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Civilian And Gazette Tri-Weekly (Newspaper) - July 8, 1865, Galveston, Texas \3 Jid Galveston july $,1866. To faunas a Stock Iba adear Tinnent mkt is supplies. Tara Raay a w Labia to Csc Persona in Labia to Tea 0�lt�ton a proper tit or Bay Hoaas aug tabla a Jet a publish Only a half Sheet to Day we Hope to a abbe next week to swell to our ancient proportions without Bri Nant ourselves the Alt the Frog who undertook to gel himself up to the size the . We to not intend to Cut Maple and Hope not to subside again while peace lasts. We Hare always known How to Rosin oar paper and never stopped for Waal path nacre. Gen. Sheridan s order concerning refugees and guerillas is pretty severe. To make a whole neighbourhood super for the a an individual can hardly howler be Bis intention. There Are bad men Enos Kusio Ever neighbor Lwood in the United states to vain it All the inhabitants were to be held responsible for the crimes a part a but we learn is per b Why to a a Ter tall 25 50 Center the crop is larg Atid the Grain Good. Iweis wheat excels both in sweetness and resistance to the influence time and climate the wheat More Northern latin Nile. It is heavy dry and Oom past weighing More to the measured Bushel than any other wheat the United states. 6m million more886 million Drea Latair oat which to pay ibs Gaill Ioas per Annas does not seem bad. The circulation Natl Al Banks is a ignited to $im,,0e, one r Ca Lvan to a Antra at Taat Cata a Ravca. .---------,-----timwmi1 Joue the knowing be distributed among the Stales actor diag Tell j1 Depa Timmi their Popal ahoo \ the other half according to a to  Acia Ting banking capital Tbs amount Legal tender dotes a Scala latin a 65o,. Thaw feel ode t432, m6 the new Isaae and $1�0.1s, tie the Eoo Pinand i Terest no.te�, Eoder Aat Suar 30, ism. Tea amount fratt Roaal a ,e67,. All the greenbacks Are Legal Leader Bat about s434.000.000 Are the Ordinary Cicala Tina free or is erect and Tom pm pm Bear simple or compound , a Yalaw taw i Fejt Layeia we dial maturity the notes most Vurta Sis per cents payable three year after 18m, the to Terest compounded in a table do the Back the note every six months. Whatever May be our abstract opinions paper Money Itra can be no doubt that the currency indicated will for Sonto Lime form our chief medium for exchanges. We have nothing to say just now upon this paper As a permanent investment a correspondent the n. 0. Times writing from the Rio Grande says the Asatri an legion which is expected to arrive at Matamoras numbers Coo men. Besides beae there is expected tax 52d French Reg irent the line composed 200 men the total number troops now present and expected is 18,000 men including those for Coahuila Stievo Leon and Tarn Pico. Those under the immediate com Niziul Gen Mejta at Matadi Arajj will number 152,000. mat business and professional cards shows that not Only Many oar old citizens Bat weathered the storm or and Are now trimming fails to suit the favouring Ocilee peace but that new barks Kre launched on the inviting sea before us. Among the old names added Ahall soon Bava such an array a will place the commercial and professional reputation valve Tab can Waii Liolu in to owl plot before the War. Numbers Only Are wanted to produce such a result. Tie current i 1 irks. To Cuc Rutiri As Monbo Romr to incur a oct to Vendl a it appears by the ked Cryl Rani cd although the Constitution it cite that co stale shall make anything a lawful tender in payment debts bet Gold and is the in Given Lor the adoption Iii in Orisio was that for several years prior to the adoption it cotidtitutir.? the country in i Hufford from the Bills credit1 Emit tt-1 l oth by the and con Greg. Shurl i to avr., the latter these Bills Credi it i in re entirely on the Faith the cuffed . The Prospect their redemption was very Remote. Such being the Case do human i wer c us save them from i Reat Tod re relation. To v lid def la intr Tud cdf.= h aufinj.l to Tomedy ii evil by dear i. Shim refuse to Restivo to pin Exchange for any property As a d j that spirit and tolerance for Ami 3v1t, a on a be deemed Hei Alil Starr tribunals. In the Early stage civilisation the chief ruler a people was the military Leader lawgiver and judge or and Tania Trator the Laws for i people. In the autocracies the East Persia and Turkey for exams 7. Out tiny a even a dept Law of1 a Verdi get Iri their respective districts perform the functions executive and judicial officers. Even under the. Imperial government Rome an " Appeal to Caesar " was allowed being in fact usually heard by a court composed the chief officers and jurists a the state. Tit. Wae a great Advance in Yovor Liberty. But the Modem governments Europe go further. They All recognize As a political principle the separation the executive and judicial functions. The trial citizens by military tribunals As in the Case or. Harris a representative in Congress from the state Jhu by and who was sentenced to three years imprisonment for giving " Aid and Comfort in the shape a Dollar each to two paroled Confederate soldiers is something entirely new to us and As we have not had the Opportunity seeing the law6of the S Congress passed during the last four years Tome thing we cannot fully understand. The Constitution the United states declares that no person shall be Helt to answer for a capital or otherwise in fac Mons crime unless on presentment or indictment by a grand jury except in cases arising in the land or naval forces or in the militia when in actual service in time War and that no " person " shall be deprived life Liberty or property without due process Law. A court martial As far As a Haas Evor been Able to learn has no Power Over citizens. Under the act Congress May 29th, 1s30, the Power such courts is expressly limited to per. Sons in the military service. The trial by jury guaranteed to every citizen by the Constitution and now awarded to even Jefferson Davis himself to too strictly maintained. As the writer this article remarked a Short time since in writing to the Galveston we have the satisfaction to see in the Triu the highest officers the late confederacy by the civil courts an evidence that the Federal government intends to restore the old machinery civil government and that military trials persons As Well As military confiscations property Are at a end. This is a favourable Omen the return the Lier Iea these United Sta is. Thae h Sot course depreciated More rapidly thai. Ver. New ibanies cont Mue i to be made to Iii v i. Minted to 3m� Iii lids d i r i lie Ului filed to it Ratcli e u til in vie Une Early the p us to in the Suea at that time was thin Feu i. Ali . The debt was therefore Abuit Epin a Steven id each . A Timae prefect debt the i Niu a states Render nearly it not altogether certain that the in. Tint u i Jual $h0 for inhabitant1.1 aute that the a Reury the it old has the Tab. I tit. Its appears from the bks the 1 surer s returns and it Tiki it ions in the de a in but a the it 18t55. To a Lyle bed Iii thu Fik rings to be 1" ii a i. The Anion on the Olat much , to official re us trn. Sum us $2 37,000,000. Or. K Der links the Amu int to or me in Wilt n t swe l the aggregate 10 More than three billions Dol -. A i he says the annual la Terest will be a till a millions dollars which will be about filly dollars per annul i each thi present Lulu vitauts All the slates. We do 1 k own by in these , the Annu �1 a a 1.vrt-.t is Zuhde to late a proportion. Pri Cipal uness payments on the priv in a Are included. A give the figures a in a come to us but both up Scipio inter air re Jiyu car about As heavy proportions to people a be Deb s any other coun .e.s. In Greit Lin Tain the the Uii Iii debt to Paob to habitant is about $130 a r Ranee $40 in Spain �121 in hoi Anil $188 a j to Limburg the aver be taxes meal Brinn Are a 75 Oer inhibit it France Riu Mysia 1 Sam Arland toe lowest a Kurppe j in. Buti Fiir Doug and takes ire to be great a be currency Tveith which to pay la no is abut Dant. not now in Texas it a to elsewhere and will reach us alter a while or we a halt be the Vimahi Skinner internal do Rob a Luerl to.0 into Gaberal Tiqui Datum and eulu.-, that when the Wile owns the Homestead h4nktuptcv. The circulation National Bank i her a Umily res Dpi. The husband in return ,. .,1 intr the Inconis univ deduct the Axon Gaea nne based on v. H. Sec Trittas. Re�4irj_ to do in to wreck on nc0m&tao-ii two Hundred in Illus dollars and the rct., from h s own Lacoute when the wife Ishio  a not a  Urce Baika act in Jal Lander it Savun irm Birn deduct. Which the United states previous to the War stood As a Model for the rest the world. In to land legislative Power is admitted to exist to Kihss special Laws or acts inflicting the punishment death without trial i n persons  suspected treason and felony. These acts Are known As Bills attainder or. When they inflict a punishment than death " Bills " pains and the framers the Federal Constitution declared that such Are contrary to Liberty and inconsistent with free government. They therefore provided that no Lull attainder shall be Paa Aei a that no attainder for treason Bhai work corruption blood or forfeiture except during the life the person by corruption 01 blood is meant the disability imposed on a person to inherit lands from an ancestor retain those in own Possession or transmit them to heirs. The inst Section the 9. Law treason passed in 1663, declared that the act shall not be " so construed As to work a forfeiture the real estate the offender beyond i natural life a fuatau b. R. Go Tom. Tape a i Isa Ioner Bule tra " to Ovate Kew Orleans test sly Gea. Wit  Siev the or mtg my aft Nim to must i Kad Tatad sue . On pm arching May 96,1 arrived at sch Jashbai Smith ii Inmanol d�4e�esa ref a vast i who a aured rate that a or Waal 1st be Mitton 00 the part 01 the forces under bit Flat or the Ploehs to Tea tial Varton he the Navy. the Inov Ningord the 5th. I left new or Saana on the Steamer &. R. Cuer and at tvo o clock r. Capt. Sand then informed me that on May 3d, Jan. Kirby a c1bd. T h. Memahan leave to Annn Nucelo Bis friends Kornuc Budt the state that be Baa re to Banc blood re with Noeb turned Basse and Naa re soared the Bosine a it la a tort Gen. Sam Houston to the h Mcm Han a tsp it. In old a . To 8 a 18ss-twa�-4t ipes fing Grille Hwy said in Over the cwabtrr7b�t t that it threatened Oor Liberty prop j Tad Prosperity and asked for Apio re try the Vest ctr to Plotne in 1 patient Jeriad m oar history. In reply he said i context Hula e the to vows civil a Acob As a dissolution the Union will Otus suly Force Ripon As i cannot believe thar the people will rashly take a step Fra skit with these consequences they1 wife Enettie Well the Blee Janga the Pov ill uti a bus when Are or Impi we have and it i the a lances we suffer a Scarth and Kern. Staff Ruder Lamb on Board thai la Freemis we can no longer Bear the United states Steamer fort Jackson thei that they will raise the Standard where they were to tvs by Brig. Men. B. Rev Trion. Then the civilised world our Davia Veare Hebting Gen. Canby and the own a sciences and posterity will justify term surrender heretofore agreed upon us. G that time should come then will be Between a tis. Smith and the 5y and hour. it has not our Candy we real no a in a by 8 Lan per with the masses the United states was raised on the Cue must title it for themselves. They Are to torn Bouse. Ico Osiier whether with Congress Ami the the cities conducted themselves in the Snen Fine courts largely in favor the con Moat orderly manner. The Flag is now Stith too revolution will be justified be floating Over All the forts the Haac Libut cause the president who a constitutionally a we have not sufficient Force fronrv_7ioet elected is ii Metcal to team. It must cd tue to Garrison the latter i have directed the to to. Light draught gunboats Cornelia. Preston j wife nil these checks and guarantees h Aud new London to remain inside the bar our Aror it is urged that we should no on where they will Sood be joined by the port Ger wait but St once let go the cuu Stith Royal. I Tina. Passion is rash Wisdom considers i hate also k in orders to Commodore Well for Way when the Boue and Vuew de Roy the 0 Aimee to convey with \ the country after calmly considering the Creel troops which it is hoped Gen. Can Issue b All its beatings shall feel that a by will be Teady in a few Daya to dispatch Yoke t oppression u upon them they will to occupy different Forta on the coast already Rise Sehnke it off. Beu when their now i Aurre dered to the United states pea i Homes Are the scene desolation Gen Brown the United states army they la feel no Pang regret. Moved by the inst., with a brigade took posses j s c on feeling resistance they will Ston Brownsville. J Rio i for the Yonng Law to justify their other forts on the coast Al Texas which action or will they follow the nmn a have been heretofore blockaded by our dem Anu who will fire St the first show forces Are now held by naval forces. Thus do or men the people will come blockade running is at a end to Day i Furiosi Tad them who w4l be ready to went Shore and had an interview with j risk be Eoo sequences revolution the civil authorities by whom i was Cordi a tie Union be dissolved now will we ally received and during the conversation i bars additional Security for slavery t til there gentlemen expressed their a piety fur j we hate our Riff hts better secured after a speedy Restor Anbu the old order civil War for years will there be things id reiterated their desire that a i any pea false a belter state things than portion our Navy should remain in the we now enjoy Texas especially has Harbor for their Protection. On this visit i a these Donga to consider. Our Treasury is nearly empty. We have near half a in in lion dollars in the Treasury the uni Ted states. A million our school Fumi is invented in l. S. Bonds. We have a extensive Frontier to it pecuniary or Perfec we have vet the to protect and our rights Are secured let us not embrace the higher Law Cipie our enemies and overthrow the con la tuition but when we have to a sit let it be in the Dame the Cunt a Utieri Anil to uphold it Over to throw the whole Burden or Laver. Face re a we i l.v.,.i.,.ij.o- �1 or is an Energy m Rob tar upon As r w Hen was there the time Benth. the 6 Unerv were not lady to Fiona to. Its Standard Iii Ita do Vonee ? Are the people to de liberate in this question with a military disc Otini in their midst ready to coerce them ? we want sober thought Aud Calm reason Dot furious Harra Tigue or the argue quient bayonets. this government is to fall Wisdom \ y must furnish Anoil Ier and h belter one. Mil i patriots yield now to the Rah and Reck in it l r who Only a Pire to military Gary. i l us i us Law. For ans div and rapine they Tuavi that j in the week one free government Thev ii a i ,.f 11 t a . I and " k was accompanied by Cut. Sands and part my Sun. Very respectfully Yoor t servant h h Tharchin acting rear Admiral w. G. B. Squadron. Hon. G. Wits Secretary tiie avy. Tlle naut anal debt. / the Kew York times in an Edito Ifal co the National debt says the National debt Ever at All. Must be by taxation. It was incurred for the Benefit All and 1 must help to pay it. It would be great i Justi a i re. In i proclamation reopening the pots West the Mississippi to fore 1411 Trade 1 resident Johnson says it is to be understood however that the blockade remind a was an International measure for the Porto proclaiming the Sove Reija Rita by Tho 1 United svites. The Greaver or Suhre Ion the civil ant Boritz in. Ginn to which it up Plite. And the i apr Cuy at. Uce i that in in effic.e1. May for a be Sod Tiline it advisable to Era v the Aluir and Navy the Tom cd states towards Cair Yinug the Laws into Encl. A file War which Haj established our National authority preserved the Union Matu tailed Republican government this con Luent Aud perpetuated our free inti Turous ��., fought Lor our descendants even More than for ourselves and Justice requires that they should share its burdens As they will share its benefits. These burdens will be heavy enough for All. The annual interest alone added to the bums required to meet the Ordinary expenses the government will impose upon us Aud our Tor Manoj years to come quite a heavy burdens As so Young a nation can Ever Bear. Aud adequate provision is at the Lime to be made for discharging the principal be shall have Little reason hereafter for exulting Over other nations so far As exemption from taxation is concern cd what we bite to do therefore in regard to the National debt is simply to adjust its Burden As Lairy As possible to those by whom they must be borne. The rates taxation now imposed Are enormous. Every uric production and con eruption everything tin body eats Druks or wears All the torts by uie a. The works ingenuity and Art Ajie a tilt labor the luxuries comi Orta Gojii Lecessi lies daily life Are assessed with ii inst As heavy a tax As in Auy country i the world. And beside All this the a Uron income upon what remains alter All a by taxes have been , is heavier fur thin in England reaching to a Temh the Whin in while exceeds j1u.u00 hitherto our people have borne the to burdens without complaint but it would be i error to suppose that this will always he the Rae. I Willie the War was fib rant every Nan Wil singly submitted to any burdens which its vigorous prosecution req Tret Aud we Are yet it Eling in every Branch bits the immense stimulus Waich he War tip d. I hut by Ami by. Tar paying win become n very prosaic and unpleasant by guess. There will be nothing but a Ense duty i and the obligations the Law toe Force o. 1 Ai d we shall the same popular hostility taxation he re which inv Unis now 1 1.r 1.n Laa Kilimi i Moa a a it v la to have to do therefore is to Muethe Taxa i. A which is inevitable Alt As equally Neil lightly As possible upon the treat miss is eople the Sobject 0/ tax wholly new to our people and Phi Atwil it is one the most dts inuit nil ail Public que Sbilis. A commission author iced by the Zaat Congress u report upon it and in or 1. A. Hells this state arid Jar. J., i Cholwell already designated As two its Ine Riiber the cd Quiry by Asa Iiralo that it be treated with Ailsy and cons Teri Lious Fidelity to the nubile interests. It will be for Congress at Iti Connie k k y Susi Undi a new uric general commas Sioss merchants a tra cd Olve a 1 on. L. Ii. Wood import and in foreign and Domestic hardware. Iron and sisal la War stoves plots. Grindstone. A with Hurlock to a a a to i and Baio Diu or Milwida. He id ii apply Bis trwrti�lart1 Tbs Puciw Rene Raily Wilb goods a Lmh. At the Ion it Market prices. Jr4- " Liju hot twists ac0, Cotton factors commission Merchan t Gal re Stox 7/.xas. A. C?mckeex&s0n, Cotton factors to commission merchants Kiln s , oalv1�to. Jy4- j7b. We Sciott receiving Forward info c1 pm Missi 0 n Mer chant s / a Isu a /. T�s70s. Trot Cash for hides ind Plinea it a Chandike generally bought and told is in ibo i. Jy4-3m j. B. Sut bldg. A Kalb in5 to i is and tin Ware 1 Kosth menus. In a to Aiti. A. St -.a, . 1st Job work 0 All kinds Promp Tiv at Teal jts e. F. Ewing 4. Co., receiving o r w a r Din j general commission merchants j Bra Guam Vastl Lotom , a Wertti a in a to aau i Mere Hanife and Sale e to v. Jr4-lt a be i the a be j ahle Rae at i is to to 1 w1 to in a k i .a or cite . Al Ca to. Wit so in to m j an Mac. I t a a a Aie 1 Nis adj i at pr.-. Carit-1. A s. I Irson Ami 1 k i.l\. Iriek1s. Val Stin a 111. Air fire Jasura uce have ios the Power to Nar another 1 Trust the Glik Iii which now haole Over the land will Oon he dispelled note is j the time or the Patriot to come Forth and j consider that is to be Gaiu a by a change we Are called upon to desert the Gallant j thousand who for years have been to i our Battle against fanaticism in the North j heretofore they have aided us to conquer Ami we have been willing to abide Villi them. New after a struggle More to Lori Ouk than any hey yet have made they have de c us i been driven Rock Gurr Ameet. the the 1. They still a cons ii. ready in Bittie with a in its in 1v1.ce True Mei ill Over Texas the a to ii that we Yeai e the i not . A cause i cannot Holive that we can Al present More safety out the a i ban in it. Here i us my stand so Lunjas 1 e is maintained by " Federal Slock Oli a. Loans on a till a Oitt. Omit Mol to Pitt i us a Over. The c it pan Mirati. V n 1 esses. 01 a Rel ally or Luce in curse t is is a r re i Sonnic a is a a Crumn. R be i Sast. A r in port i 1 k. 0 t 0 h b li.i., i vej1 Al. I i ii to i. K \ ire a or. Ihms 1 its Wolarov. 1. 1. Inion. Viola. Wolston Wells l Tidor i uen Enil commission merchants Tram. a to Vori be Vinn in i nth a r a a a r a i it a r a a j a 1 lit re Tir scr Tir ii m 1ie., w a a i i to Cah a Sicu to con Priil-.t.-. Iu�-c1 turn will a Tnp i i a 1. Ace lit r5j. J Reisui. Cd. N Tocan Al i  y Imi a when Chi ii in. I a. N. Lid 0.n k. I r t i n x e r n l com Mission ni-.-. V. A l Ole a air a i. Fat it by or is e. \t., Asj a i k. L. I Fokd a c l i n kor v i Mai san m 1 11 ii a n to r. A z a t r. General Mercha n u d mid. Tret cot a i . To i ,-s.r, a 1 a \ s t l . -. Ii Sil a a idl a lit. Or cd Lull autuori to victim " Federal Union is it is. 1 am now in a i. wife ill i the 11 Ben it s my that i illicit a Elas is Wro Iii. Made am Tor the the is c. Rue Sui j. A lat i i i Nisi. Ill by ii e in. . A 1. . Were i y us. J Iowa d to the i Tore feeling to a i Darner Iii Clit Eom. I ror St in Arm will ii St hand to a.nd j my . I Suljo ult t a i anxiety Tonii 1 do at present -, Iti. 1 vill hair to to Ivolure the Nii oort ties civil m or. I a it be hot few i e Fiel Flint i h. The bwe my car. I r " o old e i lit ,-,Iez my once 1 Huri its titles with Patio Loe b t to i",.- that i tit. I a perils Rri-ofwi.mi in a coi Totle Hal Wai with its attend a 1., hi., Nish. It. J Raj ire and ii vat n 11. I s Siisi re Visi i til opon it Zoilo Oil us my j mints and att r in Ink to attn is tin Dis a solution the Best tavern Mienl that Ever existed. I a cold sink to the lamp n Ofa Hope that Freni oin would be regenerated or our posterity a it the Rikss a Moirs with which we h it Parton. I pause and Ponder wll 1 re we action Wijt de i St thu ten. Sam Hob on. To died in. two years last Days embittered by the Fie dogs he be describes. A. L. A eke. Tumanu Eiri Hsion seem to follow contraction id business a Day follow Highl Aud Tice . The n. V. Times jays there a a to do a heavy credit business with the South at present Ziy mento be made after the Cotton Bas been brought. Raid and disposed in the fail to lha. Vvs Hope it will ool be Arris so Lar a to Lead to i by general or permanent renewal the id credit system with the Southern status. Business throughout tie country now is on a sound Cash or soon time basis and it ought to be kept so Ever hereafter. Soot Carolesa is to be divided into four districts Corona Oded respectively by 0ms. Balc Lauwick Hatch and Felt to. I 1 r k i to h ii 4 a. Groceries lil quoi s. Dry goods. Straw goods boots a a. Shots Flats. Col Tinc Iii Mitre. Rock Era. Glass Vare. Fancy goods Maii Zitery Sutler s goods pc. To i imnet v. And us i r in i j. S. Sellers l 10., general i Omin Tsiou and Pierc Hants a Ritt a Iasi " it " 1.1. V Aik c i it. I 11 1 he \ re c t v a. I. A a t a 1 a a l is n t Luitt Lull a ibis to. To i he a Dan a 1 a by  c a n. I a 5 in r \ t y a a a a " a " i. A. Timah i. I i t i it i 1,. Via Kli 11. S. In a sons m i it Ami Ink is a. to. As. I., n. R " a. A re i  m a a the Paris j. Urals qute Lui Bro p Aru i speech urging a p 1 cd clemency a. The amerian o Venus it a d Gceral v praised it. Several express Hope that the. Humane suggestion May be attended to. This pre Ide. T a. Pin Sumabon opening the Souther Pris is regarded As b �0 Ial to a torm1 declaration Pace aft Kwh be Congress we Ich expired by Liroi Taiin the suppression the rebel on. Will no Lancer he enforced. I the capture and sri a North n i vis t. J and Beauregard s private letters is reported. Cd a Jusston id s u on to i cab i in1 a i it us ots it. A , a. A p to. Z. T. Stow la it a die & mrs Tow Lul Ano is i Aii is Nils varnishes color 11 Brit k. I a in .d--, a.-., a. Corner o Market and2i Strets. Ii s iat.vbstos1 r i As Tompkins ii Llanil put. U r be Viv. a a i. A a nil that it u in re \ 1 be Ier a b la  a a.  a. A Mitru r v. A co i Tii Pac a n . I Mvi Hnyz a. \ . Lift b i. Ii la i. ,. La b a i tie in off i i a a u., t. A a i ii. Ruf Fin to h n a k t v i i i i no i k " a Ai . F3 us Ait lib i 1 c no porni.t Ower a r a. It. N eth or in u r Atli .1-.v c i fit a  ? y �.��. Bauer k 10 t a Viti n in i m i. I it Iii drugs and medicines. Lumber. La Iuler. 1 general on Nils Ion .mcich.tnts, j Llya to. . -. St Asp. Imi Vrat is Nurcy Smith k co., Edtl in fac l firs 1 a so j c0mmissox m Kiu giant , i exam. Have in to air i fuse. U str i to or Sale freight or charter Uri 1 " Ber. Delano apply to a. a o. Have fit he Birk a li11 i it ii m to s a
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