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Civilian And Gazette Tri-Weekly (Newspaper) - July 8, 1865, Galveston, Texas A 8tuael editor. J a satur.d4. We Auto advices from Brownsville to thur the Rise in. The River Cottini cd. Catnap a and a Steamer bad been up i the streets of Ibur town. The Steamer compadre with 180 Bales co ton had been sailed by tie United states a. Thormities. I was alleged that she was a can had hoisted the United staff Shi in order to soap being Seiz a or fired on b the liberals. The affair would be incest Pat and the Laws of the United so a enforced. Cortinas was fix Miles above Brownsville with a Forca not stated. He had held an interview with Gen. Brown. Cortmas is. Now nominal a Llo eral but of Terr to Genaio character. Comargo is still occupied by French troops. Vidal had bean tried and shot by Alexia. Lie do erred fits Fate on several accounts. We base Virions Rumor which Are too slightly sustained for repetition. Nanoma publish to Day inc n portions of the License income Aud direct. Taxes levied by the United states As apply to Texas omitting such parts As refer to articles j manufactured exclusively St the North. A late official circular from Washington says i without waiving in any degree she rights of be Jovero ment in respect to taxes that hate heretofore accrued or assuming to exonerate the tax payer from Bis Legal responsibility for of neb taxes the department deem it advisable to insist at present you their Piv Roodt so fax As they were payable prior to Tii establishment of a collection District embracing the territory in which the tax Paer re.ide�. Hut assessors in the several collection District recently eau Blishak in the Sites is Ely in insurrection Are directed to require returns add make awes smelts for the several classes of tiles for the appropriate Legal period preceding the first regular Day on which a lax becomes due after the,stabli8bmem of the District that Uto say n the several District in question. T in proper tax will be assessed up u the income of the year 1884, inasmuch As the tax for that year is due upon the 34th of june subsequently to the establishment of the District. Aii persons found doing any business for which n License is required will be assessed for the proper Lioen be Omni the 1st Day of the month in which the District is established. I Ersnes engaged in any business for which monthly or que truly returns Are required to he made will a assessed Lor the month or Quarter for which r turns should be made at the firs return do after the establishment of the District and the came principle will apply to those taxes which Are Savable at different Neioda Jim 4 and i 2 i-5 soaps Kuulii a o Tel Jai per 1,001 cubic feet from 1 2 to 30 it. Eueral business Trade or profession $10 hogs slaughtered sch 10 Cis. In Cote of Evera important. The mexican Steamboat compadre with 16 Bales of Colum Aud seven Raa sengers left Camargo on monday lost. From one of the passengers or. John Kel Lett a have received the following important statement the Cor padre on her tray Down fearing an attn from guerrillas had resort to raising a Ting of the United state. Whether bad the effect or not the Ciann a was not hied into but on her Way Zhc met a Federal Steamboat which passed tin compadre some four or five Miles but he commander of the Federal boat not ii ing the looks of the Flag turned his boat Down Stream overhauled Arm seized the Corn pad re Twenty Miles this Side Reynosa mid took command of her. The Federal i a it then proceeded up the River. The compadre with a Federal guard aboard arrived at Brownsville night before Iasi. Upon a Huia icet4 being Given he Federal m Brownsville Flint their Ting i Van simply raised on the compadre be a Todge against guerrillas they it Naiuli will Ion lies Tate t/6urrender the boat and cargo a once to lie own cry though Alliey May not Ilka the no very use made of it. Or. Kellett id forms us that the Granne Rose at Camargo thirty Leet in then i four hours but had fallen Twenty feet i before he left As far As he could learn no l is had been lost though diary Rancho kid Heen keep away by the flood. Fiton Arn Virgo Down or. A Liett Tays this mile a a the liver is almost an unbroken Cornfield. I All has been destroyed by the overflow. At i Ticho div in the people had Cragun it a for Protection awaiting the arrival of i a Terai forces from below. Preserved Fruita flab vegetable fish. 6 per i. Rill Radii on Tosa receipts 1% Widy made clothing 8 per i. Salaries on All sums f ice Dirig fid 5 per cent. Segars per 1,000, $10 Cigretta Fot of Cretty five u ecu s. Sewing machines 6 per it. Sheep slaughtered 6 cts. Under 20 a rapt. Ship i and a tier veal Soa Ralzie lfl5 per it. On be Iota to cd repair a a Bike above Iff per dt., a ff-10 per it. 9kfns, tanned 6 per of Rouff tb/40 cts. 8oapr Wilned Bot above s cents per Mills above 5 els., 1 1-5 cent. Fan Rotre. A soft a per it. . I stills Loka w a. Of i sugar from Casa 2 t-6 a. Pm a la extra.  a tob�cc6, smoking 35 cd per la. Chewing 40 cts. Per la. Tools 6 per i War Photine receipts for p a Perth Ink the d no $400 id value 10 c -4 from Jisoo to�1000, 20 Oil each extra $1000, ten cts. Wner tanks 8 for Peiu. Watches Worth $100 or less $1 Over $1p0, wholesale dealers in sums up to $ 0,000, 50 each additional $1,000. $1. Wholesale liquor dealers Selling in Manti ies Over 3 gal�., $50. Wood manufactures. 6 pet it. Psf this list does not contain Artic not , or but rarely made in Texas ant taxed at the place where they Are manufacture. Cbkhc3zca of a that Ball i the epitome or Nix civilian 1 i notice in your Piper that you Haa Lany applications from acquaintances Foret Jlove rent. Will you allow me to so geat through your columns thai Soma of these persons might do themselves and the pub j lie a service if they would open an Citelli Nufi just 8, i865. Established in Mav of ital. Orfio or Otto com ,b3bxigjiltf8al. I x str it or thus. Tue june 38ib, 166i. Person exceed nerf a and not exceeding $5 00u. On All above $600, per it. Excess Over $5,000, 10 per Cut i of manufacturer 6 be Rem a casting ant try 1 t a a Railroad ton $3 60 pig $2 40. " s Pence office where parties Dean my serian-1 leather 6 per it. Labourers s 1 a 11 cat a retd cars Rufaro us Iron Rui Ajcuc Stoery for operating railro.v-, it. Rapti wires. Id tutors a id inst Ron ots f r Wjk Ratini Telegraph lines shall cease from id after the present Date. By order of the president of rho a. Tis. Of signed e. U. astr Man and ant . By order of . . V. W. Emfs Msj. K a. A. G. A bad Artkras us strut Tutlis i  , Jutie , ly6i. General orders to. 7, i. To secure affect. Us and Ciuta Riouz Diana sea Are oot brought into the state of 1 of Fol Fol without by Way of Ibe Gulf Hac is re Side Nortof inhabitants and Una o secure a Amiott coat ton Al in raise to to in posts. The it thus specific 1 w ii he Rha Gei w duties he Reillier Al Uit .-.led, a wished wiil a Fetter. I a a a ii. In Case of Sruv ii of of ule United states it Lear e fat Lou diseases Are i of r. I for of toe United states will to. A class out ii or Vire to the coast Hare i Meid Anute rec nations a Tain specified Hiel t or Cloua do Eake is d a the Bua Diug Olfier i i n . Vessel a Cert Ifju to to to. A to be Pernik Amhi subvert to the m Ury i t lace. J Ano car of. To Frei it.  a a  injun any 1 Cis Vii Ufa inv a. Under e it t. I ill. All vessels ire a  i 1805, Vruir and of. I Ca the West l id a i a. -. I North of to i v. A Dine of St re vessels r i gut if be in Tia cried of to 11 lion i r a. I under this heading tie hew York Sun Tiv times reads a forcible homily upon the idea tidal All is not Gold thai glitters and oat the Man who has pile has in consequence sowed Contentment Bis Days. The times 111 three pictures a Triune of wealth Rathe follow Tup sitting Hook St a ilium i. As or. As he lower and w the automatic gait moves if to , 1 Saemg neither us the right in the left Aud Menjiv deeply in Kiersi d in mental Arith Rne Miof Essiy. Lie is lie oppress pack t re " of his own grist affairs a being  might Hare tripped gaily through the u id with a Light heart Ana a thin Ziair of   Ches had he not been a pet of i a Tut but. A. 11 is sloops under a weight 1 rent roil Otid and mortgage almost too heavy for a icily humanity to Bear. Unfortunate fiuman i Al Atlas with a world of wealth upon Bis a Aikers and care Aid anxiety sitting like a i Cubi perched upon its lop How we Ity 1.0.111 and yet such is the effect of habit in r on Ding and even attaching Man to his bar fins. That he would be More Likely o Leelanee thank us. Should we tier to Esse bin of part of ins. F i tru Odore auder bilt seems to have More Backbone than or. Astor and bears his Lorty Mali oils with Porter like Elnick we Sav fort Iii icons ill. Parton Lite biographer it praises his real and Persona " at stun lie Lanny Lar. A s figures a ii Lyle o to the , but the commo More is nevertheless a Tiv solid Man " and will no doubt " Cut up 1, by fjan Sorne. " t. Stewart who is we presume to it As far and raced in the millions As v Oil Kotore always i up ars i us to by w orking Lui Ica Ted 3ticn in Coro Pouti interest As in Wains the streets. Although a lightning , tie is Public Al lest to e Mist of Meu. We Are if in sure that making Muney is to him a sedative and not an exc ant. Are we mistaken in suppose ii g that be was merrier and happier years ago a a clerk than tie now is us Llie controller of us five and Twenty millions following named persons for which they Are Tolany the sum placed opposite their names in agents insurance ten dollars. Do. Do. Foreign f 0 dollars. Apothecaries 10 dollars. Architects 10 dollars. Ami yrs see " auctioneers a Bike annual Bales do not exceed $10 000, 10 Julurs auctioneers exceeding $10,000, 20 dollars. Bankers Usui capital exc Edin $60,000 for Eib License 100 a cars. Hankers a leg capital exceed inc to Iino f r every additional $1,000 in Excena of of 000, 2dollan. Billiard tables each 10 ols Brewere see "brewers,2? and re Dols. Brokers 50 dels. Bri kers Pawn a sift Una exceeding a �,000, 50 Dols. Brokers a in using Capi Al in express of $50,000, or every additional $1,000 in excess of $50,00c, 2 a Lii. By Allt rvs for each Alley 10 ii Oil. Builders of ships houses ate., 25 Duls. But Lars see Cal tie Brik is of aide Ano at saus do not exceed. $10,0011, 10 Jol. Cattle by Kris exceeding $0,000. For each audition. $1000, 1 do. Circuses 100 dollars. Civ engineers 10 Dols. Claim agents 10 Dols. Coal my distillers 50 do. Commercial brokers -0 Roii. C i Cert balls 100 dollars. Confectioners 10 Dols. Contractors 25 d is. Conv of inc is 10 Dols. Custom i be brokers 10 Dis i Dentiste 10 Dols. Distillers see " Kattnig Kiouses 10 dolls. Axhi Vitious not Ott Serwise dollars is Buttars 10 Dols. Lorse dealers 10 doll. Insurance agents 2j Ito a. Insurance agents foreign 50 do intelligence office keepers 10 i 1 gift enterprises 50 Doii Art. Jacks in dollars. J , 20 i is. Land warrant brokers. 2s div lawyers 10 Dols. Livery St by keepers in Ioir. to Ket Deairs k o to s. A res. 10 d a. I a tent Ngi i a 10 i  s. Title system and Effort in this matter would be productive of Benefit to All parties who will establish an intelligence office in Gill Aston after tile Northern plan ? Galveston ant news of the Day. Mrs. I Judia Huntley Sigo Mey of Harl for conn., Tut famous poetess died a Fiort tip be general say Tenn speeches at Cuic a real on to the tvs lion of peer Suffy , v. A a delivered some of. Which a san Psi a. Fever May fro Vail a May Toach or t official 1 mentioned to is. A in Stirr to Xis for to Porta a Hon i r Voton june 17 a ls85. He prevalence of c tit. General orders to. 1. Ease is Vannort id i i. Pursuant to is from he Fleadet garters a Tine t to Ablations. The  i by division of Southwest dated few 1 direct the m to tiie a Lyrle ins june 13. Isn5, the under signed As Point select d Jair. Sumes command of All troops within the stat report with it delay to tin no Tex a. J facts in the Case u ii a j Between the and u Iii i and on such Days As the c my s i v or direct i Osau must he accompanied by a Gua aiite., Asol ots " we. Be on Dersie Nerev guarantee.  else the foil go in id of a act Pete tall Benin v i. Lig f is Nori to mid c i Tiona in a i to a or a  c Lutr Al Lisl 1 c exec cd with i a id in 1. Sum of 5.000. A a ones of. 1 Tor. All 11 a i i Oll to t i Thirll line 111 loj i Stile Ali in fun i re Ide ci.p�, lab b i Mist us. A Iii a a  i t. Viveros intent Matiaco he to it Aud a oops of to bidder s o 1 i of till Selc -. The right to a i us i. Rvs vied. Propest s be a dip i a ".0 p an e exp a Nimo. S. A a lilo. L Chis. Alio id to to i or. 1 a s 1. Col. X 0 s. A i i a to a. In v 1 it u to Kri unit tic Ltd i of r i t i a  a to a r a a is a n. U r i n .1. A i. A i i or a a. tax i a it . Is it. F \ t \ a i Xiv 1m Irun a i a a a re 1 h m a. R a in i i i ,ak�4 it a a  tub f r Hudah i.  a   a i of Cra i i o lha a. To  Irv it i v to i i a u Ora a a a ski h c  a l j j i l c la i v. T a 1 a f 7a of a 1  x s or i Rel d a he a l a a \ i -1. V i  i or nod v a a m a. I i my 1 of r t a. A. A a h r it 1" a  a a a in j 1,. Uil i is i a a a f j i a. A i or a re 1 re a. A in Irr. F he  f a ii in.  a j i Witlie. W -.  a a a nine to s Svir of. A 1 it i err. A Lva v a advertise to the had been made Genera free he said that the go Vermont would require to substitute some ivs Leto if labor in j order that the lauds of the South i Frlj r a Tiv ated. He wanted those who bad been Iti the South to Bear testimony to the condition of these freed no Gores. His own personal Opin la j was that they were not Homo for the verse of the franchise. He wanted tiie Moget a fair Price for to Brit labor to own and Chi i ate the lands but he d d not thick they i i Ted i Uke part in the legislation of the Cou a a t if a i nne of the state of met in i to not to ii the 1. A and i of Fin Adjr-1 to \ mat of a i Rihs state to Jioie a 1 Law and racer Tel Subu Isginn to the. To Tuff a i r.i-�, Owci in Ieuan mtg All or i jut icons cold it. Ii. No a biases or permits will be Fec Len i cd a the Tut of tvs except he auth Irir Arnm Cert Dan rat is urn or Aioo of the Southwest or Fruta in Csc headquarter. Iv-i-2vr 11 a j or Gea. . Official Ilfra Lder ihtkr3 in strict of Tia Tilv t i june 19, Imp. \ Genera orders a. 1 Tatj sly it i the District to As fal. Vo\f., a St. Adj t u. As. V. J i s. T asst.94lh Lii. Vuis., chief Lieut run idd. Oen l. Lieut. Co. R. 0 or it i.i1 . Lirot. Of. J. G. Cd Indk c q. M. Urgero c. Ii. White. A. S., medical Captain of w. Fox 23n. Y. Baurr chief of Artie v. Up i. H it la i mice. Sea to Art a of order inc. Provided Jet in j Iven r. By. It re 10 Dnn ,1,. I Tilers a tee p Der l by. Raph ram of i h Pii Asician if try. Phuol f re a old gift its. Pihi e i k�8, c Keal estate agents 10 a s a cd Tiv e. See " Keiiti the retail Drill res ii . Retail dealt the in ii Are a Satin or hunks hav of t " of i we is Busl is is it i to ird i a re it it us and loaning be Hohnie fur the beet fit dej.tittir-, and a Bice or. No other t us backing Ball nut be liable to pay or Lias 100 to i. Slut ass . Owners of 1c d a. Ste Kuers add rebels Etta Dilg 25 Dois i a or onor f who have Llo Raicic of Art being rele6ed. J in of. He Foj a Milfs of Minnesota the Kara a hoppers have devoured the crops. A retrospect a a Ravoo d to i a w in in to Fig us St inn re ,.Wii be Subj not to the act july id due Bari o est b j Pecuh i by did net / .ic.iors. The by Leo if part m Ficner. is t. Jr-i-30, is i did sin a s d a i Tiv in up to thai time am Puntini to a a a .-7, gov. i m Daj. To the legislature. X  Ain no the t �.-. Irr. Run Drin ind i Iii Dia for my Ali Muf Rke ican it to i firm a i Rife i us the a if n a end Irr cd in the Fly a " a i id in a c a which of the. Hav. 1st ii it. J. 1,. Nakor on v of my it to. Major w. L a vary amp. Tib c. S Sargent Iamp-3d wjaconai3 voli., to. S. Vuis., at in Dev. S. Is. Aide de of. ,  Geek. Corr iad King. It Khz a of strict of taxi.  by Jun la a the a twp e o to fans Arr informed the a a Cirinc web a of Tamati Artici the f tbet"nitfl6 Start " a is \ is Are ire Phis involve 4 Nix Oluff of Quality prs Ikic med a nth had Jpn its cd property hey to ? Cav no Crit it Iii us us Iii  i i did Veri d in a but Rte passt Rien Ahi cloth ref and a fax mid All the r n de will be tatar. And the Adduis a a acted that no Debarka Tiou to i i Uke u Cep t w a 111 i q u a ran. I be i 11. T a 1-Ball Ortive elapsed since the . Want car of c a Ita iou i a Mic a it. Vessels leaving p a i 1 by military forces Are a Cai boards a Osier a or i a  facilitate intr Etra in. v. The Cooperiii in is. In the a tur Cement of a i r h v Ord of a a. \ f. A. A mkt maj a. He a i i -7. R a. A v. A a a Genera orders. X. I. Trien a f to t l a a a private purpose i f i n a sents i l b Injen oi35 or a and in " "  Dic a re d a Ili err Ai. 1 . E. R i  i h"m3, a in a a be 1 " a. A a 1 re if t Iii did i  a let a 1a a a 11. To a a a. W. Is i i i Luio w.  a a a i \ it. If a 1 f h. To. V a. R. Or 1/ a a h a i e Bow is. Co. H link ale 4�rwtrs. O m m is Iii a Iio Hants. A ii r i of 1 to tits. A a lev St re a Niv \1. " r. To i. J \ j a a i a.  i i l Mlin ii. x \ 1 la a1 c a bar i. A. , my or a tax or a i. I .4-l t 1 the i lilt f i Tai. Frack  \ t t a . Iniz Attan Imig . A. 1. _ a. -tr-1 Crews  i car 1 a i to v 1 m  to to Lri nth. At i q in ? n taif a i i h to Var Iii a a ii re thai t of Tki a in Durrf 1 a t. F offa track 1 to a i to in Iii Lull a nil let Laa Vivis or. F till in innate tin i i , a in a i. I to to 0 i Nat. Offic and i Tisia Urpo i Sec Emilou Are r am is of Tel of Tunnel let to to k it Lvi to Vii uie r 1m i a i i. in Hai a i rur Eori Tobacc Ninaj la Doit Arf. 10 Dole. . I manufacturer and or in Era of j tools and Iii Pomenti Garden seeds is Vujs and hollow Ware i from wid a War and Der deliver Uig and Sei i at Fth in Aie and of said a Tirls themselv8 Rob a a Hho Virvo \ genl. I places other than i ice of Man i facture shall it be required Tor Bale j thus , to take out and Cense Iber for. J not otherwise r pen Fie iof Bone. Per it. 6 per it Brit Les  per it Copper. F p. I t. Rutton 6 per it tax i per a Siuss 6 per cd ,2 n per c Vuta Perch a 6 per it. Hemp i per a High o \ per it. India rubber. 1 per it. Iron of Percy. Ivory i per cent jute per c c per i. J 6 per 6 per j p i Drina Ith All l v a Ern a of the Stato in Chi a per Virgin. Irjud will a a reports no Ihn t a in in in a the w i in a i my City Sei mud Joti iced is have of a l Eti item under the a Cati no a. l r a a o and acts Ifa give met and her of i a am a Vii and or Irav the Ltd Cunt Era to of the save of Tea in l. Wiil to . Rep a of in purr a. Or Mich Kel Nad hereafter the in a of tact t Tri a de he m a Auu i ". s a ice Wallat i k co., a Vern in a i priv  Hohl v. Mich v ii i i. I Al. And pal Tui it Ciot Hiuer. Or. Few flu. K. Kam . Armr. I a -1, us to f that i m lies j -1 u1 i i i is thit i  a i. It u-.4 t a a Jait -. Attarin v j t i us Raj t Nith it to. In Tsi Oil Hrcan. Ait r a t the. Or r Cru ,.ir / Ili ii a ri., Oiler a nip a a i w Ith. Tin il.r.vi1 men havin in heir p. Joti irn Cui to Wal 11 a Ami i i la i Tupi rat Tai s r i it a. A Vve Lor tie May Lis to a a memorial numerous la signed has been pm to the i act Tiant asking that the $20,000 a i ice of Hii Ami stir proclamation be with drawn Jis a is a or Recai and needless of Lea her a per it. A per 6 per it. Pottery erect. Wilkow Al per of. Wood Cerii. Wool or it. Ursil a 0 or it. Materia s. R per cd. Masts 2 to per it jatcht.�. Box i it. Clear lights 2 cd Retura 1st 1000 Buo Btl a c tic Femc 1000, 24 Eta. It Ais pro served 6 Percy. A do Rel water quart bottles 1v� it. M0, $3 two 400, $4 Over $400, 6 per it. He i a Ilter to Uay a c s. Per Lent i 4 Tivice if per other pro i he i new in Post is u the slates. A the reas Tia w i. V in general Siy the dec i Wib Terrell the m a p a a t Pho trips Tod tic in a his he Culver do in1 Hrdi if a or to arid to rth ii i i ii ook in Ifie i i or d1 v a. A o Ras from Utitco i u. An i i Val citizens. The Virginia let Lri in j .t.rneil,. After a Avinoff the Echt of for Chise to late enemies o Tho nation a 1 it i ref ried hat the Iii re a in inn j lately try Etc ii run \. . I t Furd vt-rdic., and will report so noon a the 1 Recai Deot is for Artin any in. To con of in d Ateia it or at Ai Arce Frohri a r her Der in the r 1 re of a w v in or i p \ Al other per re i Hsinh i he v c. Err. H a a i or i a a y t a of i a to the or in a -. A a s a tet i it. A l nit a states the near a of the. A mentioned it on a  of in i. Is t. R it n my in m a at b Ider s a to t to. Cach i or in i t or. Ocein str Iurii. am v to i  to lit in. 1. Potter. It atm. Tii. A he thai. In Sam i it i it Loer i r All a a this i re r it North . M of ii a Urh Rili i Cinnlt a err to. A. A have not the pm n a r he liars ctr in in and sent rope Ai pee  " Ormy Tiv i Onra err and with a in a int i in h.ti-. Rorr. f a 1 Uit in. It i 1 \ r t on. H in i Rod Tiou at la. 1st Gohl Clr fed at 14". Army Supply hrs mini is Tor Rinh til. Oft tick of i tits i a huh it1 fat it .1 Kal cd Piti l n a. In scape to Mara Sims rus to in t Enrri to.tiilera.actj it Brigham Slitt t , to Young. A Ishi got in la 1.-the military pm Mike in m hag str a upon a re Ulici in the Oon Srur by cast w. Wimch.ll by announced As woo As the presid tit is to id. 1s65, i i. To the it is Dwumfu a a. Titer Ilent s or Alt a r a tit a ill l ii. I Sute if the presi .1 t j a 0o�l it ctr r . Jim How Kei i. By re Vii. I-., in. A a Herrbo i Arclar no it them and i to Inie of the Huayin race. Add will to meat to in. Brider m m of. Tlam. . F. W. Pm Rev. Mij. A a. A. J�4 1idi, mis Irv at so i a in Slitni iils  ju.i be i., in term ii at. A Mai Ned re a is published fur tax in j a War department i Ait Tim tfefral.5 of ctr. V w i no .-.ti, Joe 2d, 17�5.v general order a l i7, it Movil no a a strict Long in Trade ordered 1 a a Fri o a a. F to Arnii it. A Timet of the under non the cod tract.Wii .-inr. R and he in lord re r 1 in a or it i 15 of i in .11 v i the t it to not to 1 Loury or to tons up of Lunert i. Neck a of. M of rho Tiant Tiff a rna
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