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Civilian And Gazette Extra (Newspaper) - December 15, 1858, Galveston, Texas / Ston w Edne december 1858 the of the Union and frat in accordance with their Jie result would be precisely difference in Point of fact is u d have been much sooner at a Pacific at on of Kansas More Speed bad it been admitted a a state at the of Congress. Commendation for the immediate admissions failed to meet the approbation of con they deemed it wow Ciu Xena i of theste of Kam a int rhe Union upon the to take into the territories what terms therein Presori a. Iter n mud property under be Laws of any of under the Ord Marce which accompanied the the sum and to bold such property there under Lecompton Cost , Tho people of Kansas had the free Deanship of the Federal Constitution so claimed double the t y of pubic lands f r the roof a Tkai Fri orial condition shall remain. J common stools Wuh hid Over Lav previously this eo0w a Well position and the j granted to any Sut up u the Union proceed of of the last Eese Ion were alone wanting j and also the alternate s of land for twelve to Gro it practical a act. Toe principle has been Miles on each Side of two Lair Odds Topo de to be in some form or other by an aim it cons tucked from the Northern to the so them town of tenth houses of Congress that Boundary and Irsai Fabern to the Western a tet Jorj has a right to come into the Union Boundary o. The Shu. Congre deeming these Emmr be free Ora slave state according to the i claims unreasonable prov Dedaj by the act of May Witter of us people. The just Equality 4, 1s58, to which i have a. Referred for the and of Alt she state has thus been vindicated and a i rms Ion of the sure on he in a footing with g leaders. It is surely no hardship Bryo governors senators and members of Congress to wait until the number of inhabitants Sha j equal those of a single congressional District fitted to feh in argement. To the exiting St thousand Peop attributes of of Dang lm9q fat moved. Watt at by cd has been the beneficial tendency of my Atta Ulve proceedings Ouide of Kansas air Tomenos has no where been so Happy As al Fefa that str Rory Igaeli. Left to manage and Octroi la own affairs in its own Way without the Pressor of its real influence the revolutionary Tope Fca Sod All Ras Flunce to the territorial Gore moment eau wished by Congress have he a Insley Doneil Las invent some fort or a Ftp Ted in a territory with the Ity and place the m on an. A Virg Iii an l sew York in the equal Root mjg Senate o. Tbgg0n j earn by Rico Quieu led the 0p of general act which a a provide that pay Sage Ujj Citron 0f a Terry Torii legislature upon their belief Itiat the territory Conta Iua a dec.y0f inhabitants which if h a state would nu3fthem to elect a member of can Griefs it be the duty of the president t o cause a ecu that fins to Rubry appears m be trans of and pwt the Ropos Tio in i of a. Aut Onzea the . Mtg to attracting in Cir no a in Kun onto _ t r u to bar Happy Home " of 8,j� Jurf a of " and n a so did Lence to Hejra a danced by 1 Congress of the sol suture it would at th�re8ent moment a Gatea this assent. To., ,.,. Effie it Large . I vote whether t it r a stand enter Teing to have been a proposed state be do i 0 "v1 v 1 " 011 al Totz Zsuz entering it. Huf a by the existence that time Anil "0 it 1 10 0 in a co it wave Abounce to tf"1 Verity and the a a Law bin a 8. Stallc a Var i no i m Coul Onty Olti Rassu of a we a a with to a Ai co ,a. th.8 constr per Tenor a a l Ulpin which caused i hive Beau orm a coi Russ carrying in to tithe Grafe error of re out pndc1ples of popular sovereignty and nou up of relegate to the a onry Neiot .iy4t,nll0d Leit the Mode and manner of to fast. A tit udder denied to ppr Oral a Rati Vicat on by t e Opie of the Tou Haab a pro Fly Oue of Aii the Chi -vfchltfa1 to Albeir to Dulity to by Ftfe to a di8regavdpd the to j made he or without Aal to the work id of our form of my prescribe. I tent Orr Eual presentation of k present it Ivea of Ted Utt s " the Dele Shil Ira deter in by a the i original states but upon he fund Mentil cond precedent a a majority of the up /0f the in Abitang to be taken and if found thereof at an election to u he u Lor that p Soffici not then by the Terma of this act to author Sboukis in the very la Grau of p to ize Tjem t0 proc of a their own wav11 to Frame land Nch the had under Tje a sat Constitution prepay army to admission into the Union. I also recommend that in appropriation May be made to enable the president to take a of the people of Kansas. The present condition of tic territory of a a Whan contracted with what i was be y Lar Apo. It. subject for congratulation. It was then in a state Orr t j elect 0f 0peu rebellion and Coit what it might the Char al stale govern Acter of the govern Zient required that this rebellion should be super ended and the mormons compelled to yield obedience to the Constitution and the Law.-. In order to actor up so this object As i the March of the army to Salt Lake City through the Indian territory has had a Iki Wuerful effect in t unjust and unequal  straining the hostile feelings against the United states which existed among the indians in that Region and in securing emigrants to the far West i against their depredations. This will also be the 1 Means of establishing military posts and promoting settlements along the route. I recommend that the benefits of our land Laws and Preemption system be extended to the people of Utah by the establishment of a land office in that territory. I have occasion also to congratulate you on the result of our negotiations with China. You ,11 Norat Lanful in a Kolf in a Ruvy to Mexico Baa been in a state of extant Resolution in Hal a it it inv to Over bunco u by Sigved Independence. On a with determination to have them a peed a  i it by leadt3r after a Hor ha8 us red the go Erna but in rapid 8ncco?Jion and the from Lime to time adopted have atm scat naught almost an soon they were proclaimed the Bic Jessive governments have afforded no Ade Quito Protection either to mexican citizens or for Ulen residents a acpt Lawless violin cd. List oof military Owr. And who maintain the priority of that the antagonist parties we of t be Nance accept such Grants a intr. My Minnesota and other new stares. Shou d a a Jority re jct like propose Iio poo chem 44 it shall Bod Demtd and Heid tafj.0" to be of Kansas do not desire and i icon Hions Tiia i mud i event lne w j f Noria age Fate Olotele not opposed state to be pre per led by Law and they Ball then be adm to cd no u e Union As a state under such constr Suriou t a. La Ray and Legal y at v. As c ii Titt Tiou informed ecu in pointed a new governor instead of Brigham Young and other Federal officers to take the place of those who consulting their personal safety had found if. Necessary to withdraw irom the territory. To protect these civil of icons and a a Foril them As a posse com talus in the execution of the Laws in Case of need 1 ordered a detachment of the army so accompany them to Utah. The necessity for adopting these measures is n w demonstrated. On the september 1857, governor Young issued his proclamation in the style of an Independent Sovereign announcing his purpose to resist by Force of arms the Eury of the United states troops into our own territory of Utah. By this he required Ali the forces in the territory to hold themselves in readiness to March at a moment s notice to repel any and All such invasion/1 and is were informed by my last annual message that our minister had been instructed to occupy a Neutral position in the hostilities conducted by greatl3ritain and France against Canton. He was however at the same time Din noted to cooperate cordially with the British and French ministers in All peaceful measures to Sec ire by treaty those just concessions to foreign Coia Merce which the nations of the world had a right to demand. It was impossible for me to proceed further than this on my own authority without usurping the War making Power which under the Constitution to Longs exclusively to Congress. Besides after a careful examination of the nature land extent of our grievance i did not believe they were of such a pressing and aggravated character a a vex null have justified Congress in declaring War by our successive diplomatic representatives. Notwithstanding this we have not arrived u a practical result in any single in Tunce unless we May except. Re a a a to inc Case of the Black Warrior under the late admin Boltl Possession of d states of the Republic i i ration and that presented an outrage of Uch a a and the Jorr is of be War Are constantly changing character a would have justified an immediate re j meanwhile the most reprehensible Means have been sort to War. All our attempts to obtain redrew have rep be parties to extort Money from l Een baffled and Defeated. The frequent Ami Oft recurring changes in the Spanish ministry have been employed As reasons for delay. We have been compelled to waa again and again until the new mini Ier shall have had time n Mec Tinar if jul tic  a y i lie rent parties j offering to refund one third of that amount claiming and of Jim a i a a isl motion but two ibo Saud eight Hundred and seventy eight Dol j the Central gov ramen. Udyth. urge a foreigners As Well As natives to carry on this ruin. Pousont a. The ram it in that this Floe blessed a j to Luci ivc do and a benign climate Tias Buen by 2 Vil i. Non to a conditto. Of Almor to ? a imbecility. It won in a Dii for Tais by. Or Rwy \ attempt to enforce payment in Money of thu Ai is of american Cit Izen now amounting to Moi Triau ten million do j cars Agaria Lixie to an \ is destitute of al 1 pecuniary moans to satisfy the a demands. Or r into minister waa r uni hed with ample pro a Aid in re tons Tor to a jul tent of All f e n. I i a i . A to. Tue Central government of mex i Ico i d he performed his duty with Zeal and Abl its. The claims of our citizen some of them arising out if the violation of an Exro a provision of thu treaty of Guadalupe Ilida go and a m injuries to As Well us property have remained u  re in -.-.-1 in. I Chou unnoticed. Kirin to of those who May rent a by Hornc this i a Blo take a do enied the a acted to Frame a an election a a Neido Iii Iva i m Pur on the cd exceed member to the Hon c o i u d a r v ran Lytge of to nor Hority of the convention i con agitation. The roof nation notwithstanding proceeded to a4ojrta a ont Luigi n in Ita Genera features and providing for the submission of the slavery question to a vote of the people which in my option they were bound to do under foe pm Saa and Nebraska act. This a the All Irr Point question Bieh convulsed the territory a i vet the opponent of the lawful cover Mcner or i Tii g in to blk first error from Enorris right to vote Ana preferred that slav i continue rather t Toper to organization. A Wiser and better spirit seemed per Jyh fore the it monday of january hot no election was Rheum under the Constitution. A Joritz of the people then voted for a governor and other state Orao cow for a Mem Crof cd narc and members of the state legislature. The election wee a Manly contested by the two politic to parties in Kan Asj Efad % greater Rote a polled Tua i at i Previ oat Elee Ilou. A in a the Mew Iben of the legislator elect belonged to that fled tic hanuman a by party when had pm Oue refused to vote. Tho Dudine inter a of he anti a leery Perth were thus placed in the Wicen i c of Tho r,5or Iliad o act and the pout al Power of the stale was m. Con Vuic i do another materially to. Territory. Tic be proved to be no Idle the Tats it or Trad am i"1 course in that Quarter and remove forts Liri Owr and Supply were vacated and Burnt \ t 7a air a in theto abilities which Havo Here " to Dean velour troops of a i rim Yanief or. Rren Tymir ram a it is my Earnest desire thai every self " lieutenant general Nauvoo legion t with the government of great Britain Shou Frobe Ami Bly and Pec Dily adjusted. It has been the mis for thereto Nurio no Tif it either to it Nash the perpetrator recurrence. No Arn to m Uit Iziu Cun now visit Mexico us i a business without imn Almont danger to a person und property. There is no adequate Protection to either and in this respect our treat with that Republic is almost a dead loiter. Thit state of affairs was brought to a crisis in May last by the promulgation of a decree levying a contribution to rata upon All the capital in the to pub nuance of the provisions of Thi a or a a Motu Ivd in Tiya rejection by Down by the mormon a Large majority i Ine o  the people by Congress. This being l Eca a they Ders were by y Are now authorized to or r. Broiher Constitution., preparatory to admits r. the i Nion but not Stampede the animals of the United slate troops until their uber a assert lined f y a census on their March to set tire to their trains to bum d the ratio result r i to a a t a. Wop Cut natives. The Rass and the whole coup try before them and since a die revolution to have been annoyed by a succession int atm and dangerous questions threatening bean mall is not probable in the present Suu of the each that a third co Tuut i a a i Lee lawfully trained and presented to Congress by Kansas before its population shall have reached the designated num bar. Nor i it  natural in them Solvati and rare other n nor a or a a several Humbred . Una Mimi slide ,0 Inch harm. Of pm i a i i 1 y that Genet Alj held from him to examine and redress wrong3 com 1 Jib tween certain epoch find amounts whether Mitt cd by Cilicia is under his control on citizens of held by mexicans or foreigners. Or. Fray la re the United states. Instead of making our com Garding this Doveree in Tho Light of a forced Roaas plaints directly to him at Havana to Are obliged j formerly \ roots cd again Tita application to . Or Jaunt Tain the Pugh our minister Jit Madrid. Countrymon,.utid 8dvised them not to pay Tho con for information cd much time is this Ciss nod l g u is us in Mccin Cuenl is u.ntv00 and correspondence to a the contribution and i property it be Een maund and Cuba before the Spanish gov Biz Why armed Man to satisfy the Arao int no. To md8eu t0 pro Eccl to negotiation Content with this Tho government pro peeled to lbs a we6d a Rover Mants further a it a decree b Nib a Birt from would be obviated. And a to try the con try. Our mini Ter immediately notify. Avoided if the Captain general wore invested with authority to Settle questions of easy solution on the spot where All the fact Aro fresh and could be them that it the it decree a bold to carried in. O Ono Oji Tiou to would Kel it to to Duy to ado Tho Modt decided Rii ii urea that belong to Pov in i u Tion. A Iii no iriv the Thuie of in on i a outed to the question it us adm so. The Kii Tisa Mes in thrown a Mac had Cong pm admitted Juntas j il0m by Wai to. For Ahot to and acting h into be Zafon under the Lecompton Constitution. I owed inc e t0 Wii g id.? into the to Nice at its very first session j without Tho a Wuhu i . Abc aimed the qom Tion toe vote of the people ,.3 a Wikber tb�7 would or old not . Torn ten i the sex Cunt . Who a have us town Dir cons Utuado either of " nil do Kansas 0uli,u 10 m is funded a i Ren ear other see Eton Aad Hare Adou the after seek Ami Iliou into the t Jion whil8t Congress poem a a the Uudo bied Power of admitting a now state into the Union however it. From pity and satisfactorily ascertained. We haveer8 a.-,d obligations of the Ivo to Rny re 1c, urged upon vh9 sp8difih e Ament \ Kot withstand this warning t to i a Uhr Cut w, u?,1d to a did eur add of Foroe and or. or empty an or 4d " to t0b,,Ald w.akamib0 t t Tourge the Fern it the so pension of the pol v afr tbi3 8.ibj�ct on their notice. In this respect we latious of is be Znika with Thom i in l rope. Cuba a of our shores this did net regard the control. Gratified to l or Commerce with it is far greater than that of any Tion imposed by the decree of the Ivy of a a u a v " Pic r a Jav the controversy a j other nation including Spain itself and our Citi to in string a Folce loan " Ami r a a  a  "-lii., the two government. In rotation to the ones i "0 regular habits of daily and to of sided porn Ona 1 hired Evv e i to Atim ,?,�., pm Over every part of Tho Island. It is j Between t Anta n and Mexico to Beten aug entertaining these sentiment i am. A ques non of visitation and search has been amicably and i Iren f busted. The claim on the part of great Britain fore t i e -1 u i l d i11, a i t v e i t a i i .? a ii i Ibl to up u the to. Id Jun. Nur ii tie army h Vini a v in r-.-----,. Osnis Rutt to. R Oft Brid or Uoder the a in in 3 Pru 1� visit american be Sals on the High seas in time . In the adds Toi the mount air if pea a. Could not be sustained under the Law of irjary unsettled in hospitably to in it Ion and it had been overruled by her own Mot than a thousand Milos irom Home Thev to mint."1 Jun sub. This question we recently brought acre and inclement Winter without a Issue b the related acts of British cruisers in Nev looked Forward with c Donee n arc it Runz to arching our merchant vessel a in the from their in dose Arn i i in i Tho Juli a id the adjacent sea. These acts were not Dis Moinud. There he More a a jul Ous and annoying the a the Secretary of War end . D Uhi Onett a aters Arf it versed by a Large portion of the com to Forward them the need Ury uni Erc thn89 of Lee , and to require therefore a great mistake that when any difficulty i which Ameri ear. Citizens Are entitled by treat be of eur no matter How unimportant which might j the imposition of the fore nor be readily settled at Tho time we should to obliged was cot Ihidero Jan Una to and measure to resorts. Madrid Espe Cihi y when the very fir to 1 besides internal faction in other Parte of the k step to be ukr a there it top Fer Back to Cuba. I Public were at the same time levying Bimbia Exa i he truth is that Cuba. In. exiting colonial j tons the property 0/ our citizens and inter condition us a constant in be to injury and an rusting their Commerce. There been entire Nomanee to the american by. , the Only pot failure on the part of our Minuter to seen re re in the civilized world where he african Mavo Trade Drew a for the wrings which our citizen had Endner .6 tolerated and we Aro bound by treaty with great red Uwi line his Orn Evering . And in the temper Muni heated by the mex eau gov Africa at Mueh expense both of life and treasure Ern ment he had assured us that no a. R Zoiey for the purpose of arresting no Accra bound to 1 1 that Inland. The Lute serious difficulties Between the unite states and great Britain respect nor the right of search now to happily terminated could not Havo Ariea if Cuba bad not afforded a Markot for slaves. A Long As this Market shall remain open there will to no Hope for the civilization of benighted afr Ca As Long As the demand for slaves continues in Coba wars will be waged among the Petty and barbarous chiefs for the purpose Ofsei ing subjects to Supply this demand. In such a condition of affairs it is Ira possible that civilization and religion Caa Ever penetrate their Bleak abode. Tho Island 0/Cuba, from its geographical Posi j. J to 1 idd Restad Trie British government affiant to Atron .ropn.Tion. To cover the. Deficiency our i Lii of and Ala Ai Force we. create an i a so , for a Sitt the t8me time ordered a the cuban water with los la i applied to Kansas dered applicable to All territories what May Here i t 1 i 1 in a Cedy of will of the my Johnty. Thus the Kansas question would Hare been Immy Delely and finally settled. Under Ihm Droom Deb i submitted to con two regiments of . " for the purpose f tip��,.,  " a. U., a. Quelling the disturbance in the territory of la in igl Slit " led slate so ail a be the number of i s a habitant. Yet my the Thna Fra died with All the of the Power ought Cru in my opinion to 5 treat i acted Nece wary to put the state died before the population Phail amount ratio required by Tho act for be amiss in of Kan 1 1 1-1 be xer to the for the Protection of sup a and Emigrant Trai and suppression of Indian hostilities on the for tiers happily there was do occasion to Call the service. If there had been. I Sho. I Tim search or detention by the vessels of War of any other these measures received the unqualified and even enthusiastic approx Balion of the american people. Most fortunately however no collision took place and the British a government into operation. Accompanied by a i Roeg recommendation i Faroe f the admit Dor. Of Kauaka Ai a state. In the course of my Ong Public lire i Hare new performed any offi Eia act Vuoeh in the Retro plot has afforded me More Hurt Golf Aatila action. Ita Adnie Sioa could have to i imn injury on any human being.  a a   i.uui9iuu Iutuk in Ace Ana the British have a t Triou in of Leciuk thee government promptly avowed its recognition of he so the of a or Brave Aud pure Sciple of International Law upon this subject As Ould have escaped Aii the evils and Pislor which it ban been nosed by the Kin Sas. Try w Unes to Sas question. 01 course it would to unjust to give Thiru e a retrospective application and exclude a state owe Tokyo Titi and Cartoony to the Union. In Inmei .1 apm urn Wnnie Aro thu Piave elected been att cd a wording to the legally sex premed Watt of majority of the voter Aind pop ukr a Oto re for a word tuba have been to indicated in a Rama or. We emf deep Conri Tiona of duty i would have it Emma do Oiher come it the that m an in a Fridola bad exam Ltd to opinion both before anxious to serve their in this dec Jaid Down by the government of the United states in la command a the Mouth of the Mississippi Aud had this Bern previously the Rule the Conn Ucol us la a Routly dangerous expedition to the note of the Secretary of state to the Brit i min lha pm Modt add Nunally increasing Trade foreign it has Ever been and thus May it Ever be a Osier at Washington of april 10, 1858 which secure anauc0a8tw8e� a Vallej of that Noble Rivar now the Wisdom and Economy of sending Suff Lefew vessels of the United states upon the High seas of cog Ball the to Verdi a states of the Union reinforcements to Utah Are a table when no Only by visitation or search in Lime of peace under any  Island under the Dominion of a Distant the events but in the opinion of the a who Fri icum stances whatever. The claim has been aban i red Power this Trade of such importance to Fried in a manner reflecting Honor on the British i a i a Posod to the danger of being de Overn men and evincing a just regard for the Law Ftp lion and cannot fail to strengthen the amicable relations Between the two countries. I Legi now prepared to enter the Union. The Rule ought to be adopted whether we con aider Ita bearing of the people of the territories or noon the Doole of the existing state. Many of the Shirb Hare a derailed in gon the events but in the their position and opportunities Are the most has Ordng Tho Only remedy for our Grieve Oji from this statement of facts p. Won id been Ware than Idle to direct or. Forsyth sort St a and resume Diplomat rela i is government and it was there fore deemed proper to Sanction ids withdrawal n the legation from the City of Mexico abundant clue now undoubtedly exists for n resort to hostilities against Thig Vornen a ii hooting to see a a a it of Tho capital. Should to Anco de in in Honing the constitutional forces Nii reasonable Hope will then have expired of a p a Ful bottle meet of our Dittli cuties. On the other hand should Tho constitutional an s prevail and their authority to established Over the Republic. There is reason to Hope that they will a a animated by a less unfriendly spirit end May Jour that redress to american citizens which Justice requires so fur As they May possess Tho mean. By for this expectation i should at Loco have Reisom mended to roof Lorena to Grant the necessary Power to the president to take Possession of a sufi lion to Sels by sported on Good grounds of carry i efficient Means. In the meantime it was my anxious de Sijia the mormons should yield obedience to to Jjon per. J Stit and Laws without rendering it notary for t0 resort to military Force. To Aid in a conch of improving their condition themselves is to open and cultivate farm to con United states messes. Powell and Mccull Utah. They with them a proc Amati an an dressed by myself to the inhabitants of energies Genof Jay of Mon Sarniff How hopeless struck roads Rel rahy to reclaim the wilderness and to i found atoms of a flourishing and prosperous com j on Rebe Hion a Mon wealth. If in this incident condition with a offers u of a pop ovation of a few thousand they should pre submit to a ftps it Fuu a Mato roly enter the Union they Are oppressed by a Gidons and acc same Troj Burden of al i f 5? should persist in rom aary for the improvement of the territory Ribeir own interest Are bus. They have also invited the United states to take the initiative and propose measures for this purpose whilst declining to assume so grave a responsibility the Secretary of slate has informed the British government that we Are ready to receive any proposals which they May feel disposed to offer having this object in View and to consider them in an amicable spirit. A Strong opinion is however expressed that thej2�castonal abuse of the Flag of any nation is a Evjy j Leas to be deprecated than would be the 0�tabjiaiat of any regulations which might be in Pati with the Freedom of the seas. This gov Erin jeans yet received no communication specify Lanner in which the British government propose to carry out their suggestion and 1 am inclined to believe that no plan which can be devised will be free from grave embarrassments. Still 1 shall form no decided opinion on the subject until i portion of the $ Remoto and unsettled territory o Mexico to be held in pledge until our injuries non ii be redressed and our just demands bosom Fiad. We have already exhausted every Milder Means of i obtaining Justice. In such a Case this remedy of Ould to megs Tai it exod by Vertex to very different purposes. The Federal government a Ever been i a toe set of Jyh Toi aka Tosja Lotfe ii is stat to Cut Tui am w he pm to the territories Lauf cd edit soft Woad Rico to Robator to the awful enterprises of the of ties o�ewteee4rige� tiers. It has paid the expenses nettle and legislative assemblies out of the com and thus relieved them of a heavy eth arg under these circumstances nothing Ean be belter Valet thud to retard their material pro divert them from their useful pm to a stay Meta by prematurely exciting angry Politi 0ai6osaaats among them Selden for the Benefit United states that they must expect Lenity but look to be rigorously dealt with ing to their deserts. The instructions t agents As Well As a copy of the or Amati their reports Are herewith submitted. It seen by their report of the 3d of july last they have fully confirmed the Opi by Oen. Johnston in the previous we the necessity of sending reinforces in this they state that they an Fin with the belief that the preset face of the Arm and the Large additional Force of to of Tempo re were the october Tat had been any proposals which they May think proper to make. 1 am truly sorry cannot also inform you that the complications Between arrear Britain and the United states arising oat of til Clayton and Bulwer treaty of april 1850, have been finally adjusted. At the commencement of your last session i had reason to Bene that emancipating themselves from further unavailing do canine the two governments would proceed to Settle the Central american questions in a practical Macager alike honorable and cat Kris Story to both and this Hope i have not yet aban looked. In my last annual Ines Sage i stated that Tures had been made by the British governments in a Friendly spirit which i cordially proposal was to withdraw these stroked in time of War and it has hitherto been subjected to Perpet Toal injury and annoyance in time of peace. Our relations with Spain a Nice ought to be of the most Friendly character must always to placed in danger whilst the existing colonial government Over the Island shall remain in its present condition. While the to session of the Island would to of vast importance to the United states its value to Spain is comparatively unimportant. Such was reprisals is recognized by Tho Taw of Naumor v the relative station of the parties when the great j 0nly As just in Wilf my l a moans of proved a Napoleon transferred Louisiana to the United states actual War ��.-
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