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Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - March 16, 1858, Galveston, Texas Toste Stew test a two lev Lleyn of the 6th pc notes 1 arrival of a thousand Flint hides i sri a rj.b.mlvhrtl4co. "0 yet or 8. When committed weapons under not amounting to an intent to murder or main. 9. When committed with premeditated design and by the use of Means calculated to inflict great bodily injury. Northern Brownsville Flag Bab late advices from Monterey. Nothing very special has occurred and no additional forces had been ordered for the increase of the army in that state by the governor or commanders. The bulletin Speaks of the indians beginning to be very troublesome North of Monterey. Large droves of cattle and horses have been taken away by them. The Banchero announces the arrival Mata Moros of a company of troops under command of capt. Sanchez from Laredo who were to i Tomedi lately to join or. D. C. Garcia now on i Way with. Companies to Tampico. Passing Bills or boons Laws of Texas now declare that if any person shall fraudulently pass or Transfer or offer to pass or Transfer Tany paper purporting to be Bank paper and to be issued by any Bank which having once exsted has since broken or the Money of the same become valueless he shall be pushed by confinement in the Penitentiary not less than two nor More than five years. Or. Albert 0. Campbell has written a let to Hen. Guy m. Bryan in relation to the Pacific rail Road. The letter Bab been published in pamphlet form and covers 16 Octavo pages. is written in reply to a note from or. Bryan requesting or. Campbell to give is views in full upon the comparative merits of the two Railroad routes from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean vis the Albuquerque route and the Elpaso route and calling attention to an argument against the latter in a letter of the Hon. John s. Phelps to theol vixens of Arkansas. Or. Campbell i Yeara 18sw 64 accompanied the expedition under capt. Jl5p� Whipple United states Topo graphical Engineer from fort Smith via Albuquerque to Salt Pedro California and in the years 1854- 68 accompanied the expedition under Lieut. Jug. Parke United states topographical engineers from san Francisco Bay to los Angeles thence to san Diego and thence by the Gila River to i paso and from i paso to san Antonio Texas. The whole country adjacent to these routes was examined critically by him under the direction of these officers with reference to the practicability of constructing a Railroad along them from the Mississippi Valley to the Pacific. He enters into a minute comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two routes in regard to length climate the difficulties to be overcome a. A and shows that in All important particulars Tho Elpaso route is decidedly the Best. Arrest and Bank Kkt no of the Law As amended by the late legislature if any person by engaging in a riot shall Rescue any person lawfully arrested or imprisoned for a felony less than capital be shall be punished by Confin ment in the Penitentiary not less than two nor More than seven years. Hany person shall convey into any jail any disguise instrument arms or any other thing useful to Aid any prisoner in escaping with intent to facilitate the escape of a prisoner lawfully detained in such jail on an accusation of felony or shall in any other Man r calculated to effect the object Aid in the escape a prisoner legally confined in jail he shall be Pun by imprisonment in the Penitentiary not less More than five years. Shall wilfully Aid in the escape of a i a. I. In see custody of an officer by whom he is Laxx to by on an accusation for a felony m grji.h.sri5ted to Effie hat object Fie no .n1? in the Peni Temi not less than two now re Ary and if in aiding in the Esca a to Snail make use of arms he shall be punished by in goo ment in the Penitentiary for a term not less Ilias nor More than ten years. A if any person shall wilfully oppose Anu officer in executing or attempting to execute Ful warrant for the arrest of another person in a. Of felony he shall be punished by confinement in Penitentiary for a term not less than two nor More than five years and if arms be used in such resistance he shall be punished by imprisonment in the Penitentiary not less than two nor More than seven years if any person being called on by a magistrate or peace officer shall Fluor refuse to Aidso officer in any matter in which bylaw he May be rightfully called on to Aid or assist in the execution of a duty incumbent upon such magistrate or peace officer he shall be punished by Fine not exceeding one Hundred authenticated that the i african emigration scheme is nothing else than another name for the slave Trade because the africans who Are taken As emigrants Are net in a position to refuse or consent to emigrate and in Many instances purchased from slavery and consequently destitute of All Power or Choice even supposing that they Are capable which the Floater number Are not of comprehending and concluding a bargain. The originators of this so called benevolent scheme for supplying the West indies with labor building up the shattered i tones of these hands Sod the same time of civilising the Afri Ean race do not deny that they Trade in slaves but k for the Good purpose of becoming Etnan i Patio Niatas when they reach gonadal one and Martinique that is banding Over the ree african labourer to a planter for a consideration who Haa a right to compel said free labourer when where and As Long As he the planter please during a term of years after which the Asid labourer May either become a settler or May return to Africa to teach his countrymen the delights of free labor and the charms of advanced civilisation. Re Ossers. Begis a co., have not known by what Means they propose the enforce the Emano Ipa lion of the labourers even after the term of ten years of compulsory free service have expired nor How this curious hybrid the free slave is to be protected from oppression and ill treatment by Bis employer or rather his Lessee nor in what Way his remuneration of two and a half dollars a month from Tea aggregate of which is proposed to deduct 200 francs or sixteen month s wages for the Cost of his transportation from Africa is to be secured to him. Ingenious French journalists have framed a variety of arguments in favor of this new scheme but the Only attempt to get Over the moral objections to a revival of the slave Trade is to show that though the negroes Are purchased wholesale As slaves they Are retailed in the West indies a free men in the manner already described. seems however that the plausible arguments by the Paris constitute Onnel have failed to convince other gov ments which from the information they have received is to the Workings of the " Marseilles Soleme have been induced to Imperial government that to Sanction the plan of or Regis would be in realty to Sanction a revival of the slave Trade and violate solemn treaties. has been recently stated that in a Semi official Organ of the British government that the matter has been officially brought under the notice of the emperor and that he has been politely but firmly requested to Montinne faithful to the spirit As Well As to the letter of those engagements which France has undertaken with her eyes open has executed conscientiously and has heretofore scrupulously fulfilled and is further stated by the same paper that the Success of attempts to confuse distinctions will be vigorously resisted. We own that so far As the scheme is publicly known we cannot see How differs essentially from a legalized slave Trade if be True As those Best acquainted with the coast of Africa assert that is impossible to get 1000 free negroes to emigrate on any terms whatever and that negroes Cannet be obtained in great numbers except by bargain and Purchase with the native Kings. Nor can we see How the nominal free Man compelled to labor the term of ten years will be one Whit better off than a slave or even As Well off. The latter is Well off Well housed and Well fed and from motives of self interest if hot of humanity is not Likely to be Over worked or abused by hib master. But the Lessee of the free labourer who has no permanent in test in him would have Little inducement to provide for his Comfort during his servitude and none to seek his welfare after its termination. The Diso Leaion to which thib scheme Baa Given Rise is causing considerable excitement in Europe. In England the country where negro emancipation has always had most friends where its economical advantages Over slavery have been most loudly proclaimed add where the the undertaking was first put into practice a powerful movement is being in favor of some plan if not exactly that of or. Regis & co., least very similar to j which will Supply tre West indies with labourers in sufficient numbers adequately to develop the resources of those colonies and repair the injury they have sustained from the extinction of up to slavery. Two of the most Able and prominent newspapers in England the London times and Speculator declare that the abolition of slavery has ruined the planters raised the Price of sugar failed to establish a class of free Blacks capable of developing the Industrial resources of the colonies added to instead of extinguished the cruelties of the slave Trade in Short that has been a Complete failure both in a commercial and Phelan tropical Point of View and they advocate the adoption of the Best and surest Means of remedying these evils. The Exter Hall speakers and with tenacity to their abolition schemes which the London times Calls the intentions and failures of the last generation join Issue with free emigration lists and roundly As sail the plans of the latter As an aggravated form of the slave Trade. The controversy is interesting and instructive to us on this Side of the Atlantic origin or Odd has been supposed by Many that the origin of the society of Odd Fellows or rather the organization of association of a comparatively modern Date. They will be what surprised however says the Cincinnati that its origin dates As far Back As Ero and was established by the to the year 65. that time they citizens1." the present name Csazar 24 years after de from the singular " item Saya there Are Many cases of measles Huntsville and some of whoops ing cough. Frost visited Walker county two nights Early this month. Cloth to the amount of 41,862 Yards was in the Penitentiary last month. Win a All on of the Ablest reports presented to the legislature during its present session is the minority report on the joint be solutions relative to the arrest of we. Walker. is Able and unanswerable because predicated upon truth and common sense. And the doctrine that our government should tolerate or encourage such expedition against neighbouring nations with whom we Are on terms of Amity is torn into such miserable shreds and tatters As not to leave the semblance of an excuse for a justification of Gen. Walker. in Gratifying As reflecting the views of the thinking patriotic solid men of Texas for such we believe the writer of the report or. Wigfall represents. doubtless appears the More Mastery in contrast with the report of the majority whose defence of Gen. Walker is lame and impotent. And their lugging in issues which have no possible relations with his expeditions which Are but inglorious afterthoughts calculated to Force his opponents into a false position have not availed them for or. Wigfall show s clearly that however desirable might be the accomplishment of the results claimed by them the irresponsible indefensible manner of the proceedings of Walker and his men were Only retarding them and bringing Down upon us the hostility of All Friendly nations. is better suited to cure this itching for filibustering distinction this desire of restless individuals to relieve the Federal government of important International duties than any thing we have lately met with and ought to be extensively Valley. Martyrdom in private com Tunica Tion in the department of the Tarn contains the following extract from a letter received by Man Signor Dan count Bishop of the District announcing the execution by the chinese of the Bev. E. Montels a Lyrist priest who was a native of Castret. Father Montels was decapitated on the 26th june 1857, with two native christians named j. Queen and Pierre. The execution was commanded by a military mandarin Kiang is hear Kynan fou. Father Montels was proceeding to visit a French missionary named thai who being unwell had requested his assistance. In the course of his journey be fell in with a detachment of the Imperial army. The chinese searched his baggage and found in be hair which father Montels had cot off in order not to be taken of a insurgent but which he had preserved to show a later period to the insurgents who were masters of the country he inhabits and to prove to them that necessity alone had compelled him to show himself. The military mandarin before whom the priest was brought would listen to no explanation though father Montels in vain claimed the Protection afforded to missionaries by existing treaties. The Mande commanded that his head should be struck off As Well As those of the two christians who accompanied him. I their knowing of mystical tin the Man Soldie were called f Feli was Given them wards and they \ character of their meeting each other by night or Day signs and language. the same me he presented them with a dispensation Cograve a a plate of Gold bearing different emblems of mor Voty. La the fifth Century of order was established fog Spanish Dominion and in Portugal in the exit a Century did not reach France and England until the eleventh Century. was then established in the latter country by John de Nevile who assisted by five knights from France formed a grand Lodge in London. This ancient fraternity has now its lodges in every Quarter of the Globe and by its usefulness and benevolent character commands the respect and countenance of Al Lobo Are acquainted with the nature and purposes. Thobe upon Bobe information Reliance May be placed give credit to Baltimore for first introducing Odd Fellowship into the United states and to grand sire Thomas Wildey still living among us belongs the Honor. Jones e Mclean j Omas lip Poland towns Cauagdan a Gilbert by be gelling Smith Elkins Behler Jones Mca Avo Endre Lovett Bodman Smith l f Peyser lady miss Ferguson w Charles lady Ana end miss Charles miss Bennett mrs Powers col pc Morgan. Aper of us 15th inrt., of the ship cast wicca Tho great too Deom a stain similar Huv j ass Dan sear the . A a Pekin then belonging. And w. Smith on her passage from Man main my be of to mess rep no this ,qmarnah." of Jpe Cembara a 1848, being Tea. A hu.b., a set nearly ealm Abib having Only its Ragi Arri passengers j. W. Bates and lady h. Of Charmal Maxwell Kirkby Morgan and lady misae Standwood pm pm Etta vhf dab so Berlener req capt. Blakeman cart Clanson Walstine Watis Ime denier. To the . Schooner in brie arrived Here yesterday. Passed u. 8. Schooner Dodge 50 Miles East of the Sabine r Trabue 1" the Liberty Gazette says that Trinity River is again within., its Banks and falling. Cedar Landing last thursday the r Iver had fallen Twenty feet and Cincinnati was barely navigable. " Telegraph " says that our sister pity is improving and hat new dwelling houses Are now going up in every part of the town. Cotton to the amount of 808 Bales was received Houston the past week middling sold to 10 f @10%. " a. Shipping list reports a Sale of 450 wet salted Texas to i. 8 cents per Pound. Go the Brig North arrived new York from Galveston feb.54th, barque Coloma feb. 26. The following vessels were up for Galveston new York feb. 27th barque Montauk Brig North barque Golden age and scr. S. B. James. The scr a. H. Manchester was up for India Nola. The mails of Texas last year Cost the u. States $191,500 More than the Revenue from them but Virginia Louisiana Illinois and Ohio exhibit still greater deficit. The receipts exceeded the expenditures in Only five states. The whole deficiency was $2,814,000. appears from the records that the postal service brings much larger returns in the commercial and manufacturing states than in the agricultural states and that the cause of. This difference is the greatly increased Cost of mail transportation in the latter. Leaving the transportation out of the question the postal receipts and expenses in the different sections Are As follows  receipts. Expenses. Slave states. .$1,692,260 93 $816,220 16 free states. 5,302,606 66 3,435,621 61 this shows that the receipts and expenses Bear about the Bame proportion in both sections. The civilian thinks that efforts being to evade the slave Trade Laws by importing apprentices a will involve those attempting them in difficulties with the United states. Perhaps so. We Hope the editor of the civilian will not be the first however to advise the 0. S. Government to make a fuss about Telegraph. Don be alarmed on that account neighbor. The facts Are quite the other Way. The government Washington seems to know quite As much of what is going on in this matter As is known Here and May be that a word of timely warning May keep borne of our adventurous spirits from involving themselves in troubles that they know not mors Chesshire stabbed and killed a Man named for Man an sex mail rider Between Here and Beaumont about two weeks since in Jackson s Prairie Jefferson county. Chesshire was arrested taken to Beaumont examined upon the charge and held to bail in the sum of $1000. Liberty Gazette. Railroad supreme court of new York in the second District be decided that the rolling Stock of a Railroad is a fixture of the Bame and not personal property and Chat consequently a mortgage on rolling tick does not require to be filed As in the Case of a Battel mortgage in order to protect the property against judgment creditors. Marine losses for new York courier and enquirer publishes a monthly table of Marino losses for the past month showing a aggregate of thirty six vessels of Bioh eleven were ships four were barks five were brigs thirteen were schooners two were steamers and one steam tug. The total value of property lost was one million Taco Hundred and eighty four thousand three Hundred Dollar. As compared with the month of february 1857, the above shows a decrease in the number of vessels lost and missing of thirty two and the value of property three Hundred and eighty four thousand be Hundred dollars. The vessels reported in this chiefly american although some foreign Are " when bound to or from a United states in to be insured in this country. By cover we along a buggy looking mane which kept lifting in tar Ais out of the water Thia was aeon by All hands and declared to be the great sen ser Pesho i Fenn a on a Ai of tingly lowered  boat in which my chief officer and four men went taking w4tb-u�a�  Long Small Fawn in Case should be required.,. I watched them very anxiously and the monster seemed not to regard their approach. length they got close to be head. They seemed. To hesitate and then Busy themselves with the line the monster All the time ducking its head and showing its great length. Presently the boat began pulling toward the ship the monster following slowly. In about half an hour they got alongside a tackle was got on the main Yard and was hoisted on Board. appeared somewhat supple when banging but so completely covered with snaky looking barnacle so about eighteen inches Long that we had some time on Board before was discovered to be a piece of Gigantic seaweed Twenty feet Long and four inches in diameter the Root end of which appeared when in the water like the Bead of the animal and the motion Given by the sea caused to seem alive in a few Days dried up to a hollow tube and As bad a rather offensive smell was thrown overboard. -1 had Only been a Short time m England when the Daedalus arrived and reported having seen the great sea Serpent to the Best of my recollection near the , and which i have no doubt was a piece of the same Weed so like a huge living monster did appear that had dream Tai Ces prevented my sending a boat to i a Vril certainly have believed i had seen the great a a Utulo i am sir your obedient servant Frederick Smith nsrwoa8tlx-on-Tvns, feb. 10. for Cotton extract the following from an article in the Washington states of the 9t� instant of new territory of the Union presents greater attractions for Enterprise and adventure Han Arizona. is a Region which in the present distracted condition of Mexico must become very important in reference to Sonera if american settlements Are to be spread into Sonora and in a peaceful manner will be by the prior occupation of Arizona. If the Mineral and other resources of Arizona should justify the expectations formed of them they will tend to attract the greater degree of attention to Sonora which is the richest Mineral Region in the world according to the original. Aztec traditions and the Spanish records. Very few except those who have read maj. A. A Gray s report of an exploration of the Gadsden Purchase Are aware that possesses agricultural advantages. Cotton of the finest Quality May be raised there. We have before us a specimen of the Cotton raised by Gen. Gadsden from Arizona seed and which was sent by him to Lieut. Mowry. is exceedingly Beautiful and Silky in texture. General Gadsden in a letter to Lieut. Mowry enclosing a Sample of Cotton says you Are aware perhaps that the Black seed Cotton hybrids of finer qualities which sea or Salt air and Superior cultivation has produced in the Carolina Georgia islands and now extending to Florida is a native of the Gila a River of Arizona. is from this Cotton that the finest mexican Ieropes Are manufactured. I was fortunate enough to obtain a handful of the seed from a Friend fort Yuma and have raised seed enough from to restore purely in this state. As these lower quantities of Long Cottons Are getting into demand i Send enclosed a Sample of the Cotton As raised near this City As might be of interest to you and the friends of that newly acquired District seeking to take a place in the Cotton Fields As Well As Silver product of that Mineral the Sample of Cotton Given us by Lieut. Maury is that described by Sray and others raised by the Limos indians and resembling the sea Island in its Fine Silky texture and Long Staple. If Arizonia is to furnish us wit Cotton Fields capable of producing such a material As this will be an additional inducement to Southern people to occupy . Official account from the Utah rebellion. The president in response to a Resolution of the House calling for information to show to what extent the mormons in Utah Are in rebellion to the United states government has communicate voluminous documents relating thereto. The substance of the most important of these Haa already been Laid before the Public through the press. A letter from the Headquarters informs general Harney that so Well is the nature of this service appreciated and to deeply Are the Honor and interests of the United states involved in its Success the government will hesitate no expense to com plete the efficiency of the Little army and assure health and Comfort to so far As attainable. He is told the prudence expected of you requires you to anticipate a resistance by a general organized Force and shape your movements As if were certain keeping the troops massed and on band when approaching expected in a letter to col. Johnston dated january 23d, Lieut Gen. Scott heartily approves of the former s conduct and unites sympathy for the difficulties he to manfully conquered also tendering his High appreciation of the Noble Energy patience and spirit displayed by the officers and men. In this the War department concurs. In another letter addressed to. Col. Johnston the present month Gen. Scott says that is no longer probable that he will go Pacific coast or that any expedition against Utah will be did atoned from that Side. Small Island situated off the coast of South America not far from the Mouth of the River Orinoco has Long been noted for the production of a Superior kind of Coffee but is now about to enter the commercial world in a far More important Way. Beds of goal Sulphur and Good ochre have recently been found there. Asphaltum Petroleum Gypsum Good Lime a compact Sandstone and Day suitable for bricks have been known of some time and All that was wanted was the Coal to Aid in their productive development. There is also every reason to belive that Gold is to be found in some of the Northern streams. An american firm has recently established itself the famous pitch Lake and erected works now nearly completed they make the crude Oil already for the extraction and refining of Oil from the Asphalt the Supply of which is no doubt practically inc Haus Tible. With regard to the Coal there Are seams of eighteen to forty feet and one measuring horizontally the enormous Width of one Hundred and Twenty one feet a veritable Quarry. The mining chronicle gives the above information and should be True this discovery will be a most valuable act nation to the maritime world. A foaling station to Long been wanted in this locality and would so that Trinidad will be Able to fill the vacancy. A Bat the u. S. Circuit court Cincinnati on the 20th nit., a. Judgment was rendered against the life and Trust company for $259,-888 60, in favor of Bell and Grant Bankers London. The action was upon Bills of Exchange drawn or endorsed by s. Ludlow the new York agent of the Trust company. A country editor thinks that Richelieu who declared that the pen was mightier than the sword v ought to have spoken a Good sword in favor of the an English Barber daring the operation upon Tea a Max ale of his customer remarked that there was obo Lerain then said his customer i Hope Yon Are some -. Phat particular about the brushes you said the Man of the strap i do not mean of the eed but the 4-Ajr of the not mos the monster mortar. Lately the monster mortar compounded of wrought and cast Iron in separate Pisces tightly hooped together was tried Wool Hion for the second time and with a result that May be pronounced successful for although the fifth round the Middle ring partially gave Way and thus interrupted the practice the ability to project a Shell weighing about a ton add a half and capable of holding no less than Soo pounds of Gunpowder was fully demonstrated. Considering that the monster Eholt la no less than a Yard in diameter and that a sort of axiom had hitherto passed current amongst military engineers that shells of thirteen inches were the very largest Whigob mortars could be constructed to throw the achievement will be appreciated by even non military times. Shall other freight shipped by the Schooner Union we noticed one Hundred very Fine sheep from the ranch of judge love together with a goodly number of mules horses and goats purchased by or. Frank of Galveston. Or. F., we understand intends supplying Bis stalls in the meat Market with the products of this Vicinity provided the present trip proves successful. This May look like a Small matter but we View As safely paving the Way to a More extensive Trade which will prove none the less permanent by Small and prudent beginnings. We have the Stock and if they can be More cheaply furnished than others in Galveston and new Orleans there is Little danger but that they will be called for in due time. Nude i Valley. Ast Dot to Success of camphor As an antidote to Strych Nia in the two canes reported last year by or. Rochester of Buffalo prompted to trial in a recent Case reported length in the Virginia medical journal by or. Claiborne of Petersburg. The Strych Nia was taken with suicidal intent in a dose of two grains and the patient was not been until to Tan tic and eau Eption spasms of intense violence had Supervene which continued for hours until one drachma of camphor had been administered in doses of ten to six grains every half hour when they ceased and the patient recovered. Value of Dirr Saint Woods Tob Fox. The value of different Woods for fuel is inversely As their moisture and this May easily be ascertained by taking their shavings drying them in a heat of one Hundred and forty degress and seeing How much weight they lose. Under like dryness and weight different Woods Are found to afford equal degrees of beat in combustion. Moisture diminishes the heating Power in three ways by diminishing the relative weight of the igneous matter by wasting heat in its evaporation and by causing slow and imperfect comon Stion. Tons if a piece of Wood contain Twenty five per cent of water then contains Only seventy five per cent of fuel and the evaporation of that water will require one Twenty eighth part of the weight of the Wood. The Quantity of moisture in newly felled Wood amounts to from Twenty to fifty per cent Birch contains thirty Oak thirty five Beech and Pine thirty nine fir forty five Alder forty ode. According to their different natures Woods which have been felled and Cut for twelve months contain still from Twenty to Twenty five per sent. Of water. There is never less than ten per cent present even when has been kept Long in a dry place and though be dried in a Strong heat will afterwards absorb ten or twelve per cent of water. Messes. the news the great Southern rights paper has " exalted to Tho skies a late work Mabel Vaughan i beg you to insert the following extract a characteristic of the work and in evidence of the consistency of your neighbor to what Are you indebted for your own unexampled Prosperity ? is not to the Equality of human rights the dignity bleh attends tree add honest labor to e Universal education of your children and the spread of gospel truth and shall any or All of these be denied Teo Uralater territory ? 1 charge you As those who have a voice in this great decision to answer the solemn question shall that fatal institution be suffered to Settle Down upon the land which dooms one race to slavery and Dishonour and another to stagnation and decay ? shall that Rich soil become the ground of the task master those Noble Woods the Retreat of the fugitive ? shall Progress be checked und the voice of truth be silenced and Man s better nature crushed 1 forbid heaven " these Are the sentiments Whigob the Nowa endorses by its Praise and recommends to a Southern Community. Southerner. Santa letter of the 2sd Ultimo to the new York Tim so the friends and Partis of general Santa Anna Are expecting the arrival i Mia English Steamer from . Thomas on Whigob be i Tny suppose be has taken passage for this place hence he will proceed in a Spanish War Steamer by assume the presidency for the last was Firsov Nutem plated to Send him in the Bene Zuela but Schav Fng sailed yesterday he will have to go in Anotn of More moderate dimensions. Quarters have bees prepared for him the Bouse of a distinguished mexican and is now a settled fast that he will return. What part Spain will play to the game is hard to Tell jut present hut is generally believed that men and vessels of War have been promised in Case of hostility on the part of the opposing faction. Spain will receive her full claims by virtue of a new treaty the. Rough draft of which has been Here. No one mentions the armed expedition against Vera Cruz As Santa Anna s return removes All necessity for the employment of her majesty s troops. The Mexico took out a Large number of exiles that were biding their time in Havana.  appears that in,.report recently addressed by the. Minister of Marine to the emperor is stated that in Monse Quisno of the rapid transformation of the sailing Navy into steamers France which during the War in the Crimea posse Aeed Only nine steamships of the line will in the course of the present year have afloat 24 steamship of the same class or which nine Are of and 15 screw steamers and that the transformation of sailing into steamships is still continued. What is to Roome or Mexico of the London times Bays there is not a statesman who would wish to see great Britain hamper herself with an Inch of mexican ground. Let the United states when they Are finally prepared for enjoy All the advantages and responsibility of ownership and our merchants Liverpool and elsewhere will be quits Content with the Trade that May Spring out of . The capacity of the mexican population for a predating a constitutional Rule is not so remarkable that we should Volunteer to administer the Nicaragua transit Roar re what the Yri Sarri treaty provides for its importance dec. The Washington correspondent of the Baltimore Sun writing on the 1th inst., Saya letters from Nicaragua state that the transit route cannot be opened in a less time than four months even if the contest Between the competitors for the contract be settled once. But is stated that arrangements have been completed in new York for establishing the line. Commodore Vanderbilt receives forty thousand Dollar a month from the companies connected with the Panama route merely for withdrawing from Competition with them. But is stated that be will jelling wish the contract and establish another line of communication by Way of the Nicaragua isthmus. If the Yrisarri treaty shall be ratified by Nicaragua we May Hope to witness the removal of the blockade of this important route. The objections which have been failed against this treaty Are founded upon a misconception of its terms. does not As he has been alleged afford Protection merely to a private company. provides for the Protection of the transit and for the Security of the property and persons of american citizens who May reside a Nicaragua. secures the right of holding lands in that state and american citizens May become landholders there a right which will induce american colonization which will rapidly follow the conclusion of the treaty. The message of gov. Johnson to the California legislature and the inaugural address of gov. Weller strongly urge the policy of facilitating communication with the Pacific by the Protection of the transit and of the Overland routes. These measures Are strongly recommended to the attention of the Federal government As essential to the settlement of the Pacific Region and the intervening territory and therefore to the Prosperity and perpetuity of the Union itself. When the Kansas question shall cease to in Gross the Public mind these measures will receive their due share of attention. Child into Booey Capron Brown better my Greyar came Heel vetch Dixon Webson. Maon Holland Doesey Ubert Bon Mem too. Bosner footer Whitney Waynon Joaney Whiting Copeland Bradly see Bird Edgar . Life Stafford Walker Whitney Tei Humie Seputis Miber Brownne j e Ferguson Miller Tarver Gide Pelham Lola Jamon 8baw, mar ii Simmons redgers Seoul in Gaylord got Emoo Berkmyer Sawyer Pollard Ink Bright Palmer a a Ihl Rich Stewart Moffat and lady Senst an Tady. to Jota Lafle boy. Tibb Besk arid comptroller Shaw arrived Galveston yesterday morning. The governor left to buy for Mew Orsana to or posed by re Driver to Bis. Plantation in northeastern Texas. Or. Shaw is of Hia Way to Washington on the business of the number of free negroes in Maine us a the a a Wao Aeolion Only 680 versa ont ti8 a its editorial for oaf in to person of Geo. W. Duff Esq. He is we Belleve be Verj Oey to Mao doff who was Reo Eaton la Layon of Euoska in tie play but from Bis vigorous blows we should rather avoid a Rencounter with him. The democratic splits the democratic ticket leaving out the names of judges Wheeler and Bovey but goes for the nominees ,.comptroller and treasurer. Did Ever occur to oni friends that these last offices As Well As Tost of com mass ions of the land office Are As far from being political As is the office of judge. The. Democrat says that there probably never was a betters Prospect for a Good crop in Brazoria county than there is this time. also a Ayr the town tract bus in p Artt changed bands lately j and the present proprietors Are making Are Sor vey of the meet the increased demand Bioh has recently sprung up for town lots. Upon the streets which Are timbered the proprietors propose to give the Wood for Clearing. is also their intention to thoroughly Ditoh the entire tract and they offer the contract now for the work payable in lots a Cash valuation. I induce improvement they Are deter Lead to to Bell Low figures and mechanics especially will receive every facility in the. Terras to become citizens of Columbia. The Prospect of the acceptance of the Kansas 1-Compton Constitution by Congress is Good. A Strong Ralley in its behalf is making among the democracy out of As Well As in Congress. A Large mass meeting of the democracy was held tammany Hall on the night of the 4th in Honor of the anniversary of the James Buchanan and to favor the president s course in regard to Kansas. was presided Over by Jno. A. Dix and Jno. Van Buren was one of the speakers. Addresses Ware delivered by sex governor Jones of Tennessee Hon. Or. Hughes of Indiana or. Bulla of Tennessee and others. The resolutions evince a determination to support or. Buchanan to the utmost in his course upon the Lecompton Constitution. Preserving following plan will answer perfectly to preserve eggs provided they Are pot Down new Laid and the exact Quantity of Lime used too Little fails to preserve them and too much Eata away the Shell 6 pounds of blacked Lime to 15 quarts of Spring water and three handfuls of Salt. Put them in a deep glazed earthen Jar Gilr for ten minutes and let the mixture Settle for Twenty minutes and then put in the egg. The Jar must be covered from air and Light. Peaceful policy Soki Tibbs better than War. When Commodore Perry went to Japan Gascon tended that be could do no Good unless be used Force to make the japanese receive him and even now Commodore Reed is ridiculed by some of the newspapers for not joining in the War with China. Cam. Perry instead of sending the japanese shells and Cannon balls to show Bis tender regards for them sent the emperor a Model of a locomotive and a magnetics Telegraph. The emperor was to much pleased with Bis present that he has sent his Nephew to the United states now on his Way to learn something More of the nation which uses Nch improvements. If a show of friendliness for the japanese can break Down its exolus Venesa so far what May not o similar respect for the rights of the chinese effect in removing its opposition to foreigners ? a worthy old citizen of Newport who had the reputation of being the Laziest Man alive among them Hillocks so Lazy indeed that he used to Weed his Garden in a rocking chair by rocking Forward to take hold of the Weed and backward to uproot had a Way peculiarly Hia own he used to drive his old White faced Mare to the spot whore the Tan tog Blackfish might be depended of for any weight from two to twelve pounds Back his gig Down to the water aide put out his Lino and when the Tan tog was safely hooked Start the old Mure and pull him out. An act to c As ate Cobau bibs county. Jan of 1. Be . Enacted by the legislature of the of Texas that the territory within the beginning the East Corner of Galveston county 0n the Gulf of Mexico thence following the South in and Western Boundary of Liberty to the Mouth of Cedar Bayou thence up said Bayou to a Point Froin Rabieh a line running due East will Eros the Trinity River fifteen Miles below the court House of Liberty county thence due East to a Point four Miles East of tit Boundary line Between the counties of Liberty aha Jefferson thence due South to the Gulf of Mexico \ thence Westward along the shores of said Gulf to Tab beginning shall constitute a new county to be carted Chambers county in Honor of Gen. T. J. Chambers. So. 2. That the chief Justice of Liberty county shall organize said new county and for that purpose he shall order and. Hold an election in said county after giving ten Days notice according to Law Gaj qty officers and a seat of Justice which Snail be eld according to the general Laws regulating elections and he shall duly Issue certificates to All persons elected Slid administer to them the Slid the place receiving a majority of ?wrfes.8hftll be the county seat and As soon May be organized he shall make out we file for record in the office of the clerk in return of said elections which shall be records said clerk and this act shall take effect from after its passage. Passed february 11, 1868. the amended statutes of this state is now provided that if any Persan shall wilfully and mischievously remove any buoy Beacon Light or any other Mark or signal erected for the purpose of indicating the Channel in any Bay River Lake or other navigable water within the 8fate, or shall erect any false buoy be aeon Light or Mark or signal to indicate the Channel in any such Bay River Lake or other navigable water with intent to mislead or deceive he shall be punished by confinement in the Penitentiary not Lesa Han two nor More than five years or by Fine hot exceed ing two thousand dollars and if death occurs by reason of such unlawful conduct the offender is guilty of murder. If any person shall wilfully and maliciously cast away sink or destroy id by Way other than by fire any vessel or boat which together with its oar go if any shall be of the value of one Hundred dollars or More he shall be punished by imprisonment in the Penitentiary not less than two nor More than five years or by Fine not exceeding two thousand dollars. If the life of any person is lost by such set the offender is guilty of murder. . T. V. Kennedy furnished the Republican with the following statistics of the town of Marshall in Harrison county the total amount of population is 2,220, divided is follows White males 1080 White females 620-total 1709. Slaves 620. Occupations Are As follows lawyers 28 physicians 12 merchants 19 grocery merchants including tipping houses of which we regret to say there Are a number of 14, carpenters 40 Brick Mason Blo Boot and shoe makers 10 tailors 6 printers 6 clerks 20 silversmiths 5 painters 5 blacksmiths a Wagon makers 2 Carriage makers and dealers 5 Barbers 2 livery stable keepers 2 winners 8 saddlers 2 hotel keepers 8 planters 12 Cabinet makers i Ohair makers 1 ministers6 editors 3 dentists 2 Dagn Errean artists 2. There Are two weekly newspapers 6 churches namely Baptist Christian Episcopalian old presbyterian Cumberland presbyterian and methodist 8 male schools equal to any in the state a female school the masonic female Institute of High reputation. The Republican says Marshall boasts of having the finest hotel building in the state the most sightly courthouse and two school buildings the Marshall University and Maonio female Institute which would be considered ornaments of Bioh any place of similar size in the United states might justly feel proud. Of dab what Cam the Mattko by i patrons of the Galveston papers Are kicking up a Musa about not receiving their papers the civilian and news particularly. Some Are behind three weeks others two and some one week Only. No package of either paper has arrived this Post for nearly two weeks. Crocket Printer. We fear that Uncle Sam s mails like the males in our office Are Over worked. We deliver our papers regularly the Postoff Ioe Here and doubt not they go safely to and beyond Houston but the mail Felicitits in the Interior Are Scero Ely equal to the excess of stage passengers and the bad state of the roads and we fear our papers like Many interest ing articles prepared for them Are left out for a of room. Virginia. North Carolina South Carolina. Georgia. Florida. Alabama. Miasia Alipit. Louisiana. Texas. Arkansas. Tennessee. Kentucky. Missouri. of or there were 4m, Pokr in the United 8utas, of Kalf were located in the of tree negroes and As follows Jie Grots. Sines. 18 is. Go .t,,�83 Lozow. M8t 54,888.4t888 .888,548   a s84skv34 .881.8888�,810 .84244 .m9,8t0 .844,80458,161 .100 Sims. ,.8,s�0. .8981. 98. 8,86. A a. ..448. 8tt. Tit. A a v�4s lit Arm urm .i.�. a a is to tree negroes to every slave mazy land. Has nearly free Iwig Ess than slaves and of Komsi Xiarhas nearly three free negroes to each Alave while Virginia North Caroli is Asdur Islena contain nearly one Hundred thou and free negroes the Houston Telegraph in reference to the Rumor of objections to judge Buckley says if there is anything that should prevent honest men and True democrats from voting for Bim out with in publish to the world. is not the part of a Brave Man to fight his enemy behind his Back. We have heard things whispered about judge Buckley which if True would prevent our voting Fer him. Until they Are publicly proved True we do not believe them we will not believe them. We look upon Buckley As an Able lawyer a sound Reasoner and a just judge. If he is not All these we want to know . By All things let this thing on its proper footing. The onus of the proof rests not with judge Buckley or with Bis friends but with those who say they have these 4acta. No Public charge has been . We ask the opponents of judge Buckley to bring out these fact or if they will not do to hold their peace. An act better to define the boundaries of Chambers county. A Sec Tiki 1. Be enacted by the legis Leturc of \ the state of Texas that the following shall be the boundaries of Chambers county beginning on the Gulf of Mexico the East Boundary of Galveston county thence along the Northern and Eastern boundaries of Galveston and Harris counties to the Mouth of Cedar Bayou thence up said Bayou to a Point from which a line due East will Cross the Trinity River twelve Miles below the court House of Liberty count a thence due East to a Point five Miles East of the Boundary line Between the counties of Liberty and Jefferson thence due South to the Gulf of Mexico and thence along the Gulf Shore to the beginning. And this act shall take effect from and after its passage. Approved feb. 12th, 1858. Grain Chicago.- is stated that there Are about one million bushels of wheat in store and about sixty thousand barrels of flour Chicago. Beat is Selling is i cents. is the general opinion that two million bushels of Grain will be ready there for transportation upon the opening of navigation. Tomlinson s Spring and Axle manufactory Bridgeport conn., was bum on tuesday night week by an incendiary. Lees $40,000, $18,000. Imposts of dby goods new journal of Commerce publishes its usual monthly summary of the import of foreign dry goods the port of new York. The total of the four weeks ending february 27, is $6,948,409 less Ihan for the corresponding period of last year a decline of More than one half $1,856,402 less than for february 1855. This decrease extends to every description of goods. The imports of dry goods new York from the commencement of the last fiscal year july 1 to february 27, Are $53,171,764, against $69,775,463 for the same period of the previous year an old offender was lately brought before a Learned Justice of the peace. The Constable As a preliminary informed Bis worship that he bad in custody John Simmons alias Jones alias Smith. " very Well said the magistrate " i will try the two women first. Bring in alis facts Ros fast lbs aha gab work with bad tools. The difference Between the work done in a month would buy a new set. Have a place for every tool and never leave one out of its place. Plants derive their Nutriment from the soil and every crop removed takes away part of its productive Power which an honest Farmer will take pleasure and derive profit from restoring As soon As possible. Never waste animal or vegetable refuse. The very soap suds from the laundry is Rich manure. Never buy cheap seed. is Only by getting Good prices that a seedsman can Supply articles to be depended upon. Never grow the same crop or crops of the same family twice of the spot without an intervening crop of a different nature. Rapid growth makes a mild flavor and slow growth a Strong one. Therefore grow vegetables Quick and fruit moderately. A Well cultivated Garden is the most profitable part of a Farmer s Domain. Poor tillage poor crop. To raise an abundance of grass is the foundation of All Good husbandry and should be the constant Effort of every person who is desirous of becoming a prosperous and successful Farmer. Mind your own affairs. Let All the errors you see in the management of others suggest corrections in your own. As Prog rtt to be a Gipsy. To bayonets. I 1 ,", a Jor Marist said the great Napoleon is a Grumbler a Een sorer a giver of advice a Regent of sovereigns a Tutor of nations. Four hostile noway aperture mor new York 49,068 new Jersey 28,810 Pennsylvania Illinois 5,486 indians 11,393 Ohio b5.9t0 Michigan 8,588 Wisconsin 888 California m3. There is a Large class of politicians the North whose views on the subject of the negro Are purely theoretical. They have not even seen the working of entire Freedom and Equality with the Whites upon the african much less the comparative advantage of wholesome restraint and control of Hia conduit under the institution of Domestic slavery. The Assumption that the negro is naturally equal in Point of capacity Industry Providence and morality with the White Man is tbs grand error which has abolitionists of so Many honest men and women the North. They have not bad a fair Opportunity of seeing How incorrigible indolent filthy improvident and vicious the negro la when left the himself much less the order neatness and Comfort a Hajj be incapable of securing under the wholesome and intelligent direction of the White Man on the other band a will venture the assertion that there is no City or Community the North including Canada the vory Canaan of fugitive slaves where there Are Large numbers of negroes that they Are not looked upon by the Whites As a pest and a nuisance and where the negroes themselves Are not , clothed and housed than the slaves of the Bouth. So far is this the fact that while no state or territory in the Union exhibits a falling off in the number of its White inhabitants from the foundation of the government the last census shows a decrease in the number of free persons of color in Vermont Connecticut new Hampshire and new York although All these states had been largely re orbited by fugitive and Man omitted slaves from other states and by the immigration of More than four thousand negroes from foreign countries. In 1850 More than one fourth of the negroes in Maine new Hampshire and new York half of those in Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island connection to Pennsylvania Illinois Indiana Ohio Michigan Wisconsin and Iowa were born out of those states. The statistics Shew that in the free states negroes Are Short lived although in the slave states the negro attains a greater age than either the White Man or the free negro the North. The number of slaves 100 years of age and upwards in 1850, was double that of both Whites and free negroes. We have not time to Day to enlarge upon the notorious fact that free negroes every where in the United states present a greater proportion of idlers paupers beggars Petty thieves and jailbird than any other class of people. is enough to Bay that the prevailing opinion the South formed upon experience and observation is that slavery is the condition Best adapted to the welfare of the negro and that in a state of Freedom among the Whites he is like the Indian and acquires All the vices with few or none of the Virtues of civilized life. This is a truth which becomes More and More palpable and important in proportion to the number of persons of this injurious class in Galven Community. In Virginia the evil Long seriously Felt is becoming intolerable and the legislature has length set to work to enforce a remedy though with great forbearance and caution. The Bill before the legislature of that state As engrossed in the House of delegates provides that in every county and corporation persons shall be appointed As overseers to furnish the courts with lists designating such free negroes As have no visible Means of support. These delinquents Are to be summoned before the court which shall have Power to hire them out for a period not exceeding two years or to sentence them to work on the Public roads or streets. Upon a Seo Oad conviction they May be sold for a term of years or for life with the privilege How aver of leaving the state instead if they shall elect to do so. The act also provides that free negroes guilty of certain crimes shall to sold into slavery a a penalty. Maryland suffers still More than Virginia from this evil. appears from a memorial presented to the legislature that there Are thirty thousand free negroes in the pity of Baltimore Alono. Nothing struck us More in a first visit than the number and squalid condition of the free negroes in the Vicinity of Baltimore. appears from the statement above that they outnumber those of the whole state of new Jersey. appears from a statement in the Clipper that Frederick and Anne Arundel counties have As Many As Massachusetts 1 Dorchester county Bas a greater number than Rhode Island 1 Washington Hartford and Baltimore counties exceed in number those of Connecticut i Cecil county outnumbers Michigan 1 Kent and Tal Bott leaves Illinois Shade Queen Annes Somerset Worcester and Prince George s outnumber those of Indiana 1 the Small county of Caroline contains More than Maine new Hampshire and Vermont combined. The eight Eastern Shore Oon ties far exceed in number the great state of Ohio with or. Giddings and the Western Reserve included 11 the Small state of Maryland contains i a greater free negro population than the mighty Empire state of new York by Over 25,000 and exceeds Hes Sylvania by Over 21,000. Now is for the South each state acting for itself to Abate this most intolerable nuisance. If the North believes the negro the equal of the White Man and is willing to receive him on terms of entire political and social Equality let the North take him upon her own conditions. The South has tried him and knows better. Texas in this As in Many other matters has offered an example worthy of the imitation of her elder Sisters. We have fewer free negroes than any other Southern state. In Louisiana they Are a greater pest than yellow fever if instead of taking Steps to increase the evil by introducing african apprentices to be declared free by the courts the legislature would either Force the free negroes already there to work or leave state the productiveness of the country would be increased and new inducements held out to slaveholders from other states to immigrate and occupy the country now lying waste in the Possession of Semi barbarous free negroes. Or. John Singleton to on the 41mary 9. Womacl on the. 85th ult or _ and Mies emms to Wsul not of wednesday Ere Taf to . Eaton to a Sydnor Esq., or Kim flute of onto Aoth tors a a a Root of the disease. lag and he aug Scot Ertlet f by in the Worl a testes a a Agni the Rollo Winf a bar jut Nestved base is Sta. Zaat Mocsa Okui Aga he so .eavi�2iat of Wim Cherry and tar,ailaacai3 so Sam of wild Harry Abri tar Ami sese for i is Many a Parent who Baa Given a a my As a any to that Feu destroy he to fusty who like me have been a. Trembling hop far in Rawsay net sane teary i would say is eke of farther Bat toy ease on hag s Bau Amof wed car Ana tax. Or Otto Star fan Lane age a Yean obese Ltd Cormena u Kwass paired of and was sus Bradja or any Toul sum cured i restored Utt rfcs Ismil i by using Alvs bottles of or. Park s Balsam of 1 and Auh Coumon. is unnecessary to add coup sats. Constant nudes do net longer delay a Reesew on meal Bat a Nanae a Tab fall statements of or. K. I. Pilak. Ear Ageal Ascal Veston.,proprietors 304 broaewa�,lf7t. Sold in every town. In Ulsa in flu a sum a Gen a Retro Al ptts Wellem. Aka Kory a Tab bars of Job Hose Sands of Uteave nearly run while in the Bast indies a certain Eura for consumption asthma Brooe Hros you Gas holds and _ general of Bluey. The remedy was discovered by him when his Only child a daughter was Given up to die. Be had heard Mueh of the wonderful restorative and Healing qualities of the preparations from the Bast India Hemo and the thought occurred to him that to might Makie a remedy for his child. He studied hard and succeeded in realising his we Shea. Hise Hudeas eared and is now alive and Welt be Haa since administered the wonderful remedy to thousands in All parts of the world and he has never tailed in to no a hem completely healthy and Happy. Wishing to do As much Good As possible he will Send to such of his afflicted fellow beings As request this recipe with full and explicit directions for making up and use melt he requires each applicant one. Shilling three cents to returned a postage on the recipe and the remainder to be applied to the Paymen ment of this advertisement. Add peas or. H. 19 grand Street. Jersey City cacti of i have no son in Law authorised Send my Recelle As has been advertised. Mohl swim i. Jambs i i k. J. I Hollied to swim / dyspepsia and. Fits. Or. Tract do lomb the a sat Cauxx or consumption was for several years so badly fluted by Dis Pepala that for a part of the time he was confined to his bed. He was eventually cured by a prescription tarnished him by a Young clairvoyant girl. This proscription Given by a Mere child while in a stale of trance Nas Enrid everybody who has taken never having failed once. is equally As sure in eases or pits is of disc Psia. The ingredients May be found in any drag store. I will Send this valuable prescription to any person on the reel of one stamp to pay poit address a. Tracy Filo bomb age. Muchl wlm great a desk or new York Poi Toffice. Moffat s life filitis and Phoenix bitters. The b b family Medicine now by Forb the Publio for the cure of scr Fula , scurvy or Eru dons of the skin fever and ague dy8pepsia, dropsy and in fact most All diseases Loon yield to their curative properties. Unas been computed that during the last Twenty five years upwards of four millions of persons have been benefited by the use of these medicines a tact which Speaks volumes la favor of their curative properties a single trial will place them beyond the reach of Competition in lbs estimate of every patient. By their use the blood is restored to a Kilt in state and freed from All impurities. The system is not reduced during their operation but invigorated and they require no re Strain to from business or pleasure. The afflicted have in these medicines a remedy that will do for them All that Medicine can possibly effect. Prepared by w. B. Moffat m.d., feb 8wly proprietor now York. T. Kathr late of Hayneville Lowndes co., Ata. We. Saunders jb., do do do do. C. A. , Hughes & Saunders. Factors general commission receiving and forwarding merchants and collecting agents Gale Stoh Texas. Advances on consignments. Special attention Given to the Sale of Cotton and other produce and to the ailing of orders. Business promptly attended to. Nov to agent for d. Pratts Cotton gins and for b. P. Robinson s late m. R k co Plantation Mills. References messes. Pierce k Bacon Boston John h. Brower a co., n. York we. co. New. York Mcdowell Withers a co., Mobile Ala. Boykin a mores Mobile. Ala. Gilmers co., Montgomery Ala John h. Murphy & co., Montgomery Ala. Or. Daniel Pratt Pratt Vule Ala. Perkins a co., new Orleans Rugeley Blair co " co. Galveston e. Of. New Orleans we. Hendley . B. Nichols a co. Galveston. Yard. New i Oakle Adams pc howl Mechanic ., East of having per mently established themselves in the business will keep constantly on hand and Man sic the to order monuments tombs head stones Mantle-., a any other kind or work from the Best american Ana Lullan Marble. They Are prepared to furnish Granite and Marble for building and other purposes. To prompt attention paid to orders from the noun by Marble carefully boxed and a hopped. P. 8.-capt. B. S. Kelsey is our agent. Dell Way posts i oets posts 11 the undersigned will receive proposals for thamm delivery Galveston of 2,500 Cedar piles. W As follows 700 from so to 33 feet Long 1,800 from 16 to so feet Long also 100 Large Oak fenders. The delivery to be As follows x by 1st april f by 1st my x by 1st August. I. S. Liolene febj8w2id41 agent Galveston wharf o. P. Co. Eivir Little but staunch Steamer Mary Falvey has been loading with Ootton Patton a 16 Miles from this place. Several Hundred Bales have been shipped on her by our merchants and planters. is much to be regretted that the Angelina has not experienced the Benefit of the River Bill. Navigation would then be a ranch More certain matter and devoid of some of its presents risks. We May depend on seeing steamboats is High up As Patton la for several months to chronicle. So amoeba like death May be said to Jove a Shin Engmark. A correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette writing from Lagrange Texas thus discourses of the fare Austin and the character of our state souu8. If there was any philosophy in the inquiry As to the meat of Cesar As Likely to furnish a solution of the question Why he had grown so great May the fare of our own magnates is thus disparaged by the letter writer alluded to in order to gain credence for Bis slanders upon them. He Bays our state legislature has been in session some two months but who be compelled to adjourn in a few Days. The keepers of the hotels and boarding houses notified their guests that there was not food enough in the pity of Austin to last ten Days longer. Consequently the members will be compelled to go borne and would have been better had most of them remained there. I Don believe i 1 Ever heard of a More wild Rowdy reckless Gamb-1 Ling Drunken net. Of men in my life than the majority of those who compose the present legislature of Thi Seguin Mercury says the Grasshoppers the eggs of which were depo-1 last summer Are now hatching out and have commenced their devouring attack on be we have As yet heard of no serious dam done to Corn by them but gardens have by. I Birt present com i desires to Call attention to the the Bene Plant sese mum ath for the purpose of Grodno to but English paper in Logi Aing of door games of All sorts Days the Only sports of an american Are shooting and driving both of Whigob May be indulged in without any Rami fatigue. We certs Only think that if the to tsp tendencies of climate Are to be corrected the rising generation should be accustomed to More Active habits. Boys and girls should not be dressed no to. Within an Inoh of their lives from the age of ten or twelve and taught that is vulgar to soil their pants or compress their crinoline. Perhaps in the dry air or America there May not be such absolute need of exercise As with us but the effect of in preserving health and imparting a Manly Ebar Aeter must be itt All countries a a Little drop Elva a Nguten Tae Meadows Sod mile a of j brighten two ase Adoa brighten the world.1 id owl 0% 1 Oil missioner subject of Orientale my Oil. Or. Bry of my jute Wash Totoa pm isl la an Experiment the matter a atm Yea ii ago but says that atom Sidt Bow much seed this a pro a let Jal acre but believes that so Bumno ma4scstte estimate. He sent 18 Bubek wed to Salsa John Cha oin Nati to be Mann so ppr e Oil a to Gidd 89 Gallons of Clear of smut who a arts of refuse of or about 8 pm a a fab his object was to procure Oil for bet Semi but the flavor of flax seed import from the a Fol a bib was a Ordinary rendered . Unfit for use. A Donee foment of the new York journal of com Sayfee says that some years ago the Bouse of soy. Dam and Wyo off in hew York received from the state of Georgia a consignment of Bene seed which they sent loan Oil Mill for pressing out the Oil. One cask of Oil was Prodo eed by cold pressure. The cold pressed Oil was color lets and flavor less a most Beautiful Artke for table use the hot pressed was a Little coloured by heat sad had the flavor of nut Oil messes. Clark Dragges Tsin Maiden Lane paid As either two or threw dollars per gallon for the cold pressed ,sja4sboot two thirds tbsp Price for the be pressed not Ean esd by retd nor the partnership heretofore existing Between Fowler and Bell in the practice of Law was dissolved by Mutual consent on the 15th april 1867, e. A Bell having removed to Pennsylvania Houston Jan. 15th, 1858. Janl8__sam l l. Fowler. Victorious Over pain. My my Urnest. Agony or ease sickness or health of life or death i these Ace the questions involved in the adoption or rejection of this specific by Tea martyrs to external diseases and injuries. Having received the endorsement of the did Savan the late or. Kane and its Efficacy tested during two awful Winters in the a Gions of eternal ice la now coming into general use in every to Tion of the civilized gloom sea its marvelous cares Are every exciting astonishment. The afflicted rejoice. Hundreds and thousands Nave tested its Virtues and Are rejoicing in Freedom from Long lingering pain and disease which other remedies had tailed to cure. Have you Tho bronchitis neuralgia rheumatism scr Fula Eye ache or tooth ache Are you afflicted with old sores suf i Ferine from bruises sprains corns sore eyes piles the Arctic a nil afford you instant Relief. I everybody is liable to for these dreadful add Anta the. Arctic liniment should be 7 kept on hand for affords sure and immediate Relief often Taring from death. Every Steamboat and Railroad train should keep . Who that Haa heard tbs shrieks of anguish Uttend by the scalded and maimed victims of explosion and collision does not feel that some Means of no living their torture should always be accessible such Doss Salsa in this Balmy pain controlling agent is c0htahi0h. earn cakes in the break bore nipples sore lips pimples pc ladies who prise a pure skin void of pimples blotches Scarf and All and exc essences should. these traps stars a Domain soon is they appear with the Arctic undo Dot. is Sec Kosut Tor the hair giving a healthy Glossy appearance. la Good for Man and a Abt. is a Sovereign remedy for the various diseases with which horses Are earing the most alarming can is of but Heb sprains Btrino-haf.7, wounds scratches Sweeny Spavin ringtone bi6-head, poll. Evil be. To by rms ussry stable keeper or says non owning valuable horses should be without this valuable remedy. Rot Sale by All respectable druggists and de slurs. Prices of Thelmi ment 2s cents 80 cents sad is a bottle. A Onea Ollar bottle contains As much liniment Ai sight Twenty five event to tiles. Purchaser of a Sobai bottle of. Ͽ�1 receives or. Bragg a a expanse states journal of new sysk for one journal is a Large illustrated Saper. Avha taming sixteen pages Bisanti Falfar Nusim payer and filled with original matter from w Bant writers of the country. Certificate of Sun and fall particulars of the novel and Philant Ter Price of which this offer of Boa a part will i each bottle. _ an agent wanted in every town nod Brack & Burrowes so. Lowis new Yox optics no. 871broat" Commma cation should always be addressed to 1 Braggs Arctic liniment is warranted to Bull a Crew wears use suns of revs use Viti buy the Dollar bottles Lor Stock. Agents in Galveston . S. Labadie h. . A a. Bennan e. Pusan and in hoi Megowan w. H. Buott o. H. Pm Ujj a. Barry Clarl to Hempstead a nit
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