Miu i a i . At Ngab in and Seiil the is . I .Iet the troop la we be recently in Dravyn in m Texas Vav build pre 1 the idea lha. i atreus Are inl.- t in A 1,1. . A Ull 11 we. N so a ent Llinat True policy to i. ,-iiipl.e. A Lowar. The.-t us i ale is 1,-ave it the Nice a to us i1 a in niches an i the mexicans. Fort 1 icky i. In san ily tie de Atlon these v. 1 b in to ii Ghoul is now beleaguered i no an live thousand m n. a .ii i ., to  i a up. Id 1. Us. B t v unit \ i re i Ilia. 1. So r h groups a i can Rosr d from 1 leaving the steamship Star the we. a v Esmi bar in p. S.,u ,. Niitzel W to Lel night be mat. Van Dorri. A u a . A To p. Wer. A i t at Indianola. West. Oing to press in  ii i. 11 Ted b . a an vet p ,. f , a Tilbor the vol a re last i in icons Litell to 0. All ill i s i on. For. In flip n. V. La ral.1. F april 1 i he Llis la l la Wernli v i ill t in . April in. A i in. A few Vav eks since a 111 fiug11i 1 d Socrat was Reque Ted by is it Lara Seward to go Texas and ascertain the Tab to Public cart in bit mind there and Csepei in v to go. Lloist.,n, and Bain his vie sent secs ii in vein it in that re Noti he reported thai govern the contest in the election which takes place on the 4ih to May in Ken Lucky for delegates to the p.ordt state convention be Virv Vav Armav contested. Roth parties have brought out their strongest men fir those position. The party which Calls itself state rights elected the following gentlemen i for the state at Large Gen. W. His Ollous i not Only refused to accept military support. I in the. S. a Merit. But desired r1 it i.St. Lincoln should recall the a Guir Trot s Uruu Texas. He als i report that governor Houston urged in the strange so terms the Evascu Oti forts Sumter and Pickens slating thai Arkansas by Natl join Texas in s Cess on in the co scion even the collection the Revenue being attempted. Governor Hiis on requested to he let nit in. Ami maintained that Nion party the entire South was Deal 11 coercion was one  Aii Emple i. This account appeared to president i. Ii Coln so much at variance with what was understood Here to be the opinion governor Houston knowing the political proclivity. S the ambassador the president immediately despatched another messenger to gov. Houston and without waiting for his return Forward the troops to Texas. Boston ick Tkai The sex p. The port Boston the Mont list save the shipping , a lows 1it i i arc As in Madrid and Calcutta ton. I a Ceth ii Kun Mexico i Uii port spam. 2 in Porto Rico Cadiz St. Thomas 1 cuba. 1.2". New cans a Mobile Charleston. 2,ip" Savannah . stoic. I in Texas 2i u 1 Willii ton. D. A. 1 i 1 ii jacksonville. . 1.1 Pensala . 2 by key West .2 total for March i. N v e c Arin says that in to n re. India.". Vav Stock a -1 coach. 11 two Lirc at the Back 11 Oil med . In i re re to ill i i. Bins red. N e a s.u a a iia. A a i e v n la in 11 la. It to 11 n i a is. W to in. On  la but v by a c ind i in. Liis pick. I n i s \ ill b Tif ,.- kill1 lied. I. A 1 is. To a bin i their re 1 that ther mexican  i ..Lv tlutlib.- 1 a lll. in1 ,11, 1 ill is . A i was bin Etc., it i Ile i to i Vvs to and the s i v s bilt to up a i 1.  i to biking i it w old g to v 1 i soul ii  in w Vii is port. A a not k in tied. I 1 de for a i a a  in qua Niit ,. 1 a w aug t.. Ii Lel v i a. Ill rive a \ Pei i s a opposed to be member. Plain not a i in sly since january Southern sympathy heeling us i Ville. At . April 13. An enthusiastic meeting was held in thi City to night at which resolutions were unanimously adopted condemning the administration for the present state at fairs and sympathizing with the South. Hon. F. K. Zollicoffer and other Able speakers addressed the audience. Political preacher Ait Aideh in Chi ecu. Thursday Hist Vas ast Day in Massachusetts and As usual nearly All the ministers preached political sermons. At Paik Street Church. Boston the Kev. A. L. Stone took the ground thai rather than submit to All the demands slavery the North belter separate for in the suit i. At the Point where he said that two confederacy is were formed the n Tali rather than Aid in slavery Extension should remain Dis severed from the South there was clapping hands in All parts the House. This was rebuked by the preacher who reminded the audience that they were in a Louse he attending upon religious service. The audience very naturally supposed Thev were attending a political meeting. But the cars Hurt 11, Cut charged web on " band. D ii j 1 re in la i is. co. I a member. Keys Vivere a tinned which Vovou d fit s Ore in .e cd and which have . 1 to. In in it o i n.  a an 1 the v. 1 to it Appeal s b. T i By ii. Titov in a i this ii taken. Sen Ponce me. Tie 1 c a a a Man u  air i / it. I on ii i to c n i \ o 1 Titi t e c Tel. Lull ill Ore i .1 i 1 i a a n 111. I. A 1 is for fore 1 Tig 1 i 1 Xii t was Mil i 11 ii 11ii a i in v a a. Xiv la 1 i \ a a ii .1 a to v ii 11 it Vern t in vol to Belt Muni t i t i. Stag and i. a".v la sirs Roui \ a Erl . I iv a n in a a  it  in k. 11 to in it ii in 1 thic an Vav. Ill ,-.1 b be i proportions the great father Waters. To enumerate the disastrous Elt cts this through Oil the country Ereat Quantity . A. To ,. I Iron thus convict Border Texas on Day the and the lug Icenur Auff and binds the i by err 8 band Atid 8th re in Eota infantry. The companies Arall to route from Elpaso and the upper Forte on that line. The Bead quarters both Regimenti Are at this place. We learn that Lieut a. F. Cono Tho Only git Baltim with Captain Wallace s company re Ifird while Here his commission in the u. S. Xor to take one in the Confederate states and it u a remarkable fact that the 2d cavalry bad not a 3d lieutenant in the regiment every commission being vacated by resignation promotion casualty. Lieut. J. P. Kinter 3d cavalry resigned and accepted Terri in the Confederate army j Exen Ange on new Ork advanced x per cent sent. Flarty 8th infantry Bai resigned. Premium on new Orleans it declined to 3 per carried a Vii. Some the a Wool. roses made silk while and red which Are fir 11?.?" a pay is a divers his gentlemen. There a. One planter we learn fencing a he Alexander since och to ,. Estimated require i vxrm3_by Johll Atea Huo red weight r twelve thousand rails to replace. A rvlvt.,_ is ire to embroider his and that too situated on a Small Stream which i apparel a Lusial. The Verin ? t0 his mules is he did think would have Ever risen so High m, pref los a embroidered with Gold and As to seriously affect him Silver Winch carry his baggage. There is also most o the Farmers we have to do All their so to him by he Tallin mrchadt3 at East on work Over commence breaking up their co Plelps Telnet t0 apparel him and his lands just As they cd at the beginning the every Ca Tain hft3 be a Pill Frum Henson for the Jse a bowed up read for the ,.rirc4, ,0 make himself Brave and for Captain Corralin an italian who Bath one Cornet eyes a Saddle his coat and 3500 French i.,i. I " j. ,-----.i a. A --.cmwns. All their lances Are painted divers a and . Color9, Bue and White Green and while and to the same authority is pledge to furnish Len thousand men at forty eight hours notice another states in proportion. Illinois and other the marauders carried off Only such horses 1 Western slates adds the Herald Are beg log As were fit for the Saddle and in no instance to b called int. The Field the writer in the drove off a Caballaro they killed cattle but Teri a their depredations differed in Many respects s from those the indians who have invaded 1 he red Rel administration not mean to the settlements in former years. There Are i to " any aggressive demonstrations. Its. Has been levelled and packed also one More to qua Indiana in the party Meo Wir a re a lighting in. An Ink m c0" a. A Enby Manchaca. A is ,. Arent collected. A a. 1 War Subj Galion. It simply. In Lineti partially suspended Inland defend in Cise attack conc Innell. Forts still in its Possession Cincinnati april 13.-the exc ement j a partial suspension business. Exchange on new York advanced Kcf i in Antonioli . Want Dia Opont. Cincinnati markets. Most part blood red so there is As great preparation for Triumph As for War. The command resources at its command to collect the Revenue Musl a. A 13-Ttere was sales men. Is Iven ail we rvs eve to a at at w. Find it la w 6 i sir 4 25 to i0 for up Rel. Luny daily for the Prosperity the Prince in j a Nisaky is quoted at 12tc. I gallon. J his Vir Isia and the seceded states. In the Virginia convention on the 9th inst., the following Resolution was adopted by yeas 12.1, nays 20 " the people Virginia hereby declare their consent to the recognition the separate Independence the seceded states that they shall be treated As Independent Powers and that proper Laws shall be passed to effect their separation. Cost Cost Ija Hlgren s great 9-Inch Iron guns is 7 cents per Pound. As they weigh 9000 pounds each the Cost a gun is $045. The 8 Inch Columb ads weigh s500 pounds the 10-Inch, 16,000 pounds each both Are sold at 6 cents a Pound. Forty two Pounders weigh 8000 pounds thirty two Pounders 3300 to 5600 pounds each. The twelve Pounders Are sold at a cents the others at 6 cts. A Pound. Seacoast Bow Aizers s and 10 Inch bore weigh from s500 to 9500 pounds each and Are sold at 6% cents a Pound. Siege howitzers a Inch bore Are much lighter weighing 2500 to 3000 pounds and Are said at the same rate As those above men Liqued. Brass guns Are much lighter the army pattern twelve Pounders weighing Only 4380 pounds Thev Are however sold at 46 cents a Pound. The Dahlgren brass guns Are still proportionately higher priced the Patent Mountain 12-Pound howitzers weighing 220 pounds Are sold at 75 cents a Pound. Shell sell according to weight at from 4 to 8 cents a Pound shot at z to 4 cents. Lord Palmerston american affair. In the course a speech delivered on the 2oth ult., on the occasion o his re election As a member the House from Tiverton lord Palmer Ston said there is but one spot in the political Borl a the contemplation which must inspire us with regret and uneasiness. I mean those convulsions which Are now taking place among our cousins in North America leading to a dissolution the Union the formerly United states. It is for us to judge Between the contending parties. It is not for us to say what ought to be whether compromises ought to be made by which the Union May be maintained whether it is Best for the happiness the sections that they should separate and form respectively different associations and confederacy is. But this i am sure every Man who hears me every British heart feel that in is our cordial wish that whatever maybe the ultimate result the differences now prevailing that result May be brought about by amicable adjustments and that the world mar he saved from the afflicting spectacle seeing Brothers arming against Brothers and parents against children and seeing that state social happiness which hitherto been the admiration Mankind deformed by disputes and a country which been the scene peace and Industry polluted by the effusion blood. Speech senator the 2d instant the Hon. John c. Breckinridge addressed the members the Kentucky legislature ror about two hours. He favored a Border slate convention with the Crittenden amendments As an ultimatum and intimated that the seceding states not come Back even upon these terms the Only appropriate and Safe resting place the Border states is in the bosom the Southern confederacy. England recognizes the italian kingdom. The Turin opinion the 31stsays, it been notified by the Marquis de Veglio on the part the Queen England that her majesty would receive him in the name the King Italy. The Federal Council made a similar declaration to our minister in Berlin. War i us i \ rat loss in Init Lottie k Ctm. To. \ a Arm i a.i. I in at ilium out from and.  inn a i a d a. two ten huh -., a a. Re u. A 1 v  in in m to a s t Ruth i re-,.li. In a Igol last Vivek 2 in pounds sle la and c Luii Sui i heaps and to in e Iiiitn-. in the m mul theral Cannon. A a 1 i on. In rear an Uii rental us i. Promiscuously and in irn Are a is. List Recti be a. St hirers. Sev ral Cannon the Lawreie and so to calibre Are m pro a Sof manufacture Oral ready completed an 1 in another depart Niit the in c irn it " Are getting ready untie hands c Eton workmen. Licois i la on it liar look . .�. Whichmn..ii k V  1 v 1 a  1 ill the a me 1 Livar   a .1. W in a a u " 111 irn ban i a i Zigun Larr. A 1 " a a . I v i hot s i a. Acc i d Patch. The state j 1 a it is 111 opera la to s Ullmn Kel i v at the i.-- us. Inbox. Estul i j it. . He c 1 a. Luders  11 w ii a a �in., Wil .,a be Tonit onto Jere. S. .1 a in " l troop Iron chit ago. A. 1 a i to  ii i a a. R Vav ,. 1 Orris w _ u i i kun., Over .-1 i  e t i diary i ". And i. .ts h ,1yiove Manta in Llo Slon. A. A i.  1 Ortii. R do ill. To. I Riik. I be Var in air Tal advices continues. The statement the Tria was once intr Iling Large by in \ Enelia and nuking warlike is u general is reiterated. In was said thai men in in veni it. Austrian others . Said to a gird hostilities As More and n to pro Bable. Lutei Sive military p i als  Bing mole m France. Advices from i open Hagen state to it the thin ish government without departing trem its a cilia Orv attitude is making prepare ii is p. Be Reail i Rall eventualities. The and twentieth battalions Are about to rec be to March for and Schleswig. In the Lith april the it Yective ,. The batbil.-nb Dull a b a Battery r la ,1 Cann a. Is ready and thre others alter the .-Ncti m la be the n \ Mutl. The Fyk Kecton a .i-ios at Pukass. Should it urn i that the administration made an attempt to rein lore fort Pickens and in so doing brought a collision then we May expect an outpouring up Polar curses upon its head. It e acted against the almost Universal wishes the Northern , in Fence the recommendations tie birder states and in bad Faith towards the Southern commissioners now in Washington n one  word in have inaugurated civil War against i v w. In ii humanity and in contempt the known wishes the nation. Its effect would very soon be Man nested. A e cannot doubt that its immediate effect in the Border states would be to increase the secession party to fearful proportions. J Iila it i in Quirt. _ Tion and for exp a tin. fair Orleans. Fair Mobile fair plans amount cd to a taken on Specula re the .Aruet closing Bun Alai Leiis. D. Orleana 7 1 1, middling Mobile to it i 1. \ middling Upland the Stock in por a urns up 952.070 Bales which 790,000 Are Ai Encan de Scop a a icons. A Tipsy customer who was seated on the Box jamc8 new a & Ca circular quote m it Tai the stage Driver swayed backward 1,11 by Advance in lha week on fair tumbled off. The mud was deep and he fell soft. " there now be exclaimed As he crawl lean9 de out the Slough " i knew you d upset London Monny Market. You did it on being told that they bad , april Bank England not upset not upset he echoed in amaze was reduced us rates to 6 per cent. Ment. " i d have known that i would t Consols for Money and the recount c Ose i have got 91s to 91 %
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