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Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1857, Galveston, Texas A a tit up Lorn Noti to bar their we it in Dian men Aid Caba wife Tad the whole troth. 8011, by will a Mittoo few win by to Row Oppi of Cotton Feo too who rown to a it Tho a Wraae of. A,.cept.piaoe, i Ai capt. Van Pom front indie no a with the Opp flow emf wet. X Wjk. Weiss Latte a up spa arrived Tsjek-?1 ?1?. So Cotton to Tew Rich Amaua that Par sister City Hom Foa exceedingly healthy thl Sammer Nail Hrabae n All to ajar. % d. Mitch Elf of i Omondi and cot. A a Lpez f 6r�oria, will probably be saudi Date Abirthe Senati in that District both Deroo a orator Tiro spinners of Birmingham and Man Heater and Engar and to Afat Ioe a to be beyond the reach of the working Maas a of Britian then us people of to glad change their Tan acid a1ng4�ioi�ii4s�ra re most eat Ira Aeve other to Cokal Liy of lat Aleafa. A Lealua Tor to Earth a Brasil and Porto Kkt put do To Ropp on via hands they must have More afro Ilea Bato Rotbein ready to sell As Many a they want. Can to wonder at the result f Spain and Brazil have made treaties with us partly owing to Oor import unities partly tron in the necessity of appear ride Well with the world partly we have no doubt from Tea sincere wish of the government to Pat Down to great an iniquity. Bat the gain or the Trade is greater than the danger. The worst is to lose the vessel which is comparatively of Little value while if the trip be successful the profits Are enormous. Take the account of the capture of a slaver by the Arab on the coast of Cuba. The vessel was Only 160 tons Burden the slave deck was exactly two feet six inches in height so that the unfortunate list could barely sit up 13� Vtha following military stations Are an Nonnce As dooms ration posts and will be considered As such from the Date of their present of Vanpatton by troops dear Meota of Texas port Lancaster Camps Cooper Colorado and verde. Old sol is blazing upon us these Days with a Nery Amine it is dry and hot on the Island at this Ime though rain has fallen twice within a week in sight of us on the main land and a food rain fell in Hon Atoo on monday. The clerk of the weather had better look to Bis books. townsman or. , experts to Jeave is in a few Days to locate in the City of Zee Texas hex co. Daring his residence in Iii City and previously in Brazoria the Deo Tor has enjoyed a High reputation As a gentleman and physician and we Bat express the feelings of his numerous friends in wishing Bim health Prosperity and professional distinction wherever his lot May be cast. Tvs two Bills were introduced at be last meeting of the City Council and lie Over till the next session one by Alderman Menard to prevent driving beef Dattlo for shipment to or from the wharves in the More business part of town the Tobor by Alderman la Fotio to prevent the dangerous practice of fast Riding Auch. Driving on the wharves. On both subjects been repeatedly made As being dungeons to Foo passengers especially women and children. melons or cucumbers fro Vav. Feasor map a says he never makes Hills for them or for any big else. To keep the grubs off the former lie recommends the we of Pine Box boards in which to Plant the seed and let the vines grow Over the tops and Stow away the boxes in Winter cab orb it is said by the same gentleman will produce one about and bushels per acre and sell at fifty cents per a Nobel. He does Ell the work by team and machines Ovon to Tho digging. A of to in Harris county sex gov. Ii. O. Boones a. 1. Thompson and b. F. Tankersly Are Candi dates for Tho Senate. W. Henderson John a Ashe we. Edwards a. Jordan and Abbel Smith Are on the track for the House. All Are democratic we believe save or. Tankersly. It in proposed to hold a county convention on the 25th instant to nominate Bat it is said there is some division of opinion or feeling on the subject. If the convention is fully and fairly constituted Good democrats will submit their claims to it and Abid by its selection. No other sort of convention should make nominations. I org jaw Itzik raid i Hia Seel on a in Brae a ome the relat do Benet ground the wholes Jine of the Road. The engineers Ere now on die fourth and 4fth Section and beyond the Nava Aota. V a a goed Deal of heavy wort a to be done in the Navasota Bottom some Large Bridges to be built which will retard the work somewhat. A. The company have drawn certified tee for two Hundred and fifty six thousand acres of land which Are How , in Cooke land District in the midst of. Jug Rich Tad valuable a body of lands As can be Foona. From the fifty mile which Telha tread praded and will he pm Abed Dur neg auja ,,be to washing ten it Milea. Intje Podence 88, Chappell hill9,"bi"i Ham to la Grange �5, Bastrop 69, a Sun �5 Boonville 80, Worloc Koto Alta Springs Springfield 105, Marlin. 100 and v7soo its Miles. The Only Liepa on the Road Are one to the state for one Hundred and fifty thousand dollars and one to . Welles a with 15�j�0 Alwg  hides 3 Bola Petrie gawd Toast Hora. Sloop Mary Ann Cape. A flier. With Kimoo shingles. Sloop Eliza capt. Johnson with 64,000 shingles Bloop Yukins capt. Wilson with 83,000do. Sloop Maggie Jane capt. Culine with 00,-000 a Ingiba and 5,000 it lumber. The Liberty Gazette publishes an extract from a private letter dated Woodville Tyler county Juni 18th, which says that both Keagan and tunnels will get " handsome majorities " in that county. The Gazette thinks they will also get Large majorities in Liberty county. Our i correspondent " Dan in Bis letter published yesterday thinks Gen. Houston made friends in Sun Augustine. A gentleman from Corpus Christi Well posted assures us that he does Noc believe the democratic ticket will lose ten votes in nieces county. Hon. H. B. writer in one of of exchanges refer risk to some of the silly Inu Ondos in regard to gov. Buu Nels says " i have known Dick tunnels Long Aud Well add know him to be Noble hearted and an accomplished gentleman a profound scholar the cultivation of whose mind has been of the rarest and higher order and his extensive information his lofty integrity As Well As his great administrative Talent preeminently fit him Lor the position of governor no Young Man in the state ban practically improved the opportunities Given him More than be has. He is perhaps better informed a to the poll tidal an governmental affairs of the state than any Man in it Lias made Texas his study and devoted his whole time and talents to the advancement of her interest and Hia name should beheld in respect by every True Lover of Bis country for to a the son of democracy in the chinese Doab can does not exactly come of to the Hope of the abolitionists of Massachusetts who a peeled it to make them Independent of the South in obtaining their Supply of sugar. At the annual the Boston natural history society on the 6th ult., or. A. A. Haynes read a paper on this Plant in which he concludes that the sorghum Eultia Uttz in it country dots not secrete Cane Ngar or True sugar its Saccharine matter being purely glucose in a . For sweetening purposes dearly four pounds of this glucose would be required to equal one of True sugar but As a Taw material for the production of spirits it Wie pro nuanced of great value. So that the Blue noses can furnish the material for their own rum if not for their sugar the first being a More important mutter to them than the last. Sui folks. the present dry weather people would do Well to prov do against the arrears of rain which Are accumulating and which Are certain to visit us some of these Days whether in or out of season. The present is a favor Able time for such provisions a our neighbors on the Sabine Are furnishing ample supplies of shingles. The receipts this week from that Quarter have been 418,000, Aud the total receipts Tinco 1st sept. 8,855 600. The following Are the receipts of the week per atlas150,0001 per wilkins.22,000 " Mary Ann. S2,000 " Maggi Jane. 60,00 i a eliza.64,000 " oannuld.70,001 not one of the ten towns on the Hudson it is Aid grow enough vegetables for its own consumption but Sands to new Fork pity for supplies As is done from Many other places having at the same time themselves land lying waste which would be successfully cultivated. Even Newark n. J., and Tobor Largo towns take off every Day Wagon loads of stale vegetables from the now York Market. Vegetable a Are shipped from Galveston to Houston and Liberty. These things ought not a a vitality of vitality of seeds with proper care and under favourable circumstances can be depended on for the following periods Indian com wheat Rye dkc., for two years. Of course very Farmer will sow fresh seed when it is possible to obtain it of equal Quality. Muliet and the grass generally will grow the second year if saved Over with proper care but not with the certainty and vigor of fresh seed. Parsnips re Sharb. And other thin scaly seeds for one year. " Carrot Cress Leek onion peas Pepper aage Salsify Tomato for a lire years. Asparagus egg Plant lettuce Mustard Parsley and a Pannaci for Throe years. Broell Brua aels sprouts cabbage cauliflower faddish sea kale and turnips four years. Beet celery Ouon her Melon pumpkin and a Nash. From eight to ten yearn. Ink 6t�ie,-housewives who Are horrified at the might of pm y Ink stains will like to get hold of it receipt for removing them. The Buffalo Republican says " the moment the Ink is spilled take a Little milk end saturate the stain soak it up Rolih a rag and apply a More milk rubbing it ii. In a few minutes the a Lek will be completely id. Right. Five Hundred negroes according to the confession or rather the boast of the captian were taken on Board. Of these 158 perished in 53 Days 40 died in one Day. Such is. The state of things on Hoard of a slaver at the present time and we need not explain that the horrors Whiteb await the negro Are much More terrible than in the Days of the legalized slave Trade when the Middle passage the theme of so much indignant eloquence was not rendered More insufferable by the necessity of carrying Large numbers in Small Craft built especially for Speed and with proper arrangements for clean Ineza to health. We Are told that those who survived in this particular cargo nearly All were in the last stage of emaciation and diseases " their thighs about the Sircum Fereole of a Large walking stick Mere skin and Bone eaten up with scurvy and the itch " now what is the inducement for a trader to risk the loss of ship and cargo not to speak of Good name and to become the perpetrator and Spectator of such atrocities the answer is simple enough the Captain states that he has run nine successful cargoes and Ben captured six times and that he has lost �6,000 by this trip but he does not mind it As if he had succeeded in Landing the cargo he would have received �87,000 for the adventure. This is the end of All our exertions. For this it is that we have quarrelled with ther nations or coaxing them compromised our position or rendered our names odious. For this a Squadron is kept on the coast of Africa at a Cost of several thousand pounds annually and a family or two in almost every one s acquaintance has had its victim to fever or aunt Toke. For this we keep settlements Over 40 degrees of latitude sending Cut governors and Bishops to perish amid the malaria of. Festering swamps. For this we have societies and subscriptions at Home and sermons about the Grain of Mustard Send Aud speeches in parliament about Brit Ian s 83gis thrown Over the slave. Brazil and Spain cure As title about our principles As the naked barbarians who Bell their prisoners or subjects to the Skippers. The foregoing sounds pretty Well for the great thunderer he is evidently on the " anxious seat " but that will not do Only As a beginning. He must read his Bible More see what St. Paul St. James and other great lights in the Good Book say on the eur beet he must toll up his sleeves and come to the Mourner s Bench seeking " More Tibt whereby his country May be saved from revolution. Halfway repentance will not fill the Bill. The Good Book enacts that of the Heathen shall be made slaves a Tot an inheritance and Possession for them and their children experience tells us that to buy a poor brutalized idolatrous negro in Africa the naked debased slave of a naked debased negro tyrant holding his life by the tenure of his master s Caprice and emigrate him to a Southern Plantation in the United states where he becomes a Well fed Well clot Chod fat sleek docile and contented being vastly improving his own condition and enabling him to contribute materially to the production Commerce and Well being of the civilized world is i of Only doing a direct Good tothe poor fellow but some people Are Blind enough to believe and the writer is one of that ilk that it is t Ull Fillingane of the great edicts of the almighty wherein Man is commanded to do Good into his fellow. Of course we Are not in favor of opening the slave Trade by no Means 1 that is piracy punishable with death i and is abhorrent to the pious feelings of All Good men especially to the Blear eyed exceedingly pions Law abiding Union Loving slavery hating abolitionists of Boston and regions near by. The lowest most degraded being on Earth if a wild half Baboon negro in Africa is infinitely a thousand times better to do in the world and actually a More respectable individual and a better Christian than it is possible for a negro Ever to become As a slave to White folks Down South i Snow is the Only deduction to be drawn from the Brilliant harangues of Sumner and his abolition coadjutor. The Southern people May condole themselves with the reflection that it were better for them to be responsible for slavery As it is than it is for the new englander to be accountable for the Peaky ratings and mischievous ravings of so Many Learned fools among fiem. But to to serious. The London times admits that the Pertina Cious efforts of great Britain to break up the slave Trade a a failure and that it has Only increased its hocror6, by causing increased caution to avoid detection. It admits that the wants of the civilized world demand More slave labor in the tropics to produce great Staples of life which White men cannot produce. The whole continent South of Texas is going to waste for the want of White intellects and negro labourers. Why does not the times go the whole truth and admit that the Bible justifies slavery that the negro can never be better off than under a mild system of slavery that he this does most Good for himself his Superior fellow the White Man add that Only in this condition can he end his posterity rely upon being taught the truths of christianity and of living permanently in a Christian land Why not admit these facts with another of vast importance to Mankind Viz that the products of slave labor directly Ood indirectly sustain the Commerce of the world and thereby become the pioneers of civilization first and secondly if christianity in its remotest Parte ? when the thunderer becomes total.,$80,816 88 expenses for same time have Beer running expenses 8,294 67 repairs on rolling Stock. 1.667 00 do do track. 2,566 05 office expenses. 822 95 damage for goods lost a. 607 s3 total.818,457 99 leaving us a total earned profit for eight months of $17,858 89. Hon. Charlest. Cleave land. We learn from the Gazette that this gentleman made a speech " Denning Bis political position in Liberty a few Days since. Or. Cleaveland was emphatically a Leader of the american party in the last legislature. We have on several occasions frankly awarded to him Theo Redit of honesty Superior Talent and very sound Southern views on the great Issue. We regretted that he blood opposed to our views on the position of the Only two parties in the South. It seems however that the late presidential contest Sod the developments of the times have caused or. Cleaveland like Many other Cool headed dispassionate but patriotic men to grasp at facts As they exist and to Beo orae convinced that within the folds of the democratic party is the Only place for a Southern Man or a constitutional Northern Man to stand. He regards the american party As powerless for Good and reduced in principle to a single idea the Extension of the period for naturalizing foreigners and assumes that no party Ever Hab or Ever can sustain itself upon one single idea or Point. He feels compelled As a Southern Patriot to shake off All suck lob and to enrol himself As a " High private among the democracy of Texas. He asks no office refuses to run for the legislature but will do All in his Power to Aid that organization which he regards As the Only one capable of guiding the government through the perils ahead. He declares his intention to vote for the entire democratic ticket in August from a firm conviction of duty to his country. He Hopes to seem Sny of his late political Brethren do the same. We do not Welcome or. Cleaveland merely because he has become a Democrat not at All. But we do so because we have As we said whet party spirit ran High and he web in the opposite ranks entire Confidence in the integrity of his purpose and the Independence of his character to say nothing of his acknowledged ability. He sustains the High opinion we had formed of his character by refusing to become a candidate when his reelection of we Are informed would have been certain. so Tom of rcia�--.1-Eotbpearly the morning. Dan iveagh. It s my first offence i via sort to per Tii we Ottna. Ill Tell y,.u, Tig name Toppass. Thereby bang we a a i be Jost buy of mortals sve Gotine a Nee Early Birds. There s my Friend Totle who Sev lastingly out of beb. If i Wero Terrp gutted Curt Oti fruity As to whether i a or a what Pidi i should answer if on examination i should he asked if Wjt Tux Ever slept 1 should say not of my knowledge perhaps with one Eye the Learned attorney on the other Side no possible combination of Learned attorneys of Ned shake my testimony As to Theonea " nor b this All in m can Fidd Cap John., Wuh War Immor eluded constitutes in advantage in their favor Over the Large pity weeklies which should never be neglected. We Are glad to see it announced that Hon. Jacob Waelder of san Antonio has been appointed coned to Frankfort on the main. Or. W. Is a gentleman of rare acquirement and accomplishments and will reflect credit upon the position. His intelligence and urbanity would adorn any station. Col. John Caldwell was probably announced As a candidate r lieutenant governor without his own consent though we have seen nothing from himself declining the nomination. Thos. F. M Kinney is a candidate for the legislature in Travis county. The statement that or. M Kinney a a whig is erroneous. He came to Texas before the organization of the old whig party and in this country has always claimed to be Independent of All party organizations. Last year he run in opposition to the k. Nominee and he is now out in opposition to the democrats or rather we suppose he runs without regard to either party. There appears to be some disaffection in the democratic ranks in Travis regarding the election of representative. Of Edward b. Hord Jack r. Everitt John f. Lund and Forbes Brit an Are candidates for senator from the Mammoth District of Webb Starr nieces san Patricio live Oak and Refugio. Hord is the present member. Try the masonic Lodge of Gonzales held , on learning the sad news and passed resolutions of respect for the memory of or. Joel Hamilton who was lost on the Louisiana. They also tendered their thanks to the masons of Galveston for having buried him with masonic honors. The inquirer pays a feeling and deserved tribute to the character of the Good old Man " Uncle he was born says that paper in Virginia removed to Kentucky at an Early Day and thence to Texas in 1837, having been in Gonzales Nineteen years. Eif the Lockhart watchman has been discontinued at that place but is to re appear under a new name in the flourishing town of Columbus on the Colorado a very Good location for a Well conducted paper. The popular vote of Texas. As a matter of reference Tor our readers we Here with give the vote of this state at the three last general elections August 1855, August 1856, and november 1856. August 1855. Pease Democrat for governor26.836 Dickson k. N.,17.965 majority for Pease. 8.871 scattering vote for democrats1,111 total vote45,412 August 1856. Avge dem. Vote for com., to. A atty. Gen. 30.591 . 11,158 tunnels in the South East. A asps Juno 8,1857. Editors civilian the nomination of h. E. Runnels for governor and Frank k. Lubbock for it. Governor has Given very general sati faction in Jasper and its Vicinity. The friends of Geo. W. Smyth will respond to the nominations on the fir to monday in August Aud award to them a Hearty support. Runnel a the Man for the democracy to unite upon. He is bold and fearless As a Man. Honest As a politician prudent Safe and cautious As a statesman and As a planter his interests Are in accordance with the great Maeb of the people of this state. Col. Randolph c. Doom an old texan is a candidate for a seat in the legislature from the District of Sabine Newton and Jasper. The colonel was a Volunteer in the army of Texas in 1836, and has served in the Congress of the Republic and in the state legislature from this county. c. Hicks of Jasper is also a candidate for the state legislature. He is a Man of Fine talents an Able debater and in every Way Well qualified to discharge the Duies of one of the two representatives of this District. With Burroughs in the Senate and doom and hic sic the House this District will be ably represented. Hiawatha. Average democratic majority,19.433 total vote cast.41,749 november 1856. Bui Hanan dem., for preeident.32.828 Fillmore k. A 15,739 democratic majority17,084 total vote cast43,562 thus it will be seen that the democratic majority As shown by he two last elections in August and november last is Over two to one. For any of the opposition candidates to be successful in the coming election allowing for a moderate increase in the total vote j they must receive at least 10,000 demo Ortic votes of which there can be no probability whatever. The general majority we fully believe will be 15,000. Being he gets up before to bed. I often fear be will make try Jav Bush getting up White aha is la Ukiu into our butter less windows. My Landlady is afflicted with the Early up ish Maimer. The negroes have the morning fever too. The dogs have a oat Holio penchant for keeping a the lib a to Gavric is a Model for a country paper. It Nerer fails to give in a sue Conict urn the i esd intelligence of its county. This is the a main Potot with papers published tit �w4wjwto�1lto, Mosquito. It Cowf totes in Adra Taze in their Ivor Over j prom wed reasoned did All that one Calm Edd fashioned Plain Man could do in a Community of Early risers. A Well attempt to be heard amid the Roar of Niagara or the roaring of Boston Nigger dem. As Well attempt to convert 6am Houston to democracy or attempt any other impossibility. But try it if it is Only once you la fed different All Bay i Laid Supi Nely on my Back would out Bear anything but the breakfast Bell until this morning when i barn try resolved to make the Experiment saying As i went to sleep last night Early to bed and Early to Rise is the Way to Crow healthy wealthy and Wise sub Rosa i was led to take this rash step partly out of Good nature but chiefly because knowing my failing the Early Birds had informed me that German Beauty displayed itself at the Market House simultaneously with Sun Rise. This morning then i awoke before my room mate. 1 got up very Early an Hoar before Sun Rise Tak aug great care hot to awaken my indefatigable Friend. Scarcely were my unmentionables donned Ere that eternal Young gentleman opened his eyes to be sure be was not dreaming. He actually touched me to be sure it was not my ghost. The Surprise stunned him when at last he arose shall i say like a Phoenix from Bis bed clothes a and grinned which Grin gradually swelled into a laugh and then we both snickered right straight i sallied out. I had not proceeded far from main Street eel met my Friend to ii. You know or. Quill and what a Way be has of diving right through you with a glance. His hair stood on end with astonishment to see me up so Early what Are you up i i yawned a sleepy i went to the Market. I Felt As if i had left half of myself in bed. Not being a married Man the thing could not be literally True Yon know. The undersigned haying Oil clued the interest of John Wrigley and James Wrigley in the late orm j. J Fri lev pc co., will continue business for and on his own account and Hopes by strict attention to business to merits share or Public patronage. Liberty Jan. 1,1855-feb8-w-tf it clued. Sufficiently strengthened in mind and body to imbibe the whole truth he May despite the uplifted hands and horrified countenance of the great Lodi rubber headed Sumner conclude that in so far As the wants of civilized White men demand the labor of those wild slaves in Africa on the tropical soil of America it were bettor to regulate their importation by Wise and humane Laws to require them to be brought in clean airy vessels Well fed and not crowded like rats in a bold 2 feet six inches High where they smother to death like sheep with the rot. He May also conclude that a slave in Africa is no Mere a slave in America nay might possibly be persuaded that it were Wise humane and worthy of a Christian to Rescue a fellow being though he be Black from the horrors of wild african slavery and give him the advantages the patriarchal Protection and to him at least blessings of Ameri Eon african slavery. But then it is awful 1 terrific 1 and unpardonable blasphemous 1 to think that the slave Trade in ant form is not the shortest and most direct Road to the eternal Lake of fire and Brimstone. It is of course it most be a great Leal More wicked now. Since Sumner was Boru than it was when the new England puritans were engaged in Tho business and coining Money by it 1 it is wicked to think of it i the celebrated staked Plain is an almost uninterrupted table extending 8u0 Miles South from the Paralle of 35dcg. 11 min. North latitude with an extreme breadth near its Middle of 180 Miles. It is bounded entirely on the West by the Rio Pecos and from the Eastern and South Eastern edges Issue innumerable Springs and rivulets. It a the Fountain head of the red River of the Mississippi the Brazos the Concho and the Colo Rado of Texas. The northernmost part is represented to be 4,000 feet above the level of the sea but the highest Elevation observed by col. Gray in crossing it was 2,995 feet. This shows a gradual slope towards the parallel of s2deg. Under the government of old Spain a Trail Over it from n. W. To s. E. Connected the military posts and missions of new Mexico with Liose of san Saba and san Antonio in Texas. Long stretches slightly undulating without land Marks caused the mexi cans to Plant stakes fur the purpose of indicating the approaches to water and thus originated the name Llano Estacada or " staked Plain " it is by no Means a desert or Barren waste for with exceptions of narrow belts less repossessing there Are vast Fields of Fine grazing lands where Antelope dear and other game Are Seldom out of sight it is True that no Timber is Reen except Here and there a stunted me quit and no Stit Jauts flow Over it but in the Sand Hills inexhaustible quantities of the purest water a found. Rich and exuberant grasses cover nost of the ground. Beau Tirol . Winthrop of Massachusetts in Hia address at the musical festival in Boston last week alludes to the contemplated submarine Telegraph in these words of Christmas eve in Tho your 1814, the treaty of peace Between England Aud the United states was signed at Ghent a worthy commemoration of that blessed event when the Herald Angels were heard singing to the shepherds on the Plains of bet Lehem peace on Earth Good will towards but that treaty was not known on this Side the Ocean for six or Sev a weeks after its Date. The great Battle of new Orleans As you Well know was fought at least two weeks after that treaty of peace was signed. Our modern system of railroads steamers and telegraphs might have saved that effusion of fraternal blood might have deprived individual heroes might have deprived our country and its history of All the glory which belonged to that really great Victory. If the Gigantic Ocean Harp which in at this moment in process of being Strung whose deep Diapason is destined to produce b More magical Musio on Tho sea than mythology or modern fable Ever ascribed to fire Mermaid or Arion if Tho mysterious Gamut of that profound sub Marine chord had been in successful operation then As we Hope it soon will be Between St. John s and Valentia Bay those Cotton Bug ramparts at new Orleans might never been celebrated in in Story while of those who so Galan Tlly defended them Many would not have been Laid so Low and some perhaps would hardly have risen to High. Singular effects or singular occurrence says the Detroit free press look place a Short time since at the locomotive works illustrating the powerful effects of electricity. A locomotive was being moved from the manufactory to the Central depot and had arrived in the Middle of the Street when suddenly All hands dropped the bars with which they were moving the machine and fell Baik in amazement. Resuming them at the order of the Man in charge they applied them again to the wheels and again fell Back paralysed the instant they touched the Iron. The director of the Job caught up one of la e bars and making a Savage thrust planted it under a wheel preparatory to giving a huge lift. No sooner had it touched however than he saw it a All from h grasp to the ground As it had done in every Case before. Such singular occurrences excited attention and an examination was made As to the cause when it was found that the locomotive in passing under the Telegraph line had come in Contact with a broken wire that Hung sufficiently Low to reach it. The whole mass of Iron composing the locomotive had thus become charged with electricity which bad communicated itself to the bars that the men held in their hands and caused the effect above described. The wire was then removed and the difficulty obviated in a moment. Extensive journals give account of a Gigantic course of operations Viz that of casting a Mountain into the sea of Holyhead to form a breakwater 120,000 tons of Rock were recently thrown Down by one blast making 6,000,000 Toos which have thus been dislodged. In the mining operations which take place for this purpose the Quantity of Gunpowder used annually exceeds 500,000 pounds or More than 250 tuns and uie store deposited in the sea for the formation of the rumble foundations and embankment exceeds yearly 1,000,000 tons. In addition to Tho Agency which Gunpowder affords for the construction of this breakwater there Are employed upwards of 1200 men a Large number of locomotive engines stationary engines travelling cranes with steam Power and every modern appliance which mechanical skill can bring to Bear. This great work is the complement of the tubular Iron Bridge which spans the Menal Straits Holyhead being the Point of departure for Rel old. 3f the new volume entitled " Liberty and slavery from Tho logical and gifted pen of professor Bledsoe of the a Diversi y of Virginia. In a work that should be carefully read and pondered by every Southern , who would be really informed As to the political moral and religious foundation upon which Tho institution of slavery rests. We have read its 400 pages with great interest and Arote from the pleasant task if possible More firmly convinced than Ever of the utter fallacy and rottenness of the anti slavery dogmas which have brought distraction to our Iree and otherwise Happy country. Could the Northern agitators be induced to become sane for one week and read Bledsoe or some other orthodox author on the subject All among them who Are nutcase hardened and Given Over to evil would cease wrangling and become Loyal and no doubt  respectable " citizens of the a Outry. But Many southerners who Are Strong pro slavery men and keen to own the sons of Ham do not fully understand the question or the Points upon which slavery May be successfully defended in every enlightened country and hence it is that All should read at least some one of the Able unanswered and unanswerable works on the subject. Bledsoe s is one of them a handsome volume a few copies of which May be had of j. M. Jones strand at $1 per copy. Bledsoe scatters the arguments of Wayland Channing Chase Sumner and All such to the four winds and yet he leaves a vist Deal unsaid. 1 could t realize i was my eyes Felt glue ish. My Mouth would not stay shut or open Gap Gap Gap. The houses seemed to Gap the dogs looked As if they fallen asleep Over the Rosary the negroes stalked about like egyptian mummies who had ventured to take an airing or a dismal morning spree. 1 reached the Market. Crowds of servants were taking supplies of meat into their baskets which viands seemed redolent of opium or As if the animals had been killed too Early in the morning. I approached the Coffee stall. A Teotonio Damsel asked me if i would t like i supposed she meant a cup of Coffee and i yawned somnolent the Toffee seemed redolent of Poppie leaves and the Charlotte who presided Over the bread and butter would never have caused me to emulate Goethe s Werter but How could a sleepy Man fall in love with a sleepy Dulcenea 1 next went to the wharf. Infatuated cart boys were driving sleepy horses to a Steamboat which also had just got up excuse the Pun its the first offence. 1 us in favor o jugular punishment Lor jocular printers. A deluded party Man my Friend Ciok who is always up Early asked me if i had been up Long cold hooded questioner Bat 1 gave him Buch a look. Up Long ? did t my whole appearance emphatically declare i am a wretched Man who has been hum bugged into Early 1 went on Board. The passengers were getting up. 1 pitied them. The clerk of Tho City inked astonished to see me up Early and ventured an allusion to the Comet. 11 o clock a. M. I be bad breakfast. As ipod these Linos i am so sleepy i bae three times been aroused by the two indefatigable. I want no dinner i am going to bed. Now editors civilian can you Tell me what Are the advantages of Early rising ? do your folks get up Early ? i la never marry an Early Riser. I la have a clause in the marriage contract on this Point. Believing that this getting up Early Bah is the cause of various sleepy ideas and Illy digested measures and a crying evil of the times i have written these sleepy reflections. Yours drowsily " p. S. 1 am in bed. Died. Sunday june 14tb at Victoria or. Michael lankan late of Galveston. The body was brought to Galveston on the Charles Morgan and will be conveyed to Yazoo City miss., his former place of residence for interment. Thursday night june 13, or. We. M. Hudson a resident of Galveston for the last Nineteen years and a Soldier of the revolution of Texas. On the same night Mab Ann daughter of the late Geo. Craycroft aged 12 years. A hrs " it full prepared " his How to i a Euf he Hoese w atol Ramy til patrons and Menes who May be to Ming in raw us country or Neish Boring towns. He hops by strict attention to the Noea Siuea of else Stomers and his charges moderate to Reo Elve a Liberal share of Public patronage. S. W. I Caluster mags Way san Antonio. K a Liberty Conaty. Kecell left a Tariff Mutt of a Rwy urdu a at Abb Btu. Phi undersigned having made ample to x preparations to receive store and a svy Osvai Forward produce and merchandise respectfully asks a share of Public favor. Having experience la this business he Hopes to give general saus action. The Roi Loving a his tar til of charges for receiving storing marking and forwarding Cottons cents per Bale. For receiving storing and Tor warding merchandise. Lorenta Peraarl. To drayage will be charged and no percentage added for advancing freight Buls. Geo. Kicks. Aps8w6m Steamboat to messes Powell do Hul Veo Compton at Strati or Galveston Gen. James Davis cold Springs or. John cur Smith eld Jas. Mcmeans Palestine. To. A. Kib Galt. General collect my agent Gitter Sra Tiab. Will attend to All tra ainess front Friy in. The collecting line in the counties of the 15th judicial District. Also to the buying and Selling of lands in the Liberty land District. Falls county. Thos. T. Atoocl0bablk8 8tbwabt. A if cock & Stewart at townies and Counselor at Law and Oss Iaal Lah Davjd Coll Otho aqcht8, Marlin Falls county Texas ill practice in the Countiss of Feraios Robertson m i Alime Rte be Freestone Hill Navarro Leon Milam Burleson Mclenan Coryell Braque and Bell Ilso in the supreme and Federal courts at the City of aust111 dec3u-Lyw Karnes county. W. Bess. a. Wars. Jones pc Wab Jei attorneys at Law and land agents. Helena Earks Cockitt Texas. Collections made la Western Texas and promptly remitted. Any business in the Purchase or sole of lands attended to with promptness and Fidelity. Or trs to Hon. Jeremiah Morton a. Rob. A. Grinnan Jno. M. Bell new Orleans j. M. Mason. S Senate Shields & Somerv Lue Richmond a Gray & Glassell new York col. W. & co., is. Or. We. R. Smith Galveston Texas. Law s. I. Lowu1e, attorney and counsellor at Law Hawaita e.arnk8 county Texas. Ap3 . ,i, Lawhon 4 8tbibl1ng, attorney and counsellors at Law Helena Karnes co., Texas Vitillo give special attention to the collecting of debts a he probe us Ion of claims of every description and will act As general land agents in Western Texas All business confided to their care will be attended to with promptness and despatch. Junelow by Milton Dana attorney at Lav Helena Tarnef county 1 exam. Reference of. C. Hartley Galveston w. P. Balleer do Melon m. Holler do. John Henry brow to Hon Anson Jones Washington Tex. A. H. Bean new Corfe nov7-Lyr Cal Malili Luar Nej at a Law ant a votary pm dts Vielena Karnes county Texas. Land Tel. A Art ,3, attention Given to All Matler connected with lauds surveying. Locating a refers to Pryor Lea Esq., Goliad. Col. John hours Brown Galveston. Nov 7., Sabine county. B. Mcgl.osk.-x-, attorney and counsellor at Law p13_milam, Texas. W Tyr a. A. Vaughn. Attorney and counsellor at Law apl3 Milam Texas. Klyr in consumptive symptoms procrastination is the thief of time in a at no sense As a Bones existence Aud hurries Ibe palent irom Lime into eternity. Thousands Are weekly dying whose lives might be saved of the timely use of or. Park s Balsam or wild cheery and i a. A few weeks a Lew Days makes a a Lal Uit foresee in the Progress of consumptive symptoms. The chances of Success increase greatly Ullh the ear Liness of treatment. Although Parks Balsam has performed cures in cases seemingly desperate that Are almost miraculous still it is advisable to Lake the Balsam on the appearance of the first symptoms. Ills now Auu led by All drug girls thai no article was Ever so popular for bronchitis coughs colds oic., As this Balsam and tar of or. Park s invalid it you can be induced to try ii you will thank us for speaking thus positively of what it will do. Procure our illustrated medical almanac Gralin with full particulars of messes. A. R. Dumell of co. Our agent at Galveston. it park., proprietors 3u4 Broadway n. Y. Junel7 sold in every 1 own. Imp Holloway s ointment.--1 he dryer a Pousso Auto tug to May aged persons As Well As boils ring worm scald head fever sores bruises Aud All external Lannu Malione whether the result of Accident or of disease heal rapidly under the application of this ointment. A a sold at the manufactories no. 80, Maiden Lane new York and no. 244 strand. Loudon and by All druggists at 23c, 62y,c and $1 per Box. Where Are they now among the delegates from Travis to the Washington convention which nominated capt. Crosby in june. 1855, we see revived the name of h. C. Cook. He was a Man of Noble impulses and Strung indeed must have been the infatuation which could have influenced him to join a Serret political order of prescriptive principles. He left the order soon after the August election. Full of enthusiasm and Hope he went to Nicaragua. Can any one Lell his Fate Austin Intel. We would inform the intelligencer and All the friends of or. Cook that he remained in Nicaragua doing Gallant service until his lie Lalli failed some or Irre Mon lbs before Walker left Anil then de to vew Orleans sick and destitute friends who supplied All h to return to his native Home in Tennessee where he is doubtless recruiting and ready for anything daring or Noble that May offer. Walker esteemed him highly As o All who know him. Two return hut found wants and enabled him prof Wood the renowned discover of the invaluable hair restorative,11 still continues to labor in behalf of the afflicted. His medicines Are jul verbally admitted by he american press to be far Superior to Alt others for causing the hair of the of the aged to grow Lorth with As much vigor Aud Luxuriance us when blessed Wuh the advantage of youth. 1 Here can be no doubt if we place credit in the innumerable lest Toul als which the professor has in his Possession Hal n is one of he Gre Leal discoveries in is medical world it restores permanently Gray hair to its original color Aud makes it assume a eau Alful Silky texture which has be n very desirable in All age of the world ii frequently happens that of j men marry Beautiful Aud amiable Young ladled and not us frequently crusty old maids make victims of handsome Good Nam Rcd Young gentlemen Aud by what i process ii has never been determined until lately when ii was attribute to Lue use of this invaluable hair Keslo alive. Lasaile Jour Heude Sou county. Rufus f. Dunnum. . Dunn & Martin at Orbys and counsellors at Law Athens Texas. Mclennan county. I. Herring attorney at Law and notary Public Mclennan county Texas. Ira the counties of Mclennan Falls Liell. Navarro. Hill Brazos Coryell Milam and a Waleson also in the Federal and supreme urls at Austin. Tt5 special attention Given to collecting and land feb3-Ly. Suits Rusk county. I a w notice. M. Graham attorney Ana counsellor at Law hindi Bros risk Coontz Texas. Will practice in the District courts in the counties of Rusk Cherokee Smith Panola Wood upshur Ard Harrison and in the Federal and supreme courts i Tyler. Oct24-Wlyr Panola county Baij. Moore Irving p. Mason. Moore be Mason. and counsellors at Law. Will practice their profession in the counties of the both judicial District and Federal Couria Ttyler. Address also in the supreme Carthage Panola co., Texas. Reference Gen. P. Henderson san Augustine Texas Hon. O. M. Roberts Shelby co. L. Evans Washington City. Foct24-Wlyr a a a  go Knob a Halatoa texan. We flu keen Tea or on Hud a my Tel of groceries Mai put Afoa spun. J attention Weltle Imbt to deceit tier to Remili executing order. Edwado Kio boil  negro and real estate Bro Kkt blon a a Buu Sura Mia St err Hoor Roi to Naej _ Copan Ammie Warta my aurut a Juniat far a a if Titi. Rel ral. The charges normans it bos Dors. A. Kwh Omwake. By us a a stat. Socrro i to a / Orocu will give his Pera am attention to the tale Andy toc Dalk pc woo Purchase of sense and Kami balata. T s "tt7�7, nor Kors in la Purchase or Segrara and real estate. Having a Largo acquaintance with the Interior of Texas he invites the patronage of Tho Mablie. He has excellent accommodations for Tho Board and Loding or negroes i Rastad to his care for Sal. Jav keeps always on hand Karoo Tor Sale. Iap38r1 hikers to Henry Sampson 4 co., Ennis do co., and Van Alstyne Taylor p. Sora ton Honston. _ Hoff and Shatki. Situated on the North Side of Market Square Houston Texas. I he subscriber announce a to his friends and the Public generally that he is now proposed in his new hotel to atom Rodato All rate who May favor aim with their patronage. This hotel oders Many inducements to regular boarders and travellers being Large and commodious Zoota Iong Over forty sleeping rooms Well ventilated a portion of which is fitted up expressly for families. Stabling attached. All the stages Start from this House passengers and their baggage conveyed to and from the boats free of charge. B. Hogan june84_proprietor. Fanni Ghodsi t. B. Hadley proprietor. F an Hin Street Houston Texas convenient to the Steamboat Landing and ratio sad depot. I his Large and commodious hotel is ,5 to x thoroughly cleaned and repaired and of i fora the travelling Public and permanent bord Jacksl in Superior accommodations a Large stable is Al 81 Law old Capitol hotel hours Ron Texas Thornton Thatcher poor Arroa. and thoroughly Al repaired and renovated the above hotel respectfully solicits the patronage of the Kellug Public Aud assures those who May favor him with their Calls that no efforts shall be spared to make their stay agreeable. His accommodations furl Slesor families Are ample. Jo3 Large and convenient stables attached to the sps8wly Henri Hovik & co., window Sash and Blind manufactory Milam Street Houston Texas. Are prepared at sight to execute any orders for any Avinoam of Sash with or without Glass at the prices named below also pannel doors raised on both sides Well finished and made of the Best seasoned Cypress lumber. Annexed to the various sizes of Sash we have Given the exact size the Frame should be made for the convenience of our customers glazed Sash 8 by 10 Worth 16 e., frames to by is lights 2 it. 4jjiu by 3 it. 10 in. Glazed Sash 10 by 1-2, Worth 18c frames to lit is lights 3 it. 10x in. By 4 it. 0 in. Glazed Sash 10 by 14, Worth 23c. Frames to lit 12 lights 2 it. 10 1-2in. 1-4. Glazed Sash 10 by is Worth 25c frames to lit is lights 2 it. 10 1-2 in by 5 it. 10 1-2 in. Glazed Sash 12 by 16, Worth 30c frames to fit 12 lights 3 it. 4 la in by s it. 10 1-2 in. Glazed Sash 12 by 18 Worth 35c. Frames to fit 12 lights 3 it. 3 3-4 in by 0 it. 6 1-2 in. Glazed Sash 12 of 21worth 40c, frames to lit 12 lights 3 it. 5 3-4 in by 7 it. 1 1.2�n mouldings of All kinds and Cypress and Pine lumber Well assorted. Also. A Presa shingles for Sale Alo Ryard. Henky House & co ap2cwly Houston Texas april 20,157. Samuel l. Fowler Shelow Bell Fowler 6c Bell attorneys at Law Houston Harris Coontz Texas. Part1cula k and in Iuit Given to the in Vesliga lion of All kinds of Lund titles and claims. july22 John t. A adv attorney and of of seller at Law Houston Texas. Will give particular attention to business in the supreme District and inferior courts of this state. Also practice in the Federal courts. 10= office court House Square. Ifebl7-Ly Henry kerch. Perkins so Keech attorneys f coun Clors Al Lavi f general land agents mayl3___ , Texas. June-24 d. Baldwin attorney at Law. Houdron Harris co., Texas. Win. Edwards attorney at Law and general land agent Telegraph buildings Houston Harris co.,Texas. Will practice in any of the courts in the stale will give special and prompt attention to collecting buying Selling and locating Laud and investigating titles. References Hon. E. M. King Memphis Tenn. Col. B. R. Johnson Sumner co., Tenn. Hou. Ben. E. Gray Hopkins Volle by. Thos. Harrison. Esq., Logan co., try. Col. K. W. Morgan Shelbyville. By. Hon. John c. Mcvea Jackson. La. W. Furgus Kernau Esq. Clio ton la. R. H. Marr Esq., commercial place n. O. Charles Farwell. 57 Camp St., n. O. Col. H. Washington Polk co., Texas b. A. Shepherd j. P. Wilson Houston Texas. My 4 Nal Nacogdoches county. C if a 11 k Walker attorneys at Law Naco Dochez Texas. Practice in the courts of the fifth judicial District of the counties of Cherokee and Rusk and i in the supreme court of the state and.s. District court at Tyler. Nov Klyr Victoria county. Holt attorney at Law Lavaca Tex aug. Will practice in the supreme court and the. S. District court at Galveston and the several District courts in the 10th and 14th judicial districts. June 9, 57 of a. A. White Victoria we. H. Woodward Indianola. White & Woodward attorney at Law in pianola and Victoria will practice in the 10th District and in the supreme and Federal courts at Galves. Ion. Jan less Tyr juue2i 21 Tho Galveston Christian advocate which in now solely under the charge of or. David Ayers came to hand saturday last much improved in its appearance. The neat and excellent taste of our esteemed Friend or. Carleton has been exhibited in the getting up of the number before us and the press work done on the civilian Power press will do credit to any Independent. Not quite so fast neighbor i the advocate bears the More Gigantic prefix of Texas instead of it is not solely under the charge of or. David Ayree either. Uncle Davy attends solely to the business department and understands admirably How to punch one under the rib and ook $2 50 right straight ont of the vilest kind of a sinner tie does it elegantly you would really think it a " privilege to pay if Dunne by Bim and though very deaf his hearing is " reasonably Acu e Beu on a still bunt for subscriptions. He is determined to push the Texas advocate up alongside of the Mammoth advocates of Nashville and new York. But the Olur Branch of the business driving the Quill is done up by the Rev. C. C. Gillespie who has Given the paper its popularity As a religious and family journal. Your other compliments set very Well on or. Carlton and the team Branch of the civilian very Well indeed obliged to you. Stop the runaway i ran away from the undersigned on the 2d. A of this month a Black boy about we Iii one years Olaire about five feet High vol Rubly heavy Tel Buill Square or Broad shouldered Una lol Rattery. Ii yellow cast. His Rinmo la . He left with a Lorse and is supposed to be on his Way to Mexico. A description of his to Hea not known As he Lell with More aus than one fifty dollars Reward is offered for the apprehension and delivery of said boy of Laken up out of tin county and a Liberal Reward to any person apprehend ing him in the county. A by. Lux. Unol7u" la Grange Kaj Elie co. Texas. Ulas8. Heobald5. Orsat Law Victoria Texas. A lass a theobalds attorneys w. Theobalds and counsel aug25 Tyler county. Thou As Rock attorney and Counselor at Law s 14 Woodville. Tyler co., Texas. By at a keat Saluc of wharf lots and fixtures to we Euhon. The subscribers having dissolved the late co partnership Exi thug Between thou and wishing to Divide the properly will offer for Sale at Public auction at powder born of wednesday july 1st, 1857, the wharf and fixtures mules cars and the Lou of which the rail Road runs and the cattle pen together with the exclusive wharf Long privileges a purchased by them to persons and capitalists who wish to make an in vestment that will pay a Fine profit this is an excellent Opportunity for investment As the estimated receipts Are from Falleen to Twenty thousand dollars per Annu the wharf Lota cars mules fixtures Etc., will be offered in shares of one Sixie Nih at a time with the privilege of two three or any number of shares to the whole. Turns or so lab one third Cash the balance in equal amounts at nine and eighteen months credit. With int Esi Frim Sale the purchaser to give notes with Good personal Security and a mortgage to be retained on the premises until full and final a input. Also at the same Lime and place and on the same terms and conditions we will offer for Sale a very Likely negro boy. Joseph w. Baldridge. Daniel p. Sparks Joist Mph ii. Bald huge. May 25 ads late Bald Ridge. Spark & co. \ Raf Touk of til if Jtb i Axon Pyrton Itobi which is Tyven for to Firat wow Tetla Ettori of toe in Job Lidid Liq cob manufacture Are in the United state 1217 distilleries in which 5240 Poredos Jim employed and capital. $8,607,674, is invested. contains yearly 11,867,761 bushels of Corn. 87,17a bushels of Barley 2,148.927 Bush Elj of Rye a oho she Fasot molasses. They Man my m�wjp6bii of ale. 41,854,000 Whf of incl nautical Reece mention of a life preserving stateroom door for steamboats is attracting considerable attention among those interested. The construction or arrangement of this door is in this Wise a Sheet of India rubber is stretched upon each panel of the state room doors and fastened at the edges. In Ibe Centre of each Sheet is a ,., to those by a hich Ordinary life preservers Are in fluted. In Case of Accident the doors Are Browd overboard. Around the edged of the doors Are rope loops to which the needy person May cling and thus be sustained. Each door a said to be capable of holding four or five persons with Eabe under the circumstances when they would be brought into use. One of the steamships in the Collins line is to by fitted up with these life preserving doors. A machine Fob digging potatoes has been invented and patented by a gentleman residing at bomb try mass. The machine is described As a simple contrivance plow shaped with a doable set a tar and High wines and 8,600,000 of rum being of revolving Metal fingers so arranged that Thev sl�w0 a pm in woman i remove the tubers without injury from the Earth Ann Flung Sruti thai my Tain. I i  Vns it i the eoe Olej Dick a my doctor to. 1 Huan a Rran Jas is Rte aaa a boat a wafer be and Deposit them in baskets Hung on each aide of Iha machine. Manufacture of floor has of late years become very extensive up Peciulis in England. The cloth used their for the purpose is a Strong somewhat open Canvas Woven of flax with a Little Bemp. The most usual plan has been to secure a piece of this Canvas say from 50 to 100 feet in length tightly in an upright open Frame of Oaken bars in which position it receives the foundation Coats of paint two or three in number first on the backside and then on the front Beine previously brushed Over with the glue size and rubbed smooth with pumice atone. When both sides Are dry the painted cloth is detached from the Frame Coilet round a roller and in ibis state transferred to the proper printing room where it is spread Flat on the table and the variously figured Aud coloured devices Areg ived to it by wooden blocks As in the Block printing of Cali Coes. The blocks Are formed of two layers of White Deal and one of Pear tree Timber and placed with their Grain crossing one another alternately. There a Block for each color in the pattern and in each Block Thote part Are Cut away that correspond to the impression Given by the others. The face of the blocks Are so indented with Fine lines that they do not take no the paint in a heavy Dan from the Flat Cushion on which it is spread with a Brush but in minute dots so As to stay on the paint in a Congeris of Little dots or Teeth with minute intestines Between. Applied in this Way the various pig Radeta lie Moro evenly Are More tightly and dry sooner. Desirable lands in Grimes county one tract 750 acres near Groce a Retreat and part of the we. Beard headlight league and within 3 or 4 Miles of Heamstead and Well timbered. Also 4-20 acres adjoining the land of Giles Carter. Also 530 acres on the South Side of Beador a Creek and Adjoint Allen c. Jozeb headlight. The above Are very desirable lands for farming purposes and can be bought reasonably Low Junelow j. O. & . True Furkart agents. Railroad Ridste. Lumber wanted Tor piles Etc., Etc. On Dickinson s Bayou about 5 Miles from Virginia Point and immediately above the Railroad. 1 offer for Sale a league of land on which area Boutsis Hundred acres of Fine Cedar Pine White Oak and Post Oak Timber suitable for piles acid Frame work for the Bridge across the Bay. Also Hall league adjoining above in Small tracts for Farmers. Both the above tracts will soon be re surveyed and Sod in tracts to Anil purchasers. Also 2000 acres of Ladd on Clear Creek. A the above lands were granted to James f. And e m Perry and Are offered for Sale by their direct heirs. Eula kit. Austin june3tr-w2m strand Galveston. Star hotel Wood i i be. Tyler co. Texas a. W. Cav Pho Wiktor. Rhe subscriber having opened the above establish meat is prepared to the trav Ling Community. His table will always Besup-s1 plied with the Best the country affords. He pledge himself that no pains will be spared to make his guest comfortable and Hont. R y Patrici attention to business to Merit a share of Public patronage. Attached to the hotel is a Good stable plenty of Corn and fodder and attentive Ostler a. Fry Nacogdoches chronicle copy Aud Send Bill to a. Cady. Nov the death judicial it True. Imp d. A. Cabo Sirand at Oil in at Law in a Ian of 1�xaa, Kors to Meari a. Kelley a con Stefut seation paid to All Boiu waa enl Jud my care. Feud by Henry by Tarnok a at Torsy and counsellor at la Indian Elm Texas. In a office n powder Horn. Ͽ�b88oly. I. H. Sam debts. I1 Sanders a Whitney saw Yoairo a a Al Cyloa be Lavicy Texas. ,. \ x. and other claims collected and fund promptly remitted. Oettl Georgs p. Inlay Arroa Ait at Law Uaea Texas will attend to the collection of dab and the prosecution Walma of All description. 1b Theroun ties of Canovi Jackson Lavaca Victoria Gonzale and of a Tyr pm. Coer Shu Tino agent forwarding 4. Com. Mission merchant powder Horn Bart in Lanou Texas.a�gl4-ljr try the hug fast Prate paid for country prod a. Ashworth i a Ergeon wholesale and retail grocers Cosu Eumion & Forway Tomso me Chatel powder Horn wharf Indianola Texas. Always on hand Trench wines liquors fruits la ported direct form with a full assortment of Jet therm and Western product. Q Cotton hides Wool and pecans bought Attar eat Cash . Jan 16- a Tyr eut4w House. Main Street 1ndianola, Texas. Wiiliam. P. Bramell proprietor pleasantly situated who roughly repaired. Jan 235m Sti Eling t. Sea Well. David j. A Lbw ska w Ell & bal Viuf i attorneys and Counselor Law Indianola Texas will practice in the distr ii courts for to tenth and fourteenth judicial div Ricu and Federal courts at Austin and Galveston. W. . R. Sarau baldr1dgb, Sparks & co., lower wharf Indian Ola will make Liberal Cash advances on produce Foi our friends in new Orleans and the North. Indianola. Aug. 88 h. Baldr1dge & co. William g. Woodman Notay a , Coal poker Tor the states of Louis aha and Mil Sis Sirpis Indianola Texas. Ball business entrusted to it will be prompt. Intended to. Feb 2-w-3m Dallas county. Jae. C. p. In Choub Mccoy 4b Nicholson attorneys and counsellors at Law Dallas Texas will practice in the supremo and District court of tills stale Cuil in the Federal court for the District of Texas. Any business Cou Oded lot Heui shall be attended to with promptness Mill Fidelity. Tire Crenic messes. I. A. Pin Liard c4 co. Orleans messes. Cult car & Mck Feit. Vick Shu a Hon a. G. Brown . Wbk a legion i a or. Be. Hens Ley Krank Iuri k. Me ars. I hoi Nasson & Gibson attorneys Al Law messes. Louisville by. Kun Huiai comity. V jambs k. To kiss attorney and counsellor at Law each Shah Kazmah Cozett Texas. Will practice his proies Nino in the both and 13th judicial districts. Prompt attention Laid to the collection of claims ocl Hlyer 1, Lavaca county. it Lis Howe ton do Ellis attorneys and counsellors at Law Hallettsville Lavaca county Texas.  will practice in the a Tsirli courts of Victoria Ca Houn Jackson Lavaca Gonzales and Dewitt counties and the supreme court at Austin and Galveston Loc 4 Navarro county. G. L. Martin. Watt. Martn t Wyatt attorneys and counsellors at Law. Corsicana Navarro county Texas. Will punctually attend to All business entrusts to their care. They will not however con aided themselves employed until their fee is secured Colly 1 Robertson county. John h. Fennei attorney -jltjl�w0_ Wheelock Texas. Will practice in the courts of the 13th judicial Dos Traci comprising Leon Brazos Robertson fall Limestone Freestone Hill and Navarro counties june20-tf fort Bend county. Pc try me Johi. B. W ill a m so receiving forwarding d Gene can one door West or Globe hotel Richmond Texas. Whole Sale and retail dealer in groceries brandies wines and liquors tobacco and cigars Wood and Willow Ware die., a general assortment of every thing in the grocery line on band and constant Nely receiving from new Orla Riband the North allot which is offered for Cash or produces. Ii you wish bargains. Call and try me i oct 6-6m-w Meecham j. H. Lepet commission receive in and Forwar Diho Richmond Texas. Dealer to groceries dry goods clothing boots and i nov 2. Shoes a. Jackson county. Land forsake. T 337 acres in Brazos county on the. Loo i East Side of the Brazos River about ten. Mil Tab i Roro Ibe own Oiw to thigion of the a Rit from Hou blod to Wheelock and through which the Galveston. Hous Iod and Henderson Kail we Millican a head right league. For terms apply to the subscriber in Jackson county or to William Dun upon Brazos county who will show the land. 1uuu acres in Jackson county. Dine Miles fro Texana Parton Henry Smith s head right league. 1 will also sell Ray Homestead containing about 1300 acres on which there is a comfortable Frame dwelling with All dec Rosary out buildings Garden shrubbery peach Trees Etc together with 35 acres in a High state of cultivation. M. White. Jackson county nov. C. Of Washington county. Bin. H. A Liitt. Jap Braon Baum kit. Bassett & Bassett at i aids and cod no loom at Law Brenham Washington county Texas. March 20, 1855 refer to missus exas. Wharton county w w1lsoiv, attorney at Law Wharton Texas to Walt. To Roth a i Galveston __jan22 Ella Vel Jig Agency la. , of Washington ,ofl6rs to local. Survey and procure patents for one third of the land or 12a cents per acre on All claims less than 1280 acres or for in cents per acre on larger claims. He will also buy or sell lauds in the upper Brazos and North Western portions of the state a Ivi Fig to most careful personal examination in All cases either in the Purchase or Sale of lands. Ashe has funds placed at hit disposal to invest to lands All persons wishing to Tell would do Well to Forward to him a description of the locality of their lands and also when practicable a a a minimum Price on them otherwise he could not feel author died to become the purchaser even As agent. A thorough and intimate knowledge of the country and a personal experience in in business for the jail eighteen years must insure Superty investments for All those who May favor him filth shelf a business. Any business designed for him May to Hil Amienee be placed in the bands of b k. Tarver. Of wuss Glou i. U. Giddings of Brenum Wullum b. Kint. Of Houi Ion s. South Wick of Gules too a. A Compton of Austin or capt. G. B. Erath of woo. Washington feb. 19,1856-29-iy. / Gonzales county. Horatio r. . Bra Tom Nichols. Parker 4. Nichols attorneys and counsellors at Law Gonzales Texas. Office on North Side of the Plaza. Will practice in the courts of the second and tenth judicial districts and in the supreme and Federal courts at Austin. References Given if required. Augl2 Wool a have received several samples of the Saxon Wool sent is by messes. Collin Campbell & Hiram h. Orbam of Karnes county where we learn they Bave commenced the in Vinesa in the right Way having the foil blooded Saxon a bees Tea Aam Ajaye one of the of Leto any we Hava Gonzales College notice. Wante d. A female teacher in the Gonzales College for the year 1857-8, who is qualified to Tach the higher branches. One who can in addition to these qualifications teach drawing and painting will be preferred. The Jear commences september 1st. E. Nicholson pais. s it _ b. G. The slate of Texas. 1 in county court co wet or Galvi Stom 1 june term 1 557. To Alt persons interested in the estate of Isaac Fessenden deceased. You Are hereby cited to be and appear before the honorable county court of Galveston county at its june term instant to be Hoiden on the last monday in june instant then and there to show cause if you can or make your objections if any no have Why the final account of Charles Balsaner administrator of the estate of said Isaac Fessenden decease now an file in said court should not be audited and allowed and 10 do and to Sufler such other things a the Conn May then decree in the premises. Witness Oacar Farish clerk of the county court of said county and seat thereof. Juna Mil. D., 1w7. 08cx4b a Juba the state of Texas to the sheriff of Galveston county Nancy Forsman plaintiff greeting is. A theseas the William k. Foreman defendant Vav plaintiff in the above entitled cause has tiled her petition in the District court of Galveston county wherein she represents that defendant s residence is without the limits of this male and in parts unknown to plaintiff thut on the 23d Day of february 1846, said parties were lawfully United in marriage that plaintiff lived with defendant As his wife in the faithful performance of All the duties of her marriage covenants until on or about the 3d Day or february 165.1. At Galveston when said defendant without cause or provocation at said Galveston deserted and abandoned said plaintiff and has Ever since been without Ibe limits of this slate and live separate and apart from plaintiff and has never since that time contributed to the support of plaintiff nor communicated with her in anyway that during All that time Petitioner has been obliged to maintain and support herself by her own Industry plaintiff prays for a decree of divorce. alleged that at the time of said marriage defendant did not in any property that on the Gib a of october 1848, he purchased lot no. 10 in Block n 0. 144 in the City of Galveston and the buildings thereon the same having been paid for by the joint earnings of plaintiff and defendant during overture that the same is All the property of defendant known to Petitioner. Petitioner prays that the interest of defendant in said property be decreed to her and for an allowance for her support during in Pendency of this suit from the Fayette county. It7tlliam i. W1sbb. Lawvor as0 Lahd a01�t. V v la Grange Fayette county Texas will practice to the District supreme and Federal courts attend to All business committed to him with promptness and despatch collect claims including those against the state and Federal governments and pay taxes on ands anywhere in the state have certificates located and procure patents Bay and sell lauds As agent Aid investigate and perfect titles. Re or Sites Barrington 9l Haswell merchants Philadelphia a John Savery & sons merchants new York j. B. North to. Co., merchants new Orleans la. W. 3. Ledyard merchant Mobile Ala. B. V. Forbes Lavaca Texas j. H. Leport. Galveston Texia Bald Ridge Sparks i co., merchants Indianola tens. Feb 13 Whf Austin county paita lir Coho. 81s.t. Of Watss. Lipscomb Sakkis attorneys an d cujnskll0bs at Law Bellr Llie Austin co Uty Texas. Will practice in the oils of the first judicial Dos incl Aud in the Federal Aud supreme courts held Ai Austin and Galve Iii. Feb22y Travis Douty. H. C. Pin too . P. Puavai Pedigo 1 Purvis la wyer8 Andrj Krai agents. A j ill give undivided ii Enmon to All business eco trusted to them. By will give special attention to All cases coming Gore Thi court of claims it Austin. Address Austin Austin. Febl5-y w. L. , attorney it Law Austin Tuul. New drug store. Estate of said defendant that said defendant maybe cited by publication Etc. These Are therefore to command Yon to an Mon the said William a. Foreman to be and appear before the honorable the judge of the seventh judicial District at a District court 19 be held in and for said county of Galveston Al the court House in the City of Galveston on the twelfth monday after the first monday in april 1857, then and there to answer this petition by making publication of this writ in a newspaper published in said Galveston county called the civilian of for four successive weeks previous to the return Day Hereof. Herein fail not and due return make of this writ. Witness James w. Moore clerk of the District cout Ofa Ald county of Galveston with the Seal of said court this 25th Day of May a d. 1ps7. _ attest j. W. Moors Clark. 1 no Torea oing a True copy of the original my 274w John h. ,8hetijg.o, Flaxen to Klec Trie half comes. 3do�bh Nee tred per bark to tatar. For tar Loaa die sea user complaint chill and fever a. Tai Eye Superb a Gemnas Arjera Garwuo All. Hich the invite the attention of Interior merchants Plante Raan Embr ambries brushes perfumery a. Piers from the country Sttend-sept25wlyr Kef self. Oils " Coal hot iifi.011v�. Of these celebrated oils suitable All kinds binnacle and family undersigned also of the whole Rugg Asfe in the City of new York local agent of the company in austins acut irn vib Osaa Oil co., no. 50 Beaver Street 5. Y. Is granted on application As above Ify the description of lamp or a the Oil 57-Ly s. .wsi.a.birci. Newton & Bryce at Mimi a a Cocu Llou at Law Austin Texas i ill All professional business Coylae to them the Dutott court of the 2d, 3d add 4th Jufe Lal i stews ant in Tat Federal and supreme courts due state Laid aleut Tea and Galveston. Will also Acta land Awta ant attorneys for non Rei dents sold Lav and Thane los of thou entitled to lands under the Lai of the la rept let it Texas. I. Try particular attention Willce Given theatres gation and consummation of do knead lain to Elf. Trp office on Congress ave next or to Geias. Hamilton Uther Pord it Cook 1 Xiv go a a a it land Aoa Irra. I St arc. A a Hka to e re a or Totol nhenfv8bafes-Sparki t co., Indianola. I a Bow Razaq com. Not. To. Mace Ono. Aioo disc Bacots whole sex pro cars and c0um1s810h mar chants be. J5 he a can car of Broad Boston a i Lilabel Lime i Jat Welien Vaaj for Aala tar . A Kob of. At a j. Douglas general inn Collic Toa or claims a a of Tbs Nam a Congress a Venno opposite sanaon1 1 Austin. Ixia. X reference Heads of Rayart Beta Vereka and professional members of the legislature Taoism and representatives chant Austin Texas John shut cab we. H. Sellars
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