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Civilian And Galveston City Gazette (Newspaper) - February 22, 1843, Galveston, Texas I the civilian and gayest on City Gam the. Established in Edi Rev by ii. 8tvabt. Publish re every wednesday and saturday. annul payable within six months after the Lime of we Rimini or $10 at the uni of the year. Also published weekly Foi the country at $5 per annul payable in Udvanc. Advertising one Square one Dollar for the first insertion each subsequent Inser Liou fifty cents. Eight lines make a que re. It All letter on in Steno of the office must be Post Psid or to y will not be taken out of the Post office. Cards of Steamboat and other passenger and announcements of candidates for office Are considered and charged As us. Vert sment. Up marriage and obituary notices of More than three lines in length charged As advertisements. Galveston j i a ii if it a new style of Mill Gib ves silk and Ganito Han chiefs a a is Tyhan Gap and Bonnet ribbon am new Supply of French artificial Rioera Are Olf orred Fra Lelow for Cash by _ j. Ostek Yaman. Exas. Wednesday be eat of 22. 1843 Christmas presents. Large Supply of German toys for Sale by " dec 7 j. Osterman. Regulating Pilotage. Regulating the appointment and duties of to fcb. Saddlery. Of Otton and wormed webbing of All sizes bridles sad a Dies coach and Riding whips stirrups spurs Saddle bags and travelling Valise Are offered for Sale by Deer Joseph Osterman. Suu a Ter casks Sweet Malaga wine 2 do do dry do d if a Sale by july a a chaw Ford. Law from an act pilots at the part of Galveston approved 184 i. Section 5. In it farther in Aryl thit the pilots it said part be entitled to demand and receive for their so vices Pilotage at tie following rates to wit on nil vessels drawing less than eight feel water two dollars and fifty coins per foot on All vessels drawing eight feet and Over three dollars per foot any Pilot Ihal imy is detained waiting on any vessel humid for Aoa or any a Essel that m in be pro voted from entering the por by contrary w us. Or otherwise shall be entitled to demand and recon Olree doll irs por Day or each Day he May he detained after the first Twenty font hours any Pilot taking charge of a ves. Al in distress from loss of Anchor spars or rudder shall receive such extra compensation As in the opinion of said collector the i Peculiar circumstances of the Case May require to be awarded i by said collector on a hearing of the parties any Pilot speaking a vessel outside Ilia bar. Inward hound or any vessel inside tin bar outward bound offering his services shall be entitled to full Pilotage whether his services Are accepted or not any Pilot speaking i vessel inward bound inside the Bur shall if his survives he accepted be entitled to half Pilotage but if his services  Hall not he accepted he shall not be entitled to any Pilotage any Pilot boarding a vessel fifteen Miles from Shore shall he entitled to Twenty five per cent More than the regular rates or Ott Shoro Pilotage. Consignees shall in All cases be liable for Pilot go on vessels consigned a id no vessel shall be permitted o go to sea until All Pilotage shall have been paid 1 nov.26 3m a Borden or. Collector. Ugg y for Sale a Fine Light bugs one seat in Good order will be sold Low for Cash dec 14. H a coir of. A i Arl n is a fresh and line article just received and of Sale by dec 9, _ j d Groesbeeck. " boarding. Mrs Stuart is prepared to receive a few boarders at Hei residence next door to the Ollice of j l Darragh Isa the gallon or Boll for Sale by b Pat e n to and Mil l. The subscriber being agent for s. J. Ross the inventor o a new wind Mill which has been patented for 14 years by Ilie government of Texas Ami intended for grist Mills turning lathes Cotton gins or aug machinery usually worked by horse m water Power Lias located himself at Galveston where he will sell on reasonable terms Patent rights for the exclusive use Uthe machinery the term allowed by the Patent right. Tli9 wind Mill can be erected at a Trilling expense and will be found exceedingly Advant aeons to the Farmer or Mechanic. A Model of the machine May be seen at the office a Ling Sec return a sure at Houston or at the office of the sigh so tilt to to la a a a m. Aug 17 j it if. New ust received from new h Mise of Menard a co. 6 Buleski Wii Cottons 3 Bale Duffel s Blin Kots 2 cases jerseys 3 cases shirting., 3 cases flannels 2 cases Lins cys 1 Case hamlets 2 cases glazed fur 29 do d russet Kip medical notice. Or. S. I Vatt begs respectfully to inform Bis numerous supporters in Galveston that his hours of consultation at Houk Are from Giglitto ten o clock in the morning and from five Klaseen in the evening. A tar. H. Ferks Jii Silty to Issue tills Public announcement y15 House lately in the Occi Parron of col. Jackson and opposite or. Walbridge Sein nary Tatj Peitl for Sale j dec 17, j d Groesbeeck. Dissolution. The co partnership heretofore existing Between Tho subscribers in this City under the firm of Crawford it Shepherd and in Houston under that of Shepherd a Crawford was on the 10th inst. Dissolved by Mutual consent. The name of either firm will be us d Only to liquidate the affairs by either part rms. A c Crawford. Galveston. Job 20, 1842-im. B a Shepherd. Pleasure Waggon for Sale cheap. Dec 14, h a Cobb. Cotton wanted for which tie undersigned is willing to pay the highest Cas Price note but a Good Quality of Cotton is wanted a calling it Jan 7, j Osterman. Notice. The owner nos boxes merchandise marked g w Ware received ii june last or. St. Packet new York will come Forward and pay the charges or thay will lie sold to pay the same Doc 24 a v cd Fokd. Goods. York and fur Sale at Tho store Menard s wharf. I Case Cotton Cassie Here i Ense checks 1 do ticking 2 do Blue jeans 1 do shirting stripes 1 Case sat Tinett a 1 do Irish Iii urn and Seal Caps calf Seal and Morocco brogans boots gaiters pumps and slippers 15 cases As d White and Black common Plain and super Beaver cassimere Brush Satin Moleskin Satin and Nap d hats 4 cases As d cloth 1ng, consisting of Flushing plaid Beaver cloth and jeans Coats Ribb a fancy and Check Casimere Cadet sati net and jeans pants fancy Satin silk cassimere and Wolzien vests 100 boxes Robbin s soap 1 1 do toilet and variegated soap 2 bbl double refined w. Oil 1 do lard bleached Oil 10 boxes Staich 10 do Fig Blue 6 do y h Tea 8 do Cavendish tobacco 87 kegs nails As a 2 of brass wire Sieres 12 kegs Dupont s powder 2obbls Rosendale Cement. 4 mate Cassia and cloves. 20 boxes sperm and Chen l i lids Porto Rico Svigir ical Wax candles. Cheap for Cash Cotton or hides Only. Galveston oct. 12. 1842 Fly. James Mcknight. G tons swedes Iron r 0 lbs. Amr. Steel 2 casks hardware cobra cing Trace chains hoes Corn Mills locks Butts and screw percussion Caps and gun flints 10 Doz. C s Tkv axes 3 do Coffee Mills 2 bags Pimento 2 do Pepper before tie chief Justice of Galveston county on the 18th i if january 1843, we will apply for discharge in bankruptcy Fri our foreign creditors. C d White dec 24 Margaret White. 5,000 feet Clear White Pine lumber 40,000 Cedar shingles 25.000 sawed lath 0 to 12,000 do pickets do do rec d ant for Sale by dec 31 win. Hall a. Co. Yellow Pine lumber. 10,000 Jan 11, feet assorted fur Pale Low by the sub. Scribers Howe it Denny. Strand one door from menards wharf. Thereby give notice that i will not to responsible for any debts contracted by the Ere the Brig Alpha dec 28 David John master. Workmen wanted at Ila Risburg Harris county. The French company at Harrisburg offers employ to first rate workmen accustomed to Wood cutting and sawing ditching and every kind of agricultural busies mid Grade Niue. The conditions Are As follows every Workman of the company has 1st lodging and boarding the latter consisting in at break Fust Tea milk cold meat and bread. At dinner soup meat vegetables and bread the holy Days roast at Slipper Tea milk and bread. One Glass of Brandy whiskey or wine every Day. 2d $10 per month payable As follows every War Kinan willbe supplied with the articles he wants for his own use out of the store of the company at Tho most Rea Sofia he prices the amount of which will be deducted from his salary la to engages Luu self for 12 or 24 months he Recei ves the balance of his salary in land situated in Harris county at the rate of $1,2, 3 and 5 per acre according to the situation and the Quality of soil. Every Workman will have a credit after the expiration of his engagement Viz those engaged for 6 months 1 cow. 12 " 2 " and $60. 24 " 4 and 120. Apply at Galveston at Pelegrino & co s. At Ila Risburg at the French company. Just received per Brig Cebu from now York 12 Doz pure Olive Oil Bordeaux and Marsailles it bugging oud rope for Sale by Ali july 30 a c Crawford. Old Monongah ale whiskey. Bbls8uperior, received per Neptune and for Sale by Jan ii 3kague it Bennett. Sheftal advances made on shipments to our friends i in Boston and new York Sprague & Bennett. 6 bbl do alcohol 200 lbs flaxseed 100 Iii sup carb. Soda 100 lbs Rochelle salts 100 lbs lbs Cream tartar 12doz Lee s wind in. Pills 20 lbs Turkey opium 101 lbs tartaric acid 12 Doz Seidlitz powders. 20 Dez lamp Wick ass d. 2 do metallic bed pans 18 Doz tooth brushes 00 lbs Jamaica Arrow Root 25 lbs Carbonate ammonia 25 lbs pull cub3b�, 100 lbs Cubb. Pepper. 20 lbs mercurial oilmen 0 Doz bears Oil 4 Doz macassar Oil 25 lbs Blue mass 20011 8 Sal soda 201 lbs Sal Argatus 2 do Evans lancets genuine 900 lbs salts Epsom wanted to Purchase Oft Cash a smart Active negro girl apply to Jan 14 h a Cobb. He highest Premium paid for Good Northern funds by j Osterman. Wanted Jay the subscriber a quasi Why of Green hides in Racli hinge goods Jan 7, ii a coup. For i clothing boots shoes & hard Ware just received by the subscribers and for ale Low Lor Cash Coats boots pains brogans shirts slippers drawers " busking handkerchiefs of Hose and boys shoes Beaver cassimere Russia Broad brim White Black and fai4 Joa ahle hats % locks Butts nails brads screws. Hinges Etc. A. T,jec21. A it g Ball Tremont St. Received per Steamer Neptune and for Sale Low for Cash by the subscribers j5 bbl flour 10 bags Coffee i bbl sugar 6 Bales Hay 30 bags shot. 20 Kelso trails and a Quantity of builders hard War dec28 a & g Ball. Jos. Osterman has the pleasure to inform the ladies in general that he is in receipt of a full assortment of English French and a to Erica corsets. With a full and Complete assortment of timings in their line of which be offers for Sale Low for Cash. Dec act to Amend an act entitled an act to reduce into one and Amend the several acts concerning executions approved january 17th, 1842. Sec. I. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of representatives of the Republic of Texas in Congress assembled that the Section of the above recited act be so amended As to read to at the provisions of the seventeenth and nineteenth Section or this act shall apply Only to debts and other Legal liabilities contracted and incurred prior to the first Day of May. 1842, in Ete Adof March As mentioned in said Section of the above recited act. Bee 2. Bait further enacted that this act shall Tuke effect from a cd after its Pattage. App yer 3d january 1843. Fill do quinine 25 lbs Jan Mica Ginger 12 do. Shaving snap Asad 100 lbs Balsom Copaiba 40 lbs English Calomel 31 lbs american do 50 hib camphor refined 50 lbs Chloride Lime 100 lbs prepared Chalk 20 lbs manna. 25 lbs calcined Magrina and a variety of other drug March 5 3 bbl Castor Oil 20 lbs flour of Sylpher 100 lbs tartar emetic 50 lbs in acc 100 lbs carb. Is Gaisoa 300 lbs Senna 100 lbs Sal Nitro 100 lbs peruvian bark 50 lbs calcined charcoal Loo lbs sulphate in a. 20 lbs old Windsor soap medicines a. For Sale by j. D. Groesbeeck Al bbl american Brandy Al tit 3 bbl do Gin for Sale Low for Cash by july 30 a c Crawford Landing from bark Star Republic and Schr. Brazos Aud for Sale cheap 50 bbl. Potatoes 10 " onions 10 " apples 25 dogs buckwheat flour 25 boxes y h and Imp. Tea 10 Doz. Brooms 50 reams wrapping paper 6 Bales Brown Domestic Kentucky jeans sat Netts flannels Aud a variety of dry goods. By oct-39. A h. Bennett. 1 dentistry.  or. J. J Davis has resumed the practice or surgeon dentistry his office is id the room formerly occupied by j. L. Darragh As a magistrate s office Market Street. He has on hand a Good assortment of porcelain Teeth a. Also tooth powder a Superior article for preserving the Teeth Correct Ting or sweetie Injo the breath Etc. . So mid office Arion a fit do Glass Al o. Trine 8, " Wood a Yin &. Co. Have Chi Sti Lions at their word y Home Alert 10 Superior Cor i dry goods kinds will Joesi aug 3 a"1 by a & g Ball d. Hand Woor of All desert id opposite the custom 3m-uugl3. For mpg Laihing hardware boots and shoes fall lol Sale or retail very Low by =.--." a  f., a c Crawford. Of i sofa Browns Richmond Superior tobacco food Cju a 8a it g Ball Tremont Street. Executive department y City of Houston july 26th, 1842. / the president having been empowered by two several acts of the Congress of the Republic to have surveyed and brought into Market four Hundred thousand acres of the Public Domain of the country included within the limits of the country known As the Cherokee country will receive proposals for the surveying of the same from such persons As May wish to engage in such empty Niento Tho work will be required to be executed with As much despatch As will comport with the labor of the undertaking. Great accuracy and Perspicuity in the plates of serve a a full returns and ample Field notes will be Reiji Icid of those who undertake the Tusk. Applications Are desired to be made in person. Aug 5, Sam Houston. 64 if Leaf Fea Tav for l of assorted lumber Lor Sale by Milf we a june 8, m Garcia a co. Strand Salt by the ship Iron ,direct from Liverpool 1500 sacks coarse and Salt received and for Sale Low. Nov3l James Mcknight Galveston Cotton press. The undersigned commenced this establishment with a View Fin aking a permanent business. Particular attention will be paid to All business connected with the press. A new press will by put in operation us soon As a suitable one can be Lead and also n in life press and Pickery. The press which is now in operation has been int Axially altered and improved and it i believe will press Cotton so that a vessel will take As Many Bales As if pressed in new Orleans by team. The charges will be Cush As follows to wit no charge for storage for compressing per Bale 75 cents. For drawing Euch Way h shippers of Cotton will find it to their interest to Send their Cotton to the Sheds As it will be Safe from fire and kept dry besides it will Cost them nothing for storage the cargo of the Burk Star Republic and Brig Galveston will no doubt be pressed their next trip and of course All vessels bound to Europe. Scales Are now in the press and Cotton can be weighed marked and sampled with hut Little trouble. P g mekr1tt. Albert Borry a Ais duly authorised to attend to any business connected with the press. Jan 4 of p a m. Clothing he Are dry the subscribers in loin the Chniel ton and the residents of Texas in general than hey Ark now permanently established i business at heir hew stand Here and Are frequently opening add mul positions of their Goody from their extensive see general advertisement in this paper All these goods being imported direct from the manufacturers in Europe enable the subscribers to re commend then with great Confidence moreover their terms being payment on delivery without any exception whatever enables them to allow a very High Premium on specie and to pay the highest Market Price for perfect cot ton other Here in Exchange for goods. ". C h t1x &. Jam 28_opposite the . T1 payment on now ready to pay the highest Market Price Tor Anu and to of perfect Cotton delivered Here in Exchange for a p6wi#oubeirexteniiive assortment of foods lately imported from advertisement in this paper they will also allow af8jjh Premium on specie paid them for goods. C h Pix & compy strand j. Mounting in the who e to the sum of one Hundred and sixty. Five 25-100 dollars of which sum one Hundred and Twenty six 62-100 dollars has been paid leaving n balance due the libel lants of thirty eight 63-100 dollars and that the said Sloop could not with safety have safely proceeded Losea Worthon Tsair suppl web above named and that the said supplies were furnished of the credit of the said Sloop As Well As of the owners and master thereof that the libel lants have repeatedly requested the said in Beer of said Sloop to pay them the Saint sum of thirty eight 03-100dollars, the balance due a aforesaid. But that the said master has not paid Trie same and still utterly refuses so to do and that the sum last above named now remains entirely unpaid to he damage of the libel lants the full sum of filly dollars that All and singular the premise Are True a. Alleging that the find Sloop is now within the jurisdiction of this court praying that process in due form of Law according to the course of courts of admiralty May is be against said Sloop Washington her tackle apparel and furniture that All persons having or pretending to hav any right title or interest in said Loop a Muy be cited to appear and answer a which Allega Gallons Are sworn to by Stephen Vansickle. You Are therefore hereby commanded to cite and admonish All persons having or pretending to have any right title or claim to said Sloop a Iii Genri her tackle App Rel and furniture by serving Sim of Bradley who new is or late was master of said Sloop with a True copy of this munition and by publishing the in one of Iho Public newspapers printed and published in the City and county of Galveston fifteen Days previous to the return Day thereof and by any other lawful Means to be and appear before the honorable the District court of Galveston county at a court to be Holden in and for said comity on the first monday of february next and legally deny the allegations in said libel or show cause Why the prayer of said libel shall not he granted witness. Thomas Bales clerk of said Conn. Seal. And Tho private Seal of court their being no Send thereof furnished this whirl month a of sanitary a d 1843. Allen tues. Bates clerk. Importation direct from London the subscribers respect Lilly inform the citizens of Galveston and the resident of Texas in general that the Jung Mary Barry has just arrived fro Loo ton with a mos splendid assortment of merchandise. Or. Pix has again been absent to and remaining in Europe Tux months for the sole Pur pos of superintending the manufacture of the articles which comprise this shipment to that great As the variety is the whole May be adapted to the wants unite Utility and fashion of the inhabitants of Texas. We has also visited the several localities where the materials Are produced and has purchased for Cash when the markets were in so depressed a state. Visitors from the United states to Galveston would find in this Stock Many articles different from what they have Ever seen at investment consist of superfine clothing Viz Coats vests roundabouts pantaloons Whilo and Faney shirts Welch flannel under shirts and drawers suspenders stocks straps paler leather belts India rubber hat guards ladies White and fancy corsets Etc. Also Plantation agricultural Hunting and Sailor s clothing comprising every garment suitable for any season in fact one of the Troat extensive and general assortments of really useful As Well As fashionable apparel Ever uttered in this or any other Market in the a world. J ii whole of this clothing having been just manufactured in. Per say to order by a London House that has had the Benefit and experience of a Fidfl rate clothing Trade Over Hirnyj cais Jiant a in the City of London. Hosiery gloves Etc. .1 comprising a most extensive assortment Orul ten inf Viz mens White brow n and fancy Cotton Hall Hose mens Whitesed fancy lambs Wool Merino worsted and silk half Host ladies while and fancy Cotton Hose embroidered Black Cotton surf worsted Hose i Adies and gents kid and fancy gloves a. Mens travelling and other gloves in great variety Torony season Blue striped and White worsted and lambs Wool under shirts White Merino and lambs Wool punt Aloun drawn is Kulp. Printed silk Bandana handkerchiefs v iry Superior articles. Sheffield and Birmingham Ware comprising table knives and Forks in sets half sets Butcher knives and lock knives pen and pocket knives in great variety Pencil Case knives fret knives Rodgers und son s pen univ Fly sailors knives various sizes cac sail Needles packing Needles razors scissors telescopes padlocks Coffee Mills Patent and common corkscrews table and Tea spoons Lams nails candlesticks brass wire sieves frying pans Carl a Din hoes locks bolts weights and Scales cast butt and brass hinges Plantation tools carpenters Sud other tradesmen tools German Silver and plated Ware with a numerous assortment of various other articles of Ironmongery and. Hardware dry goods comprising 7 prints newest patterns and Allf St colors in the Peice and Ulso in single dresses 9 printed Muslin dresses Mou Seline de Loiue dresses Superior printed Cotton handier chiefs fancy drills for pantaloons striped Cotton ticks fancy Check and Satin Check Muslin dresses corded Muslin Dies sen. Plain nil striped plus Quito netting bleached and unbleached domestics. Fine Cambric shirting and Long cloths various widths umbrellas and parasols comprising capital silk and Gingham to no Trellas and parasols assorted Sixes and colors Ell. A nude in Loudon by the very Best manufactures in the Trade there. Also chemicals preserves pickles crashes perfumery sit. Comprising Calomel in Job bottles Patent Seidlitz powders All the ingredients Complete in one bottle a first rate article or lemonade powders and Ginger Beer powders in bottles bottles with preserves raspberries mid pm rants in bottles Raspberry whiskey in bottles lozenges commits Etc Durham Mustard pickled walnuts onions mixed pickles a. Essence of anchovies mushroom Ketchup aldermen of London sauce a in hotties clothes and shoe brushes dusting Bannister and scrubbing brushes tooth Nail hair and shaving brushes. Combs electrical rubbers Etc. Macassar Oil Bear grease tooth powder of Vendor water assorted essences Otto of Rose and shaving soaps inexhaustible salts permanent Brown Windsor soap &.c, a. Ibis new Stock of goods in under such advantageous a cum stances might hear All the charges of transit duty a and still Success full compete with those supplied in Paris or Lon Don. Such is the intention of the subscribers and to effect it Thev will base their prices on so Low a scale of profit As to cure los Benefit and a succession of it to buyer and seller but to carry to is out to is absolutely necessary that All goods should be paid for Eil Hei in approved produce or Cath on delivery. Galveston. Nov of1842 c. H.p1x&. Comp y. Strand opposite the custom House. C , wishes to the Public generally that he shop immediately oppo ii in old Sigrid on in cd Ennd mini m Lus customers and. As his Uil Lull a i old Vav i key Lor Bale by july 30 _ _ a aka Tel Ord. Reduced prices. In consequence of the hardness of the tunes the subscriber has reduced the Price of medicines generally and Prestup none in particular and is therel orc compelled to sell for Cash Only. Prescriptions will to carefully prepared Al All limes of the Day and night but after 10 o clock at night the Price j " j d Grol ssbe1 . Will be double. Oct 8, j us t received Taylors spool Cotton. Birds Eye diaper cause flannel ten " -.?.ck9 Iri a linens plaid muslims la Lotier and or Sale by of 8 a c Cra of Ford if fac pickets 1u0 Cedar post�,"" we oct 6_ a c Crawford. Blank entries of merchandise for the new Tariff and Blank Bills of lading for Sale Al the civilian office. To the port wine in bottles fur Sale by feb 18, Superior Quality j d of awful lease Oldt s instrument porcelain wet l0j a. For Sale in March 5 j. La. G to Beick. For Sale three lots in rear of the Galveston drug store opposite the establishment of or. Chaises Power apply to a j d stoves. F. He subscriber has just received a few Choice of Kleib stoves which he will mall Low for Cash. Persons Witt. Ing to Purchase will do Well to cull and examine for in us Elva pc Al Vav it Wilson notice. The co partnership hereto Ore listing Between the sub Cri hers in the name of we Hall & co. Is this div dissolve la a Iii nil r in a l Mai ____.___.1 a _. _. In by Mutual consent. The oui Anding Ali Nira of win half and win Hall & co. Will be and usted by Eithar of the Purt Neis and him used Only in liquidation. We Hall. J " " Kin . In
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