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Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - January 5, 1858, Galveston, Texas A Jolt Tuberty and to Mon Fluitt to Tow mar. A. A p-$awy.ifii1irsb Omaar by the of to la to. Joha a Faaumu to the teats Kunf Ted states and Abo Treiul Tine vacancy Tea Wei by re a nation of ass Eta Jatto. Hoc. B. cramp and Jamea j. Jaakson who after retiring or a Short time returned and read the flow Flag resolutions which were unanimously adopted. A who Xhaj by the election of the Hon. John Hemphill by the legible tire of the state of Texas to the United states Senate a vacancy will of Oder in the office of chief Justice of the supreme court of Tbs state Aad we the people of Austin a panty feeling Den interest in having at All times the supreme Bench of this state filled with the beat and purest Man and lawyers of Superior Legal attainments. Therefore be it jut Koei that this meeting having the fullest the integrity Aoda a City of the Hon. B. T. Wheeler and also in ooh iteration of his Long faithful and eminent services As one of the associate justices of the supreme court we prefer him to All others for chief Justice of said court. Therefore bait of ached that should the Hon. B. T. Wheeler consent to become a candidate for the office of chief Justice believing the Hon. Jamea h. Bell judge of the first judicial District in this state to be a Man of Good judgement a sound lawyer and a Ripe scholar he being a native of this state and familiar with its history Laws and customs from boyhood we express a preference for and recommend Bim to the people of this state for the office of associate Justice. Besotted that these resolutions be signed by the officers of this meeting and copies of the same be forwarded to the Hon. B. T. Wheeler and Hon. J. H. Bell together with the proceedings of this meet lived that the Secretary furnish copies of these resolutions to As Many of the newspapers of this state As be conveniently can for publication and that All the newspapers in Texas Are respectfully requested to publish or copy the same. Z. Hunt pret Idt. John w. Goods Secretary. The i main of digging f r a foundation for the Monument recently erected Over to grave of presiden t Madison the coffin was exposed to View. The appearance of the remains in thus described by a Richmond paper the boards placed above the coffin bad delayed but no Earth bad fallen in upon it and eve thing appeared to be As when the coffin Wae deposited there except that the off in lid waa slightly out of place allowing a partial View of Tfaye Interior. As there was no fastenings to prevent the part of the lid covering the Superior portion of the body was raised and several gentlemen present looked in upon the remains of the great virginian. The off in itself of Black Walnut Wax in perfect preservation and the Interior was nearly filled with a species of Moss Bioh adhered per tenaciously to the Wood. Beneath this and partially hidden by it were a few of the larger and harder Bones. The lower jaw had fallen away the Bones of the breast and ribs were gone and the Only parts of the Skeleton Bioh remained were the Skull and portions of the Cheek Bones the Vertebra of the neck the spine and the larger Bones of the arms. All else of the upper part of the body bad returned to the Dost from whence it was taken and in a few years More every Trace of the body will disappear until the Trump of resurrection shall unite the scattered particle. The body has been interred just Twenty one years. Used City opt. J. H sear rett matter erred from Hooston set saturday night with so Bales Cotton 150 hides and the following Pae engery ,. Marr. Bailer Terry j f and p g Bertrand Callaway Hardin co oily Bonus Griffin negro Hoy Alton Fields Cooea Loooney Nuna Hall. Harper Bradford Shaw , j b Jones Thatcher Stephenson Brown Tyson a Treaon Gooe mrs Peag mrs Stephenson child cd serve mrs Stone. Galeion a lady mias h Bremond or Basse miss me Murine we Fadden. Get Only ,491 Hales Cotton were received at Houston last week making the entire receipts of the season 88,10 Bales. The Telegraph says Good country hides 00m-Mand about 8@9attorney general Willie and chief Justice Hemphill and in the legislature by messes. Wig fall Geo. Poinan Britten Bee and Munson Are eloquent and interesting but unfortunately too Long for our columns at present. The legislature does not appear to have perfected any very important measure since the last previous accounts. It Hon. Guy m. Bryan has been placed on the committee on agriculture and the committee on the Beaual of unfinished business. Hon. John h. Reagan is on the committee on Indian affairs and the committee on expenditures in the Post office department. A a we Are indebted to Hon. John h. Beagan for Public documents. By the lamas recently carried from pern to new York Are offered for Sale. A heavy Bains appear to have fallen throughout the state. The Republican states that the executive committee have elected the Bev. Otis Smith of Georgia to the presidency of the masonic female Institute in Marshall. Is the Huntsville item states that the wife of Bev. F. A. M the methodist Church died on the 22d ult. Her baby died about a week before. The remains of both were brought Down from Madison county and entered at Martha Chapal near in Neville. Hon. Anson Jones last president of the a pub lie of Texas has recently been in Galveston to seek a suitable residence for himself and family. John Burnett has been tried at Richmond under the charge of having murdered we. Low ther and acquitted the negroes who murdered John Douglas bad not been Iri Edat the last accounts. Relative value or English and american coi Naea. The Secretary of the Treasury states that in accordance with the authority vested in him by the last Congress to provide for ascertaining the relative value of the coinage of the United states and great Britain and fixing the relative value of the unitary coins of the two countries he appointed professor j. H. Alexander of Baltimore commissioner to Conler with tha proper function Arins in great Britain in relation to some plan or plans of so mutually arranging on the Decimal basis the coinage of the Tiro countries As that the respective units shall hereafter be easily and exactly commensurable. Fromet Sor Alexander is now in London and it in expected the result of Bis Mission will be embodied in a statement and report from him at an Early Day which will he Laid before Congress As soon As received. Gov. Wibb on fan no goes gov. Wise has issued Bis annual message to the legislature of Virginia and As was to be expected it is a Good Deal longer than the Long winded message of president Buchanan. He dwells at length upon the free negroes of Virginia their condition and the legislation needed respecting them. We quote but what is to be done with them is the question and it is difficult to Settle it justly and to our satisfaction. Several modes have been proposed. One is to Bend them in one exodus out of the slate to the non slave holding states of the onion. I doubt both the policy and Ahe Justice of his plan its reason assigned is in a vindictive spirit to teach abolitionists better How to appreciate the nature of the negro. But that spirit always Blind is Apt to mistake m this and the result would be rather to make so Many missionaries among the foes to our institutions and to our people to Harden them against us rather than to convert them in our favor. Besides they would on this plan have to be seat North to a climate not suited to their habits or natures and it would be harsh thus to subject them to a wholesale dispersion disease and extinction. Such is their Fate in Iree states and in cold climates. They Are not fit for Freedom or Frost unless they Are among friends who will provide Lor them and slaveholders at last Are the Best friends to the african race and their climate and location Are most kindly to their natures and habits it would be. More humane and More just to them to take from them their Liberty at once and sell them wholesale into slavery without their consent. But the moral sense of our people would revolt at a violation of individual and personal rights like this and no such usurpation would by tolerated by Public sentiment. What then ii they ought not to be sent North to free states and the tender mercies of fanatics and Frost nor to the South and slavery ? the answer is that we ought to colonize As Many As we can to Liberia to Lake Back under masters As Many As Are willing to re turn to the patriarchal Protection of slavery to encourage the virtuous and industrious among them by seeing that they Are compelled to learn valuable trades and arts and to Reform our penal code so As to punish Cap itally certain of their higher offences to punish their secondary offences with solitary imprisonment and to condemn the minor offenders and the idl to labor on the Public works. A code of discipline would soon rid us of All the vicious and dissolute and retain to us the trustworthy the virtuous and Cost or polio bin lines in Washington. The latest estimated Cost of the Capitol Extension is $6,610,158 leaving to he appropriated the sum of ,185,168. One million will be required for the next fiscal year. There was a pm Laue 01. Hand on the let ult. Of $594425. The construction of the general Post office building was estimated to Cost $650,000, but 600,000 have been appropriated already and another Hundred thousand will finish the work. The dome of the Capitol was estimated to Cost $945,000. There has been no increase on this estimate another appropriation of $245,000 will Complete the work hut there in Money enough on hand Tor the next fiscal year and no further appropriation is asked for at present. The Bioh mond South thus endorses or Buchanan Tfaye Kansas Oon troves is the next most prominent Point in the president s exposition of the internal administration of the country. As already announced in this paper he sustains the action of the Lecompton convention and we repeat that in i vibe position he will have the undivided support of with Southern demo Ray. In this connexion or. Buchanan affirms in the most precise and emphatic manner that the Constitution of the United states Liff Flient for the Protection of slave property in the territories in Defiance even of a local Law against it. The most extreme demand of the Southern Ultra lists " never went beyond that principle the Bowie Washington Arkansas Telegraph states that far tamed weapon had in origin in that Koe and was made by or. Jae. H. Black for col. James Bowie who fell at the Alamo. Or. Black still resides in Wash Angton though he wee deprived of Bis Eye sight a lumber of jeers ago Oudit at a week according to the new York express the assets of the Bouse of Pendleton Brown & co. Were sold at auction in front of the merchants Exchange. Their Book a be fonts says that paper sold for $10. Among t pm area e debt due by a Cincinnati firm for 9661 another lot of Book accounts amounting to 740 sold Lor $19, and among these were two Jedi we against a new Orleans House for $684. A Tok pm Tweton was a sheaf of overdue notes from Are rent parties due in 1868 and 1864, making an aggregate of $8667 80. A Fine amount on. Paper which realised die magnificent sum of $18. There is a pretty specimen of a rather Loose business. The one Oloc Neati debt of $906108 was Only pert of Baton Bioh went Tor $10, Bat the earn total gives Over $80,000 of Book debts and Bills sold by motion for $47. A deplorable Deprejs elation it must be confessed. More arrivals at Philadelphia last week from the Western coast of Africa brought nearly seven thousand bus bulb of pea or Groundnuts. It is said that from fifty to sixty thousand tons a year Are shipped from Africa to this country and to great Britain and France. The Export of pea nuts and Palm Oil Only to America and Europe represents the annual value of at least gift eat millions of dollars 1 will be four eclipses daring the jfjeerl868, two of the son end two of the own let a partial eclipse of the Moon february 27, Only partly visible in the United states. The in on aim Rise partially eclipsed Bioh will take place generally after the time of the greatest Pease. So. An annular Mollp self the Eon March is. The 81 will be neutrally Lett used on the Meridian in Kitade 8 45 me Wien latitude off a North. In some pin tsp of the United states the sen lube partially Eeli paed. T w. Theaton aug Etna. Men plebes the Asci " " Vrubl Bat Bliss the whole Teupe Villi i Awn tax machine it or the great Hajj tin stash Chi Wui doubtless be the most colossal in its dimensions and the most perfect in its workmanship and arrangement of any similar machinery in the world. The paddle engines consist of four oscillating cylinders of seventy four inches diameter and of fourteen stroke working in a solid Frame attached to the Frame of the ship. Each pair of cylinders with its Crank condenser and air pump forms in Ruelf a Complete and separate engine and each of the four cylinders is constructed so As to permit instant disconnection if required from the other three is. That the whole form a combination of fear engines Complete , whether worked together or separately be two ranks Are connected by a friction Lontai that the two pairs of engines can be connected at moment s warning and the hand. The Enk Nebar a nah spa Neon valves throttle valves Amy by a be combined paddle engines Wilf a Power of 8000 horses of Humph working eleven strokes per minute a thump Nobe boiler at fifteen pounds upon the Inch hmm expansion valve cutting off at one third of the Troko. 1 it of Faivor Utabja the go Tat evil of frivolity whether in Young or fold coexist in its being a very certain indication of the want of any taste or aspirations for anything Batter and higher and in its tendency to preve Kuthe acquisition of any Noble or useful qualit5ea of character or mental Possession a the indulgent of it prevents the growth of tastes for better thing and bits opposition to All sobriety of character not Only prevents the mine and character trom growth and no Joasa ascent but lays it open to the ingress of even worse than itself. The Ohara oter the sink to a lower level always when thera la not an ambition to Rise or at least to preserve the Good opinion of parents and others and at the same time Veneto own approbation and self respect. Another evil of a predominant habit of frivolity or of a fondness for fun and frolic is that is an almost certain bar to the admission. Of serious thoughts and impressions. It la the antagonist and preventive of the formation of any lofty purpose or any Noble Quality of Ohara oter. The outward Demesne May be perfectly proper and there May be entails traits not a few Bat there a generally in aeon persons a want of principle within event of Oble ambition or desire of in improvement it which there can be no upward and Onward a time to make Money a the end of life. 1 machine1 to make Money. A machine to spend it. Machine to spend it on. Baying things because they Are Ohapa r Yea want them or not Hookins sub dub. On sunday yesterday pome time Between the hours of 12 pc. And 3 r. M., mrs. Maria Dougherty was brutally murdered As is supposed by her own servant woman. The fit cts detailed at the Coroner s inquest were these. The deceased was found in the Cistern at the Columbia hotel on the strand about 8 o Olock with 1 wow and. On the Bead inflicted with a Sharp instrument. She had been missed three or four hours. The negress who is charged with the commission of the murder was purchased but a Short time since at auction Sale and bad previously belonged to capt. Sterritt. S e seemed dissatisfied with Het new mistress and attempted to Burn the premises lat week. From this fact and the general bad conduct of the slave suspicion attached to her and upon exp nation of the wounds of the deceased portion of the negro s Stock were found Bitch As Hooks and eyes of. The negress was accordingly arrested but maintained a Doged silence in regard to the tragedy Only observing to those with whom she conversed that a he was willing to he the Coroner s inquest Altera protracted deliberation found that the deceased oame to her death by wounds received from the bands of Lucy the slav a of Joseph and Maria Dougherty. The prisoner is about forty five years old apparently is a most ill favored looking wretch and Peetris to have committed the diabolical act after deliberately maturing it. Papers not taken ubom the will do us a great favor by giving us prompt notice when subscribers fail to take the civilian from the Post office. The postmaster Genera has recently decided that if postmasters do not give publishers of newspapers notice wet their papers remain in the Post Wolflee without being taken out by the subscribers wit Biti five week they Are liable for the pay. The Jasper have received three letters from leading citizens of Jasper staling that the mails for that place trom Galveston via Liberty have tailed fur several weeks past. They request these mails to be sent hereafter by Way of Sabine. Masonic appears from the Texas in Aires messes. W. T. Yeomans and a. Jacks a of Rusk Cherokee county will shortly commence the publication in that place of a double Royal Quano Sheet. To be devoted exclusively to masonic interests. The Best Talent in the state is enlisted in the Enterprise. To be published monthly at $2. Valeu Coit address of Oev of show citizens my duties As chief magistrate of Texas have ceased and i surrender the office to one whose conservative course during a ser vice in the legislature and As lieutenant governor has recommended him to the Confidence of Bia fellow citizens. His administration comme cues under auspicious circumstances and 1 Trust that its Progress and termination will be honorable to himself and acceptable to the people of the state. During the term that i have bad the Honor to fill the office of governor Many difficult and vexed questions of Public policy have been disposed of among them the settlement of our a evolutionary debt was the most important. It had for years engaged the attention and occupied a Large Portio of the time of the legislature and yet seemed to be no nearer a final settlement than at the period of annexation. Delay Only complicated the question still further and left it to the action of those who not having participated in the scenes out of which it grew could not feel the same Obi cations to see it justly arranged As the generation by which it waa contracted. I was familiar with the nature and origin of that debt and with All the difficulties in the Way of its settlement. While there were Many and Strong objections to the act of Congress by which the United states proposed to pay it i Felt that it would be a less evil to accept it than to leave the question open and thereby Embarrass on Legie Lantre and retard the Progress of All plans for internal improvements these convictions induced me to recommend its acceptance though apparently in violation of the Public sentiment of state As expressed by the partial vote of the 1 eople in regard to it. Now that the subject has been disposed of and the effect of its payment upon the reputation and credit of the state abroad and its Prosperity at Home has been seen and appreciated by on citizens 1 am hat by to believe that few could be found who would Rama the act. It was my Fortune frequently to differ with your predecessors in regard to the merits of Laws which they bad passed. On snob occasions 1 did not hesitate to exercise the veto Power and with few exceptions my action was sustained by them when they came to re consider the question. My con Rye in this regard objected me to censure from Many who seemed to think that the veto should Only he used to arrest the Progress of measures that Are re Png Nanfito the Constitution. That instrument however imposes no Buch limitation upon its exercise and an executive who would avoid the responsibility of making use of it to arrest what he deemed improper and unwise acts of legislation would be As faithless to Bis Trust As the representative would be who might shrink from recording his vote against them. I do not propose to review All the measures of the government in which i hate borne a part but there Are so Roo whose influence will is As lasting As the government itself i refer to the creation of the school fund the establishment and endowment of a Lunatic any us and institutions for the do Tion of the Blind and the deaf and dumb. It will Ever be a source of gratification that i aided in the adoption of these measures and if nothing else had been done during my official term ther rough All its vices Tindes and trials and Contr buted to the formation of its institutions and its Laws i cherish for it no Ordinary attachment and Hal never cease to feel the most ardent Fry its Wel Are. To . Gentlemen of the Senate and Rouse of lie Prusen takes is entrusted the duty of legislating for the mat1, at a most interesting period of its history. It is tree from debt has an overflowing Treasury a rapidly increasing population ample Means to Devegh be its vast resources. With All these advantages at the command of the legislature by a Wise and Liberal policy Texas ought at no Distant period to occupy a proud position in the Union. Pease. Est Hon. John h. Keagan and w. P. Ballinger Esq., of Texas were admitted attorneys and counsellors of the d. S. Supreme court a Short time 13?" in our advertising columns will be found the card of or. A. Allen Stone Cutter and Marble engraver or. A. Has just returned from a tour in the Interior of the state add is now prepared to fill All order in his line of business a democratic meeting was hold at Richmond fort Bend county dec. 28 a. R. C. Campbell Esq., was called to the chair and James Winston Esq. Appointed Secretary. The following delegates were appointed to the state convention a. W. Buckley b. F. Terry w. Kyon j. C. Mitchell John s. Van de Graaff. B , Gustave Cook t. B. Howard j. D. Waters and h. B. Waller Esq a. Resolutions were adopted recommending John a. Wharton for attorney general approving the administration of gov. Pease the Choice lately made of to. S. Senators for Texas and condemning the recent course of senator Douglass. Texas suits in the c. S. So Bemb out. A letter from judge Hughes to a gentleman in Galves ton states that the important land cases from this state Jones is. Mcmasters. Bacon it a is. Howard Aid Doswell is. De la Lanza the Corpus Christi cases have All been argued in the supreme court of the United states at Washington Are under advisement opinions expected by the 10th january 135s. Babe Trinity or. Lyons Purser of the steam ship Galveston informs us. That at s o clock this morning the Galveston passed bark Trinity 5 Miles South East of the bar with Anchor and Chain lot. The Galveston experienced very heavy weather. The Richmond reporter says that our chief Joy is to Dangle Worms on the end of fishing lines that we Only fish among the Flats and leaves the inference that we Are after him. We beg to assure him that he is in error on All these Points. V in the late election of Printer to tie d. S. Senate the Washington correspondent of the Phil Delphia press snug or. Douglass declined voting stating that he did so for reasons satisfactory to himself. He went to the caucus on monday to state those reasons they were founded upon the in retracted Pinion of the editor of the Union that the people of a free state could not exclude slavery therefrom. of Austria an austrian statistician has just published a classification of the people of that Empire. The last census stated the population at 86,838,854. Of thid number the Domi naut race yields the smallest proportion there being less than eight millions of German subjects of the emperor the slavonic race forms the bulk of the Empire Beins dearly 10,000,000 in number. The Asiatic tribes under austrian Rule Are Between five and six millions and of these the magyars in Hungary Are the chief portion. The austrian army which in its Complete state numbers 648,000 men the largest army in Europe for actual service ten sox Numas or the forty seven rulers of Europe to Prince of so Bamburg Lippe a Petty German principality has reigned the longest Bis administration dating from feb. 18, 1787. But the oldest of european sovereigns is the grand Duke of Meriwe Tilburt Strelitz born August 12, 1779, the next in Point of seniority is the King of Wurtemberg born september 37,1781 the King of Belgium bom desomber a 1790, is the sixth the King of Hrubsi Wiethe eleventh the emperor of the Franco Bora april20,18 8, is the Twenty second end the King of Bavaria the Twenty fifth. The youngest sovereigns of Europe Are the emperor of Austria the Queen of Spain aged 28 the King of Portugal aged so and the Duke of Parma aged 9 years.  i a a a 1 & Das Altmai is quite too great dearth of the Jose about farm renders a Heliy Innon att unit than rows of stately Trees along the roads that leads to it. They occupy land that can be used for no other purpose and in a few years become valuable for firewood or for Timber if one can afford to put them to that use. But when once planted and adorning the Roadside and by their Beauty adding value to the farm Lew would feel that they could afford to out them Down. Inaugural address. About to enter upon the discharge of the High and responsible duties which will now devolve on me As chief executive officer 0 the state custom requires that i should make use of this occasion to return the most sincere acknowledgements of grateful heart Lor the Confidence reposed in me by my Lellow citizens. Conscious of the responsibility and aware of the onerous task it will impose it is not without emotions of True embarrassment and apprehensions of difficulty that i shall enter on their discharge. Indeed when these considerations pre sent themselves enhanced by a knowledge of the diversity of opinion incident to the population of most newly settled countries of be conflict of in Teres which May be expected to arise Between Dif Lerent localities and divisions of the state i May scarce Hope to meet that Ordinary share of Public approbation which has been awarded to my predecessors and could Well wish 1 hat. N charge of so great importance to the insure interest and Well being of the country had been confided to Abler and More experienced hands. In the Ordinary course of events it May not have been expected that one with aspirations so Humble As. My own would Ever have been called to a station of such High Honor and Trust. It is a circumstance which should inspire with Hope and encouragement the humblest who bows in sincerity and truth at the shrine of patriotism and duty in the illustration it furnishes of the character and Genius of that govern Neni with which the american peo pie Are blessed the truth of which has been so of leu exemplified in the Workings of its system that Honor Slid promotions Are not the prerogative of rank Sih Tion or High degree. As a of the people my first and greatest aim has Evet been a just reflection of the sentiments of the with whom Ray Fortune have been cast their interests Tiave been my interests linked together by one Desriv and both alike inseparably connected with the prof purity happiness and welfare of the entire state. As i am not conscious of having indulged Auy motive inconsistent with their a prime Nance in times that have passed i sup y Iii have no other Nof. If it has been from such an apprehension of my fellow citizens that i a n indebted for my present position i have Only to assure them hat no Elf Ort shall be spared to promote the Best interests of the country and however much i May distrust my own ability but i shall shrink from no responsibility which attaches to my position the recent political contest through which this state has passed forbids my passing it by without a notice. Early in May last the democratic party met in convention at Waco and according to Long established usage adopted its platform and presented nominees Tor the different offices to be filled at the ensuing election in August the principles set Forth were those of the National convention at Cimic Innabi in 1856, and in substance the same As those under which the democratic part made its Host Advent to Power with their great author or. Jefff in at its head with the single exception of the doctrine of non intervention As incorporated in the Kansas Bill. The news of the action at Waco had scarce transpired when the name of a citizen prominent in the Rol s of his country s Fame wag Auno iced in opposition and a canvass actually begun the most remarkable perhaps in the an nals of political warfare. The celerity of the movement the electric rapidity with which its Intelli gence was communicated and the alacrity with which it was endorsed by the entire opposition furnish the most indubitable evidence of the pre concerted design to distract and if possible to is Troy the identity of the democratic party. Happily the Effort failed and it must be Gratifying to All sympathizing with the party from a Devotion to principle that Victory should have perched on its Banner under circumstances so Well calculated to destroy unanimity and Confidence. The result affords Lull and ample Assurance of the enduring affection of the great body of our fellow citizens to the principles of civil religious and constitutional Liberty since the first defeat of ancient federalism it has been the practice of our opponents at different intervals to disguise themselves with new names and promulgate new platforms of principles. The last assumed has surely excited a greater share of deserved ridicule while the principles have been More dangerous than All that have preceded it this fact is evident in the proof of their voluntary abandonment. I would gladly if i could injustice to the occasion avoid an allusion to the questions growing out of the institution of slavery which is now made to act to conspicuous a part in the poli tics of the nation. Silence however might be misconstrued. The first great Issue on this subject arose on the introduction of Missouri into the Union in 1s20, when the restriction of 86 0 so was applied to her ten itchy and the slave Holder prohibited from the right of joint occupation North of that line with Bis property. Although this line was not originally intended to extend beyond the limits of the territory of Louisiana on the annexation of Tex is the principle was applied to it North of that line and acquiesced in by the South. But when after tote acquisition of additional territory by virtue of the treaty with Mexico it was again proposed in the formation of a territorial government for Oregon the binding Efficacy of the principle was denied and hence the series of enactments known As the Compromise measures of 1850. By that legislation Cali Ionuia was admitted into the Union a St be regardless of All the forms of Law under a Constitution which forever excluded the sont Harn slave Holder. Next in the series oame the act creating the territorial governments of Utah and new Mexico. In thebe territories which comprised the remainder of the territory acquired from Mexico and also that of Texas by virtue of annexation and cession of Boundary the principle of non intervention As a measure of Compromise was expressly recognised and enunciated As the future policy of the government touching legislation in the territories. Under the soothing influence of that legislation it might have been expected that agitation on the dangerous subject involved would cease and the controversy be forever Pue at rest. But not so for notwithstanding that a Large portion of Tfaye territory compromised in these Bills was subject to the restriction Underjfr-1 Artillea of annexation when it waa pro efforts a were preaching and sending for of their population or drench her Plains with s f Southern sympathisers and b greatly to be feared that the have been Bot too Uelee Sybl. Paint As it must be to every True hearted 8outharer,it is not to be denied that if abolition propaganda pm has suede Ededine Kansas it is not alone attributable to the Lawless armed bands who have marauder the territory nor yet to military organizations headed by renegades and desperate adventurers acting in open hostility to All Federal and territorial authority but it Isnow ing first to to of tic one who have in Plain Tive notes bewailed the repeal of thevis Zouri com Promise and thus Given Aid and Comfort to Tfaye enemy and More recently to the. Course of Robert j. Walker governor of that territory that so deplorable a result is mainly chargeable. Instead of exercising the authority with which be waa vested to ensure the faithful administration of the Law he has been engaged in the miserable attempt of conciliating Public offenders by concessions and compromises utterly inconsistent with the Priboi pie of non intervention incorporated in the organic act a portion of which is in terms As follows " it being the True intent and meaning of this act not to legislate slavery into any territory nor to exclude it therefrom hut to leave the people thereof per Eltiy free n form and regulate their institutions in their own Way in object Only to the provisions of the Consitt Tiou of the United the principles of the act can afford no so Fri y to the people of the slave holding states unless it provisions Are to be respected by the agents of the executive As Well As the legislative department of the government gov. Walker seems not to have so regarded it. Or if so be has violated the High Trust confided to is keeping. For immediately on his arrival in the territory he commenced a system of in termed doing intended and Folly calculated to interfere with the Juat expression of the Legal voters of the territory in dictating the terms on which it could be admitted into the Union and in declaring that if the Constitution was not submitted to the whole people including it is to be presumed those tainted with the High crimes of rebellion Ami treason he would Aid in having it rejected by Congress although the right to determine such a proposition belonged alone to he convention chosen y the Legal voters 01 the territory again in attempting to or scribe the qualification of voters in contravention of the positive Law of the territory he is believed to have been guilty fan usurpation without parallel or example in the history of free governments. It now re Mivins to be sen what shall be the contents of the c Apte thatis to a How in recording the history of a question which has thrice brought the government to the verge of dissolution. The present and future interests of Texas Are deeply interwoven with Theisson come when it May. Be it what it will. As a member of the confederacy of states. Texas possesses a common interest in main Taining the Force of tie compact which binds it together 8" Long us the administration of its conditions continue to secure the objects for which the compact was intended but no longer there is no proposition clearer than that the obligation of parties to a compact ceases when the instrument has been broken and violated. Becent decisions of the highest tribunal in the land Bave defined and established that construction of the Constitution for which the South contends. She should be Content with no less than its Observance in future. Nor in the fullness of our Joy at the Gratifying evidences which Freet us of an increasing conservatism at the North should we be unmindful of the fact that he who is not for us. Will probably be against us and that More two thirds of the non slave holding state yet Refuio Aho Liti nosed. Year by year the South is hew Niue weaker the North growing stronger. That equilibrium has been destroyed which afforded the Only sure and permanent guar Antee of Protection against a volition innovation. Of the argument Lias not he nex austed it has be come powerless and impotent from the lips of South Ern men. For the future to the North must be left the management and control of a question which involves Union or dissolution peace or War. In View of these facts it hero ves us earnestly and calmly 10 look Forward to the impending , for the problem May soon be solved of the adequacy of constitutional restrictions and " paper guaranties to interpose sufficient barriers to the lust of in p2�rr-=Sive and dominant so Rioual majority. Should this proposition in decided in the negative i do not hesitate to believe that the determination of Texas will be taken to assume the guardianship of her own destinies and bid Adieu to a connection no looser consistent with the rights dignity and Honor of an equal and Independent state. A for while disruption would be a great calamity it is not in the language of or. Jefferson the greatest that could befall us there remains one yet greater submission to a government of unlimited Umler these apprehensions prudence would dictate that our House should be set in order and due preparation made for the crisis that seems to be foreshadowed by coming events this should be done not for offence but for defence Only. No reasonable Effort should be spared to secure that thorough Mil itary organization and training indispensable to the lib enies of every free state As auxiliary to this a Liberal course of policy should be pursued to ensure the organization of Volunteer companies in Prussidg Forward to an Early completion the w irks of internal improvement indispensable to the wants of Commerce and agriculture and again in disseminating information among the masses through the medium of on systems of education. These Are All important in constituting our people prosperous Happy and Independent. There is now left but one reasonable Hope for preserving the Union and maintaining the rights of the states in it and that is upon a rigid adherence to a strict construction of the Federal Constitution. Our opponents preach hostility to our institutions from every Quarter alike from the pulpit As the hustings. With hut a single exception and for the first tithe Southern states have marched in line Ano congregate upon the plat form of the Constitution there to fish by the Battle for their rights under it that plat Tom is the Sai in new England a8 in Texas its adherents there though overwhelmed by numbers Are standing firmly to the doctrines it teaches. It us by our own thorough organization offer them Assurance of our warmest sympathy and cordial cooperation in support of the glorious cause it is their Mission to follow. That cause commends itself to our con Lence because amid the Vicissitudes and Bangas of half a Century it presents the Only record unblemished by mutation and change. If Wenk Enod by defections time has invariably " recovered for it More than its lost strength " if Occa ional departures from the doctrine of strict construction have occurred truth and investigation have As invariably com batted the error and established it still More firmly in the minds of the american people As the Only True and reliable exponent of our institutions. The tempests of passion and fanaticism have is sailed it hitherto with no other effect than to remove the rubbish with which it was encumbered and exhibit More clearly the patriotism and virtue of those who remain faithful tits cause. It is at that altar alone that the Man of the South discovers the Arcana o of his present and future Security and the. Re alone that patriotism can take her Humble abode hoping to perpetuate a constitutional government and pre serve to futurity those Model institutions alike the purest the greatest and Oest that have Ever entered into the Conception of Man. H. R. Runnels. Inaugural address of it . Senators representatives Lou my country women and country Mem called by the voice of my fellow citizens to As sume a position connected with the government of the state and having taken the oath prescribed by the Constitution i am Here in accordance with expectation an expectation created by custom to address you. As the presiding officer of the Senate my duties Are few and of a character to exercise but Little ii fluence upon Public affairs but to the these duties i bring a desire to act Fuji Lully and impartially. Inexperienced in legislative duty i i am conscious of the need of forbearance and cooperation on the part of the Urand body Over whom i am called to preside. With their Aid and Assis Tance i do not fear but that i shall be Abl to preserve the order of the Senate and Facil Tau its business with dispatch and accuracy. It would be improper in me to Volunteer my opinions upon measures of Public policy likey to come before the legislature for its determination but i May be permitted to cons Attiste you a Pon the Prosperity of the state and the rapid Devebre ment of its internal resources now going on. It is True a propitious seasons have some that shortened the abundant harvests that usual Reward the labors of the Husbandman who tills our Fertile soil yet we have much to be thankful for in our comparative Freedom from the financial embarrassments that weigh so heavily upon the various interests of our sister states. Our population is rapidly increasing and our unoccupied Domain fast settling with industrious and Hardy Enid grits who annually swell the amount of our agricultural products thus Lor Midg a solid and Safe basis for the Extension of our Commerce. When to these Evi Dences of substantial Progress we add the act that our Railroad improvements Are steadily advancing trom the Borders to the Interior of the state increasing our facilities of transportation and Trad we May safely aay that the present is Bright with Hopes of a prosperous future certain of realization if we Are but True to ourselves. Excited by the prospects that Are before us and anxious to grasp the advantages and promises of the future ardent natures Are but too Apt to Uree us Forward to a rash and hazardous career. It is our duty to guard against this tendency in the conduct of Public affairs it has been said that Progress is the watchword of the age but we should remember that there is a Wise conservatism that is Ever a principal element of All healthy Aud permanent growth. May our councils and deliberations be guided by that Wisdom and prudence which while it confines within legitimate Bounds the surging Waves of Progress still steadily advances the Prosperity and happiness of our common constituency. Aware that to the Devotion of the people of Texas to Well established political principles of which i was an Earnest though Humble advocate rather than to any personal merits of my own i owe my present facial relation to the state. I am none the less grateful for the Honor conferred and every movement having for its object the promotion of the Public Good and the welfare of a people who Bave so honoured me will awaken a responsive note in my bosom and Challenge my Best exertion for its Success. Houston station anti african Mission James e. Ferguson. B. L. Pets . Brazoria circuit Bent i. Dassieu. Oyster greek and african Mission a Nib. Fayle. % Richmond station James Melcorl. San Felipe and african Mission d. G. Bowers. ". Galveston German Mission one to be sop bed and Peter Moelling editor bomb Elizal apologist. A 1houston German Mission Anthony warns. Union Chapel circuit Robert w. A a inf a a Lagan go Mikse p. K Lagrange station Henry d. Hubert. Fayetteville circuit Job m. Baker. Hallettsville circuit Quinn m. Menifee. Navidad circuit Charles . Columbus circuit Allen m. Box. Columbus african Mission we t. Harris. Brenham circuit Charles. W. Thomas. Thoa. Wooldridge supernumerary Bellville circuit John of Kolbe. Egypt and Wharton station Thoa. B. Buckingham. San Jernard circuit we. Rees. Matagorda and tres Pakios station h. V. Philpott. Old Caney african Mission Richard w. Thompson. c. Lewis p. K Hunts Vule station James m. Wesson. F. A. Mcshan Supern Mary. Cold Spring circuit Andrew Davis. Montgomery and Danville station Byron s. Carden. Madisonville circuit John r. White. Anderson station Hiram m. Glass. C. L. Spencer supernumerary. Plantersville circuit Joel t. Daves. Montgomery african Mission to be supplied. Washington circuit urbane c. Spencer. Chapped Hill station Franklin c. Wilkes. Brazos african Mission to be supplied. Andrew female College Thos. B. Ball president. J. B. Perrie professor of languages. Soule University James m. Follansbee prof of languages. We. G. Foot prof of mathematics. Springfield m. Addison p. Springfield circuit Jackson l. Crabb. Marlin circuit Henry w. South. Owensville circuit Thomas Whitworth Centerville circuit George w. Burrows. Nav Soto circuit James a. J. Smith. Waxahachie circuit Solomon s. Yarborough. Corsicana circuit h. G. Carden. Boonville circuit James Rice. Trinity african Mission Drury Wammack. Fairfield circuit Valentine h. Iley. Waco w. Whipple p. Waco station Orceneth a. Fisher. Waco circuit and african Mission m. Yell Waco female College we. Mck. Lambdin. Bel ton circuit r. G. Rawley. Cameron circuit George s. Gatewood. Fort Sullivan african Mission Joseph p. Sneed. Caldwell circuit we. G Nelms. James h. Addison supernumerary. Georgetown Mission Hiram m. Burrows. Maui Don Mission to be supplied. West Segua circuit Adley a. Ellough. Foet Worth . G. Johnson p. Fort Worth Mission Walter s. South. Wetherford Mission James m. Jones and win. G. Veale. Fort Graham Mission Benj. A. Meridian Mission we. L. Kidi Gatesville circuit Thos. B. Fern Hillsborough Tuircuit Fountain fort Belknap circuit pleasant Austin s. Thratta p. Austin station Buckner Harris. Austin circuit we. A. Smith. Bastrop station Joshua h. Shapard. Bastrop circuit John w. B. Allen. Bastrop female Academy j no. Carmer principal. Bastrop military Institute r. T. P. Allen superintendent. 15astrop african Mission a. D. Parkes. Perryville circuit Albert g. May or. Cedar Creek circuit Thos. F. Cook. Lockhart circuit Joshua b. Whittenberg. J Perd Ruales circuit r. W. Pierce. Upper Colorado Mission Wesley Smith. Conference african missionary and agent for Bastrop military Institute g. W. Cottingham. Sax Antonio Davidson p. San Antonio station b. F. Perry. Cibolo circuit John l. Harper. Seguin station John w. Phillips and president of Seguin male and female College. Gonzales station James c. Wilson. Gonzales circuit Leonard s. Friend. Helena Mission Preston w. Hobbs. San Marcos circuit Ivey h. Cox. Conference african missionary David w. Fly. Gonzales african Mission to be supplied. Victoria w. Supman p. E., and agent for Paine female Institute. Victoria circuit Daniel Carl. Goliad circuit Alexander f. Cox. Port Lavaca and Indianola station we. F. Hubert. Texans circuit Robert m. Drake. Clinton circuit and Guadalupe african Mission Thomas f. Windsor. Corpus Christi station Jamea w. Cooley. Refugio Mission Jasper k. Harper. Live Dak Oliver b. Adams. A Brownsville station Robert Paine Thompson. New braunfels. Mission w. Devilbiss p. New braunfels German Mission Frederic Vorde Bimen. Victoria German Mission. Gustavus Elly. Yore i of roving ones t be Are a Peeve Antof toe Ghat that sometimes Reat. Like your wings upon the water Aview. Within snob Nomas break that whisper of Ita Long peat Yiek. In the present s gayest boar and thrill the Thorda with strange o or Maet Erinc Merer. We Mlkle like Yon be wandering birr a along life a Stormy track but on Aad beam will never roam with glance that looks not Back it 1 Foix Owine Tab itinerant Rankus of entry travelled among the North Western or of this state. Be waa mounted on a hone appearance betokened very bad keeping Ike Frame work of what bad Onos been a Bone ing of to the door of a counter inn be inquire few the landlord the distance to the next. Town. T Host coming oat was so forcible Strook with the in. Yearance of the animal upon which the a Lariat eat that he walked a Ionno him twice before giving the desired in Ormilon. He then inquired. Who might von be if it s a fair question i am a Follower of the lord waa the answer Mollerin the lord he demanded the Host. Well. I la tall Yon what it la old Feller i la Tell. Yen what it is old Feller eyeing the bores again there s one thing Sartin if Yon Stop often on the Road you la never catch Bim with that Ole Hose i married. On thursday december 8ut, by the Bev. D. Monair Rufua h. Bead Esq., to Misa Elixa h. Cuner All of this City. Died. At his residence on Galveston Bay Harris county last tuesday night col. John 8. A sax formerly of Galveston. A the naw Yogi Lamesa the great family paper Haa now attained the extraordinary circulation of three Hundred and thirty thous emd copies. The prospectus of the a docs which contain All need scary information in regard to it will be found to our advertising columns. Supreme court. Order of taking up the docket of the supreme court at Galveston for the january term 1858. Oxi Wiik is assigned for hearing the causes of the Lush judicial District beginning on monday the s4th Day of january 185s, being the last monday of Bald month. Of Wiik for the 12th and 14th districts beginning on monday the 1st Day or february 1858. Orb win for the 1st District beginning on monday the 6th Day of february 1858. Two w1111 for the 7th and 15th districts beginning on monday the 15th Day of february 1858. Aeon two lives saved by Only two bottles of Park s Balsamo wild Chi Ray and it. Molden by. July 24th, 1854. Messes. Harcourt Howard & the or. Park s Balsam of wild Cherry and tar bought of Yon has been of signal Benefit. My wife took cold at her confinement which settled on her lungs the physicians pronounced her disease consumption she had profuse night sweats Side and Back Palma and a severe cough with entire prostration. 1 doubt not that she and the child would now have been in their Graves but for the use of or. Park s Balaam of wild Cherry and respectfully yours Stu e. Searcy. The above is Bat then Taral testimony of thousands Park s Balsam not Only cured mrs. Searoy Bat it will cure you if your lungs Are Uit a entirely gone. Sold throughout the cout cry and by air. T. Pilan tour agent at Galveston. Barnes a Pakk proprietors 304 Broadway n. Y. Sold in every town. " Jan wlm among the Many preparations now in use for restoring preserving and beautifying the hair there sex none that we can recommend with More Confidence than prof. Wood s hair restorative new in general 0 throughout the United states. This pre Partlon Posada Sam the most invigorating qualities and never Falls in prose ing the most Happy results when applied according to a re Lions. We refer to the advertisement for a few Oft a innumerable certificates which have been sent by partial who have been benefited by it and who feel Happy i giving testimony to its wonderful effects produces on . Nov. 1st, 1354. Faction to know several of our readers who hive used prof. Wood s ick restorative and pronounce it to be must what the a Rwy Leemon Gays in is. A Impi ask uial personal acquaintances too who were Gray headed they have tried it and Aow their hair is restore to its original color and they willingly add their testimony to its Efficacy and will give further information to others desiring it. This Speaks Well for the article and advise All who do not wish to appear Gray Headid to use Wood s hair restorative Western Patriot. Calendar for 1868. 00 co 1 73 . 3 10 co 31 of a so a o 00 0 d Ca 3 o a 0 is3 s3 "2 1- a s pc s x c Sqq 3 3 s d to Jan. . 1 8 2 1 2 3 3 4 91 4 5 6 7l 8 9 10 10 11 12 13 14 15 16j 11 12 13 14115 16 17 17 18 19 20 21 22 23j 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 25 26 27 28�3u 31 31 fib . 1 2 3 4 5 61 i 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 8 9 10 11 12 131 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 15 16 17 18 1920 21 21 22 23 24 25 26 07 22 23 24 25 26127 28 28 29 30 31 mar. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 5 6 7 8 8,10 11 14 15 16 17 18 19 201 12 13 14 15 1617 18 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 1920 21 2223 24 25 28 29 30 31 26.27 28 29.30 apr 1 0 3i oct 1 0 4 5 s ? 8 9 10 3 4 5j 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 17" 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 17 18 19120 2122 23 25 26 27 28 i9 30 24 25 2627 28 29 30 May. 1 31 2 3 i 5 b 7 8. nov. 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 21 221 14 i5ioi7 1819 20 23 24 25 26 27 28 291 21 22 24 25 26 27 30 31 28 29 30 12 3 4 5 die. 1 0 3 "4 6 7 8 9 10 11 121 5 6 - 8 9 10 11 13 14 1516 17 19 1213 1415 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 19 20 jlj22 23 24 25 27 28 29 30 26 "7 2829 30 31 the new York Ledger for 1858 the Best family paper in the world All the favorite writers retained and Neu ones added. Still Gria Tir. Attraction Tor Thi new Yiao. The circulation of the new York Ledger is now three Hundred and thirty thousand copies which is greater than that or any ten literary papers in America. If you Are troubled with a hard dry cough and Kasnot get the phlegm up easily if Yon have pains in your a Date if you Are asthmatic or Srof Ulous if there be Anjum of the matter with your lungs or Throat from the it appearance of a simple cold to the last stage of conf nip tits when both lungs become one Mas of putrid Battier and a a Rentle no earthly Chance of life being prolong Edber 1 a a Day at once commence using Woodman s Cherry Spect Orant and your lungs will in a lev hours begin to heal up under the influence of that Satsa Laang remedy. Hair Are pleased to a Able to record the satisfaction of our patrons after uial of an article advertised in our columns. We have be Taul Holloway s Pilla and ont meat the family provided with these medicines is fortified against the dangerous effects of dyspepsia Uver complaint nervous diseases disorders of the bowels eruptions ulcers bores and exterior inflammation generally. All these yield to Holloway s unapproachable Ron Edles. Jwj sold at the Manila stories. No. 80 Maiden Lane new York and no. 24h strand London ind by All druggists at 25c, 62 he and $1 per pot. Printing establishment for Sale. The printing Marenll upon which the Galveston Herald was issued a offered for Saleal a sacrifice. The establishment Constas of two presses and a Large Quantity of newspaper Aid Job material and will be sold Low Roa Cash. To further particulars apply to dec28w31 Cherry Dunn & co. Jul Saftic notice. The und Ersline bets respectfully to Accra let the Brethren the the reprint of the proceedings of the grand Lod Zepf Texas of a. F. As4 a. A Horn 1837 to 1857 Toni we will be ready Tor distribution to subscribers and thers at the grand annual communication to be he at Waco on the third monday january next. Als can by had on application at the office of Powell t a then Galveston. Dec26 _ a. S. Ruth Tom g. 8. N w jux Abl a Yaj Ltd. Adams x Howard me Sulc st., East of Washington Kotel having a of gently established them Elvean the Marble business i keep constantly on tend and Manafee Ture to o or monuments tombs Bead stones Man lies or a other kind of work from the Best american and itans Marble. There prepared to furnish Granite and Marble for Bullpl and other purpose. Or prompt attention paid to oilers from the country Marble carefully boxed and shipped. Dec lowly the profits on this in parallel circulation enables the proprietors of the Ledger to expend sums a Poult which would soon Bra up any Ordinary publication a paper with s circulation of Only a Hundred thous George time Jolin h. Davidson Jesse Hord of Pekin Elmo expense of to j. Ii. D. Moore and a. B. F. Kerr. Johs. Crayon shows o. Owooh. Law and collection office chaven8 pc Gogh false thib Titan cllj5ct claims in Eastern and Middle Texas and makes prompt remittances id sight Exchange of gives ton new Orleans and new York. Palestine is in t e Centre of the heaviest inter a business done in the is the and is the most eligible Point for the Cono Eutra Ion of Interior interests requiring local attention. Land senior partner has Given almost uninterrupted attention for the past first year. Second year. Tai id year. The delegates to the ensuing general conference Are Robert Alexander John w. Phillips Jos Ali w. Whipple win. Ii. Seat. Robert w. Kennon Mordecai yell and win. C. Lewis. Ils Iniel Morse. Daniel Carl and Asbury Davidson Reserve delegates. Austin was chosen As the place where our next session should be held. Examining committees. Jar Oriya ii. Hafard Benj. D. Dashiell Fred. Vorde Bimen. John w. Phillips c. W. Thomas August Engel. 1 Robert Alexanderg. A. Cottingham William g. Foot. In. W. Kennon fourth year a James m. Wesson. Peter Moelling. Visiting committees. T William c. Lewis by news Eto. The Ledger is everywhere acknowledged to be the Best family paper in in world hence it extraordinary and unheard of Poplar Ltd. The proprietor of the Lka Kkt employs tie Best Tal pm and by be doing makes Lebest paper in tie country the new York Leovir is primed on Beautiful White paper and is Coli Pond of a tight pages making the handsomest weekly Paer in the Union. It u pub used every saturday and old Avail the news offices in every City and town to ragout the country and is mailed for subscribers at it per annul two copies Aire sent for s3. Any Peri obtaining eight subscribers at 1 50 each which is in lowest club rat Sand sending do $12, will be enl lid to of needy free. Terms in Arlocy in Advance. Adriss All letters to Soihet Bonner. Publisher of the sew York Ledger a Ann Street new York n. is a Good Ime to subscribe a mrs. Southworth s new so by. The Bride of an evening will be Eomme eed inthe Ledger on the first of january. N. B. No. 2.-we have o agents authorized to receive subscriptions for to la Dee. Subscribers must always remit direct Tia and not Send or pay any Money to agent. A High moral tone Oharie Ruzes Ever article in the Ledger. In fact the alas of its Lead log contributors Are a sufficient Guara Oje that it standi in marked contrast to a class of weak publication that have for so Long a time flooded the pantry Bat which Fortan lately for the morals or of people Are almost extinct and the various Laws under which they have originated Epe 8ea we de pared to secure others whose All business of thu character conf led to us will Hava pens shall be considered competent 10 add tothe Ltd. Fkr s attractions and no f,l.a.� strict personal attention references meters. Ball Hutchings dec co., r. De d. G. Wills Gen. K. B. Nichols James Sorley Powell cd Ruthven George Butler Thoa. A. Compton and David Ayres Galveston b. A sep pud a. Gentry and Henry Sampson Houston Gen. Tao maj Green Hon. 8tephen Crosby Austin 11. Johnsoa Shreveport la. J Burnside & Coc. W. Shaw co., Paul Tulare & co. Henderson or Gaines and s. It a. Henderson co., new co., Mckesson Bobb Rgth a i1 Gentry sole & co b. . A. Whitlock 4. Co., new York Starr 4. Amory Nazeg Ociea Texas. Dec lowly can do any thing if you Only have patience said an Uncle who had made a Fortune to a Nephew who had nearly spent one. Waltr May be carried in Seive if you can Only wait How Long ? asked the petulant spendthrift who was impatient for the old Man s obituary. Till it freezes i Jifca he Onole e Cool reply. The Savannah georgian says the earthquake Shock Felt in this City about nine o clock yesterday morning was during a great portion of the Day the talk of the town. Along the Bay the motion was Felt in a manner that made numbers Rush from their offices apprehensive lest bricks and beams should Tumble o or their ears. All seem to agree that it was a loosening Effort on the part of Benignant nature to free us from the " tight i he Tim a Fine jewelry Simonda and Silver re. In consequence of re times and to discourage the use of bogus jew in 1 will sell my present Stock top a Costi =01 Viz Beautiful Seta of Omeo mosaic Coral and Plain Gold earnings and pins. Diamond Cluster and Gle Stone Finger rings and pins. Gent s heavy Seal Ringalo Plain Gold k chased rings. Gold Vest and guard clans seals and keys. Do sleeve Collar Anu Osom buttons and other articles too numerous too Nylon All of Best american French and English Oak facture. Also an invoice of pure re yer , ladles and butter knives at a lower pro than Ever for Cash Only. And a few very super Fine Gold Hanttu Case lever watches at import s Cost prices will be sold 11 applied for soon. D. A Pallas dec81wj1 , ail Derango eau of the Uver bows la dropsy and All chronic diseases e�p�010 half in male diseases. Scr Fula Dee. For a tie of account of j. A Ichardson co. By a gtd Wpm 6. W. 8trotheh, strand at., Gale Stob Texas. T. Hathia late of Hayneville Lowndes co., Ala. Wat a Bitnias jr., do do do do. C r. , Texas. Siati it Hughes 4c a tax do is factors general commission receiving and forwarding merchants and agents Galveston Texas. Advances made on Cooston intents. Special attention Given to the Sale of Wotton and other produce and to the filling of orders. Bosl Neas promptly attended to. Nov3 p. Or agent for d. Pratts Cotton gins and for e. Robinson s late m. R so. Co Plantation Mills. References messes. Pierce t Bacon Boston John h. Brower co., n. York we. & co., new. York Mcdowell Withers cafe co., , Ala. Boykin mores Mobile. Ala. Gilmer a co., Montgomery Ala John h. Murphy or. Co., Montgomery Ala. Or. Daniel Pratt Prattville Ala. Perkins so co., new Orleans Rugeley Blair 01 coned Orleans we. Hendley i co. Galveston e. B. Nichols a. Co. Galveston. Johb a. Hay is. Fri Tor hat. Hates pc Hay attorneys at Law Crockett Texas. Will attend to All business confided to them in a 0a?d a count let i 1u prac tace in the supreme and u. S. Courts at Tyler. Decks e. Stephenson attorney at Law and land age int Galveston Texas. Office opposite the Silt of the new custom House. Or. 8. Being conversant with French and Spanish will attend to any business of his profession in which a knowledge of these languages is required. Oc�7wly Hubert p. Gheen ouch eur to w. A. Furgeson wholesalegb00br Aid dealer in dby goods coed Ossiah Jyro Forward is a Are baht a a same Tass Texas. ,1jc�s in ssh mad on Cotton shipped to the ase Lefo my wands in new York new Orleans and Galveston. _ i co b. S. Pahdoh8, lumber and shipping merchant Aud agent Fob saw Hills Sash Xao tories strand a Eveston Texas. Has constantly in hand a Large Quantity of fens Aeo la Alabama and p1nb, dressed and rough floor last Selling and weather Board ing boards pm asks joists prs mind fencing ans boat lumber Calcutta and Sabine Cypress Lumbar. Shingles Lalis. Funda doors Etc. 10= orders Mem Biall building materials and particular the selecting Aad Shupp Langta. Same. Also j
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