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Civilian And Galveston City Gazette (Newspaper) - January 7, 1842, Galveston, Texas Publisher atm Ipin a am at be Annua it Fetnie , Tot the Chantry ej$5 per not payable id Vinee Ai one Square one. Def 6 the fir is too each subsequent insertion Fiat Cetz pc. T it fetes make so if re. Of a u letters on in Streeb shoe office inns be Post Isidor they will not be take out of the Post Caloe. A aosui9ly met am pm fam a Tettat mfr fwd a cattle or two wig got aft Tess it their pm Val at Virginia p�angera.fr6�r4ho4el�ttd. Aug 24 8ydn or & Street. Proprietor. Law regular in Pilotage rom an act regulating Lite appointment and do ttys pilots following ,to wit on All Patent he a in Scriber of Jovern Merit of Texa id Inu of Flat Fott Eilif guts a0yu�feluaei atm buy a Quarter casks Sweet my a wine ?p2 do 4o dry do do. For Rale by a Crawford. Wind Mill. Far s. A Roa the inventor a Job Alfie i by Asp Ruca of surgeon ent try. His office Jet Rifle a _ Darragh As a magistrate s Oft Lurk it Street. He j0�3 Rani a Goodian ism of pop a a Riu Teeth a. Afew a toot powder Arilde for preserving the Teeth Correl Imp Sweet nine the breath a. _ a . Doctor Gardiner ill be Fookhim third Ottice or residences unless . In 8 of Tock a m to & o clock p m. Per tuning Tim 10 Call will i hit absence please leave their Wal at la Uffie i the Galveston drug store. By no be Canto generally found at hid dwelling House Jon Church Street opposite the three doors below the Catholic 9  aug 13, a a. A. Ump a Notick h Yatt beg to inform his numerous is in gah Reaton that hoj hours of consultation at by big it to Toa Oak e3t in a Nori Kinig and Froin to to Eren in the Evje Nina pm i of twit a duty a Saloio to a tails Jull Figl. Hesus Crft Era Reppe Cirtire taif Pruthe Kjin Zens of Galvos ton. And the lenient of Ivy a in pin Utju shut Brig Mary Darry has just arrived he re for m by a Tuluii with. N us in splendid superintending the Tsianti Furnire us the articled which comprise thu to hip tent Talmit Grea a i tue a Hevly us the whole May be adapted to the wants. I age a to Aiho ii by Onofrie in bib Iutta of Texas he has ukr v i it or pm ral Ioen i Itier where the Nate Rind Are Amdi iced and has Jwta cd Fiir Cash when the markets were itt so depress j a visitors from the United states to Galveston would find in. Ibis Siryk Many articles different from what they have Ever ecu us in Vest Teut consists of 1 superfine clothing Viz Coats vests Rea Adamou a Palta Joriu a bite and fancy shirts Welch flannel Utt det ski its and drawers suspend Ora stocks straps Patent Liauw be Tel Todia rubber hat guards an than tight feet water two dolls and fifty be n All Vea Aela dra Hng a ghz feet to teat i a Pilot that a a a swim pm by aay Yeo Oal that my be y contrary Wilda or otherwise shall be a used no Kanand and eoe Iva three dollars per Day Lor each Day he May be detained Sfer the first Twenty four hours any Pilot taking charge of a votes Al in distress from loss of Anchor spars or rudder a Hail receive Uch extra Coopie bastion As in the opinion of said h Day of Jan Ary 1843 at 4 past 10 a. M. On the premises expose Lor pub Sale to the highest bidder Laid interest in the wharf and the Hole of the warehouse built by said Kimball on the following Erms Viz Cash or so much of the Purchase Money As will pay the St note and interest up to the present time being about $613 i so in Cash 5 percent of the total amount oath Sale the balance four equal instalments to fall one As follows toll due the 22d november 1843 the second the 22d november 844 the third the 22d november 1845 and the fourth and last e 22d August 1846-each note carrying ten per cent interest of Date with a deed of Trust on the property to secure the ered payments. James p. M Kinney ?. By his attorney j. S Sydnor. $ 1 ru8tee Sydnor 6l auctioneer. A al80-at the same time for Cash 10 shares Galveston City of. Stock equal to $-20,000 credit. $300 Galveston City debt 1 lot opposite the wharf without Reserve 100 bbl Coal. Also sundry lots of land a to be closed. S 8. Ugly for Sale a Fine Light buggy one seat in Good order will be sold Low for Cash dec 14. H a Cobb. 2 eases glazed for and Seal Caps 29 do a a d russet a Jupt calf Seal and,a4orocco,, boots gaiters pumps and slippers4 15 cases As d White and Black common Plain and super Beaver cassimere Brush Satin Moleskin Satin and Nap d hats 4 cases As d cloth ing consisting i Flushing plaid Beaver cloth and jeans Coats Ribb a fancy and Check Casira Ere Cadet sati net and jeans pants fancy Satin silk cassimere and Wotten vests 100 boxes Robbin s soap 10 do toilet and variegated soap 2 bbl double refined w. Oil 1 do lard bleached Oil 10 boxes 8taich, 10 do Fig Bine 6 a Htee  8 do Cavendish tobacco 87 kegs rails As a 21 of brass wire sieves 32 Keg Dupont s powder 4 Mats Cassia and cloves. How Public announcement Owen engaged from Hemes $1 do. Do front fee. .-2 midwifery fee from 10tol5 office and House lately in the occupation of col. Jackson and immediately opposite or. Walbridge s sem nary. Wood Wood Wood. Constantly on hand and for Sal at m leans wharf april 20, Sydnor Street 15 l of Glass lamps just received for Sale by unite 8, a & g Bali. Wood Yard Alynn & co. Have constantly on band Wood of All de scrip. Tons at their word Izard strand opposite Tlle custom House. Also 10 Superior Corn Mills. 3m aug 13. A " for Cash. Dry goods clothing hardware boots and shoes of All kinds will be sold wholesale or retail very Low by aug 3, a a Crawford. 5boxes of a Browns Richmond Superior tobacco of Salex j in 8. _ a 8c g Ball Tremont Street. 6 tens swedes Iron 5 h lbs. Amr. Steel 2ca8ks hardware Embra cing. Trace chains hoes Corn Mills locks Butts and screws Perc Tsien Caps and gun flints 10 Doz. C s by axes 3 do Coffee Mills 2 bags Pimento. 2 do Pepper 2obbls Rosendale Cement. 12. 20 boxes sperm and chem 2hhds Porto Rico sugar ical Wax candles. Cheap for Cash Cotton or hides Only. Galveston oct. 12.1842 Fly. James Mcknight. Tamarind a fresh and Fine article just received and it Sale by dec 9. J d Groesbeeck. If ebb bus new Orleans sugar u. A 8 bags Coffee 8 kegs prune got Lien butter. 6 do do Leaf lard 5 boxes sperm candles. 10 do 10 x 12 and 10 x 14 Glass 3 boxes tobacco rec d per str. N. York and for Sahaj dec 17___ 8prague Bennf to received per Neptune 10 bbl superfine flour 10 kegs Leaf lard 12 Doz. Sup. Mustard 5 do butter 20 bags assorted shot 3 bbl Green apples 2 boxes Lemons 1 cask s family Ham 3 bbl Reck d whiskey for Sale Low Foi Cash by dec 14 workmen wanted at Harrisburg Harris county. The French company at Harris org offers employ to first rate workmen accustomed to Wood cuffing and sawing ditching and every kind of agricultural basques and gardening. The conditions Are As follows every Workman of the company has 1st lodging and boarding the latter Eoa surfing in at breakfast Tea milk cold meat and bread. At dinner soup meat vegetables and bread the holy Days roast at supper Tea milk and bread. One Glass of Brandy whiskey or wine every Day. 2d $ 10 per month payable As follows every Workman will be supplied with the articles he wents for his own use out of the store of the company at the most reasonable prices the which will be deducted from his salary. If he engages himself for 6,12 or 24 months he recent ves the balance of his salary in land situated in Harris county at the rate of $1,2, 3 and 5 per acre according to the situation and the Quality of soil. Every Workman will have a credit after the expiration of his engagement Viz those engaged for 6 months 1 cow. 12 " 2 a a and $60. 24 " 4 and 120. Apply at Pelegrino & co s. At Harrisburg. At the French company. Us telex Rived per Brig Cuba from new York 12 Doz pure Olive Oil Bordeaux and Marseilles 18 Doz tooth brushes 50 lbs Jamaica Arrow Root. 25 lbs Carbonate ammonia 25 lbs pull cubes 100 lbs cube. Pepper 20 lbs mercurial Point Man 6 Doz bears Oil 4 Doz macassar Oil 25 Iba Blue mass 200 lbs Sal soda 200 lbs Sal Argatus ladies White ans fancy corsets pc. A Lainon agricultural Hunting and saws clothing com mine e i every garment been Jii it Mao fractured in. Benefit and Rwjr cais past bail executive department City of Houston july 26th, 1842 the president having been empowered by two several acts of the Congress of the Republic to have surveyed and brought into Market four Hundred thousand acres of the Public Domain of the country included within the limits of the country known As the Cherokee country will receive proposals for the surveying of the same from such persons As May wish to engage in such employment the work will be required to be executed with As much despatch As will comport with the Tabor of the undertaking. Great accuracy and Perspicuity in the plaits of surveys full returns and ample Field notes will be requited of those who undertake the task. Applications Are desired to be made in 5._sam Houston. To builders. Have for Sale 100,000 bricks of very Superior Quality. As i have engaged permanently in the business i am prepared to Supply builders and on the most reasonable and accommodating terms. Orders of from 100,000 to 200,000 Caa at All times be filled at from 20 to 30 Days notice. In course of to or 15 Days i shall make Noih r Burn or 150 000. As my basks Are no afe Rio to any made in the South i would thank is on to Purchase to Call and examine fur these less Houston 20 aug _ n Kellum. Fihe subscriber will occupy the House of j. H. Bennet Al esq., adjoining their warehouse destroyed by the late storm where they will continue to transact a wholesale grocery commission and forwarding business. Their lumber Yard with also be continued where a general assortment of lumber will be kept constantly on hand and or do re or any description can be furnished at Short notice. Spt2j we Hall & co. Go top b r get of assorted lumber for Sale by june 8, m Garcia & co. Strand 6 bbl do alcohol 200 lbs flaxseed 100 lbs sup carb. Soda 100 lbs Rochelle salts 100 lbs lbs Cream tartar 12 Doz Lee s wind m pills 20 lbs Turkey opium 100 lbs tartaric acid. 12 Doz Seidlitz powders 20 Doz lamp Wick As d. 2 do metallic bed a is j a Sauters. 2 do Evans lancets genuine 900 lbs salts Epsom Leasure Waggon for Sale cheap. Dec 14, for hire. I to negro women Good Cooks and washers apply to dec 14, a Cobb. H a Cobb. Corks for Claret bottles for Nile Low by aug 3_ j a Sauters. Pepper sauce. Very Superior article prepared from the Texas Bird peppers and for ale by dec 9, j d Groesbeeck. 50 do quinine 25 lbs Jamaica Ginger 12 Doz shaving soap ass a 100 lbs Balsom Copaiba 40 lbs English Calomel 30 lbs american do 50 lbs camphor refined 50 lbs Chloride Lime 100 lbs prepared Cha a 20 lbs manna 25 lbs calcined magnesia 3 bbl Castor Oil. Jobs flour of sulpher 100 lbs tartar emetic 50 lbs ipecac. 100 lbs cab. Magui a 300 lbs Senna 100 lbs Sal Nitro 100 lbs peruvian bark 50 lbs calcined charcoal too lbs sulphate Zinc. 20 lbs old Windsor soap y the big Columbia from Bali More we have received an offer for Sale Low reas i pair superfine a Joe big so and Aney Cejo Mei cloth an Veimere pants 200 pair steel taxi Cassinet pants with a to went Elk velvet Sattan i d silk of a fur Cash by dec7, i . Bbl american Brandy 3 bbl do Gin for Sale Low for Cash by 30__a c Crawford an Ding from bark Star Republic and Schr. Brazos and for Sale cheap 50 bbl. Potatoes 10 " onions 10 " apples 25 kegs buckwheat flour 25 boxes y h and Imp. Tea 10 Doz. Brooms 50 reams wrapping paper 6 Bales Brown Domestic Kentucky i eans sat Netts Flat is and a variety of dry goods. By oct-29. J. H. Bennett. 40 sacks suit 20 bbl onions 30 kegs lard 20 kits Mui Kurel 10 bbl sugar 2 boxes loaf sugar 13 do Tea 10 sacks Coffee 6 kegs butter 2 casks Rice 6 bbl vinegar 11 boxes tobacco 15 do soap 25 sacks Oats 25 boxes raisins 10 baskets Anisette 22 coils Bale rope 2 cases Glass lamps 1 do Candle Sticks 8 Hhd Corn Mills 3 boxes Coffee Mills 2� tons new Castle Coal c Gladmond wishes to inform bps customers and the Public generally that he has re opened his Barber shop immediately opposite his old stand on the strand. W bbl old whiskey for Sale by july 30 a c Crawford. Land for Sale. We have Power of attorney with instructions to sell 4 legume of land at 10 cents per acre for Cash or 124 cents in goods provided an immediate Sale can be effected the titles Are old and believed to be not Only genuine but free from dispute. They Are situated on the Waters of the Trinity and Neches. Sept 8_sydnor8trs.ev auctioneers. Lot bagging Grid rope for Sale by t july 30 a c Crawford. O Northern cider. N draft a Superior article of Northern cider and for Sale by gallon or Glass by nov 30 j a Sal ters. Jos. Osterman has the pleasure to inform the ladies in general that be is in receipt of a full assortment of English French and a Merican corsets. With a full and Complete assortment of timings in their line All of which he offers foe Sale Low for Cash Dee 7, tailors trimmings. 7 full assortment of tailors trimmings Are now open and Are offered Low for Cash by dec 7, j q8terman. Store for rent. The Fine Storp formerly occupied by me As auction Inlow store and Wem suited for a retail grocery or dry Good 1 Row store. The upper part Good dwelling with table kick Dee 14. I if a Cobb. In store. Asserted sogers �qg3 or a Leiby of j a Sauters 6 bbl Navy bread. A Large assortment of Brown earthenware. Also an extensive Rossor quient of hardware ready made clothing. Boots and shoes dec a. Sept 23,_. Frankland &. Co. Great bargains the subscriber would inform the Public in general that he wishes to Clear his fall and Winter Stock of merchandise. These goods were imported when the duties were nothing compared with the present Tariff and will be sold at Cost to close them up Tho a who Widi to Purchase for Cash or Cotton Are respectfully invited to Call. Dec 3, Henry Hubbell. Also for Sale or rent the store occupied by myself or the Ner recently occupied by j e Lillie. H Hubbell. Salt. By the ship Iron Queen direct from Liverpool. 1500 sacks coarse and Fine Salt received and for Sale Low. Nov 30 James Mcknight reduced prices in consequence of the hardness of the times the subscriber has reduced the Price of medicines generally and prescriptions in particular and is therefore compelled to sell for Cash Only. Prescriptions will be Dref ully prepared at All times of the Day and night but after 10 o clock at night the Price of prescription will be double. Oct 8, d Groesbeeck. Just received. Aylor spool Cotton. Birds Eye diaper apron checks plaid muslims and for Sale by oct 8 House and lot for Sale. Aco Forta ble family residence plastered through with about one acre of ground adjoining the seat of c s m Williams will be sold Low for Cash or cattle. By 6. J Primrose. T Tremont House. 1h e Well known House is now in first rate order for the re mention of boarders. The table will always be supplied with the Best the Market affords and the subscriber pledges himself that no pains shall be spared to make his Friend comfortable dec 9-3m, Jas m Seymour. N by the of Board at this House Are reduced from two dollars to $150 cents per Day and nine dollars per week. Lei a Emons Ift few Boxer fresh for Sale a j a Sauters boarding House. Few Hee Oberiber having leased the Large and pleasant Beard Jling Bose nested with the Galveston uni Ersary is prepared to accommodate boarders on the most reasonable terms the rooms Are Large and pleasant and fixed expressly for the Careolene of no pains will be spared to rend. Their situation pleasant and agreeable. Gentlemen wishing of obtain Board Are Imri Ted to Call. The Price will be As follows Fords boarders Ner week $3,00 of Rio Oard and lodging pier week 4,00 deed those Joseph. Gause flannel irk Dij linens ladies hosiery. A Crawford 5000 pickets 100 Cedar posts for Sale by oct 8 a c Crawford. Lank entries of merchandise for the new Tariff and Blank Bills of lading for Sale at the Civ inn office. To the Superior Quality of port wine in bottles for Sale by feb 18, j d Groesbeeck full Case Oldt s instruments Poi Sefain Teeth toil. A. For Sale lows Arches j. D. Efto Esbey cd for Sale. Three lots in rear of the Galveston drug store opposite the establishment of or. Charles Power apply to May 18, _ j d Groesbeeck. Iberal advances made in Cash or merchandise upon Cotton or hides for shipment to new York or live poo nov 12_ jame8 Mcknight. To rent. Large and convenient House on Tremont Street two squares beyond the Tremont Hoase. This property is its. Rated in a pleasant and a net part of the town and yet convenient in business. The House has a number of rooms Good Kitchen Cistern Well a and the lot is Well enclosed. The whole would be let very Low to a Good and permanent tenant. Apply at dec 7. Of the Slan Jacinto. Groceries. M Best Havanna Brown and double refined 8ujrar, prime Green Havana Coffee fresh superfine floor first rate water bleached lamp Oil sugar House molasses. Bordeaux Ciare Twiby Case or bottle just cd spices Imperial and by Rock teas Superior old Cognac Brandy 1834, Gin direct importation old London Dock Sherry wine Vintage 1634, and e variety of other articles in the grocery Lin him at the lowest ask prices by aug 24 j a Sauters Tremont St
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