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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - March 19, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaEditorial Page citizen times and owners ill blisters managing editor. f nature James Brooks contributing editors ecu Lun Raue Fisk and game atty by. Citizen publications inc. 8 w 3rd Avenue South West j Cedar rapid i Laws paid at Cadar Roaldi . Keep the door open we were both Ania Zed and posed to let Olem be citizen times much if 1964 Page s somewhat distressed by m on their editorial edit riot a t j i would seem to us that by editorial that appeared on Kheit stat Meiu of the pages of the March 16th Clemine a Lublic discussion of Cedar rapids Gazette. 3" Issue As huge and import misleadingly entitled the Edi on in substance to rumours a few readers inquired this week on the phone and in person if it was True that we were planning to fold the citizen times. We re Happy to say once More that there is no truth. Toby via. D. Rexroad any Rumor to that effect. It always startles us per haps it should t any More when rumours of this nature begin to make the rounds. We be heard them a half dozen times in the last 16 months of publishing and we guess that the Best Way to explode them is just to keep on putt ing out a paper each week. Mainly rumours of this kind represent the Wishful think ing of those who feel for one reason or another that it would be Nice if the citizen times did fail. We Don t happen a citizen s viewpoint parking luxury or necessity was to have been the same As constructed for less than per parking stall and the Trees could be retained. Week have Cost of that Job came in plans drawn up for an under at about per stall and ground parking lot on May s he Council turned it Down As obviously such a Price Island Between City Hall and expensive. Their decision would make the convenience the court House. The reason was a sound one and they relatively inexpensive. From for such a facility would be Wele praised for it. A strictly practical standpoint for since that time there has then this is not Only bother business to con been no increased demand for but a better one. Lle Island. The a parking facility of this that practicality10 estimated at neither have any other is not always the factors entered the picture though we must Loop which Are significant enough to still another possible warrant such a reversal of solution to consider. No Park their previous decision. Ing at All on the Island imm e one official in reference mediately comes to mind. To the underground parking solution of course to provide people wit duct on the Price tag is to 148 to per stall. Parking facilities Are no minor expense item. The Parade for instance pro Means Alf to feel vides.426 parking spaces and lot was quoted As saying that no Money would be spent v a. A11 y that Way however so if it s was built at a Cost of that it is a solution to a onions the editorial s the door in the face All the same to them Well be the perennial cer went on in substance to of citizens inclined to oppose just let Rumor run its Pat King Complex Cost it is one solution. But i won reverse what u had said by or who Are reckless enough course and while we re wait per stall. Both figures in Der first of All if it is the Way of introduction. To hold a minority opinion. Ing continue to bring Cedar the editorial addressed it while the both Cost of land a on and Conven but How a. We cannot and do not rapids and Linn county the qui Sitison. Pretty expensive if it is the Best solution. If sell to expressions of Public presume to dictate editorial Best publication we Are Cap but at the time there was a reaction concerning the Cedar policy to the Gazette we dont Able of Oro Ducine new and j r r Valley Roadway the Gazette think it Over bold to in the years to Tome def the had received via its open out when we disagree with something they have said. Criticism of open forum and. The manner in which it will treat further Reader communications on the subject. In essence the Gazette has said that letters from its readers concerning the Road Way will be published if. This nature of travels on a two Way to the editor this is a letter of protest. Course Street. Our concern with the ounces policy of the Gazette in if the Lack of parking space on the Island is indeed a parking space and these two problem one other solution facilities along with others would be to convert the Plaza have filled that need. Into a parking lot at ground the question now is is it level. Granted this idea has but neither would hence be provided. Much trouble Park in the ramp and ack Oss the Bridge. Three Hundred thousand dollars Worth a Hundred dollars Worth five dollars Worth this gives us three possible a i solutions to consider. Surely there Are others. But at the Wise to spend a comparable met with considerable opposite i to c or Bottom or them All lies amount of Money for parking Lon years gone by but per l Ann we Are West siders with teen space that is not really need haps if it were explained to in Jefferson High de but is instead just a the Public How much of the seven Plaza will be lost when ago the City Council All respects thought it was not. Was school in Cedar rapids considering the construction a agers in Jefferson High de but is instead this matter stems not from c i i t. L in to school which naturally Means convenience. Ari. Altruistic desire to improve v a a n 4 h that we Are staunch supporters months a. They Don t dwell on topics their editorial Page hut from of already presumed to be common a candid realization of the of t n u c granted there is More than one fall the Council rvs unit Uge Are Oner naked i second and third avenues Are widened the objections might diminish. As for the Cost of an above ground parking lot on the is land it could probably be one question How much. Money should we pay for such a convenience this is the real problem that the Public and the City Council has to contend with. I Hope that when the answer is found it has a Price tag measurably smaller than a to bit of a million that these qualifications will be enforced zealously by the Gazette editorial staff who have already cooed their approval of the project. Applying this criterion it would be less than hazardous to predict that letters concerning the Roadway will reach the dizzying Heights of the people s forum Only if a. They pose a unique question regarding the project. A they Are written in words Bers alone that paper must cers i think this is a different carry the Burden of informing Story. They Are earning their the readers of this City of living in Cedar rapids and both the positive and negative i think they should show an aspects of any vital civic 5gual Pride in Allou r High Issue. A Bland presentation however i have yet of Only the Virtues will not to. Hear a broadcast by our suffice for the responsible local sports announcers that discharge an awesome save indication of this Trust. Every voice should be last night s cover heard and no attempt to of the Jefferson Iowa string protest will Stop pro City substrate tournament game test. Public acceptance on a was a perfect example. A City wide scale will come stranger listening to red Cedar shavings urge Federal funds in tobacco research Roy Taylor member of at the end of january. There prompt and an Early Start can Congress from the tobacco was some curtailment of pro be made in Hunting the ans come stranger listening to this state of North Carolina made auction at North Carolina s were to a Many faceted quest of one syllable on the head of Only when the questions that would have never known a plea in the House last week cigarette factories where Ion about which Many persons to pin. C. The Reader slips in concern citizens have been this Man was from Cedar rap for Federal research into the officials discounted it As even those who quit no incorrect data the answered. Iowa City harmful effects of cigarette8 somewhat Normal slump smoking have Many Assumption being that he Al no other Media in this City did was terrific and every smoking. He Hopes that the ready knows the answer to has a larger Reader audience thing that Jefferson did was harmful properties can be is any question he might be or a better Opportunity to Lead Lucky except for a Short plated and removed Makine the manufacture of Cigar imprudent enough to raise the Way to a full understand of he same Jefferson smoking Safe and saving one ettes Otenti it Hopes d. That no one asks if any ing of the Cedar Valley Road led a11 the to this of the South s most important for honorable Way out of one s brother in owns a Way and a Frank evaluation Enn Puncer we were hanging Cash crops. The congressman the dilemma. Governor Stanford after the Christmas season. Since has a bigger economic interest in tobacco an Sui professor Vernon Van Dyke of the political science department wandered a Little out of his Field last week and waxed somewhat Concrete Plant without enclose of every aspect Blessing or in possibly a sports Ann had this to say for die. Record has set the theme with a state cynical about the . Moon ing both the brother in plague that its Advent por ounces is supposed to be in one cannot escape the feel ment that expanded research snot and the. Concrete Plant in the same envelope. While blithely tends it would be regrettable biased hut does this mean ing that the government report is needed to find out what our efforts and the billions we feel if the Gazette did he has to Bend Over backwards on smoking and its relation to Factor in cigarette tobacco if of greenbacks being spent me Gazette did greater in any is a health Hazard second on our lunar longing As More saying that not realize both the oppor All opinions count the Unity and the obligation that Gazette does not seem its position affords. We will so As not to give Praise where Praise is due. Iowa City played a Good game and most certainly deserved credit however the fact remains that Jefferson did win the game and we West siders surely would have enjoyed lung pact on the Public than earlier by if such Factor is isolated ones. Find out How to eliminate reaction to the report has it during the growing or pro ranged from so to Messing of tobacco Calls for a that cigarettes even the surgeon general carry a virtual Skull and Cross admits that further research is Bones Label needed. A Bill to provide since the main villain in the Federal funds for a More sex a word seems to be in order a valid reason hearing a Little Praise for our statistical links to lung can Hau Stive research into the relative to our position con not de Ete any portion team now and the cer and heart troubles was with the question was sidetracked Kerning letters from our read of any letter unless the writer s game. Cigarette smokers and those in the House agriculture comm a manifestation of National Pride than scientific curiosity. In things that matter to us we just can t stand being second let alone second the professor in the Light of what soviet Union has he said if space activities Are to be a source of prestige they must include apace the said has on. Any other matter of Public concern on which our readers Are moved to comment. We print All Reader correspondence meant for publication in their entirety. We requite that the sender s name and address be included for the purposes of verification. We will however withhold the sender s name when re interest and the time to express himself on an Issue we would be remiss if we failed to provide the space for that opinion to be expressed. We have never failed to print any letter addressed to the editor of this newspaper and can Forsee no circumstances under which we would fail to do so. If it takes an extra Page Well find one. To say there is Only one Side of Cedar rapids but i think there Are enough of our West siders plus a terrific group of teenagers in Jefferson High school to generate enough Pride in our school to make up for your Lack of Over All City loyalty. Or. Dorothy Ramsey or. And mrs. . Parameter main on the to such tactics As smoking less smoking without inhaling or switching to pipes and cigars. Many smokers of course feel that medical proof re Mains inconclusive and have made no change in their habits. Proof that there has been an Overall decline in consumption is in the dip in cigarette sales taxes reported i n new York responsibility now hot the government s. However the government has quite a stake in the quest Ion for its Revenue from to Bacco taxes has been in the billions for Many years. The spending of Federal Money to clarify the health Hazard in the smoking Issue is fully justified and we Hope that action on the Bill will be Well the prof has Given us a fresh insight into the motivation for our National lunacy. Here we thought All this time we thought the project was being rushed in Ord Efto give jaded Congress ional Junke Teers a new place to investigate when Tjie Sticky Washington Summers makes politicking a drag

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