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Civilian And Gazette Extra (Newspaper) - December 15, 1858, Galveston, Texas Us Ammri pro it kor pm them of Oto Ishua me ii Post within Tail a tsp us a Hhd did Ike a a Mia their duties to to la Law i the i vies and 9 Llu of Tutt Kadev a Man will be viewed a Toca go Ert Hbl it mid people a a it will prove equally Fht Ottoa of their Cut Saoe in the net tier a a for Tisera of the far distribution on the isthmus free of Jestoin Boose or other Charmea by the Lux Caa government these treaty stipulations Frith new inn a Sod Mexico is addition to the sons iterations applicable to the Nicaragua route seem to require lefts too for the purpose of carrying them into effect. The injuries which have been a of our citizens m coat Rica a and Nicaragua daring the last two years have received the prompt attention of this government some of thes injuries were of the boat aggravated character. The transaction at Virgin Bay is april 1&6&, then a coat pan of unarmed americans. Who a re in no Way connected at to recall your "7 kauift1 conduct or party were fired an to. Tic a la udon Tor troops of Costa Rica and numbers of Thean or i Jwj is b a teed j a. Brought to the knowledge to Artel of crag it in to pros of to toes. The in Mannii Torem in i rent smites probably Suk i More than any other ci78, a of Juntang the peat of workmen afro had been employed in Thuo Gei Branch try. There could no demand. To present an example there could be no demand for Railroad Iron after our Magnis. Cent system of railroads had been brought Tui dead pause. The same consequences have resulted from similar causes to Many othe tranches fun manufactures. It is be Videy of it there is no ability to Purchase a tales these cannot be add and Conser Fegtly to duties to be produced t government and especially a to pent of Costa Rici for that immediate Investiga-1 have prevented the late revulsion. The of Tion and redress which the nature of the Case de j commercial world seemed for years 1 handed a similar coarse was banned with Mihm to Ihil catastrophe. The of Congress by my predecessor soon and without any current and was also prevented to the govern j such Powers As thit of the United states. Is mice Munler and with impunity this a sadly for redress and i Tion for the Etab government Over Aritoo Eod kilo of the narrow a want through which transit routes Pas and Pacific. All Exima Trotel nations it As a Var Showa tra Asili that a Large proportion o Tkv Ussia anal to Fuji Between the european destined u Pas. To the us a ssh Shes Mem foots Are of in Nomamn cation ?10 Lhoir a ments the deep regret with this Luffa St and Pacific p sess i Jwj the latter a Man to resident had witnessed this inattention wow tax Tao throughout a vented a degrees of Uii t0 a a al claim of be la listed a in this on the Petac Coa a. Easbrae ing the important ma"n5 Albeir pro Jupt and satisfactory adjustment a Shahbas territories of. Ass this demand shall be complied with at an reference to other outrages in these countries some of which were hardly Lees aggravated in their Char ctr loan transaction at Virgin Bay at the Lime however a he our present minister to Nicaragua was appointed in december 1857, no redress had been obtained for any of these wrongs and no reply even had been received to the demands which had been made by this government upon that of Costa Rica More than a year before. Our minister was instructed therefore to lose no time in excl to of cafe a Mia and the Foo Anahis territories Washington a Ciann trial nations.1 consequences would have followed in the states whether the duties upon such imports Resna ined As they were under Lhez Tariff of 1846 had been raised to a much higher Standard Tariff of 1857 had no Agency in the result t general causes existing throughout the world could not have been controlled by the legislation of any particular country the periodical revulsion which have existed a our territory must continue to return at intervals so Long As the present unbounded system of Bank credit shall exist they will however probably he the less severe in future because it is not to be expected at least for a few years to come that commercial Namons of Europe with whose Shereea during of three i thousand three cents s,936,to1 43 placed by Law within the _ by Theede staed and by negotiating authorised by the act test of eleven millions of Dottai a during the present fiscal year the Treasury on the first Day of seven million sixty three thousand to Hundred and gift even cents. $763,200 57 the Public expenditures during the fiscal year ending juie30 1858, amounted to eighty one Mil lion Hundred and eighty five thousand six Hundred and sixty seven dollars and seventy six cents $81,586,667 76, of which nine million six Hundred and eighty four thousand five Hundred and seven dollars and ninety nine cents 9,68499, were applied to the payment of the Public debt and the redemption of Treasury notes with the interest thereon leaving in the Treasury on july 1, being the commencement of the present is tax ail million three Hundred and ninety eight three Hundred and sixteen dollars and 36,398,316 10. Uaitireipt8 into the Treasury during the first1 present fiscal year commencing july .2 Are 000 for donned other department in the trans Porta Tae cause of t Tribu table to the inc ing the mails. In 1835 t vice was but a fraction Abo Quarter. Since that year it until in 1858 reached More Thill and a Quarter and for these estimated that h will amount millions of dollars. I. 7f1 Juc l of her a measures As May be necessary pose themselves to similar calamities but the Suh j from Ordinary sour111 to the 30th june 59, j recommended to the consideration of con res. To St Cattum Shell be rendered secure fun in no to r 10 an self that Justice which it Jet was treated so much at Large in Ray last yen Hundred thousand ave thirty eight minion five i the Are to restore the forme Terr option if an am of the sea ceo nesting with j two Ai rated tip secure by peaceful Means from message that i shall not now pursue it further i j with the balance Belf fj8.5o0,000 making rate of postage upon single letters to five Cental a 3tfsmaaji ? Costa a Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Would rope trally renew the recommendation u seventy million one hund3 aggregate of to sul Salute for the franking privilege the delivery m to will continue to show. The a Yovor of the passage of a uniform bankrupt Law. Sand one Hundred and nine1" Twenty nine thou \ to those now entitled to enjoy it. Of Post artict 3 r a4 use Ocean Pes Trai Etca. It Couis not be pretended thet these a child have the right to arrest or retard its Navigato the injury of other Nat Uit the transit by land Ever this narrow isthmus ikcupie5 Ueary the same position it is a Highway in which Thev thess Eeves have Litak Nzerem we on compared with the Vest interests of the rest of the world whilst heir rights of sovereignty ought to be ror Irvi. L1 sincere Rega the mkt i \ ii a purr due us the in it to Static a air new i t tanking Tenc this regard to be Power Over the subject which. I believe the estimated Recei co resp that. Department in making cd it Rares for the air part of we ii is \ Raj Gove ziment to Sesse. Uch a Law would j ending 30th june 1860, Are six next fiscal year tation of the mail to confine t a the payment of fit Cwiren of the to Nivea git though it might not prevent the evil 1 he j dollars $62,000,000 which wife millions of sum necessary for this single pure Jse without Rem Tinct of self preservation might produce a we 1 mated balance of seven million above Euti Quiring it to be transported in pot coaches or c a \ i \ us have longstanding \ some restraint upon heir backing business if Thev i a a id two Hundred and Ninetv-7t�ht a for Lreh thou j Nagey of and particular description f under the Masie an a re Ite for the Ano nity j present Estem the Eit Cense t the in b i by. At Allaf Are men and he re i a the period when. Ho�2h its on agents code Rte of the tajik f in a Cap urn a ? a Roe a in the Diirr . Therefore re Cor Ninci a i Fri the duty of other nation to require that this a c1aimsi of or cd Iffus �1� a it Republican to j ments would inevitably Pruce in pc nth in a. Year of sixty nine Ilijin sixty three theft fiscal great a increased unto rant passage should it Lee interrupted the Civ and revolutionary outbreaks which h of see gently occurred in that it Gifu the i be i too lao portent to be left in. The mercy or plaint the to Hokl cot the my Intrau with Nicaragua the co merry. In is not to stand Suil xxx   of i tent it such Petty Coon vers2e the a Ernie in of the United states expect no Rorr thai theand the will not be satisfied with less the Wuhl it they Coukis derive ant Adan , r m uie no Ara a Ruan transit cot coff Loxi to our the to i la neutrality a Protection i us non Useve of us Ste tools in their Only of Jein 1 Hev a we of Dertien thai Nicaragua d rect it % Hur a from the pair and in i ideals who May traverse Chr a vote Iii Thev is that it shall never herein a the Punk or. Ami the route must not be closed pending the it non Ersy this is our whole poll cd. Ned it Rann. A t to to Sec etame to other Vauoti All these difficulties might in a j. It c a a intently with the Good Faith of Nicar Arim. He u t a hese have been in re or Cecily abide the outrage cult stand t a pure and ,.v. W i h and he thir t \. I can the r the adjust Talent these diff i Pex pie wan our unbounded to our Cei Wilt within lures during the next fiscal year ending it flav toe . Ail Road a co old i by the Secretary Tsute i the course of another Vear re Ore i state of who e 1860, Are seventy three civil let one Hundred j Mun Gate the contractors new Rana a in 1h57. Which \ ome income acid Trade to Piui Hai a Ain pc thirty nine thousand one Hundred and forty set Thasco Rwm Mendalis d Arv. Accept a h in in Lor that cumulated m our Lar arc cities tee rate of inter t dollars and six cents which leaves a deficit of Eju a ration of Congress to. In a Troi med to i is there in to gradual Raviv timoted Means com Thi rati4 Eil Pananis in april Pas in away. The Energy and Hundred and ninety eight dollars and 11 $60,063,298 57 estimated two the earned in such vehicles As will accommodate i j passes apr this will bed me without pay f/,13 Niay be Raxide of the it int eject. Cap tart or a tit and a Rob Abl will of a Adt by o a i the i l r to Iii .11110 10r� 1 i ins i i. A n.s t a to a i Retro 1 i or r. No w.,\d.\  transit could the the Van open i. Genera Competition providing at the same Lime i r the payment of a reasonable rate to the ovum ment on past tenders and freight in August 165. The Rei i a any made it first inter Oceania my nor the nicaraguan route and continued in my Cee Wiful ii Era  Tion with great advantage to the Public until the 16th february 1856, when it was closed a d the arrant of this company As Weli As its charter were a or atnally and arbitrarily revoked by the ivern a rent of president Rivas previous this Date however in 1854. Serious dispute conc int nor the of their account . In a he 1 t  f new a s and a soon As it is d 1 Sci Vered that this Ca Itil e a jul ictus or conc in 1 uti i.i h our twi d per p in ii a t. Our Don 1 Inufac  res n Short 01 Absi duty Rido t eve 1 Conser Judi Ces in Coit Necton. He i Ute. A a also j refer to Oor financial a Idit Iun the Sam Cruz Niu i states transported i which Hae product j ecu Narv Dirc a thru a Over Mil and Tiff Foo i my no to of new j out the a unit re have reduced the amount a a a t i a in n it i a nit. Tha the Niedt Esau up a Srorn foreign c ualies. That the rave a be u a Rori do a Cal Icli r. It either of these j proved inadequate a a the necessary  Taie. A i an in in \ to al an a Arber. 1 7, authorized the sue or s23.o00.0o0. Of Estu t ill it9 t  1 . E o of 1 1. " Rote d s a is at i a \ \ iefi2rr that countr. A re 11 = 311 inc to or to. Pa.-.-iii1 Ransit 1 of h a r pen Ditursi Tor that year on the it re to n a a pacing Railroad time and a so Chi n of july 1859, of four million and seventy five Thoo \ jut"1 served to confirm me in he to the and Sand eight Hundred and forty eight Durs and a i bps of he Obsen at ions which i a. On the eighty nine cents. F4t075rd8 89 Jean Niv la annual Newa a i which i be in Arditi Iii to this Feib the postmaster Genera it is fully to refer Iii require trom the tres Ury. For the services of j ent for to Fly Agni ittes i that it a uld be ii Eppedi. Is u to the Post Toffice depart a three million eight constr Cliris rement to exercise race pm or and thirty eight thousand seven Hundred Diat a Railroad by it a a nor. Ind Twenty i Rbt do Lars s3.838.728 f As explained pain nage of Tuich a policy Oil m the report of the Secretary of the ,1 and introduce a Cutie to a danger which will increase the it mated deficit on the i which no Vij Arcipa of to bins and Corrozi to or. 3hh june. 1860, to seven millions nine Hundred c uni either prevent a p4ft of fed a i Otic ii. And thousand Nve Hur Jred and seventy done by the keen eve,%uc1 _ _ Fik Jerid the dec i l e?.ji.n on i t. I Jar a i. Is. I to fre it. A it for ? Iii Ity which a i a or i a or i Frdd to by the incr a in. Extent. To a j a u i i a. A car a e F tin can or in jct. It i p a r l 1 six a dear and eighty nine cents. 7,&i 4, 576 89/ in of a livid a and cite in a Cir i y to provide for the payment of this estimated Deti i traction of this Road ?1 in rth vivid rive careful a a j i a Iii a at Yucai of a it ii a a the mail the i al. J by a Itin. Fol a it rjae. N creased the Tel .0 17 3 pre to a discus the sex in in r4 am 11 d spirit a t trea Ury not a arid this proving inadequate. They d = authorized by to act i Jar 5s. 2 loan of Otto. At ions May be made by Congress a Estima Tejw o her agencies the pecunv.7 tiie Tat or f a in the Rem a it of the Treasury Depar ment As \ directly involved. Engr a nr1 1 w Ulm As to provide for the Gladu a redemption from the wort by grand of land or 3 year t year of the outstanding Treasury note the under uhf conditions and restrict Secretary of the Treasury recon Irnen such a re j cure the transportation of try a rpm an. Al w Ion of the present Tariff a a will raise the require j War free from any charge and Thatje Maori 4 j a a to 11 a Saroj Ravorn of k Ion or Boirie will be i 1 1 a i r r or orr., u 1 c 3pr-ro k t a a r x interruption of the route at any Moi sent he inked states in vain endeavoured to t would be useless to narrate the vinous proceed is which took place Between the partus up Tai he tune when the transit was disc a Ntina d suf ii re. And with 1 de ire to it a inc pm.i.n Tor the a already Beer Conini Anceih a 1 privations made a Law Effort a recently i be 1 made to collect these us to no statesman would Advie hat we should go it a pre car i on incr Asins the ii Trio Iii debt to meet the Ordina by expenses of he p Vita i ent the s would be a \  a \ / \ a a a a aria Unis ire of j most ruinous policy in Case of War us credit Mit Frei idly Cha Acler the of be our chief resource. At least for the first in str . Are a thu a of an Agri and this would be greatly improved he having . At och a j me extensive j tracked a Large debt in time of j each it is aur re Hoo Bre not to of american True policy to increase our Renvoi o j to estai i in " la i tin re thai a our t a a Dituri ? would he nun is to Contin or 1st thir is tre serve a he incidental Protection thu. Afforded by a Revenue Tania. It i uld at the present moment to some extent increase the Confidence of the May u on i 1 nor cd tie m the to culture my i u cd a trie7 Arne Torii Iff their Nat ire. T Nee 1 controlled m tin 1 United state. A e. A he in i to or brn it vied until vein re cent. Up n the Impi a tar a american flour into Brazil i am Aram tied. However to be Able to in form of in last tit been re fact u ring interest. And give a fresh impulse to our reviving business to this no person will uie de amount. After what i have already said. I need St item mail to a fair and reasonable pne 1,1 scarcely do that i concur in the opinion express tie Progress of event since the conme. T  i in i r Jan that the Public debt should j of y Ruria to session shown How Oon Vul be increased by an additional loan and would there ties disappear before a firm and determined / f Purre upon Congress the Juty of making a j Tion at that time. Uch a Road was deemed thir prese i session the neck a sary provision for j Wise and patriotic men to be a visionary project meeting these liabilities. 1 the Public debt on the 1st july 1858. The commencement of the present fiscal year was $25,1551 obstacles which in the opinion of Many could n1v7 6g j be surmounted now alter the lapse of but a i transmit herewith the reports made to me by j singly year these obstacle it been discovered the secretaries of War of the Navy of the Interi j Are f a less formidable than they were supposed to or. And 01 the postmaster finneral Thev each 1 be end mail stages with passenger. I of 1 4, 1. ".,. A a a a we a a _ o Inch week. La a Road. ,.t.tshh Hiing a san Francisco and Sll Louis and Memphis in less than Twenty five Day j a xxv a that Tii the Rtin 1 f4 1 re1 hit Ion Tiki s i of pro it alive i a i t a a we i hit of cd. I a the great distance to be overcome f and the Luter c1 11-1 tji Iofi i vening mountains and deserts in the was were set a a off bit 1 i Tittio Najita Var try. T Vav Hie y tax since re Druary. In of n re Jurij fron 3.r a Hikmah Rev nine cents per in regard to the a okie of assessing and Colie Criag i creasing Tolje Effic Ienco of the Avi in my liar Arual message i to us occasion to recommend the immediate construction often Small j Stivi piers. Of Liht draught for the purpose in a sated used Gresov barrel and the duties r t. The service been As regularly deformed As it was in former years Between new York and the = City. Ion a l sine. That Juckum have items of the United states Competition Hai ceased Between tax rival no utes of Ansrya Ami Nicaragua and in ii Ere if ens res of an unjust and unreasonable amount exacted from our citizens for their Pas., from California h proportion i regret to trash 1 it the i 11 or aria the same j Enterta. and often expressed the opinion Bat i sound policy requires this should be done by a Brazil Ciric duties in cases to which these can be or cry applied the. Are Well adapted to which Are Usua by sold by weight or . Construct i not ing the. J a t1 std to a a Export duty a about 11 per a it on c free. Iut to. 1 h andiiij3 this article is j. I admitted tree from i in m the i United Stales this j and which from their nature Are equal or of Neary it novem is a i eave charge upon the of be Fec in equal value of Iron of differ no Clam a. Raw sugar and forts to a he to Xor it duty remove hop the to no Huned to eminent of the emperor 1 tha a edit there will a what j0st and equal Phoc in to believe that the in t to t a j 4 a i Combe bet Wren inc re a. Much a the t e i claims  i a Nen i Mrad r ire in no it ple Iii lice. In i. Anthor Zuil the f surly Pic men. of it a Uch i toe and adv a treaty was signed on the a Iii Daber 1857, by the Secretary of state and Minuter out c pm try. A we or the . Or j of Nicara a under the stipulations a which the Pau 1 of that Anice raised in t3razil t or wines and pints use and Protection of the transit route would have Muo or. Under ii Aio Ioco. Will reiterate of i in my Deli Erat i eur secured n t Only to the i suites but equally to All other nation h a and on what pretext this treaty a failed to receive the ratification of the nicaraguan government will appear by the papers herewith communicated from the state l up it mint the principle objection seems to have Een to the provision authorizing the United states to employ Force to keep the route open in cast Nirra a should fail to perform her duty in this re pet from the feebleness of that Republic it frequent changes of government and itt constant internal dissension this had become a most important stipulation and one essentially necessity of Only Tor the Security of the route but for the of american citizens passing and re passing to and from our Pacific Possession where Uch a stipulation embraced in a treaty Between the United a states and Nicaragua the knowledge if this fact would of itself most probably prevent hostile parties from committing a Gre Shons on the route and Render our actual interference Tor its Protection unnecessary the executive government of thin country in its Intercourse with foreign nations 1 limited to the employment of diplomacy alone when this fads it can proceed no further it cannot legitimately resort to Force without the direct authority of con Gress except in resisting and repelling hostile attacks. It would have no auth onto to enter the territories of Nicaragua even to prevent the Dent auction of the transit and protect the lives and property of our own citizens on their passage it is True that on a Midden emergency of this diameter the president would direct any armed Force in that Vicinity to March to their Relief but in doing this he would act upon own responsibility under these i Ream stances. 1 earnestly recommend to Congress the passage of an act authorizing the president under such restrictions As they May deem proper to employ the land and naval after Xiv forces of the United states in preventing the Tran such Tor Eia pie Are the Ali to judgment Spect Lic Dustic re and it is a the Les if not the Only Means if securing the 1 Enue against false and fraudulent invoices. Of such been the practice adopted for this pure i by Osiier commercial nations besides specie duties would afford to the american manuf Atuf the incidental advantages to Winch he 1 fairly i under a Revenue tall the present by 1 is a. Nimir scale to dist Vantage. I. Ndefru win n Prii Are High and business prosperous. 1 1 a in guarding a speedily the just Ai i a Cut i i inf Utu a or fj.-.,w m Road wild a a a Power ii by a of Unen Elk n i it a a it a a " Ihu k4n-k tax a. I. Be id to As to rupture no a uht Ratum. Quirt Ain n a a Merciai p. If a u. I ii Ort it a Iliou i uie Datti tie a if ctr Fri Geom Muiir re Itrat try to in i. C u to. Wir in a in Power i tic of them. The Progress. ral Cori it Rati sri a who i 1 Een Nade in executing this authority " is stated in the report of the secretory of the Navy 1 concur with h in in the opinion that a greater number of Thi c of vessels is necessary for the purpose of Prole rating in a More efficient manner the person and property of american cd Cacis on the High seas and Mjor eign countries As Well As j front a. Us he a. X Telec Lually our own coasts 1 a by am a i i acct re ugly rec a a upend the passage it an act f. 1 Ina 0 this purpose of past is Between the annual expenditure at the present Niue and what it a ten or Twenty years a of. Are altogether Tal Lacious. The rapid increase of our country in extent and population Render a corresponding increase of expenditure to some i ent Unave Dalde. This is constantly creating new obey s of expenditure and augmenting the amount required for the old. The r r 1 t a 1 i 1 t f Zuj. M t a r 1 w to Itc-x of la Fry 11 h 17 in a n i \ t r 1 e True Quot a in i n Dune Rise in amount when he least requires the j Nous then. Are. Have these obie to been Unreree Aid on the font Ray. When prices fall and he Sandy multiple a or. Has the amount expended0 a Omi " Tii adopt id Ilse such i the a in judg in in he and adv pc Tor the of adjusting the Dutere ice in tween the unit d states Puiul the Republic of Paraguay in con Nerti in with the attack on the United state Steamer water Witch Anc other measures referred to in Hisa Nuil message and on th1 12th july following they made an appropriation to defray id compensation of a c a missioner to thit Republic the president deem it proper make such a appointment in c inv hour Strug line against adversity the duties Are dial i upon any or n l of them been larger than comports Isth d m the same proportion greatly to Ingvi j with die Economy  in accordance with these Prinne ther would Thetje be danger that a higher a j cities the Heads of the different executive depart of duly than that intended by Congress could nitwits or the government have been instructed to levied in the form of specific dunes ii would reduce their estimates for the next al scan year to easy to ascertain the average value of any Impi the lowest is a Edard consistent with the Efu Cienci article for a series or years and instead or \ of the service an urn duty at a certain i j in he spirit Dju to Economy. The estimates of per centum to in ii Iii Quival the Treasury War. Navy and Interior depart specific duty i ments. Have each been in some degree reduced  by such an arrangement the consumer Wol j and unless a sudden and unforeseen emergency not be injured. It True he might have to pay arise it is not anticipated that a deficiency Little More duty on l Given article in one year i Iii exist in either within the present or the next if so. He would get a Little less in another and fiscal Vear. The Post Effiee department is placed in a series of year these would counterbalance a a a Peculiar position different from the other depart other and amount to the one thing so far As Roe and to this 1 shall hereafter refer. J ail Thi Punn a Multi a Ige jut 1 u a t lie tra a a Buth u. K to a Ina a t or re Imit it Aimei 1111 a in .1 Ana Japan Wii Oshri. E j to Rui  u i it . Fiat the a Aiice w High Hix Tain 1 of me Trade to a turn wa\.1 wealth Van Dpi War Uit in Peru Lar Foj rape inca in 1of i Hiu Nua Ana us r pacjfi1 Oast Lii i air t Ca i a and n or 1 Rich Fia i. How. 11 m an Indis i i hit exp pts i ii Attiat we Hail Lisl have a c a a Vav Ami or  ii in p of its Rhrou Gimour Ever my Roii .1 i u us ii s aes a rail. And Ali our Leini Traic an a Wui Cri a not h a 11 Frost funds now w Ier nor by uie tropical heats of Tumi Oer. Would acini Usu Inchol the travel an-1 in Mara it Ani de at tharis on 01 " 2hi Auu to. Vhf n i Vopni. 3eri m 1 1 1 a in on p i a ii ii i in i a a ctn it. 1 have a Bias o a j interest is concerned this inconvenience Woy j unite Congress to Institute a Rich id scrutiny to a Olav a the f. 1 i 1 Tu or and instructions to Settle to trifling when contrasted with the additional ascertain whether the expenses in All the Denart these " differences m an Amirahi and peaceable purity thus afforded a a isl frauds upon the re ments cannot be still further reduced and i men manner if this he practicable Hie experience and j Nur in which every consumer is directly intense them All the Aid in my Power in pursuing in Discart Tion just Sov the Hope that he May l e Success de. Vestina Ion. Ful in Vona Nice he i a Uayan govern mint that i i have thrown 011 these suggestions Aste for of during the first Quarter of the present Vear the u Honor a cd ustice that they vol j of my own observation to huh cores. In the Iii of $ 10,000 00 been negotiated of the loan were be i i Vert a into the custody of the i i Ted Man b a shh it us District of Smith Carolina ire y in Fisi plact a n. Asih Fincik. An i Art awards in a on in rip Ter Toi Sif keeping and w re a t in d Sicre it i to if a  i. Mba a. A he in in surm.��r�, two Lune red and eve \ one in a lither. It re us liver a on k a a the Dit a Mia s Teamer Rai Iara to be transported 10 he coast Utai ii i Nurr the Charger the agent i the i nit d n. Ant to the provi ions of 1 Lvi Avi of the cd .-.-h, i to , intr a is p Omi i ice 111 Siam a Trade " la r the s cond Section id tins act the pret eau a Anchor it d to Iziak Munji r Gulau Ous and arrant in m As a deem a pm u in Tor the a afe of cry t. R.,j. ,., i h ot1 in i nuts of Iii 1 to led stat y. In ail such no of n inuit to a. Or of color rapt or t h  a a l tiie i m a s. Or he a be do he red a the Are Ai a Juji a St n t i 0\linj tin y Are thou gift an to appoint a person or persons Rem i % upon the coast of Afri i As or a fetus or Recei ing in Nefos. I Xii i in s or Ner sons of Ai f d ii1 or d Fri in on Board be i j s h 1 u. 1 . Better judgment will May justly deserve it 1 li1 i i 1 Tif 111 1 11 111 us in 1 a 1 j Untar. and pro ii in make atonement for wrongs who the have e Mai Ted the 1 United Sauvi. And Inlet nth .1 injure i citizens whom i Thev have to richly of their property. cur Cru Stonier prove unsuccessful j of the govern Yent and Earnest Eti it to accomplish the of Mission then no alternative will re from Maio hut the employment of Force to obtain just Lnch to mod in protecting the lives and property of said of rom Paraguay in View of this con am Rica citizens travelling thereupon requiring at j Tangency the Secretary. F the Navy under my i Ihm mom time thai these forces shall he withdrawn the mock flt be danger Shatt have posted away Bilboat such a Pravy us a our i Titei. Will be con ten try East used to interruption in their Progress and to Lawless violence a Oun Ilar necessity exist Tor the passage of Uch act for the Protection of the Panama and the from june such weight with the sized by the act of 14th june. 1858-making he present outstanding Public debt exclusive of 5 977 66 there was on a Treasury Noten issued he a the receipt into the Treasury Tufty of december 23d, 1857, unredeemed the All sour ens during the fiscal year ending n of s 19,754.800-making the amount of actual 30lh. 1858, including the Treasury it. Photo dress. At that Date s64,9l0 777 60 to i the report of the Secretary of the Treasury Wjera Ury notes s35,l explain in detail the operations of that depart air file 1st july 1858, of t   Ive in phed and Rei j for or la. 1 is conf Druly relieved who be found to pre Mii n of and attractive Fea Lar. A h Fth w in la an us ulu the h a a r 3puudon Whie i .1 i-\5 al aimed by i n pre,.- stations to former car. . La her ctr a lord the Man i Rem a it will Endeavor 1 d a Tjorve succ.? by Init inc to a Public a Nii  of dealt ill Tor their Money and per Oridius even Tutora nun j.r.oiii9�, thinking a de to re popu Varlly. Hon a. A Nenei by fair pro Ding much More in or a h e to the Thi than any More temporary Adan Tarp a who re May t a obtain of d by in Ort to clap trap 1 thu m Buk Short Gavin a received the a Jfe Liaison of Ihu a Lodi circus of America i Are re died 01 maintain u by giving Perfy a re alh- which i h Khali be i my in to Evcei. Ii a Miekley. Manager m. Buc . Prof i eader of baud. Fra k Rinc pal Clown. For Cluj ii. Ami the troupe of Star riders Hud try Mik to. A act to Tbs est Abl Jhm i i be four. A Ui-1 i in Nam it of Harry bit Ley the of of Akrit an Huki i i3 a j who Hanniver Aily acknowledged to Exel in daring a doubt Pii mediately arose a to Tbs Rui onstruct.on o i it pub in r i p Oil d in Siam. To i Siat s armed \ Ess in i r 1  a1 i. Us act if is quit Ironi us Irmn mat Itron pro id it was authorized to provide  Tor a Sal sunny or a in mover of the St n c 0 a until the no of Itu Yrd livery 10 the agent on in coast of Africa but no Cipres provision was Mart Tor their p of to. And support a or they had a ached die place of their d Stin Tiou i in rooters to res Creace to the Panama Unito the United Situ by to mfr existing treaty with new Granada it cml go Rantem be neutrality of the Isth in. Witk to View that the free transit from the one to us other Sam May not be interrupted or Enbar a a Felt future time Hil Ethis treaty exist. Reed Hin. Lias lined of and Denpachi a a a Val Force to rendezvous near Buenos Ayres which it is be Lievi Viil prove a Titei it for inc Doc Ision. It i my Earnest be Sarv to resort c on Presb met in de Ember last the Bori Ders if the country had just been crashed by one f those perilous revulsion which arc the inevitable consequence of our unsafe and extravagant system of Hank in Dun and infilled currency with my. The object of expenditure should be de id number As far As this May be practical a and the appropriations necessary to carry effect ought to he disbursed under the Long Niener Economy thu of consist in the refusal to appropriate Mon present fiscal year were Twenty one millions be Vittor constitutional purposes essential to the de Hundred and eight thousand one Hundred a Ferie Progress in regard to the Teh Cante Pec route which and redi Tsao recently opened under the most favourable among Chancil thousands m Lahore cup were deprived of employment ninety eight dollars and fifty one cents s2i,7#mj in taking care that none of of this Money Shad Anu or ,1u,yiut� us owner 10 a Arr n in cd a i Niverna distress prevailed i 198 51 of which one million and ten thous e wasted h mismanagement in its application to to to . A then the africans figment was to Ive appointed in a or be them i a for t a it could not Nave be n supposed thai court is i Verwied he should Dos it them at the moment icy were Reo id and turn to Pinoos  on that roast top Rish for was of food or to t i omea3iri the vict Pinsof to slave Trade. Had this be a to intention a of ingress the employment o an Aie Eui to pc Ive them who is re quiz j to reside on coast was unnecessary und they Milit a e been land i by our vessels anywhere in Africa and i a t exposed to tha sufferings and the Fate which would Cert am by a Alt them or. My nope. In a Pncia so Are of itch dec. 1s19, it the first session aft a the act was passed a Novitc it Conj Rpss what in Opinio 1, was us True a Nimni ctn he believed it to be duty under it to s in Iti a unfortunates into Africa and provision for in in there until they should be Able to provide ror themselves in commune Anne this inter Straton of he it to one Resh. He stated that some doubt had been Aso is True intent a us meaning and he submitted the question to Luem so tha they meant " phut it he deemed adv Seao Amend the a me before Ilir ther proceed Imis Are had under 11 " Ophir a was done by con Rehs 10 re plam the so. And or. Motroe Umlee de to i Arr w non or the world know Kyi Holland family the Talent and skill of whom \9 put flu a fr Coli us troupe or pie the to trea y with Mexico of the 20th deep a sir lba8, be cares to the citizens of the United state a Tifft of Uran Ait Orer it for their Persona and and that neither go Vera wami Cotef Foote any obstacle " thereto it tace Unald Sites the " right to the it Huft in closed Birs. The Doc intended Lor to lot the Hurni of the also us is Skiffi m the United Bute Gorog Mant and Iuar be int cd a for to unit and not severely in the United states because similar causes bad produced the like deplorable effects throughout the commercial nations of All Europe All or re experiencing sad reverses at the Fame moment our manufacturer everywhere suffered severely not because of the recent reduction in the Tariff of duty on imports Bat because there was no demand at Home for their prod action the people were obliged to res net themselves in their purchases. 7 a a _ a a my al in a the Man Monkey Iii frs season 1 n \ mar Ca taker from. It ii Ali full Rassi hand occur nary Ihla troupe Musi will consequently he of in first Oramay to a a thu Aam give a fall and Indore Stag exhibition As Ihl. Atimion reserved teats Only a. ,75 cents children and servants.,.4n a visit to . Siml a do will walk a mingle wire from in ground to the top of the Parl on untre pole a Dis Aoee of 3f 0 few onside Ste Pavilion Imron flatly before each performance. Door Penon thursday a 7 p m. Friday and saturday at a and 7 p. Kor full particular see Des Tripure Btl i h. B. Not tip Tun decl lds l Arent for 91c. Prank j Abr Yentle buy at we. T. An ten a
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