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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - March 11, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCitizen times editor. Managing Ector v feature Ector advertising director Kay Sprik Kay sprincer editors s cooking cues. A Rexroad entertainment Christy Grant photography farm and labor. Grant or. Financial. Ethan Akin fish and game. Ror l Green Stan Kuta k9 a Ufa Fth to the editor you claim to be a family newspaper but we can not think it is a wholesome ily newspaper when you print pictures like the one of the dancer that was in your february 26 Issue. If this was a news item it could have been reported without the picture of the woman. We have a family of five teen agers and Young children. This Issue of your remembered As a Consort and family newspaper we had Sage adviser to rulers. In his to citizen times March 11, 1964 Page 5 red Cedar shavings More Learned Road project Niccolo Machiavelli is most before one can make up i mind. Of the negative As Well As the positive aspects of the project before Prev sumei.tp.i.counselmthe1 readers open meetings will smooth Road s path 1603 Maple drive the proposed Cedar Valley Roadway the route it will take or the need for it at All few can quibble about the manner in which the matter is being handled so far we were n preyed by ,7 pressed by the two pubic meetings held last tuesday on the subject. By our calculate than citizens availed themselves of the Opportunity to hear and be heard on the merits or Lack of Merit of the proposed project the questioning was Lively and to the Point. We found the answers to be the same. The mayor and or. Hieneman will Benefit from the various Points of View that Are Best offered in meetings that in clude Public participation. Or. Johnson told those in attendance that Many More meetings and full Public hear Ings will be held in the Days to come. He has offered civic groups the use of data pre pared by the engineering firm As extra copies become Avail Able. Reig Onai meetings Sim Ilar to the Neighb orhoo d meet Ings will be held in order to give All the people an Opportunity to be heard. From the size of the turnout at the tuesday meetings we would predict full temptation to our Young teen a Prince Mav without it being Dis played a our local news Machiavelli Neve Laid eyes papers. We have enjoyed the on an american newspaper citizen times up to this Point. Or an editor some of his or. And mrs. . Nemecek passages offer advice worthy their consideration even though the cares of a Crown will never rest upon their brows congratulations on taking we were reminded of a few a firm stand regarding the lines from the comments on the entertainer other Day following the morn who was recently at one of ing meeting on the Cedar the Cedar rapids local night Valev Roadway. A number of spots. People spotted us there and from the manner in which o press Cedar rapid ans pro j r v the proposed route of the the Al w0nderine if . Some they thought her performance hinted darkly that we might immoral or immortal be n serious trouble if we Ance of our readership lie Many people to whom we owe a debt for our beginnings and our continued growth lie either in the path of the corridor or on its fringes. They now Are understandably concerned and justifiably look to is to provide some of the answers we citizen times readers Are interested in both sides of any Issue. We like to think that is Why. They have chosen to subscribe. And most importantly we Are certain that they we could never and would regret is that .1 missed seeing h Mabel 304 first ave. . Toth editor Job. Some of the responses if the further actions taken were vague but those in by the Council in regard to the attendance were assured that Cedar Valley Roadway Are t of i v j respect did t. Machiavelli seemed to agree. He said Prince is further esteemed when he is a True Friend or a True enemy when that is he declares himself without re i enjoy Reading the citizen times very much. I recon is always More u of 1 the i love to just sit i this is one week when we Down and read your paper would gladly turn the Edi tonal from the front Page to the p6" Over to that Counselor of to do our utmost to fulfil that responsibility. Some would have us do More. They would have us use these pages to stir up Blind and in reasoning opposition to the project irrespective of what it Means to total Community development in order to serve their own designs. This we cannot do and retain the integrity of this publication. We have in the past and will in the future Flay those pro or people that we feel Are wrong that Are not in the Best interest of this Community on both sides of the River. As regards the Cedar Valley Road it is too Early at this treatment in any degree induce them or their prop erty without just and full we will continue to the Cedar Valley and each of its Many and report All new develop with at our command. We intend to weigh every aspect of the proposal and urge our readers to do the same. Until All the evidence has been presented it seems to us the sensible Cours e to follow. Our first duty is to inform our second to offer opinion. Our opinion will be formed when we have examined the evidence not before. T hound hell could wrote to let you know i lately the Cedar Valley Road warily less Tyfian Lucid for Public concern As these think your Pape r is great of self that it is a Good or bad thing Ull at this stage of its develop not ment would be going off half f Back Page without stopping a ked n _ compensation More needs to be known a study of the shows another in our judgement All of the questions were Given polite consideration and answers that showed no indication of trying to Duck the subject. Whether or not one agreed with the answers seems in this regard Art academic question. The heartening fact remains that no one was denied the . T a. The floor and question both the mayor and the engineering firm representative on any subject relative to the project that they desired. We viewed the Public meet Ings on the subject As an encouraging first step in what will be a Lorig and emotion charged debate of this vital Public Issue. Words will be said committees formed and arguments put Forward before the expressway be comes a reality. It is import ant that All future phases of the project be handled in this same admirable fashion. By allowing the citizens of this City to play an integral part in decisions that need to be made the Council will not Only make the final decisions a of any civic Issue is the Best possible safeguard that the rights of All involved will be protected. That Protection at this Point must be our greatest concern. We commend mayor Johnson or. Heineman and jus firm and the other members of the City Council who have indic ated their willingness to con duct further phases of the expressway planning in full View of All interested citizens and their determination to hear out the opposition be fore final judgements Are made. A Strong Case has been presented for the Cedar Valley Roadway. Strong arguments will be put Forward in opposition to it. If All sides have been Given the Opportunity for consideration the final decisions will have the Benefit of wide understanding and a much improved Chance for majority acceptance. We feel that a Good ground work has been Laid by the first series of Public meetings. We Hope this same spirit throughout the Days to what boy thinks about your Ocoer editors note if this Young Man does not g of up o be a weighing and study a More precise understanding retandul8 t to orderly Progress. A citizen s viewpoint to the editor Reading of your special Cedar Valley Road coverage for next week prompts our first letter to the editor so Many of us that went to the March 3 meeting on the expressway corridor came away feeling satisfactorily briefed Only to be Over come with the news coverage of radio to and press stat ing the corridor would be third Street or near ., from fifth Avenue where the Elevation across third Sec Ond and first avenues would begin. Nothing Given As per to be Between the of education and the police station As stated. Our new found intelligence private funding Best Only one desire the proposed corridor for the Cedar Valley Roadway was determined by a Survey of de sire lines in Cedar rapids undertaken by the state High Way commission a few years Back during which motorists were asked their Point of origin and destination. Only trouble was that s All they asked. A lot of arguments could have been saved if the questioners would have inquired How. Far a Motorist would travel to get on a less congested Street As Well. Should our property be involved How is the Sale Price determined by our Purchase Price of the property loan value or assessed value can you fill us in thank you kindly. Or. And mrs. Joseph Sindelar 220 fourth Avenue Editor s note. As reported on Page one of this week s Issue the final formula a still not Clear. By William d. To have or not to have a civic auditorium is a quest Ion that has plagued Cedar rapid ans for several years now. City councils have de bated the question City plan ners and civic groups have studied it and Ordinary citizens have wondered if and when it would come about. With the announcement last week that private businessmen were giving serious consideration to building an auditorium on their won As a business venture it appears that this burdensome question May be let us Hope so. It is encouraging when Enterprise is at work in an area where government is usually found. If the businessmen s plans do materialize the Advant Ages private Enterprise Over government will be vividly demonstrated. Just think of All the problems that will this nature would certainly bring out a Raph of objectors whose opposition would have to be compromised. Public objection though is almost non existent when the practitioners of free Enterprise Are doing the Job. The question of where to build such a Structure also goes away. The City has been studying this problem for a number of years and have yet to come to a final agreement on a suitable location. And this is perfectly understand Able too because for a pub lic body to choose a site consideration must be Given to the desires of Many interest piously the taxpayers Are happier because no one is dipping into their pocketbook of to pay for the project. The f businessmen who Are financing expect to realize a profit from the venture so they too Are pleased. And if the Structure is owned privately rather than publicly it will appear on the tax books giving the City and All of its citizens a broader tax base. Further in the Long run it those who ? that will pay might object to having Toj pay taxes for a civic auditor Ufa because they would never use pc it won t have to put out a in s standpoint the problem of whether or not to auditorium at All automatically disappears. A City sponsored project of Temprise is at work the prob Lem feed from the should ers of the Public. The individuals behind the project determine a location which would be most Likely to in sure financial Success and More often than not their wu1 be one which satisfies the greatest number of financing such a venture again Best accomplished through free Enterprise. Of these Are Only the More obvious advantages of the free Enterprise system Over gov in a situation like this. There Are Many More. It foe Enterprise that built this country and it will be the same that keeps it going. Let us Hope it the behind this project All and sup port that they need to com Lete the Job. It is an extremely worthwhile Endeavor. 4

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