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Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - April 15, 1856, Galveston, Texas Calette. H. 8tuakt and John Henry Brown editor. Tuesday Aphis 15, 1856. Democratic ticket electors for the Bunte at Loreo W. Bow Den w. R. Scurry. Congressional District electors a. J. Hood a. J. Hamilton. Elector for 7th judicial District Francis r. Lubbock. For comptroller James b. Shaw. For treasurer James ii. Raymond. For attorney general James Willie. Delegates to the Nuti Oulu convention w. 8. Oldham ii. I. Hek Jacob Wilder o. Kyak. Alternates j. W. Scott 0. W. Hill jew. Dance of. W. Latham. To no authorized to announce k. J. A. A a candidate for sheriff of Brazoria county " it the August election. Temperance heeling. There will to Temperance meeting it the methodist Church in this City on wednesday night of thin week. An Udd Rehs will be delivered by Kev. Or. Veuth. The Public is respectfully invited to Uttend. Ai Zuyko. On saturday hint the 12lh inst., the ship my a it. A. Herrio from new York in ballast und Schooner Commodore Stockton from in Nacola with of ,0 o f m t lumber und in Mimi in a he the Brig Vesta capt. A diet. Day ton fur la nun diet. Whicher . I the Losili inst., Brutus and Schooner Senate Huston. The bark new York. New finn. 1 card of messes. John. So 11. Trueheart will in found in our Puper. These gentlemen especially the senior Are Well known As responsible und reliable Ipen and Aie worthy of patronage and Confidence. We o. True in Days of in lung syne when he was a Corn uni scary and we a High private in Hays spy com puny of is As familiar with lands and land matters in Texas now As he was with rifles beef and rattlesnakes then. Him ii i Texas. L n saturday Hist the t Uii Venti ii of tin Dpi Sepal Church for the Dju Eese of Texas now silting in Salvu stoic elected the reverend Arthur of Iive Iii id co a Baltimore md., it Ishop of Texas. 11eretofure the Llis hop of Arkansas had temporary jurisdiction in our state tit now. We Are Happy to say the louts Star has a it Ishop of its of n. , we learn is a Nuudi of High pulpit and literary reputation and will doubtless prove an acceptable father to the Church fees and salaries. Under a late ordinance of the City Council dome deductions have been made in the fees and salaries allowed some of the City officers. From the report of a committee to investigate the subject it appeared that the income of the officers for 1855 was As follows the mayor s direct salary was. $500 fees for the year. 400 total. $900 this remain the Hume. The Murs Hiil salary was. $50u commission for collecting at 5 cent. 1,184 Market fees. 850 fees in mayor court. 436 for lighting und cleaning the Market. 500 total. $2,966 deductions of 2% $ cent. Commissions now made. 592 Gross income Atill allowed. $2,874 the $s00 allowed the marshal for lighting and cleaning the Market includes everything Oil labor a and does not allow any profit to the officer or if any a Mere trifle. The Market fees $350 Are allowed the marshal to enable him to keep one or More deputies. Thus deduct $500 and $350 from $2,374, the marshal is left an income of $1,500. The jail fees for hoarding prisoners and Kincid Ujita perquisites Are not included in the above \ the City clerk received in direct salary. $500 commissions it 5 cent for assessing. Fees for licenses and fines. 480 231 total. Huh commissions As assessor at 3 of cent under new ordinance reduces. $1,210 192 leaving him an income of. $1,024 the Harbor Muster received one half of the Harbor dues Oess 5$ cent which amounted to $697. To is now allowed a direct salary of $500 in lieu thereof. The treasurer received As salary $200, and is now reduced to $150. The Surveyor was allowed High fees for City work and now receives $100 salary in lieu thereof which perhaps about Balu cos or May be a Small saving to the City. Thus the actual deductions from 1855 allowing the taxable property to be the same which of course a not so have Boen from the marshal. $59 from the clerk. From the Harbor Muster. From the treasurer. U 2 107 50 of to i party 1 Donels it is announced that " or. Jim. He Post assigned him As elect i 1 arty of i he state on the score a in a in la w Beiqiu a the nominee of the vice i Lent " so it appears that maj. I Lins to depend upon the popularity of his and not that of his son in Law in t pres mass. Total. $1,131 these Are the facts As fully As we can give them. The object of the Council seemed to to to allow reasonably Liberal salaries whether they have cur tailed too much or too Little the Public can form their own opinions. As to their right to increase or diminish the amounts we presume there is no doubt. At any rate they have a very recent precedent in the action of the late Council which passed an ordinance increasing the tees a on the 3d of april last year. While on the subject let us say that the Council have not still remedied All the complaints we have from respectable quarters on this subject. The fees allowed tote mayor and other officers in various cases arc High. For instance for the smallest offence finale under the City Laws the party cannot get off with less than $10 to $11, and generally Over that amount. The mayor cannot impose a less Fine than live dollars and the costs in the simplest Case under the ordinance of april 155, amounts to $5 25. It is said that a great Many persons arrested can not pay at All Ami therefore the fees should be High. Bui should a. Be made to pay Moreb Causo b. Cannot pay at All. Is that a principle of Justice we think not. And if reasonable fees will not sustain the officers their salaries should be increased rather than to impose heavier Burthen on those who Toni a Mit violations of the Law which Are frequently of a a. Wilcox j Light but still finale character. The True Rule is if by the we think reasonable salaries to officers and the of Lelica lightest Burthen to with peace und Good order. It Ohio Ano mexican Cril to Tel Way Zed and the following enl Leinuis improved agricultural i Injo 1 Ein enu. We have for some time intended to Call the attention of our agricultural and planting friends generally and Sochi Jally to the agricultural Ware Huu the want of of Frt Stii j a a Williams of of Alveston but to convenient Nen of to do entire ans Trinity River. Trie Palestine american has a Well timed article in regard to Tho importance of legislative enactments to facilitate the navigation of the Trinity River. The american thinks the bar at the Mouth of the River should be the first object of improvement and after having disposed of that part of the subject says " then let an appropriation of some $20,000 or $80,000 be made by Tiu state for the removal of it Iago rocks and leaning Timber from the River when we can have perhaps three years of Tho four for three or four months in the year navigation not Only to Pine by tier but to Dallas thus bringing the two extremities of the state together milking next door neighbors of the sugar planter of the South and the flour manufacturer of the North freely interchanging their respective products. The Cotton grower from his Central position enjoying Tho Benefit of both All being equally benefited by the improvement. " if any person by Way of objection shall say let us have railroads so say we. But it will be sometime before railroads can be built and the Money expended upon the River improvement would be returned to Tho tax payer four fold by a saving in his expense before the completion of Tho Railroad besides if a Railroad were completed from Galveston to red River it would not prevent Tho navigation of the Trinity when there was water because it is the settled opinion of experienced commercial men that even where railroads Are numerous and convenient that most heavy articles seek Tho water at the nearest practicable Point a they can be transported on that element at a cheaper rate than Thoy can be upon the cheapest tsp the Thibodeaux Minerva in a very sensible paper is is abundantly evident from what it says of " Texas state of the Union excels our Young Border sister on the West in the ability of its newspaper press. Tho Confederate civilian and news at Galveston will compare favourably with the Best and most popular journals of the whole country. The three combined Are in themselves a credit to Stato and an Index to the growing Prosperity of the " Island City of the the " commercial and weekly prices current issued from the office of the civilian is one among the handsomest sheets of the kind that has come under our observation. Nothing More clearly evidences the intelligence of the texans than Tho ability of its newspapers. Show us a country that properly appreciates Tho value of a Well conducted newspaper and to will warrant you an intelligent Community. The two Are inseparable. They go hand in that Stoky about ruins in Tho big Thicket is pronounced by or. Monro Tho patriarch of Tho Texas press to to an All fools Day hoax. We Don t believe it the account is entirely circumstantial and ought to to Cro diled to the Washington Crawford american. Trio improbability of the Story instead of being an objection is its great Charm. It is so with All such discoveries Loran Luivory was a great place a first rate City of the desert equal to Tadmor until its mud edifices were found to to merely the work of Spanish my nors and their Indian slaves who rebelled and pitched Over their wan like Remus. Far Oil foreign ruins Are All the is Lac in the very face of our native american prejudices. Who has contradicted the Story going the rounds of the papers that col. Tawlinson who is at present engaged in prosecuting Tho discoveries commenced by Layard and Llott and in exhuming from the Mounds of Tho Long lost rival cities of Nineveh and Babylon Tho instructive remains of this onco Gigantic Power has lately discovered in a condition of perfect preservation what is believed to to the Mummy of Nebuchadnezzar. Here to Are told that 11 the face of Tho rebellions Monarch of Babylon covered by one of those Gold masks usually found in assyrian tombs is very handsome -1 he forehead High and commanding the features regular. This interesting relic of Remote Antiquity is fur the present pre served in the museum of Tho fast India these statements Are received not Only us confirmations Strong us hut Strong a july writ. They Are gravely put Forth as1 ample testimony to rein the the sceptic and with believer of scripture truth vet to Are told nut to Clieve the direct assertion of or. Smith Trtat in examining u tract of land belonging to or. Johnson in the big thicker he Hail discovered the remains of a Large Edir Iee with a i Lillini entire on two sides of w hic i was a Plain engraving of " it is not to be taken As evidence id the non of Istenes of this fabric that there is Noj to Abr Stout of the kiiftt"1 a Commerce of Gulf. According to a statement from the a s. Treasury department it appears that for the car ending Juno 30, 1854, there wore cleared at the Custon houses of Boston new York Philadelphia and Baltimore for the Golf ports of Florida Alabama Louisiana and Texas is i vessels with an aggregate tonnage of 453,878 tons. The value of merchandise cleared in one year from the Bingo port of new Orleans for Boston new York Philadelphia and Baltimore amounted to $17,603,422. To these figures is to added the business of All the Atlantic ports South of Baltimore with Tho Gulf ports. The Treasury department in 1862, estimated the Trade which passed through the Florida Straits to and from Tho american port on the Gulf of Mexico at $325,000,000. This Trade has since greatly increased. A fearful tragedy. We have just heard of a most painful tragedy at Pittsburg on Martin s Fork of the Blanco. Capt. Callahan in company with Clements kinds and Johnson wont to the House of we. Bin Bingamen for Tho purpose of seeing him in regard to certain Stuto ments to had made about capt. Callahan. Blessin Gamo became apprised of their coming and probably under the impression of hostile intentions towards him armed himself with a Rifle. When they made their appearance near his House to came out and what words if any transpired Between the parties we have not Learned but the result is reported to have Boen that bleat Ngaine killed both capt. Callahan and Johnson and severely wounded Clement Hinds. All the parties lived in the Blanco Valley. Blessingame and capt. Callahan lived on the same Side of Tho River and were neighbors. Hinds i a on Tho opposite Side of the River in sight and Johnson about a mile higher up. State Gazette. Presidential vote in 1850 the new York Herald which is As Well posted As any other journal and whose prophecies upon this subject have been fulfilled in a most remarkable manner presents the subjoined As Tho probably result of the ensuing Campaign the presidential vote of is56, from present following is an estimate of Tho presidential electoral vote of 1856, based on the late elections on the present organization of parties and on All the existing indications of the Drift of the popular vote state he state majority or plurality in november democratic states. State. Elec. Votes. Alabama. 9 Arkansas. 4 California. 4 Florida. 8 Georgia. 10 Illinois. 11 Indiana. 18 Iowa. 4 Louisiana. O Missouri. State. Euc. Votes. Mississippi. 7 North carolina10 new Jersey. 7 new York. 85 Pennsylvania. 27 South Carolina. 8 Texas. 4 Virginia. 15 total dem. Vote. 1s6 know nothing. Delaware. 3 Kentucky. 12 Maryland. B Tennessee. 12 obituary. Cut. J auks Cronican a native of Boston Massachusetts came to the City of Galveston in 1837. During his stay amongst us he held Many important positions. First he was elected Captain of the Galveston guards in 1840, which corp pay inspired great Confidence in the citizens of Galveston during the threatened invasion by mexicans in 42. Chat. Cd onion was elected Alderman several times up to 1845, when to wus elected by the Puoplo of this county As a representative to our first legislature after annexation. Afterwards to was elected assessor and collector in Tho month b August 1850, but resigned in consequence of health in de Oen Iber 1s52. He was appointed chief Engineer of the fire department in 1850. Elected mayor on March 6th, 1854, and elected Alderman in 1855.All of which positions and offices he faithfully discharged with Honor to himself and to the satisfaction of his constituents. Capt. Cronican was truly esteemed by All who knew him and his character for integrity and voracity was never questioned. He had been in declining health for some time and wont from Here a Short time 6ince, to new Orleans with Tho Hope that a change in climate and the attentions of a fond sister might restore him to health. But alas All human expectations Are delusive and Tho fell destroyer Laid Tho hand of death on him and he expired on the 6th of april 1s56, in new or Loans of pulmonary consumption aged 45 years. Thus in the prime of life has our Friend and valued follow Cit Izor. Been taken from us. Honor to his memory. To died at his sister s residence in new Orleans where his affectionate brother or. John Cronican was with him and done All that nursing and medical Aid could do but without any Avail. J. S Sydnor s auction and private Sale advertisements in Galveston Texas. Is. Sydnor hat regular auction sales every tuesday Ana Friday of Ai sorted Ife Chan Dize household and Kitchen furniture jewelry real estate negroes vessels steamboats do a \ y Yard where he Wuh in com Mand on the morning of Tho 1st instant 1 Nuiji Iii i a of anon exp. To a i in wus a Naii a of total . Vote.35 won Shiri eni. Connecticut. I Ohio. 2� Maine. S j Rhode Island. 4 Massachusetts. 13 j Vermont. 5 Michigan. 0 Wisconsin. F new Hampshire. 5j total Nigger worshippers1 vote7." in these estimates it will be perceived that no state is put Down As doubtful. This in a Fine in or j or Vivi a ,. F. U i i i a  i a i by k. L. Uffok1 auction seek. Der to give the probable results in a Complete Audi definite shape and As strongly As possible against i m o clock. The democratic party. Otherwise Maine now 1 w 86 Hampshire Michigan Connecticut and Wisconsin Nill will might have been As safely placed among the doubt a Otaling Etc Etc Etc. Ful or oven Tho democratic states As for the nig _ ger worshippers because the nomination of or. A thursday april 17ui, 1856,at 10 o clock a. A Fillmore divides Tho anti democratic opposition Vij i will sell for account of whom it May concern forces Between him and the Seward Alliance in All 25 packages assorted merchandise damaged per the Northorn states whether Thero Are any Avail Steamboat or. Massce. Terms Cash ble Romains of the old conservative whig party existence. Auction Sale by j. S. By two auctioneer on tuesday april 15th, at it o clock a. A 1 will sell a very general assortment of merchandise and furniture Viz dry goods. Clothing crockery glassware groceries tobacco cigars liquors guns watches Jis Welky Etc. Evgr Rock Sale by j. S. Sydnor. 1 woman Good House servant fair Washer and Cook 35 years Obi. Very it roup willing and anxious to please without incur. Branca. \ girl 16 years old mulatto Good noun servant respectable seamstress and an amiable disposition. 1 woman and son Tho women 43 years old Superior Cook Washer and Kroner. Son about 10 years Uhi. Mulatto smart boy. 1 Man 24 years old Rornal years at Tremont As Cook very Active and intelligent boy. I Mon 27 years old. Good labourer. 7= All the above neg Rosaro fully guaranteed. Pjs auction sule of lands by j. S. Sydnor auctioneer. Galveston april 14, 185g messes. Knit its civilian having sold out Tho i Menta Steamer .1. Jenkins to our friends Captain n. P. " Spears and Captain Dawson we would recommend her to the patronage of the Public As a Good and substantial Steamer and also being in Good character and credit both in this City and abroad. H. D Allan. N. H. Any person having thums against her will please present them immediately to 11. I. A. City property on monday 5th Day of May at 10 o clock a. In. I will Soli on the premises i the West half of lot 5 on Block 5t 0. With the improve on tuesday May 13th, if not sold at private Aalo before a a a a   bargain before thai time Tho present limit is truly great Iii Tom Holli Survey terms Cash. Go go go. At Onoe. Aumi sith Kun Bjk cts the testimony of woman should be conclusive. New York Augull a 1h5 i mrs. Chile of no. 272 second Street believing her child about three years old to be troubled with j Woi is purchased one bottle of i r. Full Ane s j celebrated Verm Fuge und gave it in two leu. Spoonful which had effect of causing the child to discharge a Large number of Worms. The child is now i enjoying Good a Edilh. We would advise All parents i who May suspect their children to be troubled with i Worms to lose no time but immediately Pinhase and administer or. M Banen celebrated Verm Fuge. It will  Ore. Tie Money will be refunded in All cases where it docs not give satisfaction. Jip purchasers will be careful to ask for or. Fol Lanc n celebrated Verm Fuge Man last Rcd by Fleming Bros off Liila Del Tiia i a. All other Verm Fuges in comparison j Are worthless. Or. M Bane n genuine Verm Fuges also his celebrated liver pills can now be Hud at All respect Abb drug stores. On Enthie Bill the Nina tire off Fleming Bros. \ woodl1kf at co., agents Galveston. John o. 11. M trl he Kat a h c t i o n e e r s a e n e r a a g e n is Chipi Iron i ans. J ind general agent i negroes and property of every description real or personal pay men i of taxes collection of claims and partitioning of 1 land in any portion of the state. The senior member of the Erin Bucog been for the last Koht Ken a Kahn Lei m vol  engaged in local ing and Survey ing lauds in Texas and being Well acquainted i Willi the various land Laws we Are particularly Well Piali led to select the Verj re local ion.--, truce up old claim and perfect titles. He also ills the Foll pcs of Galveston District and City Surveyor consequently rendering us u Nim cd with unto Island and cil prop Crl. And Atford Injo important or. H. Sheridan Madame Stephens Hospital a. I daily restoring sight t the 1 hearing to he to s will re Tore Good hair to the hah and rheumatic a ius had legs red speedily. See diseases cured the first attendance and with Oil to time to the patient. Or. S. Allows Bis Ili Ploma to Lozog Lay Book is open to All p a Tiei. For r Kerful cure and the Hundred he 11 new Orleans St. Louii and . Or. S allows parties to see h i 111 re Toi i h i Blind at Bis a the or i Hes Ibe of . I Dir tand thai be has Hill a Ivy d is to top. As lobe a i his Tolice no 12s la rial . New Oilean ily so a stitch in time aves riine/.1 i or. I Donn pm s Palmetto of kick hol Lonj. Kitoji u a m. 111.i 4 i n Bis Ferenc Deliee of hid to id in  in re is u aph a j u is 1,1 me i just received and for sule by j. M Brown. 3,000 acres land on Cedar Bayou Liberty county 4.42r in nieces county 1470 in . Fork of Tho Rizos 13 mile crosses the Creek twice4,570 acres Hind 1 lat Gorda county on Tro Spula i Cio Haj known a lion fur Quaker tract. Vessels i drawing r feet can off proach the land like All those lands i around the Hay. The owner says u is tur place for the j town. I previous to the l3lh of May. I will sell or barter for Galveston property negroes or merchandise any of the above tracts a a usual at about 25 cents on the Dollar of the usual asking Price for similar lands. 1 1 have also this Day deposited with me sundry other lands offered it fair prices bit riot Etlow enough for j any particular notice. Up March n Texas land 1 have several land titles this Day deposited with instructions to sell of i barter for got ids. Titles . I sides 5 casks new sides consignment ordered to by closed below Price current rate. I Coffee 2il sacks prime Rio for Sale. Plastering Ifni a tin packages for Sab Katlik -50,000 just received and for Sale. Rvs pro Iti iii1 veers Aid Sirich no 1 u. A ulv Ewton military Aea Deiny acres of ground. Ͽ�4 in Ile from cent re of Ferneil at great bargain sold 2 ears Trince to $ now offered a i Nim \ half dial Amo Uil Texas i and for Sale too uni Erate cons be nov Mill such As i am i Sliu sell Mit Boul limit ind on and Miniee Lon made. 3.000 acres on Cedar a ii adjoin on cd. Mill in part of the big Mound. Price City of 111.0110 i Kecki veh per Lelow fur Cash in bbl whisky  25 boxes Star Call sundries. Steamship on n i a n n is prime White corns 20 do starch. T. S. M a d 0\ a co. 50 Coni Oats Etc. Sacks bran 50 do Oats 75 do b 12 per a pm la i negroes for Sale. A no. L leg Yea sold a no. I negro woman. Corn fur Oil k. I. I Kwh he. Aliption Kuhs Lunil , for Pim i list Ami sule of Ishimu Lount Huron ii ams Rev. He Ursicio i a Iii in ii ii Dii Lull 1 it Shoul a a , i to Miulli a 1000 i Lull pm 1q 1 itkins w k Hon i i Ink now i. I i Tukik. I l x. Lilli h i Ili unil for Suli Iarj 1 .1 i he Hil informal Nan ii 71 r a i for Trai i Ali loll any old i , i g an in person j Alnio Elac to tin notice a Polk ii pm of a a k k . V no a being dissolved a 1 the death of lame c. Shaw the business of the Linn will be closed by the subscriber who will continue the Loisi Ziess on ins own account at the old stand i Alec Lon april a i Iii. D. W \ k Elk a .1 it. Wanted 000. For which 12 per it will in Given with Hie right sort Collu Leran. A Pill tos. Sydnor girl. Pm a to years rior. There is Fame arabs alone in Luke. Care of them. A a Putnoi us left i dated april to the n. Delia a ays that a party of some fifty indians advanced on the j i St of Hist month within three la of new i Umar a Mexico and after killing one curried nil two lads and drove away every Atli Haj came across tie National guards started in their Pursuit and having succeeded in overtaking Ahcin dispersed them recovered the two captives and All the animals ibo Savages had for the privilege of Bellin intoxicating Sto Eil the City of san Antonio. The to tons m i. Tax Tensive has Tenn fur prevented us run Ink Ino us tin subject. At present we can but i Lince at Bis Stock. Leu \ i More part Ienir dose Ipili when de in a Are tin Oil Wing the latest in dipl of Len Clits i i lows cell 111 v n i a u a scrapers and 11 a i a s. Meters for Liny sowing and 1 Ril 1 i a m m Kuipers and mowers the horse i Ower this hrs. portable steam intr Nies and Pic i j agricultural operations. Cum and cob crushers j . J Ott Oij and Niay i resses. Cotton and Wool i Siekers. Titton Jina of Vario is kinds. Corn flouring and s Law Mills. Sugar Mills and machinery. Ruin cradles potato gift ers Etc. The newly invented Cotton i Ieper for gathering Tho crop. Wagons Carls Etc. Any where within fifty Miles or ult a w i. Us Huiess  to Oie Manor Wenli by Ftp eiov�., j Una tune in. I i i. I i. Shore duty and was ten Jear an 1 Clet Horn i he american hould stain by ,i8 . J Simein played. The last time new a1 Bat paper r belongs to a parly that a dessert to be duly 1 or t his Tommis Sipui As Captain built upon ruins the Inicis of two old parties n since the death id comm. S platform. W it a a v 1- i on we go Foi the i draw mid Coin san Leo. Ii Ines. Latest in \ Enlil and la d hit Ami it san july a tiek to it in the big Thicket. T hopi i not for the of Tho add parties. The i Uto Crulie Paity like the la try who sued for a breach of Promise feels lather the better for being ruined. It May be otherwise h the whig i. T m invigorated by exercise i and be inured As far be it is possible Lions attendant upon life though All extraordinary Cubos of excitement. Simple and regularity in diet should Bori of Rousky forced. The hours of sleep ecu id be they Shou d so to sleep in in possible to effect it. Lil i 11 i was As ism Ieti on is it i of apri Ollk adv. I of org in a a us a r be x a. A a you no married Uijun and a native Giina is desirous of obtaining a Ter patient Isi Lvalion in a Ood Bouse Nia i Vest i. He is an exp Rieti cd . Keeper and accountant Ami is capable of i acting in i capacity in a mercantile establishment 1 / Liesl rely fences Given and rep nerd. Com in uni cations Losi Pas Hamner Kich inon a. I w be pro mall noticed. Aphis Ings Lols or is ii i i uti on to loj 11 a Tern holding kotto a Gallons with i goal also a Large dwelling Watn to the ii Brick 1 int to ii out a siblings and 1 three Sii Iii Lui Ibling i in n each ads Well i Sale for ten Dak Kami. be b1 r this Pur n or scr but t he open air to the Irurita protected Nuu City Enree u la Fealin slate so t a we find in the Addo blowing in relate m to the most stringent orders have been issued by j in san Antonio Lias Sot up for a Temperance town. The City imposes a License Tux of $250 per annul liquors in City of san Antonio. The stat county and governor Vida fire to Pun so the party of indians who seme ttys a of crossed Over into Texas and Oniu titled some depredations in the. Vicinity of Laredo. The Iio Vei Ner a Dufern med to Prevon such out Hes if possible it mailers not whet Lier the on riders be Indiana or Otheir. Hon. John h. Keavan has resigned tie Milieu of Edge of the Telb District and will be a candidate Agnir. He is ind ced to Lake this Eon so t5oth the held out by the bust legislature the Iner Cuse of Eala Iesho judges Thoro Niv Rio Biol hat title . To it its Uhi debt riot by Atrich of adding Roe others Cherok Feo i counties added stain Abonit our -lwhrjh.puiii\5oii Tofu aimed v e bulb Taftt be would rather a to a a act  u the a oif Feut of the we be a Floriet in cons Ity Vav Illmie spirit of our Lawa that tote people Herdd Elex t their own ulcers to taxes for this privilege amount Roget his to six Hundred dollars. for the Sale of Beer or malt liquors manufactured in the City Are required lop a u License tax of one Hundred dui Larb per ant urn to the City another ordinance habitual drunkards and and Dun if _ b be no ostensible or Legal calling Are declared i Vail and Power sgd Vii to the mayor by an i Tjit officers to order then to Levu the City forthwith. Otherwise they ure Serlet i jail or put to work upon the sheets. The o tie ordinance 4o not apply to Uia ipod or it a perrtt5diror to the Adi Gont poor. A to Friday lust the bup Renie a Wohleb finally adjourned on saturday of he deep ainu of the in Arras Bijj Lihty Tai Triet nyx the Case of Hyde the murderer. Ile will Iceie the sentence of death when the 1 a bin Itrat meets m hous Tuii Ufa by Eek la. The news of saturday Amin i ced Eph White Tho id Eity coif to Init deter had Cut a for the guard on Bis by Back to Fibert Roin a Jiuzo county jail.1" to also after the det in Pitt of the supreme court was to receive Bis sen nce it Liberty court. We learn that the to Fri i 1 is re Cue is line. He was guarded by six or ight Hueu who ieldu4 him up to twelve Ines disguised us negroes it unsaid without a a Ataei Lodi Exna cask chop the Point Coulee Echo contain i the following wow from All sections of or Parish we hear of nothing Tea a a it a a m0f3t Dibo Oura my accounts of the Conno j it sugar to top qwing Noah Tutor Worhle Yanesa of to the a tubule Deff in it Large Quantity of Tho seed. Van Dynof or will it april Mph ways t be Riu a. A Low water mat a ret to learn bus a Uin Lallon to the it teamed be Cliitis left i urk Muir unfed und some one 1 planters were hurrying their Cotton to the River As ,. I. i Bov but to Reiugio there an indefinite to blame who we know not but it Money has1 1 Martin san Antonio re Jiorle learns to lift Martin has purchased a farm on the Medini for which paid ,0ud. In Olis the american Cut ays As this notorious individual waa two years Figo represented in a starving condition we must suppose that Bis patriotism Baa found rather a profitable Hereupon the Chicago Democrat observes that Market or. Cuff wot a Rich widow of this City who captured him Aud there was no Ingraham to Rush to the Rescue. Sika boat i Bastiks. Two Hundred and Twenty nine accidents occurred to the Steamer subject to the Law of 1862 Between the in at May. 186h, when it went into operation and the 30th sept., 1865. Of Thunbo accidents forty Leo occurred i the All Donlic and Pacific oceans and contiguous bags. 1 and 4 us Hiu Drej and eighty seven on the Inland lakes and a vers. The Oaut a of accidents in eight six ca3eswere,, und Eli irly a a desc were traceable either to do it Tatj mail scr it of neglect of res e n the part of vessels coming in collision with others. Asa result of these accidents six Hundred and ninety six passengers and two Hundred and ninety one of the Crews lost their lives the total number of steamers subject to he inspection Law is stated at 1,03%. Valuable puss knt to the nation i. In Stiitt. The Gallant Tox Aii Ranger major Bep Mccull Oili at j present on a visit to Washington has deposited in the gallery of the National Institute the identical Tomahawk with an elegant Rifle cd which waa pre  soiled by the voting men of i Philadelphia to the renowned David Crocket in ba6. She Kaki out . T i Aletto of the myth ult. The who was the senior of theft use the Progress of this Road judge Kord brings Checren news of the Progress of the work on the Eastern Section of our Railroad. Between 400 and 600 hands due at work Ami or. Young has notified the Contr to tors that they can discharge All their White labourers about 76, us the number of slaves will be sufficient to keep Pace with the track laying. Twenty five Miles Are now read for the Cross ties sonic of which together with the rails have by this time been Laid. Ten Miles of Iron have been received and Twenty live Miles More Are 14 the ocean.? sino Vlah Clearing up one of the rooms at Stanwix Hall yesterday a waiter discovered a cat so crowded into a Boot that it was with difficulty that she could be extricated. Having got her out the next question in order was i How did she git in a this fas leading to a Long winded dispute when one of the bystanders took up the Boot a a gave it a shake and tossed a half grown rat Upton a the floor., the discovery of the rat boxed the Riddle. The rat to escape the cat dinner rushed after him and  Ith such Force that should a by cd out again. Deani Wisdom from Pussy and never go it Blind even in a food 130, 10 21 a kids s Fil just ret vol Imit fur Suu i. I Oil. A Illk thin i Uit i i i. Tun i air j Tal i Ursi re \ ii a f i o 1 so i a Iii Lily i i Cyril my i i Kii whim 1i r Imil i .1 i Noth Mir 1 is in i 1 or. I i i 1111.i i la Iii 1 m 111 11.1. 111v . Is. 1 r. Sulli Sll Iii a i r Ollivi. 111 y la \ Tkv Lill til i 11 in 11 i 111y Tor i u unit inn my i a. Vii a Ith Mit. I 11 Iii in of k. . i i oui on. Miss hair in " and Othor k in. In fur Sale k. I. Ufkoh1j. up i.-. Flour. Lii Ulivi Mills Vlra h. 1 a Naif in Liki Ushi Iivo Tirc. . Porso rib liar life claims against tin to Amer. , Are Rei Peati irom t cwt. For a i it a i. Lik Klochko Ruml. uling per i hidden age i. . Sin id. Ai Vass sinful cd Tecl in Imp a to in a i at 1 1 cents h . I fid 5 gallon it $7 r u t to in. Soap 200 mix s inv it pide Ami Brown. Herring 41h boxes expected tier Baak ii mid. Time will be sold Low. Frosli i i relics hermetically sealed at Liali tie Cosloff putting them up a Vosu. It pc Tikki whisky Reci Ivil i r  Llull Rund Iii Kinin i Lukin s . Ii Hull a hopi s Titi i a la for Sal. Low ap4 j. sikh Man Woin i lure Satiu in. Box. S at s3 Iii Ranee and for Sale by John s. Mar a i kills Ainslie in 1 ,. Is. \ Riika a frail. Kokiki \ Kun Pur per set Ranee for Sah i John s. 1uika. . A the v Irginia As Fortis port Ible the us a Buatis if Northern 1 Alaw put ise the Lato pc Sion Jet lature to pre Natvig Ming Liee Ota la the Che speak a St a a of orders have Bee i nod for the Etuin to King Luibil of troops from service in the c air Rita. That no directions have been Given for the of n i meals to cauda und also Ilia no have been Jeiven to Tho brigade of Gartu to a o i i m re drafts to the Sai i Alt. The in Quirici of the lilt a b on Satu Idun la a David m Cook Here Lefoie a respectable of 1jis place was convicted before the District court on a charge of abstracting some important papers irom the office of the Leidi of the court. Be qua sentenced to the Penitentiary for one year of monday Ino Raing he took Poison and before night was in eternity. The Imi Koj to Man the in sual. File v. V tit nil Alliati can Ugric not Haw been Ai soap and finds the addition of three of a Pound of Borax to a Pound of soap melb a w it hoist boiling makes aaa ingot one half in the not of the and of three Tonth a the of w Uhlon inn the whiteness of he fabrics besides the tie effect a thus removed and the Husnu arb to with o Peculiar soft an Silky feel Linof Baine itch ing More to be desired by the i o i Lious Washerwoman. I 1 1 _ ii Ilc. Web Blini Hohs containing Aix Namuia Ati Utu front Gauer Kitchen Hervault , Large Brick Cistern Etc., in Good order and la Nisliet Complete with two or More Lota Corner of Broadway next to the Block Earl aide of the new Brick Collego pre Laeh. Also Tiev pm i Gulve Atou City Lols and about 450 Granite blocks for Sale and also 1 of Ken 1 the Hon sob on and at let ining tie Corner of Centre Ami Postof Llee a Treen. Apply to up. Ii mix. Notice. Risk being Side executor of the estate x of Ida deceased brother James Iurii Ichii does hereby give notice to All Persona having claims against said eat att to a Reaut Vliem for settlement within the Lime prone re bed by Law und to those indebted to make immediate payment to Ine at my phut on Mechanic Street opposite the Washington hotel. John Choman. Gal v Ealon april 15, leu. m Nule. 1 11 k of by virtue of an order of coi in v to j . \ the Hon. County court of said county Nile ulu March Enn a. 1j. Lar 0, i will sell at Public unction to heal bidder a the court Louir door of hid county on the ural i read ii in Muy a 11. Lh5o, ii i to tick a. M., the following Rupert belonging to the to state of Ildr ult would badge Lale of said county deep use d a b of to Library of Ilia Luc eased i Surveyor s Chain und Compass i map of Texas also i Lugo acres land in Jason i Counton Llu belches ii. Well original grantee. I Ehmu Ftp Ruie land Tine year s redial with Hole draw ing v2 cell. Inhere is secured by in Umi Urser to Hie Suli a race on of i to administrator und a lieu usae Saed upon the premises a or the other articles Cash. I Hiligh c. ,.ih., Adin r with Xiv annexed to Ilse ton. April la a ads. _ sule. I us is at of Texas in compliance i an cot Niv of . Order of the Hon. County court of said county made at us March term a 11. If la i will sell it Public auction the courthouse door of said col Ilion the Glrst i us Tuduy in Way a. H. If tit it la mock at., to the highest but Der the re or fur Cunt a a a liens a it lug on the Prem Sci f i 14 incl Block no. \4 2, in Hie t i \ of use Lon c to a Kwh jk., a pm rot j a tin Kleeli dec Mied. Lahea Bui. No i i a to. Com. Our a und Hran. 1000 Mafs " a re Hll ily Abr Sale at be ap-1 j , Sirum just n lakh Oil Lahtuk s Spanish Minlu Emboli s to Superior article Abr Sale by & Beal Mont. For Sale by i a n n a v a . Hem a pm jul Lead to Tho detection of the thief who broke 1 ortday night into our store on the strand und ear i away a lot of flour hams and other articles. April 1, a. Frosh a co fluid extract of Bucu for sate by h Annay a Kab alost. Ah1 is offered for which w it e b Arris to molasses sule by i Bouk extra und superglue r Cei Ved per Stein ship Chas Morgan und for sule by u few bbl very superiorly store Auto for John s. Hue a. John s. Kijka. A per steam Thip has John s. Klith a. Oats Choice St Bonis recely Morgan Ami for Sulu by \ goo is figured Organ die mus lines tin Jaconetty Barege Hoiss and Mualin do figured Granuil Inea f la Iii Tia us Uiol Rege Home Eric it mis a Leachet unbleached. drillings Coll ii mud a i Virdin Jerreu Cali Coes and of Glian Ull i w to u be sold Heap for i Ali. Zuhuri by 4 Byrne of nac Kruni Ilyf 10 \ casks Fine Flavoured. For Anlaug und Itee Elvinp by was of i 114 la Bill of Tex in. J. I. Sydnor incl Post Magnolia Jou now being made Ine in the City und will be bold to Coin Missioni Over Hie it St. Also i Delta lower Pri off a a & sett. Haut jew Elry chains braces i embracing breast pins Finger Rius to watches Etc. At Xianu fat tuners prices 1,1 in a barrel. 511 bbl repacked Price a obtained w ills de to i j barrels in our Agi a few Day a. Oats und it run in sacks just received. J a whenever you want to buy or sell come und make in known mud 1 will advertise and do my Best for j our interest but Don t be afraid of commissions. The Small charge 1 make will More than doubly compensate you. , or a crates of is it la Price direct from the i sold in manufacturer Mya v \ m a t. Liun to them la Aulhorn Eil to we Are ooh to so Clu capt 1 ulu Uble Luud a on lied i v Irli. W out Oil u Sll Rve ing tie r Waters of Keil her parties who maj cont de their i Erli Licate in us will please it r of the follow in gentlemen in i i Kkt bark i 100 Vine it a in " potato i o arrive age Oil Chest mate t a do Lime a Jii Bules ii i. Lel a a. i a a mock of Jurugh Itie Dicine ele. Will be received in a few Days a new and Large Stock of drug medicines oils Etc., by in ural Havay & Beaumont ust Kecki veh -iuurv5 \ Ulen Clenn i he Iii. I a k Les in f a 1 & co Ulm Una on hand Btl gigs Ami laces. Hockley a Byank. Supplier sule by every ten rile Brand o Maria sugar Curt-1 hum la j s w e recen e fresh delicious hums. For i. Frosh a co. I lot a Supert lne Cor sule Marjh whisky Kech led. Received per Ulm Hulen in Arjit i Dio Odh for Suh on consignment Fren. I. Made u Hue que by is Juniur me. Frosh i it uni a min Frosh . N Boh ii to it tto-11. Id v la Ltd link arrant i nil act. M to we length f Timi i u in plied i or Virio Ili a d upon Balet Uible Riih tick. Era Landing in thin county _ a j Tui. It does Apik Jui it we uie indebted t-o8miut a Kiik for the f.-Wmg incl rent my do unit i on the Kun Saft Roi Ible. San ech f a Mitoi Jon in of Tylnn soc Thor none mib it of senator 1 oubs in Boa ii. On " Tui Onul f Jins in int Keiit a on the. Tins Trad. Sinitt slut a. Of i be it there Are hut Ween in t Cotton cd remaining at the Sev be rate of Eum fat Iii Lori Inibig d bae \ i come into or p Miter j con it. Ink my \ uti Tage f Kukk says that thai City is in a Happy Cou Ditroi. -i,.i ushe is out of funds has no fir my on saturday gone and know nothings gone after them ii Obi k. Alter the family become n0 a kor flu j0 to. Be h. Hot i. It i Oil of a French t French j s a virus Heese. Western Fouces unt butter Havana mar ii i. In " e to my on �1 to Glt a link o Roii ir.,in m t Iii be i d of a i Lul �9 Joo Fertl at 47�a eels dozen. Unkeles i Bales lust Ino nth. Sill Row 40 i a from $7 50 to ? a Oil. Virg Niu Iuliu Ulm lured j of Burro h boxes direct irom Hith Siojo and Lynli Burg. At Nunn fun tuners Iurii is. _ St Garn Obi m. 7 slam card bands it i Jofh i. In 1m, 97 50, Ulm also Large motor Ollien con. Stantly on Riund and for Sale it i Gnu a i ii hrs pro a Jar a Van oks sauce i to uni null 05 it front. The different apart menu Are my in i rally calculated Tor us Safe keeping and proper exhibition us Allie Carlp Lions of goods fancy mud Tuple Uziuk Escuss of Vai Zeeb on Ull descriptions of property Lukes great Pubis with Sirull consignments us Well us Large ones and invariably Sells them in Lurge or Smull lots As he Muy consider for the interest of those consigning. Wanted a family House no no. 1. Mid for such the highest p ferret without children re unit Inual be strictly ice will be paid. Pre to huh band Heri a United of the highest Market pricey w to paid. Two Strum shout to a mrs a pow i Iii Tinct with Bor ii pts my store More if Wiiki on Suraud kept Nily o by Woodlief a cud feet front 1-Jii i eel det put u Burguin to and the Ruis 11 Lora 1. I Schlun Inland Furin i in tin i., Miles from Lown to m i a new House and net offered at 7 i , the Best bargain j know of. Up Lele of a red Plu. Be m i k n doors f unit Large new Bam pm Loit a. Aii Lollo a ii pro i in ulv v a golds plow Etc Etc terms Liberal. Cul Chi ii Inland i owing tin league. To u Iii r Jois lot olb a. Miles irom town 00 acres reus plunk dwelling Houe als.j.00 head a Nitle much i in Laru Otle red it i Uwi 1 Section adj. Red at from  1-1 uru Uii urine attic of 4 for Sale. A u ii Ltd it Iun lauded debt highest Murket paid. Ire t h. Old ad\d be pc of it. In thu Bui by Colic in bore i one of White and a Tui h of u teaspoonful of Gunpowder Mii. an 1 drench be Bon a. In Caine a tic we a Twelin in a half us hour. A boy torn to pieces by a blood hol so 1 cd Velund Lender of the Biol ins Saya Ephraim a hitch end Bou of k. Whitehead who j i on i e i about \ \ o be alarmed Giitl Meurch in. Inn muted Abr Lurn. A up Hunt of or. While bed tvs covered the boy in a 1 Field about. Verity d a in tie House nearly blend Huung been Uil rtt Hou torn in the. awful Iii to incr by a blood b jut in a in the it d. The p ilm Llu a i Woi \ cd half Ull h Uil alter he Biliti. When he was dim oct cd thu 4ui-Ͽ�Liun Wun to Kud w Lotner it waa the b,.dh"und thut Uit eked him. Lie Burely bite Gilb enough to articulate Ycu " the boy wus about eight Yeturu a 1 i German slates 100,000, the United Sluu-.-. 7- ."i1 Ulm outlier coup tried 300,. Jul err i or Etc. Western . I in a Miar Eureil a i Oil. Hili u1 k. I. I h ii Jullyn i \ i i 1 Mills r 1in. Muiir a i air. tic Iii he ., v irin11uif pills. I Arnii Laulive Salaam. I in Juil re i for log the Brig mar Liui Nilton Fork Tor in Eaton March 2 it a re s 1-.k- i in hum i i a i n x a v i h \ i. Kim most. , Jun Hka i Mon i x Kron sule. I i. limn j3 Nari , i in wi.,.-r Aii a, a Tler Alil m la in liar .1 alv., h hire. Bla. K i ear 1.1. A Rirl i Ai a i., s learn no. I i. a. Or ail . w v a f.,r i a la a. c. A a .violi. La pr.-.i. A. A a like 1., Trio . Jear -.1.1. a ii j a a u in an i j ear., l. A Miti in. Wali a Ai,.l it i a Gnu ii general li., i a a i v 1 a a i \ a. I a Hal in my. Sun Leif. I Oak i or. .1 . Lam do , Bull Llrii Western a Lieeie Walnut Heli Liui Man allies ruler of wine in Jones p. wine in Imit Rainell us Suciu re vt-1 Sleain Ilii. I inia Morgan Sale by i 1 John s. Kill Tea. L jut Sll.lll a. Kirika x is i. A if i,., 1 i . .Ikit re. Alij. I in., Morgan Aale Jolly of. in i .,ui.-, in a eel veil per Clma Morgan i i i Ull i us Superior aril be r a Aale i John s. Riika to for and on the la o \ la India a Aouino to fit Iii i in Evita glow. \ 1f 111 i e. Brack and Dolored kid Sadk a und Coll ii genl Leisio of Carlo a a Jusi Rel i tip in and for Side at the strand Solhi Iii Moro in liar a Luecht Kall. Alcohol am of Thiis i i Luntine jut to i Ett a i. Mar in a in a v 6t
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