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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Mar 26 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - March 26, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCitizen times March 26, 1964 Page 5 editorial v citizen times j w Grant or and t w Kuncl owners editor. Jim agog editor. Feature editor. T w Kuncl James Brooks Icv Rizes viewpoint inc cuts contributing editors photography. Financial fish William Rexroad Christy Grant j w Grant or Roy l. Creem Utah Kuta Tkv citizen publications. Ine r 8r9 3rd. Avenue South West i rapid i Iowa mid at Una has introduced Bills into the House of representatives this month that will Bear close watching by Cedar rapids businessmen and homeowners who find themselves in the corridor of the proposed Cedar Valley Roadway. Congressman Kyi had some a citizen s viewpoint by William d. Rexroad an outright stand on the Issue. Is now. Some feel that not n. A c if these were the Only criteria enough is known about the one of the difficulties fre. Us i. J t de b b a Cedar Valley Roadway to harsh words for current tract y enc Oun v pu7 the councilmen could t be come to any conclusion at ices regarding the compel officials is that of getting blamed for wondering if there this time but this sort of to Trio Fen Llna in Lafiro Canti to accept. Of station for properties affected the of pub is enough Public support to reasoning by Federal and federally supp justify their going ahead with y which they must decide. The sorted Urban renewal and High the expressway on the various issues which they must decide. The task is particularly difficult for those officials who go out of their Way to act in Accord us and Gad flying a certain amount of critic ism has been directed to us week announcement Gormly the editor column Way projects. Citing a study undertaken by Brown University and another by the National federation of Independent business the congressman had this to appears that they say about present compensate. Aced with this while the councilmen prob ably would t be wrong in is hard a great Deal of information on the subject is known and it is for the most part Only the details that remain of Ance with the desires of the As do the members of Ity Council. It Are now. Assuming that the majority of Sci West one thing is Clear the citizens favor the proposed enough information has been Roadway this is still quite presented for the opposition an Assumption to have to make to take a definite and Strong a when the opposition is or stand. Time to heat in his observations this week Lon Levels for property acquire that b of obtaining the t pie pub Rani Zed the Way it is. The from those in agreement. Following the or Gormly has addressed him for Public improvement he sentiment regarding the answer is not to quell the Only a hypocrite would that or. Waited self to the current Issue of the compensation Cedar Valley Roadway. Opposition either for those write article like tvs with be writing and has presently being paid to Small it in t that they Are not who object to the Cedar put concluding it by taking a column for Validity of businessmen and other per hearing lots of opinions Roadway have every definite stand himself it is feel that applying the Northwest sons whose property is taken the subject. The problem is right to do so. The answer i this citizen s viewpoint that Are interested in ordinance of 1787 to the final or by government that most of the comments think is simply for the pro the plans for the Cedar Valley lion of Contemp or shape the state legis programs or Federal Aid pro they do get. Are in opposition ponets to let their Roadway As presently out invited native body must assume. Or grains is totally inadequate to the project there have known. How can they do this sound. I feel that i a Cross sect we of netted lat five body must assume. Or Grams is totally inadequate to the project there have known. How can they do this sound. I feel that Gormly to pen some of stated that pro and Mamie stay been a few letters the Well there Are several ways the chosen route of the extras observations for pub cat visions of the Northwest the congressman gave a plan but those individuals who favor pres Sway will provide better s Ion in the ordinance did not apply Todeal of attention to the Survey. The proposed expressway service to a number of his pages Beckus e we did not be made by the National Tje Derat have been formed in should write letters to the people than would an outer not reflect our approval part of United states Ion of Independent or agreement 1803, some 16 which surveyed members in s the things he Start is fee 45 cities in 34 states regard Suhas stood for in Trie emf did not ing the manner in which Feder t it is in f keeping with our or did not mention Ai and federally supported apply 10 Deal of attention to the Survey ule acid due m a Erea Iet num Oei i not be made by the National Pederal have been in should write letters to the people than would an bed states Ion of Independent business for blot i know none which editor As religiously As do Belt Roadway. The have organized to promote the Roadway numerous opponents. The in with our or i no Menion Ai and federally sup Rte 8 that there is something was that the Northwest Ordin programs had affected those to he expos Anc e stated in explicit terms whose property was taken. R 3 of every Point of View that All territories of the the study showed that a prime Many expressway As it is now pro there have been civic and ser posed will be a great and newspaper articles Nice a lung of the City should lasting Benefit to the City devote at least one meeting the Council has done an out to the subject take a stand standing Job of informing the either favouring or opposing Public on the Issue and they the Issue and then make deserve the support of every be gained from that knowledge has never United states present and objection was a provision that hat p0314 011 known publicly one who agrees with their questions raised by True objectors. A few editorials written but they i4been advanced by hearing Only future were affected by its a repetition of that which contents including Iowa. Currently and arbitrarily we note this oversight for accept As right or True or Good the Benefit of both or. Cd As anyone who submits Gormly and our readers. Copy to the citizen times for allowed payment on the basis of a fair Market Price rather than on the prevailing mar it Price. The study showed further that for those who had to relocate the Price for new land was far More than they i i had for r their formed a it the1 study also the Point of View it that government employees express. We offer congressman John Kyi Republican from this state co had by pm we Reserve v the or i a i right to any error a theyo take with the need _. F i t that they express. We offer t that same Opportunity to any Reader through our letter to in charge of setting valuations ,7. The time to do these things thinking. They have mine. Red Cedar shavings 1 i i r i a labor dispute that could touch off sympathy strikes to the editor government will pay but Sive highways there Are More. Across the nation appears to do you know that there was a where does the government accidents and More people be in the offing and even the big robbery in Cedar rapids get that Money every Dollar killed every year because if you live in the so called that the government hands they Are encouraged to drive corridor of the Cedar Valley Back is much smaller than faster. Roadway want to know when it was taken away through. Why Burden Uncle Sam with who was robbed just try to taxation. They say we help More debts who is already in sell your and p a other locations for this them up to his neck if 1000 kind of project. This is True. We can also be sure that we will pay another cent on gasoline state and Federal and also another cent most hard boiled Wal Street imperialist May be tempted to walk the picket lines or throw in a Gilt Edge Security your property now and you will soon know who the victims Are. Would displace Over 1000 people and affect More than 500 properties. We Are promised that we would get a on state sales tax. Fair Market value. But that two what it was Cost 45 million Doilas Accord and. What it would be ing. To their estimate but this localities demand this kind of project what does it add management up to the teamsters warned lady i wish that some of you pro Godiva about driving her own ponets before you accept horse Are the Playboy club Federal Aid for Cedar rapids the. Hotel and restaurant this project would probably would read an article on Page employee s Union and those waitresses 51 in the March edition of the harem Clad and delectable bunnies May hares the Playboy bunnies. A week. Reader s digest in its. Charges the Union Challenge the immorality has accused Playboy inter of false promises to lure National and women into jobs where they re misleading advertising to paid no wages subjected to recruit new bunnies. Kickback on the tips and in the charges were filed at Joy none of the conventional the commission s Bureau of Protection of other working deceptive practices by Union a two to help win the Battle officials. The Union represent so it appears that if heaven involved in what May be the natives presented help want seems Unin lined to protect Best and least covered labor de ads displaying what the the working girl then by dispute since unions called deceptive playmate of the month Good offers of fabulous earnings and glamorous careers. They looks to us like it s that said that the club promoter time of year when the Snow has advertised that club is no Good for snowball fight dressed As ing and baseball is. Still a earn More than month or so away. It s hard to know what to do in the where would All the Dis is Only part Cedar rap. It would ids be burdened with. A big demand for t dem which would soar up. And High already and by he time no doubt some outsiders would the repaired it be hired to set the value on win. Much higher and no our property All this property doubt Bridge will be be taken out of taxation demanded 4th of 5th Avenue. Make of we Are entitled to some understandable meantime and understandably Thev say it is a necessity the dispute so far devolves the facts Are according to around efforts of the the unionists that waitresses trying to organize the Glamor bunnies beats Reading an old Samuel Gompers speech bunnies the Union be Label in of taxes make such a route town when most towns want this kind of project to bypass them the Railroad was driven out of Cedar rapids traffic Are of these funds either state or Federal i think they can be used on some smaller projects such As widening the streets to accommodate More and Black top some and this Highway would create streets As was done last year. More trouble thai the railroads they say that traffic will be did it would also encourage speeding. And no doubt later on the Highway commission would want to extend it North and South of Cedar rapids and then we would have some doubled in another 20 or 30 years. They say that faster for the future of Cedar rap ids. Ther e is also a necessity Union s attempts to organize in new York and Detroit for Many other thing s like the bunnies and act As their Playboy clubs collect As lowering he taxes and the bargaining agent. Little As a week and Are posing the fight for the prices a consumer has to pay the bunnies who hop subject to fines for break Coffee break for living expenses Etc. Tables in the exclusive play Irig club rules. Further they although we seriously doubt remember the bigger the boy clubs across the country said in some cities they Are that to Boom in a locality the bigger Are one of the prime attract not paid wages and Are not wearing the crash when the Boom ends ions that lure jaded Junior protected by Federal wage and the foreseeable future this As this is a blood Boom senior executives to the hour Laws false misleading Adver posh watering spots owned Union officials cited the using charge opens the door by Playboy publisher Hugh operation of the Detroit club to some delicious speculation Heffner through his Organiza and said that it enforces a seems to us that if the play Ion. Playboy International Kickback on tips collected by boy club gets nailed for luring the reveal ugly Clad Rabbit the Cottontail in violation the unwary into their clutches Maidens presence makes of a state Law forbidding the it won t be Long before every army Navy and Marine corps officials outlined Recruiter will be standing in cheated by War any level headed human being knows that if we Are going to Mort Gage the future More and More what could or will happen. I think this would be a Dollar presence packs of cigarettes practice. Terrible thing to destroy so Many houses and buildings. It lighter included and five Union driving is a necessity so that is not Only a crime but a sin. Dollar drinks seem an inbred their reason for interest in people can get to work in less i think this kind of project Ible bargain patrons report the Bunny Battle. Umon time. Don t you think it would is too big considering costs the latest skirmish in the resident de Miller be a Good idea to set the thing with big trucks rumbling clock Back one hour to give through 24 hours a Day. Them More time to get to work who would pay for this pro Why is it in spite of build they say the Federal .ing., better. And .More., taxes at present. William Marek 2110 third Street so the latest skirmish in the president de Miller said Bunny Battle began last week with As much sommerness As with the filing of charges one could expect considering with the Federal Trade comm the circumstances that they Mission by the hotel and Are keeping tabs on restaurant. Employees Union. People s morals the Dock answering the same charge. National Hobby month

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