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Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - June 9, 1857, Galveston, Texas He mar town of Terry of Jum am of or Day in order to regular his express express Vii car u f i oiut�1ftmth a Stab i Ike Duronte of Bury. G9�9�oft a vol Collyar and at Hilj if Zai Jpn sons for a Jui in la Jitiam Dir jmmtoftv"fi8��noe. F46 Meltse aurjnttahh6ht. Job ,.-f -7$- is ssh a Idrew b. Moore of ferry county has 1 attn Enidina Emo Raap convention Tor a np5\ 4 it but it among the we Renaas a which Hiss family saved Ber Selv to weft Ulm by the a yesterday sunday morning from Goa tewel3 Andi Adoc self gut Aad lady dating. Emp saw of ctr Jeffers takes to Jar. Parker Ifo Seley Evine Baker Mcdonald Tor pct of Jar of Mac me Dermat s r8fanna and "8 an mat. Us. 1 " a  a ties Caw. H. Bea Nam Tei be a from in do nou 104 berwf6 3rew the Galveston left at 3 a m. For Berwick ear Ryng passengers through to. Kew Orleans for five dollars the Stearns Iii Mexico capt. J. T. Law Job eff term nip ii Rig from India Tola with lib Beeves 60 Bales Cotton and 160 hides for new6rl$tnirfor or he place be leftat4 p. M., with a Large number passengers. The . Gai�trar4jrwajmmdfralltfof dr#n9�na�b, and a tube darn Jared from the sett bub to a mob to aofltjsy.tohu�. 226 90 ipawaga.,.,., 90 is it l in -.1, a. Bit a.1a� of the German the obliging parser of the steamship Danie Webster 10 accept bar thanis for few Orleans pipers a the san sooner is Mao from late Charles 11, arrived yesterday with 82,000 feet lumber to b. 8. A sons.  tie Bart Trinity capt. Hall from boat on with ice and assorted merchandise arrived off the bar yesterday. Consignees Jessers. B. Nid Bole three feet Lone and by no %meanane3jv Trio Tarj her had she a oaten a Joiner r a apr sen Ted to have been doing Fier Best Fig pm a Stierl int Pfifle to Ria maintaining himself on some fragment one or two others were Dingli Kelbe wit Ciri a few Yards of Bimm a Jii ifs and Bop tag to be saved. They bad been the eral hours when Ope of his Tampa Iorii waa tse red by a shark aged Disapio std without altering. A word or sir Fec Tolje a gentler nor. P. 8. Milter did b0t know who the unfortunate Man was. Or. Nanc9.wbo was lost had deposited a consid Able amount of Money with or. Brawn the barkeeper and on the alarm being Given he went and took it in his own Possession a portion of Coin m a shot bag. He a one of those in the capsized boat and is apposed to Exave drowned at that time. Or. Brown it in understood bad same $8,000 on hand and probably endeavoured to save it but he was seen by Beveral persons to drown soon after less chg the e or. Lacy Jones whose remains were examined yesterday hib band a Bunch of Long Silken half of dark Sojor. It required no stretch of the imagination to. Suppose that it was from the head of his wife to which he held in the vain Hope of preserving her life. Such  was undoubtedly the fact. I =. Rim Are. Mitchell an old lady refused to Sake the leap required by those in the water who promised to do All they would to save her. And was seen to take file and Burn to death. It is quite certain that Edward Mcmarus 94 Stward till he was burning Iff Sis room where he perished and there is res the flames having run great Riser to reach his brother s room and Artree him a cwt serious say injured. He fell some distances Bis a est striking violently on something and Bursig a blood the lungs. Yet both Brothers Iii relieved by the Gul Yeston but both we re to exhausted tbsp notwithstanding the Ere group by in on the pm Stoa together they Wetre if the City some tip8 before either knew the Tobet waa alive. The boat that saved capt. Sheppard at Onel time was Guite near without discovering Giitl uni \ 4&vmp�ql Loti ppm i Tut animal Ion i-orcb8fei the a Alea i it old brew Daya a Ter lats try in a Tum by bag a i a j Niqi not Hor for brokers to a for of Ormas i fair to dream Middle Money Market was wit booting Tel in be Hap a of a Jai athe Las accounts so ate that the Spanish expedition had Farije Trouti Cadiz for the West indies. 1 " i dec struts from Mez by Atli 81 a Niffa preparations Are in Progress at Vera orm both at the fort and in the town in Anliot a Tara of the spanishowo�ri�jniej6.-Ril�Tep c c6rn.firm, Sale �t3sejv a define Aradell. A Kwh not mail , a warm a the Totaj to to of Spe Oje from the port of new York from Tny it of Jano Agry to the 84th of May Amoa eted to Over eleven Milti on of dollars Thyl tots amount of fora Ign imports of merchandise for tie same period Wai ninety five and Arak Mund invasion. At the capital a for of 5,1 00 Metis to be ready for any emergency to be raised immediately \ Corao fort ii believed i v in  toe wet Igieln ibos Tonj a out in the new York Tri no to Stovar tooth for Tom Active part be wok Amog Ite Fira 4b��.lnoendiary Sheet. Dona Beds in a inn Tatami and Bat the latter is Loevi the reach few to Tollick Miyai i and Aoma Teiml in was Nii Blaid by the gentleman haying " Oaits Brair april7, 1857. My. N. La Jib. ,. /7ii8lpiur pleasant duty by direction Al be Saaw Lull Tik members of Hook and lad i co.,. Law present you with the to company it Phil Aric fable Ai evidence of their gratitude to a Forth kindness which you have so often and heated Lafr tie firemen of Galveston when _ from Exoe Seive . The discharge of their Brt Louir duty and when amid the wild excite St of the Midnight fire others seemed to forget Al a a essential to the support of if so l an by no Edge men that they Are not a Xian Many note of Benevo Klep Jeremi to the Relief of bodily suffer i " i a Al re 1b. A adj of the Bev. We. H. Seat delivered a discourse to the methodist a Burgh Tapati Naglit on the late loss of this atom ship Lani Biana ithe theme was a Rich eloquent and pious a not fail to make a deep impression on the audience which was very Large and attentive. The Bev. Or. Baker of Hunts he preached in the presbyterian Church in the Forenoon. Operand in. The hands of so minister a re seat could no 1 the editor of the port Folio requests us to say that a Rumor that Hie paper was about to be discontinued is of Larne but on the contrary that it is prospering very encouragingly ". The Here Mon of laying the Corner Stone of the new engine a use for fire company to. 1, last satterday afternoon was appropriate and imposing. The masons and the other three companies of firemen joined in the procession in full regalia with Fine bands of music. The ceremony opened and closed with prayer and was conducted with masonic rites. An oration was delivered by h. B. Andrews esq., and was spirited and Elo quent Eves waxing poetic towards Tho close As the following extract will show a grateful Pablo by your daring won this tribute pay tip. Engine no. 1, and soothe base of this fair Structure Laid -. By bands forever Foremost in the Aid of those who suffer 1 be it their care brat Abl Rof the Oom Paes and , to place Thia Stone to firm and Strong that i Jay stand through Ages Long and prove a Refuge True and steady Eor those whose motto a always t i of j we i a i. A i tie one they were driven Dack. The tacked die Oil from him , i mayor called on the president for a military Force. Induced the boat to retrace her course again and i the Ping Oil ies repaired to the engine House of in so doing be Captain was found barely Able to the Ana Joefa company hear the Navy Yard and keep Hie month Tow or water. When asked How he a Small Cannon and marched to the scene. Of Lou Afelt at the time the bout steered away from him he they were passed by two cd meanies of the u. S. Replied Fiat be had an irresistible presentiment that marines under capt. Tyl Duj also marching to the she Woi ild return Ani save him. Scene of the riot. They were hailed with hooting a there Are fourteen or fifteen bids for the Overland California mails. The Cabinet will soon determine the Points of starting and award the contract. . Sarah Soule wife of the venerable Bishop Joshua Soule of the methodist episcopal Church South died near Nashville on the 29th ult., a Good has established a fire department detective police whose Dity it i to ferret out the cause of fires. R Fay Ettje True Issue of june 5th says that Fayette county has been blessed with Fine showers of rain and the crops Promise an abundant yield. Dyes. Kirkland w. T. Austin committee. I digit Obston. April 15,1867. R quip least receive for yourselves and of the a blk w4�4nlnrp�tifdv,, a and Corong As it thuse to a Hora i feel we All owe so gratitude is thu re pc doubly i Alum and thank Yort most sin Susty Noro Fly for your Beautiful gift but for the ,r8vd wijlan4 esteem which abort a Sirb tie highest regard and the sheer est wishes tour he Hhand welfare individually and col Istl vely. Atit of. I a a a a a a a a j. . A Basra n. B. Yard i. Dyer 8. Kirkland. A a Friday. To Mes Hatji saturday Alton me Day. Ivul Btry vice wednesday. Dallas thursday,., to Bachim i falmfflay., Spono Gelald in life a 3wsdaj,.taday. i 8928 bit a 8 tend. The protestant episcopal Choboy the journal of the general convention of this Church in the United states has just been published from which we glean the following statistics dioceses and missionary districts 86 Bishops 89 clergymen 1848 candidates for the ministry 248 theological so Bools and colleges 1� churches and parishes 2000 persons confirmed since last convention 80,844 baptized since last convention 120,000 missionary Aad charitable collections 1402,838 25. The Lam Abb business in Ottowa c. A citizen says the Stock of White Pine manufactured on the Ottowa this season together with what web Laid Over from the last year will amount to about 17,800,000 feet that on the St. Lawrence to about 2,600.000 and on the St. Maurice 800,000, in All about 20,400,000 feet. We understand that there is not More than 2,000,000 feet of red Pine ready to go to Market the coming season. Arrival of the Stear ship Opelousas. T3? the steamship Opelousas capt. Ellis from Berwick s Bay arrived at half past two o Olock this afternoon with n. Orleans dates of yesterday official report of capt Davis. The capitulation of general Walker. From Washington we learn that the offi ii report of capt. Davis of the a s. , St. Mary a had been received at the Navy department. Re says that As soon As he Learned that Lockridge was on his return to the United states and that there was no Hopes of reinforcements reaching Walker he hastened with several of his officers to Rivas determined by kind offices to arrest further hostilities if possible. He first visited Gen. Mora having come to an understanding with Bim he next sought Walker and Laid before that officer Bis plans doing everything be could to induce him to surrender the Schooner Granada and go on Board the St. Mary s. But these propositions were rejected until he informed Walker he a utile seize the Granada were she not Given up. Thy reason assigned by capt. Davis for seizing the Schooner is that she carried no Legal papers carried no Flag and belonged to no recognized government. Under such circumstances he says he Felt it to be his duty to prevent Ber leaving her Anchorage. Walker being Cut off from All Chance of reinforcements was rapidly consuming the horses and mules he was living on in Rivas. A month earlier he might have made his Way through the enemy s lines Aud subsisted his army in the open country but now the effect of such an attempt to reach the Burnt off broken chairs of. The following is the i Granada would prove fatal before he would get five. Miles from Rivas. Believing these things to be Best de seption of the five dead bodies we could j fun tsp a but Dayis Days he Felt my Nat fled under get the instructions he held from the Navy Depatt 6t.-nine Miles from Light House a Man 5iment, which directed him should Walker be sex polled by the Allied forces from his position at i is or. Thos. Lyons clerk of the Opelousas Jones Tab met fatten upon h As readily As a uld asap. Article to ,5h�t. Taste is pi�wt.,somewhat Tofte Honey i Cost is it ipad a prep gated ,.__ifrom As i Loei a Rio and a Felpi they would soon cover a Large mtg Tab of Floc i in the ways already la siuffi0l trec4 to Amend their to the Iamer. Science of Monite Gaza As a substitute for red Tlotha Mach animal branches. Medici t3j the new York Herald of May 80th, says that the Secretary of War ind Gen. Scott have completed arrangements of tending general har. Nay to Utah with the second a Gimel of dragoons the fifth and tenth regiments of infantry and capt. Phelps Battery of Light artillery. According to the Boston traveller s estimate the 600,000 Bales of Cotton sed by Hothem manufacturers will Cost this year $87,00�,000 last y ear. To mormons. A writer who is Baid to be tht�0�jghly acquainted with mormon affairs states Lyl a letter to the Washington states the mormon population at one Hundred too Sand souls in Utah and two Hundred in adjoining territories All Actu at a by the will of Brigham y ung. Business crops Jefferson Texas to Fco Tjit Over made in Eastern Texas. The no in a bib to doing Moth Good whatever May be said against it. It appears from the Browner Ville Flag that at of the District court lately held at Bio Grande Cit Juan Garza Aliaa Barten was tried on an Indio trient under the new criminal code for stealing horse in Mexico and bringing it into Texas he i found a Trilby _ sentenced to five years imprisonment in the stat Penitentiary. A Chiai show is Heab the Cost Ireje met Joege my a Bree in town a few Days since Freak Jor Aisy Freaa Uttin. Raper Mats 1% " feet 8 or 9 inches High Sandy hair Blue twill Cotton pants torn and sewed up in a triangular shape on the thigh Nett Cotton undershirt Plain Linen bosom shirt calf skin shoes with brass Eye let holes and no socks. A watch Seal Gold or Gold washed was found in the pocket nothing else. Body As were All the five decomposing rapidly and very Offen i Sive. This body was Burie at $60 Yards from he Beach by messes. C. R. Pattou Aud s. Hughes re siding near by. 1 2d.-thirteen Miles up a negro Man with1 Check shirt Aud Blue Cotton pants apparently a j Stout Man. 8d. -14 Miles up a woman with Plain Cotton dress much decomposed but supposed to have been a Steerage passenger probably a German As several were on Board. 4th & 5th.-about 18 Miles from Light House two men half a mile apart one had in his pocket a Flint and steel and tobacco and was thought lobe a German or Frenchman. To e other had Light hair had on nothing but shirt and stockings and appeared to be a Man who did not labor or As some expressed it a Mac of easy or professional life. The hair of All was nearly All gone and portions of the skin of the head. There was no Money or papers on either one and the smell so great As to Bicken those who buried them. The four bodies last named were buried by messes. Dunman Rives Hampshire Harrison and Shaw who live from 2u to 45 Miles beyond the Light House. The four men drifted ashore on thursday night the female on Friday morn Idof. I the Coroner deputized or. C. R. Patton to in bib Stead should there by any Turber necessity. Or. Bowie of Caney has gone Over determined to examine the Beach to the Sabine in search of his brother in Law Young Millhouse. Our party was hospitably entertained Over night by or. Patton. While upon this painful subject let us say that some persons have stated that the Steamer eclipse ought to have gone out to the Rescue of the Passen Gers of the Louisiana. Capt. Menard declared his readiness to undertake the work if capt. Wilson one our Best bar pilots though the boat could Jive amid the Waves of the Gulf and would undertake to Pilot her. Capt. Wilson had been outside of the bar late on saturday and did not deem it Safe for the eclipse to go but believed that the Revenue Outter afforded a better Hance of Succour ing the Louisiana s passengers. Experienced persons who were of the lost ship say that the eclipse could not have lived ten minutes outside the bar. No possible blame can attach to Captain Menard. Us. And should they attempt aggressive movements on another part of Central America to proceed at once to Rivas and induce him to leave the country. Kansas news Walker s inaugural. Lodia Vini a june 8.-the inaugural message of . Walker is received. It is Long and you dilatory and persuasive in Ite tone. He say the constitutional Laws shall be executed and urges All parties to vote. He believes that the constitutional convention will submit the Constitution to the people. He deprecated the slavery agitation in Congress and says that the question of slavery will ultimately be decided by the climate. A career of the highest Prosperity lies immediately before Kansas. If Kansas comes into the Union As a free state she has constitutional duties toward her sister states and especially towards Missouri. Her Constitution should secure to the latter state All constitutional guarantees within Ber own limits. Great fire in Philadelphia. Philadelphia june 8.-there was a great fire in this City Early this morning in 6th and Chestnut Street by which the Melodeon and Arcade buildings and other valuable property was destroyed. Washington news. Washington Juno 3.-major Mccun Llong has Aguin emphatically declined the governorship of Utah. The follow ing appointments have transpired minister to Prussia Joseph a. Wright of inti Ada. Minister to Netherlands Henry c. Murphy of new York. Governor of Nebraska win. A. Richardson of Illinois. Consul at Bremen i. R. Dieter of Illinois i Consul at Southampton we. Thompson of new i York. Consul at Bordeaux Gabriel f. Fleurot of new j York. Virginia elections. The Virginia elections have resulted in a general democratic Success. James b. Clay son of the late Henry Clay has been nominated i or Congress by the democrats of the Ashland District in Kentucky. Iti said be has accepted the nomination. New Haven election. New Haven june 2.-the municipal election Touk place yesterday the democrats carried All branches of the City government by a majority of 500. Utah. Col. Thomas assistant Quarter master general a has been directed by the Secretary of War to proceed forthwith to fort Leavenworth to superintend the removal of troops to the government Reserve within forty Miles of Utah where Good pasturage May be had. The officers ordered to join the steam frigate Mississippi destined Fol the East indies Are requested to report themselves by the 1st of july. Washington news. Washington june 6.-it is currently believed that sex governor Philip 1. Thomas of Maryland has been tendered the governorship of Utah and that he will accept. Judge e. N. Cullen of Arkansas has been appointed a Purser in the Navy Seth Kinman the California Hunter who presented the president with a Buckhorn chair is appointed agent to remove certain indians on the Pacific coast at a salary of $8000 per annul. The bids for the Overland California arc opened. There will probably be no decision Lor a fortnight. At the sumeral la Happy to meet . Boones. The nominee of the Wano Tolenti its or in and the Merw so he fusty. The ladies 1 Are m reap Trully invited to at editors every Man kit due that is by letting vary Anan a Ltd wit business a hat Gnu a a graph in your Issue of the waylay Las Iron Tia caption of " school Boras i becomes me As Well. A others engaged in my profession to make a few remarks in reply. The undersigned of old Mast respectfully state to the Parenta Adf guardians of children in this Eity that the usage which seems to trouble a Parete now waa Long Elzoe introduced at the frequent if to my Tiffi if of Many parents in their Ower person. Mr., Bossy who taught school for several years in Galveston was the first to yield to the request i next followed and so of All the rest who taught during Fobe summer months a system which seemed general satisfaction without giving the least advantage to teachers Eithe r in labor or in a pecuniary Point of View. The idea of sending children to school at 7 o clock when the mornings Are Joel and pleasant has been fairly tested and approved. At to o clock they get a Quarter of an hour to rest and eat their lunch then resume their studies till two o clock when they Are dismissed for the Day and sent Home to their Parenta to watch Over them until night. Apart from the reasons just quoted there Are others still More important which deserve the attention of teachers and parents More particularly. It is a fact Well known to the citizens of Galveston that when boys Dine at 12 o clock and the schools Are dismissed at four they repair from school to the wharves of the City when thei lives and Amor als Are always in danger thereby keeping their fathers and mothers in a constant state of fear a diely and alarm for their safety frequently till 11 or 12 o clock at night. Does the Parent not know too that a teacher As Well As other men has the right to manage his own affairs in his own Way and after Bis own Tab Ion ? Why deny him that right which every Man claims does he not also know that mechanics charge More than half Price for their labor lawyers for their counsel and Doo Tomb for their skill and who Ever Herad of a teacher meddle in their arrangements through the Public prints ? no the teacher claims the same right which the Parent has that is to give Bis patronage to whom he pleases. A. Teacher. The immense Iron Steamer the great Eastern it is announced will sail from Milford Haven As there is no other Harbor in great Britain with sufficient depth of water to accommodate her. The Dock and storehouses former use at Portland Maine Are in preparation. Orm r3&f Inja re a Jasok Stock of 8vrtea Oft of Bodie Mustas jul Oallares Aqa Ila Bootee,1 baser land sub Mea boys and youth Etol Tae Braswe carpet three Tydo ingrain do tent Ian 8tiir�b Omena Marolas by dts a Tom factors Auad 4 oommis8ioh Kobo Hahto 8trand, salvation Texas. A. Of Baa Sao a Vvs. A. Calpe so. General co i 1181,0h l�0�-Ahtb libkra1 oath and Vanzeee mad of Cotton sugar molasses bides or other produce to the above House by James Sibley h. O. Kiwi a. J. 1nbxksoll. Ii o. Ube web do co., commission arb shipping merchants la Lobule. Lib fial Cash advances made on consignments of Cotton Lucar molasses ac., to the above House by James Soki Iby Jame Slob lbt Cotton and sugar Factor and general commission a jul Ekston. I Bafia. Cash advances made on Cotton sugar molasses hides or other produce in hand for Sale in this Market or for re shipment to my mends in Liverpool Boston new York Philadelphia last Umbra Mobile and new Orleans. A Felts Lyl H. . H. Gnu xxx. Iriti Tallan & Gilbert. Cotton pact oks and of fission 3ibkchants, strand Balvi ath Taxaj. It Tell give their personal attention to the Sale or Vav Cotton sugar a. Coon its of Sale promptly rendered. Liberal Cash advances made on Leonsu Omenta either for Sale or shipment to their mends in Boston new York or new Orleans. Auguss a. Bald Ihor Boos lbs l1qd08s, cb00kjutyrw00dwabb,Etc Corner of Bce chanic , we. , stand Galveston Texas. Cotton Factor a terming Forward Imp and a Antral commit Ion merchant. Cash advances made upon All consignments to my address either forsake in this Market or for re ship ment to other ports. Fat g Rost. W. . H. To Babi. C arises a Ratje receiving forwarding and commission merchant strand chum Aston Texas. It strict attention paid to the Selling of Cotton. Exports from the port of Sabine for the month of May 18&t. Sch Moore-75,000ft lumber 70,000 shingles 4,000 Staves. 14 hides 1 Bdl d. Skins Gal Ston. Mist 18,00011 lumber Rebecca 5000 do 35,000 Shing., 18hides, engine 5000 do 10 do Agnes 75,0u0 shingles 10,000ft lumber Sarah Jorden 35,000 Staves Brazos River. Sloops Maggie Jane 62,000 shingles 10,000 it lumber 8,000 Staves 56 hides Galveston Alice 2,800 do 6 do 38,000 Shing. Constitution 69,000 shingles 19 hides 2 Bola Pelties Eliza 184,000 shingles 800 of leather 20 hides 1 Bale Wool moan fled 28,000ft lumber us. Jasper 71 Bales Cotton,568 Bee cattle 6,000 shingles 1 Bdl ,31 hides new Orleans. Total,exports-97,0i0ft. Lumber 499,000 Shingle is 174 hides 2 Bdl d Eer skins 3 do Pelties. 49,800 Staves 800 it a. Leather 71 Bales Cotton 1 do Wool 568 beef cattle. Telegraph lines. Louisville june 6.-the Western Telegraph lines have been interrupted since yesterday morning. Domestic markets. Cincinnati,.june 6.-flour-sales at $7. Active at 80 cents. Provisions Dull. New Yoek june 6.-Cotton firm. Whisky there Are nearly $23,000,000 in the United states Treasury bub Jeet to draft. New Orleans Market saturday juice 6, 1857. Cotton the Market has been extremely Dull today and the sales Haye reached barely 600 Bales a inside figures. We still quote Liverpool classification. Inferior. 5 r10 ordinary10rll g Good Ordinary.12 @12x Low middling13x@13 a middling.13j @14 Good middling14v314js middling fair. A fair. Cd i flock the Market continues Dull and we have noticed sales of Only 600 to 700 bbl. Including 150 Ohio at $7 87 1-2 and a few Small Lota at 18 p bbl. For superfine St. Louis Corn-soroe4500 ski have been sold to Day comprising 1100 at 95c.@$l for mixed and yellow 1200 id lots at $1 2000 from store also at Ai. And Shioo to 3000 sacks in several lots at j96c.@$l 05 in Bushel Market Dull. ,e Market. Brr cattle receipts 300 head of Ordinary cattle. Over 50 Bead Western remain on the Market but they meet with scarcely any demand and Are held at 14c. V it net. We quote inferior Aua Kapas at Sec 18 9 per head and Ordinary and Good cattle at s20@55 9 Herd. Enos Brake Home Prosperity of All your communities be they Large or Small de pends in a great degree upon the encouragement and support Given to that class of citizens engaged in mechanical and Industrial pursuits. The Protection of Home enter ise is one of the principal supports of every Community and upon it the Well being of All departments of Trade eminently depends. Hence it follows that it is the duty of All to throw out to that substantial and reliable por Tion of the Community the mechanics such encouragements As will induce them to remain and build up the business of the place. The importance of a Good intelligent Mechanic to a Community cannot be Over estimated. It in this class of men indeed who give tone and importance to the place of their residence. In them can generally be found generous impulses honest intentions and the True principles of Friendship. Through Good and through evil report they Are the firm and steadfast Friend of their neighbors and fellow citizens. In seasons of Prosperity and adversity alike Are they wedded to the Community in which their lot has been cast. Olt Mii Tiila is the name n ii Early history to the northernmost part of Citable world hence the latin phrase 01-Xkule, the utmost Streta for Boundary. Or. Read to the Royal society of Li-3, stated it had been a com the Ultima Tomk of the romans he considered this rested up on no Good on the contrary he be Jit Ved thai the Rafee aft represent their Multi thid Esifir Selong Ilet Iyawe thai Ift Heru la omit a ibo a get nothing i by Watt Iraq i Chi Itury ined that the English and Iriam a Jato a a mrs. To Island " a Tom vibe land cow were Eom Vilh Tbs i Jan diff o the Jpn Reguia and riot in Ohio. Cincinnati May 29.-marshal Churchill with eleven assistants attempted to arrest four persons at Mechanicsburg Champaign county Ohio charged with harbouring fugitive slaves some nine months since a writ of Hareas Corpus was taken out but before it could be served the us officers with their prisoners were beyond the county limits. Another writ was taken out and served in Clark c unto and served by the sheriff accompanied by a Large crowd of citizens. The marshal and hib assistants resisted and several shots were exchanged. The marshal and Bis party were overpowered and taken prisoners and brought to Springfield for trial for resisting the county sheriff. The greatest excitement prevails. Cincinnati May 29.-the United states marshal telegraphed to the Secretary of tire Interior regarding the arrest of the United states officers at Springfield. The answer has not yet transpired. Judge Leavitt of the United states District court has issued a Taleas Corpus to Day and the United states marshal has gone to Springfield to serve it and if resistance a made it is said that United states troops will be used to enforce the process. New Orleans Market. Wednesday evening june 3, 1857. Cotton the Market has worn a Dull appearance to Day and the sales have reached barely 500 Biles. Prices Are without any material change and we repeat oar last quotations inferior5 10 Ordinary.10e�ll i Good Ordinary is @1s Low middling.13�r13 4 middling. .134ai4x middling pair. C14 pair c15 Stock on hand and on snip Board not cleared. 111,544 floor the Market is quiet St. Louis superfine Tai 8 25c., Choice extra Albion at s10 j bbl. Coas yellow at1 is 05c, Choice White at is 10r1 12 1-8 9 Bushel. Pix mess is retailing generally at s5 9 bbl. Icon shoulders Woolle. Ribbed sides ux@13xc-, and Clear at rec. 9 %. Land prime sold at 15 l-2c. 9 t at32c. 9 gallon. Corns its Macc. Baba Joe India 13xri3%c. 9 Yard. Bali Bort hands run at 9r9x� 9 s passengers arrived from new Orleans week ending june 9, 1s57. False nobs per Mexico mrs bogy mrs Burden daughter and son Brower and family mrs Hawley and daughter Brower and Hawley Groesbeck lady and son Hall Bennett and Bennett Shelly Bur Quer miss Mcarthur mrs Lawless Long 09born, Howe,, Bartlett Stacy Bell Porter Snow Williams Breckenridge Blake Smith Lieut. Beale Thomson Bogle Moore Walley King 24 on deck. Passeno ebb per steamship obd. k f Brown messes. Frank Morse Smith e Brown dares Booth Fohler and lady j j French Gen Rayburn Ludlum 80 on deck. Passengers a. J. Tout and and brother mrs and miss. Tout and mrs. Foster and son mrs. Bod Ley or. Race and family mrs. Capt. Smith messes. Wooten Danforth Stool Fisk Edge Badford Greene Primin spun Rhodes Njo Bolson Carter pane Collins Cason Jackson Rao Cun Tinei poll Phullin Carter Hull Williams Fritschie hoist Cross and 10 on deck. Passeno ebs per Opelousas Hayden Aud wife Abston and son Alston Ferguson w j Ballard j. N. Mann Jules Gaillard doctor Salamay Farve Whitfield lady Sev t., Reed Flady York Jones Tucker Pope laughter Ash fill Dalton Jackson Bryan Hutching Afflick Terrandova St Marks Stone Nelson Shanks Heru. Martina Wilson Hutchinson Thornhill Hart Nash Johnson Dodge Lilly and 20 on deck. and persons of european descent every were regard sunday As the first Day of the week. Some one of the seven Days included in the space or period of time the week is designed to Mark must be taken As the first and from time immemorial sunday has been selected As the opening Day. It succeeds the Sabbath rest or seventh Day of the jews and taking the Isra Ali Tish order of time it follows that our weekly festival or rest must occur on the first Day. By christians sunday is held sacred because on the first Day Christ arose from the dead by which resurrection his professed followers claim the work of redemption he was sent to accomplish wag completed hence it is often called by them the lord s Day. Steam manufactory window Sash doors and blinds by Henry journey on Church Street near the Catholic Church Galveston Texas. Orders for any work in my line will be promptly executed. Sash and blinds always on hand of the following Sixes and prices Sash painted and glazed 8xl014ct8, blinds do �2 50 10x12182 75 10x14.-203 00 10x16233 25 12x18.-324 00 doors window frames and mouldings made to order. A. done to order. Ttt1 orders from the country executed with _ jnne4 57 duly Iam at present receiving a Large lot of printing paper and Book paper of every size u de in Texas also a sub and Book Ink Blank Ards Satin enamelled cards Blank paper of every inscription and Siee that i Wilf sell at a very Small Advance on new York wholesale prices. Printers will do Well by calling and to oking Over my Stock before purchasing elsewhere or by sending in their orders. I will Send specimens of paper and Price by mail on application. 1 have made arrangements in the North to be supplied with uniform articles of printing paper and those who favor me with their orders can rely upon Reo Elv ing the same. Terms Cash or City acceptance. May2_ j. Jobb strand. Lynchburg hotel. The proprietor would respectfully inform the travelling Community that he has opened a new hotel in this place situated near the steam boat Landing Aad is now prepared to accommodate travellers on the most reasonable terms. Attached to the House is a Large and commodious stable where the strictest attention will be Given to horses left in his care rates or fare. Board and lodging per months18 00 week. 6 00 Day. 1 00 Man and horse night. 150 single meal. 50 horse keeping Day. 75 month. 20 00 Geo. T. . B. Ponta. Polk county. Galveston Wood & Povez. Cotton factors and general commission and forwarding merchants strand Galveston. Solicit the patronage of their Friend san the country a for the Sale of pro Daee and executor of orders and to which personal attention will at All times be gives. All produce shipped to their address with Bill of lading will Beoo Vereby their open policy of insurance at the lowest rates of Premium when made on steamboats or vessels which have passed the necessary inspection.  Liberal advances when required will be made on All consignments shipped through them to their friends to new Orleans new York Boston and Liverpool feb8 . I of Sash doors and blinds. On 22d St., Beileen the episcopal and Baptist Kirches Galveston Texas. Keeps constantly for Sale an assortment of Sash and blinds of the following sizes and prices Sash painted and glazed 8x 014cts., blinds do $2 50 10x12182 75 10x14. .203 00 10xi6233 26 12x18324 00 other sizes in same proportion doors made to order Raj a orders from the country promptly attended to. Mars 67-Lysw-w it. 1. John so attorney at Law United states commissioner and master in chancery. Land and general agent and of deeds for every state in the Union Galveston Texas. Deeds and other instruments drawn and authenticated for use or record to any part of the United states. To instruments acknowledged before a notary or other competent officer in any county in the state of Texas and certified to by me As commissioner can be used and recorded in ant state in the usion. Documents forwarded to me through the mail will meet with prompt attention. Jan by office in front of the Morian Hall. John o. Bo4aaaa j. 8aairuu. Inper Tor too Momoda hols a co., a Aotoa Salt Aston. A iwo at Sims wow York Star line. Andow5 .tait?8."".wm  re woo has Houston,550 a in a i is War Jan Dimond co own set an new York. A " a j. 8haflresp0l of twelve Hundred tons Harthen each built a preasly for Tats route and in constructed at to avoid the Banc Sis and delays heretofore arising passage berths Texas will leave new Orleans from the ferry land tag opposite Jackson Square on sunday Aad thursday mornings at 10 o Olock Eoanu Anoina on Burr Day May 10th, 1857. The Opelousas capt. A. Van borne Bills win leave on sundays and the Galveston cant. David thur Day. Days of leaving Indianola will a wednesdays and saturdays and Galveston Sun Bays and thursday All o clock p. Freight will be received daily sunday axe pts at the company s Landing in new Orleans at foot of St Louis Street and will be transported through to ports or destination without extra charge by the Fine of tron Side steamers. Freight received before 1 o cd put in saturdays and wednesdays will go by the steamers of sundays and thursdays. For freight passage apply it the Bairoa d office in new Orleans and in Galveston or Indianola on Board the steamers. Bills of lading of the Only form tue on this line will be furnished to shippers by parsers of the steamers on application and All required in Torma Tion Given. Of no letters taken by this line Only such Asma Tain Hills of lading or Appertain to the freight of Board. N. B. All persons Are forbid trusting any one of account of the above steamers or owners shippers will please attend to the reel it of their goods imms Dutler on the arrival of the teamed. David w1lb0n, m�yl6___sole agent for this line la Texas. To a 1 exas 4. York line of Llau icbms it the 1 list of Fackt to Between. Galveston ind w. H. Wharton t50 tons g. Oat a. A. B. Travis �85 tons . By Olav j. W. Winla boo tons l�4dy, Muu. Stephen i. Austin. 500tons, Claris bark Hon Tauk 4ioo tons Oei Orn , Norm Betki 400 tens to m. Brows it tors j. H. Krower co., Are the Subt Libed St eats n pm York. The vessels will be under their Estaa conii.,1 while in that part. Bippen Bihis line maj rely on Havlat their Gasoi forwarded with care and despatch Tad at Allitif Flat it lowest and most Seq a Tahu prices. I pm in the dust of april to the first of november As will be carried on any Vestal belong lat to this line Thia inept vessels Ari amply fitted with a mod Tiona for Cabin and Steerage passengers and attention is guaranteed for their Comfort Darlng the ugh a i. I a a a the Sabs Riberi win make Liberal advancement on shipments of pro Daee to the address of the agent to v Yorlli misers. Jim. Brower to. W i. Hundly a co., mar 17 agents in Gale stun for Toston. Re regular packet Brig Vesta capt. 8hac-a Field matter will have despatch a i of r freight or passage apply to Maylo e. B. Nichols it i for Liiri the fast sailing packet capt. Asa Stevens my Patch As above for pastars commod Auono to Strain Fotioo Mill greeted 1763 Ste vented in Scotland 1788 Ani wis Tress j veejay is requested to take place at. The retype Prin he Imam i 8 of Eula a j �nauna�etkaa5lv we so Seibt the Grimol a we tits a magnetic 1888., Texas preserve fruits just received and for Sale by . Fillips Corner of stand and Tremont streets 300 qts. Cans preserved peaches 50 Gal. Do to do tomatoes 50 do Green Corn 100 do assorted grapes Etc., Etc. These Are from capt. S. Kelsey at cold Springs and Are Home made preparations Texas we Challenge Competition either in Price or Quality and we will be prepared to furnish the merchants of Texas next season with an unlimited Supply. Orders for the next season and merchants purchasing win be fully Guarante eded that the article put up will be equal if not Superior to the Boston or new York markets. I novel Tel it apply Tor Phillips of j. P. Davie. New stage line from Gonzales to Columbus. The undersigned have established a line of Roda hokes coaches upon this Soots Viz leaving Gonzales on tuesdays and sat Keats after the arrival of the san Antonio and Austin stages returning in time Xor the same on tuesdays and thursdays. This line intersects f. P. Sawyer s line at Columbus for Richmond running in connection with the Railroad sin d Steamer for Galveston. Travellers will find this a Short. Pleasant and direct route to san Antonio and Otar towns in the Guadalupe Valley avoiding the worst part of the Gulf and saving time. A see rates below from Galveston to san Antonio Austin and intermediate Points. From Galveston to Harrisburg s3 00 Harria Barg to Richmond 1 50 " Richmond to cot Ambus 6.00 " Columbus to Fallet Ivlue 3 50 " wallets vile to Gonzales 3 50 " Gonzales to Seguin 3 30 " Seguin to san Aantonio 3 00 from Gea Zales to to Ekart 3 50 " Lockhart to Austin 3 to the same rates in returning. Benson f Bonds nov t stage proprietors. Notice. We. Carper m. D., " to the building formerly occupied by mrs. A. A Moore deceased on Church Street. Feds j. C. Davis m. Surgeon and physician office on Post office St., 3 doors e. Of Tremont St., Galveston mar7 Borace Conet. B. Anderson. Cone a. Anderson attorneys at Law Houston Texas. Ill practice in the 1st and 7th judicial districts. Thos. Joseph. Attorney and1 counsellor at Law Orris on Market Street next door East of h. Rosenberg s store Galveston Texas. Novijsw-w1 the Mont House Alviston. having leased this Well i a known hotel has had the same thoroughly renovated and refurnished and is now prep red Jami to accommodate the travelling Public novl4-Lyrl r. H. &10ntgomehy, Lesse. Pal tetto House Tremont Street. Palmetto House Galveston. Texas. The above House has been thoroughly Over i hauled and renovated during the past summer. All necessary repairs have been effected. The premises have been painted throughout Aud fitted with new and fashionable furniture. In Short to expense has been spared in providing for the Comfort of its guests and to will be opened on the 10th inst. Oet9-Wod, win Aalt to examine these lands. By persons be at " Union Ivarine and j-1 i. No uru uce office Lorne Rof strand Nind Iid Street g a l v k   n. Cd pm a a. Ͽ�2ooo0o d i r e r i o r s for i he packet Brig Noil 1 master will have freight or passage apply i may29 r Ott iban Jones a go s Soctt the attention of the it presented by our line of from new Orleans to Galvez terror towns on the route to _ Uorn port Lavaca Matagorda a Sig tales san Antonio Corpus Brownsville by the Western route this is the Only established by route i. E., mail and exr Assa p. Opel cab rail Road and Vainini steamers. A we Forward any description or Ste Fusaa on the i a Side to it s Lia Natse y Bullion specie Bank notes valuable leu ,____________r-3ftafv office new Orleans every sunday and Ved Hasi promptness and special messenger in our own employ Raqi Iel -----1 it Uii Wini of i morning at half past 7 o clock. Leaving Hov Dir h same Day re above at 4 o Olock r. A.,and of Bengal Veston every monday and thursday at 4 r this express will make Slose Penn bettor Wuh the " Atlantic express " to and from new princ North Ern clues a office in new Orleans under St. Charlea Sotel office in Galveston Corner of Tremont and Mont streets office in powder Horn at Baldridge to stories Joni a co ap3w-sw new Orleans and Galveston. Atlantic express. Betharn dues. The North. Per Atlantic a Sprau 179 Broadway new York. Ap3wsw_jonbs a co proprietors Atlantic exp Reaa. A 1 Between Galveston new York sea Worthem lattes. Gaippe ordering goods by expire Saosi the North k of. Jul have them marked " per Atlantic express 1731 j Broadway new York. Re 3nes Jin the United states to Europe Camoria and ant Tralla. We. Armstrong do bko., agents. A Tremont Street re Henry Kyle Pio Praetor. Janos Way notice to ree etre Frei Tab a. On the Day of their. Arrival or the Coe Hiltl jts wow Cal a. Notice 3te Tyniw Iora in Tois. Shortest quickest and and Colorado valleys v b. B. It c. Bai Boadi from Harjus Brae Nunn Nilsi a us to. Galveston and Msj Towb Sib i ers and at hich Moad with tnamla.1 Gonsales a utome Psi in 1?t8 Harris both esst Days and Elmr Days Hal e o of mond same Days it 1, o Oeloel passengers for Rosm ool ton by Steamboat on the Edna through tickets Toas Stra. . It ftssess11" 1 through tie Keti Austin of for stage transp Hack mend. Extra Sta Tow a hours for route
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