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Civilian And Gazette Tri-Weekly (Newspaper) - August 23, 1865, Galveston, Texas Tace find my to Xmas a., r ". P a it. M. Elgin Antto Orat 4m our. Kineard Dagly a Crockett Deputy grand master. A. 0�tjirlnwt�, 6. 8. W. P. C. Oneker , it. 3. W. James q. Tram or. Geu. H. Hoa lob q. Secretary. W. F. Swain i Lumitia let . Jon grand a Cret .Ry. I it grand captor texan. . Tuck a , g. H 1 Gil Fri Loust d g. H. P.  1 i a Bien Hain g. A. . V ,1. Veal , g. I. A l , Pell Hill g. X. Lorr sier Ili stoic. S. 1-. Gill to Auti a. Chaplain. I Rigley. Libony g. C b. 1. Austin g. P. S. \ 11 Houston g r a. C. 1. Sums bid j.ickbor", 1 m.3 v. A am , g. M. 2 v. S. T Eli. W. 1 v. A i Icli Corsica iia g. U. 1. A Vetog m. V 11 v Euk w. , e. Vis. N i a , do 1. A i 2 Ile do .id.-,11, a i to. S. B. Gal vet . St.1in, Mialon do Hull i g to. Let teary a office at the office Stetary the grand Lodge  he Minn Maio Stie to Houston. it Kustek grand a Cre Art. Iwo mule a and Laam. Fargo co a. , for , and tiie Oana lie crop Chi j " t won i inform my Friend and the Public a a Millet Barley Rye. Peas ,i,St,s,g,. T a a Al p i a re comm. for aume mow a not a us I.I.prus1 win re Dian express for All Parte Canada. Galveston garbs. A cd it. T h a Cunahan Beta he eur As Dodo Hie Frienda thro Ghun toe stale that he has a tamed Home a a i a or Nummi the he a Hom team Ftp Timm Ihu Irmok Tyiee. Ybara be will us b pay us it and x re Ike Oli Patrica t. Al Troi v Well m Tbod a 1. B. Mom Aaan k co. Hau soroa and will 001 object to new aug Zimera. Porta be opted thet will make a Hii tents Tkal Olu Currins Knodt to new York and Liverpool. A too july 8th, 18o4-twa�r4t. A. L. Avery strand Galveston hat hand and fur Large Stock fresh goods Coop rating . Groceries liquors or Good Straw goods boots k shoes hats nothing tinware crockery glassware Fane goods Tauener Sutler s goods ac., la i at variety and Luita Bedfor country and family Trade. J 8 Law Cras. Lapine scans a is old Bland. Galveston cards. Galyk Ston cards general commission comm4s8lojru merchants nw4, c b. C. A wet Kiwi. Plain and ornamental pla8tesi1, Olav Mon 18 Dow pre Paraf a a lath aa4 Piaster Soaries l. We Wood 1mfobtkk and Muli is foreign and Domestic hardware Iron and Sterl la War. Stoves plows Grindstone a having returned with his a us cd to Galveston a cd Una i my it a rur and Bei g daily receipt new Ood h is a share pm tron age you cited All work do so prepared t Supply he friends and the Public i prompt y can a it . Lott a s. Block generally with goods i line at lowest j North Catholic College. Y�3m Market prices. Jav Sorley Smith co., Cotton factors and commission m e r chants Galveston teh8. Have reopened their office strand Street and Are prepared to at Eod to Baal Penis. Jays Law. Ball etchings t co., Cotton factors j. B. , Bauk stoves and tinware Cotaya sic Fiaai to Giro 22d ft�iit9, to xes. Leg work .1 kinds promptly . Jul b. F. New log ahco., receiving forwarding for further inform Uon enquire at the company s for improved Galveston prope . A Dultin office at Ball. Hutchings & co s , Thein re strand Corner 24th Street. &ug2 s. A. Hooke agent trustee s Sale Galveston City property school n0tic mrs s. S. F Alibi and airs ill e open Schimil the it 1 monday sept Alier. Ii he formerly Loci shied by them the Boruh Side I.I. Public luate.?t,_. A j Jelusic Laught by mrs. E. A . Goa Tianta to primary c lasses. .3 Oft for month adv Nee classess4 t 7 tar do lie Kitias Bumas to i Ower. the 1st us icon hianu$7 50 do arts Ider to a. Ure Chi pay Leht 1 Lent Uirt 00 a do his four ctr I.I. a Missiti , Ihu hrs. For t he vocal music without charge. Aon and the her three tur $1 a 0 e cd. Antig 10.erti. I. give r , Ilio. the Pur j a a g la o us t Chaae due my . Ther. Perth Hertin Afier j \ de or bed Dlo Couve Linual he said p o Elt to Houston t exas i All 3, a lock. . 6 5, m the i .,., Jawed for tie _ Tiree Tab d the beat sume my old brain eat j. Shackelford Cotton Factor commission and shipping merchant j 26 strand Galveston. The proprietor Oran Yonkof said i Oten Houghl re Uain uni Aid when a Rece i Paa due that he True pcs r either one the Trua a"11"6 Teea therein i Ametha i. At the Eque at the older thoroughly repaired and t said notes Ell the a a Lou or to ,.f Asid Homent is Prei Ltd my fort lot. As May Nece .Ry o raise Ai. Am. Unt efficient a a Ket affords to maker is com Rte to pay the exp uses Al Aid he unpaid nou or notes at Public auction for Cash i. Ble. For the coven ence guests i Lin ump Allenl. L. A. I to. I 1  m i1. I Mil commander. . To l a la. U. C. .1., w , g. G. N i. V.,, go. To ,. G.  a.  to. 1. 1 i to a Tii 11 s. W. Sir 11. H i or. A ,.1. A. R a . To ,-.ry, lion i. T. S i u. Us Jerru it .11. I. S. I i Gri a i. To. Unav be found ii i a Creary the a info Wail a. A to Attr str Uvell to i Ilu olh1? leu Fucia charge. Exc auge 0\ new , new York and London it ale. Aug Green Lacfi for Sale Tor it Market Rale i. It total inc Lewis a co., Iwlew St Laud Galveston. Furnish 1 rooms am i Mardinia to 11 and at i 1, .1. A. Ii. 4 v u s Al tool. Ujj by a. . , eat i Dei the Tranate telling to cont a i the Pur. Or Parcha my nud pro part the name b Ood Dod Butl Wiedt deed or tie s r d Wherta Tiff three Dole for 9 000 rach Are past due and unpaid Ai d tie rest us h rider thereof has r Quested the Alder lpns a Ruo be to wll Aid property to. Liui t v i r t to Eft a Date the said not and unpaid Indore Here x5u vi5�- pc Tulili to Clel a Hedi Eiyee to Aid req menu Thornty me wasted i y 61 1 de d run i. I Hll. A trustee a Orea avowed a Atrie Lefiti Ina ant. At the coast House door t e county Lial Veaton Between the hours 10 and 11 a. M said Day. Effer and expose to Public outer., to tue Hig deat Fidtler Tor Cash specie the said several log. Or to Many them is May be Nec Saar to Rise the req I.I. sum to pay expenses the sail three notes a d not rest. The said lots Are ver eligible to thug the Brock imbued lately West Bath Avenue nth a Avenue b. Or strand Street i he liter Loaid pro i by the Alf past " the highest bid morning train., breakia.1 will the Pur us .1"5k" t Kish Labozan & Mcgar Cotton factors strand Galveston. Oat tee sen s a Ildiko up stairs. Josw Tway commission merchants Vestos 1exas. I i. O. By abcs. General commas Sid Merti ants by Sihau. Warthin qty . T�xa8. 1 to special attention Giro to the Sale . Cir tax. Nerc Handiii and Purchase Cotton. Jv4- 8earcy & Carter attorneys and Counselor at Law Gal eaten Texas. Gen l commission merchant special Attu Given to the Purchase Ana t r sae real_esute._________jl2ll_ by Fiat ice Mazarr Sra Arr Edward t. Austin i Ewt to. I v4t regular Salt. Waadne Ablat and Satur attorney and Counselor Day will a required a h e Wadw be Tfir Baa than they Cau lie roast. Anal begs the us he Gene rail Tol Shimbel re Perty is believed to he pefe.1 be sons wis Juv to Bay else her. By arrangement a a a sch As to Pun Rhae can examine the title t e Truie to keep Luu fit Oca. Always hand Only convey such tit As exists him by Virtu said deed Trust. 0s0ab Fabish. Trustee. Galveston. August 5, 1865. J Auppl All to the Public. Thaye prepared a lollies 1 the ton tit unions and statutes the Sta e i exas Force with those repealed As notes under each amended or substituted Section and Alno notes the decisions the supreme courts Texas and the United slates Down o the time publication bearing upon every Sec lion repealed or Force As to How clearly Popei Uelus Heairt Icalla to. Bearer Cotton weigher Galveston Texas. 0rbebb left store t. I Stubba will receiver oops attend a. J John a. Stevenson. Ii a Stevenson & Way Cotton Facto r s and com Mission Jarchau it no to Pera Itlo Orrei jy26-3m new Orle. Is. A. J. Ward. At Law Paul build no up 8taib8, nuf\6 a trend Galveston. J 3. I lr3.w h. Sol. A j. S. Sellers & co., i Thanh. Next jo.,r. Beral Nummi and shipping or Jas cab dab a. J. Ward & co., Cotton jag c o m m1 ssi o x Mer c h a \ to la lit.0. List Cit us co., 1m.vkstus, Taxa we will it y v Al c 11 it and Oier birr Fofi Rufii t u r Ahi intent or a a to Cul ai1 i re i for y I.I. a i a l ii a i Ctm Aii Meuti,ltc4u to. Pm 0alv_ton Toxar. P A Awyer. -n.d b a k k it t i Awer a Rev Kiser a Lute 4. La i . Our w i to i Iii have the Pronai to Imbs a dlr a 1 so i 1 l a pc a Iii Tim tits Cier at rovir.e-., l i Duce generally. Wilf is i Romp y. U p r v13 a ii 1 i " w 11. Sellers whose Long i genetic. Ill new v re City will it is Honl . A a 11,a. " uder fail lot a who c 1 i 1 a ool Factor Uii Lavory us Willith St pie. ,.der� promptly. A Aai. J 01by a a ,., is & cat word rive first steam or.oo new Ork inca a pianos and Gilt aha Foj i 1 a 1/ ii it a j o i Law def intae. General collect Nat , Era. Ͽ�t.,m 1 i Bockh. For the Puci air Sal be i inert to. Any Fca Tate 0 pro ale la Ami i . Loti or t once with will attend to. The payme t t a. Lands the ugh it the u y ii Al a l v e p t o. I i. X \ i j pet Tai alien I.I.will be give Tito u .rlrr5 lore Verv , the exer us a Pleli a u i 4 it. With appropriate books leptin t Choice and Isa Honable terms a by Tita quiz Lent. Panl i j to Ilia a do air Duce goo 1 hour l,,.n, will t e fill awaiting arrival . Galveston. Jub1 or a g. I. Crawford & co., Eschan brokers Al Kkt balls Ulli stasis St and till Vas Tel Kalu lil 1 l \ k it i a Oke Eshai k july4 . Rha wanted j Man and ills wife a Lake re a h a. R Oli. tit i Ikima. A oj. a i i .Ry so Fiona r I.I. j Viall. i d id per Utu a Evie or I.I. us . 1 Orric r ii it pm it h. D. Joli Bon. C. S. Longc0pe, Cotton a Wool Factor and i Kra l commission merchant o l Milt i Ston. We. B. S0eley, nod arranged the id farce and to Alec up a a neb Rich depend will a $ i e , a. Term or Iii Tuy up ii i i a ii Tibit which will Tri .-Owhtm up Ali Bill be or acce Sif. The p will contain my Persis. Which will Riib ii the a a to h Loie i Uil a i and Earh the St the a Fici i at suif3" a i will by us i the court ttx1. I i Ivury Bris been cd i Tiu Eden 1 approval by h Iyih to the St Letl it t i. It Viliy i All that vents i 1 Iii a a to Liiv Xin con d Uuk it. I is t ii Eimi u k a a Uhm we Klo live the work ,.ut, ,0 l a Tel I.I.commission and a full pig  vie it h w i int fir and I.I.trip the l toted or i .Ry i j i a re de utter Copius can Forward Cue i .ei.t, upper 1 spec to it i Jui Valent find it will by s it to Iberi address. Sotil i by pubic had Price b be a h lunch will be . To to really i Bing i by it work Arll opt Chieti to pay Advance a to 1 Chipei t e Public to. My own dire div i printing will by at Vahi Cit d. C. And i a Ltd inv services to those desiring to prosecute a inns it m Ney or pc Al est. I to Idse Mercia no or print inv services or t i j Visiko Brit agent i Why Cistern Vve. My i Chines Wal print Krave a Ilca a Triine tit Irtis i a to advantages As every Case will Neth Twenty k1vk per cent Pur 11 j Chiv no. Be expense us Lorre a. A 1 it or nce a retainer o uni t invariably car pupa no tie he plication for my services. For the presi it letters can be and Ossed to me at aus a tin. Or to i. A. Oen. W. , san Ancenio. Wil be Ive i Ruy a picture. Texas a ers which publish this notice at the Yuhi adv Rii Sinaj a is will be paid copies the l it St a Eoute w. Paschal. Austin july Haj. Ger & Jack attorneys at la . Tia Iveston. The ratau list Uno Riland . Appi at this zuffie._________________l. I Galveston Texas. For Sale. A. A. Anew Dorills a Krak writing desk. " " Jilin to with Linin via it. Suit none or a ,.- a i Ceorge Butler c o m m Jussi o m e r c11a t. Ͽ�4l1 4 i t is65. Ai per. Luj , Jyll = having tin be i. Ii to. S a to 1, Oia a i met . Uiaippla Riviar a Texas it ii i,.-. To e a i t tin s Irr. Anil to I.I. Aurli or pert at the Isle tt The House Hoard m. F. I Inzano p Engineer and Lisp nor. Lott up. Ino c let West the Mia-.ip.i r a. A .,1t ii Iii. He l Rix Lariat tie t Reni t ". 4 lir by. To info erect Day a. ,r to the Trei urn Ben j v flan Purs 11 " r purr Visinte Peci i a ent restaurant. M e r c h a i u Cotton a c t o w. B. 80rley strand 0alvest0n, Lille a a Civi Iii Allilea. F. U.s0ut11wick Southwick & s0bley, Exchange brokers ,.gai.vkston, oppose civilian a bulletin Trees. Office up s ills. Kkt re dec full the punic \ a a i Inores Aikan the  ii a. a be t by i. Leil. the Market a red Ith the 1 it tie Market Rutt do 1 to i cos Omeia for m ? a m to 1 1 my Iodus Hoarder by the Day a. Only 165 pm lost old and invt a live Tom I.I.a u o acid or Eib Rennf. v a i he t and �,.i a tur Bai c pectin. Dep. It my a. T -. For Sale y q Cakj Fine amused waste is Bacon i Wil receive i to t or or to Mark. i a be. New y rat Cash a a Cai tith. A Cje Otis ill 1 be a v order sati Atac by Fri . Arthur ii. A Ley s. Co., formerly Iluf Man klan to Enki. G e e r a l commission m Ercil ants. Hendley s ill , Stra d a g a Rotun i Reaa be spec Fil Lys I.I. c to la Ert Tex produce. A d ,.r.l�rt " plan it m split Llave male exec Lent a Rantem it new i no p re ape Well run a h. And e re i prepare i t. a Lue c r.- Lur friends _ i F Elev. Sin Rivise Idof a & can re j we it for Plant ure tit. A Ai. A a. Llu Ehr ,. Lii it l. Is rep Orn at re . A. Lark a s0\, Cotton factors a i1 1 cd Mission m Kucha its. J Al ii. Lil Dusti. . J. 11. Hmt0tt, 1 commission merchant. .-\7.,./. I i . / a Ittin i d. Imit Al nil v i a Ilii a. i 1.1d general Rummels merchants flow. A trans. subrt Rou a Irb tre any ctr g hot a. I I.I. we 1 licit for u. .I.I.t. A Xor i. Laban it. T bad Tow. Viia die &. Barstow Impi it Kris j i is druids and or divine paints oils Varnia Tiea Elnra Lre Brick pin seb a 4r a. A a a Ner i Market arid i2 1 .Ry to. J. I use i 10 cask Fine so ked Bacon shot a bars. A v r b.ll.llut". Ins a a cd. For the i Dep Small la. M Rke la. W. A care a win. 100 Acks Liverpool Salt. I m to ll-..u licit he la and a i Liers the Althalin wharf ,. Sai i flu and p., j q j iraai�val1ele�, each a. Re,-.d, t e wharf co min a u m ...Aii Eann to their recover he iew.ide.1. The Hoiet x \ was is i,.,l r ii .-n a. Ii a. Ii r r Jun. La h 10th it .1. Ii a Kilt. 1 id to i e. R Neny. L. L tour at co i Buterly Niebour & Barnea. A to we a co. P o a ure announce to i Tir Friend and the. Pun t Neta la that we have i sum d Bimini is this City. 6flic the same a. e. Hall. 4 co. Gal , jul i 4, Listii. A Ril r Hei 5 leave to inform merchants and a. T he Nase a rented tie business a a we is Ever Ilen Copti no a Avle Canvas a file suns now Irtl use the Rin Ripal cities. A St r til Ihlow. R i 1. A. _ r., a a. Paid w House Vanung. t v Al h " pc dog "1. Or Ngac Ooarit-ii4. and cd Simning 1x3. 1x4 t pre ent at the Marion House strand i us goods &c., just landed sex Steamer Sukk Stiop Siar from new Orleans at lk�1s k co., strand Lial Westoo Salt flow Blk Ter Copke. A . Mackerel Alk. Claret. I Kalll awl cii4ars, tobacco. Park soap andl8s, Rice. Ceca keys p a served meats and Fecit Sta tips or y Blank Rnka. Writing and pump paper. Crockery was Bliss Wike a. The above for Bale a Liia a a Gai reasonable rates at Lewis a co. Up Twu Bradd Galveston. T. Mather Fona Erly the form Uther Hughes t Anamier l Utton and Woi Factor Ami Oneal Ommi Strob merchant. D. Pratt ? c ton a fur a be. Office Kuhn Al i build inf. Strand. Alve ton August cd. Rrio5 notice. Persons desiring to Send letters Tony part i the cnile.1 to. Escau do o through tire Adams b a express company office to t office tire to. hurl s building dealer Lietweon-j2d and Treujou airbets. A .4i. Aari a a Moore. Agent China Glass ear toe writ Unia. Sale household furniture i and Silver plated was i t have been to sell Tuk raided Kcf toys and fancy article j. Mra Kel e serf re. Do ining the Mendence Ca 111 r Ware ii. Le-.n-. Maquire the whole her excellent Wood and a lilo Ware household Rubniti-.r, y21at. Corner Mechanic tree. At . For further particulars seep a Era. I a i v pm inv Texas 1 lid Toile & Barnes ail Tio Neera Recai vim Fon curd and Gen l commission Mer Ohanis s Lari a fire proof a build St ran valve Steinaur tinn sales every and a urday. adv races a naive co Aimai the sir test a Era i m to envision merchants. Strand Galveston. I. C. Stone o and \v.0l fac 0�t, Giitl. T omisvl0\ mar hint. Huni rail univ. %itrftn,1, Liveston Texas. J a it Mel t ii 1. C 11 As. No Luls i hols h. Bvo., option and Hool factors and Mission merchants. A Rind Ghl Veaton. S i. l Ottun ago Wool. Also orders for every description merchandise. Ii. Blag ii & co., Sli it g and commission merc ii a its Natl Lek Hohes 3aundbu8 old St As a St baud Galveston Texas. Wil or at a the 1st Day to 1 65, a Iare and Well selected Stock cd Tuisila. Hats Boot ant 8i10b?. , f urn Lahnar Good ok"oh1e All kinds station .Ry. I a Rwy .Ry hard re wrap Pintil Lal he and twine ciuab9. Liq Una. every description it ton and Wool cards. Uti i. Aine u r 1 Tell i Ai p inti a i t v or j. 1. T v t lit it Al tvs Nae for i leoll.-,-. ,1-,-r p ,.,. I l a. When Ere Mfume re he Canaii or a it i nem jul Reinee. I Alrue a. I it v Beye. Acl Les a i .dred,I.I.or Reeds Saniei. I str "�"1 a to. L. Jl. to to kids a must Hlll. It Putic a Fri ill hat we hot run a a i it. M a a 1 a d i a. Or v  i 11 ton Katoh a h to a i. Mph a merc can s \ f i a a  a Blu taif Nervi to Miner fit break pfc min r writ vre at nreer.9r.rilv nil it i o .Ftn a Nice Lar s within a trick a \ Cah la Iri my to Soctt adv need As Are a Ulvi j join r.rt.t-, Ortli or South our i Ronij 1 \ v re i y a ctn t int not a mediate Rivir for balances and. 4 a emf up lev. Alvic ton Jane 23, 1s65. Juiv4-. Cilbert & co., a to. And commission merchants. Strand Galveston. Philip Kwh. T. I. A Biol b Liker & let Felt a t t o r e y s coi use Lurrie at Law , Texas. Oft or Seoud door Weaton potato Fate. Poa Toffle atre Jolt u Ficko. H the Bailor commission merchant Al Thad Cave we. Bkg or i orm it Friend err re .Ry feed  the meat a 11 by. That be m Tii a a Char Rel tue pm. Us  .11 by Tern to the Tat Al Cotton. Woo or i a disc for Arjil t 1 my Mart o me w111 a or Cah Kfcrt k nit a Llott i. V�isc�4 Horaj. Top  Eck Lofv. A . Lumba r All for rim Iii Par j i.i.-. 1 .i.k. 1 Aims Fri nod a Foj ii kit. Iipp Inu Van commission h. It \�.4wi & to., Pippino and Commissi merchants . I a. Rire Baulard House. Sign i ship painters bacmdbb8 0ld stand and glaziers new York City a. 96 Bradway. Boons. Have Urcel no Sineaka at their old stand. a aim for. Tork doa teat o p Altti to Mteel. Near the strand theyer i Anli red. Pro pm attest Levi t be. M Ner fire a i useted Ana a it Lieut evry us Galea Marcham lae Niue Vaai l i with tade the at Nav their u ta-. and Sherai a Vance. Made. I-,."and the our he a a Neaily u a Loci cd. I we offer oat us Volta cola Elata Audia i a "j7 Detent us. A a
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