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Civilian And Gazette Tri-Weekly (Newspaper) - July 11, 1865, Galveston, Texas Rms i Fps la Burr Awe. Copy literally from the Public record of the care Iho following account of the trial sentence and Pardon of lion. H. G. Harris As an exemplification of what May be done in such cases win dept Abi t s of . I Wash Koto i axum 1, 1 rv55. General Coli martial oders a. I. Lit Rontu a general court Mai tial which convened Al Wash Iii of a 2, pursuant in special orders no. I i dated War department adjutant general s office Watib Rabrum met 1, w 6, and of which i y a general j. , United states volunteers id in silent w s arraigned and tried l g. Harris citizen. Of it violation of the 6th article of War. Specification i in the a that Benjamin g. Han is a of Maryland and a member of the conf Reks of the 0niieei states did relieve Willi Money to wit he sum of iwo dollars be Public enemy i wit Serjeant Rich Afif Chapman and private Wlliam he Dot Thirn second , Virginia Lidia univ soldiers Cit the Armav of the Confederate Stoes a America then in rebel Lou against and at Ivor with the tinned Kiaie of be said Harris then and there Well kilo Wiur said Consul m and it and in be us Dirks i said army and treating and to re lev in As such and of the same time advising and o Cint line in said a ii i and Lii Auk. War against he unit a state Ami Eipp Lia Ica y declaring ins re apathy Wuh a Etc Ziy and Lis open in. N to the govern Of the United states in its efforts i i pies the Rebellon. This at or near be Daman St. Mary s culty Maryland on or a it april l i 1833. t 2 in ibis that he Jam n g. Han la a i ill not Jln Rolaad and a ule Kiuei the. T lie Aiss f t the s Ais did inn in Civ Harlor and pm sect la pub he ene by in wit Serjeant it Chard Cha Man and private William real it i t Lii Paul k., i lie Imenit Virginia 1 Hirv i a. Of i lie army of the so called code Iera e America then in relict on a .-1 and at Ivar with the suites by or Emir int a i map a d fed in a pin at to be Liichi Vilii them Villi Money therefor ithe Iid hums n Ai .1 there Wei. Know i Mih Man and had in be Sci hers of to army and i a no them ind i in f and v ii lie be y i i Bill at s uie nine and \ Iain a i no ii e to Lien to Iii Tiiu a m sad i Liny and to a artist i in l Ileal Mill ind Ein e it icily Dee Jan my Vii a Liy 11h in Euene lid ins nip. Isl Lnu to i a he i Nittel states in its i cd spines the Reli Ellien. T Liis Al m in award Stinn s. Urn s a mime i r iut april Misri. Lii w charge and spec Tiea i ins no i used Rien Janisin j. Liar i , 1 not it. " Kis Nimi. Fhe North in rna luit a com-.-, Leroy the e l Lence add need Htide the no i a de Lleni Aimini a Harris Eil z i As t i is on the spec Fici tinn " t in remind spec i Katlun " to Nilta " sex i ptas to the w Rda and Ted in a to of Char guilty " the Coort an theref.r-, sentence him 0. Innis Cit .  i b a i. Crew Sisinia pitied Frum Huilui univ mice it he Nair Tronsiv or in. Ier to i United slates and to be i Riipi me i p a r ii i be seats in the l Eipitie Liary at Albany n w y re ii at such Ether Ivy tertiary As the Erie Tan i i War May . " ii. The record in Imucci Mai Case of g. Harris citizen a As track knitted \ \ 1 me Secretary of War and ii him Suh Init t la i us Liu a sl., i he h la Irvin ale the orders it the i Leslie in the . Link cd of Kkt d Yil. In the Untim cae to h ji.,.,- to. Lin a the Hmidi 2 and Seui ence of me v dirt Are inert Liv Uppin Ved and Cunlif ined. And Litick v. Iti lice and , i level bearing . . Case Anil ave rape p teens a having Bun piece died to and i of Isle id by me. Line Hie sen Einice Ahkii Eskild i deem it irm in Lee that the sentence in use a .1 i i r i is be ,-and he a r. .-1 in. I sonic enl. Ani ii is -i11 1 -i1 n. Arius cd act inti co and texan. According to the very latest news from Europe the Mobil Emir to denying the Rumor of Large reinforcements for Mexico explains that the army of Mexico will receive be fore the 1st of december the Meu necessary to replace Toboso whose terms of Burvice expire by that Date. The object of the trove Reni is to Naii Ittin tint to increase or strengthen the army. According to accounts Fruin other sources there ate Iuit m Mexico about forty thousand european to Ops All to a. Of these Twenty eight thousand Are French mostly zouave hum Viu a reverend divine who was but a. To to preacher Beius Ufko accidentally for a Benium asked a Friend what be should preach about to which the other foully a a a plied " about five Al old Darkey in Petersburg va., by was overheard talking on Freedom he was give lug advice to some of his coloured Bret Bri a and said  stay wid your Giassa us work hell feed and elude you but to cum to town and i ii Freedom dislike co de Tuoney de Moie you Hab de it la " or. P. Willis writes tothe Home Jour Ual an elaborate account of a glimpse which in caught of Geu Sherman while a slug Bis Itea mtr on the Hudson but a he sex eight thousand and four thousand satiates on the eueral s  hand Oaie Fea belgians. Aio Oug the zouave should be i lures and Svay Beard and hair it gee Riis counted several regiments of nubian egyptians or " Tut cos As the mexicans Call them. A letter writer says How these latter will compare with our negro regiments in the it studies i cannot Bay never having seen any Taiye number of the i together but the Atn Caius a the French army Are certainty a Formi Iab e Lihi Kinglet. They Are Jet Shiv Black charcoal would make a White Mark on Sime of the i Tail straight Well turned fellow and very athletic. They Are dressed in while from in Adlo foot Ace when Oia Ejot the due is to Wear led Caps highly probable that he made a ii alike mud Wasrud his Euttu spastic Eliot Iowa of some venerable state officer. The woman who neglects her husband s shirt front is not the wife of his bosom. Or. Johnson said of a widower who was about to marry that it was a Leiua table Tbs Navy we aet nothing to show whether it is the design of the United states government to increase the permanent naval establishment of the country in time or peace to an extent corresponding with the immense increase in the regular army. Tin Radical change in the policy in regard the army May be extended to the Navy also but it would be equally inconsistent with the policy of government before the War in 1656, when or. Mercy replied to the proposal that the United Stales should accede to the new maritime code rectum med de by the Congress at Paris he said tha the United slates approves of the articles relating to the right Bof neutrals and the do a Kitty an effective Force necessary Loren Der a blockade valid. List the United states could not accept the article abolishing Privateering. This would ensure wholly to the advantage of Powers possessing a Large naval Force who might employ a part of it in Case of the Triu Youh of Hope Over experience. I \. U v. I a. A. I v Elc holding in Check the flee Tot a weaker Power Bayard Taylor in one of his lectures it a Lytton ads. A Cadi t h. Mcmahan Beirs Leare to Ann Bis t Bierds throw ennui the s a e that he. Turned Home and has resumed the bosoms -1 anurew8 & Cruver t. U Ilc Mahas a Gilbert. Id their old , there be will be Happy Rheet and serve in eur k x comm is 1 \ old patrons of i at firm Well As it 11 1 1 b. Mcmahan k co. Of i stat Andros and a ill not Iii Deot i new customers. Ports being opened Thev will make shipment to their old correspondents in sew York and lire Pool. Ollil Mimi. To Lusth 185 Iwa Wjt. Leaving the remainder at Liberty to prey up j Sam the policy a j for real at auction the state of of As i Gill Herron t of nov. I in compliance with an order of the Hod. The chief Justice of said county. Nud r vacation on the do of july a. 1. . 1 will rent at Public auction to the besi l a Ier Pir Cash on the l Jetti Day of july inst. At 11 o clock a. M., on die Paretn enl m Tran of Mas me Lis to mine in Galveston ii Eliock. To j. The f shoving a nth Rev l in tag to the e. A of l r. Samuel to. H in . I Censed set Kaleil Ai said City and from in on Lorko Stre to. I ale re Nunce of be ceased de Iii and of 4, Bis v 437, and in Provedi Lis. Lajta 1.1 and it m clock 4 Jwj and in proof pm Nierli k own a the residence it or. My m chants Stramer Ual Teaton la. Hood. I h Piik k k a n v 1�k a i. Is foreign and Domestic hard want Iron and steel want plots Rustoni. Having returned with his Stock to .wnati.n. being i ail in a a vips of m w us i. N t j Irvy Parfil t Supply i Rico is a dil ii Hilf Rully with Nti a in hrs Livial t to it snark a a. J  -1 is All Hitchi is 4 Cotton factors to Here Are a opposed to be sixty thousand and Nigring i rinds rays the a Iii Maux a e afraid to die on a a Windy Day lest their urls might be blown on the Commerce of enemy Vevay. Of the United states had been to Luau Tau a a Glass wedding has come along Small Fleet relying in ease of War upon Arm it is celebrated on the tilt Nib anniversary a ult mercantile Navy and Thev can con and ii Assw Are presented Bya sent to no change in National Law which a the Post office finished Alore a a. Of Mission m Kucha n l of Man i i Federal troops now in a on he Way to Texas. We Are not prone to gut sing and will nut Umie Lake to a Why Thev have been eel t lure. Ill lieu of an v Juc Lla Loiis of v a own to i la from the new 1 , paper. I at �1 1 Napi of on . F to at Loi Lown. A Ami treat aim e i a Hale a Lucia t i n. In ins to. Meal an i i i. At Iii 1 ii upon the marriage of a mis9 Waif of Shull make it necessary for them to maintain Virginia an editor hoped that her path a Large Navy to protect their Commerce would be Rio Ireri and that she might never this ni.ce8, to might be Bovin Pii by putting be by her property upon the olefin on the same footing As a pin land. He therefore proposed that to the article abolishing Privateering he added the words " and that the private property of the Stibs ctr or citizens of a i a i Lilter it on . High seas shall be exempt. A from i ? to. Public armed vessel it he Ichi re i rent except it be Contr no Imi Eivir critic informs up that where a Peare writes ii.-,ii i Nul i a , for it is a Iii Ell or Ren the in the i k bu2. The visas a i i a to May be at re Satis Aci Ioil T of i Ilie Tenem to. A sepi run each Otisie hires isaid Ai Phree Story Brick build a s-c.-. There it ii. Or of Eil Illert enl m i a. I Luini at ugh time of nil. A e he s Irett in t the to at a. 1 a i the Pas Strain i a urn 1 to t is i  Sinai too i e or i pea ,1 1-v or i r to Bell Phelps in this Rui s Gil n. Ii . A aim ii trawl. s Sale. A k i .1f f v a s. I v n.-?. I of in 1 o to an i h a l ,.r.muir Al i a in., t i m. A i i i a. I we Al he la Oklen a son. A i irs Ion Iii in i mk11cha a no a. Hav. Heard in vein. I Arlo Idem has Apo ailed .1 1 o., r. Urel a Urr Luale. Its Man Theu air Urn ,.-ij,. It Day a Good Many 1 , too who de the same Ana .1., it any i Uhle ii r be p Otai a oct is a mrizia m 1 that Iii it of the id died .-11-111 Lina Ciai v As e men a e 1 a the rec Lihi. Tales 1.-, Nih 1 Dib i be in.1 a act fihe country a kinds a Rotati Ziino army of at least one Hundred and Twenty Tive thousand men in i tinny i yours to Cote. And insists that St Xiv Oliou Niziul of Ali so Huum be coloured j troops. J we see and hear front various rpm artery suggestion that the standing army id United state will hereafter have to be much Larser than Ber Tolore. Vari i & for we have Ous reasons Are Goven Tor Thio Iti crease no Law just now. But martial Law which is but that of the writer above quoted to the j about As it k Isid in to Berv a. A give i la not a. U. it us Al Volmi. It in r Ini a Siss i m a i  i. K. Siik Luhv. V7v/-/ tax if us Lorn the and it present he people i a in their Fields Kvetki the most restless and Lave grown weary of War to Uver the habits of rapine. V e Nav almost " Sav in Nils of Iulian Ami Daft to w a in , 1 re game sunt Hirts , d a nil Una ii and flame a i Oer. Ref i its a a Kilmr. 1 by 4. A. Ilce to i v 0 prac worst v a have seen to find Eiph my in take to i., bread hint i " 1,1 g a w the government of take when Pink diet. The army and Nav but toed is up pack and a. Ii a Ili iary authorities of a place or District in in people. It de tired As. ,. 1, Lor the Nero and remove Inch to in. Rate Sian to d e Organ in Enlo a eel v to exp c oni in it i Ion we Are much Gaititi Ai at ii Ilion and forbearance Al a Union people of tins i ii the res Ora Ion of peace. The new in i lines which i Reganild As the the administration in 1, it is the duly Ofin every possible a o i the Hitler thou it a e i die Reat is in Kiaie i Clail g us. Untie Ella Duhe 111 or on Boh i no a of in a Ben decided by be Stei h i do Acsay Nins i. 11 in Aniie. For lie to a the Lemeli heft of Amie to say that ll.ui s otv., n Slavon 1m -.1. Or people exhibit an to i Lent i i i the past a soon As p Mari and of r a. usty Lor the i .,.u the stale. I j Hulle Ell t o a .11 c 1.1 h Liln. P lie made a. .u.i. A to m t. m,.,. W ii lie de him in r l i i rep tick and a. In. It Wooi i h i is wises p. I or to to. Lirt a Ai legions Preti v s. . La n a pule011 any i Ift i t a a it p it i. A in 11. It Ivi Hes Reci i. Z i i at i co nil Ito a y i a. F cac a a h f e s Tuiai e. A i i tint b  is d in 1 Leskiew t j uart l a -. I As usually Prat to us Stith. Ion of the will of the i Man in Industrial pursuits of the elic1 eos i lha a r a a. I n t to ii up Lecell Iti--1 11 o 11 j.1ci111.e a is Alia e. Veua some a .-i.-. If h Kiuper. E May of. Scelly in -.1 a e a i Armet Tore v r lne e Mil apr. U a t -. Or. N it Iniel i. U i i in s i. I Lii ii i of in it. Plies nil i Ain i.---. I -. I a t. My a scope and has Breu made ,.�embrace i All class a female a Weli a we As .Ivier ays when martial Law is n i in a Plavic All the citizens Are a bisect in. Anti ,. To the military Reg Lauona. _ 1 i. Is i us the Cise in i and it is bet Teit Licop. Tin i lie t Otai a Il. to test in 1-v k v 11. 1 our it the Ruiria im11 i i Rad or ,i- to the in he the i i i he new i Riei a 1 Iea . Nii f 1 a rat -. 1 is v. I a v i n to it Iswak i. Limit to ii Mission met . In.  ii i up v a  n a " to \ i w Al t0. H Falls \ Haimut. Ii Erti i merc Linauts. , a v a Ion. A ten a a i v i.ii�st0 A i the to a c a. W e c ii take no s a s i 11 n i.-. Of in uie pre.-,-u i i ,., Lif i this i ii. item Al.,1 we cell if a v. So i. A hich brn tags Iii not v Trown i i in. I a 11 Ella say i ,1 in Lor or \ Indian the a in not a i Oil i 1. 1 i a and pan by of a War or a tune an a Tiliva ois of their us in a Spect due the rights and reel id privates in the ranks and in Coval As Ali ooh they Teere an inferior ran intact these View Noble. Ito Tell r Bea. A in a 1 no a i i i l a it 11 Are to Hitt let i n i then ii the or i p Xvi 11. Ety. 11., nil by i . I Lipil ii a is that none to ten a Ein of Aigist to think boy Eosin and hers must Bev that All such Fri i s d. I 1 Ai Ito 1 . To pie i ii a of no Al in i i i the 1 h .-,-.s to i b in his is have irn i ti., India Alia .d in a h in Fate / in in li.l., i Lupient w .,1 he and l he private co. Lopati if i a it ties to 1 the i in \ i to is n i i it and me and it. On in to Al . A 11 ail a it a a the a 11 11j i a a Tol Rui Ali Iii. Loai i i i dial Kano a a i a tact.�. Under the c 11 e and " a hed by a. Us. A of i 11. Sti As to. A Ilu Lini Al logo to ten i i prot i 1 o l it f.t, a in new to air ii a in i ill Lissina sent to no Etli a. Is cordially i Ceier i Ana a p t Lykty . I us a anal Art Alge made Septen Ilire i etl Cieu it Lis Aid the v favored the or a ,. Tsoui it the government i h a Tor inic i s ill of . It is i a i arg j of lilt liver in giant distr and n. A their chief stand a Atio la lieu ral 111 Conley Pelaio Lillini an Appeal to the p no e of i Sis. 1 1 poor Lohn i i. I. I w be d to in i Pel lit. I a l i i Cau Lolian Anil Aai. A Divver r j 11 to j Pitt land Iuit it. not is Duio. I in a a ptt.-. N is ads Trio court.-, that  a Minyan. The i to Oit ii Law " att is a a . I. of in Inis j tar us it May j o to ii if i it evil us to i Rij r to a v r to t a. i a crime. In. A ut., t he a of pm i thou Tettke sunt old s 1 a re is i i  Iii n c d by i.i.iabfclkiv, i ii Viii a Lah ,-,.i. I v As humanity Charity and Fame v a to to. Are Mere weakness Utida . And should be dismissed and despised that a soother is a Mere machine and no Tizor Roi to Iti morals sni Ial gain t r a s to ii a Chii Iki i is to r Wittst i. I int a i in i no or a steam Lor i o death und ruin around. I try exp riot eol other count a. A i it. To a j a armies War Iio Rev r. 1 to .1 air our real  main to for in which our Anicot is a sort cute a Poi v a this respect. Of a int stat s armies As to a said Iliad Ever Weeti to t an error. It1 1 of tyra . Tin i o to to of uie us to it  ii a. V i i the most Enrigh i tied it Vei i a. J Europe ure now new Kitty them. Seii a. To War and citizens in peace a at t a Large and controlling Das depend me by upon the profession de arms or to r support und advancement during -.r whole lives. The government Bis Ai its Success ind the Prosperity of the in i n on the arts of peace. Ai.  1 . N m t on l. L. Fat Lull. N a i my i i Oil a v 1 \1. M Iri he to. 1 fti.-. Lit s. S. M is a a. Al 1 a a old i is m i r a \ t s if in a. All a. I a 1 i desp. . A drop Iii s. Liquor. L i Otura is i i mid a a \ 1 in 0the special a i he or. Or in _ Le-m-.i i arts title ill t Ili at title t was a nine n Len t t i a ii j 111. -111 a i t to it to an sex a the a to. A r. A id to v i of s to  i of to f till Chw ii to Chanon i Appl he ". Tins Refore in a and 41 Rhioa ,h,0, i i i d in Virginia have of by it. up. . A a the 1". Oien Taj Joanu s the Pem. Linen i lie an us larks in i drills and medicines. I hints oils of Romye t of was Abuk bad j Varni Tao colors try Sirni 1 in one president s proclamation on the 24th to Aby in spvi., n. T. I tilt taking effect of that Day . S. Treasury has published Ai othe us Kje that the 25 per cent tax on All Cotton in tire pc .-i i Loulist &.\., Gauli c a her pm Council his rect the following under a act of he be is thu re of the stale of Texas approved feb wars Fri. Ira Puary 7, i860, for the City of , 1 c in i a a i i by a. T. 0. Snearer Herman just 1.1-Jv dmar he and j g a i v 1 a Iii to. Lumber. T o Elk f assert i or fwd a Arnold. B. F. Al Tiehes George i wish a r. B. Mcdue Tiad. Have. Is Rin Nard "ja4 a i Atha fat a a. I i an i. Inuit of in. I Stenli i no s v m it 11 h v b la 1.iis Julur i to it i i in j. V m l tac l i i is. Gent Tel Comini Iun merchants j 1 if. A he. Stkam1. Abton Solty Smith h. Co., roti n factors a s n m k ii Nian t.-. its rats i Fun if Bari v hauled i \ a ii i \ ,.a w,._ a i. -. Re it a a
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