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Civilian And Galveston City Gazette (Newspaper) - April 15, 1843, Galveston, Texas The civilian and a Eston Cut established in " Galveston Texas. Saturday april 11, 1843. September 1838. Iii in a ii ii. Sri Abt. Publish i a every wednesday and saturday. At Iris per annul a Able i Hui six months lifter the time of scribing or $10 at the end if the year. Also published Eula. Foi the country at $5 per Rizii Iii pay Ahlo in Advance. Vkkt1s1\ one. Siclare no Dollar for the first inner Tio Leach subsequent insertion fifty cents. Eight lines make a Square. Of All letters on business of the office must Post paid or Alliey will then out s if a ii lint and other passenger Ami announce Nickil of fur office arc considered uld charged Asad. Be it Israr nos. A marring and obituary notices of More than three lines in f chained As adv i tis Nenh. Wednesday april 12, 1843. That Gen. P. Had been engaged in same conspiracy against Santa Anna. The arrest of Paredes May Lead to fearful results against Santa Anna As he is a powerful Man and wields much influence in the affairs of the nation. to Are Sony to say is even still further above Tampico. Tie following vessels were at Tho brains the amount actually received. By turning to our books St Iago 8cl,r Cornelian Smuhl Sehr. Caroline col Ai i  i c i is Schr. Rose of , o. Bulletin Marat to Hud that we received during the Nisi year of this 251/1 term of the present collector just $75 20 cents Par ,. Funds for punting Blanks for the year or Lees than president Ilu Uston called by an overwhelming Rev. Ira p at scr Dice 1 Ifil in this City on thursday eve loss of u hand by the wife of a Soldier caused by the explosion of a Shell. The besieged Weie hourly Looka. Ing of assistance from sea. The a my a Xic. 11 Fleet was my leaving a sick wife and Desi Nule family Wii no 11,.,. 1 absent from before that port and die lamp each Guin 011101 Lor present support than the Assis 1.0 Tynce of their neighbors. Their condition is represented to us to be destitute and helpless in the sex from Yucatan the intelligence is interesting., to. R 1   i  c .1 ,. 1 one tilth of the sum named by the Star. I he printers majority of the people of 1-exas to provide Over her though As far As Ever from being indicative of their j j  n it 1 .1 1 l a a ". Of Otto Galve Stoican a paper violently opposed to the destinies Gen. Houston entered upon the discharge suit of affairs there. Can each St.11 to sout j of the duties of the presidency at a time when opt the besiegers though they continue to throw i of shot 1 a1 o 1 r1 r prospects were almost hopeless. The wasteful it and shells into the town. The Only injury to the per j a y 0,la,b la s s la a la a civilian might wed l e said the criminal prodigality of open so is of the inhabitants however is reported to Bethel to Woro a 6�� a la Al locked Al fillds or Lea a Clure Hhd had the administration of Jed adversary so far wrong in this Case. Usually win Gen. Lamar had totally prostrated our finances and helpless in time and we Hope that it is Only necessary to make known the facts in older to Sci tire i he kind y Aid of stir citizens always prompt and Teady to Succour the needy and distressed. Persons in this part of the town whom in wish to assist them with things Neces eary to their condition can leave the same will or. Albert Bali on tie Mont Street. Boats we 1 e seen Twenty Miles at sea. The Blo Rhad ing Squadron had sailed past sisal and destroyed the town of Selina from w hich place they sailed to kids Hac and lauded troops on the 2g and 27ih March. They were supposed by the Yea teens to design attacking sisal and men had m Chi d to met t them. A gentleman who left Merida on the 2$ h an have found thai by dividing or multiplying his figures by 2, according to the key afforded by the Conte of his articles a pretty close approximation might be had to do truth but in this last instance he has grossly violated his own rules. This is an abandonment of a i i 111-i pie which we did not expect join so strict a moralist of the school. The Tole tape always professes to he perfectly boil lied when we chaise Home and expose its false the steam packet new York arrived on monday evening from n. I leans bringing advices from that City of the St inst from new York of the 27th, Fri m Yucatan of the lust and from Vera Cruz of the 22d ult. We Aie Sony to Ray that there can be no further doubt of the re Cri tute of the main body of the Mier prisoners in the manner and at the place described by j Edge Robinson i. E. They were intercepted in the mountains surrounded by about ten times their own number entrenched themselves and it appears were starved into a surrender. Or. Brenham and Archibald Fitzgerald were killed in Over powering the guard. Capt. K. Reese. Lieut. Chas. A Clark messes. Richard h. Keene i. F. Barney a b Ilan a hoods Trio High it profi s hut Little by the punishment has a t i veil at new Orleans represents i a t the tit most Confidence prevails among the people there and there can be no doubt of their ability to expel the invaders. The american Brig Oral is believed to have been captured by Tho mexican Squadron. The Picayune says a brisk action occur red in Tho neighbourhood of Ca peachy on the 2glh of March in which the mexicans sustained considerable loss. The Campench-1 sufficient to pay for the. Publication for Twenty years would have been save 1 is com 1 be renin Nils us of 1 hat of the Man who was undergoing a severe flogging and when his corrector said "1 will teach you to be decent 1 will Leain you to speak l he i Ruth 1 replied with Groat spit it and boldness on can a 1 duly you to do in relation to the pub cat Ion of the lists of persons paying duly the fault if any is with the Law which re Tii res it. 11 this Law had always been observed a stint Anos after a three hours fight retired in Good order without effecting anything. The Cann Nading continued upon the City from the mexican Battel ies but Little damage has been done so f a r. Desert cars from the mexican Camp were continually joining the Yum Alecos. An impression seems to prevail with some of our citizens that the Steamer Pioneer was seized by the american Consul and brought to this port contrary to the wishes of her Captain. Such was not the Case. A Leonidas Saunders Daniel Davis Geo. 13. Lush 1 0 was brought by the Captain s Desipio and re Daniel r. Hollowell and a brother of capt. Reese did not join in the attempt to escape believing it to be impossible to get out of the enemy s coup try. These bad All arrived at Tuc Abaya As Well As Gen say. Fisher and Green or. M. Shepard and messes. Dan l Henry and s. Lyon who Weie sent ahead of the main body of the prisoners from Mata Moros. Santa Anna has released Geo. B. Crittenden one of the Mier prisoners aim judge Hutchinson or. Maverick and a. E. Jones of the san Antonio prisoners. When the news of the re capture of the Jcj prisoners reached Mexico an order was immediately forwarded to gov. Mexia by Gen. Bravo to have them shot and decimated at once As an atonement it being alleged that they had murdered a mexican office during their Retreat. Mexia refused to execute the order declaring that the prisoners had been guilty of no i Ime deserving such a late. When Santa Anna arrived at the City he sent on an order to Slot j All the Ion. Thompson on e i Nin ibis act it is said promptly remonstrated with Santa Nna when the order to shoot was revoked and the j original order Given by Bravo was renewed. It is j Urther stated that Thero is Strong reason to believe 1 hat this older has been countermanded. The Picayune says by Many it is thought that the first instalment of ithe indemnity Money due we believe in the Early Ai t of this month will not be paid Anil quest and the Consul Only famished assistance to enable him to come. A Rumor reached this City by the new York of the loss at sea of the English barque Iron Queen hence for Liverpool but no mention of the circumstance is made in any of the n. O. Papers. The assessor of Bowie has collected the following statistics of that county for 1812, which Are published in the n01 Elliern Standard and indicate that Industry Ami Enterprise Aie rapidly converting the wilderness j into a Region of civilization Comfort and plenty. Acie Sof land cultivated Iii Otton in 1842, 8,847 pounds of Collon produced bushels Corn do potatoes do peas do Only Yards of cloth manufactured no. Of schools in the county Wiio population in l does \ Oters persons subject to military duty 4,610,401 12g.000 4,000 g.000 a.000 1,000 0 l,g2o Ury de pal Tameni an entry had been omitted on which to had paid duties to the amount of ,000. If the lists had been regularly published in would have been impossible to embezzle thousands of dears without detection. Indian have received direct authentic in Eli gence Filini 011 against the Campea Cleanos and place. C.,r a i u a on ins Fertile imagination Tor Tho a rounds of abuse 1 de him 111 confinement Al via Cruz. Santa Anna is? . ,. 0. La i by such a course his paper la losing us political in in who is Mosi loud in his denunciations against subsidized presses it is Well known is entirely dope Dart upon government  11 port a my has actually declared that he depends entirely 11 on the Money received from the Treasury to defray Bis daily j he minor of Tho civilian who follows implicitly his in fact president Congress a. A. 1 _ 1 1  1.leio my Ingle an receives annually about 7 Par funds men.4 for be i Ini a 1 he f. That col s. Green and Fisher Llue la and having shown his hand he seems to be some difficulty Between the mexican government lists of persons who pay duties at the custom House at ,. ?js0ne, 8 ii a ived at Tho cite of a Lilly Fuir to l a advantages. Bad that of the United states in relation to ibis vexed Tyz to Mexico or the Igich ult., and that Young Crittenden 1,1 \ w�8 communication of judge Rubin a object. One Rumor has it that Gen. 1 Hompot has in it Pui inc besides the $7011 thu received Hengtai was one of them. We also that the mex i 8on bracing la ,., Cir Ca peachy had captured the Sehr. Ave me. Sauia Anna he takes occasion to to modelled to ask for his passport and that ibis de taking he round sum of $1 to Par fund which is alone Suh i v. 1 u.1., a Llin h"i.,� a launch out into one of his most Beautiful a Liaina of a a a i some reference to Tho poor texan prisoners  a pvt xxx it 1, la in which he insinuates that there is some be ordered to be shot by Many the oper Lions against Ca peachy Are looked upon As having signally failed. The mexican government has not the Means to furnish More supplies and much discontent is creeping into the army on account of its not being paid. Gen. Minon the former commander of Tho expedition against Ca peachy had been arrested on his arrival at Vera Cruz along with several other officers. Us of the old saying pickpockets Are always Len first to Thiol in Refl we a link if Alliey Wool i apply to the Niimi first remove the beam fee., they would find thai Alliey conduct the Only subs Ilc d presses in the Lar. Tho above is another offspring of the editor of the Telegraph modestly attributed to Tho Star and in is difficult to decide whether the former paper has the Grealie reason to be ashamed or the latter 10 be proud of the i eduction the first professes to eschew the i. R Cret design on the part of the executive at War with 1 he mexican Steamer of 13 11 u 1 a s Tho interests of the country. How far Gen. Houston de 110111 Vera Cruz for Campea 1, i May have been instrumental in eliciting overtures of peace from Santa Anna we know not nor need we for by Cruz to be invest Gaied Wai Guadaloupe a i Chy about the both february with ten englishmen and uie lil i Xii ans 011 braid. 1to /1 ,1. E. Our Piu Seiil purposes inquire since it la Wel known report says Al be Rucius i hat t be first payment. 11 1. 1, ,. ,. A ". 1  1 1 w 1 j. C that nearly Ever since the Battle of san Jacinto our due Mill by the paper at Washington we remark that it obtains regards the recent movements of the expedit Ion a he i jul i it of ,10 Laws and journals from Congress unit Ca peachy and this circumstance alone would How thai the news is any thing but favourable. I this is look Cloudy for Santa Anna at the City of Exico and disturbances were feared. He has Star 1, government has been endeavouring to bring about a our indemnity due on the Zolb Nial Atit will not to a. ,. A a t a Ai j j Pucich Capon Between the two Conli ies by negotiation to 11 1  it1  but we would Inquito what Viiu finality in the Iijima the u. S. Ship Vincennes i rain Klimi Buchanan a i. " a is 1 1 1, a ,1 1 of common sense can attach to our a executive. From l.-0., Ortii Amidei. Was b it it Vera Cruz when the  ,.1/. A 11,11 ,1 1 1 the fact of the propositions being made we have 1 a Mouth sailed at which poit Sho arrived on ihe9lh 111 a a ult. And was ,0 sail Shoi 11v for 1 his port. The Vil it be the slightest intention on the the Cennes sailed Hon new Vok on ,e24th of january a frument to comply with the terms , nor i. 111 in ,1 ,11 be we even certain that any action will or. Taken a i since thou she has the South bide. A a. A ,. ,. I i i 1., 1 c a t on the subject embraced 111 the communication Bra Harht i o Cuba visiting Sui Iii Igo and it Tinidad capes Cor. J., ,. T i i of Wei . 1 a a. .1 i u a a judge Robinson. Llie ingenious insinuation by inert a and .11 Antonio crossing Tho Ca peachy. P a. " /. R j i which the editor would create the impression thai the Banks to \ Era Giuze. ,. J  1 1 to i ,. 1 i of 1 1. 1 abolition project originated with the executive is a Ben nil the Aidines Apt. J5ui Hanat Desiati h. ,. R a0. 1, Hai met is and not deserving notice As it Wou d wot .1 Luat expedition consisting of the launch Fust. A r a a a and not the executive. Weie we in receipt of the amounts named above we should pocket the disgrace without a tear and nay a plan for the issuing of paper Money to rep leu Lle of he be e graph As old Lear said to the h his exhausted cutlers which the majority oven of1, 1.  1. ,1., i. R a a a 1. .1 1 1wind howl on but we Don to wish to excite tin ,.,. Is friends have Lille Lasilli in. 1. Was i bought How. Jav. It Lilybell Hecim Panigit of lieutenant Vav Aid ver that the plan would be carried into execution. J Emvy four neighbors without cause and May put our w t.,Puli ,y.i-. As., Henderson of from All accounts Icci ived by the Sainval of the Houston Friend in a butter humor by Lelling him the i Smeu and tin to men. This Pany made a if Jaines a Rancis to Are far from believing that the j truth although it is a thing for which he generally hoi Ongher annual Ion of t he "1 be of Pines and the in t Rannu Lily of Mexico such Asil is will be of i  r 1 1 1 Fri  keys in Seal cd of piratical \es8cls. 1. Manifests the utmost repugnance. Instead of receive u 1 1 1 ,.1 ,.k,., not no v ii us i Clu uary it t to g Uana t hey look Possession i and was Lei 11 coun lies of 1 exas1 1 l 11 _ 1 i t a to credited from Ibal source even though it should Culler and whale boat Pudei the command of Lieut. 1, 6. A a come 111 the shape 01 a positive Man. Jong duration. Some of Santa Anna s measures Are tic emely popular-1 thins again Aie Dnelly the Keise. One of his first Steps on reaching Mexico was the arranging a serious difficulty with the Avn Tami Erito of that City and thu Gove Noi and Jor Nimau Dante general. This lie did b turning thu Lati i nut of i a a and declaring null All the Gnu Miles he Fiad taken against the Gen. Paredes a Man All powerful Pur titular by in Guadalajara and lire West was then named go Emor and comr andante general and entered into office the next Day but three hours after he was arrested by an order from Santa Anna and stiff remains in the it position. Cvijet cures of were Fife As to the cause of this sudden arrest but the Ause was unknown. It was thought however ing "4-700 Par funds merely for publishing lists 01 i or persons to pay duties at the custom House at Gal Maulia. A ant Chiase. Of the Spanish big Ganline la c011-ving in Board at i tie Lime upwards of 600 version we Only receive custom House credit to the slaves Irun tie coast of Africa. On homing her they amount of 8100 per Ipi Arter or $400 per annul. The my Bike Spanish custom douse officers on ,., 1.  1 r braid w to claimed t ii big As Spanish property highest puce we have Ever obtained for any of this., a a a01. Which a subset Juveni examination of Herpa Peis con paper was 80 cents per Dollar and even at this rate the filmed a u11,j is ,1 iri.f01e Yon Niitme to proceed Learned doctor s s700 would dwindle Down to $320. Without further molestation. It is True that according to our contract we were Mohave s100 a year in Par funds but after the second Cal i a a of .e Schr Terriah from matamoros.,1 1 v reports that col. Kinney Lead been discharged by the Quarter the collector backed oui and compelled to Lxii a Pilj a n its Abou ube first and held to bail to take the scrip at its face or get nothing. So much for appear against his accusers they bad also Laid an pm the first item. The "$400 More for printing Blanks,.1 Bargo upon All the vessels in port to Conrey troops to is pleasing to learn that Large num on the u a of emigrants a e still pouring into the Noi Hern a gentleman who recently arrived from the Sabine slates that to passed several Large groups of emigrants on the Road near Nacogdoches and san Augustine forty or fifty fam Dies from Missouri and Illinois lately removed to life settlement in the Cross timbers and numbers Havo also settled in Fannin county. Many families also from Alabama have recently removed to the upper counties on red a the Washington City madisonian of the i7lh of March says the Snow is five feet deep at our dec of whether it is drifted or not we cannot got out a hoi Steinun says ii is about two foot deep Job county
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