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Civilian And Gazette Tri-Weekly (Newspaper) - August 23, 1865, Galveston, Texas The Civilianyus Escat is Iiper year Rashe five Titan Aid tet.7-l1 currency85i12to Irest inttrarm$50 fun tit nuttier75the Cardmesh re6IrlWe indebted to Orgwpalmer Camer prometheus for late Papersvan Cement see Orwestcot and Haslamm will pen a residence 1st Ward the sept pm Atit ii toThe Tshana Carriedtoi her last trip to new mar need tiles took 250she Riih puss the 18thGo was nut working to then ii new York the 18thattention to the Cardour Leslie Chr Epsonthose Bomi Lor ids services will find we and . Aosk under that Dor Captblakeman now Irie Kei Between Gal res ton Anil Mexico As the no Doctrineeditortom Citi during the Dall times when we oot Bing to do but do Hiatt As make itself we might feel Ammadprea Sorethe near Dailieslife did weigh key Tel Norm just As the great War Incd to United Iwig Closedis Likely to be european co Gressit is not difficult to get Hbeois nothing for to Dowhen grim visage War smoothed wrinkled front the crowned Headseurope will meet together to Taiktilts and tournaments Bat whenis Scentblood and powder the air they Apt to keep to their own grounds acting the Mottosancho Pima and lord Palm Ruslon and wisely keep ing Oatther quarrelsThere Lutie doubt however that Somethe parties to the contemplated Congress design to direct its eyes to the Little Brawl that is still Progress this Sidethe Waterwe think they Oil Failin the meantime Maximilian still moist that mexican wish to Nurer them and they insist that they do Notuncle Sam Keepstwin the tune the Monroe doctrine to awhile reducing arts to peace foot Oragainst 13 000 before the War Ai the mom Mairab lations subsist betweenlisted slates the european Powersbut Couplegentlemen say Maximilian ill get Outmexico and onethem lakes oco Ai to the Adventmaximilian was a . the Rene Lionand fall should Beisig isre is Speciespoor Ruck tint Tiger government but Uncle mini co Oilwhat these gentlemen , is and we advise my Simili Pmjackson August 17.-tbe Itsearth quake was ser Albl Felt abo�t9otuft Tia morning Memphis Lagrange Holly Springa Oxford and Grenadaat Memphis the Bock was severe enough to cause people to run Outheir Housesthe British War steamers terrible and gala tin arrived iJohns., clock Tonightthe great Eisler resumed to Shannon the 11thThe Captain reports that the tabla Partedthe 24in 1s5u fish Pinsof Writerit was grappled for three several times and raised 960 fathoms Respectivelythe grappling broke but the Cable remained Unbrokenthe great Eastern returned Lor stronger and better Gearwevarley Onethe electricians writes encouragingly saying when the proper tackle is prepared " we ill Ctm Menne grappling for the Cablefrancein official Berlin paper contradicts the emperor Napoleon bad invited the Anprus to vis the French court Der its Star Ai Biarritzis Monitor Annaa ices that Italy and aos alike diminish my their miliary Force Aris the Dull Tele Thinka that so this Matterdisarm Italy Bas Betyn Hutiu Enord by French and and that the proposed Redactionmili her will Tell against the italian moist Yarnig Electionsbats stats concerning the municipal for France that the official report a  general unfavourable thethe Only town where opposition Een carried its entirety being mar Liberty Lif Carty Cowntystrob Roar fir tune Tore Quinnil Insaf taxation various Pointsthe Workingthe Law Orderlabo Mabre to Freehuman nature is the Saab to to fact was Tho Osandsyer ago A�Degra tora is not very Dulbert frets thattheir few Mer masters the caucasian Racethey All r8Effram tax Lai we Laflare the oaf Laws the eol Lectiondirect tax byslates Tobosa acted to 1m1arzich Parr Palaad to collect millions air Annmderaat taxes Outall the Sta by portion Tocar reprise Nuiloa Isarraesaaa Ute car whih allowing that Texas was so preset Ted her proportion is Slaughter up dished letter to Imperial Governmentmexico milled to be and Wir to the Ron debates Isuro .Oi?Ior ,-. inc Rollersthings Cheapbacon 12@13cbe Bushel Wool 103or nil Rice As Kef is from Les 1 , Esqhas been appoint Toms for the Portsalon Oioi Tely make Pirai Ionsthe vessels and outlier regular = . 11 Lullin k. la i . de Vxicno t1To svs Runilelle fair pm rethought ii eve abut Asiii wUs 1v. Iken european Lille the Uricio Dir Nitthe .War Triue and Cha Waynubiayusan nip Sapropos Lato interviews with the emperor and several with Une Bundren tales Eastthe break where Drouyn de Huys and Wouldit is no Lle water is Only one Hundred and fifty Faltus Ders Lood that Majes repeated determine buoy rides Well being fastened with pmcft1 0up act the throne  Mexico so Longcondemned Cablesaw Yolk August 1".-English papers by the China tilled with comments Rouee Riog the Adamic cab Oketchie Sou co., Lave made Tentforeign Protection was Necessaryarray age Lents supposed to have been made for aiding the Employmentfrench to Ops where mining operations about to be Coli n3h a "l8 8eas0� permits de transport be sing hand left to gather the crop be have tempted to save and Corn Foddersome say they will gather Inugh Corn for themselves bread and let their hogs eat she Restthe farms next ear will be reduced to few acres As none will attempt dispatches from France Alhida to Rumor to ii effect that he Emperorbas uni ended the emperor Maxi Nailima to appoint be Dukebra bail second Sod As Bis Suc lessor to the Thronemexicothe Paris Cor Espo Deutthe morning Star says that the hard sport sounds highly improbable but is cred-41y asserted Pansthe Paris Correspondencethe London Tost says the Missionmeloin the chef de Cabi Notthe emperor Maximilian May to Amend and with important results for Mexicothis special envoy now Way borne bad two pm lio_vt ju31 by Why Easethe Cuil part ass Ingo Eddy As no Odd Thinksplan ice any Cutiongo were Job will and you hear the top Restiuo 44 Bavemy last Noc with such emphasis to to doubt Veritythe Sakersuch presume is her Exerv Watt the Southwhat ,, ,peavtoha7e."l,ecut la Riu eed by such Erfen satisfaction influential Quartersit is Slatethings leave ferry Una Toribeir the ? la " Rul All lands empt Tromby Federal that some have been compelled to throw All jute is sex Ompad irom the Laxtheir ton crop and Parttheir Corn away sec3Provides that the tax and Lei Ltd for owing to their servants Learng them others " no Ament Shail Btu Lien up said lands nut be sing Handoiler proceedings Wynus Eversec. $. That Owneslandpay to als san sent within sixty Days alter the tax com Niss Onera have Ojen Aboi is the District wherein the property situatedSec4Thatthe tax is not paid within press no .lime the property becomes for Fede to United state and when Puli Bohi Tler Loansi. ,. " Galveston county aTAustin chief Job ties and trop Havebut sup Tojeepust no jus to War the Jyh Rev inn Rall and a they Lan Iulo the Throneivone while Liii Joist .  1 . game Tiili 11 110-. Uilll. a  my. . And us ended 11., res with Tow ase to her Doc Tiel outthe Tblame for Leiding Olen House known even for the Reward j Shell which1IBe forgeries been��.,-,.,t"t1"" War Home Andso is Tould to Oil us trussing Whichail balt to snug were issued would make about three uoli.,ii. , 17The Heraldthe 10th say negroes ,., . Clave been cruelly Lruv-by the evil Toribe that the recon Tionthe total issued jew Xian eni Inre by the United states will not be Moo de. Octfickus App Intel by the governor 1,. Suchthe new Elk Lle Dent says the Cau Adt . Andall ail to Llull Nploy Iconali Fot Rekkas Hok not 17.-1 us-,Vinlaid Ilief Powderthe ammunition wis Oil exec exceeds $ la respon-75,000,-Tickiish my Moil Lii strict clerk Oscar Farisy county clerk Tbromaine Sheriffsurveyor Paul Helfachtreasurer Andrews. and collector Barman Julfscoroner Ajwalterjus ices la Precuch Geoit Foo Rand Ford mas.1111,Citico aHLilies3d precinct dec .i--h.i-�and jam4t.vecci Icotis and Emid Eegexii onion 5th precinct Mclean and 11It Nonnouryphum Jin Aco univ Cjiuu singers Geoathe Ericraines Isado the later 1 ,.veiuui-utStowed to ,. The baser is vested with the title fee Jure the negroes because theve leave their ,.,. j , will Lull regard 10 prior nets encumbrances iis eur inSo 5isepro ,.lai . Is and tiles to theiriSee6. tides that the ssi Onen shall begin their labor As soon Abe us is restored to the Juri Adilius the Oton authoritiesSec7We omit the 7th Sectionthe original Andsubs Lille the rut bid was approved feb6h6.1This Sec lion provides that inthe lax is not paid As set North Sec 3the missioners shall Adrettie the Miner for Sale newspaper and cause three notices to be to Ted As Many Public . the town Orwe the Perry la stated. Tolje Davsale the land Lull be Duoto the highest bidder for sum not Leas than the uses penalty and costs and ten per centum per Acusio interest conclusions but that not very cheering Patent to the casual the who be one that is us Gitig think is be most Mistythe country is gradually Beingin Iball the worst Parthe negro population As the most Aoud thieves Knowcannot Getuam a " i . the owner do Outon be the Daysaie pay to toe cominis with safety and Nave therefore left for valves ein0en the 4m.anttile Laiwith the ten per ton and Houston where thru can commit Ribeir cent interest and Costadvertisingthe cum Petty thefts larger scale and award fusion res to anchorite to off the property for the 5it�slates sum not sex nothing predicting thai such Houe breaking Din ,.-Thirdsthe Assessedthen and fires will be Tho cities not Wiur ast Niles higher bid is Offeredthe purchaser will astonish the de Nitetisanother Reasonreceives Certificateownership from ,. ,.cummis Adonera As you the Purchase Ulmer this exodus is that the Rumor is going through Jug Raguro Lujitounited Stales the country that the govern is paying 40 Index Duessany Kinddoh is Perorb to ail who go . Which Ace Pard Paymenthis Tifni aloof osiierJ11 ship is to cilia dered ail urto As rim13 us Thiedt to draw All the Malesthein Spall Piitile Tredegar arts jury by Throwmiles do Dyer and Aav Ziph plate Ollious Saluc Amii Clico a. . J. and Lew Geo Ayarilistheir Nnwstone have abandoned Oil Groes Micky pc Toms have resulted 11 to Aratotic is opiate Ittue Coos Itu Tio Opp he to Nero bolls he Igedieswe help the . There Tii social wire tit Icilyseit Lidiver .s., aans drive out the11 Liuti Ete to the Cju Illusthe order no Itaake Good sol us Mexico til invaders and theybe popular. Tui and persons near Orego Furlivesheili had to Mvi Earis Arkola Kewour thru eur p.\?Sstirristotuotui United states town us Lei cargo us 250 Ball seattonRLl1oilier and Mimer ters ithe Freeit ii Anaarts Nocodcie Evidencetie Yal Iiithe Sale andthe Titlethe Purchis orHotowner any Lov onthe United slate who Lin up he Sperty May any Tun to Tiki Day Aiin Saleipthe 11 mis owners and Uwin Paine am Intax and Wjk Uaitaiii est user for july 1862at Trio i.1.uj instore key been left this Ich the owner can have by we sorry to find unit the  ii the employees 01 the theatre Ieand did not pay expensesI1Wiborne the now Termmessesson to the Llin new Offmenthey live the to Oil .Lar be business and will debt ,1for our Tradenrong minded oui ii and the Misc ece.,.r.vv can and sub less Tolliv Tlamin com pension Foro Raidmexicans Transfer us Sonora aThe Wisdomthis scheme is . the Fisi place is feasible Dhen look to its Resultswe inlaid Tiledoctrine und hindi cat the Pirn by the Niu-Stateswe be . what 01111-, to be the Everlastingand mischievous element the Niggerisinclude almost All the ism ius Hcorti mor 1. .-.luck1 Mir the the ,.\sAnIll Ivee ii Tefter Viand Unis morning 30?3s ill a.ii a -10 ail week i,.ie ii la Pcthe more.iv.- from letter ernan.tAnd Rue merNsiiiii.action to to wished Ionthe Rio Beal Worldail to Thisons interested Cottonand other property supposed to be Acon visitation will read the Cirorwarino Agenttheuteattn interestMitral to Lesh 111 ins three ii the Esra Afthil. to Ibe i.-.ti.-. Not to Etc rom she we will 11GVet to Guy Minos toe ernRl.ellol the i -.-. Itto Stalela Haa 11 he kist la 05is tax isthe Aift-.-like their card 01iThat pais 11 Aan he to  ,pm is Troug ytste.-Vorktie ahoy $ to 510 ui9 the 1 .1A.  dial ltiu.i-toh.iltialon las1 1,. Iris rot lit la Little Iriel .re is 111,. Jinpit  a77-i.ililleSa.aTl.As k17vav noSt ,. vr-.-. Ilie Ujj \e.cattleWe ,a,.lted Brcue �and Sta Klutts .-Ossa vTl.elirt Lois de be to Diirr is Ritj rih .i.o- Ai Puli tis uti Nal and and Li. up rare ". Be -. Us yii.-the decl ill.jItus upon any ate ourt Ivasionthe Lightsstate to Uriate pi.,. Idt us hurts Itiat can by Tux can Lay one that Wil practically Asci out to ti.bitiouaud thus state courts Outexiste ticeUsed Lay Toleg Ite my Proi 111 Rpill lit Nativ and golfer with  pm the erty the properly will he paid to accrii.War said is Deril alien p-.-Nsewsthe Rspread us clip Ltd be to than tIn is Ͽ�.Oit Orehere to Ilsa Uusi us Iionce Happy and be Public ? Imit Gottagetotthings May is distinguished officer the Fei Iriate Arius ret Froli Laylor Apie i.twe o,.Tor Ergui u.-Ivislint for Pardon hut u1 Hee iIs .,1110ii.iiila1-la Loil afe up sojel.loj Iril la and Iliad afterThe country fur fat that he Coll thai had Wirtur Beof the Oil Toin Wah Ulo us nil to s. he allow Ethe Ivo he and .-re air Xiiral he Tipeti Essa Ellov Besalethe pret Strven Turnedotrn the Dio the rom Hiss Onwith afar a -. Provel thatthe no Groin us ii kor lion fiv.-us Tiey ii the aUnd Lii to outer Disablethe Arozian Trust Orlair Tia ving charge Ottie Estatesuch Mersin May redeem the land any me Ion two \ ear Atu the Aale nThe manner Aboveprovided further that Aleany tray .r., farce Lotsland which my ii ced und the direr Ionthe president.Tor government use to War military Rev nue charitable Edu Canovai police Pur fios Suavat Sale be bid he said Cniris sinners for and struck off to the United Slatesand provided Furtherthat the Cert tic Atesaid Commissi Saball ouly be Atte ried.evidencethe Reg Ilant and Validitysale by Elatab Jiabin the tact thai Failpet was out subject to us Ilia taxes Aben paid previous Tosale that the Proi erty been redeemed into Totie Una aclJ.riti,. redeeming Netla Ariyo Rne Roc Cto the . Ter new Tui Lgkor .Lv Amin we inDin1to Tilfiiiiiiicin 111 new Vii- r is Rano up ural the ii to Ilu Itu Rizii Rortiipro a , Ollu is now orate .1wen Iill ii -.11 to o "io.i.iVliuo so "acc Nalone ,r.-,Tih was a loj Rathle la o .eliilaia. ii luts who i \d.iivTo u -1  1i tvs willl. Altai is 1it v.tarot attic to . toil is to us still Les to ski Rigp,.-to ref and la1 ii Clayt which 1Wei tin pm lire Crit Cint Ilaw Rorr to case.-, the ates for to .As toe the w i -. air test Aliop .hoiil-,ii Lolrile -. Let v \ Orkto c17 Thattin oui evil cull Llic Oner ,.late Olill Altil Fuei Colilli Lou with the who Fate he,.iAn.  get a. .Hisiu Leittie ianiHi., ree the l.the Ji. Novoj tilth ihil.-Fratola tin inItI.-.lm Ules Erry air Nee the Lti. been Pray Ictn p. satisfaction mtuism. Bat he she Orpari rebel Lan Suh pa-Sag--.the aetAi.hat by Reh-1It 0toBeer Deen the same rat ens must be noon wo. dateeAi.the ii.nii.lrlto san ,., to Ivonin or iraqi Jiitipir-.-. Atiia .t-Trio Soira iI. .he lattary amino too Liarvig by theR-.eip .- Lis Peni Ian Aritis Nanin Puriiia- Totio Athetlii Elarnce Cheri firHit Han Heith to troiotar nov Ineasuch Hennigado Over ii Iril Salihoi-,-, for Ehemade aThe tit late m --.i., Oil Ward As stau i. ..Rialiveostion co ii ton to i .-. the 11 rap tried orspeed that jul inn ishere Laraair to Tosun Caini Beo either 1-the Surv and Orriko Toto. ,opotry than Enlo Traiter alel.ity Iuue--10 Ilotinin Aredave co Linov whileyes what is la und what Arewin ii they Shah Luu Iid guilty Cutiiii to entirely juice and the Heforearm iio.-Ttitllinat Salon tax Titi 4IWill 11Lie ,. log to 11 Lis e. pm tinate_ liar sj.-loihi.Cut .philae put Down b,uiiu.i.the or. -ii-Twore Atpari xp-.toloin ii the Anre Ovri Sar opted Tiftik Ai.-ii Oating 11ie ii Conand Ai.-Ayu inst tin Umpnative Niostaxmaineup wonder the inti rotiei.,.nal ii toners App Citler vTo tin ill the rein so a. their 3.3i3 men tinted indians the Prill is to Lullio tin representatives to to Untilthe Dieuve Achi Oton Irto Cla till be Tfie a.-m- 11Lee lp-Lih-,.lit 111 mar ton Seizedett ". is theN.osfare the press to brain pay Reut Token Frorer them11.ii. \33 the Picayune nuns Fth deathll.oiard Hvil kit Niere Nant Jjul the a111and had just Tierne Alie had Dis Lin Zishe " 1in Aark Tex Der announc1 Birhanewvichari im.nk-. The the loth tilt., replyMii.-Msave will he the limit the oromi2a Iontort Effii tired Towho iit1 .-aAA.u.aiito 11 by Gade evalin11aMjj.-Ai...i.old i., hard Jjul Stithe Anii Niiya to Bank tin Requiredwynn All theBanks de upon to redeem their circulation us rapidly and often As shall turn to c.iiiiinRacial centres the to Tito rcirculation wiliadju.-Mustif and Many inks will find perhaps somelho.-Inyungr stale that they have Tiore than they Riff thus giving for the .iinzainiiib.iiks places Litao Uliey May to Neededhanks have already bet to Ionin the Nort Lichti satos sutly til to a.- Isioro than ail the Circulationwin ii Anth is .Litllial Little 1it to us Inin.  .lar. .Hill ill 1 Toto is Wel.Tor 11 -. Lake go.7.a., .All i. is do ill ale plug est du.ser jeer he is and 1,-Aclier-. R.u. Ai.eftic Ieuvc , with he lev Liu Ugel kle Wilch 11 up he Sli old 1 .-. gout lao her Uiu. red rep Ipub to .he--e3character Cut Tore disc Lien prellehut the Assi tank Missi her and to ast its Luu to sex film by cipituiat.outhe panic Alaws and Reuia  this Bui la arises Cone Ruedii is rec Nijiu used =Lal,miss Eilin draw up s.lliii Jilantn is Whill to Newthe Tirino Ento Jii Iswise Merit is and Liikal Equen to to Reasonmaj paying taxes .eseappli-�ne year from rsm sex Lear,.oi is kind Refu he muss their decs net thurI.i.alter All not been Levedkxgalatea enrol to. the Bounly Gudr Stdio and veni no Sieni Tiv. Hen tit for midle for egad p.-Ireland with the be tended pity crime big to to Encan addressing one treason svs Nam Herediag and Hilerie Revice Traude hire Vale Oor Reb Raie he army Deparl-xregime Ola Rin uti furnishes the new world Locum Iun Ihmi Acolo hed ii., Imperial he zlt..  he i -11 ran i.aialai ique upon which the .- loot.ik rep and As Lii Eil Theproi Nisi ii were Lisp-.sodat Public auction re a20thLor the Benefit Hollie and schoolhut to is them nth Itloz Allon to the second Ior tsp Herbthe Aiau Pagego j " that Avert pm to 1Shal . big car Lui Iuar Looe \ inv agr its Mai blic.throne ti.-Autowakoaithe Numberstreet Lii new York about 10.000. these about seventy five per Entare boys and girls rang to twelve Yearsaire and the rest Blind maimed and pure  Sprol Essio Nalsthe Herald Charleston correspondent says the preparatory order for mus Terino out tin troops present serving the military Districtcharles leu step As am Saboi sex .er."to to Lent ii Ranis Mav u-11 Rxb. . Nat Nai Danl. Lel May Ian ua-,000 latter Ai Usetheas Itie Storethis Emne even Itie we hut hi., be Clade r,.r.,Eli shut the to .Jtl the c  toN is and except have been nub Hadtroops to stat Genera Weigiel com Ioviti the Wentyiii army corps issued order Stano thai is Proba that tin-cotnieai.wit remain for Amine to and urges us officers the Trust vigilance Workimp roving the Cert to the Hijab Cut Pitchperfect Toosaw Gal Tavs the 8jb the Resi Oninterr Jose with Galvestontexas hag Bei Mue Xiihave Betti four steamers co ared ring the week and three vessels for that Portthero is noting like whenis Proa Peet for Businesswith four steamship the Trade with Gaivs Etorawill be no wantfacilities." we to Arethere were fire first class packets Lue Trade bea.d� to Naiada vessels before the War and Jet the out was for e
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