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Civilian And Galveston City Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1843, Galveston, Texas A Vav established Ini " a a a �.-. A i at#8p�riinirai9 Paya of Are the ii of at Ife Ift of $10 at the ens of the year Atoe Pablo thaw. Wee my Teacon Ritro at s s bar a ahem \ a rats in Sid Vafaei. one a Piare on Dollar for the firm Ihmr-tphf�nboieoii��er�4�m, fifty cents. Eight line awake a tet Ere on Untinen of the office Mast be port pm will Mote taken ont or the Png i Sofce. Carci4 of aug boat Nad other Pax Mnger. And Nunn Oneis meats of ea�ji4amaf�r, a a charged Asad. It marriage Aad obituary notices of More Lake Jmwa Lias 10 length charged a . Wednesday february 8. 1843. from fas wow Tama safer. a Fly of 3ior�a a a a her 16?-we by the 8leoa 8inn, Cap. Dehari Mettr which left Mata a hate had Refore demand this week hot the Market Moraaes Munday the Soto an. Aad reached Here but Erea bad but improved for american descriptions of lbs if the u aet we harsh sea politely Fermi Herf withal 0a Orup Joel. Re fair k a steady for the new ref la. A i Semarge of Tex Good anechoic Equalia there la no change but 5& a -. Or from a my of lha Aremera take Nat my end 6aj Quiete a a apply and the re ome my information. Judge Tiaa done m the Lew or is a. A. Nem translate from the "8conrge of Texas Auch item a a a�? Rev t " u Avro aaa will the Reader Otto tins. ,8tef. And , the Tipney lbs in a Cam. taste stat the arrogance and set a men say. That this class Isey new a of mexican knows no Bontje. One of their rather lower than ia6t week and Surata though in generate wrote Rosanta Asa Refl eating the loan of 14,000 Good request Are also s Mev that Easie brazils 4eo, tupe Aab Agate All Tessa. I continue a heavy of Sale us feb Rte speculators have Rapert Wmk Arnm at Matasar Gatliu Santa Asa had taken 1600 Toles of american Tutti 250 swats and eased from Vera Crux at person for a a peachy. On Board exporters 10q sural and 100 of net ican. The spies of the movie Soma scam Antwi by numerous Stoope hav a Day Are at tout 8500 i ales of All kinds. To tire will a Jtj a a in been Bosi Pess on our Cotton a a Ata born Plaza with arms or Money fee meant Patwa.  u i i ,. No wipe Tioy and la Simodi. As v tie this Reeb is 23571 begs and the the Pri Rooen taken at Mier have a been Marc bed for sales ane 22 270, Viz us Tati ti6-upiatids 4 a r the Section pm it Riduss of  Hale am Eyssi coed we fear the Creole had a sides the reinforcements spoken of had not arrived at expended s60 grenade is apy Cpd a by pm try Clay and a Large null a erf his tnoifc.,b Weie Vera Cruz up the 4th. Further we do not be i rope expended a this wifi a if. Board Mist have us hatred bom sea eckness Timber ideas few Biebl Ere two were from the Cope e town. The que Mulji of a foil de is a sufficient test of the r the Neighb Twood. The the Chelsea 850, barrels 1,500 barrels of my Oil and ?00 la a reel of we of a tit the Winiar Felon of Speil a. Cesar 1.175 barrel he acc Oil Aih the a Ali in barrels of a Jerri. These were All Amene Anthi the ship from the Caf Tiad not. Up Tot at ote successful and the Camilla Froe Hobart tar Infin but Ito Batree of Sperai. It a Speare however la Many of the vessels bad net completed their runt put into port Ami taste for want the Crews wanted is further stated in or of Offlie Ajuan thy of Bey. That in the Winter of 18fl9 two vessels ,. States capture. No less than 30 Wales Jan do ill Winter of sell . By he a Mia a the a Fps 5�mufe Ort Ocee Kurtt Iby a i a is amt we it be there ave Alrea Liverpool pro ii Jda Faez Totore has been an visitant so kit igniting Georg a us i improved demand Ter during the week Ira title Yasse on regular rates Fly Oti Bobis. And Laid Are in Bendy demand. A Eft id 4 orc Only in request for ship liner 1 Amer stores. Ital also profited largely by the Good Fisher in those places. Lieve the Montezuma capable of carrying la of toops and if so the mid i is i equal number and Tiff Foffi them their original so Fengl which prov fund the run Luchioa f Ca peachy. We 4� not there fore think die chances Ere in favor of our wearing of the downfall of the place by the next news from it one half of the enemies Aan. I at Amr a Hsii no a rinse. Intem4 Erom at Miha be been a Meas an marched Ruth Spoor Tenin 4c1 the Creol e is a file sea boat and there is no Appleg St Lii forum mouse i Ewe of her not a Vonjj Wear Lieret the Gale. no fluid Wertti pm was a Tum i Lale lust evening that   " i the Creole a l been i St which was no doubt an exaggeration from the fact that shortly after she left the wharf she got aground in sight of the Light Bouse  she in lji��jue3m, get of Tai id anchored Pudei Ibe Potote i Jess repress its the Sttne Tif a we Tehee any a a a add Lis out ideals Nighter that if Somers Eutiss a would Ceru Finly a i Defeated Ampudia taken we Andl a mtg be latter Ploce Baving eoritributc4 her Forresto Ace Ompah e Cotton in Inata irom american Seea. Under the the i he Raj Tyhia party. Nag ement of persons from the u. States has i list . Iii Tad a total Shore the hot winds and general Char-1 officer William w Fisher. Thornas j Green i �0ter of the atmosphere being such As Wither and destroy the Plant before it comes Matin Ity. The enter in tse appears have been abandoned. We Are glad announce that the steam packets base resumed the conveyance of the mail front the my. State on the old plan. The new York brought out the mail on Ber last trip and capt. Rollins has announced his intention bring it Neptune. R the president of the United states Laid before the Senate on the 17th u t., a communication from the Treasury department in reply a Resolution re questing a statement of the exports and imports of Gold and Silver for the last eight years. The follow Are the amounts for each Yean years. imports. exports. 1834 8,1.00.372 519 575 1835 13,131.47 6.477.775 1836 13 400.881 4.324.336 1837 10.516 414 5.97c.249 1 1838 17,783 11g 3.508.046 1839 5.574,263 8 776,443 1840 8,882.813 8,417,014 1841 4.988.g33 10,034.332 1842 3,s4s,e00 4,055,094 Baker Wib rib m Bassl Laid William Ryoho Esven Gami Ron f h oink Chas a Clarke John m Shipman inc Skruls the Duox a a Lee f w dwt Fotss a 8 Clit tender willism a clo Ion so Smith. A n a Mim Imi it which we have no doubt is Correct place in c Missi in As Many vessels of War As principal Duck Yard will Sor n be alive in Tho bust if of preparation. Beginning at the North Ai Portsmouth new atop Alliie the new and Beautiful Sloop of War Saratoga in now ready for sea her Desti Oati in is the Cost of Africa. At v Iston the new Bri by Ingrid a is nearly ready and estate ship i will a in Foi the Pacific Otbo prudent. M nah. The frigate Cumberland Launee some ii it few Days ago a child of four while sneezing discharge from one of Ito nostrils a Cherry Stone which appearance of having undergone partial Geronin Iatron. The Moeez was Pio Tlucek by the use f snuff applied by okie the parents of this child who perceived orae f reign substance in the nose. For several norths past the child had evinced much uneasiness and woe afflicted with eruptions in the face and Bead and Hexhi Ineil a raptors Obei g affected with Worms for which it was medically treated. It is supposed that the alone was introduced into the nostril during the past summer during which time the child unable Point oat the cause of of its misery has been subjected great pain and Chro Twidt of 7va.the effect of stir treaty with China on Tea Trade is most important the amelioration of the condition of the poor of this country. A Case was re sorted us this Day of the death of a Fern Ile fam sheer destitution she sold every Artw Jele of furniture Maloti in existence and St length disposed of Ltd wearing apparel the last atom of it being Ber Cap she sold for two Pence with which she purchased Sorn Tea for herself n the Friday and died of Wjt it the Day following. This fact shows How essential the use of Tea has became the industrious poor Aud How anxious therefore the state should be use every exertion bring it Witban their reach lot Tom Paar. Mauerr Maynew in Alexander Edward d Wright last year in be fitted out and the frigate Potomac is Lbw Sod f Mills Ali Moss rehab Ouirt Henry Jour by due a test a r Alexander i hns Owen John b undergo Rig repairs. At new York the new frigate Savannah is in a 17. 8. Bankrupt House Tives have by a vote of 140 71, passed an act re peal the bankrupt Law. It is in the words which follow k be it enacted by the Senate and House of representatives of the United states of America in Congress assembled that an act entitled an act establish a uniform system of bankruptcy throw Chont the United states approved on the 19th a wat 1su, he and the same hereby is under the same act hut every such proceeding May he continued its final Cees Marion in like manner As if this act Hadnot been passed. N Jonny John Fitzgerald Francis Rily s Goodman r s Beard Willis cok Ian William moras William a Martin 8 Mcdade Ezechiel Smith Cep twin bom. J a by Bryon Owen r Willi a Thomp a o \ c a bets James Phillips c m Roberi we Oldhams Mcclelland Vav b Coddy John licit Pat maker it h Mailer w a a Wallace o w or atm. P hockey of represent Ferow Ewen we Mitchem a Wilson and Byron have written poems about thie indecent species of Saf Golory exercise which should tit themselves in it Toomb deter any molest female Fiat i indulging in it except with heir Broiher or of her own Fox for a partner. It in in requisite prove that there is any abstracted wrong in Walt Sig it is enough that with it Are associated in men s minds ideas of a do leasing and sensual nature. The it Ems which we allude Are quite familiar the general Render and we Appeal Al gentlemen in the habit of frequenting balls and parties whet err the moment a Waltz com fences these poems and Benny w p stand Wilson n Vandyke h Brilyn i or r v. Isaac malt Daniel Okria w Mier 9ta,b off a a our w a be Ahw of War is j Watts John jeeps re King j Yonng George w i the Brig is ready for service. Bosh w e Milieu d Hallowell David Overton a he Brig is about sail for the coast c Davis a b Hamas ass Hill. R 11 oat Benjii j of Africa. A a. R a the sloops of War Levant Warren and St Lou is the Stoie ship Lexington and the new big Trux a la by ideas do not involuntarily occur ton will soon be if .y Uio n. Already in a Tion receive their officers and Crews. It has i Jimi that tie Brandy wine is bound s Mii fall w h Moore j j Humphreys John Day,11, the East indies. One or two sloops will also be c lord w s Beard in Down required for that Sutton and one or two More for a s Hammond f Brey 1 Homas Davis. S g Bennett. R. A c -.14, a or o non. the racing. There Are four first class frigates on the stocks Viz _.,i j a j the Santee at Portsmouth the Sabine i Hawy York Livengod Ujj a inns j Calvert Clark William the Maritati at Philadelphia and the Nee a a psf a?00."6. ?f,,0? a Norfolk the two last ready for launching Zohdi. R custom cannot excuse guilt nor can fashion Sanctify i delicacy. We beg leave ask if it can be proper Tor a Young lady do that which is grossly improper for a married lady do married ladies Waltz do husbands stand by and quietly see their wives dragged around a room in the embraces of a strange gentleman perhaps do and we in our ignorance Are Bezim the age but if husbands do suffer their wives Waltz let them blame no Boddy but themselves if on returning Home some Day. After the fatigues of business find the partners mum a or Nei Gici a c wow, a 1 a a Noonik the two Laai in but i w . Saw pm a Lek Kli a i acc run the in Wolf a .co.8rer. 1 of bosom eloped jewel and Money with count f com the arts the a Rrth -. 7$ a 1 so re Kerski. The unpronounceable pole or the Ami d a heft Jones a j Jewis p f , . 8 cub j Tyson we wish we Thompson we Parker j 8 Iltem a b Leforge d Arshot Patrick user Ujj Mcmullin. Tel vote d h Vic Blen r h m c a & Brown d Smith h d , j Graham Jona , we Dunbar we Gibson u b King j Hub it Wnm Dvis be Jsckson Levi Williams m m cts John Jonny Thos w Bell v d Randolph e a Coffman j s White l James h Woodland w r Davis w j Wilson Ehi r lots a desk Sandford lbs. M r filler. Is seng also a product of our Western states is Edward y keen Jeffrey Hilt we Reese j Bill shipped largely China and the value of this wild we h Sellers Galbert r bras editor of the Nashua n. A Telegraph tells rather a hard but a Good Story of a dog. We give it in Bis own words. Every body remembers Bose. His master once took a partner in business. For some Days he dogged Bis Steps constantly wherever he went and intimated him. In Bis Way. That he thought he was miking himself rather familiar on a slight acquaintance but Bose was not a dog do any thing rashly and be therefore Laid Low and watched the movements. At length the sign of a new film was rated Bose walked out into the Street Sec himself of Bis haunches As drugs have a Way of doing and read it carefully. He went in grinning an Humble apology Bis new master and dogged Bis Steps no More american is worthy of notice that the americana continue make the Bay whaling at Swap River a profitable speculation Aud As the Perth inquirer contains some interesting statistics connected with their operations during the first half year of 1842, it is As Well Logie the facts in order Lay before the Public an idea of the wealth the whale Fishers of the United states Are drawing on the Seaboard of one of our colonies. Port Augusta a place yet but Little known is the favorite resort for the american Fleet be sup plied with vegetables it Uit milk fresh meat and Liber necessaries for a voyage and Here it is stated the vessels also undergo the repair of damage May have received either from the usual chances of the Trade or the effect a f bad weather. The vessels thai had tailed in at this port up june were twelve in turn up your Lovely nose fashionable Young miss at this paragraph and Wither the very paper with a disdainful glance keep on Waltzing that s a dear continue be hugged and let the hot breath of passion fan your blushing Cheek do we beg of you for so shall you excite the Ribald jest and the Nasty joke shall you i. Be Obj is Jejer Curt with must chios whom you mistook for a Marquis Why because he waltzed so world. A the electro magnetic Utility of the plan of professor Morse intelligence by Means of electricity is so Plain that we wonder Why it is not put in immediate use. We Are glad observe that it is at present occupying the attention of co Giess. A few farts relative Tia simple plan May not be uninteresting. The most favorite Mode of erecting the Lele graph is that of enclosing a Copper wire or conductor in Lead pipe and then burying the pipe three r four feet below the surface of the ground. A galvanic Battery is then used and the operators at either end of the wire Are possessed of a sort of Register or conventional alphabet the key which enables them communicate with each other by be length or duration of the shocks of electricity conveyed from the Battery upon the wire. The operation is thus perfectly simple and the Telegraph could never get out of order. Suppose this wire and Lead pipe reach from new York new Orleans 1500 Miles still the communication by Means of electricity would he instant. In time of War. Berv could be no estimate of the value of this Telegraph provided the localities of the pipe were kept As secret a possible. Prof Morse says Bis system when once established May t
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