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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1966, Page 25

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - September 7, 1966, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Reno uses Penny slots to lure tourists in Tough times Page h sep fester 7 7 966 Alburnett Deputy conf from preceding Page Reno Nevada dont lose More than you can afford this philosophical phrase blurts out a warn ing to the throngs of gamblers who each year flood into Renos Neon lighted fantasy 1 Slid on South Virginia Avenue few people it appears Are losing More than they can afford this year business has been so bad in fact that the c Asinos have brought out Penny Slot machines in an Effort to incr As e their revenues tight Money the rec ent airline strike and an exceptionally hot Nev Ada have taken their toll on gambling some Cas Inos claim their businesses Are off As much As 40 per cent the n Evad a g ambling g of Missori estimates revenues to be off about 10 per Civ to but nobody in the gaming business seems to be really losing the Only loser and it makes Little difference if its a Good year or not is the customer g ambling houses Are dismayed however that most of this years crop of Pul be High rollers Are merely Iii Ckel and dime customer jul 4x v weve kids ombre Small timers Titis year Thani care to recall says a Reno pit Boss gambling floor Man Ager and youve gotta remember that these Guys take up just As much of our time As the big players one of the answers for the droves of Small time players who have invaded nevadas Gam bling sanctuaries May be that them have come by car or bus theres a completely different clientele this year said grayline bus Tours Driver its the ones who Fly who seem to play highest hotels motels guest ranches and the casinos have been trying to in crease the tourism per cent Ages they offer package Tours redeem Able coupons for Black Jack games Slot Mach Ines drinks and meals the newest gambling innovation is the Auto mated Blackjack game the ingenious machine developed by Nevada electronics inc lets you lose or even win As much As you like with As Little Effort As drop Ping a Coin into a pay Telephone the deck of cards is a computer tape scram bled As each new game begins giving All the qualities of a Frey slots will take or shuffled deck the m machine will play up to four hands the Gam Bler May Deposit up to five coins in 25 cent 50 cent or Denom in actions flashes and the game is on a transparent window in front of each player displays his cards if he is too Lazy to count the card value is also shown in a Square in the lower right hand Corner after each player has been dealt his hand the dealers c Ards Are shown then i each player can ask for a hit or another card if he is satisfied with his cards he presses and Button if he asks for another card and goes Over 21 a Square with a flashing sign lights up before him the automatic games Are mostly used by the inexperienced most people play it because its new and different but the out Towin types prefer playing against a dealer the machine plays a level game i guess said one Ohio tourist but i just feel better seeing each card dealt out a dealer at gambling magnate Bill Harrah Reno club said she thinks the player gets a better shake from her than from the machine we play a deck until its run through an experienced player can More or less judge his betting and playing by knowing what cards Are already out she said paper Money the Edge is Light but it is an Edge you dont get with the machine the Slot machine often affectionately called the has much of the Rich Gam bling Harvest but recently there has been a change in keeping with the modest gamblers the Penny slots Are App earing in Ever incr easing numbers the machines be they Penny Nickel dime Quarter half or Dollar Are always in use when the gaming tables Are empty and the bars run dry the slots keep on going it is possible to drop As Many As 3000 coins into a machine in an hour multiply that by what Ever you re playing and your losses can be very High everyone plays the machines that is if you can find one Idle some of the Best Slot machine customers Are elderly women who armed with a Glove to avoid c Allous is a drink and a fist full of coins play with undying Devotion they have come out with tokens or Metal discs the same size and weight As Hal dollars and Silver dollars and if that int enough there is now a Slot machine that takes Dollar Bills those who lose re member Nevada the most but along with the losers there Are always the winners Art Man Ney a new York bus Reader maintaining streets and repairs and Odd jobs i thought they wanted a policeman said Kuehl these Little towns want you to enforce the Law As Long As you dont arrest any body Kuehl has been attending the police sch in Cedar rapids on his own but they told me to quit that the town wants a night watchman a Flunky not a policeman sheriff Grant said that a Community that Doest want Law enforcement is in a sad state of affairs c councilmen in Albur Nett reacted in Surprise to Kuehl s resignation t hey denied any p a squeeze or that they didst want Law enforce ent Klie Hlf tin self quoted the Council As saying they wanted him to stay so the kids s a the mar shall was run out of town Kuehl believes95 of the towns people were with him in the dispute but opposition to Kuehl cited the same percen Tage As against what appeared to them to be an unauthorized bid for authority on Kuehls part he came like found in a yellow mus Tang with chief of pol ice painted All Over it what was he trying to prove asked an angry townsman Alburnett has no police Force Hes been going around playing Tough cop said a Patron of Schu Machers tavern he even told people on their Way in Here not to get drunk or cause trouble or he could arrest them nobody had made Acorn plaint a Mother of one of the arrested boys complained that Kuehl had threatened to arrest one boy for soliciting on the Street because the boy was wording on Ano ther youths car she said that Kuehl was just looking for an Arr est to establish his authority other Eye witnesses told the citizen times that Kuehl has misinterpreted the situation and made a Mountain out of a Molehill he Kuehl didst use com Mon sense the old Marshall we had Here would have talked to the boys and it would have beef Over this fellow just made the kids Balky Why he arrested one boy who had just walked up to see what was going on so Alburnett lost their Marshall he Rode off Down the Trail to Ano ther possibly better Job where he can learn his Trade and Back in Alburnett there is still an angry group of people pro Bably a majority who insist that the Story about the stoplight was a cover up for Kuehl s actions a group that is mid it sheriff Grant for Sain their town Dement and there is another group of Young people sitting in and on their cars parked on main Street they Are won Dering if there will be a lasting stigma on their names they wonder if their fellow townspeople will Ever come to under stand what happened if indeed anyone can when an aspiring policeman brought what he thought was Law and order to a Small Iowa town immediate availability Complete selection bar glassware and accessories the Day company service equipment for rett Agronti churches schools and 1102 3rd St be sail won a pile tonight but Ive been coming out Here for five years i figure in about even now in new York my wife and i would go out and spend on an evening on the town so whats the difference if i lose it there or lose it Here the casinos have Good liquor Good people and Good shows and Here at least i Standa Small Chance of winning some of it Back so Are Nevada and its gambling paradises Worth the trip for mos you bet it is

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