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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1966, Page 4

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - November 23, 1966, Cedar Rapids, IowaPage 4 citizen times november 23, 1966 dogs funny you should mention that chief said the Secretary of the chamber of Commerce As he entered our door and stumbled through our mass of greyhound pups. Why we said. Good for Busin j i How s he asked a glazed look of bewilderment hanging in his eyes. Why we said. Gesturing solemnly we pointed out some Gray pulps of paper strewn on the floor. These greyhounds Are very we said emphasizing our favorite adverb with a stentorian baritone son Orous Ness. They actually have Learned to figure out the Good stuff from the we were tempted to say they have actually Learned but who wants to be guilty of splitting infinitives a est our guest remarked in French. To our English readers this Means is it and the Only possible explanation we have of the Secretary dealing in foreign linguistic currency is that he was very High Strung. Thank god he did t say it in would Hope there Are no marxists in the chamber of Commerce. Besides none of us at the office knows any russian. We finally got around to sheepishly admitting sometimes a sense of what s Good or bad in t really emphasizing the word really in a stentorian baritone that necessary around the Secretary snorted a Little out of disbelief or disgust w e were not we hastened to fill in the Gap in conversation a Gap which leaves us frustrated and embarrassed. We added we Veblen Able to sell our . You should hear these pups harmonize. And talk about full voice. Why they sound like the Temple University chorus with Lorty mikes plugged in. True it s More like John Cage than Beethoven s ninth symphony but we like modern music we always put in a plug for music for the Benefit of any devotees that might pop into our office. It was too bad we Rea soned together later that this Guy was a Bach fan. These of addicts we said. But what can you do but shake your we said it solves the problems of eating. After we buy these dogs food we re too poor to buy anything for our guest was in the process of leaving with a compelling sneer written across his face. One of us discomfited newspapermen his face lit up brightening glance in the words of another suggested that these Creary buy a dog to take help care of his own office work. It won t be As Good As All eight but Good things do come in Small incensed by the banality More than anything else we conjectured he stormed out of the office. And they re great for Lap we yelled after him. Of course you sit in their too we said dismayed and disappointed with his obvious Lack of sensitivity after All the Guy likes but it s not too late for you gentle Reader. Come and get Cem while they last. I m oriented to engineering Nat. Merit scholarship to Wash. Student two scores to serve you Beffer open daily 7 . To 6 . Sundays holidays 8 to 5 a Cdr rapids Martin t. Smith son of or. And mrs. Elmer t. Smith jr., 905 8th Avenue s.e., and a senior at Washington High school was recently informed that he had placed As a finalist in the National Merit scholar ship program for negro students. In order to clarify the exact nature of the Honor and in or Der to learn More about the student s background and interests we interviewed Smith. Here Are the results of that interview. Citizen times can you Tell us a Little bit about the award Smith it s not exactly an award. I m among the finalists in the National Merit scholarship for negro students. Times do you receive anything for gaining the position Smith nothing that i know of. But there Are Many about scholarships awarded to the winners. These winners Are selected from about 1150 finalists. Times what did you have to do to get As far As you did Smith i had to take a National Merit test and if you re a negro student you re provided with a Blank which you fill out. After this there s a second Batt Ery of tests. Times How will your final qualifications for the scholarship be determined Smith As far As i know there Are no More tests and the Board will go Over my previous tests. Also we re to Send in a fact Sheet about ourselves. Times what is your major Scholastic in Terest Smith toward Mech Anical engineering. Times How did you get interested in it Smith at Home i had a Chance to work with mathematical games and mechanical objects and i found it interesting. Times do you have any particular College in mind Smith i d like to apply to Cal. Tech. But it s a very Scholastic ally difficult institution. If i did t make it i d probably go to Iowa St ate or Michigan state. Times would you go on for a degree after youb.s.? Smith i d like to try for a master s degree. However i Don t plan on going directly on for an advanced degree at this time. This could possibly change however. Times do you have any other interests Scholastic ally or other Wise besides Engineer ing Smith Well i Don t like to read fiction and i Don t play an instrument. I m pretty much oriented to engineering. But i do like sports especially Cross coun try track swimming and cycling. Main store 363-8133 to i-3rd St be Kenwood store 366-1519 3 ave credit advisors from Page 1 receive letters from creditors and Are. Continually harassed by firms to which they owe Money they become suspicious of the company and leave. To counter act this loss of customers credit advisors demand that must be payed in escrow when the contract for debt adjustment is Sig Ned. This amounts to a fee which the company holds in the event the debtor decides to Rem Ove himself from under the auspices of credit advisors. Most credit managers charge approximately per separate debt. This amounts to 3 or 4% of the amount the Deb Tor is Able to pay which Points to the fact that credit advisors is clearly Over leaping the Bounds of most respectable debt adjusters. In fact our unidentified source has checked Over two dozen of the major credit adjusters in Waterloo and none of them would a consider paying any relations Dit advisors. None of these firms considered them trustworthy. How does the attorney general intend to pre vent credit advisors from taking per annul out of the state the injunction of Scalise is divided roughly into two parts 1 that the firm Stop advertising fraudulently and 2 that they take no funds out of the state. It is problematical at this time How much Force Scalise s request has behind it. During Sev eral instances in the last session of the legislature Bills were introduced to set up guidelines for debt adjusting firms guidelines which would prevent the kind of activity which credit advisors in engaged in. Our undisclosed source commented that this is one reason that he was sorry Scalise was Defeated in la St week s he Wouldr kelp to a Bill which would Cor rect these abuses. He also conjectured however that the juror which has been aroused Over credit advisors conduct would probably Spur some kind of legislation in the coming session. Incident he remarked Many of the people be Hind such a Bill were responsible debt and jus tors who were tired of the Black Eye people like credit advisors were giving at this i Ime credit advisors is giving no indication of leaving Iowa. The firm is ing a consent decree from the attorney Gen eral. This would allow credit advisors to continue their practice provided they followed instruction set Down by the attorney general s office. Voice of the people letters to editor must be signed however names will not be published if requested. P tease be Brief. Trash cans look Good but. To the editor buses we Don t have. New Gar Bage and waste cans we got. Our mayor Robert Johnson has got the people of Cedar rapids eat ing out of his hands. By that i mean he does things in a smart and sly manner. We need buses. Not new garbage cans. Not As though the Money spent for the new garbage cans would Benear by enough for even a minute part of what it would Cost for a bus subsidy. Even i know better than this. Something is wrong when More and More local businesses leave our downtown area deserted and forlorn looking. Down town parking lots we got. Buses we Don t. I think the bus strike will go through this Winter and next and Only then will it break because the bus company will pick up their buses and leave town completely. People can keep walking. William Burrows 1012-15th Avenue so Cedar rapids the grandmas today Are quite different somehow. With their mini skirts and their Hoir All bouffant her figure is quite Graceful and health is quite fair but we miss our old grandma in her old rocking chair. Irene Hook

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