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Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - August 11, 1857, Galveston, Texas . Milter of rear. __itott��,wujj�p1�l lied . It Noa aver mfmtl6opttonorth�pauiihen. Iesta Elynor tip weekly will be Ai Liberal i amount made of Ett e Eitz end country papers t a distance May nuke remittances l and John Henry Broww. Vol. Xxx. Galveston tuesday morning August 11, 1857. My if Aviv to 1857. Pels 47, Houston 92. Finnane s the. Lubbock/7, grime 98 Ireth 86 my for senator or be presenta i dem 4.5 a the demo Orau. Showers in ays that they jell As to the during last ant up by in it the Hunts Home this 41 l the mexican Kab i Mississippi rth quaran concert of Yah Dame Siemens a a Nigel. Flit reputation is Al a fire Ciatu a to need no Praise at i ebbed to or. L. M. Lyon the _ of the Steamer Galveston and up Fri up Tami for new Orleans papers in Stolf Cemail. I fir a a , Tho Patriot general and Model a it Tate 1b dead the news fell upon our i morning As a funeral Knell creating the Prfto Blind sensations of sorrow among All i have neither the time nor Inola nation ill upon the Publio loss or the Virtues Lou dead he who is acknowledged to he Roost popular Man in the United it and in bib own state the idol of his Del a hero of our own revolution i doubtless prepare a Memoir of his life Ratwik Ervoes and All Texas indeed Allna tit met will mourn his death in the Meridian of Fame As a nation s loss. M -Ji-.�. A pa4 and Colombia Eail Boad. The Hvamb nil Colorado county f of Galveston delivered an address Sqq monday 27tb ult., on the Harr us Railroad the object of which Tettz Upp raise More funds to prosecute the k a go Fen Miles of this Road has been Grade Bitae to nth to the Bernard and Iron for a poria off Fred has been shipped. Gen Mcleod be Hope that the Road would be com a order to take off the next crop after present incoming one eighteen months from time. A. The election y the democracy of Galveston gained out signal Victory Ever recorded in a deep interest was manifested on 1 b Side Flint with one or two trivial exceptions i Day up i with perfect respect for Law and ext Hajj a thou any disregard of individual a i Jam Hob has again enrolled herself in i of Iirth a Saint As Gratifying As a Constitu-1 Aal Loahy of the South and now greets the i Jujj Job hid the South with the fruits of her a we and their great principles and unnels leads Gen. Houston in the Brock has 258 majority Bryan for District attorney without be assumed to a great extent a Between Mcdonald and Porter r. Williams our own towns by All parties were induced to other of the two first named. Bisrat beats Porter 241 votes. Re m. Potter Democrat is re . For two be presenta Ira Jan by 160 votes and Thos. Ice Moorati nominees by 151 votes theojtj., Oyer or. N. B. Yard the Only of t Clear reek there Are generally cast about 30 Itte supposed that remaining precinct will Rease to Deino ratio majority inter night when the result became generally firn ar3arge procession waa formed at the , and with one of the brass Ida Pond Irig Forth patriotic music marched in the principal streets calling upon Hon. M. Bryan at the Island City House messes. Joseph and Brown at their residences or. Potter being absent and also upon messes. Stuart Andrews and Farish ill of whom briefly addressed the enthusiastic crowd. The procession also paid their respects to Many other gentlemen but we Irene unable to be with them excepting at judge Thompson s and messes. Mage an and Westrop a cannot give any farther details. A Model Folio institution is maintained by state of Pennsylvania. The building As appears from the description in Anoff Loial report is 670 feet in length and tothe picturesque Castle style of the Middle Ages. It was erected at a Cost of nearly a million of loj ajg�$f_jibj00bjmc� and occupies and healthy Sites of he of Phila Duprae. The Central building is two Hundred feet in Singth and consists of two massive towers forty Sefcin height crowned by projecting battled Rara Pate supported by pointed Arches. Fly oct angular Tower containing a Bell and cok surmount the Entrance. This edifice will immolate nearly 700 persons though the num Ito Ely even exceeds 400. The rules Are about _ rigid nearly As Plain As at West Point or the is Jority of boarding schools which Bably accounts for Thyl limited patronage of the institution. The daily Bill of fare is for breakfast Coffee w Ooola and bread for dinner beef pork or if Mutton with soup and boiled Rice or potatoes and fora upper Indian Mush and molasses. The daily bread is one Pound of wheat or a the amount allowed is Amin and in More " san Moat of the Borders can consume Janater of diet is recommended by experience " tetors As nutritious and wholesome. Tabb Shamaj h a kind of manual labor Blen led Feth limited literary and moral on. A the of social reports state that the Prin Ocen pation pursued Are shoemaking Spinu Vilf do eng dressing yarn . Wheelrr igbo tailoring washing tiring Fth Nafla Mamp Jast making and tin do. Tey a ssh is Ous Way of designate . No cab to known by his proper. On Hie reception he receives a duo Jer is marked Over his door and on his clothes be is in Iowa and of ailed at All times. One a a allowed for recreation in the Yards Idera. The principal modes of punish Lva on of food and the Shower Bath Mast perform some the Lunation o f twelve men which Iii �llllin1�lliiil their claims Are Rne Berb of the Legal profession. Vat week from the s. O. Picky no in gov 2d. Later from Alexica. The mails of the steamship Texas capt. Forbes from Vera Cruz the 21st inat., reached us last evening by the Tow boat Anglo american. By ibis arrival we have papers from Vera Crug to the 21at, from the City of Mexico to the 17th inat., fourteen Days later. The election for president of the be Publio under the new Constitution took place on monday the 18tb inst. So far As the returns were in they Are entirely favourable to com ont Ort of whose election none of the papers at the capital seem to entertain a doubt. In the District of Mexico the electoral College stood 281 for Comonfort 12 for Der do de Tejada and 17 scattering. Some Days would elapse before All the states would be Beard from but the vote in the District in believed to be about a fair example of what might be expected from the rest of the country. The election for president of the supreme court who in Case of the death absence or inability of the elect of the people becomes by the Constitution president of the Republic also took place on the same Day. The successful candidate in believed to be Senor Benito Juarez of the fro Esisto or Ultra democratic Branch of the Liberal party cordon Lort being classed with the Mode rados. There seems to have been an understanding and entire Accord Between the two parties. The elections in the District and so far As Beard from elsewhere passed off in the most quiet and orderly manner. Indeed the Pratt d Union complains of the want of ardor and enthusiasm on the part of the people in the exercise of a right which ties at the foundation of the institutions of the the election for deputies for the capital took place on sunday the 12th inst. And resulted a the Complete Triumph of the Liberal party. The Prospect of a War with Spain however seems to occupy most of the attention of our neighbors at the present time. The alarm has already become serious. Among other things the Secretary of the Interior has addressed a formal circular to the governors of the several states on the subject. It begins by stating that Gen. Lafragua the mexican envoy had not yet been honorable received in Bis official capacity and intimating that notwithstanding everything had been done to Avert it a rupture must inevitably take place declares that full of Confidence in the Justice of her cause Mexico awaits with calmness the course which events will take and that if War must come relying upon the patriotism of her citizens she is ready to meet it and finally Calls upon the governors of the several states to bold the National guards under their command ready for whatever order in the mean time to transmit Mil reports of their number and efficiency to the proper ministry at the Federal capital. In connection with this subject the so National says that in Case of a War with Spain Comonfort will place himself at the head of the army in which Case Juarez would be president of the Republic. The legislature of Frebla has authorized the governor to contract for the equipment of 4000 of the National guards of that state in the shortest time possible. Other and similar preparations to meet the invading enemy continue to be made throughout the Republic. The Money Market. The London Bankers circular of july 4tl contains the following remarks on the future of the Money Market the opinions on the present condition of the Money Market though More hopeful Are still devoid of a steady Confidence the High rate of interest which has now to Long prevailed has made great inroads into Many of the most solvent and Well conducted mercantile and manufacturing firms. The continuation of this process Cun not but prove highly injurious to the general state of Trade and Commerce it is however with us u question of Gold or no Gold. If we can retain it our Confidence is supported but if not then we Are in a constant state of uneasiness. If we Laok abroad we can scarcely indulge in the Hope that we can retain More than our fair share of the precious metals. We Are at present receiving in return for our immense shipments outward Large quantities of Gold and Silver but atthe sacrifice of our manufacturers for it a impossible from the state of our Money markets for some time past that any profits can be realized As these have been absorbed by the High prices of raw materials and the High rates of discounts charged upon Bills. Taking an external View of the Money Market the demand appears Likely to be heavy for some time to come on the continent. The capital necessary to to paid up by the Batik of France Aud the demands by other companies Are very considerable these demands extend Over a great portion of Germany and will Leatto great depreciation in securities. But Thede mands on French account Are not alone for France her financial ramifications through such institutions As the credit Mobilizer extend Over the whole continent of Europe. With such an aspect of things the demands for Money will continue to expand rather than diminish. War Between Spain Ana Mexico. War the last resort of civilized people would at last seem to be imminent Between Spain and Mexico. Considering the natural relation of the two countries to each other and to the world it would appear almost impossible but unless there be an unusual amount of blustering and bravado on both sides War would seem to be near and inevitable. The mexican government indeed publishes authoritatively to the world in so Many words that it cannot yield to the demands of Spain it seems moreover to take for granted that War is inevitable and is openly preparing for the work. On the other hand we have the equally positive and authoritative Assurance from Madrid that the Spanish government will continue to insist and that regardless of consequences on its original demand the very same the mexican Cabinet declare they cannot yield to without blemish to the National Honor it has already despatched a Fleet and troops to the mexican Waters and otherwise assumed a most threatening and Bellicose attitude. There must then be borne inglorious backing Down on one Side or the other else War is certainly inevitable. It would in fact appear that the negotiations at Madrid have already been broken off at whose instance under what Cironi stances or with what Prospect of resumption the Telegraph does not inform us. The mexican papers Tell us of instructions having been forwarded to Madrid which in the language of the extraordinary of the 8th, Good authority would effectually bring the Long pending Spanish question to a close one Way or the other in the course of the next two months " but of the exact state of these instructions or by what mail transmitted we have no information. Judging however by the general Tenor of advises from both countries it must have been some time in the Early part of the last month in which Case it is More than probable they constituted the basis of negotiation at the recent conferences. We read at All events of Gen. Lafragua s having submitted an ultimatum a step he would hardly have taken without fresh and explicit instructions from Home of their being for a time under consideration of their final rejection and now of a parting interview Between the two ministers. It is quite certain therefore that Mexico has done All in this matter she Felt called upon to do for the Sake of peace and has determined at length if necessary to Appeal to the sword. If this be the real state of the fact we do not see but Spain will at length for the credit of her Good name be forced into a War which notwithstanding her numerous threats we Are Bure she cannot sincerely desire. We cannot indeed but think she has been handsomely outwitted in this matter. Whatever May have been her real object in pressing this ugly controversy she cannot but know that War of any kind in the Gulf to which she was a party would prove most disastrous to her interests therein. On the other hand if we May judge from their journals nothing would be More popular with the i mexican people and with reason too if As asserted in the Peninsula they cherish feelings of enmity to the Mother country or her american . O. Pio aunt. Col. Jack w Ashington correspondent of the new York Herald in his letter of the 21st, inst., stated that col. Jack Hays had been removed from the Surveyor generalship of California for having exceeded the appropriations made by Congress by nearly $175,000." that correspondent was mistaken. From the most reliable bourse we have ascertained that col. Hays was not removed but that his commission having expired he was not re appointed. It a True that col. Hays exceeded the appropriation made by Congress by $175,000, but it is not True that the colonel is to be considered in honorable exile while in Utah. The real state of the Case is this that a Man of the extraordinary nerve and courage of col. Hays is very much needed in Utah and for that reason the president has thought fit to Transfer him to the Surveyor generalship of that territory. The administration of Naidert his Transfer no imputation upon the Honor of col. Hays. Washington mates. Spanish Fleet in the Spanish naval Force in the mexican Waters at the present time is said to be quite respectable in Point of numbers. It consists of one ship of the line the Label 2d, of tuns described As a magnificent specimen of naval architecture two frigates two heavy corvettes five Brigantine four schooners eleven steamers and seven transports. This is rather an unusual show for Spain to make in the Golf and must mean something. Confusion of Washington correspondent of the Baltimore Sun writing on the 6tate of parties As at present organized in this country Suys the state of patties in the country at this time is somewhat confused. The old whig party of the Northern states went Over chiefly to the republicans or to the know nothings and the remainder to the democrats at the late presidential election. In the South the whigs fused with the democrats or the know nothings. There Are signs everywhere that the last named organization cannot be maintained and will be abandoned. The know nothings of the North Are it appears preparing to go Over Al most in amass to the republicans. The big element of the party revolts at this fusion and will go Bank to the whig Camp where an Independent few Atill keep their the be publican party brought together under political excitement finds its Bonds very weak and every future election will show a diminution of its strength. Thousands of them All who Are reasoning and conservative men Are Well satisfied with the Walker Kansas policy and disapprove of the insubordinate and factious spirit of the Topeka men. The question is where shall they go events partly local partly National must determine that. Things now tend either to a reorganization of the old National whig party or to a fusion of All conservative elements into the democratic party. The be publican party of new York have not used their Power with such Wisdom and discretion As affords a Promise of continued local predominance and no one will be surprised at the next state election to witness a political revolution. The calculations which have been made upon the Success of the republicans in i860 Are without any solid basis for the party instead of growing has Bbown already signs of decadence. The August and fall elections for Congress in several Southern states Are looked to with Bome interest a India Tiodos of the Fate of americanism in that Quarter. There is scarcely a doubt that he democratic party will have the organization of the House of representatives. In Tho next Congress neither North americanism nor South americanism will make much show but it appears that a new party a Central american party May disclose itself a party which May advocate a More decided and rigorous policy in regard to our relations with Central America than that which the administration May put Forth. The vice president. Ireneaus of the new York observer who is travelling at the South was lately a guest at a wedding a Lexington Kentucky where he met the Hon. John c. Breckinridge vice president of the United states. thus describes his person manners and Domestic state John c. Breckinridge Nice president of the United states waa one of the gusts at the wedding. The rough portraits of him that stared every body in the face last fall give but a poor a Kenesy of thib extraordinary Man who at a Youthful period of life unexampled has been called to preside Over the most August body of men in this country. His form is tall erect and commanding his countenance grateful and his conversation indicates a sober intelligent and thinking Man. With a Lovely and accomplished wife and Sweet children he resides in a modest cottage but one Story High shaded deeply with old Trees a Little Way out of own. I could not but Admire the simplicity of our Republican institution when i saw that this great people had come to this empowered cot to find a Man to preside Over its Senate and perhaps to fill its chair of state. Wednesday augu8t 5, 1867. % est the Steamer san Antonio capt. Arrived last night from Houston with 11 Bales Cotton 88 ska and 28 bbl. Pecans and the following passengers messes. Hooper Johns Haymann Borden nuke land Maloan Morgan or. Warren & serv to or. Clark & serv to slate Cooper Kagous r. S. Mccullough in Matt ver witnessed. The Rog Tesa the capital of the i , having fallen the pro tide of twang Tung by that Josh the women Are Jentri he Dpi if robbers have Forth plundering in Noev a to list a comp and of j d. A a few to Render their to be of of any of thee i Lolu Nat at Telb season a us master Tom pm Why a. A certainly i in Mym a Grafe Ohio Farmer asks have you a Choice grape cutting that you want to grow v and replies As follows " then go to the Woods dig some roots of wild grape Vine Cut them into pieces of about six inches Long Cut your Choice rape Vine or cutting into pieces of Only one or at most two buds insert the lower end by the common Cleft grafting method into the piece of wild Vine Root Plant it in the Earth leaving the Cut Ting just level with the top of the ground. Everyone so made will grow and in two years become bearing the journal of Commerce in a general review of the crops says " it is generally believed that the wheat crop of the United states As a who a will be the largest and beat Ever 5? a new York merchant recently sent for a cargo of maltese cats from that celebrated Island per Schooner William , of Nantucket capt. To Mith. Fifty Kittens were received on Board the Schooner As a part of the assorted cargo. On the voyage very rough weather was experienced. At first the tars attributed the rapid succession of gales to the Comet but one old Sailor told the Crew that it was nothing outside the vessel that occasioned the storm that one cat waa enough to Send any ship to Davy Jones locker and As they had fifty on Board not a Man of them stood a Chance of Selling foot on dry land again. This was enough for the superstitious Crew and the cats were immediately demanded of the Captain Given up and drowned. By a singular coincidence the storm thereupon abated. The owner of the cats has now sued the owners of the vessel for damages laying the value of the Cata at $50 a piece or $2,500.-Albany express. The aet of years ago during the heat of a Coffee speculation in Boston when everybody was holding on waiting for the article to Advance an old merchant keen As a razor whose store was packing from the first to the fourth floor with prime Green Eio concluded from signs which Newell understood that prices had reached their Acme. was too old a hand at the Bellows not to know that the moment he with his immense Stock began to sell an alarm would be taken and Down go the prices. Quietly sending off a pretty stiff invoice of the article to auction and giving t e auctioneer a Good Humoured hint to mind his own business he attended the Sale and bid readily at prevailing prices for the Coffee. Other holders that knew he had twice As much on hand As they had concluded that it was Safe to buy when he did and so stood up manfully and bought largely. While old Carmen were tumbling his purchases in at the front door of his warehouse five times As Many were carrying away Coffee from the Back door. Of the next Day of the Sale he bid As freely As Ever and this continued for some two or three weeks. One Day be failed to appear at a Coffee Sale and most of the dealers took the alarm and prices declined a Little. During the afternoon a pretty Large Holder who had always been ready to buy when he saw , met him in the Street and asked the. Rate of Coffee. I Don t know what it going at to Day replied the old fellow As Cool and pleasant As an ice Cream. It declined this did it responded mr.-,with what seemed to his fellow tradesman a strange manifestation of indifference. Yes certainly Haven t you heard it before no but 1 expected As Why we shall be ruined if prices go Down not All i presume replied mr.--, with an unmoved countenance. Why you re in it deeper than any of me i exclaimed mr.-, in Well feigned astonishment a Haven t a bag in my the next Day the Bubblo burst and half a dozen grasping speculators who had been for a month or two dreaming nightly Over their Golden gains were ruined. The exports or lumber from our Gulf ports seems to increase steadily and is destined to become of great importance in the future. The Export from the Southern states bordering immediately on the Atlantic is already of great value and importance. The foreign Export of articles the growth of the Forest from the United states reaches ten or twelve millions of dollars per annul of which amount the Seuth produces a Larga proportion besides furnishing Large quantities of lumber and ship Timber to the Northern states. We Are glad to perceive that Mississippi is beginning to profit by the example of Florida and Alabama in this particular. The Eastern Clarion says that a valuable lumber business is growing up in the sea Cost counties and which finds its out let to the markets of the world chiefly through the ship Island Harbor. The exports of lumber from that Harbor according to the last returns we have seen Are at the rate of about $800,000 per annul. In Texas Sabine is the Only port from which lumber is exported. Our monthly reports show the great importance of this article in our Commerce and we Are glad to see that the Prospect for its growth still continues highly favourable. We doubt not that lumber will continue to be an article second Only to Cotton in the exports of Eastern Texas. Ben Tao Kaaa j. Buafo. The demise of no Man has Ever occurred in Texas or can soon Ensor calculated to create More profound and Universal sorrow than that of Thomas j. Risk a name endeared to every texan by More than Twenty years of patriotic Public service commencing with the first Dawn of the revolution in 1835 and dosing Only with his sudden mysterious and doubly painful death. Thomas j. Bosk was born in South Carolina and removed from Georgia to Texas in the Spring of 1885, locating at Nacogdoches which has been Bis residence Ever since. When the revolution broke oat in 1886, he was elected to the consultation which assembled at san Felipe in november. waa next Eho Aen to the convention of March 1886, which declared our Independence. Immediately afterwards president Burnet called him into his Cabinet As Secretary of War in which capacity he appeared on the Field of san Jacinto and won the admiration of his comrades and imperishable Fame by Bis Noble bearing on that memorable occasion. After the army had taken up its position on the lava a and Guadalupe Gen. Rusk became its commander in chief and maintained unbounded popularity among the troops during that period of destitution and necessary inertness among them. Returning to Nacogdoches he was elected to the Congress of 1887 at the session of 1888-9, be waa chosen chief Justice of the supreme court a position he resigned in 1840, having presided in january of that year at the first session Ever held of that highest tribunal of the be Publio. On repeated occasions he commanded the Eastern Texas volunteers in campaigns against the Indiana. In october 1888, he fought them and gained a signal Victory at the Kickapoo Village near the Neches and in july 1389, he commanded a regiment in the Well contested Battles of the 12th and 13th of july against the cherokees and their associate bands in which their chief the bowl fell. His name was a terror to the red Man of the Eastern Frontier. During the period from 1840 to 1345, Gen. Busk sought to devote himself exclusively to the Law and built up the largest practice of any lawyer in f the a Public but in the latter year he was Bent to the convention which framed our Constitution and by that body elected its president unanimously. By the first state legislature in february 1346, he was unanimously elected to the Senate of the United states and last March completed his second term. From the fourth of March 1857, lie waa also re elected for a third term of six years having six sessions to run at the time of his death though serving but five sessions under the classification by virtue of his first term. In All the Publio relations to which we have referred Gen. Busk stood at the head of his associates and colleagues As a Brave sagacious and untiring general and As a sound thorough and comprehensive statesman. As an american senator perhaps no Man in a period of eleven years has Ever erected a More enviable reputation or attained to a More honorable and enviable influence. Without the towering Genius of Clay Webster and Calhoun he yet Posa eased practical greatness As a statesman in an eminent degree a love of truth and Justice a Devotion to the interests of Bis state and the whole nation and a nobleness of bearing in personal Intercourse which combined to give him More influence in the. Senate for several years past than any other member of that August body. But in the Meridian of life Juat when the nation began to regard him As one of her noblest sons he is stricken Down by an event too painful to contemplate. The name of Rusk is written in everlasting letters on the history of Bis loved state and will also be perpetuated in that of the Empire county of Texas and the flourishing town of Busk in Cherokee county. We have but hastily glanced at the career of the lamented Patriot and statesman whose death will be Learned every where with sensations of propound sorrow. It devolves upon the pen of history to do Justice to his memory. Freta arise a. We Are permitted to make the following extract from a private letter just received from tha Frontier of Sonora by an army officer in this pity. The condition of affairs on the Boundary of our new territory of Arizona fully sustains the statements of the people in their petition to Congress for a separate territorial organization and imperatively demands the Early action of the National legislature Fost Gumacal Jane 3,1857. Or. Kippin has just arrived from the Arizona mine and represents an awful state of affairs. During the time that or. Bill the superintendent of the mine waa below in Sonora it waa unsafe for him to pass out unless accompanied by the mexican general Don Guadalupe prose and even with him it was dangerous. No news from Sonora not even an arrival for the last Twenty Days. God knows what a going on though of one thing we Are certain no american never mind who he is can go into Sonora with passports or without. Very truly your Friend p. B. Beady. To Lieut. Mowat u. S. Army. It is necessary to observe that or. Brady is an old traveler in Sonora has traded there Beveral years thoroughly understands the Spanish language and the mexican character and his letter is therefore peculiarly reliable. Washington Union. A of Pant Well known gentlemen of this City says the Albany times recently formed a Copartnership. One has a very Brief name the other has one four times As Long As the first. Painters charge so much per foot for lettering signs and As the new firm were obliged to have a new sign an order was give and it was speedily put in a place. Bat a few Days before the Bill was presented when he of the Short name made the declaration that he should be barged Bat one third of the whole expense As his name occupied but one third of the sign i this reasoning was not perceivable to the party of the second party and a dissolution a talked of As neither of the firm will Bank Down. This is the last and most singular Causa for a division of opinion that we have heard of. The Poirior Overland Road Little Book Gazette of the 25th ult., says on wednesday last we had the pleasure of a few minutes conversation with col. James. B. Leech who is in charge of the above company and who is engaged in surveying a route for the purpose of carrying the Overland mail from the Mississippi River to the Pacific. The party consists of forty Wagon and 100 men and will strike an air Lide from Here to Preston Texas from which Point it will travel nearly in a Westerly direction passing a Little North of fort Belknap Twenty five Miles North of fort cad Bourn Crosb the Peacos River at the Emigrant crossing Cross the Llano West of Cardo on the North route and strike the Eio Grande fifteen Miles North of Elpaso. Thence the Survey will continue to fort Yuma and san Francisco by the Best and most practicable route. The the different varieties of this Beautiful trailing Shrub Are the eur Geon Scarlet monthly the dutch monthly Sweet scented and the chinese. The first named is an american Root perfectly Hardy the foliage Evergreen the Flowers trumpet shaped of a Rich soar let exterior tinged with Orange within this Plant grows rapidly throws out a a multitude of branches and has a very Rich appearance. The dutch monthly has a yellow Flower variegated with red or purple produced in succession through the summer and autumn until hard frosts when the Flower opens the Interior is pure White which changes to a Cream color and from that to an Orange giving the Cluster a Rich and variegated appearance. The chinese honeysuckle is a Choice variety with Evergreen leaves and delicate Flowers through the season it blooms with an Exham Solesb profusion presenting from Early in summer till late in autumn Rich wreaths of Flowers various in tint and of an exquisite Orange Flower perfume. The White italian honeysuckle has Pale yellow almost White Flowers. Business prospects. The Boston traveller considers at some length the prospects of the fall Trade and concludes As follows the omens for the coming season Are More auspicious. If the autumn is genial As it most generally is after a cold and wet Spring we May look Tor a Good if not a great Trade comparatively unaffected by the decline in the speculative value of wild lands and earner Lota in inbuilt cities. St. Louie be publican of the 18th says that the Coroner was summoned the Day previous to hold thirteen inquests the most if not All of them upon the bodies of persons who had died from exposure to the Sun. We see numerous similar cases reported in other cities. Although cases of Sun stroke Are almost unknown in Texas it in not amiss to repeat the advice of the be publican that it would be Well for workmen exposed to the bub to Stop off All labor during the heat of the Day. It is bad Economy to endanger health and life in order to gain a few hours labor these Long Days when there in to Little necessity for haste. A Steamboat Captain was badly fooled at St. Paul Minnesota a Short time since. Captain Harris whipped a or. Tro Lott editor of the times pretty severely under Tbs impression that Crofott was one of the editors a the Pioneer and demo crat. We Are not complimented by the m. Ceu be. Whether Crofott Felt the death of g in. Rusk creates a vacancy in the u. S. Senate Wabia the next legislature will have to fill but for the credit of our state we Trust his remains May become cold in the grave before the names of Genf Emen Are proposed for the position. To we have no further details relative to the death of Gen. Rusk excepting a Tew Linea from or. Thomas p. Ochiltree from which it appears he was not killed instantly but lingered for a Short time though doubtless in an unconscious condition. Opt Trade with new exports and shipments from new Orleans of Domestic produce to Texas during the last Quarter were to the value of $448,664, according to the custom House returns but in reality doubtless exceeds a half a million of dollars. Texas is importing articles from that a to to the annual value of about a million and a bait of dollars. Most of these articles ought to be and doubtless ultimately will be produced in our own state not Only in quantities sufficient to Supply the Home demand but also furnishing a surplus for exportation. Louisiana sugar is no doubt that the sugar crop of the United states will be again Short. A Well informed planter of Louisiana says that the crop is now so Small and backward that the most favourable future can not prevent this and an Early fall or unfavourable weather May reduce the product of the growing crop to the figures of last year or even less the Universal statement thai i hear upon the whole coast is my stand is Good but the canes Are very Small. It is asserted that it will take a most favourable season to give 200,000 Hogsheads and with bad weather drouth or a Early fall there is no estimating with any degree of certainty Bow Little May be produced in Louisiana. A a univ Etsitt or via in 400 students have already made engagements for the next session at the University of Virginia and the number it a supposed will reach 800. a new daily paper in Philadelphia to la Fem Niho Tasnad Oatha lat of angu4k the committee of the Massachusetts disunion convention which was held at Worcester have circulated for signatures a Call for a National disunion convention to be held at some place not yet named in october a consider the practicability probability and expediency of a separation Between the free and the Alave states and to Uka the new religious stated the other Day the Case of a free will Baptist Deacon in Michigan being expelled from Church membership for voting for or. Buchanan for president. The new York evangelist contains a letter dated at Concord n. H., in which the writer say that in new England it will soon become a question for the churches to decide whether a Democrat shall be received into the Church or be allowed to remain in it. The writer asserts that persons who by their votes of their influence endorse the decision of the supreme court in the dred Soott Case Are doing All in their Power to rivet the chains of tha slave to make servitude involuntary oppressive Servi tudo the Cornerstone of our National govern ment and at the same time to secure the moral assassination of a this benevolent and Law abiding Christian says that those who approve of such things Are mors guilty than those who do them. continues our churches cannot tolerate Fellowship with slaveholders indeed some clergymen think their Bonis in peril by associating with or corresponding with those who consent to meet with them As equals. If christians at the North cannot bit peaceably with a Delegate from the South How can they tolerate Northern Brethren who approve of the principles of those delegates and vote As they vote on the great and absorbing quest Ion of the Day ? Here we have the higher Law doctrine in full fruition. It a a orime rendering a Man unfit for Church membership in new England to vote for a Democrat support the Constitution of the United states the Laws of Congress or the decision of the highest Legal tribunal in the nation. The new York commercial advertiser a paper devoted to the Maui e of morality and religion says such preposterous assumptions of the right to dictate to a citizen to which political party he shall adhere and to make his political opinions the terms of his Churchman ship every Man with a spark of Independence and manhood in Bis breast will treat with the contempt which they deserve. But the effect of such assumptions will be to destroy respect equally for religion its ministers and its ordinances. Whoever really loves religion and desires the perpetuity of the Church will exert himself at once to crush such a prescriptive spirit and will emphatically denounce the assumptions which it implies. More mormons deserting their exposures or the the pal Smouth Nebraska jeffersonian we clip the record of another arrival of mormons from Over the Plains. It is As follows a train consisting of about one Hundred persons with Twenty wagons passed through this place on Friday last on their return from Utah to the states. They formed part of a company of two Hundred persons and forty teams but some distance Back the remainder took the Road to fort Leavenworth. They left Salt Lake about the 20th of april and were on the Road a Little Over two months. They bore the appearance of Persona who had seen much trouble and privation being reduced in body and dejected in mind. A More pitiable set of persons we never beheld. They rejoiced that they had at last readied a land where they could tics More live at ease. The account of their experience in 1, Ian was touching in the extreme. In the narration of what they endured they seemed to approach Tho subject with reluctance and feelings of horror in calling to mind their sufferings but in the course of their remarks would invariably become animated and Galveston Institute. This institution established in this City last May for the education of Beys and Young men by prof. 1 break out in expressions of indignation at the cruelty j. F. Thompson a graduate of one of the first colleges in the Union and a teacher of several years experience closed its first session last week. The and oppression which they endured. They declared the whole system to be but a grand scheme of robbery and sensuality on the part of those in authority. It is not by direct compulsion they stated that Progress of the scholars in learning and the disc the property of their followers is taken it by a this is inspired by rewards and by betting before Thorn the example of scripture characters that As Job received an increase above All if a. ,.i Means of religious enthusiasm. Plume of the shool were such As to give the utmost the Prol Nwe of Gre it spiritual satisfaction to its patrons. As far As we have heard any expression in regard to the Mode of teaching and the character and qualifications of the principal it has been of commendation and applause. Although the first session began at the Moat unfavourable period in the year after All the other schools were in full operation and it was supposed that All students Foi the season had entered some of the institutions already in Progress yet prof. T. Soon Drew together a much greater number of scholars than was anticipated and closed the term with a pretty Large school. Prof. T. Has fully demonstrated to our citizens his ability to teach and conduct an institution of the Best description required by our present wants and has fully sustained the High reputation which he had acquired As a teacher before he visited this pity and of which he brought honorable testimonials. It would seem superfluous for us to dwell upon the advantages and necessity of sustaining an institution of this kind among us for the Home education of our sub compared to the disadvantages of sending them abroad to be educated or the neglect and privations which Many have experienced in our state. One of the most serious evils heretofore experienced in the education of children in thib City has been the want of permanency in nearly All the schools owing mainly to the want of cooperation on the part of parents and to the Lack of interest in the bub Sot of education among the Public generally. It is equally the interest and the duty of All Good citizens to Aid in building up and sustaining Oohoola for the proper education of our youth at Home. To say nothing of the greatly increased expense rendering it beyond the Means of most persons to Send their sons abroad other and serious evils result from the Bestowal of our patronage on Northern institutions. A know of instances Al present where boys from Texas Are in Northern schools under Tea Herb entertaining opinions hostile to the institutions and Best interests of the South. A Little Public spirit properly exercised will Render As wholly Independent of these pernicious influences prevent the Early separation of Boob from the wholesome and pleasant associations of Home and extend to All of lapses of citizens the benefits of a Good education prof. Thompson will re open his school the 14th of september doubtless with a Large increase in the number of students for whom ample provision will be made. We cordially room Rand this institution to such of our friends in the Interior As May desire to place their Sony in a Good school in which the higher branches of education Are taught. His former possessions so should they by their self sacrificing reap an increased Reward both of spiritual and temporal possessions. After All their property was destroyed then the policy of their rulers would change and their con duct would be such As to say get away if Yuu if any one should become dissatisfied Aud desired to leave they were publicly denounced and the whole Church forbidden to Purchase any property they might wish to dispose of. From that Day they i would be subjected to the insults of the entire Community if not absolute danger of their lives. One person stated that in order to get away be had to Bell his farm clandestinely at that for sixty dollars. They reported that one Man went out with $3,000, and was returning in the train with Bis team Only and had not enough to eat. Another who had a farm Worth $7,000, sold it for $85. A Man by the name of George Brooks if we recollect right who had considerable Grain and goods stored in his House incurring the displeasure of the elders had the sides of his House literally stove in and his property All carried off he Only escaping with his life. A new Beatt with new treaty with Mexico will it is believed soon be negotiated. Many of the restrictions which now exist Between the two countries will be removed. The treaty which or. Forsyth effected was returned Bome time since and it is understood that in the arrangement of a new treaty the principle of commercial reciprocity will be adopted As Between the United states and the South american colonies. The overflowing Treasury of the nation and the flood of the Revenue pouring into it seem to require an outlet. It was suggested some time ago by Gen. Gadsden when minister to Mexico that we would not obtain a Good commercial treaty with Mexico without buying it. It will be necessary in the proposed renewed negotiations to offer to pay Mexico a handsome sum of Money in band for an unrestricted Trade the ultimate Benefit of which to the United states As Well As to Mexico cannot be too highly estimated. Canobra. M. Landolphi surgeon in chief of the neapolitan army is asserted to have seemingly cured cancers by the topical application of the Chloride of Bromine in combination with several other chlorides according to the following formula Chloride of Bromine three parts Chloride Antimony one part Chloride Gold one part powdered liquorice sufficient to make a paste the surrounding parts Are protected by an ointment of one drachma of chloroform to an ounce of lard. The Efficacy of this Mode of treatment is susceptible of easy proof. Furnished for the civilian Sabbath the coh Robt. To a Ruarda. What though no Bell with lingering chime Salute me with the appointed time when pity worshippers repair to cushioned pallares of prayer nor lofty Temple lifts on High its pointed spire towards the sky t May i not worship god As Well without the summons of the Bell ? May not my prayer Rise warm and True from the Green Sod As from the Pew ? doth not the same almighty love pervade the Temple fill the Grove in whispers soft the summer Breeze comes from among the bending Trees inviting me to meet with god where worldliness hath Seldom trod there mingle with the perfumed air the a earful incense of my prayer. With nought unholy to intrude amid the Calm still Solitude of this True Temple great and grand worthy the architect who plan a who reared on High its pillared Pride and swell d its Blue dome far and wide i find the place most meet fear me to commute with the deity to sect or Creed or school unknown. 1 worship Here the love alone that suffered died that All might be blessed throughout eternity. There too no show of worldly state but nature simple pure and great nor rustling of Silks Are Here nor beauties proudly decked appear kneeling amid their jewels Sheen to whom the Humble Nazarene free from All these sect Oreed and school. That tread the heavenward Road by Rule save those alone who keep their path and doom All others o or to Wrath Tju Tramell a free i Bend to him before whom bends the Seraphim and humbly roid my doubts and fears. Implore him by the sorrows tears he passed through while with us below to teach me All is meet to know. San lib july 1857. A. B. F. The enl gets Templar. The Boston traveller having alluded in a very complimentary manner. To she participation of the various masonic bodies in the ceremonies in memory of their brother Gen Warren a a uni Gnu Templar furnished that paper with the following Brief history of the order on the ground that 1 Reen masonry bowing to the utilitarian spirit of the age cheerfully opens its historical treasures to every inquirer  the knights Templar is an order thai originated in 1118, with nine valiant and pious knights eminent among the earliest crusader for their Devotion to the cause in which the bad embarked the Rescue of Judea and especially the holy City from the Saraceni. The ostensible object for the fur ration of a distinct order of Knighthood was to protect All poor and weary pilgrims on their visits to the holy places. To do this these nine warriors engaged themselves to a life of chastity and piety at the Tomb of the Savior solicited As their patroness " the Mother of god be Deuce Mere de Dieu and took the four vows of chastity poverty obedience and to fight incessantly in the cause of pilgrims and the holy land against the Heathen. Their first grand master was Hugh de Paynes. Their style the soldiery of the temp or Templer militia Templi grew out of the fact that that portion of the Palace of King Baldwin ii which was assigned to them As their residence stood close by the Church and Convent of the Temple. The order of temples became at once popular. Their unremitting and unselfish Devotion to such duties As guarding the pilgrims their renown in Battle Thair poverty caused by an unreserved liberality for Christ s Sake the enthusiasm of the age Drew the first warriors of Europe in the ranks. For 184 years their history is a Golden Page in that of the world. In 1312 the order was suppressed by the joint efforts of Pope Clement v and Philip Debonair King of France and the greater part of their revenues were made Over to the knights of St. John of Jerusalem with whom Many of them affiliated and since that period have Only appeared in uni i v. Lib that order. At the present tune the knights Templar in connection with that of Malta Are in a High condition of Prosperity in the United states they Are under one general government styled the grand Encampment of the Initta states of which the Hon. William Blackstone Lubbard of Columbus Ohio is grand master. Subordinate of this supreme body wich assembles Trier Bially there Are eleven grand comm Anderies or state governments that \1s3emblo annually. That of Massaru etis and Rhode Island is governed by or. Daniel him Vood of Boston and has nine subordinate con Ininns Ries two of the 111 being located in Boston. In All there arc 13 ordinate commande Rirs in Tho United states bracing an average membership of nearly five thousand knights. The costume of the knights Templar is very Rich and Beau Siul u is nearly As possible that of the chivalrous warriors in 1 he Sidille Ages it will Call vividly to mind those famous passages in their career when Side by Side they stood on the Battle Field scorning to yield until1 the last Man had kissed his Cross shaped Hilt. Confessed his sins to god and fallen face to foe. The standing of the order in Boston Wal be appreciated when it is known that it embraces nearly five Hundred of the first gentlemen in the City amongst whom will be id ind such men As or. Winslow Lewis drs. Harwood Wilson and Tucker governor Gardner and men of that class. In All masonic processions it is Given particularly to the knights Templar to Ziert orm escort duty serving in hours of Jerij As a Vanguard and upon occasions of Public rejoicing As a guard of Honor. May there never be a Call for these vacant and magnanimous gentlemen to draw their swords save for purposes of peace and Grace Hava Daj Blatni thl less Cotton Mills of this City have been of late manufacture using one eighth Lees goods than formerly. The design is to make the Cotton they now have on hand last till the 1st of next january when they will be Able to get new Cotton at lower rates it is hoped. In a week or two All but the Manchester Mills will run Only five Days a week not running saturdays. It is thought that course is better and More satisfactory to the operatives than stopping work in some room and consequently turning some hands out of employ. Cotton goods Are Dull in the Market and it would be bad policy to pile them up while the raw material is so High. The print works Are in full blast manufacturing All they can with a steady demand for their goods at an excellent mass Mirror. By the citizen is the name of a new and interesting paper started at Columbus of the Colorado. To the Richmond reporter published by the messes. Ferguson Haa suspended. We regret the necessity. Disappearance or the yellow fever at Rio de Washington Union publishes the annexed communication from sort. J. Scott jr., u. S. Consul at Bio to Gen. Cass Secretary of state dated Bio de Janeiro june 12 it affords me sincere pleasure to communicate to the department of state that tha yellow fever so fatal to Many persons in this pity during the last summer has nearly disappeared and can no longer be considered epidemic for the last month or six weeks but two persons on Board of american ves of tar is at this time healthy such other Macau re a tha condition of the Tine a whigs die a wry Arri who May of Iii Fla wlm. Ami lib b1 learn from the Boston traveller that it is the general top Reg Onia jray., to. A Achuletta that the Hon. Bobert a int drop died of to. The will he nominated for governor-04 opposition to the Black Republican candidate or. Banka and that or. W. Wal he supported by tha old line " " w the roue potatoes an Selling in Cincinnati at Twenty Flea Yenta a Bushel by the Wagon Load. Cincinnati had bettor Sand Soma along this Way and get five times the great Southern gentleman at a Northern hotel perceiving that the dining room servant a negro was bestowing his attentions elsewhere to his own neglect called up John and a coated him in this Wise John i have servants at Home and am waited on As a gentleman should be. I am neglected Here and am tired of it. 1 give you fair notice that i will whip you like dog unless you behave the consequence was that John became very attentive during the few Days that the gentleman remained. On going away John was called up and presented with a Dollar or two which he thus acknowledged thank be Massa. Southern Gemmen always so lick us like blazes if we Don t wait on pm Well but when Dey go Dey Allers Gib us a Dollar or now dese abolition Gemmen mighty hard to suit and want much waiting on an when Dey go Way shake yer band look up to de Wall and say god bless Yon my unfortunate Friend an elevate you in the scale of humanity or something like that but Dey Webber Gib us a Dollar to elevate us Virginia Norfolk Herald of a late Date says four Large steamers left Here on saturday Laden Down with potato cucumbers tomatoes is Mulins beets snaps summer apples a which amounted in the aggregate to the contents of 7000 barrels equal to 1750 barrels to each. Two of these steamers left for new York Ono for Philadelphia and one for Baltimore. Three leave every week for new York two for Philadelphia and six for Baltimore and it May safely be estimated that the same Quantity have been and will be shipped off three times a week during the season say 20,-000 barrels the average value of which will not be overrated at $8 a per barrel or $70,000 per week. How to produce . Binn is known As the author of an ingenious Medico philos Ohio essay on the Anatomy of he says that the great Point to be gained in order to Amoure sleep is escape from thought especially from that clinging tenacious imperious thought which in most cases of wakefulness has Possession of the mind. This the doctor says he always effects by the following simple process i turn my Eye balls As far to the right or left or upward or downward As i can without pain and then commence rolling them slowly with that divergence from a direct line of vision around in their sockets and continue doing this until i fall asleep which occurs generally within three minutes and always within five at most. and two not Tiv Tho Samd Tom or Laos were in use in Cannon carriages and balls in the last Battle that decided tha Fate of Sebastopol a. Quantity sufficient if made into Nils for a rail read from How or Ftp the a flu. Seem the new slave Trade. The Liverpool times approves of the new slave Trade which has been devised by France. It says if thib be u revival of the slave Trade we Oan Only say that we heartily wish the British government would follow the example which bus been set by the emperor of the French. If the proprietors of estates in our tropical colonies Wero allowed the same privileges we should soon Seo the revival of Prosperity in the West indies Moro sugar Cotton Coffee everything in Short that the people want at Home while the condition of the african himself would be amazingly improved As compared with the barbarous and benighted state in which to in found on his own native soil. At present our unfortunate colonists Are compelled to bring their immigrants at an enormous Cost from the East indies. And the frightful scenes and mortality during the voyage exceed anything we used to read respecting the horrors of Tho Middle Tae 1 our old Friend to Whf of of the Washington Star Iamesi Texas and the South Anar Alry by the advantages 0/ the Texe croat postmaster be Era for the United states Malla from the it Pacific Chestaro Fraly set boat five columns on the subject dearly the relative merits Oto by proposed. We regret that we have you the entire article a ear crowded Wotan ask. Subject is one my of interest to by Star says  a draw upon the map from tha Valley of the about the Bolson de Hap one passing through the 1. _ the West to a i emotion with tha Siarra .-.-., California and prolonged by that Range end we Cascade Range to the British these Linea we have an immense Angle of text Story six tenths at least of which is an paper of Virginia la Avalo Atuf Witter peso Yin name. It
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