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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - March 4, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaEditorial Pooe the citizen times and editor. Managing editor. feature editor. James Brooks advertising Spring rep i Vruir Wrkinger i Ivr Uit that or advertising Kopecky contributing editors rear cad Grant w Gramt a fail Akin i Adan a or. Take and labor. Tuam lorm Pima Mejai Nam Akin f so and l Green fish and Kuta published weekly by citizen publications inc. 819 3rd Avenue South West Cedor rapids Iowa second paid at Cedor rapids Iowa Cit it March 4. 1964 Page 5 a citizen s viewpoint unexpected repressions warrent clarification study to end All studies we note this week that a study is under Way in the county auditor s office to determine How that Vita county office May be run at Peak efficiency. We understand that the county supervisors Are studying the possibility of a study perhaps to deter mine if studies Are advisable. City government has been spending Large amounts of Money As Well for expert investigation and objective opinions to guide them in decision making areas. There is much to be said for seeking expert opinions in areas of technical complexity. Doubtless some of the studies paid for with tax dollars has in the. Long run saved the taxpayer s dollars but neither is there any denying that expert advice does not come at bargain basement prices. Studies undertaken in this area have not reached any alarming proportions but this does not preclude the possibility that they could if the trend toward More and More Reliance upon outside opinion continues. Perhaps one final study might offer Relief an action of the decision making capabilities of the average snowy breasted office Holder and if it appears that they need coaching to make decisions a further study to determine the Best method of luring the studious study makers away from their copious and costly studies and t into office where we might enjoy the benefits of their Wisdom at wholesale prices. Comment in this column last week on the subject of Bridge rebuilding in Cedar rapids resulted in some unexpected repercussions which warrant further clarification of the article. First let me say that the article was in no Way meant to cast doubt on the motives or integrity of those responsible for decisions regarding work on the Bridges. Neither was it meant to imply that our Bridges Are in top notch condition need ing no work at All. There was reason for the comment though. Primarily it was intended to convey publicly a feeling of concern which i have heard expressed More than once about the whole general subject of reworking the Bridges. Concern which has been re lated in varying degrees of intensity ranging from off hand remarks to lengthy discussions. Concern which is Broad in scope ranging from technical details such As pouring Concrete for the 1st Avenue Bridge in below freezing weather and the need for a. Sixty foot Roadway on the 2nd Avenue Bridge to the More general question of Why the Bridges require such extensive work at this particular time one right after another. Concern which has been expressed by local residents from All walks of life ranging from contractors and professional engineers who know about technical details to More Ordinary taxpayers who see Money going into the Bridges to the extent they fear of excluding other Community needs. The m magnitude of such con Cern is of course impossible to determine. Nor is it of any consequence really. It is important though to recognize its existence. That was the reason for the article regardless of opinions As to How Well that aim was met. To relate editorially the existence of concern in this particular area or on any other subject for that matter is not to justify it. Neither should such an expression be construed As accusative or implying for this is not the intent. The ultimate intention More than anything else is to inform. Not directly per haps because More often than not editorials raise questions wet weather welcomed Aye and nay the mild Winter that most of us have welcomed instead of the rip Sorters this part of the country is famous for is not without its mixed blessings. Though the comparatively Balmy weather has has caused a potentially dangerous situation in Cedar rapids and the surrounding area. Sirens have been wailing and exhausted firemen have been drowning one grass fire after another for the past week. Luckily no one has been yet. Fire chief Jesse Hunter has issued a warning to area residents urging them to be especially cautious with fires until a Good rainfall can eliminate the potential Hazard. Hunter has urged that we hold off on outdoor burning for the time being and give burnable refuse to the trash pick up Crews instead. We Hope that our readers will heed the chief s Good advice and pre vent the possibility of injury and property loss. A careless spark and a Frisky March wind can be a dangerous combination. Telling the Story we were somewhat sur prised this week by a Small flurry of protest Over the publishing of a picture of an entertainer on the pages of the citizen time s last Issue. Naturally we respect the right of any Reader to take exception to any thing that appears in this paper and arouses his or her Wrath. We have always encouraged the free and Frank airing of objections and have tried painstakingly to create an editor rial climate that places no blocks in the path 6f. Honest expression on any subject. But in this instance we feel the pangs of wrong Ful accusation or at least a misinterpretation of our photo journalistic motives. It was not our intent to titillate the warped or provide ogling material for the depraved. The picture told the Story graphic ally and in our judgement in Good taste. We have seen More revealing attire on the advertising pages of revered and nationally circulated women s magazines. Our regrets but not our retraction goes to any the picture May have offended. To the editor i really should cancel my subscription after your pub Lishing this piece of indecent Legal pornography but be cause i m human and every body makes mistakes i la give you one More Chance. After that look out mrs. Dean Bud 648 Wilson ave. So to the editor sex As ordained by god is a Beautiful thing. Sex As exploited by Man becomes a degrading thing. If you wish to attract new subscribers by exploiting the lust of men we do not wish to be included among your sub scribers. Mrs. Eugene Hess 3600 Midway or. New to the editor i witnessed a performance by the stripper whom the local police deemed immoral. I saw nothing indecent or lewd in her manner or stage deportment. Your description of what took place was absurd. If you have the guts you will look into what really Happ ened and Tell your readers. A Reader it. Vernon. In a town As Small As this one a new face can make townspeople do a double take. Next August if plans of local organizations Bear fruit there May be a lot of double taking done. An idea started by the local chapter of the american Assn. Of University women has started to catch on with other organizations in town following a meeting last tuesday. Mrs. Ralph Chadick spokes Man for the Paauw presented the idea of bringing a group of foreign students to stay in it. Vernon Homes before proceeding to the state univer sity of Iowa for graduate study. The program would be organized by the Experiment for International living an organization which feels that the Best Way to Leam about other lands and Peoples is to live in their Homes As a Mem Ber of the family. The Experiment was founded in 1932 by or. Donald Watt of Putney Vermont who practice what he preached by taking groups of american students to stay rather than answering them. But when faced with such queries the Public and also the Public officials might be expected to seek out the answers to take another look at the issues to better de Fine the Gray areas. In Short to become better informed. It has always been my impression that this sort of thing this cause and effect action of raising questions to promote a deeper and better understanding was an integral and important part of the democratic Way i m sure it is. Just As in contrast apathy and complacency and ignorance can Lead to corrupt Ion to which Only the saintly Are immune. It is the Wise Public figure who accepts editorial comment As a source of information a sort of Public suggestion Box. If editorials Are viewed this Way if they Are taken at face value without Reading into them imagined personal of fronts if they Are Given objective consideration even though the Reader May not agree these conditions editorials do constitute a Public service. Reel Cedar shavings in european Homes. The Success of his first Outing can be measured by what the group is doing today. Of the eight original experimenters one was one of the founders of care two Are diplomats and a fourth is Sargeant Shriver head of the peace corps. Representative for this area Wilbur West chairman of the Cornell College Art department explained the program to it. Verno nites and introduced four Cornell students who had participated in the program in England Switzerland Germany and Israel. The group of ten students would come to it. Vernon for the month of August each living with a different family in the town. The idea is not to wine and Dine the visitors but to treat them As a member of the family giving them a Chance to see How americans actually live by having the experience of living in an american Home. West stated that the first group would probably be from Western Europe

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