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Civilian And Gazette Weekly (Newspaper) - April 16, 1861, Galveston, Texas Vol. Xxiv. Galveston tuesday Moening april 16. 1861. No. 2. Galveston civilian. Jake a ebb & co. Rate of Rnic Mimori weekly a Annam ,".$3 00 not pm id within i month 4 of daily aono�.r1 100 commercial Onnet. 3 00 Tomti a. Remit Flag a a Dohan and fifty a cd be entitled to the other 11 Conla comm Niode. Rati ii via tip my Par acini la quark of Lcy a Ain this re to  rid so cerium no a each to sequent insertion a literal led Totte Trade on and to the a a How. Ladies Lar and near May expect to be ticketed. A free ride also i Tei Ted Between this and Gal Veston. To the i. S. M. Steamship . Fowler Antn Nandur from new Orleans arrived Here this morning with the my Wing passengers Lecann a a lady Oldham a lady. Mirer a n Ichols soul Wick Marshall Simmons Riddle Han Lay.iti7ti wntr., teacher Oglesby Daniis Riley Blackmore 1 on she brings 4.b32 bbl. Of freight. Allen deck. T3jp the a. S. Mail Steamer a. S. Keith Van capt Thomas Peacock arrived from Liberty tins morning. With ii Bales Cotton and the following passengers. . Allen a daughter Der stir aver Llu hop Oden Ruff Collins Kyllar Ite Cridge. Heck Jones rown some Smidili Haiti. Dor Nen. Dow Iutzi. Most a 3 a to Pink a Weinrott. Mcdonald. Campbell. Slivin Lor Lew Kain Thompson 1 negro. Mem. The to Mir hirer Rose twelve Liberty.   a Post the i. S. Mail Steamer Diana cup. .1 ii. Sterrett Arneri to lug morning from Loiis Lon with 203 Bubs Cotton and the Dollop log passengers la angelman rothschilds wheat Chew. Mclemore Mcgeehen Logan a daughter Spanu Nash Sutton Kauff Nian Malkin Avery Barker Maddux Teasdale Jones. H�rlle�,417 thus the population of Texas was More than doubled in the ten years while the rate was Small in All the other suites should any thing like the present rate lie maintained Texas be the head instead o the Tail of the confederacy the end of the present decade. Nor in the " free element alone which some of the papers South Well North have affected to believe would displace the Peculiar institution among that Texas has advanced. The increase in slaves has been much greater in proportion than the increase in White inhabitants and greater than has eco in any other state. Between 1s60 and 1 Scio the following was the increase in the number of slaves in the states respectively Alabama. J2.2 " Florida. 22,4 Jeorgia. Soms Louisina. H7,711 Mississippi. 12t xxx South Carolina. 17,m 7 Texas. 122.227 Texas be seen received a greater actual increase in the number of slaves than any other state except Mississippi. The comparative increase was greater in favor of this state. . Ssi Ippi had nearly three Hundred and ten thousand stares in 1s0, and Texas Only about 58,000 yet the increase in this state was about great that in Mississippi. the present rate of increase Texas have Many slaves in ten rears almost any member of the confederacy. The Kwh he this morning mail from new Means quite exciting though somewhat contradictory usual. From new., we have accounts of the chartering of vessels by the i. States the sailing of troops recruiting activity the Navy Yards the fall of stocks and general apprehension of a collision with the Confederate states. From Washington we have a dispatch saying that " a gentleman just left the president who stated in a positive manner that the administrates not under any circumstances initiate hostilities but in . I Zience of reliable reports that the Confederate suites have threatened to attack fort Pickens the present movement to repel such a these statements May All e True and ret leave More room than the friends of peace can desire War. The statement that the in Forcemeats alluded to Drazgo Spinti to secession we Aas equally fal Loii a. In. Houston has a concurred in the secession of Texas and not even practice ally of Sising . i we can learn to the Union the state a i 11 j the Southern confederacy though lie , i red that this state should remain itch . We nut credit the statements that the months of the Mississippi to lie blockaded the i. S. Tanti Eulor ced in the Sei dint states. our place however to give the news comes to and leave our readers to form their own conclusions an we ours. War May come any Lime but we incline to the Hope that be averted by the prudence of oth governments. If does come the South be a unit whatever the Telegraph politicians mar say to the contrary. Latest from Washiington. Mailing of Menuier Pawnee with troop. Washington. i the i. S. Steamer Sloop Olwar Pawnee left the South this morning having on Board Twe Hundred and fifty . policy. A gentleman just Lef. The president who stated in a positive manner that the administration not under and circumstances initiate hostilities but in of reliable reports that the slates have threatened to attack fort Pickens the present movement to repel such a movement. Lieutenant ii Luau had a secret interview yesterday with the Secretary i f War . Cameron a id Oen. Scott and immediately left Tor Pensacola. The Killil trillion . A skin non april 5. understood that the Secretary of the Treasury has received offers the balance of the Reghl million loan redeemable in two years. One eighth Premium has been off red $2,0011,000. to Washington. Washington april ii. John minor Hotts Here with a Large Virginia ,.eaii,in. They visited president line in to Day and Quiong other things the evacuation of fort Sumter. Arrest of a Soi Iii Carolina officer. Wasiqi Izotov april i. An officer from. Carolina a he arrest re milling tie Anivol the mar.-.-. Icet Ilein in Washington. Washington april ii. Much alarm exists in Silicic circles on account of the Milit preparations of the Lover i Iii which preserves entire silence. Charter of he Steamer Illinois. New Yoke. i. The Steamer Illinois of the new York and Southampton line has been chartered by the Federal Ioven Iun . She leaves under sealed orders Dar monday. Her mails and passengers flip in go on the steamship City of Baltimore. Volunteers Gen. Houston. New Yolk. i. A dispatch trom timbre says that a Large body of volunteers has Irone to Texas to rally around the i lag under Jen. Sam Houston. I Lump big destination of Llic i pod lion. , april ii. Tie naval and Tarr exam Dilion tilling out n w York Iles tined not fort pick a. But i . D the u resp,. \ e f til 11j. Capt. Meie lop_-i.,Plo. Of. R i a . and .ttiic-. To Washington. T ,. N ,,Iti no a i ii. Mete,.,. J i. A j a \ Oil. Lot. . Ner i ii w la ova All lie ii numbers re of \ i 11, in on the my Lia. Eel . I big 111 g a Ii.111. I he Powhatan Lias u a ,.,-r. 4 to i.,k. ,. Ironi Loii Lleini ton on. I War to. Allie i he i loops forts Hamilton a in i i a i i k.  Pac Kuil up Lor . Harry Alpaid lie . Lactic. Orders have,e,.l received Hel 1 . N e. 111 no 111.1 of Sand bags which now mum Laconi my Tor the Tortugas Woi . I \ ill Cli Kloskin i \ Yard. Hos Ion a i. I Here erect Aci Uili .ti a wednesday april 10, Lstill. Governor Clark message. In the Telegraph state that the sunday trains on the Houston and Texas Central Road be discontinued from this Date. Nov Konok Clark message to the legislature of Texas has just reached . He recommends the Issue of one million dollars of state Bonds to meet the present demands of the trea-j3?" the mail by Way of Sabine brings jury. And that the Adra lorem tax be increased new Orleans papers of monday morning but from 122 to 20 cents on the$100 of value and not a word of additional inform Ilion in regard j the tax be raised from 50 cents to 1 Dollar to military operations. Per capita also the propriety of borrowing i state purposes the one Tenn Revenue which to a washing on letter states that the and a0ltu, Ancu Imoto the capital of the school rices received the English and French Lega i punt. Which under existing regulations tons. By the.- european mails contain i Iam Railroad companies. He recommends nothing in regard to the alleged impending a Lut Mac ,, be made to the present f observation upon the Amor la Law secure the infallible and rigid j collection of and subject to taxation Zuj every description of property which should not Secretary f the Treasury a. 1pear Anceo meet coast. Test ism a a circular suiting that the privilege of Landing go transportation to secure duties no longer lie Ormi Ted on goods Des the seceding states we not see where the Secretary gets the Power thus Virtu j ally to repeal a Law of Congress. A be especially sex emptor. He urges that the Law be so amended to permit the tax Piver to Render his real property a and pay the tax thereon to the assessor and collect roof the con nov in which lie resides. An Union ment of the Laws f a the organic i lion of the Miia n so Terni . I the tax payers of Illinois in Happy i attention and action of the legislature state. No state tax to be levied Tho next asked on the following ordinances of the con two years the a simulation of the sinking i mention which require the Aid of Laws in order find paying off the state debt beyond the p them full eff an a finance resp am Init falling due and the Revenue from ing Public Prip an ordinance relating to in the Central Kail iad defray All the sex Customhouse officers custom revenues lenses of the mate government. And ordinance authorizing the Purchase of arms " " i the use of the state an ordinance concern .-.. Plan of the steamship Orizaba in f Arwi 3., of. Re0. surrendered to from Indianola reports the steamships Empire j Texas by the United slates an no Natice to provide in part the defense of City. Star of the West and the Sloop of War Mohawk pass Caballo. The steamship fashion chartered to convey the troops from Indianola on Board the above named vessels could not pass the bar on account of the heavy sea prevailing the lat few Days. A the Telegraph says that the Railroad now Complete from Houston to lieu Tuout with the exception of the first six Miles from Houston and about live Miles Between 11 Recti a Vou and the san Jacinto. Be believe the grading All finished and the Iron now leaving valves Toni daily to Fil up these gaps m the Road. The whole work be completed in a few weeks. A the Poa Umont Panner states that on the j a ult., a by the name of Charles Turner was found murdered amt six Miles from the sour Lake. He was lying in tin open Prairie with his Hinds tied together having been shot through the head held int. The death of the deceased and a diet of minder ret Vicil against some sons u i barter the the be. Of i. sail Morrow. s in Legard to the reports of a design to nit the p. Troops in fort Sumter a ii respondent .11 the i Harl Toti Mercury says i p to this time to Hundred a kinds of fresh and three Iio a i Hare been sent a Sutter three tunes a we a besides to by the Birrel. Thus both officers and j privates Hae lie ii Riillo ived to Hare least a considerable amount of wholesome provisions Lorse univ , and w cause there i plan these facts dented from the Ait Horii and Lel Iahlo. Has convinced he that would be unsafe and injudicious because their visionary theories can never Harui i a w Ith our settled Coin Ici ions of right. The idea expressed a a few persons that Texas should stand Iii so Osl Crous that i not notice hut proceed to congratulate on forming a suit Iii of Havana in reference to the expedition of a Spanish army of occupation arrived Here yesterday and had two protracted interviews with . Seward. known that the information brought by him has been the subject of consultation Between the president and the Secre of state. expected that the latter immediately address an energetic protest to the Spanish government. This All the Federal Borer be Able to in its present crippled condition. Fur Sel ies. We confess that we Shin old rather sees Aiu in charge of this revolted Island than to see fall under the into Deuce of e republicans of the North. The spaniards evidently understand the character of the inhabitants Best. Ver por no steamship Matagorda cd Here last night . In., u to. In. slates. a Ihk by be elms of relate ills 0 ilic.tll. ,. a lives of id Lilloll interests the pm connection dictate ii lies. Liv collide ,1 Heine lit and by in. Cord a. . A. W Sand font. Smith. Capt i lie Purser i. W a Raines mss . Lee. Barman. Winston. Harris. Ludo a set Mccarv Frost Eili Elit. Lias our than lie i Egis Lal u 1 in Lor a . Att in that the Lee la e big stress F i m in. 1 to Cleat i be e  1.1-1 to from me Ito Randy. The last news from Wosvillo embraces nothing whatever in regard to Ampudia and his mexicans approaching the Resh jul Galion of Texas. They were scarcely of Straw but creatures of the imagination. The in Townsville Sentinel Gires a Brief account of the recent Indian depredations near the Rio Grande. That paper says since the withdrawal of the i. S. Troops this foe of the White has taken advantage of a momentary Lull in him a of to commit some Sei Suepre stations in our Frontier aim univ settled counties but this state of affairs cannot last Long when we have such Ford m Bullough and Baylor in the Field. The indians there no doubt in our minds were advised of the movement of the troops and therefore thought that could make a successful visit to our unprotected Frontier before Texas could organize a Force to oppose them. They came in rear of the Federal troops and committed several outrages murders and thefts but we believe that this they have retired not Linding everything exactly according to their wishes. The citizens and state troops in different portions of our Frontier have pursued them and in every instance where they have been overtaken they have been Defeated and compelled to make theire Stajic leaving behind the horses mares and mules which they had stolen but nevertheless they have murdered a Large number of our frontiersmen. In the mean time in Gratifying to to learn that our excellent commander col. Ford appreciating the expo Seil condition f the country Between the Rio Grande and nieces Rivers has Diree Eda company of mounted to encamp near the Santa cur Trudas settlement with instructions to scout in All directions until the country rid of these fiendish scourges upon our unfortunate Frontier. Oats. Littleton and Nolan with their companies of rangers present scouring the country Between the Rio Grande and nieces Rivers and from last accounts the Ludi had All left " in a hurry upon learning thai the rangers were in the held. On the morning of the 20th ., much consternation wins occasioned among mexicans and others owning and having charge of Stock in our Vicinity by finding the body of Tims. Sats brutally murdered by hanging and shooting on the outskirts of the Palo Alto Prairie. A parly of volunteers of the company of capt. Donelson which camped i i the Vicinity Weie Sanii by several persons in con with the deceased on the evening previous and seen to go with the deceased near the spot where thu indy was found on the morning in prestion. The Horblit of a frowns Ille issued a warrant Tor one Andres , enide of the company from Seii Antonio w How known to have been of the parly with the deceased and others who might be Ulet titled. Lames Cross the Deputy sheriff arrested Andres Carza but he was released by three of his companions an dese the same night along Willi those who were with them the scene of the minder. Capt. Donelson immediately ordered a Strong party in Pursuit i orders to bring in Etui Back to answer before the civil their bloody deed. last accounts this party were in .se put suit near tile n pieces 11 \ . I ii. Nig i ,.i met i i. In id i ii a a.  ii a .-.�. In. C. L a. I in i . .111 ii. A i ibis morn i11w-1. A i i a a. A Iii. Strict. The Ullh has line the sell Lile tue w Hie Dllll i Llo i Thea hoops Markind in this City March i . a i. Ii. ,. I. .1. S. .ti the slate ,.p�. Of. The n. Smi i ii. Of Plains the following thai Mars not the Oulu i by the Gallant commander of Kocin i Iii Luau Rio Grande thursday april 11, a sol. T3f the steamship Hewes due this morning from new Orleans had not arrived Upton p. M. T3f . Boswell j. Potter living near Plaut Casville in grime county was killed last monday the discharge of a gun in his own hands. 1- we regret to see by the planter that razor Iii county again suffering want of rain. The crops have not yet suffered much but rain would be of great service to them. To the. M. Steamer a. S. Ruthven capt. Thomas Peacock arrived from Liberty this morning with the following passengers ferryman a lady. Cade Salles Young Page Muller Sweeney Frank Reckett Snell Ames-2 on deck. Mem. River still rising Liberty. Left the Steamboat Lucy Gwili capt. A. W. Mckee Ferotti Parker la cult arrived this morning with 57 Bales Cotton. She reports feet water in the River and that a stand Parker Riiff and rising All the Way Down below that mint. Met a Brookfield col. Stelle Cedar Landing. A i i. I . Hue . als ii. Laok w .,.,i-.i. Rosenll in. Cole. Nile a Iid cattle a Sall. A Coy Mai mis. Ii. .1 i. Conk ii i a .1 a. C w. K. Ii lies Oil a _ Ehll Ben. , ,Ock a we. I to nth. I i i of hides a Voic ii. Hue Call i com Arizona. The . Louis Republican has a letter dated Tucson March from which we extract the following items not having received our regular advices direct the convention to consider the Fistum Pilit-. connection of Arizona a the old S. Government the Confederate states was to meet Mesilla on them but no account of its proceedings years. Tuck ii was not represented but the people were anxiously awaiting the appearance of Lincoln inaugural. The mining Kipu lation Pino Altif Arizona held a meeting on the 4th inst. And elected delegates to the Mesilla convention. A resold ten was passed in which they pledged their lived and fortunes to i prevent by official civil military appointed under Lincoln administration from exercising jurisdiction in thai Vicinity. The indians were still very troublesome. Lieutenant colonel veve eighth infantry ilm with his troops recently evacuated fort Bliss near Pun Lias been ordered to return to that Post and remain there until relieved by the forces of the state of Texas. Lowe gave a Day two since the last Day proceed inns in the u. 8. Senate. The following according to the Patterson guardian were among the last Acta of the new Jersey legislature  mement began to get noisy paper balls and Orange Peel were lung about with the usual License accorded to the expiring session in the House. Another symptom of dissolution was seen in the open spoliation of the asks of the members which were bereft of in stands and indeed of every Loose thing. Even the scrap baskets were abstracted some members taking besides to Beer own All the oth ens that they could Lav their bands on leaving the modest minus everything. Even the mat and Rug under the speaker desk were stolen. A Resolution of inquiry was read asking whether the Tail member from Passaic . Pope when he went to bed folded himself up like a Rule shut himself up like a Jack knife was driven Down like a Telescope whether was possible by greasing Jersey lightning to make slide Down Russling Throat any easier Etc. Finally a notice came in from the Senate that that grave body was ready to adjourn and requested the presence of the assemblymen in the Senate Wmk re still in session and apm to have a Large amount unfinished bus Inross under consideration. yet but Lew Bills of importance have eco inc Laws. Among the matters acted on we observe the following . Stockdale from the committee on internal improvements reported favourably to a to incorporate the Galveston and Houston Junction Railroad company. A providing the pay of the current expenses of the Revenue Cutter Dodge Passitli a in relation to the establishment of an admiralty court Gal Region has bar been aborted. An the Relief of Railroad companies had Lieen passed. provides that that portion of the Memphis Elpaso and Pacific a Railroad Between the City of Jefferson in the county of Marion and Morris Landing on Sulphur Fork of red River be entitled to receive certificates land whenever fire Miles finished each mile thereof ten certificates land six Hundred and forty acres each to ,./ that the provisions of pus shall apply and Issue to the Benefit id All the railroads in this state the distance of forty five mites of organized and Haring an existing a to contract the construction of not less than ten Miles. The stay Law has been Defeated. \ joint Resolution approving adoption of Confederate states has been adopted by .ri3 yeas to 1 j nays. . Hartley offered a substitute Resolution and amendments told that while we acquiesce in Tho adoption of the permanent Constitution of the Confederate states by uie we believe that an Issue of so much moment should have been submitted to a vote of the people. Ston Navy Erso an .1. I 0 .11 . Led on la ii in a the Chilli Hundred vessels. From Charleston. In , april ii. There i a-o activity Visilike in military circles i. A. The batteries All m Complete Rii and wailing on Lars loin Montgomery. Major Iii Larson. Com in a my Itimous in Laari Ali cell . ii. Nothing i Ili Elt Lias transpired since the Hung into of a a cd of Morris Island. Indications abundant that m Allder son command desire to Eva u lie fori Milliner i Borgia troops i to Nanchi. Mosooi . Apr 0. Two companies from Georgia this i to last night in route Tor . No cause War i Anir w Iii Soton. i. There Incuse the War panic Winch exist i of k. In not the intention of tie i.,\ernnicul land Reinfort Mcmenis fort tick not k Sumter. 1? new engl hid Lias not Only to nil Heisl of. Iron the Republic Gress bin bus obtain. .1 the lion ? places Honor Ami Pion. The n. .Ltes Bale i. Leli he a Tuiel a. The sen Ite. And i new Engla except one i Elias of a mini i got a tar Lens in con Bare of the a a England Nimi Lees in id senator Lee. New Eland has lie vice president. A Cabinet , the to England the minister to , the minister to Anstena the minister to Lliel ruin. The coi Isol to London an we know in minor a ifi.e-. Can Hight ask in  a. Ii to ii. Gi ele Ull log i Algol Illi. and san Saba. A i i e Guadalupe .111.1. 1 Loding 1mi. Ii the Liras and i and Coleii Iii up i Ito. Ii i e i i hit ii i i Cherokee and Panola. Rusk. Wool so lib nil . Dallas , Llos a 4 la i a a i of a Fulti . A Nir a Cali the. the i k 1. Ii Law Yei i the actual and i Hie Jyh. Ain 1 i i All. T no i Viss i Ripe Iii. I the to. Great b a a ,1, Loii git a Lilg in pi., Des of ame these occupy Leal la one to mis and i from Texas to the Ilai in Kirk maintains to the Louisiana a Kansis i area Espial to the surface i Linual parallelogram wide extending coast and from the Western Border of siiri and Iowa an f Wei four states Between the Mississippi and the Atlantic without a single abrupt Mountain timbered space desert Lake. There i Timber on this a and single Trees scarce the soil not a sind i in i a line calcareous j Mould. The com lev thickly Clad with gras new . On the tub ult. Fort Marcy Santa be new together with All its equipments and government property was assaulted by the new mexican authorities under the Lead of gov. Fee umber and after a Short Parley the i. S j troops surrendered the fort. The people of tit capital Santa be americana and mexicans a a in a seeming to have sprung up like " Cadmus Well armed and in great num Berk once seized and now bold fort Marcy. Col. F. Fauntleroy declined to surrender the fort was expected and while in the of demonstrating with the populace the citizen soldiery rushed upon the works and in ten minutes they were taken Possession of. Gov. Renber was the prime mover in these proceedings and be now a charge of All the military equipments and Public property. In Brief. New now has declared . And practically affiliated with Texas Ami the South and the United states suddenly ignored and our allegiance changed. A Tox of Virginia Senate on the 30th, passed two important resolutions in relation to the contemplated removal of can a n by the Federal government from Bellona Arsenal to old Point Comfort infernal plot of a most diabolical Cliar Acter having its object the robbery of the mail and express on the tilt Surg fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad Lias been disco the first authorities be Vernor to seize and Pike too he free a Chicago detective detain said guns the use the common the Pink conspirators was quite Large the wealth and to that end to order out the Public 1 ramifications extending along the entire length guard and such portion of the militia Force u a Lim to e leading plotters would have be May deem necessary to arrest the con \ a a been arrested but the plans of the officers plated removal of the guns beyond the reach a a of temporarily frustrated by the Acci the sleet which has Insl said Iron new York Only one i vation. I a Yort Itlen ducts. New Vokk april ii. A the Market Clos steady with sales of ii Bales i middling i plans. Cinci Nentl Lark Cincinnati april i. Tin flour Market Clos-1 Dull with sales $1.�i 111 Siiss Tiue. Whiskey quoted a a. gallon. Western mess Piork Hel i j-t7.rl7 a. Lard quoted if. Per . The in Ket closed. Sterling Lite a York. New York. i. Sterling Exchange yes a Ter Day ruled Dull and ites rather decline so. was quoted yesterday nominally Ali. a Pikr i tvs Iii in the Pursuit of happiness not to know when we Hare got thai not to lie Content with a Leas nable and possible measure of u. Ink influence of not to a confined to the Circle of ,.r e.imint. . in reacts in i Iam every Side of them like the Munda i smitten water and .-Ieh those whom ther never saw. was wittingly but inn what a gallantly said that a woman i every reverse of Mirror the one reflects without talking the other talks without reflecting. Love one human bang Pun la and warmly and you love All. The heart in if he Aren like the wandering Sun sees nothing .un the Dew drop to the Ocean a Mirror which w arms and fills. Honor with some a Rorn Moditz the More they Praise the More Thev want to dispose of and the staler the louder they blow the Horn. Napoleon Hon a Akk used to that " t hostile new spa More., a Hundred thousand ses edible and nutritious through the year and swarms w i a animal life. The urinate Mil ratio eur painless the Rivers which abound. Did which All run trom Wesl to cast serve like the Nile to irrigate rather than Drain the Neie Wilim a to from their dimensions am 1 i Ion Ston. W Ith the Sci in inn adding j would not be 1 the in..-hi of the i to think Little i and Leci u inns w bid i civil War an i a Little in. Arrangement by w Inch i be averted la in Oxild to Cogin eat ii Kihei n of constitutional to z3 we understand that the Drift Wool has so accumulated above the Railroad Bridge Richmond on the Brazos that persons walk across of footed. The raft thus formed covers several acres and the River has fallen since in accumulated Likely to remain until a freshet carries away Driftwood and Bridge together cuts a Channel agouti 1 them unless Active Steps taken to remove the impediment in the mean time. A Flores now being made the purpose but the task represented to be very great. Tiik to in Sisters the two Cannon which Mke so audibly and effectively Freedom san Jacinto april 21, Iii after a Long absence returned to Galveston and had a worthy ovation yesterday. 1 hey were marched through the principal streets followed by the Volunteer companies .a Large crowd of citizens and responded in their own Peculiar War to the Huzzah of the multitude. These guns were contributed by the citizens of Cincinnati to Aid the cause of Texas and serve to remind our citizens that we have had friends in times past the late elections show that the South still has friends in that City Able and willing to vindicate our rights although we May form no Pari of the in Ion. A mortar kept from the by thick Walls an incredibly Long period in drying. When some of the Walls of the capital Washington were removed in the Extension of that building the mortar was found soil and fresh apparently when the Walls were i. The i. S. Government now causes open spaces and ventilating lines tube left in the Walls of Large Public buildings. The new building Galveston constructed in this War. In France on examining in Ltd a the foundations of the rope Yard of the port of roclili., built about the year 16.10, the mortar in the Interior of the masonry was soft if freshly prepared la scarcely Effer vested with acids and had the caustic taste of quicklime. The editor of the Texas says that i paper last week Ost Over fifty did lists in Cash More than the receipts he serves editor Foreman and clerk and snap its himself outside of the office receipts. He i been sinking 1 to filter dollars a this no so Jet present Sci Itic Etc a go. in. K. Look i no to f u fire Ards. we to of the Tlell Loews Jap. I a in f. \.i-, having no such Reward in i i ing in All the named above.-Vil besides and losing View dlr if in Kiev much More in .-.l than tie Efti i sins of minis i ii in . Piv the Printer greater than to. A the idea that there any considerable number of persons in Texas this Lime disposed to agitate the question of with the states fihe North we think entirely erroneous Hal there May be such persons in the Northern counties scattered else wherein the state probable but they certainly not constitute a party and so we can see make no declaration of a design to agitate favor of such a policy. For ourselves we made no professions in f.-,.r of secession. We dreaded the crisis but now Over a. Near Over that much easier an better to Goon than to attempt to recode. We up. The original annexation of Texas to to. I .t,.j \ Stales and should oppose ainu hereafter if proposed. E like a peaceful and stable government and think them ceded states Hare fewer elements of one slip an political rence than could Ever exist under the old Nion with its Coli Slicting elements. We have never had and Faith in the various plans remodelling the Federal Constitution the professed up Siose of securing the its of the South. The Constitution and Laws Good enough already if the people and authorities of the Northern slates would Only observe the people and not the a protecting Iron from Tust. 1 he Sil bisect of Protch 11 a "111 has to Sut Viciento to .v.-u. Atten Foti of Sev ,.a in. A. Thev have caused a a. Ii. Ithe Best Means ,.f a to. S.-. ,1, r an i a n w ii  o.,.v. All Iron porous an-1  t n i  More injurious in 5 " r  Ai Init to of the lie to. In. N i  . Cast in n. In aph . To a in ii a. I la. In stir Ujiie to i in Ain u. A to by in. I tiie . Thus the Experiment of building up a new government in the South has succeeded Well its friends had any right to expect. That there have been irregularities and errors even the most Sangine friends of the measure scarcely deny. We can Only regard the movement partaking of the essentials of a revolution but certain a history furnishes no account of another revolution in which individual rights and Public interests have a uttered so Little. The new government lil vet fairly established and much remains to yet much has already been Elf cited the preservation of order the continuance of Law and the Protection of private rights matters of much in Sirvance Del. Nee from foes without. Not one thousandth part of the troubles have liven experienced which Atli idd the colonies in their Progress thus from British Dominion. What now needed,.we think Union among to secure which Only a Lille patience in the minority and a Little forbearance in the secure and Over whelming majority need lie exercised. I. S 11, in i ii .-1 . Mai. an allow i ship i. In i. \. in w. To. Kiv i. In1 Ui. Iii i. A . 1 i. I a a so but . T in mat. tie i loll list. A says on fell e Rary. Leading . Re 11 in in with be lie i. A Tim Tig. .1 and Iron. /.inc. Ben Iron w. I d but i i soon sea . . Ill Lull be tar. I to in be a a Patent aware that to a Accord not. The ii i a aah a so a Metal w in n exp a soon i moved in result of various the last porn of in. The list of Caoutchouc Copal. Slow . La Taf Mallei. . Thir a. Main any 1 no i mall to , Chloae Zoiss Lias a to .-, w i. I p. Bili a i so slice i Oil to 1i. A e Ler Wien required p. For . I Vul ii. 1 1 w. X 11 a i -11  i a. a in. S. i i to i ate 1 a .i the i. Lier a the i in pure a the Confederate slates a a an ii i reus i pendent government. Our control within their province ii to Only Diso inned but Ilov a. Ii./. I. We Hare there no representatives of the i oiled states Jioie rement no slate Goveri Tois recognizing the i filed Sla authority no Ollivi to execute our Laws m. Collection of Revenue Lor our Treasury. A Disrud i and a separate a Nereus exist there the forts and arsenals with one two temporary Cove punks in the hands "1 ibis new Powe How. A be North ep. Atrie Petr Iceni n 1 cull. V1 , o Lam. I i the a stances have i Inin Iii a Abund inti Eek. a. I his la i 1111. I w. the. I.- 1.1 si. I to fall new tall revenues collected Bali paid into the bunds of a tinted states. Ill fact. proclaimed and s not our of ii. And treasurer not of the All the seven slates oils than to ii 11 a. A held by a i nver and governed by an axe i glue originating exclusively Willi in tinsel i and Crating without let bin France from the Jower lately governing them. So much indisputably .ici, and so much mid bled la sul i n sent i constitute the Coli Feciale slates. His an he Lepell Lent having gone to la Lorii quibble to Stales ale still 111 i All the purposes of in of the lulled slab i the Del la , Thev Overill Lent. extent n i Ami a j one that the Seca a ii. inti Celi and i Iii Iii. In a Though in the n e i 1 a be Small i i ii la e a quite a lll. Cool the says there la Ollil. . C -1,1.111 .11w lib a ii a ii. in ii 11. 1 i la. File 11 i Ion w Hel in ii i ii la Par. F the g. A e nine e tales to 1 Liv 1 a the ii i 1 i ii eople Iii ail lilt Rin Cine w ii. To. A ii p Stive a stand on a. A loll. 11 Iii 11 i a g Illg i. A.  ii la i. To Goth i la i  i i id i 1, and i of Nihei 1.1 Slipp w b i. H i Mil j la 11 he Ila ii Els of. i Iii a i no 1 Pride an la ii b i i.a la .1 up. Can in ii in a oiling but e of Ion a lid lie thai i in War course tit up to i negotiate Tor peace. Tun a a Lorn to the that he ,. J i Ign oui to .e.ico, o i Sar that he going i that he going to in loll by ills to Rise the Powers Oll e lilo either he last of. War cer Kalll while if and Opp Virtu duty negotiation. The next Day returns to the subject in much the same tone and says the question not judicial but political not. Be of Laws and Powers but of Cason and expediency. We believe Ilia instead of Isginn the. to to Oll Ghl to ivc say that he Ocsie which than the Rij Crown aug ..Ige inane both Miki i asks Kok Maki ii. Tie Marine hisses nig the Pas month show an aggregate of Sitov Wigtil vessels of which twelve were ships eleven barks nine brigs thirty five schooners and one Sloop. The total value of properly lost and missing was two millions one Hundred and Twenty live thousand seven Hundred Aud holy . This n the value of the Rev totally exclusive of damage to Noc to a total loss. A Cnoi. Kok Georgou. The ipe diet. Miller says the Boston port Morant Jamaica March a a roil ship in old ii Herald was i thie Wana won cargo of cookies this a mistake. The coolies were intended and landed Savanna la mar Jamaica. I the Central Ko. lie other i -. Our o Friend Morv Rains who always votes nay on the Bills to create corporations was the Only member except senator Gentry of Harris who voted against the . The editor of the news writes .-Potter supported the by a Strong argument giving a full history of the various impediments that have been thrown in the Way of making a connection Between these roads by the Houston City Council and the serious injury inflicted on the people of the country from the want of such connection in tint additional expense of Loans a ratio to and delay occasioned by having to employ drays to Transfer All freight whether the produce of the but we believe Ilia in session of the South and determine in a ,/�./�,/, the Ideiil a Lea Lily. We not a ought Lor Ogisi a the does not exist any More hot rely against the English Oil by lie Aine Cait colonies exist d a p of the English Constitution. We not say that the president bound to treat Legal the confederacy which has risen up in opposition loins of n but what we in i inlaid that a Wise Patriot magistrate and a Good citizen he rendering an evil service to his Cou Virv if he does not Deal with tilings they instead of they ought to be. When civil War imminent appear to u this moment in America Well in admit the Only possible alternative thai of hearing what Tei ins the South cd to Promise in order to Avert so dreadful .imilv. The last alternative always remains and the fratricidal sword not Lime Losi Edge by remaining the Sheath a few longer. Hut the course adopted fair Titan sound leave no Hope Hiss Billy of ivc Onei i. The South cannot be head because must not be recognized and acts which must Lead to civil War to he done rather 1 ban admit that things which Render civil War possible Hare actually occurred. Par Li. ii Amik Keksi i. The Nell York Herald of the a tilth says the million in Gold w hich Cam. the \ Igo understood to have come Here on a conf .1 the Hank of Louisiana. Eliher new Orleans Banks Sqq Joseil to have ordered Gold , Iii anticipation of the turn m tiie Doug esd exchanges. In ii be pm to Iii ice Linw secession decl the Domestic Exchange mar this summer. Very april tin onion Leci ims decline and the notes of the coi Inri mature Exchange on new York in new Orleans advances nun sight drafts .-Worth in percent Premium which Price permits Gold to tin North. present sight drafts on new York quoted.i per cent Prem in. new Orleans. Kex Cobango must continue i Rise Kulil specie begins to flow Noith. the Southern merchants Par their debts to the North la in anticipation of ibis contingency Liat the new Orleans Banks strengthening their accounts Here. 1 i however the merchants of n. Orleans Manv of whom in embarrassed Cir Iii stances should i Osl Jioio a refuse pay ment of their debts to the North the usual curse of the Domestic Exchange Market be in versed this season. Ill i a thai la. I. De to 1 its in the a . Hat .1 in he sell of such id pts. B Fig Oll Hll a .1,1-1 to Illi la we a 1 in,-1 no i a a. . L in a old x .111 g ii lie Ich a no the. i. In in.-Lle in Stales .11 ii in i. I ocl. Lille i the lion of i Lull i Pell ii ii prove i a ii ii in in i. .1.-1. 0 la 1 i i i Iii i i i i i i a i the . ,1 Iii la. Ii loud to. I 1 be 11 second i i. S i e Llull la .1. I 111 1 ii lll. 11 Laid ,1 .i Neal b i la i a a i a Collo ig., i .1. Ill i 1 i in w. Ill Lece Sells Lull Oil rather but Ulto Tousai i 1 a id he i Iii i a i a to. In ii \". Shou 1 .1 vain 11,1. D  n 111 .ii 1 world and tin country going out he also showed the be eyed limn i i Ica Iii 1 we and control of the govern meat of this state the second authorize and requires the governor to pay to . Junius. Archer the amount due him to $7,800 72 in his contract with the government Washington and to the said government Washington the sum of $13,024, paid by to tie said Archer on account of the contract the governor to require the superintendent the armory Richmond to take Possession of said Gonna and Deposit the same therein Safe keeping. The first Resolution was passed by a vote of 27 to 8. The second Resolution passed ayes 32, nays 2 Lincoln Sec Tarr of War . Cameron writes by citizens of Virginia on the 28th, that " order Baa been Given the removal of the guns . Bellona foundry to fort thus ends of Ublett of excitement. Dental disclosures made by one of the gang. Wishing a letter forwarded from the Pittsburg Post office to a fellow reenter Mansbe be wrote a letter to the postmaster the former place to that a elect. the same time he wrote a letter to a Confederate in w hich la Aisne of the conspiracy were Tully set Lorth and in directing the two letters an Exchange was made the Pittsburg postmaster getting the one intended the conspirator and the latter the one intended the postmaster. The design of the desperadoes was to Lay a train of powder under the track blow in one of the heavy mail and express trains and taking advantage of the confusion incident to the catastrophe seize the mails and express Money packages and plunder the passengers. The parties to the conspiracy All known. Some very Busy doing nothing. Murk than one thousand-. a. The Chi Nease built suspension m  than Lour Hundred feet Span. Knem ten lovers generally woo their sweethearts in such w vere that u i. No wonder so Many of them jilted. 1 Korolk would father Pinion the defects you have than the afle Clation of Virtues you have not the get strut Coward May avoid shaking in his Sho by wearing boots going barefooted. Distinction an Eminence which attained but too frequently the expense of a fireside Texas derives its name from an Indian word signifying an Elk can run a mile and a half in two minutes an Antelope a mile in a Nii Nule. And the ild mule of has a Speed even greater Thau that. Why there More women than explained by e Kyj Dincev in conformity with the arrangement of nature w a vans be More. Of heaven than Earth the pm inter. Printer fend enough. Puffs the folks so funny he does All the puff. They get All the Money. A Clear Stream reflects All objects that upon its Shore but unsullied by them so should be with our hearts they should show the effect of All objects and yet remain unharmed by any. . i .Ici iai. . The Saint Louis Republican of the 2d, referring to this election of the election Over and the people have triumphed. We have beaten the Black republicans and their to a scorers All Points. We hive drive them Mil of the City Hall an out of the i no. We have Leaten them on a fair Issue an 1 Nyhen they had forced their strongest to to himself up a sacrifice them. T we have placed . where she deserves j to stand and where she Voul 1 have stood Long i ago but Lior Adverse influences in Harmony Wii i the rotate .in hostility to Lilack Lve pub a everywhere e . Returns of lie vote on mayor from .-tiii.-t in tin City. The result foots up tayloi11.loll How.  merchandise coming in. Still greater if i possible j a Uil.  the country from new Orleans by the most important mail to the whole country and also a like delay of of. Mail going out both of which now generally detained in Houston Twenty Lour hours the want of this connection. The additional tax on All transportation from this cause amounts to Many thousand dollars , while the injury in the delay of the mails cannot by estimated in dollars. Spain and san Domingo the Sambres of san Domingo chattering a Good Deal now about inviting the spaniard to of course. Ii Lenin. I the Entile lick. 2.704 elected trom b j a Kokni e sol in. The Revenue and expense of collection in Southern ports the year end ing june Iii , were follows hut. My $ Mot Charleston. Savannah. Mobile. I Vicksburg. J Keri Andina 1 i Pensacola. New Orleans Galveston. Brazos Santiago. J Asa Del Norte. Total. 152.0 111 u5.77s 12,4. 26.25s �2.5-4,213 100,20 4,02tt 11i to a cd. $ .512 3-j.40-4 4 1.254 sys 4mi 2,n5s 2,5,1.1 ,fi75 i 5,s4 1 6,781 to their disputes. Some of them seem to hunk that the dons Settle matters the Nion Kev adjusted the cheese prestion the cats. A Mclatn Ilion without signature has been extensively published calling Lor revolution and saying that Santana has sold the country. A the Price of the Vauk Ces did not suit bin. To Dav to the document tue 1 of Liberty j death sound and lure and All that sort of thing.  Ien. Tia bral Cou Mauder in chief had also issued a similar a to the a Siple. Whence would appear that there was a difference of opinion about inviting m the spaniards Ami a nit the authorities of the Republic themselves. In the mean time Senna Alverez has arrived new York and left Washington direct from . Domingo with dispatches the Spanish minister. The x. Y. Herald not to lose the Chance of a sensation paragraph says i Only. In the sitting of the Turin chamber of monday the i Lovening Keiit submitted a project of Law proposing that All Public acts should in future commence with the words " Victor f.-Uell, with the the Grace of cud and the of the nation King of the project was received with great applause and its urgency was acknowledged in the Senate. A dispatch from Naples of March an a awl Del,.c, 3 out general. Austria. The Piort of the committee appointed to examine the propositions of the i government concludes thus that the Assembly should declare that cannot accept the Constitution the whole kingdom posed by Lovero ment the assembling of the estates that the Assembly should decline the project of Law on the Provis orium that should instruct the president of the chamber to bring under the n. T be of the Federal diet the proposals of the danish government and the reply of the estates. 1 . A proclamation of the governor of Poland Grutscha Scofi warns the inhabitants of a most serious manner against go Tulsi an inti inst. Popular excitement the food of Many newspapers and their conductors Ever seek ing to Creale though they not always snccte.1. An Exchange save " to get up a fuss an interesting , easy. Our experience thai this could to done any week in the year. Klein ends always in hand which need Only to be cast inn. The paper to make a flare up. Then tunes would be newspapers and political discussions often i mind of the polemics of some other disputants and about conclusive. How did you overcome his asked a philosopher of a Young theologian who had engaged a Misci adversary. " arguments a replied the other " i said nothing about arguments. I told him first that he was Judas Iscariot and next that he was Ami this about i to the following a con tractor who was building Atun Nelon a certain Ohio Railroad observed one morning that the face of a the Meier of his gang had surface All spotted with bruises and plasters. A Jimmy said he " what have you been Doin be la Ollil Oil Del. I in. .1 niger. A id i. Led ,1 a our a. a would be Iii ild he lowered i,.-h and Hli Iii Imilsi a i. R present w to. I a w lib a " on w Ith w. N. A 1 lied i . Unable to Colli no. I before a Neaila. Lat. .1 la. .1 pot 1 he id Iii la of . And great National an i g trom la. Be. adopts in Gress of to h i heir 1 inn a Eirrie Smi,i,-.1 la of  Mast. A i Lotfe p a you Iii la the 1 la lib Kellet. S a i lie a i Par. Left H ild til. Iii." Iii 1 ii 11 la i / Nihil w ii he la 1 a.-1. 11 k to k. I " 1 " we p a ii Ivoin a Ippe i. To -,1  not Varry much answered Jimmy " stir an Miltn an uie we Tiwi a Una a uiacoo.-,. In wid Sticks Tiik that live Trade s. Jii 1 and 1ig"-, and cast a i to slaves december botel Curi out of tin pres. ,. To Iiron. A tvs i not less the " w. Airan receive by intelligence various .irters, that Soi of Fin of the prom Puis Between to in the Soillha in since country. We a correctvt.,1pm Jbv we have reason Lenin 12,000 africans from the to. To a a Hue i grow i .eis. So Bdl i. Druid Teri 111 the w i 1 Loen Ible tie i i morning noon an my slavery and a a pot tune a teeming to 1 cause the lust a i to Lea n a a in j nothing but.". Bis an i i 1. 1 i a a Mil w n a hit Prince wars ii making and demonstration. A deputation of citizens had protested against the expression some individuals continued in the Imperial Prescript pointing to the Large number of signatures attached to the in Ytit Ion. Prince Jurt Schakoff replied that he declined to has adjudged j acc eve any More signatures and should regard their collection an of sedition which he would treat in a military Maimer. The delegation represented to the Prince that Iresh symptoms of agitation rendered necessary the immediate proclamation and execution of the reforms confidently promised by Prince co.-tachakofi". Turkey a i . in the Kain. Carrying a Brick in the hat nothing to the following the last sitting of the French Academy of science . Jobert .Iiniballe gave an account of a most singular surgical operation performed by him. In the Case of a Soldier named Gustin aged 21, who had been wounded an advanced Post before the a Lukor Tower m the Crimea. A Ball had penetrated through his forehead making a clean circular opening of the of about a one franc piece the j a. Thus struck fell Down from the parapet a height i a i a of 7 feet and was taken to the nearest Amu j in a i have mentioned Lifavi slavery in sj. Fth cruisers. N in this nay to the speak. We Nave Iii bin earned the Ocean into of what has been going Windward . Riot present spen have really n i inform Ilion i this Point. For the truth of the following in.i11 a we can vouch. On the 12ih of Augustt a i Irge left whydah the .- seaport the Ltd 111 Dahomey with 1.2110 g town of , and got Clear if. While Cin Birkin these unfortunates Twenty live wer drown in la in chains in the surf by the upsetting the lie steaii.,-r was go. Havana to w Tildah. Our Iii oin ,. Whydah when this occurred 11 Lance m a state of Insen Sibi by which Steil saw i yes Shippe 1. He save further 24 hours. Light Davs after he Wasiski Upsal off .f,.r.,u to tells matter the rear a to Constanti Ople where he stayed four months j.,.s a. Ii. I Hillel. Usu. A a in a military Hospital. However being Well j Oev late excursions provided would seem with the Organ of j combativeness he asked and obtained Permis sum to return to the Crimea although his wound was in full suppuration. He subset a "11 gent i a 1 1" a w 71 a .1. Expected a a a with a Svere 1. a n. Of a ,1 tall i i Fall i. I ." Gin i Khz i i i Wele e la .$11,491,757 $5il0,5r56 withdraw his demand a a the High pm need and outrageous conduct of Spain in seizing that Island May Lead to serious. Complications Between our government and Hundred who from Thal of Spain. The administration in full Possession of All the particulars of the recent action of Spain and very evident that the new Secretary of Sute intends to take the necessary step in this matter and immediately Call the attention of the Spanish government to . The proceedings under the auspices of the Spanish government Union the Island of . Domingo have produced a deep sensation in. Administrative circles. . Patterson bearer i of dispatches from the United states Consul Werb we to ask a Small beginnings have attained a condition of respectability and influence to what they imputed their aucless in life the general answer would be was trom being Early compelled to think and depend on ourselves. correspondent of the country gentleman says to has found after Twenty years Experiment in various ways to destroy rats that there nothing equal to a few cats. Chain the dogs and let the cats conference of prese natives of the european Powers to sit permanently constantinople of condition of the Porte submitting its projects of Reform to the Powers. The Porte replied that would communicate the reforms after their promulgation to the Sultan. The calling out of the Bashi Bazoukas in Bosnia by Means of Beacon fires Bas been ordered to take place with tee least possible delay. i3 said that the turkish troops have been Defeated Nazko. Letters from Paris mention a report that the government contemplates raising �12,000,000 in five per cent Bonds with five years to run. Some further failures announced from Paris but the liabilities insignificant. Atlantic and jul hailroa4.-tbe Savan nah Albany and Gulf Railroad destined to connect the Atlantic with the Gulf now completed some 220 Miles. Quelly fought Tracktir. And afterwards returned to France where he continued in the army but without being employed in any Active service on account of the state of his health his wound supp rating before. lengthen february 1s57, he entered the hotel ,.,1is sine  id Humr b., slave a lilting expeditions. Whydah. All the paths Trade had impute slopped ii wars. this very mom "1 ing All the Whites and g Ler. To d., 1, i a he Lal a 111 Lee 11 ii a i Legal vie in writ of whydah w hither i slavers. Dieu and placed himself under the care of . Jde Sac Irir Jobert who upon examination found that a Ball was still lodged inside his Skull this with a variety of precautions was successfully extracted and the perfectly recovered. The Ball had remained in a space of 22 months in Daho Niev hed,e,i,.h,Fada i i%., Ltd " Vale thousands of people ,.-" and thousands kept Tor the i k a i ". 1 Bis Laid to be the most Citi Iki Kai. In the City a oils Catholic edifice capacious Structure worship in America. 420 feel wide and i capable of the edifice Thusn conformity order of architecture although 500 feet Long a a holding,0.000 i Sotis Miramon of arrived in i described a the budding a p. In la to limping. The Walls built of on 1 Ost Ian of of 9lriking Vic Issi Hen Basalt but the front covered Over with n in the City of .and them laborious carving while p i.5 a red military lift. He served lar3 Rise lip Akai the Wall the sup iat an Early age in Wren comon to lers the Interior gorgeous Ali of to Oil w i spoon Iskui of. Lie Iii. Still add w. The g b new York a -i-,.inriiand image of the Vir \ hoarding ish Gentleie mis a so muh Sippi Herwin buy s���. L . Ilay. Roi Niver dullard. in a. M. A tue Lay 10 a. M. H"winelay9, Iii n m wednesdays in a. I that party lie was a Tateo of Ine own. Cr03se3 Anu Otner Friday w a. A. In August last and on the accession of the Jna so Anuj j3 cart word by an image of the Vir from to India Soi a. Re faction left . Lie expects to visit in j ked i jewels estimated the value of j Gunda Iun hmm i Vlock Haid i More than $2,500,000 and All other parts of j a a clock the Church a Perfy . Tomk of Ilki re a g a i. Vistos to no .i Lerwick by i i
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