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Civilian And Gazette Tri-Weekly (Newspaper) - July 11, 1865, Galveston, Texas It Ittak editor. Galveston tuesday morning july 11, 1865. Establish cd in May an act to establish a Juneau r the Relief freed men and refugees. A wit Llic Day. Virginia legislature has Adav it Noral 6y e a it a licenses duties sad excises impose under Una present Law the United stated Mir Cellaneous. Advertisements where cirt Dnn a Ftp a 11p r such Rales and regulations May a pre scribed by the head the Bureau mid approve 1 by the president. The said Bull be under the management and control it com missioner to be appointed by the president by in c with the advice Aud consent these file chose compensation shall be Thiee Iho Pisand dollars Tiro and such number clerks j the Power to repeal the. Constitutional an Mit boy ski his a main by the Creta t i provision which excludes from holding War not exceeding tie chief Cork Tiro the oly1 a a j sorts Tiu have been Enfa a  furl cl�9�, the clan live it r b to the first class. And the and Ltd lne rebellion. To Sotis appointed uner this act shall b fare  tie leu Tuk president. Enog their a discs take the Atu off Wash scots june 27the views lice i a no. Emit de an ,j.,. A ,. F. A prescribe a a . . and for other a tie president Oil the question recon poses a Roveti ,.1 i Winner by a Large numb r Loyal South tiie sum fitly not Saud dollars and the latter i oin the shot ten thousand , conditioned j Erners in Washington who almost uni fur tiie faithful discharge Mieir Duyea re-1 verbally agree with him on his position  spa Lively who securities to be anti roved Lon negro suffrage while at the same sufficient by the attorney general j time they concur in Hie to ale and All malt liquors auctioneers an sales i $11. Alanine 6 it. Ling. 6 cent. Hanks to 1 it Titi 1 uhf in. 1 it. Lican the journey. X Early All the measures required by governor Pierpont to assist in the work by established in the War department to Coo o reconstructing the state government Una in Lii r the present War rebellion and \ were passed eliciting Little or no debate \ exceeds lion copies m receipts above t00 fur one year thereafter a Bureau refugees a Leneir passage tiie most important 3 or cent for women and abandoned , to which shall 11, extend the elec be 1 a comic sued hereinafter provided to i ,.a,prevision and .Li abandoned franchise to persons who were excluded lauds and the control All subjects relating a from it by the Alexandria Constitution to refugees and freedmen from Reb-1 states or these persons Are those who have any District court re within the Terri int Larj a Given Aid and Comfort to the a embrace i a the opera mos the , in rebel Ion 3ince the 1st january 1864. The elections members Congress and the a pts legislature to take. Place on the 12tlt next october. I at this election tiie people Are to de-1 cide whether the legislature shall have do c re i a 12 act 10 j Roi Lor Saoi treasurer the Lineti to a stodd be filed in Ibe Ufali e the kir., Coppin Ajoury to be by bin i a j att or a ii it in suit for the Burtt cd my a Jur ii \ in. any Breloh tit the con.lnujn-. A in r . U. And a it a in a.-.,t a. \ Tiehl be secret at y in 1 i Sutts til provisioned Tun , a ii  y deem Oettl Lor Uit imm Tiute i Attr in rat Ike id and fort Diquen and ii in Maui i built Iraq it a Mich run a Atka re Tinati mis he direct. Section i. Itiat the president mitv1, by id a Liu tit and ice a cd swat Ilc Sunai up Point an Saiu Cam i nor i Fri an Lic tvs declared to be in , net to be Zerfing Len in number when Subuh Mnick Tion the Tud in the to Joe Scutum tic provisions this act Nind ii shall i a Boad in a the it unit Fil it Itoh Jii tiie Sui Tremy Thuu Atid ii act. Sacii he a Iid m inns Siodla Ihnow ref Ive an Anna i Alary Phoui id Tiv dollar1 in jul n for All by St re Ceil. Ana \ it. , a Ninfi flows2 a . Hook Alt kinds Uil Lidid uses Abief to. To. A makers i Ristoro on Auer a Miff i do it or or St. , o in Jav act. Itridtjf., loll i rearm Nib i it. A i do ii -.�., under o i. i 5 ult in t. T and Ert to it Carrini fed. Worth t11, $1$1 to $rto0, $0. Up Kirin carnage the r10 c3 to 10 or. Cd a. Siau slithered. .-4eh .0 . Or tie hair de to. 6 cd. fits 1b i mop Ruten Jav. A err and 1 prefer Ted Fluxe Tish .1 j lib. 6 it. Railroads on Arross red in. 2. A re a Idy made clothing re c. Salaries 00 All sums except riot out. See re Perl a off Cipy re its i r 1 6ve, �1 a a 8. Sewing rtt Achini 1. Birr it. Sheep still he Erie. Els., or Jil it a ship and other rebels pm . J 1 1 cd. 00 receipts l1 it. Epurs so.p.-. Above 10 Tili it. Sklov Tuter i c.  sm.ll", i. 0 in. Sam v .-. O.11 a s. Per 2 Milts adv 5 . 1 i . Fuck extra. Sofi i or c. Polls i . F j apr .Li. I a a h i de Eit. For in their or Rani Al i.,. I tract shall be executed with Good s arvo c i. E i a to in Veci ii air ii and All other Nero j no. Ii Viii n a  a. E or  v a a Fri i  a ,. A.�., r . 1 a in i.  i , pc. Irwin Ulitt pm . A  re t a St the to p a. Res.l�. C. A. A up. 1 a  in a or u to i  or or. Iov a  . " a. . Xvi n i r for a. r ii Etui a. I v a r v i Rishi mock. I Lii i. 1 i a c .4 1 . 1 v i Lal 1 a cd e \ r. Sifa Culi ests the Peuplie each state in their relation to the Genera government. Gov. Holvec writes from North Carolina that the work reconstruction in that state progressing could be desired. The people All Over the site Are actively engaged in aiding the restoration Loyal civil Ruie. The Coss Ikach trials. Jno. Cant-1? and Vav. 0 Graves printers irom Selma Al testified to the handwriting gov. Gale who had procured the publication ail. in tiie Selma dispatch Winch asked for a million dollars in order to procure the deaths Lincoln Johnson and Seward. Judge advocate Hoit said Alithe government testimony was now in. Assistant judge advocate bin Rham Al Ueo Verj i Privat or Yeai . Or Chi j i Sunn Siez my Milf woks. A. T Utar Roiti Cane Vlra. , Kin Tan. A ,.-,-. It. I r be a. In a A to v. A i. A i a  i  i m Oil i \ . A l a hoi ,. A a o t t sup a a ii i r 1%a Al a Dashute _ 1 ill or ii aim t Ictor , he part a Culli Hue i v j m-., to i or Titis part str used. V Uri trite by. Jai 1,000 stoic Verdi to to i itto Inco tiie. Fitti or and not a Xci Din 0i0t to cd. Offia l. Ofik b k Liyim tool Ken Rit i Riih nil i Radej a. An. A it j i ii a Voss m Mahshi 1. Ii uts .Li i get in it i 10. .ill.iv. Dec i re a a in urea p Roui t.". A i p Jot Miniie inf pictures Lic line or Nurs Pelak no a o uned person. To sur. Puet a p. A la Surace Lel -. A. irie.-, in a tests d i irs. Its see " ass.ivhilt-i Vav Jioie d o ii Bassiur shall be protected in the u5 jurisdiction the court. Or. Hing Hain so toils that the proclamation issued bar resident Lincoln authorizing the trial the insurgents Mieir aiders and bettors by court Marti i and i hoary commissions had been ratified by act Congress and also that the supreme i 5 .,0uu, in do . ngres5 was unnecessary. So a. In j a in aloof. . Oil Erdo or a jul2 h i -. Ii to rip. A i. A l in. Tii i. Lor e o i License i in do , Lla r . A i p capita exceeding every and Lional Lulu in excess 2 dollars. Iii raid tables each 0 a. Hrew see it ewer _ or. , to . Iii Kris Pawn rising capita not sales to not a dollars. . It t to a Dos. Ice Edin excess Ellalll und r 1 ii i Preu lit torn. Thai Ihno h requiring Lio r , in i Ojaniit Arr Iris piece the i it rus n . I in h slut cruel trea i ill or Ooi Rop j i %  i in o w.,. Untied a iof a. M be a it v t. A j up n their Purl a n 1 . Cortner y Sun. S a Ted to. T ave. U Ite pal to out iss or be uis a -,.- to c Nurtis i in baud inks a adjacent to. Ally Hilll tar r Ivill be Wihs d i a j except Imp Oyefes to it Vecas a exit in a . I in such Cass the to i or i the i sus a Hill let i t tie Clam for so Hsu Lief id Ness i to be prod and Roar Narizy fetes a furnish red these Poe pie White Itu i tie i on Moo in. Alio to pet a in la in order that the pres no or p no Pera Oei a big it Black and Lakhoi Liviu be Suh islet by tiie a. I t. .1, la. Lets. A a. \ 1 a . To j a a. X i. \ a 11 ii. Rit. A. A. a. I .,.,., Oil it i Tir the comic Nisi her Mii by Reu Liuo it a in a. \ Al tile Iteld or said term or Al and d o i Sod term the Oce pims and p reels signed May Purchase e land receive i. Tulle the let Itle i Lukl Stal Mil co v \. paying therefor the value the Lan i j ascertained and fixed Tor tiie purpose Le-tcru3inln,r the annual rent aforesaid. T so riots v. It All a an i parts acts 1 in onsl8tent Viii tiie provisions los Are Aie i hereby repealed. J apr red March . . S l Nion wombs. The Loli owing from one his late works will give our readers to pleasant introduction to Lite writings this distinguished Frenchman woman with weaker passions than Man Superior to him by the soul. The gauls attributed to her an additional sense the divine sense. They were right. Nature Hus Given woman two pain but heavenly gilts which distinguish them Oieu j j raise them above human nature com ditto acting has Given 15ak la . Capt. Board Provost marshal Galveston h the Lowuis notice ntil further orders All bar rooms saloons or other places where 1 liquors Are soil except thus Reen ving a License irom tins Soltice will remain closed. A the retail any spirituous or malt liquors attn it proper License hereby i prohibited with the limits tins cite. Any violation the above rules or i and Sale spirituous liquor or Beer to tin listed Man the. S. Army or Navy by licensed bar rooms wiil subject Ilander to punishment. I Alders tilt lie a be 1 Pic k exl .11,1 Twilt. 1 la eases leu to i. I ills a in Rte rent Li-.i snip houses a see k ,.se an a Dol. Id Coes. No t ii the to " to Are d Vispo Edlo i a punic to d ii. Shioi then i Tauts Chr to. Chai pm i Esic. A i Corr v out Pih in i Clr in in. -.1 lie  ii to Loul ii Llls, i Lle broker Tell maxims fur Toimi .Menan id brain the Devil = work shop. I j better be alone than bad i constant occupation prevents temp Uitich. J i dependence a poor Trade to follow i j k i a am or Are Seui oin Bod Lelious. I j false iric id. Are worse than open la the Conns i be Good to nit Ilter who ouse it. La r Ute Lull Lack j los ors i. War i. It e. 1. I err at loiter i a kill d in l to 1. A n 1 . V 0111 in . In to. Co Nee old Telpi laes 111 ,�1.,.� ant by to , 0 e Kepers i Ket Ilea . I 1 1" a 8. 1" s. I its see l Elili i Rose it. See " 11 a lie. A this nip Ai. I j a tits h a in your present passion and enthusiasm. By compassion they devote themselves by enthusiasm they exalt themselves. What More does heroism require 1 they have More heart and More imagination than men in thu Siatti Springs from the imagination j Aid self san Inge from the heart. Wo-1 and k i Uii ies a n. L Ayas you i scores. Quit no certainty for Hope. Ratify promises by periormaiice.-. Ceca so Liee Lela Keijo. M i cd bund fan in Hanks ii hopi to ii c. Oil 10,1 t the and a a Acta a to 1st i. I i Auie Lor Lio t r sit tit Isio 1 to r e to Ima in Hei Iso Ivos Treut Wear h men Are therefore More naturally heroic a Ibey have , d their Litile purses wild than men. All nations have in their and Cima or. Or u�.y, Nind. i cards and nals some these miracles patriotism he i or 1, Tik a in the 1 c " or left a " ,.u \ Wutti sorrow Ihal it Worth ii Othmyr. In like inner a a toilet to that some hundreds thousands pieces j a old makes Grai and Uno ulv men and entitles its to Uin Weisal Les Pec where a when appear with Liviem at the Gale i heaven shall be told that the Are till 1, and nothing More. It thus appears that Lile on Earth More child Plav Lor i the old not loss than Lor the voting ooh j indeed Ive attain to the blessedness the new birth. Grow to the Atreo men in t Imp. Win 11. Instrument in the hands god. When All desperate in National cause need not yet despair while there remains a spark Ore distance in a woman heart whether she called Judith Clezia Juan arc Vit tora Valonna in Italy or Charlotte Cor-d8y in our own Day. God to retd that j compare those i cite 1 Judith and Char Lotta Corday sacrificed themselves but their sacrifice did not recoil at crime. Their inspiration was heroic but their n.Rit Jesu put away club i a Ihnn a heroism mistook its arms in took the j set our nth cimons upon i a a lbs Tori he Poniard the Assassin instead Theof the efforts a soul who h i the offspring sword the hero. Joan arc used and. And destined for mortality. Only the sword defence she was it  m merely inspired by heroism she was Spires by m ii 11 fill Fum. Id Irdi eur. I c " 1  4nlincbeby in aces Sahar a treats Ilia to i Iho. In there. a not Al take i Wale i a a a h to an v. I r thir Julih i to a a than to c plice ,.f Man be required for and Sale out and additional License bet not in i -. Bkicxikeidokgen. A Breckinrid a and his accompanying fugitive rebels were still in Flar Aua. Some the recently secession sympathizers bad shown Breckinridge great attn and offered present bom with a House Rii weather . The British Board Trail. Have d emed the Folwic Iier i reliable enough o a arrant then lev the beige Lii Nisi tuners " a in Jerow sky in Cates wind a pne y. Low color consulates a a a. Lung Bou e the 1 a cutt a up 11 vory. Ii Lor. A i silk -. Tin. F Siena. Masts 2 matches me or. T 1 t  i " c . 6 i n otherwise to. Brass o Cess h cd . Hemp or Tir it. Oil to e paper 6 Sliver. Specs Tell Olio i. G i tvs into ves an  Rii Riih i no richts to sters and Ian fore exist g to Pho . I at Tiu in press i Thev a a to covet t at i no 1h sup or Wiere. In ?. V. Kill to r a a. R it ct., Cicar 1st lube would remain among then it was Mored however that be intended to go pain. Jolt am corro.snew Vokk j Liy 1 Mgold closed at and .Lull. Culta closed Neak at in. Evening an unfavourable Oil m i the Clouds a Lull a Al _. I their forms Are soft up.teh.,-j the weather Wil. Be Fin -. I Sharp and retinue it Ivo a peaking and Deer Uii usual a a vend or rain i Hiie Hie no r to to. Ill to -.ives. Cath in. Irs ate har i. Tien a v nes. Beak n and Joel Etc Val a r him finer an a \ a Esi Latcu . A . La x. 1 it. F turns it j4 . A a Rve Fri or ci.- r. Quirt b. Limo Lori Cluj i to si.n--, o p. -d-.a in Tell a Lute v.-. 4 o j Lii l fc.-, 1 11 Kun "Nat t ail lists o this herein Del-i All Orvii no re v i-,. In t unit i. 11k v. H holc Milf Myers a n m m Dismou ii a. To ii Kiva Mill. I 1.1. A a a. T., r i Itin a h a juts. Lilii Birnn. V . A i o., r a ,. Ii a  Lino ikm.. Sell los 1 a and Plantation it timing. Siar 1 & aim a a a a. a ,.s, 1. I .Alv .Li. I  \ .1  k v \
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